Caroline North grave monument in St Peter , Cassington, Oxfordshire, England

Caroline North grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Caroline North
1860741786first name on monumentdied February 4th
Robert North
father of Caroline North
Elizabeth North
mother of Caroline North
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image: 1110340
grave: 232646
William Patrick
image number 1110340
image: 1110341
grave: 232647
Thomas Patrick
image number 1110341
image: 1110348
grave: 232648
Stephen Putt
image number 1110348
image: 1110357
grave: 232649
Alice North
image number 1110357
image: 1110358
grave: 232650
Alice Grute
image number 1110358
image: 1110360
grave: 232651
Jane Harris
image number 1110360
image: 1110366
grave: 232652
James Tuchey
image number 1110366
image: 1110372
grave: 232653
John Lough
image number 1110372
image: 1110374
grave: 232654
Bryant Lough
image number 1110374
image: 1110373
grave: 232655
Harriet Lough
image number 1110373
image: 1110376
grave: 232656
Caroline North
image number 1110376
image: 1110381
grave: 232657
Redvers Hatwell
image number 1110381
image: 1110384
grave: 232658
James Hatwell
image number 1110384
image: 1110385
grave: 232659
Arthur Jordan
image number 1110385
image: 1110386
grave: 232660
Annie Partridge
image number 1110386
image: 1110387
grave: 232661
Hubert Owen Partridge
image number 1110387
image: 1110388
grave: 232662
Dennis W F Bishop
image number 1110388
image: 1110389
grave: 232663
Robert MacDowell Daniels
image number 1110389
image: 1110390
grave: 232664
Sheila Rock
image number 1110390
image: 1110391
grave: 232665
Ernest Robert Pancott
image number 1110391
image: 1110393
grave: 232666
Norah Holt
image number 1110393

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