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This page contains a list of all the entries for the name JONES that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (J in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

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If there is a blank in the relationship column below then it means that this person is the first named individual on the grave monument.

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All entries within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name JONES

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full namebirth yearburial yearage
Jones (Dr)
Jones (Capt)1840189555
Jones 1893
Jones (Rev)
Jones 1893
Jones (Lady)
#NAME? Jones1876188610
A Jones
A Jones
A Jones
A (arthur) Jones (Private)1889193546
A B Jones (Pte)
A B Jones (Pte)
A E Jones
A E Jones (Ward Master Lieutena) 1944
A Kent Jones
A M Jones
A M Jones
A M Jones
A P Jones
A S Jones
A S Jones (Pte)
A S Jones
A W Jones1920194222
A W Jones (Serjeant)1887191932
A(lfred) L(eonard) Jones1899191818
A. Jones
A.J. Jones
Abraham Jones1848191163
Abraham Jones
Abraham Jones1816187963
Abraham Jones
Ada Jones 1874
Ada Jones1888196678
Ada Jones1888196981
Ada Jones1875195378
Ada Jones1878196890
Ada Jones1885193550
Ada Jones1885190924
Ada Jones1914199783
Ada Jones1914199783
Ada Jones1872193765
Ada Jones1874192147
Ada Alice Jones1872193765
Ada Greville Jones1863193471
Ada Jane Jones1858194486
Ada Victoria Jones1897197881
Adam Jones1875194974
Addington J Jones192519261
Addington J Jones1862191755
Adelaide Jones 9
Adelaide Annie Jones 1919
Adelaide Rosetta Jones1850189141
Adele A Jones 1868
Adrian Paul Jones1971198817
Aflred James Jones1891196473
Agnes Jones1859190748
Agnes Jones1859190748
Agnes Jones1855193378
Agnes Jones1890196070
Agnes Jones1923200784
Agnes Jones
Agnes Jones1881196180
Agnes Jones1885196681
Agnes Jones1840189555
Agnes Jones 1864
Agnes Jones1817187154
Agnes Jones1884195874
Agnes Augusta Jones1865195388
Agnes Janet Mary Jones1918200991
Agnes Julia Jones1916200690
Agnes Julia Jones1916200690
Agnes Louisa Jones1819189374
Agnes Maria Jones1829190374
Agnes Mary Jones1880195171
Agnes Mary Jones1880195171
Agnes May Jones 1968
Aj Jones
Alan Jones194519505
Alan Jones1946199953
Alan Jones1936200973
Alan Arthur Jones1941198746
Alan Brian Jones1940199353
Alan G Jones193319429
Albert Jones1882194058
Albert Jones 70
Albert Jones1871192352
Albert Jones
Albert Jones 1964
Albert Jones1933201279
Albert Jones1880193353
Albert Jones1933198855
Albert Jones1844192783
Albert Jones1878194264
Albert E Jones1907198477
Albert E Jones1909199081
Albert Edward Jones1872192250
Albert Edward Jones1889197687
Albert Edward Jones1861192867
Albert Edwin Jones1897192023
Albert Edwin Jones1870188818
Albert George Jones1917198871
Albert George Jones189819013
Albert John Jones1902197068
Albert John Jones1894195157
Albert Matthews Jones1885194863
Albert Norman Jones1919199980
Albert Richard Jones1922201189
Albert Sidney Jones1896198387
Albert Stanley Jones1911198271
Albert W Jones (Cpl ) 1919
Albert William Jones1912197260
Alex Jones1851187423
Alexander Jones (Able Seaman)1925194419
Alexander Jones
Alexander Manson Rymer Jones1845188136
Alexandra V Jones1902199391
Alfred Jones1887195871
Alfred Jones1825189772
Alfred Jones1883196784
Alfred Jones1875196691
Alfred Jones (Capt)1853191764
Alfred Jones1889194960
Alfred Jones1835192691
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones1887195669
Alfred Jones185718614
Alfred Jones1856189034
Alfred Jones
Alfred Jones
Alfred (Pasha) Jones1893196673
Alfred Charles Jones1889195869
Alfred Charles Jones
Alfred Charles Jones1900195454
Alfred Edward Jones1875194267
Alfred Isaac Jones1894195864
Alfred James Jones1884192238
Alfred John William Jones1864193672
Alfred Roy Jones (2nd Lieut)1895191823
Alfred T Jones1851192271
Alfred Thomas Jones1908198476
Alfred Thomas Jones1925200378
Alfred Thomas Jones1878195880
Alfred Thomas Jones1894197985
Alfred Vivian Jones1882191129
Alfred William Jones1880195272
Alice Jones 1931
Alice Jones1861194281
Alice Jones1878195880
Alice Jones1872193866
Alice Jones1794186167
Alice Jones1867191649
Alice Jones
Alice Jones1800183939
Alice Jones1800183939
Alice Jones1882195573
Alice Jones1906199286
Alice Jones186818691
Alice Jones
Alice Jones183918401
Alice Jones1877197497
Alice Jones1897197578
Alice Jones1852192371
Alice Jones1870194575
Alice Jones1783181229
Alice Jones1908200698
Alice Jones1834188551
Alice Jones1805189287
Alice Jones1796186872
Alice Jones
Alice Jones184218442
Alice Jones1915199984
Alice Jones1771183867
Alice Ann Jones1884196884
Alice Ann Jones1855193782
Alice Grace Jones1912194937
Alice J Jones1888198193
Alice Jane Jones1867190134
Alice Lillian Jones1901197877
Alice Lousia Jones 1982
Alice Lucy Jones1895197782
Alice Mabel Jones1886197084
Alice Mary Jones
Alice Mary Jones 1918
Alice Maud Jones1911199079
Alice Maude Jones1864194480
Alison Jones
Allan Jones 1940
Allan Jones1876195680
Allan James Jones198519861
Allan Roy Jones1936200771
Allen Jones1928197648
Althia Mabel Jones193619360
Alva E Jones19501869-81
Alwen Elizabeth Jones1915199176
Alwen Elizabeth Jones1915199176
Alywn Jones
Amelia Jones 1963
Amelia Jones 1963
Amelia Jones1853192673
Amelia Jones1815189479
Amelia Jones1853192673
Amelia Jones1815189479
Amelia Jones 93
Amelia Jones1887197285
Amelia Jane Jones1802185856
Amelia Litson Jones1820190080
Amiria Te Purci Parker (Milly) Jones1948200355
Amos Jones 1865
Amy Jones1876194670
Amy Jones1879195172
Amy Jones1877194669
Amy Jones1877194669
Amy Jones1843190562
Amy Camilla Jones1861192463
Amy Dorothy Dorrell Jones1911200190
Amy Elizabeth Jones1897196669
Amy Louisa Jones1989200313
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones1883197188
Andrew Jones1875194267
Andrew Christopher Jones1968200132
Andrew Elliot Glanville Jones1912199179
Andrew Michael Jones1962197917
Andrew T H Jones (Rev)1922200381
Angela Jones
Angela Sue Jones1963200138
Angelina Sweet Jones 1912
Ann Jones1790188292
Ann Jones1790
Ann Jones1786185670
Ann Jones1817188265
Ann Jones1858192971
Ann Jones1817185740
Ann Jones
Ann Jones
Ann Jones 1984
Ann Jones1806187973
Ann Jones1802188381
Ann Jones1840191070
Ann Jones1790186676
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1814190288
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1814190793
Ann Jones1837190871
Ann Jones1819184425
Ann Jones1869194778
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1819184425
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1818188668
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1751184392
Ann Jones1789185970
Ann Jones1854191864
Ann Jones
Ann Jones
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1814189581
Ann Jones1821191291
Ann Jones1790186272
Ann Jones1913199077
Ann Jones1816187862
Ann Jones1780185070
Ann Jones1809186657
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1788183042
Ann Jones1781183958
Ann Jones 1803
Ann Jones
Ann Jones1805186560
Ann Jones1842186826
Ann Jones187218720
Ann Jones
Ann Jones186218653
Ann Jones1825190580
Ann Jones1789185970
Ann Jones1825187853
Ann Jones1819189576
Ann Elizabeth Jones1867193265
Ann Ellen Jones1874195783
Ann Sophia Jones1870195484
Anna Jones1915198267
Anna Jones1832190270
Anne Jones 1859
Anne Jones
Anne Jones1816185236
Anne Jones1855194186
Anne Jones1855194186
Anne Jones1883196582
Anne Jones1894195763
Anne Jones1812187058
Anne Jones185918634
Anne Jones1823189370
Anne Jones1839192283
Anne Jones1852189240
Anne Elizabeth Jones1879195879
Anne Josephine Jones1940199555
Anne Marianne Jones1888196981
Annice Maria Jones1908198880
Annie Jones1866195387
Annie Jones1886196175
Annie Jones1896198084
Annie Jones1870194070
Annie Jones
Annie Jones 1948
Annie Jones1889197081
Annie Jones1869195283
Annie Jones
Annie Jones
Annie Jones1886195165
Annie Jones1856193781
Annie Jones 1942
Annie Jones
Annie Jones1879193253
Annie Jones 86
Annie Jones1861192564
Annie Jones1935200873
Annie Jones
Annie Jones 1875
Annie Jones 1947
Annie Jones1922200886
Annie Jones1922200886
Annie Jones1853192976
Annie Jones1884196682
Annie Jones
Annie Jones18781979101
Annie Jones1784186783
Annie Cordelia Jones1912198775
Annie Elizabeth Jones1886197185
Annie Elizabeth Jones1872195179
Annie Evelyn Grace Jones1898196870
Annie Isabel Jones1886195266
Annie Judith Staddon Jones1855190853
Annie Letitia Jones1926200478
Annie Louisa Jones1855195095
Annie M Jones1904199389
Annie Maria Jones 1932
Annie Maria Jones1855186914
Annie Mary Jones18931993100
Annie Mary Jones18931993100
Ansell Jones1896192731
Anthea Elizabeth Jones1948196416
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones1944200157
Archibald Jones
Archibald Jones
Archibald Jones1877195578
Archibald Harold Jones 1935
Archibald Samuel Fice Jones1877195376
Archibald W(illiam) Jones1861190140
Arlene Mary Jones1945199550
Arnold Jones1838191476
Arthur Jones1905196055
Arthur Jones1863194582
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones1874193157
Arthur Jones1854192672
Arthur Jones1879196485
Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones1891194453
Arthur Jones1911196049
Arthur Jones 1864
Arthur Jones188418840
Arthur Jones1925199368
Arthur Brynley Jones1932196331
Arthur C Jones
Arthur Charles Jones1898196264
Arthur Cyril Jones1896198286
Arthur E Jones1891191726
Arthur Edward Jones1869189627
Arthur Edward Jones1872193664
Arthur Ernest Jones 1932
Arthur Francis Jones1920200585
Arthur G Jones1918198567
Arthur Gordon Victor Jones1897198891
Arthur Henry Jones1888196173
Arthur J Jones1866194781
Arthur John Jones 1991
Arthur O'Brien Jones7618891813
Arthur Reginald Jones (Pte) 1915
Arthur Richard Jones1901193433
Arthur Richard Jones1860193777
Arthur Rowe Jones1883197592
Arthur William Jones1891198089
Ashley Capers Jones1918199072
Athol Frances Jones
Audrey Jones1915196651
Audrey Jones
Audrey Jones1924200682
Audrey Barbara Jones1906199286
Audrey Cynthia Jones 88
Audrey Rosina Jones1923201289
August Spencer Jones
B Jones
B Jones
B Jones
Barbara Jones
Barbara Jones1915199075
Barbara Jones
Barbara Jones1897196164
Barbara Eliza Jones
Barbara Eliza Jones 1900
Barbara Eliza Jones
Barbara Eliza Jones 1900
Barbara Rose Jones1833193198
Barry Jones1936197438
Basil Jones
Basil Verner Jones1913200592
Basil Verner Jones1913200592
Beatrice Jones1886195670
Beatrice Jones191319196
Beatrice Jones1870194373
Beatrice Jones1895197176
Beatrice Jones1858193072
Beatrice Jones1884196076
Beatrice Annie Jones1885195368
Beatrice Dorothy Jones 7
Beatrice Elizabeth Jones1890197989
Beatrice Elizabeth Jones1890197989
Beatrice Emily Jones1867193063
Beatrice Gertrude Jones1868191749
Beatrice Maud Jones1882193654
Bell Jones1872194876
Bell Jones1872194876
Ben Jones1917200588
Ben Jones1970199525
Benedict Henry Melvill Jones
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones1853193178
Benjamin Jones1870192757
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones1874194066
Benjamin Jones1862192563
Benjamin Alfred Jones1869189728
Benjamin Arthur Jones1883195168
Benjamin Francis Jones1867193265
Benjamin Leonard Jones1892197886
Benjamin Phillip Jones1877194770
Benjamin Rees Jones 1923
Bernard Jones190019099
Bernard Jones1939200061
Bernard Albert Jones (Sl) 2001
Bernard Meredith Jones1875192550
Bernard Thomas Jones1933199764
Bernard William Jones1925197550
Bert Jones1885192237
Bert Jones (Flt/Lt)1915199277
Bert Jones
Bert Jones 1992
Bertha Jones1843188744
Bertha Jones1906198478
Bertha Jones1876196185
Bertie Charles Jones1886196680
Bertie Frederick Jones1888197284
Bess Jones1891198190
Bessie Jones1877191437
Bessie Ada Jones 1943
Bessie S Jones1890194959
Betsie Jones1899196364
Betsy Jones 88
Betsy Jones1916194731
Betsy A Jones1900196060
Betsy Martha Jones 1853
Bette Jones1934200874
Betty Jones1927200982
Betty Jones1925198257
Betty Jones 2012
Betty Muriel Jones1915197055
Bill Jones
Bill Jones 1990
Billy Jones193019388
Billy Jones193019388
Blanche Jones1909198778
Blanche Mary Jones1912198674
Blanche Winifred Jones1902196563
Bob Jones 2002
Bonnie S Jones
Brenda Jones
Brenda Margaret Jones1934200167
Brian Jones
Brian Mallahieu Jones1924199470
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones
Brynmor Samuel Jones (Sergeant)1916194125
C H Jones1886191832
C E B Jones (Plt Off) 1941
C J Jones1903194441
C M Jones1881193453
C S Jones
C(harles) F(rederick) Jones1889191728
Cadwalade Jones1805188479
Cadwallander Jones 1692
Carl Jones
Caroline Jones6618571791
Caroline Jones1821188665
Caroline Jones1822189674
Caroline Jones1848191769
Caroline Jones1875196287
Caroline Jones1818189577
Caroline Allen Jones1831187544
Caroline Eliza Jones187718858
Caroline Lousia Jones 1893
Caroline Sophia Jones 1894
Carry Jones1883196986
Cath Jones1730179161
Catherine Jones 1975
Catherine Jones1844191369
Catherine Jones1856191862
Catherine Jones 1941
Catherine Jones1890196878
Catherine Jones1798186062
Catherine Jones1844187531
Catherine Jones1833186431
Catherine Jones1834191581
Catherine Jones186518661
Catherine Jones1843187431
Catherine Jones1844188642
Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones1816189074
Catherine Jones 1985
Catherine Jones1817189679
Catherine Ann Jones1851191362
Catherine Ann Jones1890196070
Catherine Grierson Jones1907200295
Catherine Harriet Jones 1919
Catherine Helena Jones1887195467
Catherine Mary Jones1937197437
Catherine Pearce Jones1863194784
Cecil E Jones1900191818
Cecil Joseph Jones1873193865
Cecil Meredyth Jones1891195564
Ceclia Jones1894197783
Ceclia Jones1894197783
Cedric Jones1933194916
Charles Jones1793186673
Charles Jones 1896
Charles Jones
Charles Jones1820188969
Charles Jones1813188471
Charles Jones1813188471
Charles Jones1920194727
Charles Jones1882192745
Charles Jones1865194277
Charles Jones
Charles Jones
Charles Jones1836189357
Charles Jones1858193678
Charles Jones1804189086
Charles Jones1896194044
Charles Jones1877194972
Charles Jones187318752
Charles Jones1851192978
Charles Jones1795187984
Charles Jones1850187323
Charles Jones
Charles Jones1839190970
Charles Jones1904194844
Charles Jones1891196271
Charles Jones1813189784
Charles Jones1865192156
Charles Jones1857192770
Charles Alexander Jones1890196575
Charles Arthur Jones1884194864
Charles Crawford Jones1783186784
Charles Crawford Jones
Charles Digby Jones1825191186
Charles Digby Jones1825191186
Charles Digby Jones1825191186
Charles E Jones194519505
Charles Edwin Jones1852193886
Charles G R Jones1926198660
Charles H Jones1887196073
Charles Henry Jones1939199758
Charles Henry Jones188518894
Charles Henry Jones1890194959
Charles Herbert Jones1894192733
Charles James Jones1854192066
Charles Joseph Jones 1943
Charles Leslie Jones1921197857
Charles M Brother Jones1908196658
Charles Nicholas Owen Jones1826184519
Charles Nicholas Owen Jones1826184519
Charles Reginald Jones1884195369
Charles Reginald (J) Jones1893196976
Charles Richard Jones1879194162
Charles Sidney Jones1893196572
Charles Sidney Jones1792183543
Charles Thomas Jones (Marine)1923194017
Charles Walton Jones1880195878
Charles Warwick Frank Jones (Lieut Colonel)1898194244
Charles William Jones1825190681
Charles William Jones1864194682
Charles William Jones1906197569
Charles William Jones1893193946
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones1857194487
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones1810188777
Charlotte Jones1902192018
Charlotte Jones1842192987
Charlotte Jones
Charlotte M Jones19841899-85
Charlotte Myfanwy Jones1901197574
Charlotte Ruth Jones 1954
Children Jones
Christine Jones1948196416
Christine Jones1946200660
Christine Jones
Christine Jones1953199845
Christine Jones1948195911
Christine Lucy Jones1838188547
Christopher Jones1832188856
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones194619526
Christopher Brian Jones 1992
Cindy Jones
Cissie Dora Jones 1946
Clara Jones 1923
Clara Jones
Clara Jones1857194790
Clara Jones
Clara Annie Jones1910197363
Clara J Jones1861194281
Clara Jane Jones1867193770
Clara Jane Jones1861192867
Clara M Jones1871195786
Clara Rosa Jones1850190656
Clara Vera Jones1896197377
Clarence David Jones1896197175
Clarice Jones1900193333
Clarice Jones1871190736
Clarice Grace Jones1910199282
Clement Thomas Jones1899199292
Clement Wakefield Jones1880196383
Clementina Jones1855191661
Cleopatra Alice Jones1879189213
Clifford Jones
Clifford Frederick Harlow Jones1872193361
Clifford W Jones190119109
Cody Jackson Jones200520050
Colin Jones
Colin Jones
Colin Jones
Colin Arthur Jones1951197423
Constance Jones1918200082
Constance Jones1905198075
Constance Agnes Jones1889193142
Constance Ena Jones 1968
Constance Joyce Jones1914199076
Constance Kathleen Jones1909199182
Cornelius Jones1840190464
Courtney Charles Jones1935196025
Craig Carter Jones 1998
Cwerdwin Jones1914198167
Cyril Jones
Cyril Jones1904199288
Cyril Arthur Jones1899191920
D Jones (Pte)1894191723
D Jones (Sergeant) 1941
D Jones (Private)1893192027
D Jones 1805
D C Jones (Sergeant)1887194457
D J Jones
D J Jones1885194964
D J Jones1893197481
Dafydd Jones1723177451
Dafydd Jones1765183772
Dafydd Jones
Dafydd Jones1759182970
Daisy Jones1917200689
Daisy Jones1894197985
Daisy Victoria Jones1898198890
Dallas Logan Jones
Dallas Logan Jones192119276
Dallas Logan Jones
Dallas Logan Jones192119276
Damion John Jones1941198140
Daniel Jones1854194490
Daniel Jones 1916
Daniel Jones1818190183
Daniel Jones1818190183
Daniel Jones1800184949
Daniel Jones 1851
Daniel Jones1735179358
Daniel Jones1838191577
Daniel Jones1821189978
Daniel Jones1878192648
Daniel Jones1795187277
Daniel Jones1830186434
Daniel Jones1817188063
Daniel Jones1846192781
Daniel Jones1855192368
Daniel Jones1734181682
Daniel Jones1882195674
Daniel Jones1836192589
Daniel Jones1928200880
Daniel Jones1842190563
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones1866194276
Daniel J Jones1893195562
Daphne Jones
Daphne Jones
Daphne A Jones1920200080
Darryl Ross Jones
Daved Jones1732178250
David Jones1828189870
David Jones8419541870
David Jones
David Jones
David Jones1834189056
David Jones1859192162
David Jones1859192162
David Jones
David Jones
David Jones
David Jones1820183919
David Jones
David Jones
David Jones1828190072
David Jones1902198886
David Jones1893196673
David Jones1895196166
David Jones1733181986
David Jones1872194775
David Jones1928200375
David Jones1882193553
David Jones1919200182
David Jones1919200182
David Jones
David Jones1837190568
David Jones
David Jones 1948
David Jones
David Jones1917199376
David Jones
David Jones
David Jones
David Jones (Pte ) 1945
David Jones
David Jones1878193759
David Jones
David Andrew Jones1962199533
David Anthony Jones1939200263
David B Jones1955200954
David Benjamin Jones1858191355
David Carrog Jones (Reverend)1857190245
David Daniel Jones
David Ernest Jones1915200085
David Glyn Jones1946199650
David Gordon Jones1914199783
David Harvey Jones1911198978
David Henry Jones1870195181
David Henry Jones185118521
David Hugh Jones
David L Jones
David Lewis Jones1872191341
David Ll Jones1872195583
David Mial Trevor Jones1915199075
David Neville Jones1931195120
David Norman Jones
David P Jones
David Peter Jones1876195579
David Samuel Jones1909199384
David Thomas Jones1924198662
Debra Jones
Debra Jones
Debra Jones
Decima Prince Jones1840185212
Delphia Olive Grace Jones189618971
Denis Arnold Jones
Denis Herbert Jones1930200878
Dennis Jones1908195951
Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones1928200678
Dennis Jones1928198456
Dennis Gordon Jones1944197935
Derek Jones1947200356
Derek Jones1953201057
Deri T A Jones1938199961
Derinda Jones1857193174
Derrick Randolph Jones1936190118
Desmond Jones
Diana Williams Jones185818635
Diane Jones
Dilys Ainee Jones1939199657
Dinah Jones1806189084
Diona Jones1797186770
Don Jones1929200172
Donna Nadina Jones1979198910
Dora Jones 1953
Dora Jones1869189829
Dora Elizabeth Jones 1994
Dora Gerttrude Jones1887189710
Dora Virtue Jones1898193739
Doreen Annie Fice Jones1913196653
Doreen Annie Fice Jones1913196653
Doris Jones1914199985
Doris Jones1910197565
Doris Jones
Doris Jones1914200995
Doris Jones1923200986
Doris Jones
Doris Edith Jones1912200694
Doris Eileen Jones1917200790
Doris Ellen Jones
Doris Ethel Jones1905199085
Doris Gwendoline Jones1903198582
Dorothea Jones
Dorothea Grayce Jones1924199672
Dorothy Jones1905197065
Dorothy Jones
Dorothy Jones1905197873
Dorothy Jones
Dorothy Alexandra Jones19022008106
Dorothy Beatrice Gordon Jones1892197482
Dorothy Clara Hodges Jones1899198586
Dorothy E Jones1927198558
Dorothy Eleanor Jones1896196973
Dorothy Isabel Jones 1893
Dorothy Kathleen Jones1926200680
Dorothy May Jones1897197073
Dorothy Vie Jones1917198366
Dorothy Vie Jones1917198366
Douglas Jones1925199570
Douglas Jones1917198972
Douglas Jones1919199172
Douglas Jones191619236
Douglas Jones (Sergeant)1921194120
Douglas Jones
Douglas Alfred Jones (Gunner)1924194521
Douglas Edgar Atheron Jones1916199781
Douglas Gwyn Jones1918199981
E Jones (Sergt) 67
E Jones
E Jones
E Jones
E C Jones
E F Jones
E G Jones
E G Jones
E L Jones (A B)
E T Jones (E R A)
E Whitley Jones
Eb Jones1878195375
Ebenezer Jones1873195279
Edgar Jones
Edgar Jones
Edgrar F Jones1889191829
Edith Jones1870196797
Edith Jones
Edith Jones1913200390
Edith Jones1877189821
Edith Jones1910197767
Edith Jones
Edith Jones1880197494
Edith Jones188218831
Edith Jones1880193353
Edith Jones 1952
Edith Jones1909199687
Edith Ada Eliza Jones 1911
Edith Alice Jones1896198690
Edith Amelia Jones 1972
Edith Annie Jones1880192444
Edith Emily Jones 1966
Edith Florence Jones1916199579
Edith Frances Jones1913199582
Edith Harriett Jones 1924
Edith Jane Jones1887196982
Edith Janet Jones1905198075
Edith Margaret Jones1904200298
Edith Mary Jones 79
Edith Mary Jones1912200391
Edith Mary Jones 91
Edith Mary Jones
Edith Maud Jones1882197189
Edith May Jones1909199485
Edith Thérèse Jones187718814
Edmund Jones
Edmund Jones
Edmund Jones
Edmund Jones1866188620
Edmund Jones1891190918
Edmund Jones1801182726
Edmund Jones1801182726
Edmund Jones1811186352
Edmund John Jones1862190947
Edna Jones1920198565
Edna Jones1913200289
Edna Jones
Edna E Jones1913200794
Edna Iris Jones 1917
Edna Iris Jones 1917
Edna Lily Jones1910197464
Edna Margery Jones 2000
Edna Marguerite Jones1911199281
Edna Marjorie Jones1916201094
Edna May Jones1919194425
Edna W Jones1892198593
Edna Willis Jones1910198777
Edris Althia Jones
Edward Jones182818324
Edward Jones 1872
Edward Jones1739181071
Edward Jones1867191750
Edward Jones1898196264
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1820190080
Edward Jones1828191284
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1915199075
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1833190168
Edward Jones1833190168
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1819187455
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1866193670
Edward Jones 66
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1886195468
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1881191433
Edward Jones 1940
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1751183887
Edward Jones1780186888
Edward Jones 1843
Edward Jones180318063
Edward Jones1888195870
Edward Jones 1889
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1819187455
Edward Jones185318596
Edward Jones1899195455
Edward Jones 1944
Edward Jones 1889
Edward Jones1812188977
Edward Jones1756180852
Edward Jones1821189776
Edward Jones
Edward Jones1836185216
Edward Jones1804189995
Edward Jones1757182467
Edward Jones1799186566
Edward Jones179017944
Edward Jones1896198286
Edward Jones1796186468
Edward Jones1826189670
Edward Jones1850192979
Edward Jones1811185746
Edward Jones
Edward Jones 1799
Edward Jones1841187837
Edward Alfred Jones1883194764
Edward Arthur Jones1868192860
Edward Arthur Jones1864193672
Edward Charles Jones1900196767
Edward Christopher Jones1923198259
Edward Frank Jones1869193162
Edward Gwyn Jones1905196762
Edward H Jones1897194548
Edward Harold Lloyd Jones1873191239
Edward Hemphill Jones1914198975
Edward Henry Jones1853194390
Edward Henry Jones 1870
Edward James Jones1905196560
Edward James Jones
Edward John … Henry Jones1925199974
Edward Parry Jones1800183636
Edward Price Jones1880195171
Edward Richard Jones1868192052
Edward S Jones (Gnr ) 1945
Edward Stanley Jones1914198369
Edward Stephen Jones1818188971
Edward Thomas Jones 1905
Edward William Jones 1952
Edwin Jones1921196746
Edwin Jones
Edwin Jones1814187763
Edwin Jones
Edwin Jones 62
Edwin Jones1829189061
Edwin Jones
Edwin Jones
Edwin Jones1926200074
Edwin Jones1902198179
Edwin Jones1825189469
Edwin Charles Jones1904198177
Edwin Charles Jones1904198177
Edwin Howard Jones1892191927
Edwin James Jones1883195269
Edwin James Jones1883195269
Edwin Noel Jones1941196827
Edwin R Jones1873191239
Edwin While Jones1837191477
Edy Jones 1956
Eileen Jones1934199763
Eileen Mary Jones1922201088
Eileen Winifred Jones1920198868
Eilzabeth Jones1813187360
Elaine Jones1927200780
Eleanor Jones 1903
Eleanor Jones1815189782
Eleanor Jones 1856
Eleanor Jones1792185462
Eleanor Jones 83
Eleanor Jones1771185685
Eleanor Jones1771185685
Eleanor Jones1753182370
Eleanor Jones 83
Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones
Elen Jones1898199395
Eleni Jones1939201172
Eleonora Jones1887198396
Eliabeth Jones1837191477
Elias Jones1814188672
Elias Jones1891191019
Elias Jones1804186258
Elias Morris Jones (Rev)1897196669
Eliezer Jones
Elise Irene Jones1898197476
Eliza Jones1856192771
Eliza Jones
Eliza Jones
Eliza Jones185018533
Eliza Jones1809184435
Eliza Jones1809184435
Eliza Jones1836189660
Eliza Jones
Eliza Jones
Eliza Jones1835185520
Eliza Jones1796185458
Eliza Jones 1850
Eliza Ann Jones1862194280
Eliza Evelyn Jones186518705
Eliza Florence Jones1880196181
Eliza Harriet Jones1856189539
Eliza Jane Jones1863193572
Eliza Lily Jones1870196898
Elizabeth Jones1745183186
Elizabeth Jones 1837
Elizabeth Jones1792187078
Elizabeth Jones1866193165
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1911196554
Elizabeth Jones 1939
Elizabeth Jones1868191648
Elizabeth Jones 1833
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1831189766
Elizabeth Jones184118454
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1790187787
Elizabeth Jones1781186685
Elizabeth Jones1818183012
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1896194852
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1747182578
Elizabeth Jones1796185862
Elizabeth Jones1782184664
Elizabeth Jones1782184664
Elizabeth Jones1852194189
Elizabeth Jones 1931
Elizabeth Jones1786185468
Elizabeth Jones 1954
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1880191333
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1848193789
Elizabeth Jones1836184812
Elizabeth Jones1802186866
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1800186767
Elizabeth Jones1834186632
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1882196381
Elizabeth Jones1884195369
Elizabeth Jones1844193086
Elizabeth Jones1873
Elizabeth Jones 1792
Elizabeth Jones1844193086
Elizabeth Jones1873
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 1792
Elizabeth Jones1850190050
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1832192593
Elizabeth Jones1867194982
Elizabeth Jones191419206
Elizabeth Jones1807189386
Elizabeth Jones1830189464
Elizabeth Jones1729180374
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 1940
Elizabeth Jones 1940
Elizabeth Jones1838190567
Elizabeth Jones1810187969
Elizabeth Jones1802186058
Elizabeth Jones1788183850
Elizabeth Jones1825190176
Elizabeth Jones 1914
Elizabeth Jones1887191528
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1876194670
Elizabeth Jones1885197893
Elizabeth Jones1843190158
Elizabeth Jones187518772
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 1958
Elizabeth Jones1864194278
Elizabeth Jones1910199888
Elizabeth Jones1742181876
Elizabeth Jones1817186952
Elizabeth Jones1853194087
Elizabeth Jones 1840
Elizabeth Jones1749181667
Elizabeth Jones1812188876
Elizabeth Jones1822190078
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1794186167
Elizabeth Jones1805186560
Elizabeth Jones1816188973
Elizabeth Jones1807188477
Elizabeth Jones1831190675
Elizabeth Jones1819189576
Elizabeth Jones1856189034
Elizabeth Jones1849192879
Elizabeth Jones1802188078
Elizabeth Jones 1821
Elizabeth Jones1842191674
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1875195176
Elizabeth Jones1827189770
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1831188756
Elizabeth Jones1822190078
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 1895
Elizabeth Jones1777183558
Elizabeth Jones1794186167
Elizabeth Jones1806184135
Elizabeth Jones1852193583
Elizabeth Jones1881194564
Elizabeth Jones1808188678
Elizabeth Jones1899199596
Elizabeth Jones 1864
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1865194883
Elizabeth Jones1755183580
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1843187633
Elizabeth Jones1841192584
Elizabeth Jones185718636
Elizabeth Jones186318663
Elizabeth Jones1851192877
Elizabeth Jones1819189374
Elizabeth Jones1833186936
Elizabeth Jones1775184974
Elizabeth Jones1853190047
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1782185977
Elizabeth Jones1803186158
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones 1791
Elizabeth Jones1861194180
Elizabeth Jones1857193477
Elizabeth Jones 1847
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones1879197293
Elizabeth Agnes Jones1808187668
Elizabeth Alice Jones186418651
Elizabeth Alice Jones1889193849
Elizabeth Ann Jones1869194071
Elizabeth Ann Jones1855193378
Elizabeth Ann Jones
Elizabeth Ann Jones 1949
Elizabeth Ann Jones1895194550
Elizabeth Ann Jones1945197934
Elizabeth Ann Jones1874193056
Elizabeth Anne Jones 1851
Elizabeth Annie Jones1880195171
Elizabeth Annie Jones188918901
Elizabeth Burnell Jones
Elizabeth Burnell Jones
Elizabeth Clara Jones1888196779
Elizabeth Corney Jones1850190757
Elizabeth E Jones1896197882
Elizabeth Edwards Jones1781185877
Elizabeth Eleanor Jones1884193753
Elizabeth Ellen Jones1875191742
Elizabeth Ellen Jones1830191181
Elizabeth Fanny Jones1885196883
Elizabeth Frances Jones1857194588
Elizabeth Francis Shofner Jones
Elizabeth Hannah Jones1895196974
Elizabeth Jane Jones1899199293
Elizabeth Jane Jones
Elizabeth Jane Jones 1935
Elizabeth Jane Jones1818189779
Elizabeth Maria Jones1847192275
Elizabeth Mary Jones185118543
Elizabeth Mary Jones1865194580
Elizabeth Mary Jones1865194580
Elizabeth Mary Jones1843190562
Elizabeth May Jones 1971
Elizabeth Mitchell Jones 1904
Elizabeth Rankine Jones1880196181
Elizabeth Rayton Jones1773184168
Elizabeth Rebecca Jones1837191780
Elizabeth Riggs Jones 67
Elizabeth Scott Jones 1897
Elizabeth Scott Jones 1897
Ellen Jones 1913
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones1902196058
Ellen Jones1874191440
Ellen Jones1874191440
Ellen Jones1903198481
Ellen Jones1855192368
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones1878197193
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones1892198593
Ellen Jones1885196883
Ellen Jones1855193580
Ellen Jones1834190874
Ellen Jones1877194871
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones1818188365
Ellen Jones1867189528
Ellen Jones188318830
Ellen Jones1854190248
Ellen Jones187618771
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones1804187773
Ellen Jones1867194174
Ellen Jones1854191561
Ellen Bamber Jones1884196278
Ellen Jane Jones1874196086
Ellen Jane Jones
Ellen L Jones1879195475
Ellen Maria Jones1907198679
Ellen Martha Jones1911195039
Ellen Mary Jones1867195588
Ellen Mary Jones1923197047
Ellin Jones1786187286
Ellin Jones1813188774
Ellis Jones7018141744
Ellis Jones1864194985
Ellis Jones1816191195
Ellis Jones
Ellis Jones189118921
Elsie Jones1901199594
Elsie Jones
Elsie Jones
Elsie Jones1928197951
Elsie Jones1898197375
Elsie Jones1916200286
Elsie Jones1889198091
Elsie Jones1914197460
Elsie Ada Jones1896196670
Elsie Elizabeth Jones1917197962
Elsie Louise Jones1922199977
Elsie Margaret Jones1922200482
Elsie May Jones1906198074
Elsie May Jones1915199883
Elsie May Jones1920199373
Elva Vera Jones1912197967
Emanuel Jones1803186663
Emanuel Jones
Emily Jones1844192379
Emily Jones1905195651
Emily Jones1833186633
Emily Jones1890197080
Emily Jones1856194589
Emily Jones1876195175
Emily Jones1851190958
Emily Jones1851190958
Emily Jones1855193782
Emily Jones1872194371
Emily Jones1820190787
Emily Jones1885197590
Emily Jones1900198282
Emily Jones1877192750
Emily Jones1868193567
Emily Jones1873194470
Emily Jones18961997101
Emily Jones1853193683
Emily Jones1843188239
Emily Anne Jones1896196670
Emily Annie Jones1861187514
Emily E Jones1909196960
Emily Fonblanque Jones1823190481
Emily Georgina Jones
Emily Laura Jones1886198195
Emily Louisa Jones1860196494
Emily Lucy Jones1898197173
Emily Mary Jones1846193387
Emily May Jones1928200678
Emily Ruth Jones1906198276
Emily Susanna Jones1873195178
Emlyn Jones1899195253
Emlyn Jones1900196161
Emlyn Jones1923197451
Emma Jones 1907
Emma Jones 1905
Emma Jones
Emma Jones1843192683
Emma Jones 1863
Emma Jones1849188536
Emma Jones 15
Emma Jones 15
Emma Jones1879193657
Emma Jones1870196292
Emma Jones
Emma Jones1862193573
Emma Jones1843
Emma Jones 1889
Emma Jones
Emma Jones1865191954
Emma Jones184518483
Emma Alice Jones1876188812
Emma Annie Rosa Jones1886196579
Emma Calder Jones1801189796
Emma Caroline Jones1826191690
Emma Jane Jones1886196579
Emma Martha Jones187618771
Emma May Jones1910200292
Emma Sarah Jones1852194795
Emma Sophia Jones1857190447
Emrys Wynn Jones1946198438
Ena Catherine Jones1908199284
Ena Catherine Jones1908199284
Ena Evelyn Jones1897197982
Enid Jones
Enoch Jones1845190358
Eolah Jones 1941
Ephraim A Jones1828191991
Eric Jones 1979
Eric Jones192419273
Eric Jones1936200468
Eric Arthur Jones1924201490
Eric James Jones1925198661
Eric James Jones1905198883
Eric William Jones1921201089
Erica Jones
Ernest Jones
Ernest Jones1876195579
Ernest Jones1885192136
Ernest Jones1875189924
Ernest Jones
Ernest Jones 1940
Ernest Francis Jones4919301881
Ernest Harold Jones1882195977
Ernest Rankin Griffiths Jones1893195461
Ernest Stephen Jones1894197682
Ernest Steven Jones1894197682
Ernest W Jones
Ernest William Jones1873196087
Estelle P Jones1926199670
Esther Jones
Esther Jones1742178038
Esther Jones1852190048
Esther Jones
Esther Ann Jones1904200298
Ethel Jones 1991
Ethel Jones1889195566
Ethel Jones1900195353
Ethel Jones1895196671
Ethel Jones1894195662
Ethel Jones
Ethel Agnes Jones1879196384
Ethel Clare Jones1905198075
Ethel Frances Jones 2007
Ethel Lottie Jones1924200581
Ethel Louisa Jones1887191023
Ethel Mary Jones
Ethel May Jones1884196480
Ethel May Jones1903198784
Ethel Violet Jones 1971
Eunice Jones1850194595
Eunice Elizabeth Jones1885197186
Eustace Hubert Jones1904198480
Eva Jones1892194856
Eva Jones
Eva Jones
Eva Ann Jones 1964
Eva Colridge Jones1888197284
Eva Mary Jones1898196668
Eva Mary Jones1898196668
Evan Jones1834189763
Evan Jones1827187447
Evan Ernest Jones1881193150
Evan Henry Jones
Evan John Jones1908197062
Evan Miller Jones1827189063
Evan Moses Jones1821189069
Evan Samuel Jones1858193072
Evan Walter Jones1910199181
Eveline G Jones 1996
Evelyn Jones1884197086
Evelyn Jones1907199184
Evelyn Jones1925197651
Evelyn Jones1907199184
Evelyn Jones1904198480
Evelyn Annie Jones1887197285
Evelyn Sybil Jones1921201190
Evral Jones1906196458
Ezekiel Jones1846189448
F Jones
F Jones
F Diggory Jones 1961
F R Jones1920194424
F G Jones (Pte)
F L Jones
F R Jones
F W J Jones (2nd Lieutenant) 1918
Faith Jones1879196485
Fannie Jones1849190253
Fanny Jones1867189528
Fanny Jones1836188852
Fanny Jones1807187265
Fanny Jones1830189565
Fanny Constance Evangeline Jones 1926
Fiona Clare Jones 1966
Flora Elizabeth Jones188718958
Florence Jones1904198682
Florence Jones1873193461
Florence Jones 1952
Florence Jones 1893
Florence Jones1907198679
Florence Jones1890195767
Florence Jones1875196186
Florence Jones1922197957
Florence Jones1901199291
Florence Jones1915197358
Florence Jones 1954
Florence Jones 1926
Florence Jones1902199492
Florence E Jones1875196085
Florence (a J ) Jones1882195372
Florence Annie Jones1881193049
Florence Beatrice Jones1894194652
Florence E Jones1886197286
Florence Emily Jones1875195176
Florence Emma Jones186018611
Florence Grace Jones1882197290
Florence Mabel Jones1909198677
Florence Margaret Jones1880197696
Florence Margaretta Jones 1917
Florence Mary Martha Jones 1957
Florence Miriam Jones1875193560
Florence Ruby Jones1886190923
Frances Jones1803185148
Frances Jones
Frances Jones1795188085
Frances Jones
Frances Jones
Frances Jones
Frances Jones
Frances Jones 1941
Frances Ann Jones1855186712
Frances Ann Jones185618593
Frances Lousia Jones
Frances May Jones1914199480
Frances Sophia Jones1803186158
Frances Theresa Jones1830189161
Francis Jones1789185162
Francis Jones1829189061
Francis Jones
Francis Jones
Francis Jones
Francis Jones
Francis Jones
Francis Anthony Jones1925200075
Francis Arthur Jones1909199182
Francis D Jones1900192727
Francis F Jones1917197962
Frank Jones
Frank Jones1913197461
Frank Jones1893197481
Frank Jones1911196857
Frank Jones 6
Frank Jones1905193934
Frank Jones1932200775
Frank Jones1890196070
Frank Harold Jones1927199063
Frank J Jones1915198469
Frank J Jones1894198187
Frank John Jones1874193359
Frank Joseph Jones1927199467
Frank R T Jones1902198280
Frank Stanley Jones1892198189
Frank William Jones1912197159
Fred Jones1930199060
Fred Jones1875196287
Fred Jones
Fred Jones1912195947
Freda Jones
Freda Jones
Freda Jones1915198368
Freda Elizabeth Jones 1951
Frederick Jones1871195887
Frederick Jones1875195176
Frederick Jones1875195176
Frederick Jones186118643
Frederick Jones1850194191
Frederick Jones1879190829
Frederick Jones 1942
Frederick Jones1933199764
Frederick Jones1866191145
Frederick Jones1862195088
Frederick Jones1890195969
Frederick Jones 1956
Frederick Jones
Frederick Arthur Jones1894197076
Frederick Bright Jones 1997
Frederick Charles Jones1864188319
Frederick Cyril Jones1919195536
Frederick G Tucker Jones
Frederick George Jones1883196077
Frederick Hugh Jones1918195133
Frederick Hugh Jones
Frederick James Jones1925197853
Frederick Reginald Jones1874196793
Frederick T Jones
Frederick Thomas Jones1900196262
Frederick Thomas Jones1909196859
Frederick Thomas Jones1910196858
Frederick William Jones1874195581
Frederick William Jones188318852
Frederick William Jones1913197259
Frederick William Jones1883195370
Frederick William Jones1856190953
Frederick William Theodore Jones1891197079
Fredrick Ronald Jones1935200671
Freida Kate Jones1902198886
G Jones
G Jones (Volunteer)1914194026
G Jones (Pte)
G Jones (Volunteer) 1940
G Jones (Private)
G W Jones
G A Jones (Cpl)
G C Jones
G F Jones (Gnr)
G M Jones1730177545
G Sheldon Jones1918199981
G V R Jones1919199172
Gaelene Jones
Gareth Alan Jones 1976
Gaynor Jones1914195945
Gaynor Jones1856191761
Gedija Jones1943201067
Geoffrey Douglas Jones1885194358
George Jones
George Jones1857192871
George Jones185918645
George Jones1867190235
George Jones1890196474
George Jones1912195543
George Jones
George Jones
George Jones1868194274
George Jones1775183560
George Jones
George Jones1913198067
George Jones1922200785
George Jones1825188964
George Jones
George Jones1857193477
George Jones1868194779
George Jones
George Jones
George Jones1869194879
George Jones
George Jones1823189875
George Jones 1813
George Jones1871192756
George Jones 2001
George Jones1867193669
George Jones189218953
George Jones1886196074
George Jones1910196656
George Jones1819186950
George Jones
George Jones 1939
George Jones1922198058
George Jones
George Jones1891196170
George Jones 2001
George Jones1893191724
George Jones 1987
George Jones1870191545
George Aubrey Jones1918198365
George B Jones1921197251
George David Jones
George Edward Jones1845185712
George Edwin Jones1867191043
George Frederick Jones188118854
George Gilbert Jones1833185118
George Harper Jones1797186972
George Harpur Jones183418373
George Helmore Jones1868194072
George Henry Jones1859189435
George Henry Jones1873195481
George Henry Jones1872191442
George Herbert Mitchell Jones 1986
George Horace Jones 1855
George Howard Jones1868194678
George M Jones
George Norman Jones1914193925
George Reginald Jones (L/Cpl) 1916
George Robert Jones
George Sibbering Jones1854192571
George Tegid Jones190219031
George Wilkie Jones1898191719
George William Jones1868192456
George William Jones1874189622
George William Jones1868192456
George William Jones1928199163
Georgiana Jones7619501874
Georgina Jones 1938
Georgina Jones
Gerald Arnold Balfour Jones1905196257
Gerald Robert Jones1930199868
Gerald Sidney Jones1897194447
Gerald William Jones1875194570
Gertrude Jones1901195756
Gertrude Jones 1973
Gertrude Catherine Jones188118821
Gertrude Elizabeth Jones1883196380
Gertrude Ethel Jones1876193660
Gertrude Jessie Jones1906199690
Gertrude May Jones1912200189
Getrude Mary Jones1871194574
Gilbert Henry Jones1924198460
Giles Hedley Jones1875194065
Gladys Jones1913199885
Gladys Jones 1975
Gladys Jones1918200991
Gladys Mary Jones1893196168
Gladys Mary Jones1920197959
Gldys Jones1912200997
Gloria Jones
Glyn Caron Wynn Jones1910198070
Glyn Caron Wynn Jones1910198070
Glyn Trevor Jones1971195021
Glyn Trevor Jones1950197121
Glynn Jones 1966
Goerge Usher Jones180118065
Gordon Jones
Gordon Jones
Gordon Francis Jones195119510
Gordon James Jones1914201096
Gordon James Jones 1918
Gordon James Jones 1918
Gordon Norman Jones1914198167
Grace Jones1790187585
Grace Jones
Grace Jones1916199276
Grace Jones1858193375
Grace Jones1846191670
Grace Jones
Grace E Jones1902197573
Grace Ellen Jones186618682
Grace Gwendoline Jones1902199290
Grace Keith Jones1807188073
Grace Thelma Jones193419362
Grace W Jones1905194540
Graeme Jones
Graham Jones1894195763
Graham Jones
Graham Jones1955199641
Graham Jones1955199641
Graham Peter Jones1947200861
Graham Thomas Hatherley Jones1921199978
Greville Tyndall Jones1865191853
Griff Jones1930200474
Griffith Jones1893191825
Griffith Jones1856191963
Griffith Jones1847192780
Griffith Jones1803186360
Griffith Jones183218397
Griffith Jones1787186881
Griffith H Jones1909197667
Griffith T Jones
Gwen Jones1919198263
Gwen Jones1774184167
Gwen M Jones
Gwendoline Jones1922198967
Gwendoline Elizabeth Jones1908200193
Gwendoline Mary Jones1924199874
Gwendoline Mary Jones1915197863
Gwenllian Jones1849191970
Gwenny Jones1874195177
Gwilym Jones1891195968
Gwyn Jones1962199634
Gwyneth Mary Jones1923201188
H Jones
H Jones
H Jones (Private) 1940
H A Hathway Jones (Lieut General Rm)1884194460
H C Jones 1942
H E Jones 1941
H H Jones 1842
H H Jones
H Newman Jones
H Newman Jones (Flt sgt ) 1945
H R Jones (Pte)
H R B Jones
H W Jones
Hamilton Gouldsworthy Jones (Driver)
Hannah Jones7818711793
Hannah Jones1898198789
Hannah Jones1821189372
Hannah Jones1840191272
Hannah Jones1854188632
Hannah Jones1880196686
Hannah Jones1822184725
Hannah Jones 1937
Hannah Jones1868194880
Hannah Jones1880193353
Hannah Jones1875195378
Hannah Jones 1958
Hannah Jones 1967
Hannah Jones1764183268
Hannah Jones1824191389
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones1823188461
Hannah Jones1847191265
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones1876191539
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones1849186213
Hannah Jones187218742
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones1789186475
Hannah Jane Jones1853190653
Hannah Jane Jones1852191664
Hannah M Jones1827190073
Hannah Maria Jones185018533
Hannah Mary Jones1859188829
Harley Gifford Jones1920199878
Harold Jones188718892
Harold Jones1901197675
Harold Jones1889190920
Harold Jones191219197
Harold Jones1898197072
Harold Jones1903199693
Harold Jones1897197275
Harold Jones1897197275
Harold Arthur Jones1910198474
Harold C Jones192619271
Harold E Jones
Harold Francis Jones1899198485
Harold Hughes Jones1880194666
Harold Vincent Jones1919196748
Harold William John Jones1885195570
Harriet Jones1718851868
Harriet Jones1857193780
Harriet Jones
Harriet Jones
Harriet Jones 1929
Harriet Jones1835190368
Harriet Jones1859190344
Harriet Jones1829191687
Harriet Jones1863194683
Harriet Jones1842190563
Harriet Jones1806190195
Harriet Jones
Harriet Jones 1923
Harriet Jones 1923
Harriet Ann Jones1895197984
Harriet Sophia Jones1845191570
Harriett Jones
Harriett Frances Jones1884194359
Harriett Maria Jones1861189231
Harriot Jones1821191089
Harriot Jones
Harriot Jones1799188687
Harriot Jones1818189173
Harry Jones1823190077
Harry Jones1862193775
Harry Jones1910197969
Harry Jones1936200064
Harry Jones 2000
Harry Jones1915198267
Harry Jones1868193668
Harry Jones1868193668
Harry Jones1893191724
Harry Jones1904197470
Harry Jones
Harry Jones1869195182
Harry Jones
Harry Jones1910197565
Harry Jones1905194742
Harry Jones
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 1917
Harry Jones1883196683
Harry Austin Jones1930199363
Harry Bryan Jones1920196242
Harry Richard Jones 1970
Harry Richard Jones1877195174
Hattie I Jones19801896-84
Haydon Harold Jones (Rt Rev)1920200282
Hazel Jones1926198458
Hazel Claire Jones 1980
Hazel Mary Jones1926200680
Heather Jones
Heather Jones1930201080
Heather Jones
Heather M Jones
Helen Jones
Helen Frances Jones1950200858
Helen Marjorie Jones1911200291
Helen Mary Jones1939197031
Helen Mary Jones 1865
Helena May Jones1910198272
Henrietta Jones1883193653
Henry Jones1742183694
Henry Jones1842188745
Henry Jones
Henry Jones1800186767
Henry Jones1844192076
Henry Jones
Henry Jones
Henry Jones
Henry Jones1815189984
Henry Jones
Henry Jones (Pte) 1918
Henry Jones1804189086
Henry Jones1774180733
Henry Jones
Henry Jones1825188560
Henry Jones1803183835
Henry Jones
Henry Jones (Rev)
Henry Jones
Henry Jones1827189063
Henry Jones (Sir)
Henry Jones1898193133
Henry Jones1938195618
Henry Jones1854192470
Henry Jones1864192561
Henry Jones (Rev)1818189274
Henry Jones1864192561
Henry Jones (Rev)1735178550
Henry Jones1853191057
Henry Jones1856193680
Henry Jones1865193570
Henry Jones1859188829
Henry Jones1878190123
Henry Jones1796186771
Henry Jones1732179260
Henry Jones183918390
Henry Albert Jones1876195781
Henry Alfred Jones1876192953
Henry Charles Jones1875194671
Henry Charles Jones1856188428
Henry Charles Jones1904196965
Henry Ewer Jones 1948
Henry Harry Jones1902198583
Henry Holmes Jones1812188371
Henry Holmes Jones1812188371
Henry James Jones1856192872
Henry John Jones1852191361
Henry John Jones1878193557
Henry John Jones1847190558
Henry John Braddick Jones1848186921
Henry Joseph Jones1899191718
Henry Joseph Jones1874192854
Henry Joseph Jones1899191718
Henry Joseph Jones1874192854
Henry M Jones1891197584
Henry Mathew Jones1888194658
Henry Richard Jones1875189621
Henry Richmond Jones (Capt)1899197879
Henry W Jones1906200195
Henry William Jones1882196179
Hephezibah Jones1860195494
Hephzibah Louise Jones1890197282
Herbert Jones 1957
Herbert Jones1865193570
Herbert Jones 1957
Herbert Jones1869195081
Herbert Jones1906196458
Herbert Cecil Jones1929199566
Herbert E Jones 1934
Herbert Edward Jones1917194225
Herbert Henry Jones 1930
Herbert James Jones1888197082
Herbert Nicholas Jones1904196359
Herbert R Jones1896196670
Herbert R Jones1896196670
Herbert Sutton Jones1819182910
Herbert Thomas Jones1889191728
Herbert Tracy Jones1857193376
Herbert Valentine Jones1869189627
Herbert William Jones1906199387
Hesse Jones1896195357
Hester Rhoda Inigo Jones1898194850
Hettie Jones1897192427
Hettie Jones 1894
Hettie Jones191519194
Hilary Jones
Hilary Joy Jones1953197926
Hilary Lucy Jones1924
Hilda Jones188818968
Hilda Jones1906200094
Hilda Jones1900195151
Hilda Jones1906198175
Hilda Jones 2004
Hilda Adeline Jones 1987
Hilda C Jones1906197367
Hilda K Jones1902198785
Hilda Mary Jones1913197663
Hilda May Jones1908196052
Hilda May Jones1920199676
Hollis James Jones1905197267
Horace Jones1907196255
Horace Jones1882191028
Horace Jones1922201290
Horace Alfred Jones (Ordinary Seaman) 1917
Howard Jones1887197285
Howel Jones
Howel Jones1845192075
Howell Jones1794187177
Howell Albert Jones1878195577
Howell Meredith Jones1894196268
Hubert Jones1906198680
Hubert John Jones1923197653
Hugh Jones (Master)1874191844
Hugh Jones1878193355
Hugh Jones
Hugh Jones1823186845
Hugh Jones1776184266
Hugh Jones
Hugh Jones1912198068
Hugh Jones
Hugh Jones1816187256
Hugh Jones
Hugh Jones1833185724
Hugh Jones1801188685
Hugh Basil Jones (Rev )1886196276
Hugh William Jones1896195256
Hughe-browne Jones 1691
Humphrey Herbert Jones
I Jones (L/cpl)
I Jones (L/cpl)
Ian Jones
Ian N Jones1949200657
Ian Oscar Jones1926197347
Ida Jones1882193553
Idris Jones1911193120
Idris Jones1913197360
Ila Marjorie Jones1930198656
Imgarda Pauline Jones1926199266
Inigo Jones1834188854
Irene Jones1915194227
Irene Jones1919194324
Irene Jones1921198362
Irene Jones1921198362
Irene Jones
Irene Jones 2008
Irene Helen Winifred Jones1897198285
Irene Shirley Jones1932198048
Iris Jones1932200573
Isa Jones1912198472
Isa Jones1912198472
Isa Jones1912198472
Isa M Jones
Isaac Jones1832191583
Isaac Jones1884193955
Isaac Jones1868192759
Isaac Jones1868192759
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones1847189952
Isaac Jones1801188988
Isaac Jones
Isaac Hartley Jones1887194861
Isaac Jones Jones1870193464
Isaac Solomon Jones1899197879
Isabel Jones1888194658
Isabel Jones
Isabel Jones19941924-70
Isabella Jones186318641
Isabella Jones1860192868
Isabella Eleanor Jones 1951
Isabella Jane Jones1864189430
Isaiah Jones1904197470
Isobella Jones19092011102
Iveigh Marguerite Gladys Bayly Jones1878194365
Ivienettya Stella Jones 1938
Ivor Alcuin Jones
Ivor Gwyn Jones1883194764
Ivor Llewellyn Jones1913197764
Ivor Mike Jones1920199474
Ivy Jones1921201190
Ivy Alice Jones
Ivy Annie Jones1910200090
Ivy Eleanor Jones1904197975
Ivy Ella Jones1893195763
Ivy M Jones
Ivy Mary Jones1907198578
J Jones
J Jones (Pte) 1863
J Jones
J Jones1922194321
J Jones (Private) 1917
J Jones
J Evans Jones1858191557
J V Jones (Capt )
J Bryan Jones
J Bryan Jones (Asst Std ) 1945
J C Jones
J E Jones
J E Jones
J E Jones
J E Jones
J E Jones
J E Jones
J E Jones
J H Jones
J H Jones
J H Jones
J R J Jones 1960
J S Jones (Sgt)1919194223
J S Jones1896191923
J W Jones (Rev)
J W Jones (Able Seaman RN)1904194036
J W Jones (Able Seaman RN)1904194036
J W Jones
J. K. Jones
Jack Jones1895195964
Jack Jones
Jack Jones (Sgt ) 1945
Jacqueline Jones
Jadon S Jones1858194284
James Jones1852191159
James Jones1825188560
James Jones1864187410
James Jones1826189064
James Jones1840191272
James Jones1853192471
James Jones1841192786
James Jones1789185566
James Jones
James Jones1793187279
James Jones1799188283
James Jones 1819
James Jones 1860
James Jones
James Jones1846192074
James Jones1846192074
James Jones
James Jones
James Jones
James Jones
James Jones1874193662
James Jones1891195867
James Jones1848187426
James Jones1840188242
James Jones1798187173
James Jones
James Jones188518905
James Jones
James Jones
James Jones 1943
James Jones 1943
James Jones1827188962
James Jones1859191354
James Jones1868193163
James Jones1885195065
James Jones1914199379
James Jones1860194383
James Alexander Jones1845192479
James Anthony Jones188618871
James Arthur Jones1862193775
James Arthur Jones1893195865
James Davenport Jones 1918
James David Jones1873191340
James E Jones
James Edward Jones1908199385
James Edward Jones1861193069
James Edward Jones1893195562
James Henry Jones
James Henry Jones1899196364
James Henry Jones1872193159
James L Jones1848191365
James Thomas Jones1876191135
James William Jones 1943
James William Jones 1894
Jane Jones1830190676
Jane Jones1863190946
Jane Jones 1833
Jane Jones1821184625
Jane Jones1834190268
Jane Jones1823187754
Jane Jones
Jane Jones
Jane Jones1887192942
Jane Jones1838186426
Jane Jones1840191878
Jane Jones1809185950
Jane Jones
Jane Jones1873194976
Jane Jones1831188251
Jane Jones1843191471
Jane Jones
Jane Jones183818435
Jane Jones1834191682
Jane Jones1958199739
Jane Jones1908199587
Jane Jones1908199587
Jane Jones1863194683
Jane Jones1885197691
Jane Jones1802187977
Jane Jones180918123
Jane Jones1853188734
Jane Jones1872196189
Jane Jones
Jane Jones184418462
Jane Jones
Jane Jones
Jane Jones1817188871
Jane Jones1819188263
Jane Jones1844190965
Jane Jones1835191378
Jane Jones1853186815
Jane Jones1805187267
Jane Jones
Jane Jones187118732
Jane Jones1845188540
Jane Jones184718536
Jane Jones1845188540
Jane Jones1808182820
Jane Allnatt Jones1821189271
Jane Ann Jones 1947
Jane Ann Jones 1947
Jane Ann Jones1879191334
Jane Ann Jones 1926
Jane Caroline Jones1899198990
Jane Eliza Jones1825185530
Jane Elizabeth Jones1842191977
Jane Elizabeth Jones1860191454
Jane Elizabeth Jones1866190337
Jane Ellen Jones1887195366
Jane Emily Jones1835190974
Janet Jones
Janet Jones1944201065
Janet Charlotte Jones1854193985
Janet Elizabeth Jones1863189633
Janet Elliott Jones1946198640
Janet Sarah Jones186018622
Janet Williams Jones185018511
Janine Rose Jones1928199062
Jasmine Crystal Jones 2001
Jason Leigh Jones1974199217
Jean Jones 1999
Jean Jones 1999
Jean Annaline Jones191119154
Jean Lottie Marguerite Jones1927199365
Jeanetta Iris Jones1926197246
Jeff Mark Jones1984200420
Jemima Jones1867195386
Jemima Jones1823185532
Jemima Jones1909199081
Jemima Jones1887196780
Jenkin Jones
Jenkin Jones (Capt)
Jenkin Jones
Jenkin Jones (Lt gen )1830190878
Jenkin Jones (Captain)
Jenkin Jones (Major)1861191857
Jenkin Jones (Lt gen )1830190878
Jenkin Jones (Captain)
Jenkin Jones (Major)1861191857
Jennie Jones 1939
Jennie Jones
Jennie E Jones1860192060
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Anne Jones1949200455
Jennifer Mary Jones 4
Jenny Jones1905198782
Jenny Susannah Jones1899198686
Jerome V Jones1838188648
Jerome V Jones1838188648
Jesse Jones1864191147
Jesse Jones (Captain)1787186881
Jessie Jones1908198577
Jessie Jones1909198172
Jessie Jones1912199179
Jessie Jones1874194975
Jessie Jones1899198485
Jessie Jones1899198485
Jessie Jones188618871
Jessie Jones1861194483
Jessie Anne Jones1875195883
Jessie Emma Harriet Jones1823
Jim Jones1942200967
Jmmie Jones
Joan Jones1840191474
John Jones1784185066
John Jones1733177946
John Jones1733177946
John Jones
John Jones1884194258
John Jones
John Jones1793186471
John Jones1834187945
John Jones1847191669
John Jones1847191669
John Jones4818891841
John Jones1883194764
John Jones1842191270
John Jones1881193857
John Jones1893194047
John Jones1889194455
John Jones 1939
John Jones
John Jones 1939
John Jones1792186169
John Jones1865194176
John Jones1830189767
John Jones
John Jones1788186375
John Jones1790186575
John Jones
John Jones1846192377
John Jones (vicar)
John Jones1901197473
John Jones1906198680
John Jones1783183350
John Jones1796186569
John Jones
John Jones1794183844
John Jones1799186970
John Jones1791184352
John Jones1915192611
John Jones1826188155
John Jones1870188717
John Jones1845192883
John Jones1872194472
John Jones1801186665
John Jones
John Jones1771182150
John Jones1872194472
John Jones1801186665
John Jones
John Jones1771182150
John Jones 91
John Jones1809186253
John Jones1835190873
John Jones1843192683
John Jones1834189561
John Jones1875196388
John Jones1792187886
John Jones1792187886
John Jones1896197882
John Jones1799188182
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones 23
John Jones
John Jones1780186080
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones1812188068
John Jones1870190030
John Jones1821184524
John Jones1855192772
John Jones1859193172
John Jones1841190059
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones1812188371
John Jones1831189564
John Jones1835189762
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones (Reverend)
John Jones
John Jones1915196954
John Jones1779180122
John Jones
John Jones1808187870
John Jones1790187989
John Jones
John Jones1821190584
John Jones
John Jones1805186863
John Jones1832186836
John Jones1860192565
John Jones1831189564
John Jones1842192179
John Jones1827188255
John Jones1851186312
John Jones1776185781
John Jones
John Jones1777182043
John Jones183418362
John Jones
John Jones1908197870
John Jones 1942
John Jones1868193163
John Jones 1944
John Jones
John Jones1853190451
John Jones1908197870
John Jones
John Jones 1821
John Jones1788182638
John Jones1866192963
John Jones1834192288
John Jones
John Jones 1883
John Jones 1903
John Jones1824188864
John Jones1864189329
John Jones1783181936
John Jones
John Jones1777182043
John Jones1808189688
John Jones1702176058
John Jones183418362
John Jones
John Jones1791185665
John Jones1723175128
John Jones1827190073
John Jones 1939
John Jones (Private) 1943
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones1818187961
John Jones 1912
John Jones1765184883
John Jones
John Jones187118710
John Jones
John Jones
John Jones1837192386
John Jones
John Jones1843188946
John Jones1833190774
John Jones
John Jones1848191466
John Jones
John Jones 1863
John Jones1843191269
John Jones1851192372
John Jones1875194469
John Jones
John Jones 1820
John Jones184918501
John Jones 1789
John Jones
John Jones1720180888
John Jones (Penr)
John Jones1816188165
John Jones1840185515
John Jones1832191583
John Jones
John Jones 1784
John Jones
John Jones1836188145
John Jones 1952
John (price) Jones1937197941
John Alexander Jones1872194573
John Arthur Jones1913198370
John Ashton Jones
John Bellis Jones 1859
John C Jones1901192827
John C Jones1916196549
John C Jones
John Charles Jones1906196963
John Coats Jones1840190464
John Colston Jones1853191057
John Colston Jones1853191057
John Cox Jones1832191179
John David Jones1881193554
John David Jones1887196780
John Dennis Jones1929200677
John Denton Jones1900196262
John Edmund Lloyd Jones1833190269
John Edward Jones
John Edward Jones1906195549
John Edward James Jones1860192464
John Edwin Jones1880189818
John Ellis Jones1899197980
John Ellis Jones1883195370
John Emrys Jones8319951912
John Emrys Jones1916198670
John Eric Jones
John Eyton Jones1864189127
John Frank Jones186218719
John Giles Jones1832190775
John Griffith Jones1888195567
John Gwilym Jones1912199381
John H Jones
John H Jones1873193663
John H Jones1856187519
John H Jones1834187440
John Harry Jones187718781
John Henry Jones1877191033
John Henry Jones1874193763
John Henry Jones
John Henry Jones1895198388
John Henry Jones1853190552
John Henry Jones 1977
John Henry Jones1859194586
John Howard Jones
John Inigo Jones1876190125
John James Jones1904194945
John Jones Jones (Mayor)
John Joseph Jones1885196277
John Kenneth Jones1928199163
John Kirk Jones1896192125
John Lewis Jones1910195747
John Llewellyn Jones1895197277
John Maldram Jones189318985
John Owen Jones1892196775
John Owen Jones1892196775
John Owen Jones 1948
John Owen Jones
John Owen Jones1902193937
John Owen Jones1833190168
John P Jones
John P Jones
John Robert Jones
John Robert Jones1917200184
John Robert Jones1858190143
John Robert Jones1902197472
John salisbury Jones1850193686
John Sheldon Jones 1831
John Sibbering Jones 1958
John Smithson Jones 1857
John Stanley Jones1929200475
John T Jones 1944
John T Jones 1967
John Thomas Jones (Sgt)1885191732
John Vaughan Jones1844191672
John W Jones1888193951
John W Jones1888193951
John W Jones (Father)1900199494
John W Jones (S M)1900199494
John W Jones1872194977
John W Jones (Major)1915200792
John W Jones1860193272
John Wesley Jones1891194756
John William Jones187418740
John William Jones1889197889
John William Jones1927193912
John William Jones1927193912
John William Jones1783185067
John William Jones1926199872
John William Jones
John William James Jones1898197476
John Woodcock Jones1832191482
Johnathan Jones1717177760
Johnnie Jones
Johnny Jones1898192022
Jonathan William Jones1859192364
Jonathan William Jones199119921
Joseph Jones1838190769
Joseph Jones 75
Joseph Jones1876193963
Joseph Jones1839191879
Joseph Jones1855188126
Joseph Jones1854193884
Joseph Jones1874193864
Joseph Jones1789181324
Joseph Jones1877193962
Joseph Jones1865192762
Joseph Jones1890197989
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones1880192949
Joseph Jones1853193582
Joseph Jones1864188521
Joseph Jones1834191278
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones184018466
Joseph Jones1787186679
Joseph Albert Jones1915198469
Joseph Arthur Jones (Commander)1886194559
Joseph Bernard Phipps Jones1924198965
Joseph Charles Jones1883194360
Joseph Edgar Jones1865189833
Joseph John Jones1906195751
Joseph Peter Jones1872195179
Joseph Richard Jones1879189920
Joseph Richard Jones1879189920
Joseph S Jones1887191932
Joseph Thatcher Jones1836188246
Joseph Thomas Jones1864192965
Joshua Jones1859192364
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones1874194470
Josiah Jones 1880
Josie Alice Jones1921200887
Jown W Jones 1918
Joyce Jones1925198762
Joyce Jones
Juan Jones1761183776
Judith Jones
Julia Jones1913199986
Julia Martha Jones1902199694
Julie Jones
Julietta Jane Ann Jones1876195579
K Jones
K Jones
K Jones
Karen Jenette Jones
Karen Jenette Jones195719647
Kate Jones188218853
Kate Jones
Kate Jones1871189019
Kate Jones1869190435
Kate Jones
Kate Constance Mary Jones1881192544
Kate G Jones1874195379
Kath Jones1919198263
Katherine Jones1891191827
Katherine Thorrowgood Jones1816186246
Kathleen Jones1900198484
Kathleen Jones 1882
Kathleen Jones1929199869
Kathleen Jones1895195055
Kathleen Jones1929198758
Kathleen Jones1905198681
Kathleen Jones1919198061
Kathleen Jones1947200861
Kathleen Jones1947200861
Kathleen Margaret Caldwell Jones1909199788
Kathleen Mary Jones1894196369
Kathleen Phyllis Jones1907195952
Kathleen S Jones1910199686
Kathlyn Mary Jones 1931
Kathrine Evans Jones1765178924
Katie Jones 1975
Katt Jones1985200419
Kay Jones
Kay Jones
Keith Albert Jones1911199988
Kelvin Jones1907199891
Ken Jones1915199479
Ken Jones
Kenneth Jones1920199575
Kenneth Arnold Jones194619515
Kenneth Maurice Jones1930200979
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
Kevin Allan Jones1940198242
Kirstine Jones1881195574
Kitson Jones1793181623
L Jones1894191824
L A Jones
L D Jones
L L Jones (Signalman)1899191819
L W Jones (Pte)1891191726
Lalla Jones1880196787
Laura Jones1910192818
Laura Jones1837190669
Laura Jones
Laura Jones1875196287
Laura Jones1869189930
Laura Jones1865192964
Laura Jones 1974
Laura Jones 1974
Laura Agnes Jessie Jones
Laura Agnes Jessie Jones
Laura Mary Jones1882194563
Laurel Irma Jones1911197665
Laurence Harry Duniam Jones1883196077
Lavender M Jones1901199796
Lavina Amy Jones1894198187
Lawrence Albert Jones (F/Sgt) 1943
Lawrence Frederick Jones1899198586
Lawrence Philip Jones 2007
Leah Jones1834191783
Leah Owen Jones1836189862
Lee Jones1882195977
Lee Morgan Jones1882195977
Leighann Jones
Lemuel Jones
Lena Jones1902199694
Lenitia Jones
Lennard Alfred Jones1926199670
Leon Jones
Leon Jones1947196821
Leonard Jones 1918
Leonard Jones
Leonard Jones1899191213
Leonard Jones1911197463
Les Jones1927199669
Leslie Jones1927195831
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones
Leslie A Jones1903198178
Leslie Darby Jones (Revd)1907196255
Leslie Ernest Jones1914198571
Leslie Frank Jones1896197377
Leslie W Jones1898196466
Lester Merlin Jones1908197062
Letitia Jones1902199290
Letty Jones1905198984
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones 2000
Lewis Jones
Lewis Jones1835190671
Lewis Jones1816186852
Lewis Frederick Jones1933199865
Lewis Silas Jones200020000
Libbie Jones 1931
Lilia Kate Jones1862193674
Lilian Jones 1980
Lilian Jones
Lilian Jones
Lilian Jones1884195773
Lilian Jones1912197967
Lilian Jones
Lilian Jones1884193955
Lilian Jones1918200688
lilian Emma Jones1889197384
Lilian G Jones1911196756
Lilian Mary Jones1929199768
Lilian Rose Mary Jones1900197373
Lillian Edith Rose Jones 2003
Lillian Emily Jones1912198169
Lillian Frances Jones1910198575
Lillian Harriet Jones 1968
Lillie Blanche Jones1868194577
Lilly Jones1884196379
Lily Jones1892198593
Lily Jones1915198671
Lily Jones1821190281
Lily Jones1889198293
Lily Jones1888194052
Lily Jones1889195162
Lily Jones1910193626
Lily E Jones 1958
Lily Victoria Loveridge Jones 1948
Linda Jones1898194749
Linda Jones
Lionel Jesse Jones
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones1979200122
Lizzie Jones1874194773
Lizzie Maria Jones 1897
Llewellyn Jones1887194962
Llewellyn Jones1876193155
Llewelyn Jones
Llewelyn Jones1911197564
Lloyd Jones1909197162
Lloyd Jones1762181957
Lloyds Jones
Lois Jones1904197066
Lois Jeanne Jones1911198170
Lottie Jones1885197893
Louis E Jones1865191752
Louis E Jones1890195060
Louisa Jones1871194978
Louisa Jones1902197573
Louisa Jones
Louisa Jones1865192560
Louisa Jones 73
Louisa Jones1911200695
Louisa Jones
Louisa Jones1849190455
Louisa Jones1849190455
Louisa Jones1864193773
Louisa Jones1792186876
Louisa Jones
Louisa Emily Jones1872195280
Louisa Macneil Jones
Lovedy Jones
Loyd Jones
Lucy Jones1862193977
Lucy Jones1872195381
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones1823189774
Lucy Jones1873195077
Lucy Jones1899196768
Lucy Jones 1988
Lucy Jones1918198465
Lucy Jones1918198465
Lucy A Jones1878195678
Lucy Elizabeth Jones1920200484
Lucy Isabel Jones
Lucy Louisa Jones 1849
Lucy S C Jones1897191821
Lydia Jones
Lynn Jones
M Jones1883191835
M Jones
M Jones1800187878
M Jones
M Jones
M A Jones1849191667
M A Jones
M A Jones
M Hornick Jones1911195342
Mabel Jones1900197979
Mabel Jones1929200172
Mabel Jones1901199695
Mabel Jones 2002
Mabel Jones
Mabel Jones1903198178
Mabel Jones1896196367
Mabel Jones1894196672
Mabel Jones187918811
Mabel Grace Jones 1965
Mabel Matilda Mary Jones1894198894
Mable Jones1903198279
Madge Jones1902199290
Maggie Jones1882195674
Mahala Jones 1936
Mahala Jones 1936
Mair Jones1932198553
Mair Ann Jones
Maisie Marie Jones1905200095
Malcolm Jones
Marcia Gertrude Jones1910197060
Marcus David Jones1929200273
Marcus Lindsay Jones1910199282
Marcus Lindsay Jones
Margaret Jones1868191850
Margaret Jones1828188355
Margaret Jones1818188062
Margaret Jones1829189364
Margaret Jones7318231750
Margaret Jones1889196576
Margaret Jones1889196576
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1884195571
Margaret Jones1916199377
Margaret Jones1932200472
Margaret Jones1800187171
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1800187171
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1884195571
Margaret Jones1813187360
Margaret Jones1794187076
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1827188558
Margaret Jones1816188266
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1835190974
Margaret Jones1797187073
Margaret Jones1901195554
Margaret Jones1918197860
Margaret Jones1931199160
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1840193191
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones186518661
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1850189545
Margaret Jones1834189359
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1834191985
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones1837190972
Margaret Jones
Margaret Jones187018700
Margaret Jones1720175737
Margaret Jones1787186578
Margaret Jones1942199957
Margaret Jones1845193085
Margaret Jones1858193173
Margaret Jones1797185457
Margaret Ann Jones1894195965
Margaret Ann Jones1862191250
Margaret Ann Jones 1897
Margaret Ann Jones1866188721
Margaret Ann Jones186218653
Margaret Austin Jones1876194266
Margaret Burnell Jones
Margaret Burnell Jones
Margaret Clarry Jones1936200569
Margaret E Jones 1914
Margaret Ellen Jones1927200982
Margaret Florence Jones1903199289
Margaret H Jones1911200291
Margaret Jane Jones1862189432
Margaret Jane Jones 1970
Margaret Jane Jones187418762
Margaret Jane Oliver Jones
Margaret Kay Jones
Margaret Mary Jones 1983
Margaret Morton Jones1925197146
Margarete Jones
Margot Jones1898199597
Mari Jane Jones1831190877
Maria Jones
Maria Jones1833188552
Maria Jones1800186565
Maria Jones
Maria Jones
Maria Jones 83
Maria Jones1831188756
Maria Jones 1932
Maria Jones1850193686
Maria Jones1787188194
Maria Jones1950200151
Maria Jones1901198382
Maria Jones1838186123
Maria Elizabeth Jones1875196085
Maria Elizabeth Jones1832184917
Maria Maritza Svecz Jones1908197163
Marian Jones
Marian Jones1915199984
Marianne Jones1778183153
Marie Jones1836189357
Marie-thérèse Jones
Marion Jones
Marion Jones1883194461
Marion Jones1831191382
Marion Jones1864194581
Marion Jones1876195983
Marion Edna Jones8919971908
Marjorie Jones 1894
Marjorie Jones 2009
Marjorie Ethel Jane Jones1909198576
Marjorie L Jones1919199172
Marjorie Oliver Jones1906199387
Marjory Elwy Jones 1947
Marjory Oliver Jones1906199387
Mark Jones
Mark Jones1860192969
Mark Anthony Jones1960200747
Marsh J Jones 1944
Martha Jones1845190358
Martha Jones1874195884
Martha Jones 1833
Martha Jones1818183113
Martha Jones1841186322
Martha Jones1841186322
Martha Jones1855193782
Martha Jones1817190184
Martha Jones1817190184
Martha Jones1859192768
Martha Jones1791183342
Martha Jones1756181256
Martha Jones1867188417
Martha Jones1867188417
Martha Jones
Martha Jones
Martha Jones1834190773
Martha Agnes Jones1902198886
Martha Ellen Jones1847186720
Martha Sarah Jones1863195592
Martin Jones
Martin Jones 1931
Martin Andrew Harman Jones1943200259
Mary Jones1783186683
Mary Jones 1870
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1792184553
Mary Jones1849191061
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1811189281
Mary Jones1811189281
Mary Jones1889196980
Mary Jones1802187169
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1765180641
Mary Jones 1883
Mary Jones1833191077
Mary Jones1808189789
Mary Jones 62
Mary Jones1829190980
Mary Jones1758181658
Mary Jones1891197988
Mary Jones
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1778185880
Mary Jones1842187129
Mary Jones1897197780
Mary Jones1830189969
Mary Jones1787187083
Mary Jones1827188659
Mary Jones1831185928
Mary Jones1827188659
Mary Jones1831185928
Mary Jones1902198987
Mary Jones1833192390
Mary Jones1840191878
Mary Jones1810189282
Mary Jones1765183368
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1827190174
Mary Jones1840188545
Mary Jones1827190174
Mary Jones1840188545
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1912199078
Mary Jones1799185253
Mary Jones1811186554
Mary Jones
Mary Jones183318363
Mary Jones1746181872
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 1818
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1759178425
Mary Jones186118621
Mary Jones1830191282
Mary Jones1834186733
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 1894
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1796187478
Mary Jones1830185727
Mary Jones1791185261
Mary Jones1907197770
Mary Jones1870196292
Mary Jones1881194968
Mary Jones1792185058
Mary Jones 1849
Mary Jones
Mary Jones
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1788186880
Mary Jones1878194567
Mary Jones1879195576
Mary Jones 1936
Mary Jones182518272
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1835190873
Mary Jones1812188775
Mary Jones1825188762
Mary Jones1791182534
Mary Jones1797185558
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1749181869
Mary Jones1774183460
Mary Jones
Mary Jones1861191857
Mary Jones1868193668
Mary Jones1853190653
Mary Jones1724178157
Mary Jones1860193777
Mary Jones1843191067
Mary Jones1789183142
Mary Jones1842191270
Mary Jones1825188762
Mary Jones1791182534
Mary Jones 1869
Mary Jones1787182134
Mary Jones1797185558
Mary Jones1807185447
Mary Jones1843186421
Mary Jones1749182071
Mary Jones1702176159
Mary Jones1695176469
Mary Jones1852193482
Mary Jones 1859
Mary Jones1863188421
Mary Jones1867194174
Mary Jones186218620
Mary Jones1812186452
Mary Jones1849187526
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 1850
Mary Jones1793186774
Mary Jones1747177932
Mary Jones177117798
Mary Jones1831189665
Mary Jones
Mary Jones
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 1872
Mary Jones1742183088
Mary Jones1731181786
Mary Jones 1972
Mary Jones1912198977
Mary Agnes Jones1866194781
Mary Aitken G Jones1820189070
Mary Alice Jones192219231
Mary Alice Revington Jones1829190475
Mary Ann Jones1851191867
Mary Ann Jones190719125
Mary Ann Jones1847189952
Mary Ann Jones187318752
Mary Ann Jones1839186425
Mary Ann Jones1896196872
Mary Ann Jones1864195389
Mary Ann Jones1860195494
Mary Ann Jones1802183230
Mary Ann Jones1865193772
Mary Ann Jones1856190448
Mary Ann Jones1875195277
Mary Ann Jones1855194186
Mary Ann Jones1845191570
Mary Ann Jones178117843
Mary Ann Jones1840191979
Mary Ann Jones 1879
Mary Ann Jones1870195181
Mary Ann Jones1870195181
Mary Ann Jones1844189753
Mary Ann Jones1815189782
Mary Ann Jones 2009
Mary Ann Jones
Mary Ann Jones
Mary Ann Jones1829190071
Mary Ann Jones1849191162
Mary Ann Jones1847192982
Mary Ann Jones1871196190
Mary Ann Jones1832193098
Mary Ann Jones 1941
Mary Ann Jones1905199388
Mary Ann Jones 65
Mary Ann Jones1846191266
Mary Ann Jones 1886
Mary Ann Jones1926199771
Mary Ann Jones1876195478
Mary Ann Jones1885192843
Mary Ann Jones 1884
Mary Ann Jones1853187724
Mary Ann Jones1764184076
Mary Anne Jones178117843
Mary Annie Jones1908197668
Mary Burgess Jones1889191223
Mary Cavell Jones1918200082
Mary Courtney Jones1783186582
Mary E Jones1883194562
Mary E Jones1867193568
Mary E Jones
Mary E Jones1877194164
Mary E Jones 1923
Mary Elizabeth Jones 1897
Mary Elizabeth Jones1906197569
Mary Elizabeth Jones 1871
Mary Elizabeth Jones
Mary Elizabeth Jones1878196789
Mary Ellen Jones1852191361
Mary Ellen Jones1864188925
Mary Ellen Jones1872195482
Mary Ethel Jones1879195475
Mary Evelyn Jones1909196657
Mary Frances Jones1870193464
Mary G Jones 1893
Mary Gabriel Jones (Sister)1897194144
Mary Gladys Jones189819035
Mary H Jones1895196974
Mary Isabella Jones1860193272
Mary J Jones
Mary Jane Jones1884195773
Mary Jane Jones1910198373
Mary Jane Jones1879192647
Mary Jane Jones1858193173
Mary Jane Jones1837186629
Mary Jane Jones
Mary Jane Jones1875196186
Mary Jane Jones1870188717
Mary Jane Jones
Mary Jane Jones
Mary Jane Jones1853191966
Mary Jane Jones1822185634
Mary Jane Jones20021949-53
Mary Jane Jones1888197486
Mary Jane Jones1868193769
Mary Jane Jones1856192569
Mary Jane Jones
Mary Jane Durston Jones1884196581
Mary Jane Roberts Jones1861187110
Mary Johnson Jones1877196790
Mary L Jones (Lady)1882196078
Mary Langford Jones1916199579
Mary Lloyd Jones
Mary Louisa Elizabeth Jones1910200595
Mary Margaret Jones1901198079
Mary Margaret Jones1901198887
Mary Margaret Jones1899197677
Mary Matilda Jones1875195075
Mary Mirriam Jones1897192528
Mary Rebecca Jones1880195272
Mary Sophia Jones1882195977
Mary Susan Jones1785180823
Mary Woodhead Jones1861193271
Matilda Jones1830188555
Matilda Jones1847190760
Matilda Jones1823183815
Matilda Jones1823183815
Matilda Jones1901197978
Matilda Jones1880194161
Matilda Jones1838190769
Matilda Ann Jones1819183011
Matilda Sarah Jones 1845
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones1796187579
Matthew Jones
Matthew Christopher Jones1988200719
Matthew Henry Jones 1961
Matthew L J Jones1864188925
Maud Jones1889196071
Maud Jones1893197380
Maud Jones1889198192
Maud Alice Jones 1906
Maude Marian Jones 1931
Maureen Jones194419451
Maureen Jones1934201278
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones1848192476
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones1820187555
Maurice George Jones1923199572
Maurice Henry Jones1910198373
Maurice Lloyd Jones1878189921
Maurice Richard Jones1914199177
Maurice W Jones1896198892
Mavis Jones1920200181
Mavis Annie Jones1919199677
May Jones18961999103
May Jones1867194881
May Jones1894197278
May Jones1911199180
May Jones1911199180
May Coverdale Jones
May Evelyn Jones1901197776
May Grace Jones1888196577
Meirion Morris Jones
Mellinda Maria Jones1883196885
Menna Jones1937200063
Mervyn Alexander Jones1908198577
Mervyn Henry Jones1947201063
Mervyn R Jones1943201167
Mervyn R Jones1943201167
Mervyn Roy Jones1936199761
Miah Goronwy Jones1933198552
Michael Jones194219442
Michael Jones194219442
Michael Jones
Michael Jones
Michael Jones1949201364
Michael Beverley Jones1950200858
Michael William Jones 1971
Mildred Jones1815185843
Mildred Jones1815185843
Mildred Jones1912200795
Mildred Roberts Jones1923198663
Mildred Strock Jones1920197858
Millicent Jean Jones1914200187
Minnie Jones 1962
Minnie Jones1900198181
Minnie Jones1874194571
Minnie Charlotte Jones1921200382
Minnie EA Jones 1936
Moira Kathleen Jones 1905
Molly M W Jones1892198593
Monica J S Jones1910198070
Morey Quayle Jones1832191684
Morfydd Jones1921193615
Morgan Jones
Morgan Douglas Jones (Guardsman)1918194527
Morris Jones 1972
Moses Jones
Moses Jones (Alderman)
Moses Lloyd Jones188918901
Mrs Georganna Jones 1952
Muriel Jones
Muriel Jones1896192327
Muriel Cecil Jones19022005103
Muriel Doreen Jones1912193119
Muriel Edith Jones190319129
Muriel J Jones
Muriel Josephine Jones1923199673
Myrtle Jones1896196670
Myrtle Alexandra Jones1903198077
Myrtle Emma Jones 1907
N jones
Nance Jones1868191345
Nancie Jones1874194470
Nancie Jones1874194470
Nancy Jones1925195429
Nancy Jones
Nancy Jones1915197863
Nancy Sarah Jones191219208
Nathanael Jones1763183774
Nellie Jones1904196460
Nellie Jones1890197787
Nellie Jones1881191938
Nellie Jones
Nellie Carr Jones
Nellie Elizabeth Jones1893195765
Nellie Kathleen Jones1893195562
Nellie R Jones
Neris Jones1943196724
Netta Jones1884197995
Neville Jones1924201187
Newman Rex Jones1925200479
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones1762184886
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Burnell Jones 1942
Nicholas Burnell Jones 1942
Nigel Anthony Jones1941196928
Nina Jones1911200998
Noel Jones1909198980
Nora Jones
Nora May Jones1911199079
Norah Jones 1919
Norma Jones1926193812
Norman Jones 1916
Norman Jones 75
Norman Jones1921198261
Norman Jones1906192418
Norman Jones1908198678
Norman Arthur Jones1913199683
Norman Buckingham Jones1871194170
Norman Spencer Jones
Norman Stanley Jones189518983
Norris Jones1909197869
Obedience Jones1855187015
Olga Jones1901197978
Olga Mary Jones191319207
Olive Jones1883196582
Olive Jones
Olive Jones1923199067
Oliver Jones1923201188
Oliver Edwin Jones1876195276
Oliver Frederick Jones1902197169
Olwen Jones1918193618
Olwen Jones 2001
Osborne William Jones187918801
Oswald Thomas Jones
Ottis M Jones
Owen Jones1788186779
Owen Jones1886191327
Owen Jones1837191275
Owen Jones
Owen Jones1922198967
Owen Jones1854189238
Owen Jones1842187331
Owen Jones1833190673
Owen Jones1792186472
Owen Jones1773184774
Owen Jones
Owen Jones
Owen L Jones186818735
Owen Lloyd Jones1848187527
Owen Waterson Jones1904199894
Owena Gwen Jones1821184019
P Jones
P D Jones (Pilot Officer)1928195123
P D Jones (F o )1934195824
P G Jones
P G Jones
Pamela Jones
Pamela Jones1944200157
Pamela Margaret Jones1931200372
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 64
Patricia Jones
Patricia Mary Jones
Patricia Mary Jones1928199769
Patrick Charles Jones1931200675
Patty Jones
Paul Jones
Paul Jones
Pearl D Jones1905198479
Peggy Jones 1998
Peggy Margaret Jones1932201078
Percival James Jones1907198780
Percy Jones1899196768
Percy Jones1902199290
Percy Jones 1944
Percy Jones1877195073
Percy Abel Jones1895197176
Percy Charles Jones1893195259
Percy Cotton Jones1882195775
Percy Frederick Jones1892196371
Percy Reginald Jones 1894
Percy William Jones1903191916
Peter Jones193519405
Peter Jones
Peter Jones
Peter Jones1901191615
Peter Jones1901191615
Peter Jones
Peter Jones1872196290
Peter Jones184018422
Peter Jones1760184888
Peter Jones1954201157
Peter Jones
Peter Jones
Peter Jones
Peter Jones1819190182
Peter Jones
Peter Jones
Peter Jones
Peter Jones1927200780
Peter Anthony Jones1940201070
Peter Brian Jones1935201277
Peter C A Jones1927199467
Peter David Jones (F o )1934195824
Peter Frances Jones 1964
Peter G Jones1952198634
Peter John Jones1979199718
Peter Valentine Jones1949197122
Pheobe Jones
Pheobe Jones1851190857
Philip Jones1740180262
Philip Jones
Philip Jones
Philip Eric Jones1949197324
Phill Jones (Sgt ) 1945
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones1847192982
Phoebe Jones1868194173
Phoebe Jones1920200484
Phoebe Jones1888196274
Phoebe Jones 1968
Phoebe Coley Jones1852191765
Phoebe Lillian Jones1912196654
Phyllis Jones1916197054
Phyllis Elizabeth Jones1913198572
Phyllis Evelyn Jones1889195768
Phyllis Milner Jones 1901
Phyllis Rosa Jones1901198079
Price Jones1835185217
Priscilla Jones1861194079
Prudence Jones1808187365
Prudence Jones
Queenie Jones1900196464
R Jones
R Jones
R Jones
R R Jones (Pte)1915196348
R Thomas Jones
R Ambrose Jones
R E Maybury Jones
R Elmor Jones
R F Jones
R G Jones (Aircraftman 2 Class)1915194025
R J T Digby Jones1877190023
R J T Digby Jones1877190023
R J T Digby Jones1877190023
R P Jones
R T Jones 1918
R V Jones
R W Jones (Able Seaman RN)1916193923
R W Jones (Able Seaman RN)1916193923
R. Jones
Rachael Jones
Rachel Jones1829190172
Rachel C Jones1828190678
Rachel Sarah Jones1873190734
Rachell Jones 1766
Ralph Jones
Ramon Sefton Jones1913200289
Ray Jones1920197959
Raymond Jones1908197062
Raymond Jones
Raymond Chales Ambrose Jones1927198659
Raymond Myrddin Jones1916199882
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones1732179159
Rebecca Jones1883192845
Rebeccha Eliza Jones 1862
Rees Jones1828190375
Rees William Jones1825190075
Reg Jones 1946
Reginald Jones
Reginald Jones1898191719
Reginald Allan Jones1924198460
Reginald Eyton Jones1893195259
Reginald S Jones1897197780
Renate Jones1928200779
Reuben Jones1811189382
Reuben Jones
Reuben Jones
Reuben John Jones1876195983
Rf Jones
Rhys Jones1898194749
Rhys Jones1902195957
Rice Jones1774180026
Rice Jones1756182367
Richard Jones1829185526
Richard Jones 1986
Richard Jones1875192045
Richard Jones 1993
Richard Jones1820186242
Richard Jones1776186084
Richard Jones1817187760
Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1795185358
Richard Jones1846192175
Richard Jones1733180875
Richard Jones1800186363
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1837189962
Richard Jones 71
Richard Jones 1846
Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1889193748
Richard Jones1784185066
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1815186550
Richard Jones1811188372
Richard Jones1887195770
Richard Jones192819302
Richard Jones1892194351
Richard Jones1933199259
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1754181662
Richard Jones1787186275
Richard Jones1691175261
Richard Jones1856192771
Richard Jones1847191972
Richard Jones1837187740
Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1789185364
Richard Jones
Richard Jones1870193161
Richard Cobden Jones1866193973
Richard Everard Jones
Richard Hugh Jones1897191619
Richard Hugh Jones1867194073
Richard James Jones (Pumpman)1890194050
Richard John Jones1958197517
Richard Lloyd Jones1899198283
Richard Owen Jones1897193639
Richard T Jones1899195859
Richard Tcker Jones
Richard Thomas Jones1951201160
Richard Tucker Jones1803186966
Richard Walter John Jones1908197567
Richard William Jones 1956
Rita Jones
Rita Jones
Rita Jones1933194411
Rita Ferguson Jones 4
Rob Jones
Rob Jones
Robert Jones1821189372
Robert Jones 73
Robert Jones 1883
Robert Jones8018861806
Robert Jones1865188520
Robert Jones1868192456
Robert Jones1924198965
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones1849189748
Robert Jones 27
Robert Jones1839191778
Robert Jones1855191358
Robert Jones1887196578
Robert Jones
Robert Jones1822190280
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones1831189867
Robert Jones1911195342
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones1831190271
Robert Jones1810188474
Robert Jones1815189176
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones1796187377
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Robert Jones188318929
Robert Jones1782186078
Robert Jones185818679
Robert Jones1810187060
Robert Jones1864188420
Robert Jones1811189685
Robert Jones1869189122
Robert Jones
Robert Jones1844186218
Robert Jones1823185027
Robert A Jones1879194263
Robert Arthur Jones1868192759
Robert Bernard Jones1883191936
Robert Charters Jones1828191385
Robert Charters Jones1828191385
Robert David Jones 1951
Robert David Jones1944198339
Robert E Jones
Robert Edward Jones1892195866
Robert Edward Jones
Robert Edward Jones
Robert Edward Jones1814188672
Robert G Jones1874194066
Robert Henderson Jones1869194071
Robert Henry Jones
Robert James Jones1917198265
Robert John Jones
Robert L Jones
Robert Lawrence Jones1899197374
Robert Linder Jones1923199168
Robert Reuben Jones1903195855
Robert Robinson Jones1849191970
Robert S Jones1841191170
Robert Vincent Jones
Robert William Jones1906197266
Robert William Jones1906197266
Robert William Jones1948196618
Roberts Jones1779179112
Roberts Jones1737180972
Roberts Jones1795181722
Robin Leonard Jones1972199220
Robyn Jones
Robyn Jones
Roger Jones
Roger Jones1694173137
Roger Henry Jones1869190940
Roland Claude Jones 1941
Ronald Jones1921198160
Ronald Jones
Ronald Jones
Ronald Alfred Jones1899198283
Ronald L T Jones1904194440
Ronald Rees Jones1946200155
Rosa Geraldine Jones1888196981
Rosa Grace Jones1939196526
Rosa Grace Jones1939196526
Rosa Maude Jones1876194367
Rosanna Jones1877194972
Rose Jones1899196768
Rose Jones1900199595
Rose Jones1904199793
Rose Jones
Rose Jones
Rose Jones
Rose Jones
Rose Jones1918198668
Rose A Jones1914200490
Rose Anne Jones 1920
Rose Bessie Jones1887196275
Rose Emily Jones1925199570
Roselle Jones 2012
Rosemary Jones
Rosemary Jones
Rosemary Bamber Jones1915199580
Rosina W Jones1920194424
Rosina W Jones1920194424
Rosina Ellen Jones187918812
Rowland Jones190019022
Rowland Fisher Jones1888190921
Roy Alan Jones1924194521
Rudolph H Jones1901191817
Russell B Jones1898197072
Ruth Jones1900197676
Ruth Jones1822191997
Ruth Alice Margaret Jones1907198679
Ruth Harman Jones
Ruth Pennington Harman Jones1919200687
S A Jones (Guardsman) 1914
S C Jones
S G Jones
S K Jones (Lieutenant)1889191425
S Martin Jones
S R Jones (Able Smn)1898191921
Sally Jones 1980
Samson Jones1856191761
Samuel Jones1885193954
Samuel Jones1835190368
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1840189959
Samuel Jones1887197285
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1871194877
Samuel Jones1853187522
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1816188670
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1819188970
Samuel Jones1853187522
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1816188670
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1819188970
Samuel Jones1870188515
Samuel Jones 1963
Samuel Jones1798186870
Samuel Jones1818184224
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1860194080
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones1701174342
Samuel Jones1851192978
Samuel Jones1802186866
Samuel Bernard Jones1897
Samuel C Jones 71
Samuel D Jones
Samuel Edward Jones1840190161
Samuel M Jones
Samuel N Jones1869195182
Samuel Rowlance Jones1820184424
Samuel Simpson Jones1823186643
Samuel William Jones1926200276
Sandra Jones
Sarah Jones1787186477
Sarah Jones 1825
Sarah Jones1841191574
Sarah Jones1839191071
Sarah Jones1802187573
Sarah Jones6519021837
Sarah Jones1891197382
Sarah Jones1820185434
Sarah Jones1860193272
Sarah Jones1785183146
Sarah Jones1823190077
Sarah Jones1837188750
Sarah Jones1871194170
Sarah Jones1849191768
Sarah Jones1849191667
Sarah Jones1823183512
Sarah Jones1760183777
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones1831188554
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 1755
Sarah Jones1810188575
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones1797187275
Sarah Jones1783185875
Sarah Jones 1862
Sarah Jones1858193072
Sarah Jones1788185567
Sarah Jones1851192877
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones1835189863
Sarah Jones1790186575
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 1862
Sarah Jones1805186358
Sarah Jones1744182884
Sarah Jones1778179113
Sarah Jones1800183030
Sarah Jones1819189677
Sarah Jones1816186650
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones1810189282
Sarah Jones1729176536
Sarah Jones1721180180
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones1844186622
Sarah Jones1818187860
Sarah Jones1767185184
Sarah Jones 1978
Sarah Jones 1799
Sarah Jones183718392
Sarah Jones
Sarah Alice Jones1882197694
Sarah Alice Jones 1956
Sarah Ann Jones1891193140
Sarah Ann Jones1831188756
Sarah Ann Jones1861194180
Sarah Ann Jones
Sarah Ann Jones1852192573
Sarah Ann Jones
Sarah Ann Jones
Sarah Ann Jones1865193671
Sarah Ann Jones1864188016
Sarah Ann Jones1813190289
Sarah Ann Jones1831191281
Sarah Ann Jones
Sarah Ann Jones1859193475
Sarah Ann Jones 1981
Sarah Ann Jones184418462
Sarah Ann Jones1892197684
Sarah Ann Jones1827186134
Sarah Ann Jones1858192264
Sarah Ann Jones1879192647
Sarah Anne Jones1837184811
Sarah Augusta Jones1780183050
Sarah Bale Jones1854192672
Sarah Elizabeth Jones1843193087
Sarah Elizabeth Jones1879194566
Sarah Elizabeth Jones1831188453
Sarah Ellen Jones1887196578
Sarah Jane Jones1835188752
Sarah Jane Jones1835188752
Sarah Jane Jones1894195763
Sarah Jane Jones1861192867
Sarah Kate Jones 1929
Sarah S Jones1874196793
Selwyn Jones
Selwyn Robert Jones1916199781
Shadrach Jones1809184333
Shadrach Jones1776184569
Sharna Reisha Jones198719881
Sheila Jones7520041929
Sheila M Rennie Jones1932200169
Shirley Jones1928198557
Shirley Jones
Shirley Elma Jones1924
Sibella Jones1844193995
Sidney Jones1920199474
Sidney Jones 1938
Sidney Jones1881195271
Sidney Jones
Sidney Herbert Jones 1894
Sidney John Jones1898197678
Sidney Norman Jones1903196663
Sidney R Jones1898198183
Sidney William Jones1871196190
Simon Andrew Liller Jones 1977
Simon Richard Jones1966198418
Solomon K Jones1817189577
Sophia Jones
Sophia Jones
Sophia Jones1876195074
Sophia Jones186018633
Sophia Jones1828188052
Sophia Jones1827189669
Sophia Ella Jones1875194772
Spencer William Jones 1937
Stanley Jones1893195562
Stanley Jones1908199284
Stanley Jones 1984
Stanley Jones1913196552
Stanley Jones20031925-78
Stanley Charles Jones1907196962
Stanley Gordon Jones1888195365
Stanley Gordon Jones1888195365
Stanley Victor Jones1908196658
Stella Maria Jones1889197283
Stephen Jones1802185654
Stephen Jones1806186963
Stephen Jones1844192480
Stephen Jones1905194641
Stephen Jones1825189469
Stephen Jones1866193670
Stephen Jones1905194641
Stephen Jones1949199950
Stephen Jones
Stephen Conway Jones 1931
Steven Jones
Susan Jones1812187765
Susan Jones1824189369
Susan Jones1856194387
Susan Jones1885195368
Susan Jones1811183120
Susan Jones1848189345
Susan Alice Jones 1923
Susan Alice Jones 1923
Susan Elizabeth Jones1835191782
Susanna Jones1750183484
Susanna Jones 1876
Susannah Jones1833190067
Susannah Jones1877189922
Susannah Jones1865193065
Susannah Jones1818189678
Susannah Jones1818189678
Susannah Jones1896193236
Susannah Jones1896193236
Susannah Jones1841192584
Susannah Jones1851193483
Susannah Jones 1885
Susannah Jones 1880
Susannah Jones 1913
Susannah Jones1832192694
Susannah Jones1810187565
Susannah Jones1876194670
Susannah Jones
Susannah Jones1791184049
Susannah Jones1806185953
Susie Jones1885194560
Sybil Ruth Jones1921199675
Sydney Jones1875194166
T Jones (Insp)
T Jones (Insp)
T Jones (Private)1886191428
T Jones (Tpr)1890197080
T Jones (Private)
T G Jones (Sir)
T H Jones
T A Jones (Private)1885194055
T H Jones (Sapper)1878191840
Tabitha Dorcas Jones1819184728
Tabitha Jane Jones1853194693
Ted Jones1912196654
Ted Jones
Ted Jones
Terence Charles Kennedy Jones1921199776
Terremce William Jones1934201278
Tex Jones
Th Jones
Thelma Fermi Jones192119232
Thelma Geraldine Mellard Jones1906196559
Theodora Madoc Jones1871189827
Theresa Elaine Jones 1975
Thomas Jones1847193184
Thomas Jones1869194273
Thomas Jones1780184969
Thomas Jones1802185755
Thomas Jones1809182920
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1751181867
Thomas Jones1884193955
Thomas Jones1869193970
Thomas Jones1884193955
Thomas Jones1869193970
Thomas Jones1792186775
Thomas Jones1867195588
Thomas Jones1872193462
Thomas Jones1773186188
Thomas Jones1872194472
Thomas Jones 1878
Thomas Jones1800186363
Thomas Jones 1827
Thomas Jones 60
Thomas Jones1861193675
Thomas Jones1850191565
Thomas Jones1828190476
Thomas Jones1784183955
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones (Reverend)1779187596
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1858188830
Thomas Jones1857192972
Thomas Jones1881191332
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1799185859
Thomas Jones1832189664
Thomas Jones1725178863
Thomas Jones1801186968
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1832189664
Thomas Jones1725178863
Thomas Jones1801186968
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones191719192
Thomas Jones 1943
Thomas Jones1801182625
Thomas Jones 1911
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1869191950
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1835189863
Thomas Jones1886195569
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1745181166
Thomas Jones 42
Thomas Jones180018011
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1806187973
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1858192365
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1840186727
Thomas Jones186718681
Thomas Jones1869194879
Thomas Jones1844190157
Thomas Jones1883194764
Thomas Jones1935194813
Thomas Jones1777185275
Thomas Jones1852192573
Thomas Jones1853192976
Thomas Jones 1960
Thomas Jones1903196663
Thomas Jones1925201085
Thomas Jones1854192773
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1801186160
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1768181648
Thomas Jones1911194635
Thomas Jones1866195286
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1840188949
Thomas Jones1799187577
Thomas Jones1923196744
Thomas Jones1849192071
Thomas Jones187518750
Thomas Jones1783181532
Thomas Jones1827190073
Thomas Jones1910197868
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones177717803
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1720181292
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1825189974
Thomas Jones1749182172
Thomas Jones1801186160
Thomas Jones1809188778
Thomas Jones1852192068
Thomas Jones1915200186
Thomas Jones186718681
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1830190171
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1853191158
Thomas Jones1814190490
Thomas Jones1868195486
Thomas Jones1778185375
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones1823188158
Thomas Jones1830190171
Thomas Jones1868190436
Thomas A Jones1871194877
Thomas A Jones1871194877
Thomas A Jones1818189173
Thomas A Jones (Capt)1904199187
Thomas Andrew Jones1919199475
Thomas Arthur Jones1873193663
Thomas B Jones1839190970
Thomas Benjamin Jones19231893-30
Thomas Bott Jones1802185654
Thomas Bott Jones1802185654
Thomas Clifford Jones193419439
Thomas Davis Jones
Thomas E Jones1933199562
Thomas Ellis Jones187218720
Thomas Eric Jones1908196557
Thomas G Jones (Sir)1875194368
Thomas Geoffrey Jones 61
Thomas George Jones 1918
Thomas Gray Jones
Thomas Gray Jones1819190586
Thomas H Jones1861190241
Thomas H Jones1863193774
Thomas H Jones1877196184
Thomas H S Jones1915200691
Thomas Henry Jones1909195748
Thomas Henry Jones1895197075
Thomas Henry Jones1881193453
Thomas Henry Jones 2009
Thomas Hopkin Jones1863194380
Thomas Hoskins Jones1879195677
Thomas Irwin Jones187418839
Thomas J Jones1873195380
Thomas John R Jones1899196364
Thomas Leslie Jones1911199079
Thomas Louis Jones1894193844
Thomas M Jones1876194569
Thomas Powell Jones188118810
Thomas Roger Jones1867190033
Thomas Rought Jones1838190264
Thomas Sheridan Gore Jones (Lt)
Thomas Smithson Jones
Thomas Snell Jones (Rev)
Thomas Snell Jones1832186432
Thomas Wilfred Mullins Jones1913198572
Thomas William Jones1905197974
Thomas William Jones1807188376
Thomas William Jones1910197868
Thomas William Jones1880195676
Thomas William Jones1880195979
Thomas Williams Jones185218520
Thomas Williams Jones1817190083
Thurza Jones
Timothy Jones
Timothy Jones1839191071
Tom Jones1868193668
Tom Jones7319791906
Tom Jones1919198566
Tom Ellis Griffith Jones1919198667
Tom Robert Jones1881191736
Tom Young Jones1864191551
Tony Jones
Tracey Jones 2006
Tracey Helen Jones1965199429
Trefor Jones7619841908
Trevor Jones 2003
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones1895191520
Trevor Hugh Jones1929199162
Trevor Palmer Jones1922199472
Trevor Tom Jones (Pte)1892191725
Una L Jones1908200597
V E Jones
Valerie Elizabeth Jones1931201382
Vaughan Theo Jones1928
Vera Jones
Vera Jones 1944
Vera A(gnes) Jones1902198684
Vera Emily Jones1884195975
Vera Henrietta Jones1907199992
Verna Jones
Veronica Jones1943200259
Vezer Jones
Victor Rodney Jones1930200878
Vincent Jones1910198474
Vine Louisa Jones1894198086
Vinnie Jones1913194027
Violet Jones1914198268
Violet Ann Jones1904200096
Violet Irene Jones1911200998
Virgil E Jones 1944
Vivian Norman Francis Jones1931201281
Vivien Jones
W Jones
W Jones
W Jones
W Jones
W Jones (Private)
W Jones
W Jones
W Jones
W Jones
W H Jones (Capt )
W Y Jones (A Boy)
W E Jones185618571
W F Jones
W H Jones1917194528
W H Jones (Sgt ) 1941
W H D Jones (Colonel)
W H V Jones (Colonel)1898198688
W J Jones (Private)
W J Jones (Private)
W Prue Martin Jones1916199983
W R J Jones (Rev)
W R J Jones (Rev)
W. H. Jones
Wallace Jones
Wallace William Jones1905195348
Walter Jones
Walter Jones1914199177
Walter Jones 1915
Walter Jones1812189785
Walter Jones1907196962
Walter Jones 1894
Walter Jones
Walter Jones 1952
Walter Jones 1952
Walter Bethune Blew Jones1863191552
Walter E Jones1901197877
Walter Edward Jones1870193565
Walter Henry Jones1837186932
Walter Henry Jones1887196679
Walter Hitchen Jones1910199383
Walter Horace Jones1895196671
Walter M Jones1870194070
Walter Reginald Jones1908196860
Walter Robert Jones1894197884
Walter T Jones1877194265
Walter Thomas Jones1906196357
Walter Thomas Jones1906196357
Walter Vaughan Jones1868194779
Walter Verner Jones 1963
Walter Verner Jones
Walter Verner Jones 1963
Walter Verner Jones
Walter Vincent Knowler Jones1885195974
Watkin Jones1849193182
Wayne Jones 1955
Wendy Jones1949196617
Wendy Jones
Wendy Amanda Jones 4
Wesley Oliver Jones1928199869
Wiiliam Henry Jones
Wilf Jones
Wilford K Jones190819091
Wilfred Jones1911200291
Wilfred Jones
Wilfred Jones
Wilfred Jones 1969
Wilfred Leslie Jones1904196561
Wilhelmina Jones (Headmistress)1869195990
Wilhelmina Jones1906199286
Wilhelmine Jones
Willfred Jones1895194752
William Jones1879196182
William Jones
William Jones1893197784
William Jones1852190755
William Jones1898197173
William Jones 1916
William Jones1853192875
William Jones1821187655
William Jones1877195376
William Jones1779185879
William Jones1832191280
William Jones1809186152
William Jones1874194874
William Jones1855191863
William Jones1828189870
William Jones1860192969
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones 1918
William Jones1749181869
William Jones1780183353
William Jones 1937
William Jones185918623
William Jones1850192171
William Jones1847192780
William Jones1734178955
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones 1920
William Jones
William Jones1909197667
William Jones1844192278
William Jones 79
William Jones1857192770
William Jones1850191363
William Jones1850191363
William Jones1849190859
William Jones (Pte) 1915
William Jones1886195670
William Jones1887193851
William Jones1800187979
William Jones
William Jones1857192770
William Jones1850191262
William Jones 72
William Jones 1959
William Jones1795181217
William Jones1895195964
William Jones1808189385
William Jones
William Jones 1938
William Jones 1938
William Jones1809187970
William Jones 1931
William Jones 1931
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones1887194356
William Jones1896196771
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones 1858
William Jones
William Jones1881196281
William Jones
William Jones1833188653
William Jones (Mr)1791185160
William Jones1905199085
William Jones1903198784
William Jones1834184713
William Jones1816183923
William Jones1843190259
William Jones1850192575
William Jones1811185039
William Jones1837189558
William Jones 1886
William Jones1826184721
William Jones1827186942
William Jones1850193181
William Jones 1980
William Jones
William Jones1777183659
William Jones1823190683
William Jones1807186053
William Jones 59
William Jones1834186127
William Jones1815189176
William Jones
William Jones1817188669
William Jones1874196086
William Jones
William Jones1815185843
William Jones1826190074
William Jones185318618
William Jones1844191268
William Jones1811182413
William Jones1834190975
William Jones1878192547
William Jones
William Jones1856192670
William Jones1901195352
William Jones1856193175
William Jones1882189311
William Jones 1892
William Jones1916198165
William Jones1869194879
William Jones1875193964
William Jones1836190569
William Jones1796187579
William Jones1815189176
William Jones
William Jones1792186674
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones1846192579
William Jones1865195085
William Jones
William Jones1892194048
William Jones 1786
William Jones1874195076
William Jones1873189017
William Jones1830188555
William Jones1812188371
William Jones
William Jones188718870
William Jones1810186050
William Jones
William Jones1788186577
William Jones
William Jones188918912
William Jones1839190061
William Jones1836186832
William Jones1801188079
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones
William Jones1893196572
William Jones1842191977
William Jones1843186825
William Jones1721178059
William Jones1800186969
William Jones1808187870
William Jones
William A Jones
William Alfred Jones1907198982
William Alfred Jones1900197171
William Alfred Jones1918199375
William Anthony Jones1943197027
William Arthur Jones1879194364
William B Jones
William Benjamin Jones1899195253
William Christopher Jones1887192336
William Clayton Jones
William David Jones1906199993
William Dickens Jones1830189969
William E Jones1832189058
William E Jones1870193767
William Edward Jones1886192640
William Edward Jones1908196860
William Edward Rickatson Jones192419251
William Edwyn Jones (Vicar)1881194664
William Elijah Jones1860189939
William Ellis Jones 1864
William Ford Jones7019441874
William Francis Jones1930199262
William Frederick Jones2318881865
William Frederick Jones 1939
William George Jones187718781
William George Jones1936198145
William George Jones1884194662
William George Jones 1968
William H Jones1859192768
William H Jones1880194969
William H E Jones1874191036
William Hamley Jones (Lieutenant)1847191669
William Harry Jones187118710
William Henry Jones1884194864
William Henry Jones1895195560
William Henry Jones 1899
William Henry Jones1873194976
William Henry Jones1882195371
William Henry Jones1873196390
William Henry Jones1855193984
William Henry Jones1882196482
William Henry Jones1875193964
William Henry Jones1938197335
William Henry Jones1855193984
William Henry Jones1888192840
William Henry Jones1909198374
William Henry Jones1904196965
William Henry Jones1783188198
William Henry Jones1913194431
William Hollingworth Quayle Jones1854192571
William Howard Jones1904195854
William J Jones
William James Jones1844192379
William James Jones1942197937
William James Jones1907199790
William John Jones1878194062
William John Jones1884194258
William John Jones1888194052
William John Jones
William John Jones1888194052
William John Jones
William John Carpenter Jones1898196567
William Joseph Jones 1987
William Joseph Jones1850191969
William Llewellyn James Jones1899197778
William Llewellyn Nicholas Jones1900197878
William Lloyd Jones1867190033
William M Jones1816185438
William M Jones1824188460
William Moncrieff Jones1849191869
William P Jones1942200159
William Palmer Jones1793186976
William Richard Jones1886198195
William Richard Gwyn Jones1924198561
William Robert Jones1913199380
William S H Jones1849191970
William Samuel Bird Jones190719081
William Stephen Jones1898195860
William Thomas Jones1855192166
William Thomas Jones1907196659
William Thomas Jones1882193755
William Thomas Jones1911197867
William Thomas Jones1911197867
William Thomas Jones
William Thomas Jones1823184320
William Thomason Jones1845188237
William Thomson Jones1864188521
William Walter Jones1884195672
William Wood Jones184418473
Willie Jones186618726
Willie Jones190119087
Willilam Jones1814189076
Wilton Jones
Wilton Jones 1943
Winifred Jones1921200180
Winifred Jones1918200486
Winifred Jones1911199887
Winifred Jones
Winifred Jones1876193054
Winifred Jones187918790
Winifred Agnes Jones1904198076
Winifred Annie Jones 1987
Winifred Ellen Jones1901197271
Winifred Gladys Jones1894197985
Winifred J Jones1907197568
Winifred J Jones1907197568
Winifred Jessie Jones 1897
Winifred Mary Jones1881195574
Winifred May Jones1916199478
Winnifred Jones1895198287
Winnifred M Jones1912200593
Wyndham Jones1857194891
Wyndham Jones
Yvonne Jones1944199652
Zachariah Jones1886193145
Zeta Jones
… James Jones1784186076
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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

All comment/feedback/help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name JONES

Thank you

Many thanks for forwarding the photo of John Jones beautiful grave stone. I still have no idea if he\\\'s an ancestor but will find this lovely grave stone very helpful when I get a day researching at the records office.I\\\'m very pleased I had a browse around this site, maybe on a sunny day I will take some photos of local cemeteries.
entry submitted by Fay on: 11/05/2012 07:03 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you so much.

I was thrilled with the information on A Jones and family buried at Waikamete Cemetary. It has solved a few little mysteries for me and added some family members.
entry submitted by Linda Tysoe on: 22/01/2013 08:21 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you for your very fast response in sending me the phot

Thank you for your very fast response in sending me the photo - unfortunately, it may not be my relative. My fault, entirely - too many Jones names the same with the same birth year and who lived in the same place!!!! I do thank you for sending it to me - I will certainly request more photos. I'm sorry to have caused you extra work but without the photo, I would always assume it was the correct person I am looking for. It may take me awhile to verify.
entry submitted by C.C. on: 07/06/2013 08:42 GMT ........ contact this person


Many thanks for your quick response to my request for a gravestone image. Good service as always
entry submitted by M Robertson on: 15/07/2013 09:42 GMT ........ contact this person


many thanks for the image received very speedily
entry submitted by M Robertson on: 18/07/2013 08:48 GMT ........ contact this person

Thank you

Very many thanks for the link to high quality gravestone photo you sent today. Hoping to visit the cemetry in the near future and will send you copies of further stones.
entry submitted by Carol Fraser (nee Jones) on: 08/08/2013 03:05 GMT ........ contact this person

Appreciation of the project you have undertaken.

Looking for the name Jones is like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack!I had already sent for a death certificate which turned out to be the wrong one so I was thrilled to stumble across your site and find a gravestone for the correct Jones, a great grandmother of mine , confirmed by the discovery of a husband and son on the same headstone. Thank you so much.
entry submitted by G. Middleton on: 19/08/2013 11:16 GMT ........ contact this person

Jones Tombstones in Lynton Devon

Looking for someone to take pics of Jones Tombstones in Lynton Devon
entry submitted by Jim Mills on: 03/09/2013 04:39 GMT ........ contact this person
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