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Whats New? 2017

July 2017

Extended surname search

The surname search has now been extended to also include maiden and family names.

There are also a number of different ways in which the results may be tabulated.

Surname search results.

The surname search results page has been extensively improved.

Most of these improvements allow visitors to select a variety of different sort outputs.

These sorts can be run by either clicking a link within a sort display list box or else clicking the title of the column that requires sorting.

This is particularly useful if there are lots of names for a specific surname.

Requested photograph display page

The photograph display page has been enhanced so the it initially displays the image(s).

After the image display, details of the names mentioned on the monument are displayed as links which allow additional information to be added to their database records.

Facebook group.

The new Facebook group dedicated to the Gravestone Photographic Resource now has almost a thousand members.

The link to it is

June 2017

New content added to the FAQ section.

The FAQ section has been revamped and extended with additional content.

This complements the "How to do it" section.

There are links to both sections on the top and bottom menus.

The information section also has informative articles.

March 2017

New "How to do it" section added.

A new help section has been added to the website.

It is called "How to do it" and has links to pages explaining how to do various things on the website.

There is a new link to it on both the top and bottom menus.

February 2017

Record number of UK grave monuments and people.

There are now over half a million grave monuments and a million names for the UK within the GPR.

Surname search.

The surname search has now been improved and now gives results that are easier to follow.

These changes work for each of the six different order of search results that can be selected.

New FAQs

The FAQ system has now been extended.

January 2017

100,000 photo requests

The GPR has now received over 100,000 requests for higher quality versions of the grave monument photographs it holds.

All of these photos have been supplied free of charge.

Facebook group.

There is now a new Facebook group dedicated to the Gravestone Photographic Resource, so if you, or anyone you know, is interested in family history research and would like to join, its link is

Grave plot information.

If information about the grave plot number is available then it is now displayed on the grave detail page within the box "How to find this grave within a cemetery".

2016: Statistics

The following number of cemeteries were added to the Gravestone Photographic Resource during 2016:

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