St Gregory Minster's Church burial ground, Kirkdale, Yorkshire, England

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601SonleyMinnie Alicia Sonleyfirst name on this monument1909731982id: 47010666334
John Sonleyhusband of Minnie Alicia Sonley1909741983

602SpenceleyJohn Spenceleyfirst name on this monument1842671909id: 39810660535
Elizabeth Spenceleywife of John Spenceley1844881932

603SpenceleyJoseph Spenceleyfirst name on this monument1862731935id: 1070021107004291
Eleanora Biggins1915721987
John Wilson Biggins1917781995
Harold Spenceleyson of Joseph Spenceley1899431942
Hannah Spenceleywife of Joseph Spenceley1935

604SpenceleySusan Spenceleyfirst name on this monument1846301876id: 1060660106697142
William Spenceleyhusband of Susan Spenceley
John William Spenceleyson of Susan Spenceley

605SpencerJenny Spencerfirst name on this monument1922852007id: 107011310708512

606SpinkAnnie Elizabeth Spinkfirst name on this monument1865351900id: 1060654106691661
William Spinkhusband of Annie Elizabeth Spink

607SpinkEdith Mary Spinkfirst name on this monument1889461935id: 107002310700532
Robert Wilson Spinkhusband of Edith Mary Spink

608SpinkElizabeth Ann Spinkfirst name on this monument1858671925id: 107005510703341
Thomas Spinkhusband of Elizabeth Ann Spink1856771933

609SpinkGeorge Richard Spinkfirst name on this monument1960id: 106085510685546
Edith Spinkwife of George Richard Spink

610SpinkHannah Spinkfirst name on this monument1849491898id: 106065710669424
Robert Spinkhusband of Hannah Spink

611SpinkRobert Spinkfirst name on this monument1851911942id: 10609801069666

612SpinkRobert Wilson Spinkfirst name on this monument1889841973id: 1060810106814381
Gladys Spinkwife of Robert Wilson Spink1909932002

613StainsbyThomas Michael Stainsbyfirst name on this monument1929762005id: 1060734106743182

614StamperThomas Stamperfirst name on this monument1722781800id: 234106490132
Elizabeth Stamperdaughter-in-law of Thomas Stamper1846
Thomas Stampergrand son of Thomas Stamper1851
Robert Stamperson of Thomas Stamper1766681834
Ann Stamperwife of Thomas Stamper1726811807

615StamperThomas Stamperfirst name on this monument1745651810id: 106067510670515
Elizabeth Stamperdaughter of Thomas Stamper1784851869
Eleanor Stamperwife of Thomas Stamper1751381789

616StamperThomas Stamperfirst name on this monument1794861880id: 22910648512
Robert Stamperbrother of Thomas Stamper1796691865

617StamperThomas Stamperfirst name on this monument1762781840id: 25910650751
Ann Bulmerdaughter of Thomas Stamper1788341822
Jane Stamperdaughter of Thomas Stamper1790271817
Jonah Bulmerson-in-law of Thomas Stamper
Johanna Stamperwife of Thomas Stamper1753621815

618StannardGeorge Stannardfirst name on this monument1869751944id: 106097410696016
Maud Stannard1883971980

619StephensonIan Russell Stephensonfirst name on this monument1946431989id: 107019710715417

620StephensonJohn Stephensonfirst name on this monument67id: 270106511241
Ann Stephensonwife of John Stephenson78

621StephensonOswald Barker Stephensonfirst name on this monument1897701967id: 32310654316
Annie Eliza Stephensonwife of Oswald Barker Stephenson1905801985

622StephensonWilliam I Barker Stephensonfirst name on this monument1861421903id: 106065610669318
Harold Barker Stephensonson of William I Barker Stephenson1919
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623StocksIvy Hayes Stocksfirst name on this monument1910781988id: 1070191
(2 images)
William Hodgson Stockshusband of Ivy Hayes Stocks1910711981

624StokeldAlan Orton Stokeldfirst name on this monument1912831995no image107116211

625StoneBernard Henry Stonefirst name on this monument1915751990id: 44810664656
Sue Stonewife of Bernard Henry Stone2003

626StonehouseAnnie Stonehousefirst name on this monument1862411903id: 44010663961
John Stonehousehusband of Annie Stonehouse1849721921

627StonehouseWilliam John Stonehousefirst name on this monument1896771973id: 439106638161
Jennifer Stonehousewife of William John Stonehouse1907851992

628StricklandFrank Stricklandfirst name on this monument1888861974id: 1060790106795211
Mary Anna Stricklandwife of Frank Strickland1893821975

629SturdyAnnie Sturdyfirst name on this monument1904501954id: 106088710688416

630SummersgillJane Summersgillfirst name on this monument1861id: 162106445401
John Summersgillhusband of Jane Summersgill
George Summersgillson of Jane Summersgill

631SummertonGeorge Summertonfirst name on this monument1811681879id: 20110646619

632SunleyAlfred Sunleyfirst name on this monument1892191911id: 42910663012
Thomas Sunleyfather of Alfred Sunley1866751941
Annie Sunleymother of Alfred Sunley1869791948

633SunleyHannah Sunleyfirst name on this monument1844371881id: 1060672106704191
George Sunleyhusband of Hannah Sunley1843901933

634SunleyJohn Reginald Sunleyfirst name on this monument1902761978id: 106076810677324
Eva Jane Sunleywife of John Reginald Sunley1906871993

635SunleyJoyce Sunleyfirst name on this monument1923141937id: 1060983106969261
John William Sunleyfather of Joyce Sunley1880811961
Jane Elizabeth Sunleymother of Joyce Sunley1961
Arthur Thomas Pegg1907781985
Dorothy Agnes Sunley (Sunny) Pegg1907731980
Feodora Sunley1915912006

636SwalesAnna Swalesfirst name on this monument1862581920id: 374106584281
Thomas Swaleshusband of Anna Swales1862911953

637SwalesHenry Swalesfirst name on this monument1831911922id: 191
(2 images)
Jane Swalesdaughter of Henry Swales1910
Dinsley Swalesson of Henry Swales1866781944
Elizabeth Swaleswife of Henry Swales1827681895

638SwalesWilliam H Swalesfirst name on this monument1890851975id: 106079310679812

639TateFrederick John Tatefirst name on this monument1918781996id: 107017710713930

640TateNicholas Tatefirst name on this monumentid: 308106537232
Ann Tatewife of Nicholas Tate

641TateWilliam Tatefirst name on this monument1856771933id: 107003310701420

642TaylorEdith Mary Taylorfirst name on this monument1907751982id: 106074510675217

643TeasdaleAlbert Edward Teasdalefirst name on this monument190991918id: 37910658958

644TeasdaleAlfred Edmund Teasdalefirst name on this monument1921711992id: 50110668851

645TeasdaleAlfred Edmund Teasdalefirst name on this monument1921711992id: 1070181
(2 images)
Louisa Mary Teasdalewife of Alfred Edmund Teasdale1924772001

646TeasdaleAnnie Teasdalefirst name on this monument1880431923id: 41010661645
William Bulmer Teasdalehusband of Annie Teasdale

647TeasdaleHarry Bulmer Teasdalefirst name on this monument1923661989id: 107019810715568

648TeasdaleJoseph Teasdalefirst name on this monument1849811930id: 1070045107025101

649TeasdaleJoseph Teasdalefirst name on this monument1905821987id: 107018410714412

650TeasdaleMinnie Teasdalefirst name on this monument1887771964id: 37710658716
Joseph Edmund Teasdalehusband of Minnie Teasdale1885791964
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651TeasdaleRachel Ada Teasdalefirst name on this monument1912821994id: 107018310714362

652TeasdaleRonald Teasdalefirst name on this monument1915751990id: 107017010713218
Kathleen May Teasdalewife of Ronald Teasdale1918902008

653TeasdaleSarah Ann Teasdalefirst name on this monument1880681948id: 106072410673630
John Thomas Teasdalehusband of Sarah Ann Teasdale1881771958

654TeasdaleWilfrid Norman Teasdalefirst name on this monument1927301957id: 37810658834

655TeasdaleWilliam Bulmer Teasdalefirst name on this monument1877691946id: 106092310691330

656TempleJames Templefirst name on this monument1860711931id: 107004110702121

657ThompsonElizabeth Thompsonfirst name on this monument1912id: 360106572353
Richard Thompsonhusband of Elizabeth Thompson1923

658ThompsonFlorence Annie Thompsonfirst name on this monument1881631944id: 1060972106958112
Thomas H Thompsonhusband of Florence Annie Thompson1964

659ThompsonGeorge Thompsonfirst name on this monument1841921933id: 10700351070156

660ThompsonJames Clark Thompsonfirst name on this monument1907551962id: 106086010685946
Annie Thompsonwife of James Clark Thompson1914892003

661ThompsonJames Olaf Thompsonfirst name on this monument1928701998id: 49810668621

662ThompsonJames Reginald Thompsonfirst name on this monument1902491951id: 106091410690843

663ThompsonMarion Thompsonfirst name on this monument1908801988id: 46910666224
Reg Thompsonhusband of Marion Thompson

664ThompsonSarah Thompsonfirst name on this monument50id: 327106545261
John Thompsonhusband of Sarah Thompson1924

665ThompsonWilfred Thompsonfirst name on this monument1903331936id: 1070016107000102

666ThornhillGraham Thornhillfirst name on this monument1937702007id: 1060732106741311

667ThroupMary Throupfirst name on this monument1856761932id: 107003810701824
Henry Throuphusband of Mary Throup

668TindleElizabeth Tindlefirst name on this monument1902id: 156106441131

669TomlinsonNancy Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1918771995id: 48510667325

670TrenamRichard Trenamfirst name on this monument1791301821id: 243106495285
Richard Trenamfather of Richard Trenam
Jane Trenammother of Richard Trenam
Ann Trenam

671TurnerAlice Turnerfirst name on this monument1855751930id: 43810663710
John Turnerhusband of Alice Turner

672TurnerHarry Turnerfirst name on this monument1905491954id: 107002810701013
Blanche Turnerwife of Harry Turner59

673TurnerWilliam Turnerfirst name on this monument1877281905id: 43710663671
Frances Turnerwife of William Turner1870651935

674TyermanHannah Tyermanfirst name on this monument1872511923id: 1070051107029213
Bryan Tyermanhusband of Hannah Tyerman1864741938 Thanks for the photo of grave stone for Bryan & Hannah Tyerman. I believe that Bryan is my wife's great grand uncle, although I would need to research that fact more closely before I could be certain.

675TyermanHarry Tyermanfirst name on this monument1925541979id: 106076610677134

676TyremanJohn Tyremanfirst name on this monument1917id: 33410654981

677UnderwoodLavinia Underwoodfirst name on this monument1902841986id: 1060868106866191
Robert Underwoodhusband of Lavinia Underwood1900881988

678VaseyEleanor Vaseyfirst name on this monument1870711941id: 1070004106988171

679VentressDavid William Ventressfirst name on this monument1909771986id: 107024510720143
Edith Isobel Ventresswife of David William Ventress1915922007

680VentressMinnie Ventressfirst name on this monument1895601955id: 106090710690339

681VentressWilliam Ventressfirst name on this monument1876741950id: 1060949106939411

682Verdon-RoeDigby Everard Verdon-Roefirst name on this monument1915751990id: 421106623152

683VoseLillith Vosefirst name on this monument1910851995id: 107016610712956

684WaindElizabeth Waindfirst name on this monument1819271846id: 290106524141
Richard Waindhusband of Elizabeth Waind
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685WaiteErnest James Waitefirst name on this monument1897701967id: 106083310683550

686WalkerWilliam Walkerfirst name on this monument1793621855id: 193106462312Erected to the memory of William Walker, late of Welburn Grange who died 29th June 1855 aged 62 years. Elizabeth his wife who died 17th May 1858 aged 58 years. Also of their children John died at Thorne 11th July 1857 aged 30 years. Francis died at Whitby 22nd December 1852 aged 20 years. Jane died 23rd December 1857 aged 23 years. Eliza died in her infancy.
Elizabeth Walkerdaughter of William Walker Eliza died aged 9 months, buried on 15th January 1840 - see notes for father William Walker.
Francis Walkerson of William Walker Died at Whitby 22nd December 1852 aged 20 - see notes for father William Walker.
John Walkerson of William Walker1807501857 Died at Thorne 11th July 1857 aged 30 - see notes for father William Walker
Elizabeth Walkerwife of William Walker1793581851 Died on 17th May 1858 aged 58 years - see notes for husband William

687WaltonGeorge Waltonfirst name on this monument1862761938id: 10609851069719
Lucy Waltonwife of George Walton1877651942

688WardAlfred Wardfirst name on this monument1870671937id: 417
(3 images)
Alfred Robert Wardson of Alfred Ward1894251919
Edith Wardwife of Alfred Ward1873621935

689WardAlfred Percy Wardfirst name on this monument1885561941id: 107000310698769
Alice Wardwife of Alfred Percy Ward1982

690WardAnn Wardfirst name on this monument1865571922id: 37010658011
Robert Wardhusband of Ann Ward

691WardDouglas Wardfirst name on this monument1915791994id: 10701581071225

692WardE Mary Wardfirst name on this monument1957id: 10608661068647
William Wardhusband of E Mary Ward

693WardHannah Wardfirst name on this monument1897521949id: 106094410693410
James Wardhusband of Hannah Ward1893761969

694WardJane Elizabeth Wardfirst name on this monument1882711953id: 420106622331
Spencer Verdon-Roebrother-in-law of Jane Elizabeth Ward
Eleanor Hylda Wardsister of Jane Elizabeth Ward1886791965

695WardJohn Wardfirst name on this monument1776751851id: 31710654161
Agnes Wardwife of John Ward1773801853

696WardRobert Wardfirst name on this monument1813661879id: 18410645716
Frances Wardwife of Robert Ward1820801900

697WardThomas Edward Wardfirst name on this monument1902161918id: 406106612521
John Wardfather of Thomas Edward Ward1859651924
Lavinia Wardmother of Thomas Edward Ward

698WardenRonald Wilfred Wardenfirst name on this monument1910861996id: 107016510712826
Dorothy Mary Wardenwife of Ronald Wilfred Warden

699WareAlice Maude Warefirst name on this monument1899161915id: 404106610212
Almond Warebrother of Alice Maude Ware1902171919
Robert Warefather of Alice Maude Ware1862571919

700WareE Warefirst name on this monument1890281918id: 33310654814

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