St Giles and St George's Church burial ground, Ashtead, Surrey, England

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Monument list

no.imagefamily surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1St Giles and St GeorgeAddenbrookeCharles Addenbrookefirst name on this monument190219545287id: 87
(one image)
Doris Addenbrookewife of Charles Addenbrooke1902198482
2St Giles and St GeorgeAgateMichael Agatefirst name on this monument1792184856133id: 133
(one image)
Marian Agatedaughter-in-law of Michael Agate1817188265
John Agateson of Michael Agate1826188054
3St Giles and St GeorgeAllenThomas Meredith Allenfirst name on this monument189519172244id: 44
(one image)
Ernest Allenfather of Thomas Meredith Allen
Maria Allenmother of Thomas Meredith Allen
4St Giles and St GeorgeAndrewsAlfred Andrewsfirst name on this monument185719418429id: 29
(one image)
Susannah Evelina Andrews1860194282
William Goymer1887197487
5St Giles and St GeorgeAndrewsLeonard Peel Andrewsfirst name on this monument185819246673id: 73
(one image)
Mary Margaret Otway Andrews1866193872
6St Giles and St GeorgeArcherBetty Archerfirst name on this monument1883194663116id: 116
(one image)
Stanley Archerhusband of Betty Archer1879196586
7St Giles and St GeorgeArthurCatherine Arthurfirst name on this monument1806186256136id: 136
(one image)
8St Giles and St GeorgeAstridgeAmy Astridgefirst name on this monument1905190612id: 2
(one image)
Elizabeth Ellen Astridge1891198897
Emma Beatrice Astridge1876194266
James Astridge1879195273
Reginald Astridge1901199089
9St Giles and St GeorgeAtkinsonDaisy L Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1890197585227id: 227
(one image)
10St Giles and St GeorgeAtkinsonEthel Winifred Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1896196569190id: 190
(one image)
11St Giles and St GeorgeBaileyJane Skilton Baileyfirst name on this monument1866195488142id: 142
(one image)
Hilda Crawforddaughter of Jane Skilton Bailey1908198476
Samuel Crawfordson-in-law of Jane Skilton Bailey1908199789
12St Giles and St GeorgeBarnardVictor Barnardfirst name on this monument1909198374211id: 211
(one image)
Kathleen Barnard1909199990
13St Giles and St GeorgeBattleWilliam Scoley Battlefirst name on this monument1884197187139id: 139
(one image)
14St Giles and St GeorgeBellIsabelle Bellfirst name on this monument1879195677160id: 160
(one image)
Adam Thompson1890196878
Helen Spencer Thompson1888196375
15St Giles and St GeorgeBergValerie Cicely Bergfirst name on this monument1958205id: 205
(one image)
16St Giles and St GeorgeBirdGeorge Birdfirst name on this monument1885197186150id: 150
(one image)
Alice Maud Bird18871988101
17St Giles and St GeorgeBirdWinifred Eva Birdfirst name on this monument1914198773151id: 151
(one image)
George William Birdhusband of Winifred Eva Bird1915200085
18St Giles and St GeorgeBisikerErnest Bisikerfirst name on this monument1866194377213id: 213
(one image)
Helen Bisikerwife of Ernest Bisiker1868196092
19St Giles and St GeorgeBlakeAlan Ewan Blakefirst name on this monument1884195066177id: 177
(one image)
Agnes Frances Oona Blakewife of Alan Ewan Blake1893196875
20St Giles and St GeorgeBonnorNorton Bonnorfirst name on this monument1904198278226id: 226
(one image)
21St Giles and St GeorgeBookerAndrew Bookerfirst name on this monument18531893406id: 6
(one image)
22St Giles and St GeorgeBrackpoolMichael John Brackpoolfirst name on this monument1954197117189id: 189
(one image)
Alice Marianne Pirie Brackpool1901198988
Allegra Valeria Baker Brackpool1931200776
23St Giles and St GeorgeBradfordJohn Bradfordfirst name on this monument182519047927id: 27
(one image)
Lucy Ann Bradforddaughter of John Bradford186418706
Eliza Bradfordwife of John Bradford1835190974
24St Giles and St GeorgeBrinnenBeatrice Brinnenfirst name on this monument1972145id: 145
(one image)
25St Giles and St GeorgeBromfieldFrank Edward Bromfieldfirst name on this monument1906199185184id: 184
(one image)
Reginald William Bromfieldson of Frank Edward Bromfield193119321
Ronald Frank Bromfieldson of Frank Edward Bromfield1930196636
Myrtle Lilian Bromfieldwife of Frank Edward Bromfield1909199384
26St Giles and St GeorgeBrookesMary Brookesfirst name on this monument1893198390238id: 238
(one image)
27St Giles and St GeorgeBuckWilliam Buckfirst name on this monument188519102563id: 63
(one image)
Daniel Buck1860193070
Matilda Buck1941
28St Giles and St GeorgeBurberryEdward Harry Burberryfirst name on this monument1895196065161id: 161
(one image)
Maggie Eleanor Burberrywife of Edward Harry Burberry1898197274
29St Giles and St GeorgeBurrowsAlbert Edward Burrowsfirst name on this monument18961985897id: 7
(one image)
Jeanne Burrowswife of Albert Edward Burrows1915199479
30St Giles and St GeorgeCairdAlexander Peter Cairdfirst name on this monument1893195764206id: 206
(one image)
Susan Anne Ellisdaughter of Alexander Peter Caird1948200052
Margaret Isobel Betty Cairdwife of Alexander Peter Caird1909200495
31St Giles and St GeorgeCairdAlexander Peter Cairdfirst name on this monument1893195764122id: 122
(one image)
Susan Anne Ellisdaughter of Alexander Peter Caird1948200052
Margaret Isobel Betty Cairdwife of Alexander Peter Caird1909200495
32St Giles and St GeorgeCallenEllen Callenfirst name on this monument184319157261id: 61
(one image)
33St Giles and St GeorgeCawleyArthur Jack Cawleyfirst name on this monument1893198087228id: 228
(one image)
Maria Cawleywife of Arthur Jack Cawley1918198769
34St Giles and St GeorgeChapman)Maria Chapman)first name on this monument186619346831id: 31
(one image)
Iris Joan Atkinson)1918199375
Lawrence Atkinson)1906200296
Sheila Atkinson)1938195719
Henry Chapman)1874195379
Nora M Ramsay)1940200161
35St Giles and St GeorgeChawnerAnna Maria Hendrina Chawnerfirst name on this monument1919197253141id: 141
(one image)
36St Giles and St GeorgeCheyneyMarianne Cheyneyfirst name on this monument191319826922id: 22
(one image)
Charles Cheyneyhusband of Marianne Cheyney1910199484
37St Giles and St GeorgeChittyHenry Chittyfirst name on this monument1842192886115id: 115
(one image)
Emily Chittydaughter of Henry Chitty77
Sarah Chittywife of Henry Chitty1846194599
38St Giles and St GeorgeChittyJames Chittyfirst name on this monument185219045276id: 76
(one image)
Agnes Lilian Chittydaughter of James Chitty188218908
Alice Mary Chittydaughter of James Chitty187718803
Harriett Chittywife of James Chitty1852192876
39St Giles and St GeorgeChittyJane Chittyfirst name on this monument177818577977id: 77
(one image)
Henry Chittyson of Jane Chitty1821190180
40St Giles and St GeorgeChittyLewis James Chittyfirst name on this monument1908199486167id: 167
(one image)
Betty Millicent Chittywife of Lewis James Chitty1917199477
41St Giles and St GeorgeCollingsJoseph Collingsfirst name on this monument1888194456119id: 119
(one image)
Florence Mary Collings1889197586
42St Giles and St GeorgeCollisSara Jane Collisfirst name on this monument185419398540id: 40
(one image)
Eileen Murray Collis1886196983
Elizabeth Hickson Collis1914200288
Robert Hickson Collis1882196482
43St Giles and St GeorgeConnellCecil Bourke Connellfirst name on this monument188519415641id: 41
(one image)
Caroline Alice Connellwife of Cecil Bourke Connell1896198690
44St Giles and St GeorgeCookeJohn Alfred Cookefirst name on this monument1904198682168id: 168
(one image)
Gladys Olga Cookewife of John Alfred Cooke1905199287
45St Giles and St GeorgeCowieHerbert Cowiefirst name on this monument185019247472id: 72
(one image)
46St Giles and St GeorgeCoxDoris Kathleen Coxfirst name on this monument190719888160id: 60
(one image)
Rhoda Chittysister of Doris Kathleen Cox1909193324
47St Giles and St GeorgeCraddockJohn Craddockfirst name on this monument1791181423102id: 102
(one image)
John Craddockfather of John Craddock
Jane Craddockmother of John Craddock
Elizabeth Craddocksister of John Craddock
Maria Craddocksister of John Craddock
Mary Craddocksister of John Craddock
48St Giles and St GeorgeCraddockJohn Craddockfirst name on this monument1737182184103id: 103
(one image)
Jane Craddockwife of John Craddock1751182473
49St Giles and St GeorgeCraddockSarah Craddockfirst name on this monument1733179158108id: 108
(one image)
50St Giles and St GeorgeCraddockWilliam Craddockfirst name on this monument1728180476107id: 107
(one image)
51St Giles and St GeorgeCresswellHerbert Osborn Cresswellfirst name on this monument186019185851id: 51
(one image)
Charles Gerard Cresswell1855191863
52St Giles and St GeorgeCrispRainey Violet Crispfirst name on this monument1883197592125id: 125
(one image)
53St Giles and St GeorgeCrookFrederick Crookfirst name on this monument1917200184114id: 114
(one image)
Joy Crookwife of Frederick Crook1918200890
54St Giles and St GeorgeCuthbertJohn Cuthbertfirst name on this monument1783186380101id: 101
(one image)
Maria Cuthbertwife of John Cuthbert1793188592
55St Giles and St GeorgeDachtlerFrederick Dachtlerfirst name on this monument1902198886182id: 182
(one image)
Rhoda Dachtler1904198985
56St Giles and St GeorgeDarlingWilliam Darlingfirst name on this monument188119395856id: 56
(one image)
Florence Emily Darling1878197395
57St Giles and St GeorgeDeardenWilliam Henry Deardenfirst name on this monument186519528771id: 71
(one image)
Althea Beatrice Taylordaughter of William Henry Dearden1925199873
Charles Henry Taylorson-in-law of William Henry Dearden1911198271
Beatrice Maud Deardenwife of William Henry Dearden1882196078
58St Giles and St GeorgeDefratesJoan Monica Defratesfirst name on this monument1918200890203id: 203
(one image)
59St Giles and St GeorgeDefratesRoland Aylwin Defratesfirst name on this monument1914199278202id: 202
(one image)
60St Giles and St GeorgeDenshireEmma Denshirefirst name on this monument1847193992105id: 105
(one image)
W C Denshirefather of Emma Denshire
61St Giles and St GeorgeDooyewaardHarry Orme Dooyewaardfirst name on this monument1920194424164id: 164
(one image)
62St Giles and St GeorgeDooyewaardJohannes Dooyewaardfirst name on this monument1887196275163id: 163
(one image)
Christiana Maud Dooyewaardwife of Johannes Dooyewaard1895198489
63St Giles and St GeorgeDouglasMadaleine Linzee Gordon Douglasfirst name on this monument18971995985id: 5
(one image)
Andrew Wilmot Douglas Douglashusband of Madaleine Linzee Gordon Douglas1886196175
64St Giles and St GeorgeDraiseyKate Emily Draiseyfirst name on this monument187419325870id: 70
(one image)
Frederick Daniel Draiseyhusband of Kate Emily Draisey1872195785
65St Giles and St GeorgeEllistonJessie Ellistonfirst name on this monument185819428443id: 43
(one image)
66St Giles and St GeorgeEvansHarry Arthur Evansfirst name on this monument1861195594148id: 148
(one image)
67St Giles and St GeorgeFarrantWinifred Farrantfirst name on this monument190719837625id: 25
(one image)
Alfred Henry Farranthusband of Winifred Farrant1906199690
68St Giles and St GeorgeFellinghamRoy Charles Herbert Fellinghamfirst name on this monument1903198986221id: 221
(one image)
Violet Rosa Annie Faulkner1917200689
69St Giles and St GeorgeFlahertyJohn Joseph Flahertyfirst name on this monument1906199185217id: 217
(one image)
Kathleen Flahertywife of John Joseph Flaherty1905199994
70St Giles and St GeorgeFlynnWilliam Patrick Flynnfirst name on this monument186519367135id: 35
(one image)
Olga Flynnwife of William Patrick Flynn1938
71St Giles and St GeorgeFridayMartha Fridayfirst name on this monument181818876981id: 81
(one image)
Ann Fridaysister of Martha Friday1816189175
72St Giles and St GeorgeFrostRuth Frostfirst name on this monument1888196880186id: 186
(one image)
Harold Owen Frost1889197081
73St Giles and St GeorgeFullerWilliam Charles Fullerfirst name on this monument1878194769132id: 132
(one image)
Lilian Maud Fullerwife of William Charles Fuller1879195475
74St Giles and St GeorgeGoddardNorah Ellen Goddardfirst name on this monument1818190688162id: 162
(one image)
Jesse Leefather of Norah Ellen Goddard
Ellen Leemother of Norah Ellen Goddard
75St Giles and St GeorgeGoldsmithFlorence Beatrice Goldsmithfirst name on this monument188419648066id: 66
(one image)
Frederick William Goldsmith1884197187
76St Giles and St GeorgeGoldsmithHenry Goldsmithfirst name on this monument18791883469id: 69
(one image)
Walter Goldsmith1874189319
77St Giles and St GeorgeGoodAdele Goodfirst name on this monument1906198983222id: 222
(one image)
Abraham Goodhusband of Adele Good
78St Giles and St GeorgeGordonHarold Hollocombe Gordonfirst name on this monument1869194576197id: 197
(one image)
Colin Chetwynd Gordon1905199792
Lilian Beatrice Gordon1881196584
79St Giles and St GeorgeGoughGeorge Crocker Goughfirst name on this monument185919307150id: 50
(one image)
George Aleck Crocker Goughson of George Crocker Gough1902193533
80St Giles and St GeorgeGreenAlfred James Greenfirst name on this monument1900198686183id: 183
(one image)
Peggy Audrey Greendaughter of Alfred James Green1930199363
Violet Rose Greenwife of Alfred James Green1904199187
81St Giles and St GeorgeGriffinErnest George Griffinfirst name on this monument187819305258id: 58
(one image)
82St Giles and St GeorgeHallMargaret Laura Hallfirst name on this monument186519478234id: 34
(one image)
83St Giles and St GeorgeHamblyLouisa Margaret Hamblyfirst name on this monument1905198984180id: 180
(one image)
Alwyn Ernest Hamblyhusband of Louisa Margaret Hambly1910198979
84St Giles and St GeorgeHamptonDelmira Marion Hamptonfirst name on this monument1917194730179id: 179
(one image)
Peter Richard Hamptonhusband of Delmira Marion Hampton
85St Giles and St GeorgeHardyJoyce Margaret Hardyfirst name on this monument1932198856146id: 146
(one image)
Ronald Harold Hardy1920199171
86St Giles and St GeorgeHargoodBertha Mary Hargoodfirst name on this monument1894195056178id: 178
(one image)
Lawrence Wilfred Hargoodhusband of Bertha Mary Hargood1897195861
87St Giles and St GeorgeHarperElsie Kate Harperfirst name on this monument1900199292215id: 215
(one image)
88St Giles and St GeorgeHartAlbert Telfer Hartfirst name on this monument1873194370158id: 158
(one image)
William Hartson of Albert Telfer Hart
Henrietta Louisa Hartwife of Albert Telfer Hart1876195680
89St Giles and St GeorgeHarvieKatherine Gaskell Harviefirst name on this monument1902198381234id: 234
(one image)
90St Giles and St GeorgeHaynesClara Haynesfirst name on this monument186419104619id: 19
(one image)
George William Haynes1864193773
Sarah Haynes1867192760
91St Giles and St GeorgeHaynesClara Haynesfirst name on this monument186419104664id: 64
(one image)
George William Haynes1865193772
Sarah Haynes1867192760
92St Giles and St GeorgeHaynesGeorge William Haynesfirst name on this monument1901194948172id: 172
(one image)
Ruth Hayneswife of George William Haynes1903193532
93St Giles and St GeorgeHeadAnn Maria Headfirst name on this monument182719138662id: 62
(one image)
Henry Headhusband of Ann Maria Head1831191887
94St Giles and St GeorgeHislopMary Ann Hislopfirst name on this monument182418977311id: 11
(one image)
John Hislopfather of Mary Ann Hislop
Elizabeth Emily Hislopmother of Mary Ann Hislop
Annie Maria Hislop1829192293
95St Giles and St GeorgeHizzeyFlorence Ellen Hizzeyfirst name on this monument1877194265130id: 130
(one image)
Matthew Hizzeyhusband of Florence Ellen Hizzey1872195381
96St Giles and St GeorgeHollandThomas Hollandfirst name on this monument181918998012id: 12
(one image)
Mary Hollandwife of Thomas Holland1821191493
97St Giles and St GeorgeHolmesJoseph Holmesfirst name on this monument1909199182212id: 212
(one image)
98St Giles and St GeorgeHopkinsBeatrice Ivy Hopkinsfirst name on this monument19021999973id: 3
(one image)
99St Giles and St GeorgeHudsonJames John Cadoux Hudsonfirst name on this monument1886194660159id: 159
(one image)
Sylvia Daisy Hudsonwife of James John Cadoux Hudson1889197182
100St Giles and St GeorgeHudsonSybil Ruth Hudsonfirst name on this monument1921200584159id: 159
(one image)

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