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Revd. Edward PALMER
Thank you for the photograph of the PALMER family at Gt. Malvern, WOR.
entry submitted by RMB on: 15/08/2017 09:40 GMT ........ contact this person

Nathaniel palmer
very pleasd with quick response, hopeing to match up image with my details, much appreciated
entry submitted by anne on: 27/10/2010 08:26 GMT ........ contact this person

Ernest Coster Palmer
Thank you for sending this image. Amazing site: useful, free, easy to search - what more could one want! A great achievement.
entry submitted by Ken Palmer on: 13/09/2012 11:13 GMT ........ contact this person

Excellent Service
What a great service, I haven't had a chance to visit my grandparents grave as don't live near it so was lovely to see it on the anniversary of my grandads passing. Request was back within a day or 2 of asking. Thanks very much.
entry submitted by Sally on: 27/04/2011 05:35 GMT ........ contact this person

This is a great resource thank you - I've requested a couple of images and now await their delivery with much anticipation! Thanks so much.
entry submitted by M Young on: 05/05/2018 09:26 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you for your prompt response to my request for a grave photo. I still have quite a lot of research to complete relating to this family member.
entry submitted by Dianne Turner on: 21/08/2013 12:00 GMT ........ contact this person

Great help
I have struggled with several family members but Thanks to this site have been able to confirm many of them. Also we so many ppl nor knowing there ancestors there graves are but I have been able to visit some of mine now and told others where there ancestors are
entry submitted by Lisa on: 17/09/2017 09:23 GMT ........ contact this person

Joseph Hitchen Palmer
This is a great resource and I had an amazingly fast response to my request. I have visited the Rosary Cemetery in Norwich a couple of ties as it was founded by my great(x3) grandfather, Thomas Drummond and he and some of his family are buried there. However I was unaware that Palmer cousins from a different branch were also in the cemetery
entry submitted by Ray Dunnett on: 03/10/2016 05:41 GMT ........ contact this person

Wonderful Site and Service
As I live in Australia it was wonderful to find my 4x grandfather and mother's grave site (James and Mary Palmer 1850's). I will be using it again. Thank you.
entry submitted by Christine Fraser on: 27/01/2017 02:45 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you for providing this free site and service. Very use
Thank you for providing this free site and service. Very useful and helpful.
entry submitted by Denise on: 08/04/2017 11:40 GMT ........ contact this person

Nathan Palmer 1800 to 1879
According to my records, Nathan Palmer was born 16 October 1800, and died Aug 1880 in Isham. He was buried 27 Aug 1880 in Isham St. Peter, Northants
entry submitted by Barry Collins on: 13/05/2017 10:27 GMT ........ contact this person

Conflation of two individuals named John Palmer
Monument to Mary Bathurst in Bishops Lydeard, listed as 541734 & 530620 (I believe this is a duplication) The monument mentions Dr John Palmer, Warden of All Souls, first husband of Mary Bathurst. The monument also commemorates John Palmer esq., son of Mary and Dr John Palmer. It is the son's death gate that is given as March 15th 1689.
entry submitted by Jeremy Fox on: 08/09/2019 06:47 GMT ........ contact this person

Thanks for the prompt photo, that I requested. I am researching the Burrows family from Derbyshire. Miriam Palmer's maiden name was Burrows. Thanks again, Dale
entry submitted by DW on: 09/09/2019 04:07 GMT ........ contact this person

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