St Nicholas and St John, Monkton, Pembrokeshire, Wales

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List of names found on St Nicholas and St John tomb monuments surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101HurlowCatherine Hurlowname on the war memorial181418239id: IMG_37005488851075Of Castleton .Burial Monkton 1 Apr 1825 aged 9
102Esther Hurlowname on the war memorial1814189177id: IMG_3698
(2 images)
5488841075Formerly of Castleton in this parish. BMD died Jun qtr 1891 aged 77 Pembroke area. Daughter of Stephen and Jane Hurlow baptised Monkton 3 May 1814.
103Jane Hurlowniece of Thomas Hurlow1811187665id: IMG_37015488861077BMD died Jun qtr 1876 aged 65 Pembroke area
104Jane Hurlowwife of Stephen Hurlow1776184670id: IMG_37025488871076Of Castleton. Burial Monkton 23 Apr 1846 aged 70
105Martha Hurlowname on the war memorial1813188269id: IMG_37035488881074Late of Catsleton. BMD died Jun qtr 1882 aged 69 Pembroke area
106Mary Hurlowson of Esther Hurlow1810189585id: IMG_3698
(2 images)
5488841075Died Jun qtr 1895 Pembroke area aged 85 Daughter of Stephen and Jane Hurlow baptised St Nicholas Pembroke 13 Dec 1810
107Stephen Hurlowname on the war memorial1776185983id: IMG_37025488871076Of Castleton. Burial Monkton 27 Jan 1859 aged 82.
108Thomas Hurlowname on the war memorial1863187815id: IMG_37065488951077Only child of James and Jane Hurlow of West Pennar , Pwllcrochan. Burial Monkton 31 Jan 1878 aged 15.
109Thomas Hurlowname on the war memorial1771182352id: IMG_37015488861077Burial Monkton 23 Mar 1823 aged 52.

110JT Jname on the war memorialid: IMG_37125489001067Remainder of Stone illegible

111JamesChristopher Thomas Jamesname on the war memorial1811186352id: IMG_36855488681067Formerly of Merthyr Tydfil in the County of Glamorgan and latterly of Kings Mill in this County. Buried Monkton 25 Apr 1863 aged 51. Baptised Presbyterian at Merthyr Tydfil , Ynysgon Chapel on 3 Mar 1811 , born 5 Jan 1811. Son of Christopher and Anne James.
112George Jamesname on the war memorial1790186070id: IMG_36845488671067Buried Monkton 25 Jul 1860 aged 70
113Sarah Jameswife of George James1791186170id: IMG_36845488671067Buried Monkton 25 Mar 1861 aged 70

114JohnDavid Johnbrother of Thomas John1862189937id: IMG_37885489481090Eldest son of William and Louisa John of Monkton. Census 1871 born Carew. BMD died Mar qtr 1899 Pembroke area aged 36.
115Gertrude Maude Johnrelationship not given of James Thomas187918812id: IMG_36935488771073Daughter of James and Martha John (nee Thomas) died aged 2 years 3 months. Buried 25 March 1881 Monkton.
116James John of James Thomasid: IMG_36935488771073
117Louisa Johnmother of Thomas Johnid: IMG_37885489481090
118Martha John nee Thomas of James Thomasid: IMG_36935488771073
119Thomas Johnname on the war memorial17id: IMG_37885489481090Son of William and Louisa John of Monkton. BMD died Jun qtr 1886 Pembroke area aged 17. Census 1871 born Bosheston.
120William Johnfather of Thomas Johnid: IMG_37885489481090

121JonesEliza Joneswife of Thomas Jones1847192679id: IMG_37115488991067Wife of Thomas Jones. Died Dec qtr 1926 Pembroke area
122George Jonesrelationship not given of Margaret Jones1823189370id: IMG_37685489171067Burial Monkton 24 Mar 1893 aged 70
123Isaac Jonesname on the war memorial1808187062id: IMG_37315489401071Of Bentlass , also his 6 children not named on stone. BMD died Apr qtr 1870 Pembroke area
124Margaret Jonesname on the war memorial1812188169id: IMG_37685489171067Burial Monkton 4 Jul 1891 aged 69
125Ronald William Ernest Jonesname on the war memorial189118921id: IMG_37175489091067Died Mar qtr 1892 Pembroke area aged 1 of West Orielton buried St Nicholas , Monkton on 23 Feb 1892 aged 18 months. Beloved son of William Herbert and Elizabeth Jones. Baptised 9 Oct 1890 Monkton. Death Mar qtr 1892 aged 1 Pembroke area
126Thomas Jonesname on the war memorial1845189550id: IMG_37115488991067Died Mar qtr Pembroke area 1895 aged 50
127William Jonesname on the war memorial1805182924id: IMG_37265489261072Son of Thomas and Jane James. Burial Monkton 28 Apr 1829 aged 24

128KingCharlotte King nee Chasename on the war memorial1789184051id: IMG_37215489121086Daughter of George and Charlotte Chase. Died Mar qtr 1840 Pembroke area

129LavgharneLettice Lavgharne nee Perrotmother-in-law of John Owenid: IMG_375554896610811
130Rowland Lavgharnefather-in-law of John Owenid: IMG_375554896610811

131LeachAbraham Leachname on the war memorial1764184379id: IMG_375154896210891Of Corston Esq. A magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of this County. Buried 5 April 1843 aged 79 Monkton.
132John Frederic Leachrelationship not given of Abraham Leach1805184338id: IMG_375154896210891Barrister at Law. John Frederick Leach Buried 17 mar 1843 at Monkton aged 38. John Frederick Leach is Abraham Leach child

133LewisGeorge Lewisname on the war memorial1827186134id: IMG_37205489071080Of Highgate in this parish. Buried St Nicholas , Monkton 13 Oct 1861 aged 34. Baptised 28 Mar 1827 to John and Hester LEWIS
134George Lewisfather of Reynald Edward Lewisid: IMG_37195489061080
135Joseph Lewisname on the war memorial1843190865id: IMG_3715
(3 images)
548903108024 years a member of Pembroke Corporation and 15 years chairman of Sanitary Committee Pembroke Ward. Died Dec qtr 1908 aged 64
136Margaret Lewis nee Morganswife of Joseph Lewis1839189152id: IMG_3715
(3 images)
5489031080Of Washington Terrace Wife of Joseph Lewis
137Rees Lewishusband of Sarah Lewis1812188169id: IMG_37785489291078Burial Monkton 7 Apr 1884 aged 74 , lived Square Island. BMD died Jun qtr 1884 Pembroke area aged 74
138Reynald Edward Lewisname on the war memorial1874id: IMG_37195489061080age 2mo - Son of George and Sarah Lewis. Buried 13/06/1874 St Nicholas , Monkton aged 3 months of Hundleton
139Sarah Lewismother of Reynald Edward Lewisid: IMG_37195489061080
140Sarah Lewisname on the war memorial1806188276id: IMG_37785489291078Burial Monkton 19 Dec 1882 aged 73 , lived Square Island. BMD died Pembroke area Dec qtr 1882 aged 73
141Thomas Lewisname on the war memorial1831188857id: IMG_37305489391079BMD died Apr qtr 1888 aged 57
142Tilly Elizabeth Lewisname on the war memorial200420040id: IMG_37405489551085BMD died Dec qtr 2004 Swansea area , born 1/12/2004

143LoginAnn Login nee Lewisname on the war memorial1761182766id: IMG_37345489471083
144James Loginson of Ann Login52id: IMG_37345489471083
145John Loginhusband of Ann Login1753183279id: IMG_37345489471083Burial Transcript John Login buried Monkton 1 Jan 1832 aged 79

146LongHarriet Longname on the war memorial1832185321id: IMG_37055488941069Wife of William Long. Buried 15 Nov 1853 at Monkton aged 21
147William Longhusband of Harriet Longid: IMG_37055488941069

148MathiasElizabeth Mathiasname on the war memorial1800181818id: IMG_37335489441082Wife of John Mathias
149Eveline Blodwen Mathias nee Hartwife of Sidney George Mathias1919200586id: IMG_37395489541079BMD died Sep qtr 2005 Pembrokeshire , born 20/2/1919
150John Mathiashusband of Elizabeth Mathiasid: IMG_37335489441082
151Sidney George Mathiasname on the war memorial1918200082id: IMG_37395489541079BMD Married Eveline B Hart Dec qtr 1937 Pembroke area. Born Jun qtr 1918 Pembroke area , Died Sep qtr 2000 Haverfordwest , born 17/06/1918
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152MeyrikeFravncis Meyrikename on the war memorial1603id: IMG_3761
(2 images)
5489681066Sr Fravncis Meyrike Knight - Sonne of Reverend father Rowland Meyrike late Bishop of Bangor , and Katherine Barret his wife he marryed Ane Lavgharne the daughter of Fravncis Lavgharne of St Brides Esquire and Ienett Phillips his wife , and had issve Gelly Meyrike , Fravncis Meyrike , William Meyrike , Henry Meryrike , John Meyrike , Fravncis Meyrike and Jane Meyrike

153MillerElizabeth Miller nee Eynonwife of John Miller1758181153id: IMG_37105488981071Of Monkton
154John Millername on the war memorial1754178935id: IMG_37105488981071Of this Parish - Monkton married Elizabeth Eynon 9 Nov 1783 Monkton
155Sarah Millername on the war memorial1866id: IMG_37715489221065Possibly Sarah Miller buried Monkton 12 Mar 1866 aged 70
156William Millername on the war memorial1785186176id: IMG_37705489201067Burial Monkton 1 Jul 1861 aged 77

157OwenCharlotte Owenname on the war memorial1807183932id: IMG_37535489641067Beloved wife of Sir John Owen of Orielton
158Dorothy Owen nee Lavgharnewife of John Owen1583165370id: IMG_375554896610811
159Fravnces Owen nee Phillipsmother of John Owenid: IMG_375554896610811daughter of Sir John Philips Barronet of Picton. , wife of Sir Hugh Owen of Orielton
160Hugh Owenfather of John Owenid: IMG_375554896610811Bodeon Anglesey
161Hugh Owenson of Hugh Owenid: IMG_37545489651072
162Hugh Owenname on the war memorial1782180927id: IMG_37545489651072Of Orielton. Son of Sir William Owen Bar , Lord Lieutenant and Member of the County. Leaves an only son Hugh in his 4th year . His wife Lady Owen was the daughter of John Colby of Bletherton , Pembrokeshire
163John Owenhusband of Charlotte Owenid: IMG_37535489641067
164John Owenname on the war memorial1577161235id: IMG_375554896610811In perpetual memory of her loving husband John Owen Esq here interred , sonne and Heire of Sr Hugh Owen of Bodeon in Anglisay Knight and Elizabeth the daughter and sole hiere of George Wirriet of Orielton Esq. Dorothy his wife the daughter of Rowland Lavgharne of St Brides Esq and of Lettice Perrot his wife hath gave this moument to be erected. He died 8th October 1612 ag 1635 leaving issue 3 sonnes and 4 daughters. Dorothy te Rayser of this monument was inttered here ye 27 Feb 1653 aged 70 years having through gods providence and her owne goodness erected a more lasting monument of her memory in that she lived a widdow of above 41 yeares and leaving all her 7 children living being all that ever she had. Here lieth Sr Hugh Owen of Bodeon Knight above named also here lieth Fravnces te daughter of Sr John Philips of Picton Baronet wife to Sir Hugh Owen of Orielton and Barronet and Wirriet Owen Second sonne to Sir Hugh Owen and Fravnces: The addition to this monument 1652
165William Owenfather of Hugh Owenid: IMG_37545489651072
166Wirriet Owennephew of John Owen1652id: IMG_375554896610811Son of Fravnces and Hugh Owen

167PhillipPrescilla Phillip nee Reynoldsname on the war memorial1891id: IMG_37135489011068wife of Samuel Phillip , born Jun qtr 1851 Castlemartin , Pembrokeshire. Died Sep qtr 18591 Pembroke area aged 40
168Samuel Philliphusband of Prescilla Phillipid: IMG_37135489011068

169PhillipsAnn Phillipsmother of Ellen Jane Phillipsid: IMG_37185489041070
170Ellen Jane Phillipsname on the war memorial1867188518id: IMG_37185489041070Daughter of George and Ann Phillips. Buried 3 Nov 1885 St Nicholas , Monkton aged 18 years
171George Phillipsfather of Ellen Jane Phillipsid: IMG_37185489041070
172George Phillipsson-in-law of Elizabeth Barnesid: IMG_36915488741080
173John Phillipsgrand father-in-law of John Owenid: IMG_375554896610811
174John Barnes Phillipsgrand son of Elizabeth Barnes185018544id: IMG_36915488741080Son of George and Kezia Phillips , grandson of John Barnes. Died aged 4 years and and months. Buried 7 June 1851 Monkton. Aged 4
175Kezia Phillips nee Barnesdaughter of Elizabeth Barnesid: IMG_36915488741080

176PughWilliam Henry Pughname on the war memorial1929201081id: IMG_3744
(2 images)
5489591068Death index BMD died 29/10/2010 Pembroke area , born 1929

177RemingtonElizabeth Remington nee Williamswife of William Remington1831190170id: IMG_378554893810671BMD died Dec qtr 1901 Pembroke area aged 70
178William Remingtonname on the war memorial1829188556id: IMG_378554893810671Of Monkton. Buried 21 March 1885 at Monkton aged 56

179ReynoldsGeorge Reynoldsname on the war memorial1861189332id: IMG_37145489021066Baptised 26 May 1861 Monkton to David and Margaret Reynolds. Burial 13 Dec 1893 Monkton aged 32.

180RichardsAllen Richardsname on the war memorial185118587id: IMG_37745489241093Son of Francis and Martha Richards. Burial Monkton 23 Sep 1858 aged 7
181Francis Richardsfather of Allen Richardsid: IMG_37745489241093
182Martha Richardsmother of Allen Richardsid: IMG_37745489241093
183William Richardsname on the war memorial1815189580id: IMG_37225489151066Burial 13/02/1895 St Nicholas , Monkton aged 80

184RidlerMartha Ridlername on the war memorial1789182031id: IMG_37325489411067Married Thomas 4 May 1813. Died at Orielton. Buried Monkton 13 Jan 1820 aged 31
185Thomas Ridlerhusband of Martha Ridlerid: IMG_37325489411067

186RochGeorge Rochhusband of Margaret Rochid: IMG_37845489371074
187Margaret Roch nee Griffithsname on the war memorial1842186523id: IMG_37845489371074Wife of George Roch. Daughter of James and Jane Griffiths. Buried Monkton 24 Dec 1865 aged 23.

188RooksEdward Rookshusband of Mary Rooks1825189570id: IMG_37725489231065Died Mar qtr Pembroke area 1895 aged 70
189Mary Rooksname on the war memorial1820189070id: IMG_37725489231065Buried Monkton 2 Jun 1890 aged 70

190RoweMary Rowerelationship not given of Thomas Rowe1759183980id: IMG_37045488911067BMD died Mar qtr 1839 Pembroke area. Burial Monkton 19 Mar 1839 aged 80 - Elizabeth in burial record by mistake
191Thomas Rowename on the war memorial1756182468id: IMG_37045488911067Buried Monkton 22 Aug 1824 aged 68 , lived Pembroke Dock

192RussellJames Russellname on the war memorial1796184246id: IMG_37805489331070BMD died Jun qtr 1842 Pembroke area
193Jane Russelldaughter of James Russell1829184314id: IMG_37805489331070BMD died Dec qtr 1843 Pembroke area
194Mary Ann Russelldaughter of James Russell1824184218id: IMG_37805489331070BMD died Jun qtr 1842 Pembroke area
195Mary Jane Russelldaughter-in-law of James Russell1800186464id: IMG_37805489331070Wife of Michael Russell. Burial Monkton 11 Oct 1864 aged 64
196Michael Russellson of James Russell1825186237id: IMG_37805489331070Burial Monkton 22 Sep 1862 aged 37. Baptised 24 Sep 1823 at Carew

197ScaleElizabeth Scalemother of Sarah Griggid: IMG_37695489191086
198John Scalefather of Sarah Griggid: IMG_37695489191086

199StephensElizabeth Stephensname on the war memorial1819185940id: IMG_37645489111069wife of Thomas Stephens of Mill Back. Died Jun qtr 1859 Haverfordwest
200Jane Stephensname on the war memorial1883id: IMG_36905488731066Wife of John Stephens. Possibly 1885

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