Françoise Pierron grave monument

Françoise Pierron grave monument: legible names and details

full nameagebirthdeathrelationshipnotes
Françoise Pierron nee Jenger5518151870first name on monument
Victor Pierron3218381870unknown
François Pierron8418081892unknown
Emile Millot4818491897unknown
Georges Millot4718811928unknown
Théodore Latasse4218311873unknown
Anna Latasse nee Pierron5118361887unknown
Marie Millot218761878unknown
Jeanne Millot nee Latasse7218561928unknown
Jules Achin6818741942unknown
Marie Achin nee Millot8218781960unknown
Marguerite Achin9219021994unknown
Laure Etienne nee Burrus8118801961unknown
Joseph Conrard5418311885unknown
Emile Humblot nee Conrard7718601937unknown
Adrien Humblot8918621951unknownPrinter
Fabienne Humblot7418931967unknown
Colonel Emile Mathieu Commander Légion d'H7618521928unknown
Louis-Antoine Marie Joseph Winsback6518711936unknown
Pierre Winsback8218721954unknown
Jeanne Lagrésille nee Mathieu9718651962unknown
Jean Gaspard Margo7318021875unknown
Anne Catherine Margo nee Rimmel6418141878unknownWife of Jean Gaspard Marco
Ferdinand Margo4818451893unknown
Jean Charles René Margo1918801899unknown
Victor Gaspard Paul Margo3918781917unknownKilled in action
Marie Margo nee Cabaret8018541934unknownWife of Ferdinand Margo
Pierre Octave Winsback4318371880unknown
Léon Lagrésille2018611881unknown
Jean-Baptiste Margo8418001884unknown
Anne Margo nee Deve7618091885unknownWife of Jean-Baptiste Margo
Just Lagrésille6418221886unknown
Lucien Lagrésille2218671889unknown
Victoire Madeleine Winsback nee Margo6118431904unknown
Henriette Marie Thérèse Laville nee Winsback4418771921unknown
Marie Lagrésille nee Margo8618361922unknownWife of Just Lagrésille
Paule Mathieu9218931985unknown
Nicole Capel2719361963unknown
Petra-jordanie Marie Winsback9518741969unknown
Hélène Capel nee Mathieu7818921970unknown
René Capel7918981977unknown
Henri Laville8419111995unknown
Odette Winsback9519082003unknown
Georges Kernba6418141878unknown
Laure Joséphine Kernba nee Grandidier6218261888unknownWife of Georges Kernba
Ferdinand Georges Margo118861887unknown age 15m
Louise Marie Margo nee Kernba (?)5818461904unknownWife of C Margo
Laure Simon nee Margo7418681942unknownWife of General Simon
Hélène Margo8818751963unknown
General Louis Pierre Eutrope Simon Commander Légion d'H6118621923unknownCavalry officer
Lt Jean Simon2518921917unknownKilled in action
Elisabeth Benoit nee Pfule3419021936unknown
Antoine Benoit8819001988unknown
Yvonne Pfule119011902unknown age 4m
Jeanne Pfule nee Margo4118731914unknownWife of Ernest Pfule
Ernest Pfule unknown
Georges Schangel8418851969unknown
Hélène Schangel nee Pfule7919001979unknown
Jean-Baptiste Corbin son of Françoise Pierron
Chevalier François Godefroy Fourier de Bacourt7517561831husband of Françoise Pierron
Marie de Harivel de Gonneville nee De Rozières6618561922unknownWife of Félix de Harivel de Gonneville
Félix Adolphe Marie Pierre Fourier de Harivel de Gonneville7618531929great grand son of Françoise Pierron
Louise de Harivel de Gonneville nee Desmousseaux De Givr8518851970unknownWife of Aymar de Harivel de Gonneville
Colonel Aymar de Harivel de Gonneville8918791968great great grand son-in-law of Françoise PierronSon of Félix de Harivel de Gonneville
Marie Antoinette Fourier de Bacourt nee Le Bègue De Bayecour5418011855daughter-in-law of Françoise Pierron
Chevalier; Captain Pierre Fourier Alexis Fourier de Bacourt7117861855son of Françoise PierronCaptain of an infantry regiment
Louis-aimé Adolphe Fourier de Bacourt Grand Cross Légion d6418011865son of Françoise PierronClose to the French foreign minister Talleyrand; he began his dipolmatic career at the French embassies in Sweden then Holland; and in 1830 joined the staff of the French embassy in London. In 1835 he moved to Baden; before finally becoming French ambassador the USA from 1841-1846.
Colonel Aymar-olivier de Harivel de Gonneville Officer Légion d'Hon9117821873son-in-law of Françoise PierronCavalry officer; knight of the orders of St Louis (France) and St Ferdinand (Spain)
(monsieur) d'Ubexi8617711857unknownFormer commanding officer
(madame) d'Ubexi Vallet de Villey6517861851unknown
Marie Joseph d'Arbois de Jubainville Officer Légion d'Hon6918631932unknown
Sergeant-major Marie Joseph Raimond d'Arbois de Jubainville3218731905unknownMember of the 85th Foot Regiment
Marie Alexandre d'Arbois de Jubainville Chevalier Légion d'H8118351916unknownForestry official
Armand Charles Théodore Le Gouselier d'Argence6017951855unknownCavalry officer with the Dragoon Guards
Jean Baptiste de Cherge Chevalier Légion d'H4319021945unknownCavalry officer
Claude de Cherge nee D'arbois De Jubainvi8019141994unknown
Marguerite Canaux7117901861unknown
Joseph Marin Thomas7917901869unknown
Adolphe Fernand Ancelle1918551874unknown
Captain Nicolas Ferdinand Ancelle Chevalier Légion d'H7917961875unknownCavalry officer
Jean Baptiste Adolphe Thomas6518151881unknown
Lisa Thomas nee Schneider7218291901unknown
Adelaïde de Valentin nee Regnier De Chonville7717591836wife of Françoise Pierron
Marie Joséphine Collinet de La Salle nee Regnier De Chonville7417571831unknownSister of Adelaïde de Valentin; and wife of Pierre Maurice Collinet de La Salle; who was guillotined in Paris during the Revolutionary Terror in 1793 on the same day as Charlotte Corday
Charles Edouard Collinet de La Salle7917831862unknownLast member of the family to own the château de Failloux and benefactor of Nancy hospital
Justine Collinet de La Salle19 unknown
Elisabeth Collinet de La Salle nee Habersetzer5217991851unknownMother of Justine Collinet de la Salle
Marie Marguerite Pernot de Breuil nee Bertin De Fligny7017671837wife of Françoise Pierron(Date of borth verified on family history website)
Constance Eugènie Pernot de Breuil1418311845unknown
Baronne Rose Françoise d'Husson de Prailly nee Bertin De Fligny8417641848unknownHusband of Colonel Nicolas d'Husson; Baron d'Husson de Prailly and chevalier of the Order of St Louis
Jules Etienne d'Husson de Prailly Chevalier Légion d'H3918091848unknownCaptain in the Royal Guard; knight of the Order of the Lion (Netherlands); killed in action in 1848 during the revolution
Louise Françoise Pernot de Breuil nee D'husson De Prailly6618061872daughter-in-law of Françoise PierronWife of Jean Baptiste Edouard Pernot de Breuil
Jean-baptiste Edouard Pernot de Breuil Chevalier Légion d'H8818021890son of Françoise PierronCavalry officer and assistant mayor of Nancy
Bernard Dominique Courtot de Cissey318901893great great grand son-in-law of Françoise Pierron
Marie Thérèse Courtot de Cissey418921896great great grand daughter of Françoise Pierron
Colonel René Courtot de Cissey Chevalier Légion d'H5218621914great great grand son-in-law of Françoise PierronOfficer of the Order of Orange-Nassau (Netherlands); Colonel of the 69th Infantry Regiment; commander of the 21st Brigade; killed in action at Vitrimont
Charlotte Sophie Hortense de Nettancourt daughter of Françoise Pierron age 9m
Charles Antoine de Cabouilly8917651854father of Françoise PierronLocal politician in the parlement at Metz in 1789
Louis Forichon6619061972unknown
Françoise Forichon nee Desch7219041976unknown
Auguste Théodore Desch4418771921unknownArtist; considered one of the leaders of Nancy school of art during the Art Nouveau period
Marquise Celeste Emilie Hatte de Chevilly nee De Mahuet8317911874unknown
Comtesse Yvonne de Mahuet nee Le Preud'homme De Fo8518701955unknownWife of Comte Antoine de Mahuet
Comte Antoine de Mahuet9218661958unknownBaron of the Holy Roman Empire
Adolphe Henriot Chevalier Légion d'H6418031867unknownChief architect of the Meurthe-et-Moselle département
Caroline Henriot nee Serra8518181903unknown
Jean Baptiste Serra Officer Légion d'Hon9017771867unknownArmy officer (chef d'escadron)
Félix Mienville2418191843unknownDied in Paris
Pierre Courbe7118081879unknown
Annette Courbe nee Mienville9018211911unknown
Marc Antoine Masson8017491829unknown
François Joseph Aertz4117721813unknown
Anne Catherine Aertz nee Masson5017721822unknown
Jeanne-françoise Caterneau de Castellenaut6017601820unknownWife of Jacques Yel; whose estate was confiscated during the French Revolution
François Marie 7717551832unknown
Léonie Spire nee Arcelin8618261912unknown
Ernest Jacquemin 18681868unknown age 5m
Alix Jacquemin nee Fourcard6418471911wife of Françoise Pierron
Fernand Jacquemin5318781931unknown
Berthe Jacquemin nee Mangeot7518701945unknown
Laure Villain nee Philippe8018651945wife of Françoise Pierron
Dr Pierre Gérard Officer Légion d'Hon8218861968unknownDoctor of law
Suzanne Gérard nee Villain8318941977unknown
Thomas Chavernac8417691853unknown
Marie Thérèse Charlotte Chavernac nee Thiry8217981880unknown
Jeanne Charlotte Le Gonidec di Kerdaniel nee Chavernac7718181895unknown
Pierre de Cresolles518261831unknown
Victoire de Cresolles2118151835unknown
Berthe de Montarby318501853unknown
Comtesse Claudiane de Cresolles nee De Maillart5118021853unknown
Caroline de Contenot9517791874unknown
Comte Charles Gabriel de Cresolles7518001875unknown
Baronne Charlotte Judith Gabrielle de Prez Crassier nee De Cresolles4118281869unknown
Charles Louis Edmond Denys7618101886unknown
Barbe Louise Denys nee Robin9318141907unknownWife of Charles Denys
Emel Pois Ane Denys7417801854unknown
Anne Charlotte Denys nee Marin8517831868unknown
Janvier Roger Denys8018471927unknown
Marie Adèle Joséphine Françoise Denys 1854 unknownwife of Roger Denys
Jean Romain Robin2718041831unknown
Félix Melchior Robin7517761851unknown
Tarsyle Marie Delphine Denys718391846unknown
Tarsile Marie Louise Robin nee Néret7817801858unknown
Charlotte Félicité Mathilde Moreau nee Denys6018411901unknownWife of Alfred Jean Moreau
Alfred Jean Moreau unknown
Colonel Charles Denys Officer Légion d'Hon7218751947unknown
Marguerite Denys nee Robin8318811964unknown
Marie-louise Denys5619091965unknown
Henry Denys8119111992unknown
Dr Claire Denys nee Etienne4519531998unknown
Baronne Marie Louise Marguerite de Ravinel nee Genin7318451918wife of Françoise Pierron
Marie Angèlique Berrurrier nee Fatalot6017921852unknown
Adolphe Louis Antoine Favier4018211861unknown
Gilberte Marie Madeleine Favier318621865unknown
Henry Marie Maurice Gérardin918681877unknown
Maria Louise Favier nee Berrurrrier5018701920unknown
André Gérardin118701871unknown age 15m
Marie Jeanne Parisot nee Dussolle7917691848wife of Françoise Pierron
Mathilde Parisot418531857unknown
Marie Amélie Parisot nee Dubois6218301892unknown
Professor Victor Parisot8418111895unknownHonorary professor at the Nancy faculty of medicine
(widow) Parisot7218381910wife of Françoise PierronDied in Marseille
Thérèse Domergue de St Florent7717661843unknown
Captain de Stadler Chevalier Order of S9217121804unknown
Françoise Domergue de St Florent nee De Stadler8117431824wife of Françoise Pierron(Marriage record verified by internet research)
Baronne de Ratzen nee Domergue De St Flore8017881868unknown
Alice Trancart de St Florent118411842unknown
Gaston Trancart de St Florent Chevalier Légion d'H6618391905unknownPrefect
Jeanne Brincourt nee Trancart De St Flore8218371919unknown
Rev Gabriel Picard8318761959unknown
Rev François Desplanques8418761960unknown
Rev Henri Morel7918831962unknown
Rev Henri Caye 187?1963unknown
Camille Bertrand nee Vidil2718131840unknown
Pierre Romain Vidil8017751855unknownSon of a local silk manufacturer who was arrested as a moderate opponent during the French Revolution but later rose to local prominence. Pierre Romain was present in 1814 at the examination of the tomb of the former King Stanislas 1st of Poland (father-in-law of Louis XV) who ruled Lorraine from 1737-1766.
Jeanne Berlet5218921944unknown
Marcel Chauvelot5719271984unknown
Anne Marie Juliette de Versey nee Berlet8518271912unknownWife of Auguste de Verley
Auguste de Versey unknown
Comtesse Félicité d'Ourches6417641828unknownFormer nun; died in Préville close to this cemetery.
Rev Jean Nicolas Antoine 1833brother of Françoise PierronVicar-general of the diocese of Nancy
Rev Gilbert Antoine 1834brother of Françoise PierronCurate of the cathedral parish
François Xavier Pisson1718241841unknown
Marguerite Pisson nee Conty7317881861unknown
Marie Françoise Pisson nee Conty7218011873unknown
Marie Marguerite Hüe nee Pisson6718131880unknown
Marie-reine Pisson7218281900unknown
Françoise Perrin nee Chanony5417851839wife of Françoise Pierron
Marie Françoise Tisserant 1851unknown
Lucien Tisserant3718551892unknownEmployed on the state railways
Charles Augustin Alexandre Tisserant7218221894unknownLawyer
Marie Justine Tisserant nee Perrin6918261895unknownWife of Charles Tisserant
Thérèse Ast8718761963unknownPiano teacher
Louis Ast Croix de Guerre & Mi3418811915unknownKilled in action with the 26th Infantry Regt at Carency in the Pas de Calais
M Thérèse Revé9118981989unknown
Joseph Leuret6917891858unknownBaker
Dr François Leuret Chevalier Légion d'H5417971851unknownLeading doctor who specialised in treating mentally ill patients by the harshest of shock methods; and directed the Bicetre hospital on the edge of Paris. He was an author of medical texts and works on public health and moral issues.
Pierre Leuret6817961864unknownAssistant mayor of Laxou on the outskirts of Nancy
Louise Françoise de L'Allemand de Mont nee De Bouteiller5917851844unknown
Charles de L'Allemand de Mont4518151860unknown
Nicolas Charles François de L'Allemand de Mont8417811865unknown
Nicole de L'Allemand de Mont118801881unknown age 8m
Barbe Hyacinthe Eugénie de L'Allemand de Mont7918061885unknown
Marie Thérèse Caroline de L'Allemand de Mont8318071890unknown
Pierre de L'Allemand de Mont7318491922unknown
Marie Octavie Alice de L'Allemand de Mont nee De Guatia8218531935unknown
Simone Passerat de la Chapelle319001903unknown
Louis Passerat de la Chapelle8718161903unknown
Jules Passerat de la Chapelle3218711903unknown
Bernard Passerat de la Chapelle3719031940unknownKilled in action
Nicole Passerat de la Chapelle6519101975unknown
Jehan Passerat de la Chapelle8619081994unknown
Marie Cécile Passerat de la Chapelle nee Parison9119081999unknown
Barbe Françoise Madeleine Didion3817981836daughter of Françoise PierronRemains moved to this grave in 1843 by her mother. Madeleine made her fortune from her embroidery business; and bequeathed it to the city of Nancy for the education of the poor. A school is named after her.
Nicolas Didion5517961851unknown
C Sophie Heckler nee Richy6718311898unknown
Marie Thérèse Racadot nee Bérard4018921932unknown
Marcel Racadot9318991992unknown
Madeleine Racadot7019271997unknown
Juliette Bastien818181826unknown
G Dubois-Postel7517601835unknown
Marie Henriette Gabrielle Bastien-Thiry nee Begnalt2918781907unknown
Gabriel Bastien118321833unknown age 7m
Augustin Bastien 18561856unknown age 6m
Captain Marie Charles Ambroise Bastien-Thiry Chevalier Légion d'H4618591905unknownCavalry officer; son of General Baron Thiry. He was the grandfather of Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry who was shot in 1963 for organising the assasination attempt on Charles de Gaulle in 1962. This attempt was the basis of Frederick Forsyth's best-seller; 'The Day of the Jackal'.
Sophie Walter3118591890unknown
(widow) Walter nee Bachmeye7318291902unknownWife of C Walter
Henriette Walter7618661942unknown
Catherine Walter9918631962unknown
Sophie Ruffi nee Jussel7817931871unknown
Clara Becquet nee Ruffi4218231865unknown
Eugène Becquet8618061892unknown
Ernest Masson7318281901unknown
Mathilde Masson nee Becquet8318421925unknown
Roger Masson1518711886unknown
Gabriel Thomas Chevalier Légion d'H4318681911unknown
Sophie Ruffi718301837unknown
Hortense Ruffi1918251844unknown
Eugénie Thomas nee Becquet8418441928unknown
Auguste Ruffi1618331849unknown
Alphonse Masson4018301870unknown
Louis François Stanislas Balbâtre6717901857unknown
Marie Thérèse Balbâtre nee Morin6917921861unknown
Georges Edmond Vincent De Paule Brussaux4118501891unknownBorn in Metz; tax official; died in Sisteron in the Lower Alps
François Louis Emile Bertrand6318321895unknownLawyer
Jeanne Stéphanie Brussaux nee Curel8518191904wife of Françoise Pierron
Louise Anne Marie Saulnier nee Brusseaux2218801912unknownWife of Louis Saulnier
Louis Saulnier unknown
Marie Louise Appoline Bertrand nee Brusseaux7318431916unknownWife of Emile Bertrand
Philomène Metelin nee Durand9318511944unknown
Georges Martin3718841921unknown
Anna Martin nee Metelin6718811948unknown
Claude Pascal Monet9417801874husband of Françoise PierronThe godfather of the painter Claude Monet was Claude-Pascal Monet; a merchant from Nancy (the profession mentioned on this gravestone) married to Reine-Antoinette Fresson; who was godmother to the future artist. Claude Monet of Nancy (the godfather) was an uncle of the artist; who was given the second name Claude in honour of his godfather.
Jules Alexandre Cornélie Monet Chevalier Légion d'H6018101870unknownMayor of Nancy 1848-1849 and local member of the French Parliament 1849-1851; and former director of the Bank of France in Lyon where the artist's family can be traced.
Ernestine Monet nee Grandjean7618151891unknown
Jean Baptiste Mathieu de Vienne4717891836brother-in-law of Françoise PierronJudge and treasury official in Lorraine
Antoinette Pauline Sophie Mathieu de Vienne nee Rolland De Malleloy4217951837son of Françoise PierronWife of Jean Baptiste Mathieu de Vienne
Sophie Pauline Mathieu de Vienne1618221838unknownDaughter of Jean Baptiste Mathieu de Vienne
Félix Pierre Louis Rolland de Malleloy Chevalier Légion d'H4817971845brother of Françoise PierronArmy officer (chef d'escadron)
Roger Mathieu de Vienne Chevalier Légion d'H7818821960unknown
D (?) Mathieu de Vienne7718591936unknown
Françoise Mathieu de Vienne7018881958unknown
Catherine Scholastique d'Orval nee Guerre9817501848unknownWife of Charles Marie Pierre Perrinet d'Orval
Aimé Mathieu de Vienne 18311831unknown age 2m
Jean Baptiste Louis Edmond Mathieu de Vienne4218191861unknownJudge
Marie-adelaïde Joséphine Mathieu de Vienne nee De Metz-noblat5818211879unknownWife of Judge Jean Baptiste Mathieu de Vienne
Françoise Joséphine Lovely Rolland de Malleloy7217991871son of Françoise Pierron
Henry Mathieu de Vienne Officer Légion d'Hon8218811963unknown
Françoise Mathieu de Vienne nee De Cholet7418841958unknownWife of Henry Mathieu de Vienne
Albert Marie François Mathieu de Vienne 1886 unknown
Mathieu Louis André Mathieu de Vienne 18761876unknown age 6m
René Marie Henry André Mathieu de Vienne7019191989unknown
Colonel Jean Baptiste Antoine Maurice Mathieu de Vienne Officer Légion d'Hon6118461907unknownArtillery officer
Marie Hélène Mathieu de Vienne nee Le Joindre5918541913unknownWife of Colonel J.B. Mathieu de Vienne
Charles Marie Edmond Mathieu de Vienne2618831909unknownMemorial plaque on the cross from his fellow officers
Valérie Lucile Mathieu de Vienne nee Le Joindre6818471915unknownWife of Alexandre Louis Henri Mathieu de Vienne
Marie Thérèse Louise Bathilde Mathieu de Vienne nee De Ravinel4318801923unknownWife of General Mathieu de Vienne
General Jean Baptiste Charles Marie Mathieu de Vienne Officer Légion d'Hon6618731939unknown
Catherine Bertin nee Leclere6217981860unknown
N Villaume3118071838unknown
Marguerite Silly (?) nee Oudotte8617871873unknown
Elisabeth Gouge nee Villaume6118141875unknown
Claude Benigne Paul Gouge7518021877unknown
Lucie Bertin nee Gouge8318401923unknown
Barbe Villaume nee Oudotte7017861856unknown
Jean Baptiste Villaume8117771858unknown
Jenny Sommer nee Bertin3318231856unknown
Dr Jean Edouard Sommer4418221866unknownDoctor of literature; author of a number of translations of Greek and Latin texts
Elisa Villaume nee Bertin6618211887unknown
Jean Baptiste Auguste Villaume8418121896unknown
Charles Bertin7318271900unknown
Claude François Romain Bertin7418321906unknown
Joséphine Werner nee Perin 1895wife of Françoise PierronDate of birth given as 1893 (?!)
René Renard518441849unknown
Louis Victor Renard5318161869unknown
Sidonie Charlotte Renard7518271902unknown
Catherine Louise Renard8118211902unknown
Catherine Renard nee Jacquemin2819461974unknown
Louis Schliesendinger4918501899unknown
Pierre Choley119101911unknown
André Choley1919081927unknown
Henriette Schliesendinger nee Thibauly3418961930unknown
E Schliesendinger4518871932unknown
Marie Schliesendinger nee Kempf8318601943unknown
Charles Choley8418761960unknown
Mathilde Choley nee Schliesendinger8318861969unknown
Dr Michel Choley8719202007unknown
Odile Plauche Gillon6219442006unknown
M G Denise Jacquine918181827unknown
C M Louise Jacquine2218131835unknownWife of Ludger Hennezel de Valleroy
Ludger Hennezel de Valleroy unknown
Jean Joseph Jacquine Officer Légion d'Hon7417791853unknownEngineering inspector
Jeanne Louise Jacquine nee Roussel8117831864unknownWife of Jean Joseph Jacquine
Joseph Camille Jacquine4118361877unknownInspector of Water and Forests
Barbe Céline Jacquine nee Maire7618151891unknownWife of Louis Joseph Jacquine
Louis Joseph Edouard Jacquine Officer Légion d'Hon8518071892unknownChief engineering inspector
E J Edmond Renauld6818321900unknownLegal director
Louise Fanny Renauld nee Jacquine7318401913unknownWife of Edmond Renauld
Léopold Marie Etienne Plauche Gillon419111915unknown
Dr Lucien Joseph Plauche Gillon5718751932unknownLawyer and doctor of law
Thérèse Renauld7018801950unknown
Henri Plauche Gillon 1940unknownKilled in action at Blois de Blamont
Pascal Lucien Plauche Gillon5419131967unknown
Jehanne Plauche Gillon nee Quinchez7819141992unknownWife of Pascal Plauche Gillon
Henriette Trautmann1618731889unknown
Henri Trautmann7518271902unknown
Baronne Françoise de Metz nee George6617551821wife of Françoise Pierron
Marie Thérèse Louis nee Ferry8217441826unknownAccording to the inscription; she was the sister of the Baron de Metz
Edouard de Metz-Noblat4218821924great grand son of Françoise PierronInspector of Water and Forests
Henry François Marie Chatillon 19051905unknown age 3w
Louise Marie Thérèse Elisabeth de Faultrier nee De Metz-noblat2218521874grand daughter of Françoise Pierron
Louis Gaston de Faultrier3418401874unknownMagistrate; secretary of the Historical and Archaelogocial Society of the Moselle
Marguerite de Metz nee Elie6818701938unknownWife of General de Metz
General Adalbert François Alexandre de Metz7918671946unknownGrandson of Baron Nicolas de Metz. Family relationships established from family history website.
Captain Jean de Metz6619011967unknownSon of General de Metz; naval officer
Bruno de Metz7119332004unknown
Jacques Famelart 18991899unknown age 2w
V A Arnould nee Drappier7418371911wife of Françoise Pierron
Lt P Famelart2318991922unknownKilled in action in Syria
Commandant Famelart5318621915unknownKilled in action at Beauséjour; 28th Sept 1915
Aspirant André Famelart2218941916unknownKilled in action at Côte 304 near Verdun; 10th April 1916
Abbé (Rev ) Berthelemy unknown
Clarisse Roch7318001873unknown
Henriette Roch7618021878unknown
Marie Joseph Delcominète7718021879unknown
Maria Apolline Delcominète5118311882unknown
Joseph Emile Delcominète7618311907unknownPharmacist at the military hospital
Marie Catherine Claude nee Madelin7517731848unknown
J B L Justin Claude3518021837unknown
Sébastien Constant Claude6418011865unknown
Jeanne Amélie Claude nee Elie8218051887unknown
Sébastien Auguste Claude7818261904unknown
Dr S E Auguste Claude7118361907unknown
Berthe Claude nee Gueth9218461938unknown
Madeleine Parant nee Claude8618701956unknown
Marie Elisabeth Sidonie Gueth1418401854unknown
Françoise Antoinette Gueth nee Canivet4718191866unknown
François Antoine Gueth7918121891unknown
Pierre Moreau2618881914unknownKilled in action; 3rd Sept 1914 at Deuxville; near Nancy
Lt col Paul Lacroix Chevalier Légion d'H6618561922unknownArtillery officer
Elisa Moreau nee Limbourg6118731934unknown
Suzanne Moreau-Rendu9418861980unknown
Henriette Moreau nee Rendu6818621930unknown
Jeanne Lacroix nee Moreau7918631942unknown
Elisabeth Olry7917721851unknown
Eugène Sommeillier1918041823unknown
N Charles Sommeillier7417991873unknown
Jean-baptiste Victor Mathieu6318181881unknown
Jeanne Adèle Sommeillier nee Carré7518061881unknown
Captain Nicolas Charles Joseph Sommeillier Chevalier Légion d'H6018251885unknown
Catherine Sommeillier7518271902unknown
Marie Julie Mathieu nee Crépel3518631898unknown
Victor Emile Mathieu5518521907unknown
Marie Pierre Mathieu 18981898unknown age 6m
Germaine Clémence Lefebvre1018241834unknown
Mathilde Stéphanie Adèle Drouet118261827unknown age 13m
Claire Alice Drouet118461847unknown
Charles Eugène Drouet118531854unknown
Marie Charles Jules Drouet118561857unknown
Caroline Louise Drouet1418481862unknown
Charles Louis Drouet6118161877unknownNotary
Marie Eugène Drouet3418611895unknown
Eugènie Drouet nee Bazoche8718251912unknownWife of Charles Louis Drouet
Marie Louis Jules Drouet7618641940unknown
Baron; Lt col Jean-louis de Venière Officer Légion d'Hon7017721842unknownOfficer of the Mounted Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard
Jules Henri Joseph Louis Léon de Venière2018171837unknown
Pauline Blaise1518151830unknown
Claire Krantz8417761860unknown
Claire Victorine Volland nee Blaise6918111880unknown
Edmé Onésime Volland6718151882unknownLawyer; formerly head of the local bar council
Adrien Volland Chevalier Légion d'H6218381900unknownVollard was a lawyer who became head of the local bar council; mayor of Nancy; president of the regional council; and represented the Meurthe et moselle département in the French Senate
Marie Lucie Volland nee Putegnat 1927unknown
A M Scholastique de Rouot nee De Bouteiller6017821842wife of Françoise Pierron
Marie Françoise Emilie de Rouot5218161868unknown
Marie Louise Eugènie de Sucy d'Auteuil118331834unknown
Charles Simon Louis Félix de Sucy d'Auteuil Chevalier Légion d'H7517961871unknownArmy officer; knight of the orders of Charles III of Spain and of the Holy Sepulchre
Baronne Marie Clotilde de Joybert nee D'andré3518451880unknownWife of Baron Gaston de Joybert
Baronne Henriette d'André nee Grenier D'ermont80 unknownWife of Baron Adolphe d'André
Comtesse Marie Elisabeth de Joybert nee De Rouot6618131879unknown
Suzanne Marie Françoise Joséphine de Joybert618731879unknown
Marie Caroline Félicie de Sucy d'Auteuil5118361887unknown
Baron Adolphe d'André6918051874unknown
Vicomte Arthur de Joybert3918381877unknown
Eliane de Joybert1819141932unknown
Bernard de Joybert2119181939unknownPilot; killed in action
Monique de Joybert8419192003unknown
Baron Gaston de Joybert7218411913unknown
Baronne Jeanne de Joybert nee Watelet7318431916unknownWife of Baron Gaston de Joybert
Comte Roland de Joybert8419121996unknown
Baron Arthur de Joybert8018801960unknown
Baronne Geneviève de Joybert nee Diguet9418901984unknownWife of Baron Arthur de Joybert
Antoinette Jeanne Eugènie George nee Marchal2218491871unknown
Sophie Bailly nee Courbi7717971874unknown
Jehane Alphonse George4918381887unknown
Joseph Marchal7318191892husband of Françoise Pierron
Henri George3418781912unknownEngineer
R S Maria George nee Marchal7218481920unknown
Marguerite George nee Dumoulin8718841971unknown
Commandant Roger Frossard6018851945unknownMember of the French Resistance; deported from Compiègne in January 1944 and executed at Aremberg in Germany; May 1945
Louise Frossard nee Marchal9918561955unknown
N Germain Officer Légion d'Hon5317721825unknownArmy officer and veteran of the Napoleonic wars
Eugénie Rolin nee Gerard8218351917unknown
2nd Lt J Rolin Chevalier Légion d'H2518891914unknownKilled in action
Maria Rolin-Doiseau7618661942unknown
Henri Hubert Commander Légion d'H9118921983unknown
Jeanne Hubert nee Rolin6418921956unknown
Aline Arth nee Rolin9118641955unknown
Gaetan de Williencourt119921993unknown age 3m
Baronne Marie Louise Buquet nee Fourier De Bacourt7418111885unknown
Baron Henri Léopold Buquet Commander Légion d'H8018091889son of Françoise PierronMayor of Nancy 1852-1869 and member of the French Parliament for the Vosges 1852-1870; Grand Cross of the Imperial order of Franz-Josef of Austria
Henriette Marie Gabrielle Pierson de Brabois6018651925unknown
Baronne Anne Charlotte Buquet nee Billegard De Wall2617841810wife of Françoise Pierron
Antoine Nicolas Eucher Buquet Chevalier Légion d'H3117821813unknownMilitary commander of Nancy; knight of the Order of Baden
Louis Ignace Billegard de Wall Chevalier Order of S7717411818unknown
Thérèse Charlotte Fourier de Bacourt nee Delpierre6917841853unknown
Marie Caroline Pierson de Brabois nee Buquet6618371903unknown
René Louis Amedée Pierson de Brabois6918621931unknown
François Gustave Pierson de Brabois7418581932unknown
Louis François Joseph Pierson de Brabois6418671931unknown
Captain Fernand Lambert de Cilleuls Chevalier de Légion 7518511926son of Françoise PierronFernand was decorated for his military service during the Franco-Prussian War; and later reached the rank of captain as a military reservist. He was a a leading member of the mutualist (insurance) movement; and secretary of the faculty of medicine in Nancy. He was particuarly noted for welcoming foreign students to the faculty; leading to several foreign decorations. In 1914 he was given command of the civil guard of Nancy; and organised the treatment in the Nancy hospitals; close to the front line; of the wounded; and their burial in the other principal cemetery of Nancy (cimetière du sud).
Berthe Lambert de Cilleuls nee Merklin7018661936daughter-in-law of Françoise Pierron
Reine Louise Marguerite de Marizien nee Gallois6617521818wife of Françoise Pierron
Anne Claude Agnès de Marizien3917841823unknown
Louise Charlotte Isabelle d'Hozier3918171856unknown
Comtesse Jeanne Charlotte d'Hozier nee De Marizien6517831848unknown
Comte Bernard Louis Joseph d'Hozier Chevalier Légion d'H7117841855unknownCavalry officer; also knight of the Order of St Ferdinand of Spain; member of a Norman noble family noted for its royalist loyalty and activity during the Revoltion and the Napoleonic period
Marie Elisabeth Auguste de Beaufort d'Hozier4418201864unknown
Marie Josephe Bernard de Froissard Brossia218731875unknown
François René de Beaufort6218171879unknown
Baronne Jeanne Louise Eulalie Guerrier de Dumast nee Gregois5017751825unknown
Baron François Louis Marie Jean Népomucene Fortune Joseph Guerrier de Dumast Chevalier Légion d'H7917751854unknownOrdonnance commissioner for the hospitals and artillery of Napoléon's’Grade Armée'
Christine Renée Clara Marie Guerrier de Dumast1218441856unknown
Jeanne Clémence Françoise de Saint-Martin nee Guerrier De Dumast5418021856unknownWife of Charles Ayme de Saint-Martin
Charles Ayme de Saint-Martin unknown
Prosper Raoul Léopold Guerrier de Dumast Officer Légion d'Hon3518361871unknownKilled in action during the capture of Châtillon during the siege of Paris in the Franco-Prussian war.
Baronne Marie Louise Charlotte Guerrier de Dumast nee Buquet7118071878daughter-in-law of Françoise Pierron
Baron Auguste Prosper François Guerrier de Dumast Chevalier Légion d'H8717961883son of Françoise PierronLiberal Catholic academic and local politician; responsabile for founding several faculties of the university of Nancy in the 1850s.
Jacques Marie Raymond Bruno Guerrier de Dumast118891890unknown age 3.5m
Raoul Marie Marcel Guerrier de Dumast1318671890unknown
Louis Charles Maurice Guerrier de Dumast4618571903unknown
Baron Raymond Louis Joseph Guerrier de Dumast7418311905unknownForestry official
Baronne Marie Gabrielle Lucie Guerrier de Dumast nee Gossin7318351908unknown
Baronne Mathilde Marie Elisabeth Joséphine Guerrier de Dumast nee De Joybert7018691939unknown
Baron Charles François René Guerrier de Dumast8118581939unknownDoctor of law and historian
General; Baron Maxime Antoine Marie Guerrier de Dumast Commander Légion d'H7018941964unknownGeneral of an airborn-division; later director-general of the port of Beiruit; decorated with numerous foreign orders
Marie Françoise Dumast nee Nicolit1717781796unknownDied before her 18th birthday
François Maurice Léopold Guerrier de Dumast2618291855grand son of Françoise PierronKilled in action at the siege of Sebastopol in the Crimean War
Rosalie Chenut nee Mauzaize6317511814wife of Françoise Pierron
Jean Baptiste Charles Chenut3417851819unknown
Marie Constance Chenut nee Lefebvre3817901828unknownWife of Jean Baptiste Chenut
Charles François Ernest Chenut818141822unknown
2nd Lt Charles Victor Emile Joseph Chenut Chevalier Légion d'H2418901914unknownKilled in action in the Vosges with the 54th Artillery Regt; 26th August 1914
2nd Lt Marie Joseph Henri François Chenut Chevalier Légion d'H2318921915unknownKilled in action with the 46th Infantry Regt; 28th February 1915
Madelaine Joséphine Mauzaize8517571842unknown
Christine Lisez nee Chenut4017771817unknownWife of Charles Lisez
Charles François Lisez5617941850unknown
Paul Eugène Vincenne6618691935unknown
Thérèse Vincenne nee Chenut10218701972unknownWife of Paul Vincenne
Barbe Thérèse Adeline Licourt nee Noël6018111871unknownWife of Gabriel Licourt
Gabriel Licourt unknown
Marie Adeline Gabrielle Chenut nee Licourt4018501890unknownWife of Emile Chenut
Emile Chenut unknown
Charles Gabriel Henri Chenut3318611894unknown
Joseph Carlos Emile Chenut9018171907unknown
Anne Marie Sophie Chenut nee Noettinger5918651924unknownWife of Henri Chenut
Henri Chenut unknown
Marie Julie Françoise Geneviève Chenut4818891937unknown
Marthe Chenut5518881943unknown
Jean Joseph Gabriel Paul Chenut7618711947unknown
Louise Lallement118661867unknown
Marie Louis Nicolas Lallement6018301890unknownLawyer
Marie Joséphine Stéphanie Lallement nee Benoist6918331902unknownWife of Louis Lallemant
Louis Lallement unknown
Marie Françoise Sophie Lallement nee De La Lande De Verno2918051834unknown
Emma Lallement nee De La Lande De Verno6918411910unknown
Abbé (Rev ) Henri Lallement9618811977unknown
Paul Lallement918681877unknown
Léon Joseph Lallement7818401918unknown
M L de La Lande de Vernon nee Germiny9417721866unknown
Hippolyte Gand5718531910unknown
Marie Gand nee Lallement9918671966unknown
Reine Godefroy nee Leclerc4417901834unknown
Marie-bernadette Gand de La Lande de Vernon nee De Buyer-mimeure5018991949unknown
André Gand de La Lande de Vernon Croix de Guerre 19147918911970unknown
Anne Charlotte Fevre nee Louvion7817791857wife of Françoise Pierron
Dominique Fevre2318351858unknown
Marie Edouard Fevre418381842unknown
Elisabeth Claire Fevre5718101867unknownWife of André Fevre
André Fevre8618041890unknownNotary
C Rodhain318691872unknown
S Rodhain nee Fevre6518861951unknown
Maria Rogé nee Riotte9618871983unknown
Marcel Bezombeb8419051989unknown
Germaine Bezombeb nee Rogé8519101995unknown
Comte Patrice de Warren 1797unknownThe de Warrens were a notable local family of Irish Jacobite descent who emigrated to France in 1688. They remained loyal to the original Ducal house of Lorraine; and followed that family to Italy; before returning to Nancy.
Chevalier Jean-baptiste de Warren6117691830unknownThe chevalier had a remarkable career serving in the British army in India; which he managed to join notwithstanding his French nationality. He was also an astronomer and learned author; and ultimately a magistrate in Pondichéry where he died. His son; comte Edouard de Warren; returned to Nancy and wrote several learned works in French on British India; where he was born.
Thérèse de Warren7417661840son of Françoise PierronNB date of birth verified by internet research. According to the inscription; she saved Major de Salis during the Nancy rebellion. This was a mutiny by several regiments stationed in Nancy in 1790 who demanded overdue payment. The rebellion culminated in a bloody suppression by other government-controlled troops; of which de Salis appears to have been an officer.
Comtesse Marie Louise Joséphine Athénais de Panisse Passis nee De Raigecourt3518131848daughter of Françoise PierronWife of Comte Gaston de Mark-Tripoli de Panisse Passis; from a notable Provençale noble family
Marquis; Maréchal De Charles-joseph de Raigecourt Chevalier Orders of 8917711860husband of Françoise PierronSenior army officer; roughly equivalent to Major-General. This family were noted royalists; and an elder cousin of the marquis was one of the closest friends of Elisabeth de France; the sister of Louis XVI who remained with him until his death and followed him to the guillotine. The Marquis joined the emigré royalist forces during the Napoleonic wars.
Nicolas Panon6418421906unknown
Barbe Julie Panon nee Meker6218481910unknownWife of Nicolas Panon
Albert Panon3218851917unknown
Marie Panon nee Payot6418531917unknown
Pierre Panon8318511934unknown
Pierre Panon2519101935unknown
Gilberte Panon nee Voirgard8918831972unknown
Louise Jeanne André nee Lapoule8618561942unknown
Albert André9418481942unknown
M André8518771962unknown
M C Trotot2518221847unknown
T Nerel6517841849unknown
N André8117851866unknown
E André9318111904unknown
Sidonie Mayer nee Lefebvre2618371863unknown
Jean Mayer5618251881unknown
Virginie Lefebvre nee Roy8018161896unknown
C Metzner4718371884unknown
Céline Metzner nee Bentz7018411911unknown
Alice Metzner7218741946unknown
Caroline Neukomm nee Sillé8218201902unknown
Louise Neukomm5418601914unknown
Frederica Neukomm7718571934unknown
Caroline Neukomm7918561935unknown
Marcel Lachmann4119131954unknown
Bernard Dangien7019101980unknown
Eugénie Dangien9719032000unknown
Mireille Lachmann nee Niclas9519132008unknown
Dr Charles Edouard Chaudron Chevalier Légion d'H5517951850unknownChief surgeon to the army medical corps
Marie Louise Juliette Chaudron nee Born6918141883unknown
Professor Edmond Lallement5118381889unknownProfessor at the Nancy medical school and municipal councillor
Marie Anne Born nee Didiot8217771859unknown
Marguerite Emilie Born4918171866unknown
Captain Edouard Chaudron Chevalier Légion d'H5718351892unknownCaptain in the Territorial Army
Edmée Rédmond nee Lallement2918651894unknownWife of Dr Rédmond
M M Juliette Lallement nee Chaudron5518421907unknownWife of Professor Edmond Lallement
Marthe de Borssat nee Lallement8218661948unknownWife of Henri Staynville
Henri Staynville unknown
Marie Faivre nee Renard8518981983unknown
Maurice Stanislas Alfred de Landreville318411844son of Françoise Pierron
Lucie Viller nee Brüllard6517971862unknown
Jacques François Viller8517901875unknownAdjutant to the Mayor of Nancy
Marquise Lucie Adeline de Landreville nee Bourion7118241895unknown
Marquis Jacques Charles-victor de Landreville nee De Maillart Chevalier Légion d'H9518151910unknown
Adeline Charron nee Marchal8418571941unknown
Emile Petitmangin7218791951unknown
Louise Petitmangin nee Charron7918811960unknown
Marie Schvartz nee Culin6618121878wife of Françoise Pierron
Marie Gény nee Schvartz7018441914unknown
Abel Gény8418441928unknown
Marie Gény8518731958unknown
Agathe Bernet nee Brigitte6518111876unknown
Marthe Bernet518841889unknown
Joseph Bernet6618271893unknown
Louis Blaise5818661924unknown
Marie Blaise nee Bernet8418711955unknown
Auguste Rouyer5818301888unknown
Pauline Rouyer nee Genot6318371900unknown
Jules Fousnaquer6118601921unknown
E Fousnaquer nee Rouyer7518661941unknown
René Georges 188?1987unknown
Hubert Georges1919241943unknown
Suzanne Fousnaquer nee Thery4918971946unknown
Bernard Georges2919181947unknown
Jean Fousnaquer8418991983unknown
Marguerite Fousnaquer nee Georges 1894 unknownd 198?
Charles Etienne7118681939unknown
Maria Etienne nee Adam9918751975unknownWife of Charles Etienne
Yvonne Jubert nee Etienne8018981978unknown
André Jubert8418941978unknown
Germaine Etienne nee Oswald7819061984unknown
Pierre Etienne9519021997unknown
Françoise Etienne nee Vaillant8618331919wife of Françoise Pierron
Charlotte Etienne8818561944unknown
Marcelle Leitienne nee Aubin5418911945unknown
Zinaïda Carl nee Riabow8718641951wife of Françoise Pierron
Jean Carl4119001941son of Françoise PierronArchaelogist attached to the Musée Guimet in Paris. Killed in action.
Hélène Carl7418981972daughter of Françoise PierronPiano teacher
Lucie Gillet nee Lafond7918701949unknown
Charles Albert Thaon Chevalier Légion d'H5818871945unknownDied in deportation at Flossenburg concentration camp in Germany
Xavier Gistucci7218981970unknownLawyer
Madeleine Thaon nee Gillet8418951979unknown
Renée Gistucci nee Gillet8518981983unknown
Suzanne Linais nee Stephanazzi5419131967wife of Françoise Pierron
Comte; Colonel Louis-martin de Courten Officer Papal Order 10218351937husband of Françoise PierronCommander of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican 1878-1886
Vicomte Joseph Alain Marie de Lesguern9218701962unknown
General Lucien Callais Grand Cross Légion d8918711960unknownWW1 veteran who later served in North Africa and as a staff general; mentioned in depsatches 15 times
Lucie Callais nee Guillaume unknown
Eugénie Lacote nee Germain8818911979unknown
Emilienne Lacote9219152007unknown
Charles Mourot7818761954unknown
(widow) Mourot9218801972unknownWife of Charles Mourot
Marguerite Petitdemange9318971990unknown
Louis-Eugène Gebhart Chevalier Légion d'H7318091882unknownPresident of the commercial court of Nancy and administrator of the Bank of France
Emile Gebhart6918391908unknownSon of Louis-Eugène Gebhart. Art historian and critic; professor of foreign literature at the university of Nancy; and member of the Academie Française. The future president Raymond Pooincaré gave his eulogy at the Academie after his death. See
Lucie Petin nee Gebhart8818921980unknown
André Petin2718911918unknownKilled in action
Jacques Petin3919171956unknown
Catherine Antoinette Gustave Gebhart nee Mayer3118101841unknownWife of Louis-Eugène Gebhart; niece of General Drouot also buried in this cemetery.
Louis Gebhart118491850unknown
Ursule Claire Gebhart nee Lefèvre6918111880unknown
Louise Marie Gebhart nee Mengin6718431910unknown
General Paul Gebhart KCVO8218331915unknownSon of Louis-Eugène Gebhart. Artillery commanding officer; Governor of Nice; decorated by Queen Victoria during her stay in Nice in 1898
Eugénie Gebhart nee Ancé6118661927unknownWife of Lucien Gebhart
Vespasie Didier nee Poincloux6017901850unknownRare example of date of birth in the short-lived revolurtionary calendar: 12 Floréal l'an 2 = 12th May 1790. Wife of Nicolas Didier.
Pierre Nicolas Edouard Gebhart6518151880unknown
Jeanne Madeleine Henriette Gebhart218801882unknown
Pierre Gabriel Henri Gebhart4318511894unknown
Adèle Gebhart nee Voirin7518221897unknownWife of Edouard Gebhart
Lucie Gebhart 18481848unknown age 4m
Jeanne Nouvian nee Gebhart3018531883unknown
René Gebhart4618561902unknown
Lucien Gebhart5518491904unknown
Edmond Madot4518501895unknown
Edmond Thirion3518761911unknown
Charlotte Elise Bouzonviller nee Champon4118251866unknown
Gustave Bouzonviller2118501871unknown
Félix Bouzonviller1918541873unknown
Antoine Benoît Dumas Chevalier Légion d'H7017741844unknownArmy officer (chef d'escadron); born in Grenoble
Alexandre Félix Dumas7718081885unknownBorn in Lodi in Italy; battalion commander of the National Guard in Nancy
Maurice Alexandre Dumas2118341855unknownKilled in action with the Oriental army
Alexandre Pagney Dumas7018641934unknown
J O Tissous2518141839unknown
Maria Parisot318451848unknown
A Tissous nee Barbier8617831869unknown
Professor Léon Parisot Chevalier Légion d'H5618151871unknownProfessor at the Nancy medical school
Barbe Françoise Parisot nee Tissous7118171888unknown
Aimé Grandcolas6918131882husband of Françoise PierronDirector of the office of the Mayor of Nancy
Marie Elisabeth Lemoine nee Dorvasy6217721834wife of Françoise Pierron
Elisabeth Valérie Grandjean nee Lemoine2418211845unknown
Elisabeth Lemoine nee Grandjean De Bouzain6917951864unknown
Dr J B Lemoine7617961870unknownMayor of Nancy
J B Armand Lemoine7018531923unknown
Caroline Lemoine nee Perrin8418541938unknown
Jeanne Elisabeth Lemoine 1857unknown
Dr Joseph Eugéne Lemoine5718241881unknownDoctor to the school of forestry and the prison
Hortense Lemoine nee Revillon6518331898unknown
Louis Carlos Olivier Lemoine4518651910unknown
Sophie Revillon1618221838unknown
Philibert Revillon7117791850unknown
Charlotte Revillon nee Déléon7617991875unknown
Ernest Perrottey5518121867unknown
Charles de Jandin9117911882unknown
Sophie Perrottey nee De Jandin7518181893unknown
René de Pouvourville2818661894unknown
Clara Bernard nee De Jandin7718201897unknown
Marie Joséphine de Cabanes nee De Golberg8018141894unknown
Jeanne Graux7317931866unknown
Jeanne Brunet2118511872unknown
François Nicolas Noël Alphonse Brunet6318261889unknown
Maria Anna Brunet nee Jeanpert6918381907unknown
Nicolas George5118061857husband of Françoise Pierron
Madeleine Céline Magnien nee George3018411871unknown
Marguerite Magnien518711876unknown
Marie Joséphine George718431850unknown
Alphonse Magnien6818321900unknown
Anne Magnien nee Maljean7818081886unknown
Anne Chardin nee George7717921869unknown
Anne Justine George6718381905unknown
Pierre Larcher8618831969unknown
Jean Hubert George8618181904unknown
Margaret Alix George nee Nostrowitzki7218341906unknown
Hubert George5218631915unknown
Simone Rajollet5719512008unknown
Léon Georges Antoine Demeufve4818331881unknown
Marie Louise Victorine Moivessier nee Bonjean2518141839unknown
Pauline Jeanne Lambertine Lamoureux nee Bonjean6518181883unknown
Jean Jacques Charles Lamoureux8718081895unknown
Jeanne Demeufve nee Lamoureux7518471922unknown
Olivier Joseph Bonjean6517841849unknown
Anne Charlotte Bonjean nee De Jandin6117971858unknown
Anne Marie Demeufve nee Lamoureux2518431868unknown
Marguerite Demeufve2319041927unknown
Georges Demeufve Chevalier Légion d'H7918751954unknownCurator of the Museum of Lorraine
Marie Berthe Demeufve nee Bluem8118761957unknown
Marie-rose Mallard nee Schmidt8219111993unknown
Bernard Schmidt10219062008unknown
Isabelle Courtois nee Descombes9618461942unknown
Emile Schmidt7118821953unknown
Juliette Schmidt nee Dautremont8618891975unknown
Marie Cécile Gabrielle Costé3318611894unknown
Augustin Henry Costé7218261898unknownRegional councillor
Françoise Hortense Costé nee Favyer6817961864unknown
Edmé Jules Costé5518281883unknown
Marie Caroline Lucie Costé nee De Lépinau5318401893unknown
Barbe Françoise Voirin nee Didion8517531838wife of Françoise Pierron
Laurent Joachim Matthieu6917731842unknown
Jean François Voirin7917921871unknown
Charlotte Caroline Voirin nee Matthieu7618011877unknownWife of Jean François Joseph Voirin
Léon Joseph Voirin5418331887unknown
Jules Antoine Voirin6518331898unknown
Emile Daubrée118711872unknown
Victoire Emilie Daubrée nee Voirin6618301896unknownWife of Emile Daubrée
George Camet8318641947unknown
Lucie Camet9218701962unknown
Julie Catherine Françoise Charpentier7618091885wife of Françoise Pierron
Charles Alexandre Pernin2618261852unknown
Charles Pernin7617791855unknown
Marguerite Pernin nee Laurent8517891874unknownWife of Charles Pernin
Pierre Bossu5819031961unknown
Jacques Bossu6319011964unknown
Aimée Bossu6519061971unknown
Victor Dorr8218101892unknown
N Carage6318051868unknown
Henri Carage 1875unknown
Joseph Carage 1876unknown
Claude Emile Carage8218341916unknown
Elisabeth Carage nee Bernard7518091884unknown
Céline Victorine Carage nee Dorr8718381925unknown
Anne Madeleine Beaupré nee Marin5217581810wife of Françoise Pierron
? Beaupré7917481827unknown
Marie Beaupré nee Vaffier4917521801unknownWife of the precedent
Jean Stanislas Emile Beaupré318201823unknown
Barbe Louise Beaupré nee Michel3617961832unknownWife of Jules Nicolas Beaupré
Jules Nicolas François Beaupré3418211855unknown
Jules Nicolas Beaupré Chevalier Légion d'H7417951869unknownMagistrate
Comte Claude Stanislas Emile Beaupré7318251898unknown
Comtesse Barbe Hyacinthe Beaupré nee Viard7918361915unknownWife of Comte Emile Beaupré; daughter of Baron Viard
Comte Jules Beaupré Chevalier Légion d'H6218591921unknownArchaelogist; captain of artillery regt
Comte Louis Beaupré6318601923unknown
Marie Louise Ernest de Bert de Rouöt5518111866unknown
Marie Charlotte Emélie de Bert de Rouöt6118251886unknown
Marie Maxence de Bazelaire de Ruppiere7418391913unknown
François de Bazelaire de Ruppiere5718871944unknown
Madeleine de Bazelaire de Ruppiere nee De Romance De Mesmon6418891953unknown
Marie Marcelle de Bazelaire de Ruppiere5118791930unknown
Jeanne Marie Louise de Bazelaire de Ruppiere818771885unknown
Jean Marie de Bazelaire de Ruppiere1518801895unknown
Pierre Nicolas Georges 1817 unknownFireman; killed in action
Joseph Redonnet2218311853unknownFireman; killed in action
Marie Catherine Joséphine Antoinette Guiot de Saint Rémy nee Rolin5517821837wife of Françoise Pierron
François Antoine Hyppolite Guiot de Saint Rémy1518041820son of Françoise PierronDate of birth verified by internet search
François Antoine Eugène Guiot de Saint Rémy2018071828son of Françoise PierronDate of birth verified by internet search
Ambroise Ferdinand Hermite7817851863unknown
François Joseph Gérardin6118041865unknown
Professor Jean Ferdinand Henri Hermite3218481880unknownProfessor of geology at the Catholic University of Angers
Françoise Joséphine Ger??ruin (partially effaced) nee Hermite7418151889unknown
Hippolyte Hermite8318191902unknown
Charles Hermite4618631909unknown
Gabrielle Jullien118391841unknown age 16m
Victorine Jullien nee Dechiens4618091855unknownWife of Antoine Jullien
Antoine Jullien6118031864unknown
Adrienne Arnould nee Jullien 1838 unknownd 191?? - Wife of Camille Arnould
Camille Arnould unknown
Aspirant Michel Voizard 1940unknownKilled in action
Colette Joly nee Voizard9319142007unknown
2nd Lt Marc Joly2319381961unknownKilled in action with the French Air Force
Raymond Joly7819111989unknownChief engineer water and forestry department
Marie Victor Louis Benoit4818261874son of Françoise PierronChief librarian to the city of Nancy and mayor of the village of Berthelming
Reine Morey nee Sauret8117701851wife of Françoise Pierron
Prosper Morey Chevalier Légion d'H7518051880unknownArchitect to the city of Nancy
Louise Eugènie Morey nee Klein7318201893unknownBorn in Ville d'Avray on the edge of Paris; wife of Prosper Morey
Romain Octave Elie7818611939unknown
Louise Charlotte Madeleine Elie nee Phulpin9318671960unknownWife of Roman Elie
Marguerite Marie Pauline Stéphanie Elie nee Varenard De Billy6718981965unknownWife of Hubert Elie
Henry-Hubert Elie8318961979unknown
Benjamin-Hubert de Lupel719751982unknown
Marie Storck8218451927unknown
Fernand Albert Delherm de Novital Chevalier Légion d'H4618431889unknownArmy officer (chef d'escadron)
Clarisse Delherm de Novital nee Harlaut7618231897unknown
Richard Paul Delherm de Novital unknownDates concealed by plaques
Geneviève Delherm de Novital619131919unknown
Jules Albert Delherm de Novital Légion d'Honneur & C8718781965unknown
Jeanne Delherm de Novital nee Boula De Mareste (?)9518821977unknown
Jean Clouqueur5717871844unknown
Barbe Constant6517941859unknown
Marguerite Clouqueur nee Constant8517961881unknown
Jean Louis Charles Clouqueur6418251889unknown
Charles Clouqueur Croix de Guerre 1914 1915unknownKilled in action
Captain Jean Clouqueur3818921930unknownKilled in action with the Colonial Infantry
Albert Clouqueur5318561909unknown
Mélanie Clouqueur nee Megrat7318331906unknown
Françoise Clouqueur 1973unknown
Ferdinand Maubon3118411872unknown
Eugène Maubon3718361873unknown
Victoire Maubon nee Maire6218121874wife of Françoise Pierron
Henry Grimau218721874unknown
Jeanne Grimau918691878unknown
Barthélemy Roy7218661938unknown
Hypolite Bernel4118381879unknown
Amélie Bernel nee Ruch4918351884unknown
Lucien Colin518871892unknown
Sergeant-major Eugène Bernel3118691900unknown
J Colin nee Saucourt7218361908unknown
Pierre Colin2218961918unknownKilled in action
Eugène Bernel7018931963unknown
Louise Desaint de Marthille nee Richer De Marthille9118221913wife of Françoise Pierron
Lt col Robert Desaint de Marthille5218531905son of Françoise PierronColonel in the Algerian Rifle Brigade. According to his family website; the future President General Mac-Mahon was a witness at his wedding in 1886.
Jeanne Desaint de Marthille7118571928unknown
Eugène Coanet3918491888unknown
Eugène Coanet6518231888unknown
Joséphine Coanet nee Pagel8118211902unknown
Armandine Mathon nee Aubry7418551929unknownWidow of Eugène Coanet
Marcel Coanet9018791969unknown
Rose Coanet9418931987unknown
Robert Coanet6419121976unknown
Adolphe Walter2918071836unknown
Ignace Walter7317811854husband of Françoise Pierron
(widow) Walter nee Colin4318111854unknownMadame Walter Senior; possibly wife of F.Walter
Prosper Walter3918161855unknown
F Walter6818021870unknownSenior
Mathilde Emélie Walter6018131873unknown
Héloise (?) Barradez6117921853unknown
J M Hossenlop7617881864unknown
T F Walter nee Hossenlopp7118271908unknownWife of Prosper Walter
François Kauffer119131914unknown
B D Henry Kauffer8218341916unknown
Françoise 'ele' (elizabeth? Elise?) Kauffer nee Walter9018461936unknownWife of Henry Kauffer
A Henriette Kauffer7418661940unknown
General Paul Kauffer7118701941unknownArtillery offier and brigade general
Julia Kauffer nee Bertaud8218801962unknown
Colonel Henri Kauffer9119092000unknown
Geneviève Kauffer nee Rabusson9419152009unknown
François Xavier Harauchamps6618201886unknown
Catherine Harauchamps nee Büttner4218271869unknown
Marianne Büttner nee Christophe6618241890unknownWife of Adolphe Büttner
Adolphe Büttner unknown
Baron; Lt col Jean Baptiste Pollosson Officer Légion d'Hon9017661856unknownInfantry officer; ennobled during the Napoleonic period
(widow) Crépin nee Connard7217971869unknown
Jean Baptiste Crépin8117931874unknown
Jean Baptiste Moisson8717851872unknown
(widow) Moisson nee Klein8018081888unknown
Eugène Crépin4918331882unknownNotary
Paul Crépin2818771905unknown
Mathilde Crépin nee Moisson8218411923unknownWife of Eugène Crépin
(widow) Melin nee Crépin7218661938unknownWife of Gabriel Melin
Gabriel Melin8518621947unknown
Henri Léonard8417761860unknown
2nd Lt Antoine Boulet2418361860unknown
Captain Jean Baptiste Boulet6118001861unknown
Elisabeth Boulet nee De Gironcourt6218051867unknownWife of Jean Baptiste Boulet
Lt col Emmanuel de Gironcourt7718071884unknown
Jean Louis Alexandre Laloy7118341903unknownOfficer of the Military Reserve regiment
Claire Le Coat de Saint Hoauen nee Regnard De Gironcour7018411911unknownWife of General Le Coat de Saint Haouen; daughter of Marie Clémentine Léonard
General Antoine Alexis Pierre Le Coat de Saint Hoauen Commander Légion d'H8218331915unknownBrigade general
Marie Clémentine Regnard de Gironcourt nee Léonard7118181889unknown
Captain Antoine Le Coat de Saint Hoauen4618661912unknownSon of General Le Coat de Saint Haouen; died in Morocco. Cavalry officer
Marie Le Coat de Saint Hoauen nee De Parseval7418771951unknownWife of Captain Antoine Le Coat de Saint Haouen
Alice Antoinette Laloy nee Regnard De Gironcour7518501925unknownWife of Jean Louis Alexandre Laloy
Jeanne Elisabeth Regnard de Gironcourt nee Lapoulotte3517771812wife of Françoise Pierron
Ferdinand Auguste Regnard de Gironcourt6018111871unknown
Catherine Regnard de Gironcourt nee Martin6318141877unknownWife of Ferdinand Regnard de Gironcourt
Marie Regnard de Gironcourt nee Mielot7518511926unknownWife of F.A. Regnard de Gironcourt
Fr Auguste Regnard de Gironcourt Chevalier Légion d'H9218441936unknownState building inspector
Georges Regnard de Gironcourt 1960unknownColonial agricultural engineer
E A Pillement4618501896unknownSculptor
E Pillement2018791899unknown
M Pillement nee Mangin8018291909unknown
Th Mangin8618411927unknown
Jean-marie Pillement519091914unknown
Dr Paul Pillement7518771952unknown
Germaine Pillement nee Malce9318891982unknown
Dr Gustave Victor Boppe6118091870unknown
Boyne(?) Françoise Munich nee Delporte6918051874unknown
Adyle Boppe nee Munich6018261886unknown
Marcelle Poirot nee Dumont6618821948unknown
Charles Nicolas Alexandre de Haldat du Lys8217701852unknownArmy surgeon and later professor of physics at the university of Nancy
Françoise(?) Agnès Alexandre de Haldat du Lys3717711808unknownWife of Charles Nicolas Alexandre de Haldat du Lys
Captain François Alexandre de Haldat du Lys3918011840unknownADC to the Commander of the artillery school in Metz
Jeanne Louise Marie Mathilde 1863unknown
Alice 1864unknown
Blanche Amélie Cossée nee Alexandre De Haldat 2918351864unknownWife of Alfred Cossée
Alfred Cossée unknown
Gabrielle Marie Juliette Cossée218621864unknown
Marie Claire Alexandre de Haldat du Lys nee Mathis De Grandselle2418421866unknown
Antoinette Genet 18701870daughter of Françoise Pierron age 4m
A Besson4918271876unknown
Louise Besson nee Tartière9118391930unknown
J F Tartière7317921865unknown
Chérie Tartière nee Chatel7717971874unknown
Louis Maguin218731875unknown
(widow) Guinodie6518301895unknownWife of Victor Raymond Guinodie
Victor Raymond Guinodie unknown
Captain Didier Maguin6118371898unknownArtillery officer in the navy
Marie Andrée Michaud219041906unknown
? Maguin nee Guinodie6018521912unknown
Anna (?) Thouvenin nee Choue5118461897unknownWife of A.Thouvenin
Arthur Thouvenin6618391905unknownNotary
Hubert Ingold8118641945unknown
Louise Ingold nee Thouvenin8718681955unknown
Charles Ingold2019211941unknownSon of General François Ingold; who rallied to de Gaulle and fought for the Allies in Africa; and later became chancellor of the Order of the Liberation. Charles was a fighter pilot with the Free French Forces under de Gaulle; killed in action with the RAF. See
Maurice Ingold5019451895unknownBrother of General Ingold. Leader of a Resistance cell during WW2; arrested and died in deportation at Dachau.
Charles Thouvenin5618141870unknown
Antoine Fischer7817751853unknown
Marguerite Fischer6717971864unknown
Catherine Fischer8518001885unknown
Léon Parisot418761880unknown
Jules Parisot9218021894unknown
Louise Catherine Parisot nee Fischer9518141909unknownWife of Jules Parisot
General Victor Parisot8918401929unknown
Cécile Parisot nee Abadie7418541928unknown
Elise Parisot nee Mathis7418711945unknown
Auguste Parisot8618561942unknown
Pierre Parisot8519021987unknown
Simone Parisot nee Corrieu8719041991unknown
Henriette Charlotte Marie Gérard118521853unknown
Paul Legris 1905unknown
Etienne Jacquemin5518551910unknown
Marie Jacquemin nee Gérard6218581920unknown
Charlotte Gérard nee Franck De Ferriere4718151862unknown
Caroline Staal nee Picard7418681942unknown
Joseph Cerf418891893unknown
Fanny Kahan nee Ber9119001991unknown
Alexandre Lévy husband of Françoise Pierron
Alfred Lang7718481925unknown
Régine Lazard nee Etling9218441936unknown
(widow) Isay7918481927wife of Françoise Pierron
Paul Isay6318811944unknownDeported and died in Auschwitz
Pauline Isay4918241873unknown
Mathilde Félix nee Kosmann6818441912unknown
Isaac Lévy dit Cerf6718391906unknown
Céline Kahn nee Mayer6918511920wife of Françoise PierronBorn in Bliessbrucken; died in Paris
Georges Gintzburger 1945unknownDied in deportation
Israël Gintzburger 1945unknownDied in deportation
Gabriel Gintzburger 1945unknownDied in deportation
Marguerite Gintzburger 1945unknownDied in deportation
Claude Gintzburger 1945unknownDied in deportation
Eugénie Ginsbourger9318631956wife of Françoise Pierron
René Ginsbourger Military Medal & Cro2518911914son of Françoise PierronWounded in action September 1914 and died a month later
Marcel Ginsbourger Croix de Guerre3618931929son of Françoise PierronWW1 veteran
Léon Ginsbourger Military Medal & Cro7018901960son of Françoise PierronWounded in action September 1914 at the same battle as his brother; and again in 1915.
Aimé Ginsbourger Croix de Guerre7718971974son of Françoise PierronWW1 veteran
Annette Ginsbourger3819471985unknown
Madeleine Ginsbourger9819052003unknown
René Ginsbourger Croix de Guerre8019242004unknownWW2 veteran
Aaron Mantou7718491926unknown
Georges Mantou6018831943unknownDeported and died in Auschwitz
Judic Salmon6518071872husband of Françoise Pierron
Suzanne Rebecca Guetschel7018651935unknown
Elisa Wolff nee Levylier6618211887unknown

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Preville Cemetery, Nancy