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Gravestone photographic resource  page Yorkshire (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Yorkshire listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

city / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
AdelSt John the Baptist117292100
St John the Baptist3941036291
AislabySt Margaret681484170% complete
AldboroughSt Andrew184423103believed to be complete except inside church
AldbroughWar Memorial31310believed to be complete
AltoftsConsecrated Area21244040
Perimiter Area12133631
Section A11020016
Section B11218818
Shaded Area10328934
St Mary Magdalen6154
St Mary Magdalen (Uncon section)360892117
Appleton RoebuckAll Saints24
Askham BryanSt Nicholas11322942believed to be complete except inside church
Askham RichardSt Mary360
AughtonAll Saints541197
All Saints5411915believed to be complete except inside church
BaldersbySt James the Great231
St James the Great120
BalkholmeHalifax Bomber Memorial14140believed to be complete
BardseyAll Hallows22350791believed to be complete except inside church
BarmstonAll Saintspending
BarnsleyBarnsley569173618450% complete
St Mary1855526870% complete
St Mary Churchfields Peace Garden1845872believed to be complete
BarsleyAll Hallows340
Barwick in ElmetAll Saints50989098believed to be complete except inside church
BeefordWar Memorial11110believed to be complete
BemptonSt Michael's or anywhere I happen to bepending
War Memorial16160believed to be complete
BeverleyCartwright Lane5513523
Coronation Gardens52939
New Walk23449673
St Nicholas7914923
BilbroughSt James5210634believed to be complete except inside church
BiltonSt John the Evangelist16037975
Bilton in AinstySt Helen15032066believed to be complete except inside church
Bilton in HoldernessWar Memorial57570believed to be complete
Bishop BurtonAll Saints6133
Parish Church350
Bishop MonktonSt John15436542believed to be complete except inside church
St John15236173believed to be complete except inside church
BoltbyHoly Trinity121
BoroughbridgeSt James7115753believed to be complete except inside church
Boston SpaSt Mary the Virgin5941156230believed to be complete except inside church
Bradford UndercliffeUndercliffe Lane3170
BraithwellSt James7921693
BramhamAll Saints287750148believed to be complete except inside church
BramleyHough Lane Baptist120
Hough Lane Baptist Cemeterypending
St Peter79296104believed to be complete
BrandesburtonSt Mary570
War Memorial771believed to be complete
BransdaleSt Nicholas86201112believed to be complete
BrantinghamAll Saints120
BreartonSt John the Baptist469822believed to be complete except inside church
BridlingtonMemorial Gardens55455911believed to be complete
Municipal280oddments (less than ten)
South Pier660believed to be complete
Brompton upon SwaleMunicipal240
BroomfleetSt Mary130
BroughtonAll Saints271
BurnbySt. Giles Churchpending
Burnt YatesSt Andrew9822657believed to be complete except inside church
BurstwickAll Saints473
War Memorial95950believed to be complete
Burton AgnesSt Martin388717
St Martin (roll of honour)1111110believed to be complete
War Memorial18180believed to be complete
Burton LeonardSt Leonard12631477believed to be complete except inside church
Carlton in ClevelandSt Botolph26256178believed to be complete
CatwickSt Michael240oddments (less than ten)
ChapeltownBurn Cross Municipal14324
St John114405104
Cherry BurtonSt Michael and All Angels6132
Church FentonSt Mary the Virgin14140194believed to be complete except inside church
CleasbySt Peter411281
CliffordSt Edward33348259believed to be complete except inside church
St Luke17929638
CollinghamSt Oswald205456139believed to be complete except inside church
ConistoneSt Mary01510pending
St Mary1212771
CopgroveSt Michael and All Angels8719555believed to be complete except inside church
CottinghamEppleworth Road28635
Eppleworth Road7180
Memorial Gardens1591597believed to be complete
St Mary32745
War Memorial1021023believed to be complete
CowthorpeSt Michael3510246believed to be complete except inside church
CoxwoldSt Michael5991216221believed to be complete
CrathorneAll Saints17337758believed to be complete except inside church
CusworthSt Mark and St Hubert21542
Dacre BanksHoly Trinity294710182believed to be complete except inside church
DalbySt Peter110
DaltonSt John580
DarfieldAll Saints120
DartonAll Saints86250240% complete
DenholmeSt Paul11215
DriffieldBridlington Road34594
Bridlington Road360
Driffield Cemeterypending
Lockington Rail Crash Memorial990believed to be complete
Remembrance Gardens73730believed to be complete
War Memorial1811813believed to be complete
EasbySt Agatha6154
Easington (East Riding)War Memorial14140believed to be complete
East CowtonAll Saints9919614
East HarsleySt Oswald17135320believed to be complete except inside church
St Mary51411
EllerkerSt Anne11213
ElloughtonSt Mary the Virgin11192
United Reform Church120
EstonSt Helen309910125
St Helen3421048150
FacebySt Mary Magdalene8819013believed to be complete
Fangdale BeckSt John the Evangelist13424154believed to be complete
FarndaleSt Mary231517141believed to be complete
FarnhamSt Oswald111268101believed to be complete except inside church
FarsleySt John7522936believed to be complete
FelixkirkSt Felix481
FelkirkSt Peter1654636
FewstonSt Michael and St Lawrence236720380believed to be complete except inside church
FileyMemorial Gardens330believed to be complete
St Oswaldpending
War Memorial1281281believed to be complete
FlamboroughSt Oswald1532840
St Oswald (part 2)3056672
War Memorial43441believed to be complete
FollifootSt Joseph and St James4087404believed to be complete except inside church
War Memorial25250believed to be complete
War Memorialpending
Gilling EastHoly Cross9120229believed to be complete
Gilling WestSt Agatha27176524
GisburnParish Church120
GoldsboroughSt Mary the Virgin13132586believed to be complete except inside church
GoodmanhamAll Hallows1533341
Great OuseburnSt Mary306589107believed to be complete except inside church
Great ThirklebyAll Saints16133043
Green HammertonSt Thomas Chapel of Ease671
Greenhow HillSt Marypending
War Memorial660
GrintonSt Andrew494
GrosmontSt Matthew641431670% complete
St Nicholas3710238
HalifaxLister Lane271101410% complete
HalshamAll Saints211464169believed to be complete
Mausoleum130believed to be complete except inside church
HampsthwaiteSt Thomas a Beckett4111114361believed to be complete except inside church
HarrogateChrist Church160431102believed to be complete except inside church
Christ Church267328believed to be complete except inside church
Grove Road (Section A-B)18037153
Grove Road (Section C)34094728
Grove Road (Section D)15447025
Grove Road (section N E)13927626
Harlow Hill (Section A)14031570
Harlow Hill (Section A)130
Harlow Hill (Section B)361
Harlow Hill (Section B)19495
Harlow Hill (Section B)20428
Harlow Hill (Section B)010pending
Harlow Hill (Section B)121
Harlow Hill (Section B)120
Harlow Hill (Section B)120
Harlow Hill (Section B)000pending
Harlow Hill (Section B)6156
Harlow Hill (Section B)272
Harlow Hill (Section B)270
Harlow Hill (Section B)11319
Harlow Hill (Section B)141
Harlow Hill (Section B)120
Harlow Hill (Section C)16444340
Harlow Hill (Section C)16444348
Harlow Hill (Section E)12831553
Harlow Hill (Section F)316784137
Harlow Hill (Section L)8921332
Harlow Hill (Sections G J)5361250208
Harlow Hill (Sections H K)25658272
HawnbyAll Saints251
HaxbySt Mary120
HeadingleySt Michael and All Angels259801143
HealaughSt John the Baptist12024589believed to be complete except inside church
Hebden BridgeSt James the Great552146924
HeckmondwikeWar Memorial2172172
HedonSt Augustine16735847
HelmsleyAll Saints243483102believed to be complete
HensallSt Paul's Churchyardpending
HessleWar Memorial1041042
High WorsallSt John Derelict25497believed to be complete
HiltonSt Peter9316123believed to be complete except inside church
Holme on Spalding MoorAll Saints000pending
All Saints000pending
HolmfirthHoly Trinity7733465
Memorial Gardens1381457believed to be complete
Southgate40926believed to be complete
Southgate (part 2)6519111believed to be complete
Southgate (part 3)22535believed to be complete
Southgate (part 4)791996believed to be complete
Southgate (part 5)741983believed to be complete
Southgate (part 6)24262510believed to be complete
Southgate (part 7)1824435believed to be complete
Southgate (part 8)18038511believed to be complete
Southgate (part 9)1674176believed to be complete
HovinghamAll Saints130
HowdenSt Peter390
War Memorial1051050believed to be complete
HuggateSt. Mary's Churchpending
HullCastle Street24613
Eton Street Memorial13130believed to be complete
Hedon Road120oddments (less than ten)
North Sculcoates21060380
St Mary Sculcoates20337
HumbletonSt Peter26450oddments (more than ten)
HunsingoreSt John the Baptist202428230believed to be complete except inside church
HuntingtonAll Saints504973148believed to be complete except inside church
Hutton CranswickWar Memorial30310believed to be complete
Ingelby ArncliffeAll Saints20139848believed to be complete except inside church
KettlewellSt Mary1533369
KeyinghamMunicipal155341110only pre 1901
St Nicholas9624065believed to be complete
War Memorial71710believed to be complete
KilhamWar Memorial28280believed to be complete
Kirk BramwithSt Mary3124
Kirk DeightonAll Saints120287104believed to be complete except inside church
Kirk EllaMill Lane362
St Andrew120
Kirk HammertonSt John the Baptist166367137
St John the Baptist81912
KirkburnSt Mary350
Kirkby MalzeardMunicipal235513
Kirkby OverblowAll Saints224551158believed to be complete except inside church
Municipal13522656believed to be complete
Kirkby WharfeSt John the Baptist154362124believed to be complete except inside church
KirkbymoorsideAll Saints1027212148690% complete
KirkdaleSt Gregory Minster7651501298believed to be complete
KirkellaMill Lane250
KirklevingtonSt Martin18842443believed to be complete
KirkstallSt Stephen556185644
KnaresboroughMunicipal780190368890% complete
St John the Baptist225612252believed to be complete except inside church
LangtoftWar Memorial17170believed to be complete
War Memorial17170
LaxtonSt Peter110
LeakeSt Mary the Virgin5361117148believed to be complete
LealholmSt James the Greater15360
St James the Greater15360
LeathleySt Oswald193506170believed to be complete except inside church
LeconfieldSt Catherine (roll of honour)35350
St Catherine (roll of honour)35350believed to be complete
LedshamAll Saints9828158believed to be complete except inside church
LeedsArmley Hill Top F7231471239believed to be complete
Lawnswood (section T)5821416133
Lawnswood (section Y)4701057108
Lawnswood A-D12143995617
Lawnswood V4221071152
Lawnswood VW311720122
Lawnswood X293711112
Leeds ArmleyHill Top230
LevenWar Memorial22220believed to be complete
LightcliffeSt Matthew4481276153
LinthorpeB3 Municipal255657147
C1 Municipal19342548
C1 Municipal19342539
C2 Municipal282607121
C3 Municipal275314
C4 Municipal22848044
C5 Municipal19341095
C6 Municipal5721212149
D1 Municipal18842095
D2 Municipal408929191
D3 Municipal260604136
D4 Municipal14035676
H1 Municipal12720531
H2 Municipal28746683
Municipal A35615132
Municipal A415037967
Municipal B4226617122
Quaker Municipal8213538
Lissett158 Bomber Command Memorial85085020
St James of Compostella731532
Little OuseburnHoly Trinity124278123believed to be complete except inside church
LockingtonSt Mary10922553
Long MarstonAll Saints14331161believed to be complete except inside church
Long RistonSt Margaret2124315believed to be complete except inside church
Low BradleyHamblethorpe Bridge170
Low MoorHoly Trinity10614192120
Low WorsallAll Saints6312010believed to be complete except inside church
Lower Dunsforth and Branton GreenSt Mary131
LowthorpeSt Martin481
LundAll Saints6112032
ManfieldAll Saints1603700
MankinholesLumbutts Chapelpending
MappletonAll Saints36564
MarfleetSt Giles260
St Giles8191
Market WeightonAll Saints1011664
MartonSt Cuthbert13031443
St Cuthbert194510
Marton Cum GraftonNew111
MeanwoodThe One Holy and Undivided Trinity4901251174
MicklefieldSt Mary the Virgin5591050208
Moor MonktonAll Saints17436986believed to be complete except inside church
MorleySt Peter6818642only pre 1901
MustonWar Memorial13130believed to be complete
NaffertonAll Saints5117
War Memorial2162160believed to be complete
Nether PoppletonSt Everilda13332264believed to be complete except inside church
Nether SiltonAll Saints111216146believed to be complete
Newton KymeSt Andrew9317672believed to be complete except inside church
Newton under RoseberrySt Oswald8920714believed to be complete except inside church
NiddSt Paul and St Margaret8318755believed to be complete except inside church
NormantonAll Saints (part 1)1003125
All Saints (part 10)1994732
All Saints (part 11)1764331
All Saints (part 12)2766730
All Saints (part 13)58212421
All Saints (part 14)5058140
All Saints (part 2)882446
All Saints (part 3)2246736
All Saints (part 4)681952
All Saints (part 5)1505031
All Saints (part 6)732320
All Saints (part 7)1072820
All Saints (part 8)3078521
All Saints (part 9)872020
North CaveAll Saints23483
North FerribyAll Saints14210
All Saints29677
All Saints120
War Memorial36360believed to be complete
North FrodinghamWar Memorial19194believed to be complete
North NewbaldWar Memorial18180believed to be complete
War Memorial18180
Nun MonktonSt Mary473
NunkeelingSt Mary Magdalene and St Helena7616422believed to be complete
NunningtonWar Memorial15150believed to be complete
Old EdlingtonSt Peter214837
OrmesbyNorth Ormesby (ME) Municipal12032294
North Ormesby (NE) Municipal8319645
North Ormesby (NSQ) Municipal232513137
North Ormesby (NW) Municipal7116542
North Ormesby (SE) Municipal7621038
St Joseph CJ7828536
St Joseph Clergy191128
St Joseph D5914519
St Joseph E438913
St Joseph HNG53917
St Joseph SMT13133263
OsmotherleyFriends Meeting House10121believed to be complete
Municipal25647149believed to be complete
St Peter22958067believed to be complete
OtleyAll Saints3691210114believed to be complete except inside church
All Saints3691210207believed to be complete except inside church
OttringhamSt Wilfred4311410
OutwoodSt Mary Magdalene8321457believed to be complete except inside church
PannalSt Robert of Knaresborough388986276believed to be complete except inside church
Pateley BridgeMunicipal Section B4296523
Municipal Section B429657
Municipal Section C316231345
Municipal Section C5241676130
Municipal Section D118223
Municipal Section E216532149
Municipal Section F4285814133
Municipal Section F5287321
St Cuthbert140533125
St Mary201636193believed to be complete
PatringtonSt Patrick582
St Patrick120
St Patrick37824
War Memorial1101106believed to be complete
Welwick Road230
Patrington HavenWar Memorial34341believed to be complete
PaullPaull16171believed to be complete
Roll of Honour73731believed to be complete
War Memorial23231believed to be complete
PickeringSt Peter and St Paul29357313080% complete
War Memorial1821823believed to be complete
Preston in HoldernessAll Saints590
RawdonSt Peter257791172
RedcarRedcar (plots D and P)32374410110% complete
RiccallSt Mary120
RichmondSt Mary11340
St Mary the Virgin340996236believed to be complete except inside church
RipleyAll Saints301794224believed to be complete except inside church
RiponSt Wilfrid Cathedral4816042
RoosAll Saints240
All Saints16416
War Memorial2447244728
RoystonSt John the Baptist2487601480% complete
St John the Baptist War Memorial1221223
RudstonAll Saints2294869
War Memorial11110
RufforthAll Saints9622757believed to be complete except inside church
RylstoneParish Church130
RytherAll Saints23442
SanctonAll Saints10232
SaxtonAll Saints23453392believed to be complete except inside church
ScarboroughDean Road7061840488
Ebenezer Baptist276722believed to be complete
Olivers Mount570believed to be complete
Quaker House395622believed to be complete
St Mary6715657
St Mary31779311880% complete
St Mary (interior)491313680% complete
ScorboroughSt Leonard (War Memorial)12120believed to be complete
Seamer in ClevelandSt Martin24559190believed to be complete except inside church
SemerParish Church121
SewerbySewerby Hall1081720believed to be complete except inside church
War Memorial441believed to be complete
SharowSt John22553believed to be complete except inside church
Sherburn in ElmetAll Saints330774221believed to be complete except inside church
ShipleySt Paul32314637350% complete
St Paul315139496
SkefflingSt Helen3100
SkidbyRiplingham Road24388
St Michael6124
SkirlaughSt Augustine482
War Memorial23230believed to be complete
South CaveAll Saints7181
Extension Private7180
South CowtonSt Mary15838062
South OtteringtonSt Andrew14227232believed to be complete except inside church
South StainleySt Wilfrid13930280believed to be complete except inside church
SowerbySt Oswald473
St Oswald184210
St Oswaldspending
St Peterspending
SpeetonSt Leonard23281
SpofforthAll Saints4841209248believed to be complete except inside church
All Saints4861213302believed to be complete except inside church
SproatleyWar Memorial61610believed to be complete
StainburnSt Mary349118
StaintonSt Peter & Paulpending
St Winifred297434
StaveleyAll Saints13929567believed to be complete except inside church
StillingfleetSt Helen15313
St Helen 214330332
Sunk IslandHoly Trinity7163
War Memorial40400believed to be complete
Sutton on HullSt James250
War Memorial1511511believed to be complete
SwineSt Mary the Virgin5140oddments (less than ten)
War Memorial21210believed to be complete
TadcasterSt Mary the Virgin144481176believed to be complete except inside church
TankersleySt Peter5141
St Peter7321434
St Mary460
St Mary5213076
ThornabySt Peter ad Vincula236913
ThornerSt Peter328948268believed to be complete except inside church
ThorngumbaldSt Mary4110817
ThornthwaiteSt Saviour1954218
Thorp ArchAll Saints168379139believed to be complete except inside church
Thorpe HesleyHoly Trinity8229
ThruscrossHoly Trinity4610725believed to be complete except inside church
TicktonWar Memorial18183believed to be complete
TockwithChurch of the Epiphany111
TodmordenShore Baptist Chapel3169680
TopcliffeSt Columba4112
Upper PoppletonAll Saints16336395believed to be complete except inside church
WakefieldSugar Lane110
WaltonSt Peter6114943believed to be complete except inside church
WansfordSt Mary (roll of honour)36360believed to be complete
St Mary (roll of honour)36360
St Mary (war memorial)440believed to be complete
WattonSt Mary12926647
WawneSt Peter7222
St Peter7130
WeetonSt Barnabas16937398believed to be complete except inside church
WeltonCommon Lane12262
WelwickWar Memorial31311believed to be complete
WensleyHoly Trinity Churchpending
WentworthOld Holy Trinity152
West AcklamSt Mary9923942believed to be complete
St Mary windows7114inside church only
West WittonSt Bartholomew2335163
St Bartholomew03040pending
WetherbySt James8221572believed to be complete except inside church
St James on the Corner36187821990% complete
WetwangWar Memorial12120believed to be complete
Wharram PercySt Martin112731believed to be complete
WhitbySt Mary181
St Mary the Virgin31592423770% complete
WhixleyChurch of the Ascension207469136believed to be complete except inside church
WhorltonThe Old Church of the Holy Cross5981255185believed to be complete
WighillAll Saints8221080believed to be complete except inside church
WithernseaOld War Memorial1291291believed to be complete
War Memorial1311311believed to be complete
WithernwickSt Alban130
War Memorial14140believed to be complete
WoodmanseySt Peter360
War Memorial55550believed to be complete
WorsbroughSt Mary111
WortleySt Leonard240
WragbySt Michael and Our Lady32892150% complete
St Michael and Our Lady (interior)9250
St Michael and Our Lady (part 1)922292
St Michael and Our Lady (part 2)1914252
Yarm on TeesMunicipal505965112believed to be complete
St Mary Magdalene296908134believed to be complete
YearsleyHoly Trinity570believed to be complete except inside church
YorkCemetery Road341
Holy Trinity Micklegate48923
St Crux Hall14404oddments (more than ten)
St Michael Spurriergate15475inside church only
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Yorkshire cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Yorkshire.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteerstatusexpected date to
be added to GPR


All SaintsKeith Doreybeing indexedJanuary 2018Needs some illegible monuments checking with MIs when I can get hold of copy


St Michael's or anywhere I happen to beRon BinkspendingJanuary 2018


Val Eastbeing indexedApril 2017


Hough Lane Baptist CemeteryMark Stevensonbeing indexedApril 2017


St. Giles ChurchBarbara Hallscheduled to be photographedApril 2017


Driffield CemeteryNadine Millsscheduled to be photographedJanuary 2019


St OswaldMike Landyscheduled to be photographedApril 2017


War MemorialCharles Dickinsonscheduled to be photographedDecember 2017

Greenhow Hill

St MaryMalcolm StreetpendingApril 2017


St Paul's ChurchyardDavid Hookhamscheduled to be photographedJune 2017


St. Mary's ChurchBarbara HallpendingFebruary 2017


Lumbutts ChapelMalcolm StreetpendingApril 2017


St Oswaldsto be indexedApril 2017
St PetersMalcolm StreetpendingDecember 2017


St Peter & PaulBob Willisscheduled to be photographedDecember 2018Will be done in several parts


Holy Trinity ChurchMalcolm Street awaiting to be uploadedJuly 2017

Search Yorkshire for a particular name



Use this search to find a specific named person within Yorkshire. hint: using just part of the forename and surname will display other spellings of the name.

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