Mary Elizabeth Gibbs grave monument in Holy Trinity , Ilfracombe, Devon, England

Mary Elizabeth Gibbs grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
1892391853first name on monument
Annie Gertrude Gibbs
1884181866daughter of Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
Emma May Morgan nee Gibbs
1915331882daughter of Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
Richard Gibbs
1917621855husband of Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
Florence Gibbs
85 relationship not given of Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
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image: 7189
grave: 296463
George Davie
image number 7189
image: 7190
grave: 296464
Thomas Davie
image number 7190
image: 7191
grave: 296465
Caroline Martin Richards
image number 7191
image: 7192
grave: 296466
Mary Nicholls
image number 7192
image: 7193
grave: 296467
Frances Amelia Shapland
image number 7193
image: 7194
grave: 296468
Samuel Colwill
image number 7194
image: 7195
grave: 296469
Emily Rawlins
image number 7195
image: 7196
grave: 296470
Thomas Davie
image number 7196
image: 7197
grave: 296471
Elizabeth Wallis Clibbertson
image number 7197
image: 7198
grave: 296472
Mary Lovering
image number 7198
image: 7199
grave: 296473
Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
image number 7199
image: 7202
grave: 296474
M W Huxtable
image number 7202
image: 7203
grave: 296475
Richard Vye Benoke
image number 7203
image: 7204
grave: 296476
Elizabeth Griffiths
image number 7204
image: 7205
grave: 296477
Benjamin Williams
image number 7205
image: 7206
grave: 296478
John Huxtable
image number 7206
image: 7208
grave: 296479
Catherine Dallin
image number 7208
image: 7209
grave: 296480
Elsie Dora Watling
image number 7209
image: 7211
grave: 296481
William McCaul
image number 7211
image: 7214
grave: 296482
Molly Witheridge
image number 7214
image: 7215
grave: 296483
Sarah Aston
image number 7215

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