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This page contains a list of all the entries for the name GLOVER that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (G in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

If you click on a particular name or GPR reference number below you will see details of what information is held for that particular grave monument. If there is an image available then you will be able to order a free copy of it.

If you click on a particular church, parish or town name below then you will see details of all the grave monument images that are available for that particular location.

If there is a blank in the relationship column below then it means that this person is the first named individual on the grave monument.

If you are interested in ordering a number of different images, it may help if you list in grave order so that everyone mentioned on the same monument are listed together.

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All entries within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name GLOVER

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full namebirth yearburial yearage
Abel Glover1841188140
Abraham Glover
Adam Glover1904199086
Agnes Glover1882190422
Albert Glover1880196282
Albert Glover1906199286
Alexandra Malcolm Glover1882193351
Alfred Glover1860191858
Alfred W Glover1881194463
Alfred W Glover1881194463
Alice Glover1859193677
Alice Glover1855193479
Alice Glover1847192780
Alice Glover1866192559
Alice Glover1920200080
Alice Maud Glover1883192441
Alice Maud Glover
Ambrose Glover 1907
Amelia Glover1869195889
Amm Glover1857190245
Amy Glover 74
Amy Alice Glover187418773
Amy Alice Glover187418773
Andrew Glover
Andrew David Glover196219620
Ann Glover1812187866
Ann Glover
Ann Glover 1791
Ann Glover1849192980
Ann Glover1842191674
Ann Glover1817187760
Ann Glover1771185079
Ann Glover1748176618
Ann Glover1768178719
Ann Glover
Ann Glover1779183859
Ann Glover1685171631
Ann Eliza Glover1836187337
Ann Liston Glover1824191086
Anne Glover1804188480
Anne Glover
Anne Glover
Annie Glover1851192372
Annie Glover1861194685
Annie Glover1945197934
Annie Glover1879195172
Annie Glover1879195172
Annie Glover1881197190
Annie Eliza Glover1869195384
Annie Mary Bibby Glover1916200286
Arleigh F Glover19581902-56
Arthur Glover 1975
Arthur Glover1857190245
Arthur Bernard Glover1889193647
Arthur William Glover1862192462
Audrey Glover1948200153
Beatrice Glover1861194786
Beatrice Annie Glover1870189121
Betty Glover1736180872
Billy Glover
Blanche Glover1879194061
Blanche May Glover 1928
C Glover
C H Glover
Caroline Glover1862193573
Caroline Glover
Caroline Glover1883197592
Catherine Glover1919200990
Charles Glover1873193865
Charles Glover1851191261
Charles Glover1851191261
Charles Glover1879195576
Charles Glover1848193183
Charles Anderson Glover1842186725
Charles Anderson Glover1842186725
Charles Capron Glover1908197061
Charles Norman Glover191719192
Charles Warman Glover1882195169
Charles William Glover1870195585
Clarabel Althea Glover1905198782
Claude F Glover1872194977
Clifford William Glover1927199770
Colin Charles Glover1936200771
David Glover
Davis Richard Glover1847193386
Dennis Charles Glover1921199574
Doris Glover
Dorothy Eleanor Glover1913200592
Dorothy May Rose Glover1919199576
Douglas George Glover19171905-12
Edith Jane Caroline Glover1912199178
Edna M Glover1905197267
Edward Glover1862189230
Edward Glover1834186632
Edward Chawner Glover1904198581
Edward Fitzmaurice Glover1867193366
Edward Fitzmaurice Glover1867193366
Edward John Glover1882196078
Edwin John Glover1870193464
Eleanor Glover1733181178
Eliza Glover
Eliza Glover1867195386
Elizabeth Glover1807184235
Elizabeth Glover1837190568
Elizabeth Glover1870195787
Elizabeth Glover1812185139
Elizabeth Glover184018433
Elizabeth Glover
Elizabeth Glover1812185139
Elizabeth Glover184218453
Elizabeth Glover
Elizabeth Glover1801188079
Elizabeth Glover1770180030
Elizabeth Ann Glover1836189963
Elizabeth Ann Glover 1942
Elizabeth Ann Muras Glover1806189488
Ella Glover1921200382
Ella K A Glover 2006
Elsie Glover1927198053
Emily Glover1856193175
Emily Glover1856193175
Emily Ellen Glover1847192982
Emma Glover 1884
Emma Glover
Eric J Glover 1937
Ernest Glover1883195673
Ernest Albert Glover1890198797
Esther A Glover1888196981
Ethel Bradbury Glover 1934
Ethel May Glover1894197682
Ethel May Glover1904196864
Eva Glover
Eva Agnes Glover1902197573
Evelyn Annie Glover191019111
F E Glover
Faith Elaine Glover199919990
Fanny Glover1873188714
Fanny Glover1862193977
Florence Glover1903193128
Frances Glover1856193276
Frances Margaret Glover187918845
Frank Glover
Frederick George Glover1925200883
G B Glover (Capt)
George Glover1847187225
George Glover1867193770
George Glover
George Glover
George Glover1744176925
George Glover
George Glover1751182574
George Glover
George Glover1755183176
George Glover 1948
George Glover1876193963
George Albert Glover1873191138
George Bryan Glover1853191663
George Frederick Glover
George Henry Glover188118854
George Henry Glover1861192867
George William Glover1892191523
George William Glover186618748
George Windle Glover1904198278
Gordon Francis Glover1921200483
Grace Glover183818468
Grace Glover183818468
Gwendoline Louisa Glover1920201292
Harold Glover1890192535
Harold Glover 1938
Harriet Glover1844188642
Harriet Glover1811185039
Harriet Glover1860193070
Harry Glover1853193683
Harry Glover1883193754
Hector Gordon Glover1914200389
Helen Glover1836186024
Henry Glover1840190464
Henry Glover
Henry Glover
Henry Glover1803186865
Herbert Glover1885195671
Herbert Ridley Glover1907197871
Herbert Sidney Glover1868189325
Horace Glover1912198472
Hugh Glover (Reverend)1804186965
Hugh Glover1863188522
Hugh Glover (Reverend)
Hugh Glover1753180249
Ian John Glover196119610
Ike Glover1917197962
Ireni Carol Glover1948196921
Iris Glover
Irwin Francis Glover1912199381
Isaac Glover1859190142
Isobel Graeme Glover1934201076
Ivor Glover192119287
J Glover
J P Glover
J P Glover
Jack Glover
Jacqueline Glover
James Glover1860188323
James Glover1839192889
James Glover1865191550
James Glover1817189275
James Glover1873193663
James David Glover (Rev )1803185451
James David Glover1819183718
James David Glover (Rev'd)1800185454
James David Glover1819183718
James Frederick Glover1912200290
James W Glover 1884
James White Glover1866192862
Jane Glover1832185321
Jane Glover1831190978
Jane Glover1834185521
Jane Glover1820190080
Jane Caroline Glover1888197889
Janet Cumming Glover1859193172
Janet Cumming Glover1859193172
Janet Cumming Glover1859193172
Janie Glover1852191967
Jennie Glover1908199082
Joan Glover
Joan Glover
John Glover
John Glover1822190684
John Glover1866192761
John Glover1869193263
John Glover1861193574
John Glover
John Glover1875192348
John Glover
John Glover
John Glover
John Glover
John Glover1699176061
John Glover1735178146
John Glover1811187665
John Glover1795182227
John Glover1933199764
John Glover1837187336
John Glover1811189584
John Glover
John Glover1754181460
John Glover1706176054
John Glover
John Douglas Glover1898192325
John Neve Glover1863195491
John William Glover1942195311
John William Glover1866195387
Joseph Glover1787185871
Joseph Glover1836187741
Joseph Glover1787185871
Joseph Glover1835187742
Joseph Glover1937198851
Joseph Glover180018011
Julie Lauretta Glover1915200893
Keith Paul Glover1948201062
Kerry Glover
Laura Minnie Glover1892196371
Leslie Ronald Glover1924200884
Lilian Glover1892191826
Lilian Glover1892191826
Lilian Glover1892191826
Lilian Rose Glover1884194359
Lilla Glover1902198078
Louie Glover1918200486
Louisa Glover1847193285
Louisa Glover
Lovell Leslie Amos Glover1905193631
Lucy Glover 74
Lydia Glover1695176469
Lydia Glover1731176635
Maggie Glover
Maggie Elizabeth Glover199919990
Margaret Glover
Margaret Glover
Margaret Elizabeth Glover1866193973
Marion Glover1907199184
Marion Louise Glover1937200467
Marjorie Evelyn Glover1935200873
Martha Glover1768182153
Martha Glover
Martha Glover1805186560
Mary Glover1749184495
Mary Glover184018455
Mary Glover1793185259
Mary Glover
Mary Glover184218453
Mary Glover1793185259
Mary Glover1802187169
Mary Glover
Mary Glover 1900
Mary Glover1752182573
Mary Alice Glover1910199084
Mary Ann Glover1880194767
Mary Glover Glover1840192686
Mary Isabella Glover1848192678
Mary Jane Glover1848190658
Matthew Glover
Matthew Glover1863192865
Maud Glover1912198169
Michael Glover
Michael Linden Glover
Minnie Glover1862187210
Minnie Glover1896196569
Mo Glover
Muriel Glover
Naomi Mary Glover 1961
Nathaneal Glover1750182070
Nathaneal Glover
Nellie Glover1894198591
Noel Glover1921197352
Norman Glover
Percival Glover1854187925
Percy Sheldon Glover 1943
Peter Glover
Peter Anthony Glover1960200948
Phillip Glover1894195157
Phyllis Glover1920200686
Phyllis May Glover1895197782
R Glover (Trooper)
R Glover (Trooper)
Rachel Glover 1946
Rachel Glover1841190665
Rebecca Glover
Rebecca Ruth Glover1868194678
Reginald Glover
Reginald Harry Glover1895197479
Rhoda Glover1882196179
Rhodes Glover1811189281
Rhodes Glover184518472
Rhodes Glover1811189281
Rhodes Glover184518472
Richard Glover1833191178
Richard Glover
Richard Glover1737180568
Richard Glover1822190483
Richard Glover1698176668
Richard Glover1676175377
Richard Glover
Richard Glover1741182180
Richard George Percy Glover1878195274
Rikki Glover
Robert Glover1862190038
Robert Glover1821185938
Ronald Glover1936200670
Rosa Ellen Glover188318841
Rose Glover
Rose Anna Glover1858193779
Rosemary Glover
Roy Leslie Glover1909196455
Ruth May Glover1910195646
Ryan Glover
Samuel Glover1851187221
Samuel Glover1754182470
Samuel Glover1786186175
Samuel Glover
Sandra Glover1958200749
Sarah Glover 1791
Sarah Glover1869194273
Sarah Glover1762180038
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover1745177126
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover1705176358
Sarah Glover1711178473
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover1752181866
Sarah Ann Glover 1924
Sarah Ann Glover1847192881
Sarah Ann Glover1828189264
Sarah Annie Glover1873191946
Sarah Elizabeth Glover1865195388
Sheila Glover
Sidney Glover1825187247
Sophia Glover1850190959
Sophie Emilie Glover10319931890
Stanley Glover1930198757
Susanna Glover1674176187
Susannah Glover1779185475
Sylvia Glover
Tara Glover
Ted Glover1923199269
Thomas Glover1921199372
Thomas Glover1921199372
Thomas Glover1860193777
Thomas Glover1775187297
Thomas Glover1855192065
Thomas Glover1901198079
Thomas Glover1872195987
Thomas Glover
Thomas Glover
Thomas Glover
Thomas Glover1734180268
Thomas Glover
Thomas Glover1775181338
Thomas Glover1837188649
Thomas Augustus Glover1862188927
Thomas Augustus Glover 25
Thomas Craigie Glover1837190467
Thomas Craigie Glover
Thomas Craigie Glover
Thomas Craigie Glover
Thomas Henry Glover1829189566
Thomas Robert Glover1859193879
Thomas Roy Glover1917194225
Tom Glover1921199473
Tommy Glover1968200435
Trevor Glover
Tudah Glover1913197966
Vera Hazel Glover191219164
Viola Faye Glover1920199979
Violet Annie Glover1907200093
Wally Glover
Walter Glover1885190823
Wilfred Glover1900197777
William Glover
William Glover1833190370
William Glover
William Glover1871193766
William Glover
William Glover
William Glover1811185948
William Glover1817190083
William Glover1866190135
William Glover1733174613
William Glover1810186252
William Glover
William Alfred Glover1850189646
William Bernard Glover188118865
William Dunston Glover1844193288
William Henry Glover1887192942
Winifred Glover
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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

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