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This page contains a list of all the entries for the name WATSON that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (W in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

If you click on a particular name or GPR reference number below you will see details of what information is held for that particular grave monument. If there is an image available then you will be able to order a free copy of it.

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If there is a blank in the relationship column below then it means that this person is the first named individual on the grave monument.

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All entries within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name WATSON

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numberfull namebirth yearburial yearage
1 Watson
2 Watson
3 Watson
4 Watson
5 Watson190119076
6 Watson1865
7 Watson1861
8A Watson
9A Watson
10A Watson
11A Watson
12A Watson
13A Watson
14A E Watson
15A H Watson
16A H Watson 1916
17A J Watson
18Abraham Watson
19Abraham Watson
20Abraham Watson1791186473
21Ada Watson1882197290
22Ada Watson1907197972
23Ada Watson1881189514
24Ada Watson1881189514
25Ada Blanche Watson 1942
26Ada M Watson1903199491
27Ada Selina Watson1881194059
28Adam Watson 1786
29Adam Watson1912197260
30Adam Watson1828191183
31Adam George Watson1876194872
32Adelaide Jane Watson1868190840
33Adelaide Jane Watson1868190840
34Adelaide Jane Watson1868190840
35Adelia E Watson1906199084
36Agnes Watson 1855
37Agnes Watson1859194687
38Agnes Watson 1885
39Agnes Watson 1885
40Agnes Watson 1885
41Agnes Watson1845191772
42Agnes Watson1912199583
43Agnes Watson1882195775
44Agnes Watson1914200995
45Agnes Watson1914200995
46Agnes Watson1914200995
47Agnes K Sherriff Watson186018644
48Agnes Mary Watson1861194988
49Agnes Mary Jane Watson1887197992
50Agnes Priscilla Watson1883194259
51Aiden Watson
52Alan Watson
53Alan Watson 1938
54Alan Edward Watson1919199475
55Alan Samuel Watson1936200771
56Alan Samuel Watson1936200771
57Alan William Martin Watson1903199390
58Alastair Joseph Watson1901195554
59Albert Watson1883197087
60Albert Watson
61Alec Watson1929200980
62Alexander Watson1907198275
63Alexander Watson1930199161
64Alexander Watson1907198275
65Alexander Watson1889196071
66Alexander Watson1902196563
67Alexander Watson 1922
68Alexander Watson1889196576
69Alexander Watson1812188775
70Alexander Watson1843188643
71Alexander Watson 1912
72Alexander Watson 1958
73Alexander Watson1849192273
74Alexander Don Watson1875194166
75Alexander Keith Watson 1817
76Alf Watson1871190029
77Alf Watson1911200392
78Alfred Watson1851189443
79Alfred Watson
80Alfred Watson1850190454
81Alfred Watson1848191971
82Alfred Watson1854192268
83Alfred Watson1851191160
84Alfred Watson1851191160
85Alfred Watson 1957
86Alfred Watson1833187542
87Alfred Watson1846188640
88Alfred D Watson1886191731
89Alfred E Watson1901197372
90Alfred Paul Watson1879196384
91Alice Watson
92Alice Watson1858190042
93Alice Watson1882195270
94Alice Watson 1947
95Alice Annie Watson 1938
96Alice Bryer Watson1857193275
97Alice Caroline Watson1853188431
98Alice Constance Watson1916200589
99Alice Dorothy Watson1864188824
100Alice E Watson1900197474

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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

All comment/feedback/help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name WATSON

Searching for Sarah Watson

I am looking for my great grandmothers grave Sarah Watson who was born in 1856, died 1896. Her maidan name was Allamby. They lived in Bardsey, East Keswick, West Yorks. I have searched and I cant find her - please help me. Thank you.
entry submitted by melissa on: 01/03/2010 07:05 GMT ........ contact this person

Image of grave of John Watson Little Ryburgh 1826

Very helpful, thank you very much.
entry submitted by Madeline Everson on: 01/06/2012 09:39 GMT ........ contact this person

Family History Research

This is a great service which helps trace the final resting place of our ancestors when researching their history. Thank you for providing this service
entry submitted by Shaun Wilson on: 13/05/2012 08:27 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank You

Thank you for your prompt reply. This is a great resource I have only just discovered.
entry submitted by Lynda Fenney on: 24/08/2012 05:17 GMT ........ contact this person

William Watson 1922

Thank you so much for sending me the image of William Watson's grave. What a wonderful website- so gracious of you to run it. Sincerely, Eileen Ansell (nee Cusack)
entry submitted by Eileen Ansell on: 09/09/2011 05:15 GMT ........ contact this person

Village Churchyards

Thank you so much for this super website. It's very difficult to find gravestones unless you have lots of local knowledge of the area, so your website has helped me a lot!
entry submitted by Bev Anderson on: 07/03/2011 12:02 GMT ........ contact this person

Gravestone Photograph

Many thanks for sending me the photograph. It will prove very helpful in my research.What a fantastic website and a very quick reply from you although I did loose it in my email box my fault! sorry!I hope I can help you sometime in the future.I keep finding more pages on your website so I will keep searching. Christine
entry submitted by Christine Walters on: 15/05/2011 08:12 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you for your help

Thank you so much for the picture of Leonard Watson's grave. I have many pictures of many different lines of gravestones and would be happy to share if you contact me.
entry submitted by Natalie Swanson on: 06/09/2013 07:39 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you

Thank you, Charles for 2 more Watson/Walls photographs received a couple of days ago. Your efforts are much appreciated.
entry submitted by Grace Watson ms Ferries on: 05/10/2013 07:04 GMT ........ contact this person

Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the Watson I was lo

Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the Watson I was looking for. The day and month don't match but at least now I can eliminate this one. Thanks for your help.
entry submitted by Vicky Wiles on: 18/05/2014 02:19 GMT ........ contact this person
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