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List of Feedback

surnametitle of the comment / feedbackcomment / feedbacksubmittednum
MUIRHEADBrilliant resourceEasy to find the person that I was looking up, Charles Muirhead. The onscreen description offers a lot historical information that made onward research a lot easier.

FAWKESWilliam FawkesThank you for your prompt response to my request to receive the pic of my 2x Gr. Grandfather’s headstone - William Fawkes. It was thrilling to see a monument for Ancestors I am just beginning learn about.

HALLAMJane HallamThanks very much for this very useful site. I was able to solve the fate of Jane for whom I had no further information after birth.

POWDITCHGravestoneThank you for making your resource available in the search for the Powditch family of Southwold

BURTONThank youThank you for this service. I appreciate the opportunity to find my relative. Henry Burton, born in Great Ponton, Lincolnshire, in 1843

RICHARDSONBambrough gravestoneFantastic that someone has photographed the gravestone of Henry Richardson and family in Bambrough. It's greatly helped me in my family research. Many thanks to all involved, this has been invaluable to me.

FORGANPhoto image Thank you so much for such a quick response and the image. This helps a lot with my Forgan ancestry research. I certainly appreciate all your time and dedication to provide this.

GRAPESThank you Thank you for a great service

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you forHi, I just wanted to say thank you for the time taken to record the gravestones. I have found a very useful site re Family History and will definitely be returning. Once again thank you.

STAMMERSExcellent serviceThank you for this exellent service, it is much appreciated.

DEIGHTONDeighton's of York & LeedsSo fantastic service is so much appreciated. The quality of the 3 photos are first class. Many thanks

DEIGHTONDeighton's of York & LeedsThank you for your amazing website facility.

STACEYStaceyThank you so much for the photo of E Stacey, it is very much appreciated, however on this occasion not my relative. Regards Val Golightly

STEERSTEER FAMILYThank you for all the photos I have received so far. They have been a great resource. Really not sure if this latest is correct family as photo shows different family name.

EVERISTThank youMany thanks for the image of my great grand parents John Lewis & Rebecca Everist's gravestone. A fantastic resource that is helping me to fill in gaps in my Family History.

MOYMany ThanksMany thanks for the great quality and clear image of Emma Moy's gravestone. Possibly my wife's Great Grandmother. Will research in person sometime soon.

HEWARDMany thanks for all of your hard work inMany thanks for all of your hard work in producing this web site. It is a gold mine of information for anybody interested in Family Ancestry. The finding of a headstone is a closure to a life that you have been researching

STONESResearching 3 x times great grandfather stones. A great help and great site. I was researching g my x3 great grandfather and in the process found his other children. Excellent resource. Can't thank you enough. Will be using this service again to look for my other ancestors who seem to have brick wall. Thanks again.

HANCOCKThank youHi there- you already sent the image- didn't receive the email but have just seen the image viewer on the website and can see the enlarged photo on there. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Am very grateful for your time and effort! Couldn't see a way to say thank you so until after sending a new request but thought I'd send it via here instead. Barbara

YEOMANmany thanksAn excellent service. I am not sure yet how this grave links into my family tree but every little helps in the pursuit. Many thanks.

ASHTONThanksA wonderful resource found quite by chance when googling my ancestor (Amy Ashton). It was not long before I was able to see a photo of the grave as well as that of her son and husband. Well worth using.

BRAY-PARKER-AVISON-DANNVery usefulVery useful information gained from the gravestone. Thank you, once again.

HALLGrave PhotoMany thanks for your service without it our family would not be able to connect with it's past

JOBSONJOBSON/FARROW/THORNTON/HALLMany thanks for the access to the image of my husbands great grandparents grave. A brilliant resource for family researchers.

HANCOCKHancokI am absolutely thrilled that I found this site, and also delighted to have received a beautiful photo of my Great, Great, Grandparents gravestone. Thank you sooo much, it means a great deal to me. Susan. ;o))

COLMANCOLMAN,STAPLETON,HALL, SMITHThank you, great site, unfortunately alot of the graves im looking for are not on here yet. Living in Australia, this is a great help because i can't get back often to check graves for myself.

FADDYThanksThank you for the very prompt reply to my request for an image. This is a great site

EYREThank youThank you very much for this photograph - I thought I had reached the end of the line.

KERSLEYThank youJust to say thanks so much for the gravestone photos. A great service you're offering, and much appreciated. Kate

BANKSThank YouThanks for the swift response. You are doing a great job here!

GravestoneThank you so much for this service it really is excellent!

NEWELLGuilden Morden Newell'sReally nice to have this resource available. Many thanks.

WOODMany ThanksHi Charles many thanks for your help and your website. It is very much appreciated. You are providing a wonderful service to the community.

HUSTWICKNOTE OF THANKSYour work in providing this service is very much appreciated by people like me, who are trying to further their family tree. Kind Regards, Derek Walker in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

VARIOUSThank youThank you so much for the latest images. Your help not only helps personally but is also a great research tool and I very much appreciate it

GARRARDThanksMany thanks for the image of Frances Garrard's monument.

HENZELLThank you so much for your prompt reply Thank you so much for your prompt reply with my request for Adam Hutton Henzell, for my family history.

ROURKEMany thanks for your prompt reply, much Many thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated. Carlene

BRENNANPatrick J BrennanThanks for the gravestone image of Pat Brennan.That saved me a trip from Devon to Middlesborough.

FLOWERSThank YouYour site is a great resource. Thanks to you and the volunteers. Wish I knew about it long ago.

TONERThank you!Thank you for your work!

Thank you so much for providing this lovThank you so much for providing this lovely image of the gravestone of my great great great grandparents. I would be happy to send a donation by cheque, but do not wish to give my credit card details.

BENSONMany many thanksMany many thanks for the gravestone photo. I have only just started researching my family history and finding this has solved a problem I was having. I will be retiring next year and will be happy to volunteer after then as this is such a valuable family history resource. Many thanks Mary

SARGEANTThank Youdelighted to have found this sight, and to have receivd a photo of I gravestone I was interested in. Extra name to add to my list too with a son being on the same stone

MCNAIR Thank youThank you

FISHERFisher/HornseaThanks, always a great help to find a headstone, and so clear

BELLVery Good Resource Thank you for providing this resource for researching family gravestones. I did find an ancestor, which was very rewarding. Others in the Bell family haven't been found yet, but I'll keep looking. Thank you again!

HURRFamily tree researchThank you for sending me the photo.

WELVAERTSWELVAERTS & FORDERThanks to the photographer of the WELVAERTS & FORDER memorial in Weybridge Municipal B Surrey. Very helpful to have the high res. image. Thanks again.

SMYTHEsther Smyth Headstone PhotoThank you so much for the beautiful enlarged copy of my ancestors headstone. You and your volunteers do a fantastic job.


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