Lydia Pallister grave monument in Paines Lane , Pinner, Middlesex, England

Lydia Pallister grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Lydia Pallister
1926811845first name on monument25th December 1926
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image: B220
grave: 166122
Elizabeth Odell
image number B220
image: B221
grave: 166123
Philip Odell
image number B221
image: B386
grave: 166124
Amelia Matilda Ogle
image number B386
image: B331
grave: 166125
Allan Hugh Ogle
image number B331
image: B189
grave: 166126
Louisa Mary Ormond
image number B189
image: E57
grave: 166127
Hannah Maria Osborne
image number E57
image: C236
grave: 166128
Adillah Adelaide Oxborrow
image number C236
image: E348
grave: 166129
Sarah Packham
image number E348
image: B10
grave: 166130
Sarah Elizabeth Page
image number B10
image: C313
grave: 166131
Ada Emmaline Naomi Page
image number C313
image: C264
grave: 166132
Lydia Pallister
image number C264
image: E105
grave: 166133
William Edwin Palmer
image number E105
image: C57
grave: 166134
Edith Pamphlet
image number C57
image: B276
grave: 166135
Phoebe Helen Parker
image number B276
image: A372
grave: 166136
Charles Frederick Parkhouse
image number A372
image: B329
grave: 166137
Emily Hilda Parkhouse
image number B329
image: B330
grave: 166138
Florence Clara Parkhouse
image number B330
image: D332
grave: 166139
Emily Parkhouse
image number D332
image: D493
grave: 166140
Clara Ann Parslow
image number D493
image: E148
grave: 166141
Clara Parslow
image number E148
image: C127
grave: 166142
Edward Parsonage
image number C127

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