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This page contains a list of all the entries for the name DOBSON that are held within the Gravestone Photographic Resource online database. It is quite likely that there are also entries available for alternative spellings of this name. It is very easy for you to check to see if there are any alternative spellings: you just need to look at the page that shows all the names listed under the starting letter (D in this case) of the surname you are interested in.

If you click on a particular name or GPR reference number below you will see details of what information is held for that particular grave monument. If there is an image available then you will be able to order a free copy of it.

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If there is a blank in the relationship column below then it means that this person is the first named individual on the grave monument.

If you are interested in ordering a number of different images, it may help if you list in grave order so that everyone mentioned on the same monument are listed together.

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All entries within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name DOBSON

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full namebirth yearburial yearage

Ian Ross Dobson1929200778

Edward Frederick Dobson (Corporal)1893196673
Catherine Knight Dobson1892198391

Lillie May Dobson1904199692

Frederick James Dobson1865193469
Sophia Ann Caroline Dobson1868193668

Jennie Dobson1871193362
James Dobson

James Dobson1867194679
William George Dobson1894197076
Robert James Dobson1900197575

Elizabeth Dobson1819188162
David Dobson1822189977

John Miller Dobson1846191266
Caroline Dobson1841193190
Cyril Ivan Dobson1880196383

Abraham Dobson1772186189

Lily Dobson1900195454

Arthur Edward Phythian Dobson1872191139
Benjamin Boardman Dobson1866190539
William Henry Dobson1850187727
Robert James Dobson1862188220
John Richard Dobson1853189340
Elizabeth Dobson1828190678
Robert Dobson1828190173

Alvarella Leighton Dobson1868194274
S Dobson

Sheila Mary Dobson1937200770

James Henry Dobson1809186152

Thomas Dobson1909197465
Celia M A Dobson 96

Reginald Derrick Dobson1922194119

Ralph Dobson1866194680

William Dobson1892196068
Rhoda Dobson1899199899

Florence L Dobson1899195253
Albert Dobson

W A Dobson (Pte)

John Dobson1830189464
Elizabeth Dobson1835191479

Eleanor Dobson1772184472

William Ward Dobson1875193257

Hugh Dobson1875193156
Hugh Dobson1898193739
Hannah Mary Dobson1876195276

Joseph Dobson1869195283
Mary Dobson1878195880

Hugh Dobson1843189653
Annie Dobson1845190560
Margaret Jane Dobson188918923
Albert Ernest Dobson 1957
Mary Annie Dobson1865195994

John Dobson1836187741
Elizabeth Dobson1834191076
Jane Dobson1866191650

Bridget Dobson1843188845
Timothy Dobson1869189021

Annie Maria Dobson1821188968
James Dobson1809188980
Harriet Dobson1825189671
Henry Dobson1817190083

Mary Dobson 1891
James Dobson 1907
John William Dobson 1912

Barbara Dobson1939200263

Robert Dobson179617982
Robert Dobson
Sarah Dobson
Mary Dobson179418017

Nora Mary Dobson1902199289

Mary Dobson18751975100

Charles Dobson
Sarah Dobson
Susan Dobson1729178657

Alice A Dobson1876192347
John Dobson1874192753

Benjamin Alfred Dobson (Sir) 1898
Corralle Dobson (Dame)1853190451

Florence Mary Dobson1887193043
George Dobson1888196577

Thomas Goforth Dobson1876193660
Harry Dobson190719092
Clara Dobson1877195477

Samuel Dobson1857189033

Thomas Goforth Dobson1845188136
Mary Ann Dobson

Alice Dobson1882195573
Arthur Dobson1883195572

Albert Henry Dobson1904197369
Elsie May Dobson1910200090

Arthur Wilfred Dobson1894196874

Edward Herbert Dobson1923196441

Mary Dobson1828191284

Vera Dobson1925199570

Myra Dobson1841191372

Phoebe Dickins Dobson1843189956

Isaac Dobson1811189281

John William Dobson1846193690
Joseph Dickens Dobson1854193985

Charles Martin Dobson1884192036
Charlotte Elizabeth Dobson

William Dobson1849191768
John Benjamin Dobson 1891

M J Dobson1950198333
Sonia Dobson
Christopher Dobson

Charles Dobson1838190668
Maria Dobson1833191279
Albert Percy Dobson1871189019
Florence Dobson1872189321

Sidney Dobson1877193861
Esther Dobson

Hetty Dobson1864193773

Charles William Dobson1906195953
Charlotte Elizabeth Dobson1907197669

George Walter Dobson 77
Brenda Margaret Dobson 68
Jane Marie Dobson

Walter Elijah Dobson1915197863
Edith Elsie Dobson1918199173

George Ernest Dobson1906195953
Robert Dobson1933198148
Agnes Dobson1907198578

Jeanette Carol Dobson1946200559

Vera May Dobson1915197964

John Dobson1937198952

Charles Dobson1936199862

Katie Dobson1954199238

Ernest Dobson1882190624
Fred Dobson1894191420

John Hedley Dobson1866194175
Annie Maria Dobson1864195086
Gertrude Lilian Dobson1895194247
Edith Mary Dobson 1954

Harold Dobson189819023
Elizabeth Mary Dobson1868194173
Alfred Dobson1867194174

John H Dobson1888196274
Florence Mary Dobson1887195265

Herbert Dobson1863192966
Clara Dobson1865193671

Sarah Ellen Dobson1865192661

Hannah Dobson1883196077

Joseph Dobson1782186583
Mary Croft Dobson1803185249
William Dobson1819184526
Thomas Dobson 1846

Benjamin Dobson 69

George William Dobson 74
Sophia E Dobson 77

Jesse Dobson1837188649

Ethel Dobson 1954
Harry Dobson 1969
Ken Dobson 2006
Peter Dobson 1971

Cyril Fulford Dobson1900197272
Betty Bertha Dobson1906198276

John Robert Dobson1886195670
John Robert Dobson1921194524
Sarah Ellen Dobson1882196684
Mary Isabel Dobson1918200890

Sarah Dobson1815189580

Sarah Dobson 1861

Sarah Dobson 1861

William Dobson1770184171
Maria Dobson1757183174

George Dobson1818187658
John Dobson185118543
Elizabeth Dobson1818189173

Percival Dobson1809186455
Isabella Dobson1838186224
Mary Dobson1811187867

Joseph Dobson 70

Joseph Dobson1772182452

Thomas Dobson1906197064
Agnes Ruth Dobson1907199386

Daniel Dobson1783184663

Edie Langlois Dobson1921200584

Howard Dobson1891198493
Georgina Ellen Dobson1891198493

Ann Conway Dobson1787185871
Edward Dobson
Eliza Dobson
Ann Elizabeth Dobson

George Dobson 1869
Margaret Dobson 1853
Isabella Dobson

Victor H Dobson1916198872

Alban Tabor Austin Dobson 1962
Kate Blanche Dobson 2001

George Dobson1918200385
Ethel Dobson1916200892

Pamela Isobel Dobson1930196838

Ethel Harriet Dobson1880196282

Ethel Dobson1880196282

Sarah Dobson1805188681
Hiram Dobson1814189985

Jessie Dobson1895198792
Maurice Dobson1922199775
Marie Michel Dobson1929198960

Joseph Henry Dobson1908192820
Albert Henry Dobson1878195476
Hannah Dobson1881196685

GeorgeWilliam Dobson1877194669
Hannah Fowler Dobson1873192249

Ann Dobson1784185672

James Dobson1807184538
Mary Dobson1805184944
John Dobson
Mary Dobson

Gilbert Dobson1844191369
Edith Jane Dobson1872188513
Mary Dobson1842190765

Mary Dobson1713178875
John Dobson1719179475

G Dobson

A Dobson (A B)

Mary Elizabeth Dobson (Sister)1835186429

Albert Dobson1908196153
Hilda Dobson1910200191

Robert Dobson1854187521
Isaac Dobson186718758
Jane Ann Dobson1848187729
Hannah Dobson1824189369
William Dobson1822189573

Christiana Hannah Dobson189018911
Francis George Dobson1862191250
Christiana Dobson

Margaret Dobson1858190850
Thomas Dobson1855192267
Thomas Leonard Dobson1870195888
Alma Dobson
Janet Dobson
Kevin Dobson

Herbert Ernest Dobson1912197361

Alfred Stanley Dobson1915200590

George Ernest Dobson 64

Robart Dobson1726179064

Charlotte Emma Dobson1846190963
Charles Henry Dobson1841191170

Thomas Dobson1862193169
Mary Ann Dobson1861195796

Elizabeth Dobson1723180582
Richard Dobson

Herbert W Dobson189619015

Matcalf Dobson1790186575
Rachel Dobson1801186160
Thomas Dobson 1837
Ann Dobson184118443
John Dobson1841186827
Joseph Dobson1834187137

Margaret Dobson1815186954

Frederick Dobson1914196349
Marjorie Dobson1919200990

James Herbert Dobson1891195665
Annie Elizabeth Dobson1895198994

Joseph Dobson1885195469
Florence Dobson 1983

Clara Jane Dobson1863188926
George Dobson
Margaret Dobson

Samuel Dobson1867193164
Mary Dobson1869193263

Hannah Dobson1891194049
George Dobson1893194552

Laura Ann Dobson1887197184

Harold Cornforth Dobson1893197077

Frank Dobson1927198053

Harold Dobson1915197055
Elizabeth Anne Dobson1921200988

Thomas Anthony Dobson 1981

Eric Dobson1920197656
Cynthia Dobson1916200488

Lawrence Dobson1913197259

Walter Joseph Dobson1921201089

Dorothy Dobson1928200476

Rebecca Dobson1787186174
Joseph Dobson1793186673

Edward Oliver Dobson188518872
William Dobson
Elizabeth Dobson

Thomas Walls Dobson1892191725

Holmes Midgley Dobson 1937
Mary L. Dobson 1947

John Dobson 1946
Clara Dobson 1948

Samuel Dobson1931200069
Mary Dobson1932200169

James H Dobson 1936
Agnes Clara Dobson1881194564

Gertrude Dobson 1939
Herbert Dobson 1950

Louie Dobson1890198191
Olive Dobson1916200084

Muriel Winifred Dobson1905192217
J F Dobson 1934

Mary Elizabeth Dobson1847191467
Joseph Dobson

Thomas Duckworth Dobson1829190273

Alfred Wharton Dobson1833190067
Harriet Dobson1833191380

Harry Dobson1881191130
Carry Dobson1878197496

Matilda Dobson1827188053
J R Dobson

Bernard Dobson1914199177
Mary Dobson1917200184

Thomas A Dobson 1980

G E Dobson (Private)1895191924

Mary Emma Dobson1870193868

Jane Dobson 1909
John Dobson 1912

Susannah Dobson1781182645
Christopher Dobson

Doris Dobson1917200285

William Dobson1849190354
William Dobson1823190784

Thomas Dobson943100259

Ann Elizabeth Dobson1869192556
William Dobson1847192174

William Dobson1779182950
Ursula Dobson1780184565

William Dobson1814188066
Mary Dobson1824188561
Jessie Dobson

Helen Dobson1767183467
John Dobson1771184170

John Dobson1717180184
Phoebe Dobson1717179376
Isaac Dobson1755183681

Helen Dobson1767183467
John Dobson1771184170

John Dobson1717180184
Phoebe Dobson1717179376
Isaac Dobson1755183681

Harry Dobson1900194646
Lucy Dobson 1983
Thomas Gerald Dobson 1925

Isobel Dobson1915200691

Ronald Dobson1925199368

Fanny Harriet Dobson1845187530

Christopher Dobson1776186690
Christopher Dobson1811187665

Joseph Dobson1803183229
Rodger Dobson
Ruth Dobson

George Dobson1804182925
Roger Dobson1755181964
Ruth Dobson1766182458

Roger Dobson1789183243
Mary Dobson

Thomas Dobson1793186370
Mary Dobson1792186876

Thomas Dobson1746183589
Mary Dobson1746183084

Roger Campion Dobson1784183248
Martha Dobson1796186973

Samuel Dobson1826190478

Sarah Jane Dobson1864194985
Emma Dobson1899195960

Brian Dobson1934198652

Nora Dobson1925199469
Eric Dobson1923201188

William Dobson1764181854
Susannah Dobson1803183431
Mary Dobson1763183774

Sarah Jane Dobson1854191359
John Dobson1859193172

William Dobson1816190791
Jane Dobson1819190990
Jane Dobson1844191571
Christopher Dobson1853193178
William Dobson1849193687

J Dobson

B Dobson

L Dobson

J Dobson

B Dobson

L Dobson

James Dobson1826187044

Mary Hannah Dobson1842188745
Ralph Dobson1837189962

Isabella Dobson 1823
Carr Dobson
Isabella Dobson

James Dobson1771182857
Elizabeth Dobson

Fannie Dobson1864190844
Harry K Dobson

William Dobson1817190285
Ruth Dobson1826188357
Sutcliffe Dobson1874188915
Harriett Dobson1873188916

Sutcliffe Dobson1870188515
William Dobson1829189263
Ruth Dobson1838189557

William Dobson1821186948

Exina Jane Dobson 1860
William Dobson
Jane Dobson

Henry Dobson1773184269
Elizabeth Dobson1785184560

Henry Dobson1773184269
Elizabeth Dobson1785184560

Mary Ann Dobson1819187556
John Dobson185618626
William Dobson1823188865

Martha Dobson1784186076
John Dobson

Arthur Dobson186618715
Evalena Dobson 1865
Anne Dobson1839187536
William Dobson

Anne Maria Dobson1850186010
Christopher Dobson
Anne Dobson
Eliza Dobson1848189749

Christopher Dobson
Anne Dobson

Margaret Dobson1863188017

Charles Herbert Dobson1892193240
Adeline May Dobson

Elizabeth Ann Dobson1891196776
Thomas Mason Dobson1889196879
Kathleen Dobson

H Dobson1902194240

Alfred Dobson
Lucy Dobson

Ernest Douglas Dobson1863193875

Emily Rosamund Dobson 1951

Emily Joan Dobson1908199385
Daisy Dobson
Henry Dobson

Emily Daisy Houghton Dobson1858190547
Henry Bruce Dobson1836190569
Edwin John Dobson1911194534
Peter Gordon Dobson1915194328
D G Dobson1920199777

H D Dobson1906197670

Ethel Maud Dobson1881195675

Elizabeth Dobson1902196563
William Dobson1894197076

Elizabeth Dobson1902196563
William Dobson1894197076

Mary Lessels Dobson1914193319

T Douglas Dobson1889194657

Jane Dobson 1879

Ann Dobson1794184753
Archibald Binnie Dobson1836185216
Robert Dobson1772185381
William Dobson1777186487
Bethia Dobson1829186233
Robert Dobson1825189772

Charles Joseph Dobson (Ordinary Seaman) 1917

Pg Dobson (Bombardier)1914194430

Phoebe Doris Dobson1910196757
John Dobson1916197963
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Please note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are probably not on the monument.

You should treat the calculated dates of birth with caution as the ages given on monuments are often inaccurate. The dates and ages on many monuments are also often hard to read. It is therefore important to use the dates as guides as they may be incorrect.

The same person may appear many times in the above list. This is because a person can easily be listed on many different monuments. For instance, a person could be listed on their own grave as well as on the gravestone monuments of their children and their spouse. Occasionally names will be duplicated because the monument has in error been photographed and indexed twice.

Where a relationship is shown as unknown, this usually means that parts of the monument are illegible and relationship cannot be read.

Where no relationship is given this means that this is normally the first name on the monument. All the relationships on any particular monument relate to this first named individual.

All comment/feedback/help requests within the Gravestone Photographic Resource for the name DOBSON

A fantastic site & very easy to use. Thank you so much for y

A fantastic site & very easy to use. Thank you so much for your ultra-quick response to my request for an image. It was very gratefully received.I have left other details of the grave occupants.Many thanks, KT
entry submitted by K Thomas on: 02/03/2014 12:53 GMT ........ contact this person

mary croft dobson born 1803

she is down as joseph Dobson wife but is in fact his daughter
entry submitted by lyn allenby on: 18/08/2014 05:59 GMT ........ contact this person
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