St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Reedham, Norfolk, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
201HewittGeorge J A Hewittfirst name on this monument1869191344665127098159
Harriet Hewittwife of George J A Hewitt

202HewittIsaac Ambrose Hewittfirst name on this monument1902196967731127156163

203HewittJames David Hewittfirst name on this monument463126940262
Thomas Hewittfather of James David Hewitt
Eliza Hewittmother of James David Hewitt

204HewittMary Ann Hewittfirst name on this monument1864191854561127019146
Stephen Hewitthusband of Mary Ann Hewitt1866194882

205HewittMary Ann Hewittfirst name on this monument189519485314312681693

206HewittRobert Last Benjamin Hewittfirst name on this monument18901940505191269911621
Rose Emma Martin

207HewittRosanna Hewittfirst name on this monument1880195878691127121193
George Hewitthusband of Rosanna Hewitt

208HewittRose Emma Hewittfirst name on this monument1859193475582127036121

209HewittThomas Edward Hewittfirst name on this monument18631927645501270091971
Eliza Francis Hewittwife of Thomas Edward Hewitt1854193884

210HewittWilliam George Benjamin Hewittfirst name on this monument1894197379744127167215
Harriett Hewittwife of William George Benjamin Hewitt1894197581

211HigginsonRichard Percy Higginsonfirst name on this monument1917198063758127177192
Muriel Grace Higginsonwife of Richard Percy Higginson1918199375

212HillsMary Louisa Hillsfirst name on this monument1930199868255126909126

213HindleAugusta Caroline Hindlefirst name on this monument1867192962106126784227
William John Hindlehusband of Augusta Caroline Hindle

214HindleElizabeth Hindlefirst name on this monument1829190576629127075244
John Hindlehusband of Elizabeth Hindle

215HindleElizabeth Hindlefirst name on this monument1787188295181126852320
Nathaniel Hindlehusband of Elizabeth Hindle

216HindleJohn Hindlefirst name on this monument1825191388628127074148
Elizabeth Hindlewife of John Hindle

217HindleNathaniel Hindlefirst name on this monument1796186064180126851155

218HippersonBenjamin Hippersonfirst name on this monument190419051617127063258
B Hippersonfather of Benjamin Hipperson
I Hippersonmother of Benjamin Hipperson

219HippersonReginald Hippersonfirst name on this monument19091978697631271813881
Ethel Elsie Hippersonwife of Reginald Hipperson1999

220HirstRosina Hirstfirst name on this monument1919200687471126948439
Edwin Hirsthusband of Rosina Hirst1920200787
Rosina Terry

221HoggettJeremiah Hoggettfirst name on this monument17931876831901268592021
Frances Hoggettwife of Jeremiah Hoggett1795188691

222HoldenHarry Reginald Holdenfirst name on this monument1895196469721127147251

223HookingsSusan Rosemarie Hookingsfirst name on this monument1937200972280126933135

224HovellEmily Marion Hovellfirst name on this monument1943513126985190
Robert William Hovell1960

225HowardElsie May Howardfirst name on this monument1915200388272126925167
Charles Edward Howardwife of Elsie May Howard1916200488

226HoweJohn Howefirst name on this monument18111897861251268031291
Mary Ann Howewife of John Howe18041906102

227HowesElizabeth Howesfirst name on this monument1736183094201126868242
Joseph Howeshusband of Elizabeth Howes

228HowlettGeorge Wilfred Howlettfirst name on this monument1917193215526126997230
Frederick Howlettfather of George Wilfred Howlett
Maud Howlettmother of George Wilfred Howlett1886194054

229HumphreyAlfred Leonard Humphreyfirst name on this monument1898196971726127152411
Emily Martha Humphreywife of Alfred Leonard Humphrey1904198278

230HuntDenis Huntfirst name on this monument192019266557127015217

231HuntHarry E Huntfirst name on this monument18811961807131271402881
Bertha Hunt1879197394
Ralph W F Hunt1912200290
Beryl L E Page1918199072
Stanley A Page1908198981

232JamesKenneth Jamesfirst name on this monument1912198977269126922159
Ida Jameswife of Kenneth James1915200287

233JamesMichael Henry Jamesfirst name on this monument1939200566261126915129

234JarvisMary Anne Jarvisfirst name on this monument1813188774132126808185
John Jarvishusband of Mary Anne Jarvis

235JohnsonJonav Johnsonfirst name on this monument181518766177126764114

236JonesEdith Jonesfirst name on this monument1877189821623127069465
Thomas Jonesfather of Edith Jones
Charlotte Jonesmother of Edith Jones

237JonesHenry Jonesfirst name on this monument1844192076560127018163
Elizabeth Joneswife of Henry Jones1848193789

238JonesJames Jonesfirst name on this monument1860167126838220
Elizabeth Kempdaughter of James Jones1863
Elizabeth Joneswife of James Jones

239JonesObedience Jonesfirst name on this monument1855187015168126839204
James Jonesfather of Obedience Jones
Elizabeth Jonesmother of Obedience Jones

240JonesThomas Jonesfirst name on this monument1857192972556127014195
Charlotte Joneswife of Thomas Jones1857194487

241JonesThomas Jonesfirst name on this monument1881191332572127029201
Thomas Jonesfather of Thomas Jones
Charlotte Jonesmother of Thomas Jones

242Kerrison-BunnViolet May Kerrison-Bunnfirst name on this monument1911199887256126910143
Will Kerrison-Bunnhusband of Violet May Kerrison-Bunn

243KidallMariha Kidallfirst name on this monument17961845492211268841671
Robert Kidall

244KnightsMary Selina Knightsfirst name on this monument18351878431041267821933
James Knightsfather of Mary Selina Knights
Maria Knightsmother of Mary Selina Knights

245LakeAlbert Herbert Lakefirst name on this monument19121954426741271053163
Robert George Lakefather of Albert Herbert Lake
Amelia Lakemother of Albert Herbert Lake

246LakeAmelia Lakefirst name on this monument18821954726751271062912

247LakeBlanche Evelyn Lakefirst name on this monument1882194462580127034314
Robert Lakehusband of Blanche Evelyn Lake

248LambertJoan Doris Lambertfirst name on this monument1990506126979162

249LaneFran Lanefirst name on this monument19352003687061271331491
Ron Lanehusband of Fran Lane1933200471

250LawrenceLionel Frank Lawrencefirst name on this monument1903199087235126891330
Mary Gertrude Lawrencewife of Lionel Frank Lawrence1911200796

251LaytonCharles Laytonfirst name on this monument17981874761841268551431
Sarah Laytonwife of Charles Layton

252LaytonJohn Laytonfirst name on this monument17671844771941268631842
Ruth Laytonwife of John Layton1767184982

253LaytonMary Laytonfirst name on this monument1825186742177126848305
Edward Laytonhusband of Mary Layton1823189673

254LaytonMary Ann Laytonfirst name on this monument1775183762110126788251
George Laytonhusband of Mary Ann Layton71

255LaytonRobert George Laytonfirst name on this monument18211889681821268531841
Elizabeth Laytonwife of Robert George Layton1821189170

256LaytonSarah Laytonfirst name on this monument17981878801831268541232
Charles Laytonhusband of Sarah Layton

257LinesJohn Linesfirst name on this monument175718337694126772184
Ann Lineswife of John Lines1753184289

258LinesJulius Linesfirst name on this monument1797185558217126881194
Sarah Lineswife of Julius Lines

259LinesSarah Linesfirst name on this monument1801185857218126882516
Julius Lineshusband of Sarah Lines

260LinturnLilly Sylvia Linturnfirst name on this monument20082751269281952

261LittleAgnes Littlefirst name on this monument1910198171768127185240

262LockeCharles George Lockefirst name on this monument1887196578725127151285
Lily Louisa Lockewife of Charles George Locke1888197688

263LockeEthel Maud Lockefirst name on this monument1906198781490126963175
John Charles Lockehusband of Ethel Maud Locke1914199480

264LoomeElizabeth Loomefirst name on this monument1813189380634127080166
Joseph Loomehusband of Elizabeth Loome1824190884

265LubbockWilliam Lubbockfirst name on this monument1837190164615127061154
Eleanor Lubbockwife of William Lubbock

266MaceBlanche Eliza Macefirst name on this monument1903196865734127159403
Reginald Walter Macehusband of Blanche Eliza Mace1905198782

267MaceBrian Christopher Macefirst name on this monument1941200160253126907391

268MaceCharles E G Macefirst name on this monument1905197267743127166337
Ellen C E Macewife of Charles E G Mace1910198777

269MaceIan A C Macefirst name on this monument1936198852500126973220

270MallettDaisy Florence Mallettfirst name on this monument1909197061730127155199

271MallettGordon W R Mallettfirst name on this monument1895196267702127129227
Edith Mallettsister of Gordon W R Mallett1892196775

272MallettLois May Mallettfirst name on this monument1892193846566127023292
A H Mallettfather of Lois May Mallett
Rhoda Mallettmother of Lois May Mallett

273MallettThomas Mallettfirst name on this monument1772183866156126829347
Elizabeth Mallettwife of Thomas Mallett1782186482

274ManthorpeMary Manthorpefirst name on this monument18321874422071268732161
Robert Manthorpehusband of Mary Manthorpe1832190775

275MarshallHarry Charles Marshallfirst name on this monument1903196966732127157113

276MarshallMahala Elizabeth Marshallfirst name on this monument1878193254537127003158
Charles Marshallhusband of Mahala Elizabeth Marshall

277MarshallOwen John Marshallfirst name on this monument1938200870476126953146

278MarshallPeter Marshallfirst name on this monument1812189684659127094220
Ellen Marshalldaughter of Peter Marshall185218564
Mary Elizabeth Marshallwife of Peter Marshall1821189978

279McGowanJames McGowanfirst name on this monument1902198280771127186219
Florence May McGowanwife of James McGowan1903199491

280MillerPeter Ashley Millerfirst name on this monument1925199772509126982130

281MillerPeter Ashley Millerfirst name on this monument1925199772457126938158

282MillsEmily Millsfirst name on this monument1861191251586127040237
Simon Leonard Millshusband of Emily Mills

283MillsMartha Millsfirst name on this monument1811188574127126805197
William Millshusband of Martha Mills1806189185

284MillsMary Ann Millsfirst name on this monument1860193979539127004158
John Mills1863194178

285MillsSamuel Millsfirst name on this monument1874196490722127148195
Ethel May Millswife of Samuel Mills1879196586

286MillsSimon Millsfirst name on this monument18351917825671270242151
Elizabeth Saulsister of Simon Mills1837191881

287MooreReginald Moorefirst name on this monument19222002802591269132291
Winifred Moorewife of Reginald Moore1920200787

288MoughtonA W Moughtonfirst name on this monument1919564127022159

289MunroGeorge Hill Munrofirst name on this monument1882194866145126818362
Anna Munrowife of George Hill Munro1885197388

290MuttenCharles Jacob Muttenfirst name on this monument1861190140614127060277
Emily Anna Muttenwife of Charles Jacob Mutten1861193675

291MuttenCharles James Muttenfirst name on this monument1884194763175126846170
Nellie Jane Muttenwife of Charles James Mutten1882197391

292MuttenReginald Charles Muttenfirst name on this monument1920200383176126847115

293MuttonPhyllis Muttonfirst name on this monument1928200981282126935170

294MuttonRosanna Beatrice Muttonfirst name on this monument1945200560266126919138

295MuttonThomas James Muttonfirst name on this monument1911199079503126976213
Florence Levina Muttonwife of Thomas James Mutton1909199788

296NaylorMarjorie Naylorfirst name on this monument1980767127184213

297NewmanErnest William Newmanfirst name on this monument18831966837071271341811
Rhoda Newmanwife of Ernest William Newman1893198996

298NewmanGeorge Newmanfirst name on this monument18711886151331268091671
William Newmanfather of George Newman
Emily Newmanmother of George Newman

299NewmanJoyce Ellen Newmanfirst name on this monument19231998756881271192261

300NewmanMary Ann Newmanfirst name on this monument1867191548137126811237
William Newmanfather of Mary Ann Newman
Emily Newmanmother of Mary Ann Newman
Emily Newmansister of Mary Ann Newman1853188835

Grave Monument Photographs

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