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Gravestone photographic resource  page Lincolnshire (England ) cemetery details

The churchyard or other cemetery sites within Lincolnshire listed below (with links) are ones that have been indexed.The ones in red (without links) are pending and will be added once they have been photographed and indexed.

To see details of a particular church, cemetery or war memorial, click its name link. To see details of all the churches, cemeteries and war memorials in a particular location (city / town / village), click on the location name.

Cemetery, churchyard and war memorial names that are listed in RED are ones which volunteers are currently photographing and indexing and are therefore not yet available.

imagecity / town / villagechurch graveyard /
cemetery / memorial name
MunicipalAlfordMunicipal322605152believed to be complete
St WilfridSt Wilfrid16519731believed to be complete
St Adelwold and St MaryAlvinghamSt Adelwold and St Mary6410233
St BartholomewApplebySt Bartholomew32359465
St PeterAshby cum FenbySt Peter12526123
St AndrewAshby PuerorumSt Andrew36788
St LawrenceAylesbySt Lawrence8014725believed to be complete except inside church
War MemorialBarnetby le WoldWar Memorial41411
St HelenBarnoldby le BeckSt Helen12123366believed to be complete except inside church
Holy TrinityBarrow upon HumberHoly Trinity481174
Holy Trinity War MemorialHoly Trinity War Memorial49490
All SaintsBarrowbyAll Saints298563217
War MemorialBarton upon HumberWar Memorial2492498
St MichaelBassinghamSt Michael246
St AndrewBeelsbySt Andrew235213believed to be complete except inside church
All SaintsBeltonAll Saints267596246only pre 1901
All SaintsBigbyAll Saints1573123
All Saints (clergy)All Saints (clergy)49492
St AndrewBonbySt Andrew1693195
War MemorialWar Memorial15150
St GeorgeBradleySt George12525435
War MemorialBriggWar Memorial1411412
St HelenBrigsleySt Helen217356205believed to be complete
St MaryBroughtonSt Mary10922453believed to be complete except inside church
St Peter and St PaulBurgh le MarshSt Peter and St Paul1081496
St NicholasCabourneSt Nicholas6911016
All SaintsCadney cum HowshamAll Saints18037418
St Peter and St PaulCaistorSt Peter and St Paul21038187
St StephenCarlbySt Stephen821319
St MaryClaxbySt Mary14424549
Block A-B EastCleethorpesBlock A-B East235574128
Block A-B WestBlock A-B West15434948
Block C-D EastBlock C-D East13938463
Block C-D WestBlock C-D West24758280
Block D-E EastBlock D-E East6213424
Block F-G EastBlock F-G East4911514
Block F-G WestBlock F-G West7213416
Block H-J EastBlock H-J East571119
Garden of Rest 1Garden of Rest 112420924
Garden of Rest 2Garden of Rest 215723722
Manchester Regiment War GravesManchester Regiment War Graves30305
Memorial Hall PlaquesMemorial Hall Plaques36236213
Section ASection A8216928
Section AASection AA7561295183
Section BSection B9819728
Section BBSection BB369716113
Section CSection C1733303
Section CSection C17333042
Section CSection C17333017
Section CC
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Section CC41073384
Section DSection D12523221
Section DSection D12523215
Section DDSection DD18033771
Section ESection E27157778
Section EESection EE522898153
Section FSection F15834152
Section FFSection FF438793118
Section GSection G17037851
Section HSection H9919118
Section HHSection HH20624740
Section ISection I18843361
Section IISection II23232331
Section JSection J6012222
Section JJSection JJ27237839
Section KSection K295811
Section LSection L6120
Section MSection M45839
Section NSection N8713830
Section OSection O7811821
St PeterSt Peter15318632
St Peter Church Roll of HonourSt Peter Church Roll of Honour1111111
WW2 War GravesWW2 War Graves51543
All HallowsClixbyAll Hallows27510
St John the BaptistColsterworthSt John the Baptist131
St PeterConisholmeSt Peter1152183
War MemorialWar Memorial440
St BartholomewCovenhamSt Bartholomew1072172
St Bartholomew (annexe)St Bartholomew (annexe)991592
St MarySt Mary821491
War MemorialWar Memorial22230
War MemorialCroftWar Memorial71710
All SaintsCroxbyAll Saints19418
St JohnCroxtonSt John549216
St NicholasCuxwoldSt Nicholas5110019
Christ ChurchDawsmereChrist Church21039146
MunicipalEast HaltonMunicipal7310721believed to be complete
St PeterSt Peter20339343
St MartinEast RavendaleSt Martin8415615
All SaintsElshamAll Saints22743513
War MemorialWar Memorial13130
MunicipalEpworthMunicipal188432145only pre 1901
St AndrewSt Andrew4791060376only pre 1901
St MaryFotherbySt Mary2444683
St Mary War MemorialSt Mary War Memorial330
St LawrenceFulstowSt Lawrence2184125
St GeorgeGolthoSt George406613
All SaintsGoulcebyAll Saints23351
All SaintsGoxhillAll Saints19039577
St NicholasGrainsbySt Nicholas7414721
War Memorial
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GrainsthorpeWar Memorial22222
St ClementGrainthorpeSt Clement40881017
All SaintsGrasbyAll Saints801534
St NicholasGreat CoatesSt Nicholas442715835believed to be complete
Holy CrossGreat PontonHoly Cross23
All SaintsGreethamAll Saints346813
St EdithGrimoldbySt Edith7013616
St Edith (part 2)St Edith (part 2)2173930
War MemorialWar Memorial10100
Freeman Street Market Roll of HonourGrimsbyFreeman Street Market Roll of Honour22922914
Post Office Roll of HonourPost Office Roll of Honour18181
Scartho Road (1-3)Scartho Road (1-3)5921497187
Scartho Road (103-112)Scartho Road (103-112)6111152156
Scartho Road (113-115 120-123)Scartho Road (113-115 120-123)499969142
Scartho Road (117-119 124-126)Scartho Road (117-119 124-126)6601188148
Scartho Road (127-130 134-137)Scartho Road (127-130 134-137)8321601206
Scartho Road (131-133 138-140)Scartho Road (131-133 138-140)7671454199
Scartho Road (141-144 146-151)Scartho Road (141-144 146-151)12892372312
Scartho Road (145-147 152-154)Scartho Road (145-147 152-154)11572097255
Scartho Road (155-158)Scartho Road (155-158)19373088338
Scartho Road (160-161)Scartho Road (160-161)40865166
Scartho Road (17-18 25-26 33-34 41-42)Scartho Road (17-18 25-26 33-34 41-42)27664887
Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44)Scartho Road (19-20 27-28 35-36 43-44)430943124
Scartho Road (21-24 29-32 37-40 45-48 53-56 61-64 69-72)Scartho Road (21-24 29-32 37-40 45-48 53-56 61-64 69-72)6421487183
Scartho Road (2nd reserved borders)Scartho Road (2nd reserved borders)351743113
Scartho Road (3rd north reserved border)Scartho Road (3rd north reserved border)18140028
Scartho Road (49-52 57-60)Scartho Road (49-52 57-60)5091152148
Scartho Road (5-8 13-16)Scartho Road (5-8 13-16)32580085
Scartho Road (65-68 73-74 84-89)Scartho Road (65-68 73-74 84-89)4981029144
Scartho Road (75-82 and borders)Scartho Road (75-82 and borders)30866476
Scartho Road (9-12)Scartho Road (9-12)32781197
Scartho Road (93-96)Scartho Road (93-96)23248476
Scartho Road (97-102)Scartho Road (97-102)37375498
Scartho Road (new section)Scartho Road (new section)18727725
Scartho Road (north central reserved borders pt2)Scartho Road (north central reserved borders pt2)12027824
Scartho Road (north reserved borders)Scartho Road (north reserved borders)24768594
Scartho Road (south reserved borders 504-505)Scartho Road (south reserved borders 504-505)18431834
Scartho Road (south reserved borders)Scartho Road (south reserved borders)27171088
St James (interior)St James (interior)39760
Wintringham School Roll of HonourWintringham School Roll of Honour1631638
St MargaretHabroughSt Margaret35268095
Holy TrinityHagworthinghamHoly Trinity8014023
All SaintsHameringhamAll Saints971561
St MaryHatcliffeSt Mary11521123
War MemorialHaxeyWar Memorial48483
St Peter and St PaulHealingSt Peter and St Paul35860371
War MemorialWar Memorial15152
Holton le ClayHolton le ClayHolton le Clay2133261
Memorial WallMemorial Wall44690
St PeterSt Peter651492
War MemorialWar Memorial10100
St Luke
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Holton le MoorSt Luke16929425
St MauriceHorkstowSt Maurice1352612
St PeterSt Peter58173351
Mill LaneImminghamMill Lane59176889
St AndrewSt Andrew449745114believed to be complete except inside church
War MemorialWar Memorial45450
St AndrewIrby on HumberSt Andrew15130137
St BartholomewSt Bartholomew25436415
War MemorialWar Memorial21210
War MemorialWar Memorial21210
St PeterKingerbySt Peter20471
St Peter (clergy)St Peter (clergy)58581
ParishKirkby cum OsgodbyParish1211891
St AndrewSt Andrew1823393
War MemorialWar Memorial12120
St LeonardKirksteadSt Leonard110
LacebyLacebyLaceby7541206180believed to be complete
St MargaretSt Margaret215120believed to be complete
Canwick Road OldLincolnCanwick Road Old21426
Lincoln CathedralLincoln Cathedral18528266
St EdithLittle GrimsbySt Edith31770
St MichaelLittlecoatesSt Michael37769570
London RoadLouthLondon Road34470
St MaryLudboroughSt Mary1302454
St Mary IncumbentsSt Mary Incumbents42420
War MemorialWar Memorial13130
St NicholasLuttonSt Nicholas10224
St Nicholas 2St Nicholas 221238535
Mablethorpe and Trusthorpe War MemorialMablethorpeMablethorpe and Trusthorpe War Memorial26260
All SaintsMaltby le MarshAll Saints24400
St MaryMarshchapelSt Mary190329107
Holy TrinityMessinghamHoly Trinitypending
All SaintsMoultonAll Saints15227oddments (more than ten)
St John the BaptistNettletonSt John the Baptist2063568
St PeterNormanby le WoldSt Peter609311
St NicholasNorth CoatesSt Nicholas2594764
War MemorialWar Memorial27270
All HallowsNorth KelseyAll Hallows11225613
Baptist ChurchNorth KillingholmeBaptist Church24292believed to be complete
St DenySt Deny545102415
St DenySt Deny545102878
St DenySt Deny545102447
War MemorialNorth SomercotesWar Memorial1041042
St HelenNorth ThoresbySt Helen6191129131
St Mary the VirginOld CleeSt Mary the Virgin12925274
Skegness RoadPartneySkegness Road244313
St NicholasSt Nicholas22026933
St EdmundRibySt Edmund14826435believed to be complete except inside church
St Mary MagdeleneRothwellSt Mary Magdelene12623431
All Saints
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Saxby All SaintsAll Saints1863736
War MemorialWar Memorial990
St GilesScarthoSt Giles9731696201
St HybaldScawbySt Hybald124254107
St NicholasSearby cum OwmbySt Nicholas711361
St Nicholas War MemorialSt Nicholas War Memorial660
St MargaretSibseySt Margaret189332162
St LawrenceSkellingthorpeSt Lawrence309556104
St NicholasSnitterbySt Nicholas1292251
War MemorialWar Memorial881
St MargaretSomerbySt Margaret25482
St MarySouth KelseySt Mary912050
St AndrewSouth ThoresbySt Andrew5711825believed to be complete
St John the BaptistSouth WithamSt John the Baptist671232
Boston RoadSpilsbyBoston Road890
St AndrewStainton le ValeSt Andrew8715728
St Peter and St PaulStallingboroughSt Peter and St Paul31560897
All SaintsStaplefordAll Saints472
St LukeStickneySt Luke6811666
St MartinStubtonSt Martin7813925believed to be complete
St MatthewSutton BridgeSt Matthew10161839353
St Edmund King and MartyrSutton St EdmundSt Edmund King and Martyr22937621
Holy TrinitySwallowHoly Trinity14726842
All SaintsSwinderbyAll Saints71411
St HelenSwinhopeSt Helen7816520
St VedastTathwellSt Vedast120
St Peter and St PaulSt Peter and St Paul36470
St MaryThoreswaySt Mary53949
All SaintsThorganbyAll Saints7614617
St LawrenceThornton CurtisSt Lawrence16434252
St NicholasUlcebySt Nicholas494887176
War MemorialWar Memorial22341
St MargaretUsselbySt Margaret283912
St AndrewUtterbySt Andrew1563310
St Andrew (clergy)St Andrew (clergy)66660
All SaintsWainfleetAll Saints243211
All Saints (site of)Wainfleet BankAll Saints (site of)38753
St MartinWaitheSt Martin356311
All SaintsWalesbyAll Saints5814726
St MarySt Mary10316720
All SaintsWalthamAll Saints8820135
War MemorialWar Memorial24240
St MartinWelton le WoldSt Martin1332582
War MemorialWar Memorial880
Holy TrinityWest AllingtonHoly Trinity12253
All SaintsWest AshbyAll Saints1172301
War MemorialWar Memorial10100
All SaintsWintertonAll Saints4125
All Saints
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Wold NewtonAll Saints12420424
St ClementWorlabySt Clement19438010
War MemorialWar Memorial11111
All SaintsWyham cum CadebyAll Saints19353
St John the BaptistYarburghSt John the Baptist931803
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Lincolnshire cemeteries scheduled to be photographed and indexed

Below are the churchyard or municipal cemetery sites that are going to be added to Lincolnshire.
city / town / villagecemetery namevolunteerstatusexpected date to
be added to GPR


Holy TrinityNicola CooperpendingApril 2017

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