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Gravestone photographic resource England page Warwickshire (England ) grave monument locations

Warwickshire locations that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR

imagecity / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
namesrequestsstatuspending notesdate added
War MemorialAlcesterWar Memorial73731believed to be complete129 September 2019
War MemorialAlvestonWar Memorial46460believed to be complete104 March 2018
War MemorialAnsleyWar Memorial41410believed to be complete 08 July 2021
War MemorialAnstyWar Memorial111believed to be complete102 October 2014
War MemorialAtherstoneWar Memorial2042040believed to be complete115 July 2019
St JosephAvon DassettSt Joseph751090 26 January 2021
War MemorialWar Memorial550believed to be complete 28 February 2021
St Michael (rectors)Baddesley ClintonSt Michael (rectors)56560believed to be complete 18 January 2018
War MemorialBaddesley EnsorWar Memorial26260believed to be complete 27 April 2021
War MemorialBagintonWar Memorial660believed to be complete 09 April 2017
St Peter (roll of honour)BarfordSt Peter (roll of honour)23230believed to be complete107 September 2017
War MemorialWar Memorial24240believed to be complete108 December 2016
St SwithinBarstonSt Swithin1422501 09 April 2020
War MemorialBidford-on-AvonWar Memorial79790believed to be complete 31 July 2020
War MemorialBinley WoodsWar Memorial660believed to be complete 22 October 2014
War MemorialBintonWar Memorial12120believed to be complete 13 April 2021
War MemorialBirdingburyWar Memorial880believed to be complete101 May 2017
Yardley MunicipalBirminghamYardley Municipal140oddments (less than ten) before 2010
St ChadBishops TachbrookSt Chad110oddments (less than ten) 18 September 2015
War MemorialWar Memorial17170believed to be complete 18 September 2015
War MemorialBourton-on-DunsmoreWar Memorial10100believed to be complete110 March 2018
War MemorialBrandonWar Memorial990believed to be complete 22 October 2014
War MemorialBrinklowWar Memorial25254believed to be complete118 September 2014
War MemorialBulkingtonWar Memorial46461believed to be complete103 March 2016
War MemorialChurch LawfordWar Memorial10100believed to be complete118 March 2018
War MemorialChurchoverWar Memorial880believed to be complete119 May 2018
St MaryClifton on DunsmoreSt Mary841758 11 August 2016
St Mary (inside)St Mary (inside)49823 11 August 2016
St Mary (Newton Road extension)St Mary (Newton Road extension)36465527 11 August 2016
St Peter (roll of honour)CoughtonSt Peter (roll of honour)15150believed to be complete110 August 2017
St Peter (vicars)St Peter (vicars)39391believed to be complete 10 August 2017
Bomb Disposal MemorialCoventryBomb Disposal Memorial770believed to be complete104 October 2015
Coventry Cathedral Unity LawnCoventry Cathedral Unity Lawn660believed to be complete 11 April 2016
Holy TrinityHoly Trinity2203oddments (less than ten) 07 October 2015
London Road Recreation GroundLondon Road Recreation Ground330believed to be complete 30 May 2020
St Mary Guildhall (Blitz Firemen Memorial)St Mary Guildhall (Blitz Firemen Memorial)56560believed to be complete126 September 2019
St PaulSt Paul408710 26 November 2014
War Memorial ParkWar Memorial Park110oddments (less than ten) 31 March 2015
War Memorial ParkWar Memorial Park23330oddments (more than ten) 28 February 2016
War MemorialCubbingtonWar Memorial41411believed to be complete 25 September 2014
Hearsall CommonEarlsdonHearsall Common23240believed to be complete 03 May 2022
War MemorialExhall (near Coventry)War Memorial83830believed to be complete 09 February 2021
War MemorialFarnboroughWar Memorial13130believed to be complete 22 August 2021
War MemorialFenny ComptonWar Memorial18180believed to be complete130 September 2018
All SaintsGrendonAll Saints25841115 15 June 2015
War MemorialWar Memorial23230 15 June 2015
War MemorialHarborough MagnaWar Memorial11110believed to be complete128 February 2016
War MemorialHarburyWar Memorial43430believed to be complete118 March 2018
War MemorialHattonWar Memorial39390believed to be complete111 July 2017
War MemorialHillmortonWar Memorial32320believed to be complete 09 May 2020
St MargaretHunninghamSt Margaret40585inside church only 23 September 2015
St NicholasKenilworthSt Nicholas1,0392,25151 27 June 2018
St Nicholas (book of remembrance)St Nicholas (book of remembrance)71710believed to be complete 04 August 2022
St Nicholas (roll of honour)St Nicholas (roll of honour)1291290believed to be complete 09 June 2022
War MemorialWar Memorial2072073believed to be complete104 December 2014
All Saints (roll of honour)LadbrokeAll Saints (roll of honour)39390believed to be complete 13 October 2021
St Mary the Virgin (WW1 roll of honour)LapworthSt Mary the Virgin (WW1 roll of honour)22220believed to be complete111 January 2020
St Mary the Virgin (WW2 roll of honour)St Mary the Virgin (WW2 roll of honour)11110believed to be complete111 January 2020
War MemorialWar Memorial33330believed to be complete107 January 2020
War MemorialLeamington HastingsWar Memorial12120believed to be complete119 May 2017
War MemorialLighthorneWar Memorial12121believed to be complete127 July 2018
War MemorialLillingtonWar Memorial44441believed to be complete104 October 2019
War MemorialLong ItchingtonWar Memorial54541believed to be complete117 November 2018
War Memorial HallMartonWar Memorial Hall660believed to be complete110 March 2018
St LaurenceMeridenSt Laurence32365017 26 April 2018
War MemorialMonks KirbyWar Memorial22222believed to be complete 09 October 2014
St LawrenceNapton on the HillSt Lawrence50784231 14 July 2015
War MemorialWar Memorial28281 14 July 2015
War MemorialNorton LinseyWar Memorial770believed to be complete102 March 2018
South Africa MemorialNuneatonSouth Africa Memorial1061062believed to be complete118 November 2014
War MemorialWar Memorial1,3131,31316believed to be complete119 November 2014
War MemorialOffchurchWar Memorial13130believed to be complete 17 September 2015
St DenyPailtonSt Deny14140believed to be complete except inside church 03 October 2014
War MemorialWar Memorial15150believed to be complete 03 October 2014
War MemorialPriors HardwickWar Memorial21210believed to be complete125 November 2018
War MemorialRadfordWar Memorial1511511believed to be complete114 June 2019
War MemorialRatleyWar Memorial20201believed to be complete 10 August 2021
Adelaide BridgeRoyal Leamington SpaAdelaide Bridge110believed to be complete 17 September 2015
All SaintsAll Saints280oddments (less than ten)107 October 2015
Civilian War MemorialCivilian War Memorial13130believed to be complete104 November 2017
Czech Memorial FountainCzech Memorial Fountain770believed to be complete117 September 2015
Jephson GardensJephson Gardens1371912believed to be complete 20 December 2020
Mill GardensMill Gardens9121believed to be complete 03 August 2015
New StreetNew Street1430150% complete 07 October 2015
Royal Pump Room GardensRoyal Pump Room Gardens19230believed to be complete 16 April 2020
War MemorialWar Memorial76476424believed to be complete118 September 2014
War MemorialRyton-on-DunsmoreWar Memorial18181believed to be complete 09 October 2014
St CuthbertShustokeSt Cuthbert5140 12 September 2016
War MemorialSnitterfieldWar Memorial42420believed to be complete111 February 2018
War MemorialSouthamWar Memorial69692believed to be complete112 April 2017
Atherstone Fire MemorialStratford upon AvonAtherstone Fire Memorial440believed to be complete109 March 2019
Bancroft GardensBancroft Gardens21330believed to be complete 20 June 2020
Garden of RemembranceGarden of Remembrance1081110believed to be complete 08 July 2017
Holy TrinityHoly Trinity4861,097372 22 June 2011
Holy Trinity (WW2 roll of honour)Holy Trinity (WW2 roll of honour)94940believed to be complete123 February 2019
Midland Junction Railway (roll of honour)Midland Junction Railway (roll of honour)61610believed to be complete 18 May 2022
MunicipalMunicipal9211,996466 15 January 2012
Recreation GroundRecreation Ground1021510believed to be complete 19 August 2019
RSC GardensRSC Gardens16180believed to be complete 03 July 2019
St James the Great (roll of honour)St James the Great (roll of honour)2352350believed to be complete 16 May 2021
WW1 MemorialWW1 Memorial2472472believed to be complete108 July 2017
imagecity / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
namesrequestsstatuspending notesdate added
WW2 MemorialWW2 Memorial1211212believed to be complete108 July 2017
War MemorialSutton-under-BrailesWar Memorial220believed to be complete 06 March 2021
War MemorialUftonWar Memorial12120believed to be complete118 March 2018
St Mary CollegiateWarwickSt Mary Collegiate26446538 14 August 2015
War MemorialWellesbourneWar Memorial35352believed to be complete126 September 2017
War MemorialWhitnashWar Memorial21240believed to be complete 23 November 2015
St ChadWishawSt Chad27461 19 February 2017
War MemorialWolstonWar Memorial32323believed to be complete 22 October 2014
St Peter (roll of honour)Wootton WawenSt Peter (roll of honour)17170believed to be complete102 December 2019
War MemorialWar Memorial17170believed to be complete102 December 2019

The area list

The grave monument sites within listed above (with links) are ones that have been photographed and indexed by the GPR.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or other memorial sites, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

The list below gives the complete list of pending locations within .

grave monument locations scheduled to be photographed and indexed by the GPR

No pending cemeteries listed.

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