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This page contains a list of all the entries for the name HOBSON that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (H in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

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All entries within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name HOBSON

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full namebirth yearburial yearage
A Hobson (Flight Sergeant)1922194523
Ada Emily Hobson 1953
Albert Hobson187418806
Alfred Hobson
Alfred Hobson1855194287
Alice Baines Hobson1886194660
Alice Maud Hobson1888197890
Alice Maud Hobson1888197890
Allan Hobson187118743
Allen Lees Hobson1915200893
Ann Hobson1815190085
Ann Hobson1829188556
Ann Hobson
Ann Hobson
Ann Hobson1829190980
Ann Hobson1853193481
Ann Hobson181918212
Ann Hobson1849193687
Ann Ellen Hobson1891197786
Annie Hobson1903198885
Annie Hobson18841989105
Annie Maud Hobson190919101
Arthur Hobson 1874
Arthur Ernest Hobson1889197788
Bernard Hobson1921200079
Bernard Albert Hobson1925195025
Bertha Susan Hobson1903195552
Charles Hobson1817186043
Charles Hobson182918301
Charles Hobson182918301
Charles Hobson
Charles Hobson 1919
Charles Eness Hobson1895196267
Charles Eness Hobson198119843
Charles Thomas Hobson1916199579
Christina Hobson 1996
Colin D S Hobson1958200648
David Hobson1866194983
Don Hobson1912197664
E J Hobson1830190878
Edgar Hobson1877193659
Edith Hobson1882196280
Edith Emma Hobson
Edith Maude Hobson1870194474
Edmund W. Steneys Hobson (Rev.)1851193786
Edward Hobson1829189970
Edward Hobson 1985
Edwin Hobson 1964
Edwin Hobson1815190186
Eleanor Gertrude Hobson 1864
Elias Joseph Hobson1778183961
Elijah Hobson1845187025
Elizabeth Hobson1854191157
Elizabeth Hobson1817189679
Elizabeth Hobson
Elizabeth Hobson1850189141
Elizabeth Hobson1826188559
Elizabeth Hobson1835193499
Elizabeth Hobson1847187225
Elizabeth Hobson1807188780
Elizabeth Hobson1817189376
Elizabeth Hobson1852191866
Elizabeth Hobson1826191084
Elizabeth Mary Ann Hobson1823189875
Ellen Hobson1798186971
Ellen Hobson1839190768
Ellen Hobson1819190586
Ellen Hobson1847191164
Ellen Hobson1826190377
Ellen Hobson1850190858
Ellen Hobson1850190858
Ellen Hobson1919200283
Ellen Hobson1888196678
Ellis Hobson1876190226
Ellis Hobson1876190226
Elsie Hobson1928199971
Elsie Ann Hobson1903198178
Emily Hobson1888197183
Emily Hobson188318863
Emma Jane Hobson
Eric Hobson
Eric Darrell Hobson194419440
Eslie Adalaide Hobson1899199596
Esther Hobson1856194589
Ethel Hobson
F. V. Hobson (Rev.)
Florence Hobson 1944
Florence M Hobson1896196266
Frances Hobson1823190582
Frances Hobson1802183735
Frances Hobson1832186432
Frank Hobson1872193866
Frank Hobson1908199082
Fred Hobson1899198586
Frederick Hobson1827185831
George Hobson1843188643
George Hobson1824190783
George Hobson1823190885
George Hobson1861189433
George Hobson1893196976
George Hobson1926195529
George Hobson
George Alfred Hobson1912199482
George William Hobson 1911
Georgiana Hanoe Hobson1868194476
Gladys Elizabeth Hobson1914200389
H Hobson
Hannah Hobson1774184470
Hannah Hobson1774184470
Hannah Hobson1869190334
Harriet Hobson1834187844
Harriet Hobson186918756
Harriet Elizabeth Hobson 1955
Henrietta Hobson185518594
Henrietta Clarissa Hobson1819189374
Henry Hobson 1864
Henry Hobson1900192727
Henry Hobson 1865
Henry Edmund Hobson1866189933
Herbert W Hobson1874195076
Hilda Lydia Hobson1874196793
Isabella Hobson1821189675
J D Hobson
J G Hobson1821190786
J G Hobson
J G Hobson
J R W Hobson (2/lieut)
James Hobson1897196972
James Hobson1798185557
James Hobson
James Hobson1855192873
James Edgar Hobson187818801
Jane Hobson182518316
Jane Ann Hobson1850191464
Jane Ann Hobson1868195688
Jason Lee Hobson199219920
Jesse Hobson 1879
Jesse Hobson1767184578
Jessie Hobson1882196886
Jessie Hobson
Joan Dennison Hobson1923198562
John Hobson
John Hobson1819191091
John Hobson1871195180
John Hobson 1890
John Hobson
John Hobson1810186959
John Hobson1855189237
John Hobson1760183979
John Hobson1811185443
John Hobson
John Hobson1856193074
John Hobson1916198670
John Hobson1794185056
John Charles Hobson1872194169
John J Hobson1872192856
John Joseph Hobson1882196078
John Robert Hobson
John Robert Hobson
John Robert Hobson1903194441
John Thomas Hobson1889195566
John William Hobson1851193786
John William Hobson
Johnny Hobson1883195875
Joseph Hobson1823189269
Joseph Hobson1802187674
Joseph Hobson
Joseph Hobson1801186362
Joseph Hobson1852187826
Joseph Hobson1852187826
Joseph William Hobson1947197528
Josephine Thoer Hobson1915199984
Kate Hobson 1958
Kate Hobson1879194364
Kate Adeline Hobson186118621
Kenneth Hobson1932200775
Leonard Hobson 1969
Leonora Sophia Hobson1848193587
Lois Mary Hobson1919194324
Louisa Hobson
Lousia Hobson1824189874
Mabel Ann Hobson1889197788
Margaret Hobson
Maria Hobson1863193875
Maria Gertrude Hobson1851194190
Marion Hobson 1984
Mark Hobson1851193281
Mark David Hobson 1954
Martha Hobson1770184272
Mary Hobson
Mary Hobson1860189939
Mary Hobson1762183876
Mary Hobson1825187954
Mary Hobson1764184177
Mary Hobson1776184670
Mary Hobson1846190862
Mary Hobson1834191783
Mary Hobson 1923
Mary Hobson1763183370
Mary Ann Hobson1835191075
Mary Ann Hobson1864187511
Mary Ann Hobson1873195986
Mary Elizabeth Hobson 1856
Mary Louisa Hobson1861188322
Mary Louise Hobson1899195657
Matthew Hobson1784183551
Matthew Hobson1784183551
Matthew Hobson1828188557
Matthew Hobson1881195978
Matthew Bentley Hobson 1848
Matthew Bentley Hobson 1848
Maud Elizabeth Hobson189118910
Melina Hobson1929197344
Michael Hobson
Michael Hobson
Michael Hobson1841192887
Michael Hobson
Mildred Hobson 1811
Mildred Hobson1806182115
Mildred Hobson
Muriel Hobson1910198272
Naomi Henrietta Hobson1844189955
Nat Hobson1900197777
Nathanial Hadwick Hobson1836189660
Nellie Hobson1909193728
Nellie Hobson 1961
Nellie Hobson1921199978
Peter Hobson1814
Peter Hobson
Peter Derek Hobson1929199061
Phillip Hobson
Rachael Hobson
Rachael Hobson1804188076
Reginald Walter Hobson191819191
Richard Hobson1892196876
Richard Hobson1837190366
Richard Hobson1858190648
Richard Hobson1760183474
Robert Hobson1722180078
Robert Hobson 1911
Robert Edward Hobson1878195981
Robt Edward Hobson
Rosalind Joy Hobson 1951
Sally Hobson1773184067
Sally Hobson1805186964
Samuel Hobson
Samuel Hobson
Sarah Hobson 1891
Sarah Hobson 1863
Sarah Hobson1810188171
Sarah Hobson1810187363
Sarah Hobson
Sarah Hobson1826189973
Sarah Hobson1798183032
Sarah Hobson1849193485
Sarah Caroline Hobson1873193360
Selina Hobson1864193975
Selina Hobson1892195866
Sheppherd Hobson1782181028
Sophia Hobson1851192170
Stella Josephine Hobson1911196958
Susannah Hobson1854192369
Susannah Hobson1831189968
Sylvia Hobson1937200265
Thomas Hobson1831189665
Thomas Hobson
Thomas Adams Hobson1835188146
Thomas Frederick Hobson1860192565
Thomas Henry Hobson1867193063
Thomas Henry Hobson1922199977
Vera Hobson
W D Hobson
W D Hobson
William Hobson1761179534
William Hobson1807186053
William Hobson1832190068
William Hobson1854189642
William Hobson
William Hobson1899197475
William Hobson1776184165
William Hobson1776184165
William Hobson1827188760
William Hobson1827189770
William Hobson1820189373
William Hobson1853191663
William Hobson
William Hobson
William Hobson
William Hobson1784182440
William Hobson 66
William Hobson187718791
William Hobson187818791
William Hobson1821189271
William George Hobson 1957
William Gibson Hobson1888191527
William Henry Hall Hobson1853189542
William Stephen Hobson 1949
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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

All comment/feedback/help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name HOBSON

St Michael and All Angels\\\' Church, Headingley

I was hoping to find photos of gravestones for Faith Hobson, dau of Joseph of Woodhouse and Elizabeth Hobson (nee Wright), wife of Joseph of Woodhouse Lane. These are mentioned on the website for yorkshirecdbooks for Headingley, but not on GPR website. The Hobsons were stonemasons so there should have been at least one stone but may be illegible as Joseph was buried in 1830 and Faith and Elizabeth a little before that. I am trying to find the birth date and place of Joseph Hobson. If anyone can help in any way I would be really grateful.Chris
entry submitted by Chris on: 26/05/2012 09:26 GMT ........ contact this person
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