St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Reedham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
301NewmanWilliam Newmanfirst name on this monument18251904796071270561551
Emily Newmanwife of William Newman

302NichollsEdward Nichollsfirst name on this monument1899195859689127120174

303NichollsElizabeth Nichollsfirst name on this monument18251855301211267991881
Robert Nichollshusband of Elizabeth Nicholls1814189177

304NichollsJonathan Nichollsfirst name on this monument1769183970122126800190
Mary Nichollswife of Jonathan Nicholls

305NixonDennis Nixonfirst name on this monument1921199776249126905355
Hazel Nixonwife of Dennis Nixon1922200987

306NormanHerbert Joseph Normanfirst name on this monument1871195786684127116129
Mabel Alice Normanwife of Herbert Joseph Norman1966

307NormanPercy Reginald Normanfirst name on this monument1891195867693127123174
Grace Ella Normanwife of Percy Reginald Norman1894197682

308NorrisChristopher H Norrisfirst name on this monument1909198071759127178244
Mary Evelyn Leslie Norriswife of Christopher H Norris1925198358

309NorrisGertrude Annie Norrisfirst name on this monument1885196782234126890242
Hilda Norrisdaughter-in-law of Gertrude Annie Norris1907198477
John Leslie Norrisson of Gertrude Annie Norris1908197971

310OldfieldAnnie Oldfieldfirst name on this monument1904195955694127124312
Frederick Oldfieldhusband of Annie Oldfield1801188887

311PadleyGeorge Padleyfirst name on this monument1901198685487126960237
Freda Padleywife of George Padley1901198685

312PalmerPeter John Palmerfirst name on this monument18332005172147126820144

313ParkerEdward George Parkerfirst name on this monument1885196176712127139229
Frances Elizabeth Parkerwife of Edward George Parker1891196776

314ParnellAmy Ellen Parnellfirst name on this monument1878195072667127099255

315ParrottAllan Donald Parrottfirst name on this monument1929200374510126983338
Babette Parrottwife of Allan Donald Parrott

316ParsonsPhoebe Parsonsfirst name on this monument181418927895126773187

317PearseLucy Pearsefirst name on this monument185218542179126850345
Francis Pearsefather of Lucy Pearse
Mary Pearsemother of Lucy Pearse

318PertRobert Pertfirst name on this monument18321892601381268122941
Sarah Ann Pertwife of Robert Pert

319PettingillWilliam Pettingillfirst name on this monument1901632127078200
Edmund Pettingillfather of William Pettingill
Charlotte Pettingillmother of William Pettingill

320PettittRodney Pettittfirst name on this monument19401963237201271463741
Victor Pettittfather of Rodney Pettitt
Ruth Pettittmother of Rodney Pettitt

321PettittVictor C Pettittfirst name on this monument1907198679488126961279
Ruth E Pettittwife of Victor C Pettitt1909200293

322PlummerLionel Charles Plummerfirst name on this monument1904197874757127176251
Daisy Plummerwife of Lionel Charles Plummer1907198376

323PondDerek Stephen Pondfirst name on this monument1931199766250126906169

324PorterAmelia Coan Porterfirst name on this monument18661889231881268583901
John Porterfather of Amelia Coan Porter
Elizabeth Portermother of Amelia Coan Porter

325PorterAnn Maria Porterfirst name on this monument1836190569621127067296
George Porterhusband of Ann Maria Porter1832191785

326PorterMeriet Porterfirst name on this monument1720180888108126786153
William Porterhusband of Meriet Porter

327PorterWilliam Porterfirst name on this monument1786179913107126785142

328PottleRichard Pottlefirst name on this monument17321840108210126876291

329PowleyWalter George Powleyfirst name on this monument19301986564951269683611
Elsie Edwards1921200281

330PrestonAlbert Arthur Prestonfirst name on this monument1864191147571127028279
Emma Louisa Prestonwife of Albert Arthur Preston1862195593

331RalphEdith Ralphfirst name on this monument1927198356468126945165

332RandlesomeGeorge Randlesomefirst name on this monument1820189676661127096164

333RaynerJames Raynerfirst name on this monument1840174126845144

334RednallHerbert D J Rednallfirst name on this monument1898196567681127113188
Florence Mary Rednallwife of Herbert D J Rednall1903198784

335RomeElisabeth McLelland Romefirst name on this monument1916199377470126947367
Beryl Maureen Marshall1920200282

336RoseEliza Rosefirst name on this monument1792187179213126879132

337RoseRachel Rosefirst name on this monument1764183470214126880179
William Rosehusband of Rachel Rose

338RouseCharles Rousefirst name on this monument1857190346610127058220

339RowlandRobert Samuel Rowlandfirst name on this monument1994236126892127

340RushbrookArchie John Rushbrookfirst name on this monument1935200469765127183188

341RushbrookJohn Rushbrookfirst name on this monument1899197879764127182301
Violet Rushbrookwife of John Rushbrook1902197977

342RushmerAmelia Rushmerfirst name on this monument19135731270302712
Charles Hallfather of Amelia Rushmer
Amelia Hallmother of Amelia Rushmer

343RushmerGeorge Henry Rushmerfirst name on this monument1854192874551127010208
Ellen Rushmerwife of George Henry Rushmer1853194087

344RushmerGertrude Emily Rushmerfirst name on this monument18881961737111271381872
Arthur Albert Rushmerhusband of Gertrude Emily Rushmer1889196475

345RushmerHannah Rushmerfirst name on this monument18201904846061270551652
James Rushmerhusband of Hannah Rushmer1820190484

346RushmerHenry Rushmerfirst name on this monument18271900736161270621493
Sarah Rushmerwife of Henry Rushmer

347RushmerMary Ann Rushmerfirst name on this monument17811837561391268131891
Ann Rushmermother of Mary Ann Rushmer1760181454

348RyanSheila Theresa Ryanfirst name on this monument1942200967283126936237

349SalesAlfred John Salesfirst name on this monument18891910215901270443351
Samuel James Salesfather of Alfred John Sales
Harriet Salesmother of Alfred John Sales

350SalesFrederick George Salesfirst name on this monument1877193255540127005238
Alice Mary Saleswife of Frederick George Sales1879195071

351SalesIvy Clara Salesfirst name on this monument1905198681489126962335
Arthur Edward Saleshusband of Ivy Clara Sales1902198987

352SalesSamuel James Salesfirst name on this monument18501931815831270372701
Harriet Saleswife of Samuel James Sales1838185012

353SalesWalter Robert Salesfirst name on this monument1850193989578127033661
Samuel Salesfather of Walter Robert Sales
Elizabeth Salesmother of Walter Robert Sales

354ScoffieldWinifred May Scoffieldfirst name on this monument1929199061469126946146

355SewellAlfred Edward Sewellfirst name on this monument1870189626657127092426
J C Sewellfather of Alfred Edward Sewell
M A Sewellmother of Alfred Edward Sewell
George Cockerill Sewell1956
Herbert Ayden Sewell1912

356ShearingMary Shearingfirst name on this monument1833190774594127047243
William Shearinghusband of Mary Shearing1834191783

357ShortenGeorge Benjamin Shortenfirst name on this monument1906197973761127179270
Ruby Eleanor Shortenwife of George Benjamin Shorten1916198670

358SkouldingMabel Matilda Skouldingfirst name on this monument18861960747141271411681
Robert Bernard Skouldinghusband of Mabel Matilda Skoulding1886196983

359SkouldingRobert Skouldingfirst name on this monument19241993692411268971211

360SkouldingRussell R F Skouldingfirst name on this monument19131990775041269772032
Edith Farrow1918200688

361SlappIvy D M Slappfirst name on this monument19111987764911269641481

362SmithAnn Ayden Smithfirst name on this monument1819189576644127086297
Samuel Smithhusband of Ann Ayden Smith1820189878

363SmithArtur Samuel Smithfirst name on this monument184818491185126856356
Arthur Smithbrother of Artur Samuel Smith1856
George Edward Smithbrother of Artur Samuel Smith185018511
Samuel Smithfather of Artur Samuel Smith
Ann Smithmother of Artur Samuel Smith

364SmithEdith Kate Smithfirst name on this monument1998741127164151

365SmithLiam Anthony Smithfirst name on this monument1998200810260126914236

366SmithSusannah Smithfirst name on this monument1827188760170126841178
William Smithhusband of Susannah Smith

367SnellingSidney Charles Snellingfirst name on this monument19231988655011269743501
May Ivy Snellingwife of Sidney Charles Snelling1920199070

368SparkesAlfred Harry Sparkesfirst name on this monument1901196665739127163303
Ethel Ivy Sparkeswife of Alfred Harry Sparkes1906198377

369SparkesHazel Winnifred Sparkesfirst name on this monument1928198759494126967405
Harry William Sparkeshusband of Hazel Winnifred Sparkes1929200980

370SparkesLily Sparkesfirst name on this monument1912199987472126949182

371SparkesSylvia Sparkesfirst name on this monument1941200362277126930224

372Spencer-HallDaniel Spencer-Hallfirst name on this monument18621916545691270263513
Marianne Spencer-Hallwife of Daniel Spencer-Hall1863194582

373Spencer-JacksonChloe Marie Spencer-Jacksonfirst name on this monument1999239126895268

374St GeorgeRoy Raphael St Georgefirst name on this monument1919200081247126903201

375StewardAnna Maria Stewardfirst name on this monument18401871312251268872041

376StoneEdith Stonefirst name on this monument1865193974518126990178

377StoneNoah Stonefirst name on this monument1818190284604127054154
Charlotte Stonewife of Noah Stone1826190276

378StonestreetCatherine Stonestreetfirst name on this monument18821967857361271601741
Alfred Stonestreethusband of Catherine Stonestreet1883196885

379SymondsGeorge Arthur Symondsfirst name on this monument1874195379672127103250
Harriett Symondswife of George Arthur Symonds1878196082

380SymondsIsabella Symondsfirst name on this monument19081966587381271621631
Charles Robert Symondshusband of Isabella Symonds

381TennantWilliam Tennantfirst name on this monument1832190977591127045210
Elizabeth Tennantwife of William Tennant1841192180

382TerryJoseph Terryfirst name on this monument1921198463466126943194
Joan Terrywife of Joseph Terry1927200780

383TerryJoseph Terryfirst name on this monument1947200154271126924113

384ThaxterMyrah Thaxterfirst name on this monument18251892671861268571991
George Thaxterhusband of Myrah Thaxter

385ThaxterWalter Joseph Thaxterfirst name on this monument18971953566731271041891
Ida Thaxterwife of Walter Joseph Thaxter1989

386ThompsonEllen Thompsonfirst name on this monument1857193174584127038130
Robert Thompson1940

387ThrowerHubert John Throwerfirst name on this monument1846192377559127017177
Martha Throwerwife of Hubert John Thrower1847193487

388TibbenhamGeorge Ernest Frank Tibbenhamfirst name on this monument18971962657081271352471
Grace Mabel Tibbenhamwife of George Ernest Frank Tibbenham1899197879

389TovellBeryl Tovellfirst name on this monument1918200183270126923205
Walter William Tovellhusband of Beryl Tovell1913200188

390TuftsDale Edward Tuftsfirst name on this monument19381990525051269781284

391TurnerHenry Turnerfirst name on this monument18431871281591268321931
Elizabeth Turnerdaughter of Henry Turner186818713
Jemima Turnerwife of Henry Turner

392Van PoortvlietJacobus Bastian Van Poortvlietfirst name on this monument1919192675491270082721
J C Van Poortvliet
J J Van Poortvliet

393VicersFrederick Vicersfirst name on this monument1860193474129126806159
Francis Vicersmother of Frederick Vicers

394WadeLeah Wadefirst name on this monument1859192970524126995196
George Wadehusband of Leah Wade

395WalesCharles Walesfirst name on this monument1808186759211126877266
Sarah Ann Waleswife of Charles Wales1814189985

396WalesCharles Albert Walesfirst name on this monument1849188334220126883260
Charles Walesfather of Charles Albert Wales
Sarah Ann Walesmother of Charles Albert Wales

397WalesIsaac John Walesfirst name on this monument109126787410
Arthur John Walesson of Isaac John Wales187818791
Horace William Walesson of Isaac John Wales1884
Isaac Ernest Walesson of Isaac John Wales1868
Isaac John Walesson of Isaac John Wales1875
Caroline Waleswife of Isaac John Wales

398WalesWilliam Barton Walesfirst name on this monument1838189961638127082207
Harriot P Walessister of William Barton Wales1851192473

399WaltonMaisie Waltonfirst name on this monument1915199580243126899326
Alan Waltonhusband of Maisie Walton1915199883

400WarnckenMaud Victoria Warnckenfirst name on this monument19341999652631269161481
Christian William Warncken1921200281

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