St Gregory Minster's Church burial ground, Kirkdale, Yorkshire, England

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401MaynardMichael Maynardfirst name on this monument1932742006id: 1070104107077121

402McMurdoch McMurdochfirst name on this monument1939id: 1060721
(3 images)
Elizabeth McMurdoch

403MeddElizabeth Meddfirst name on this monument1853781931id: 107004010702031
Richard Meddfather of Elizabeth Medd
Jane Meddmother of Elizabeth Medd

404MeddRichard Meddfirst name on this monument1859551914id: 25710650559
Gertrude Medddaughter of Richard Medd188731890
Caroline Meddwife of Richard Medd1856311887

405MeddRobert Meddfirst name on this monument1850761926id: 1070070107046432
Catherine Elizabeth Selby1928

406MetcalfAnnie Metcalffirst name on this monument1930742004id: 107021210716939

407MetcalfHorace Metcalffirst name on this monument1894711965id: 106084610684731

408MetcalfJoseph Metcalffirst name on this monument1776651841id: 1060692106715641
Elizabeth Metcalfwife of Joseph Metcalf1856

409MetcalfMichael Dennis Metcalffirst name on this monument1957351992id: 107023210718810
Martin Richard Morris1964382002

410MetcalfRonald Victor Metcalffirst name on this monument1925601985id: 10702131071706

411MetcalfeHarold Metcalfefirst name on this monument1879661945id: 106095610694529
Charlotte Ellen Metcalfewife of Harold Metcalfe1875811956

412MetcalfeJohn Gilbert Metcalfefirst name on this monument1930742004id: 48910667720

413MiddletonAnnie Wray Middletonfirst name on this monument1847731920id: 409106615281
Margaret (Daisy) Middletondaughter of Annie Wray Middleton1880411921
Lancelot Middletonhusband of Annie Wray Middleton

414MiddletonHannah Middletonfirst name on this monument1847751922id: 34010655414

415MillDavid Millfirst name on this monumentid: 395106603621
May Millwife of David Mill1895291924
Linda Annie Millsecond wife of David Mill

416MilnerRebecca Milnerfirst name on this monument1851601911id: 34910656325
Hannah Milnersister of Rebecca Milner1854581912

417MitchellWilliam Herbert Mitchellfirst name on this monument1916811997id: 107014410711057
Agnes Elizabeth Mitchellwife of William Herbert Mitchell1916882004

418MoonWilliam Moonfirst name on this monumentid: 224106481171

419MooreMary Jane Moorefirst name on this monument1835731908id: 35910657118
Richard Moorehusband of Mary Jane Moore

420MorganFiona Bruce McLeod Morganfirst name on this monument1933752008id: 1070094107067231

421MortimerHannah Mortimerfirst name on this monument1804931897id: 312106538151

422MurgatroydElsa Ivy Murgatroydfirst name on this monument1904871991id: 107017210713421

423NaylorBessey Naylorfirst name on this monument1878771955id: 106088510688250
Harrald Naylorhusband of Bessey Naylor1972

424NaylorGeorge H S Naylorfirst name on this monument1910601970id: 106087910687630

425NesfieldArthur Colin Nesfieldfirst name on this monument1943622005id: 1070103
(2 images)
Francis Nesfieldfather of Arthur Colin Nesfield1916862002
Evelyn Adeline Nesfieldmother of Arthur Colin Nesfield1992

426NewWilliam Newfirst name on this monument1878611939id: 1060992106978362
Minnie Newwife of William New1951

427NewmanAnnie Newmanfirst name on this monument1910391949id: 1060725
(2 images)
Robert Newmanhusband of Annie Newman1994

428NicholDoris Mona Nicholfirst name on this monument1941592000id: 47810666941

429NicholVictor Hedley Nicholfirst name on this monument1910791989id: 46810666191
Ethel Elizabeth Teasdalewife of Victor Hedley Nichol1914922006
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430NixonAnnie Nixonfirst name on this monument1885761961id: 1060850106851371
William Nixonhusband of Annie Nixon1883831966

431NixonArthur Nixonfirst name on this monument1924671991id: 107017310713535
Sybil Nixonwife of Arthur Nixon1925762001

432NixonGrace Nixonfirst name on this monument1932752007id: 107009810707118
Walter (Andy) Nixonhusband of Grace Nixon1922862008

433NixonHarold Nixonfirst name on this monument1910962006id: 107012510709538
Mabel Elma Nixonwife of Harold Nixon1910932003

434NixonJohn Shaw Nixonfirst name on this monument1915711986id: 1070206107163181

435NormintonGeorge William Normintonfirst name on this monument1917301947id: 106093710692730

436NormintonJames Martyn Normintonfirst name on this monument1945562001id: 1070118
(2 images)
James Harold Normintonfather of James Martyn Norminton1922761998
Amy Normintonmother of James Martyn Norminton1920842004
Patricia Normintonsister of James Martyn Norminton1940612001

437NutterElizabeth Nutterfirst name on this monument1925812006id: 48010667030

438OxleyHerbert Oxleyfirst name on this monument1902901992id: 107016310712740
Kathleen L Oxleywife of Herbert Oxley1910841994

439PalmarDerek Palmarfirst name on this monument1919872006id: 1070167
(2 images)
Edith Brewwife of Derek Palmar1918721990

440ParkerAnn Parkerfirst name on this monument1832841916id: 38310659325
John Parkerbrother of Ann Parker1836811917

441ParkerFrederic Parkerfirst name on this monument1834781912id: 23210648738
Jane Parkerwife of Frederic Parker1829371866
Mary Parkersecond wife of Frederic Parker1821641885

442ParkerThomas Parkerfirst name on this monument186151866id: 283106519342
John Parkerbrother of Thomas Parker1794311825
Samuel Parkerfather of Thomas Parker
Sarah Parkermother of Thomas Parker1839471886
Hannah Parkersister of Thomas Parker187331876
Monica Parkersister of Thomas Parker

443ParkerThomas Parkerfirst name on this monument1838671905id: 2851065217

444ParkerThomas Parkerfirst name on this monument1744731817id: 284106520443
Hannah Parkerwife of Thomas Parker1754871841

445ParkinsonJohn Parkinsonfirst name on this monument1744641808id: 28110651722
Hannah Parkinsonwife of John Parkinson1830

446ParringtonThomas Parringtonfirst name on this monument1818971915id: 425106626373

447PatridgeElsie Patridgefirst name on this monument1901941995id: 107024610720237

448PattisonBarbara Pattisonfirst name on this monument1754801834id: 27610651559
Samuel Pattisonhusband of Barbara Pattison1750841834

449PattisonJoseph Pattisonfirst name on this monument1872771949id: 106094710693710

450PeacockDennis Peacockfirst name on this monument1829551884id: 260
(4 images)
Dennis Peacockson of Dennis Peacock1877251902
Fanny Peacocksister of Dennis Peacock1874561930
Kate Elizabeth Peacocksister of Dennis Peacock1871761947
Margaret Annie Peacocksister of Dennis Peacock1865821947
Grace Peacockwife of Dennis Peacock1835841919

451PeacockEdward Peacockfirst name on this monument1869561925id: 107006110703814
Henrietta Peacockwife of Edward Peacock1865771942

452PeacockJane Peacockfirst name on this monument1892651957id: 107001410699819
William Watters Peacockhusband of Jane Peacock1887581945

453PeacockJohn Peacockfirst name on this monument1857451902id: 1651064466
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454PeacockJohn William Peacockfirst name on this monument1902691971id: 106080510680935
Phyllis Annie Peacockwife of John William Peacock1904901994

455PeacockRobert Peacockfirst name on this monument1831211852id: 2311064899

456PeacockSarah Jane Peacockfirst name on this monument1906731979id: 107001310699711
Marjorie Peacocksister of Sarah Jane Peacock1900921992

457PeacockTom Peacockfirst name on this monument186161867id: 23010648649
John Peacockfather of Tom Peacock1823461869
Christiana Peacockmother of Tom Peacock1831611892

458PentneyMartha Pentneyfirst name on this monument1849791928id: 107007810705420

459PetchHannah Petchfirst name on this monument1866601926id: 107006610704222
Philip Petchhusband of Hannah Petch1962

460PhilipElizabeth Philipfirst name on this monument1959id: 106088010687735
Alfred Philipfather of Elizabeth Philip
Gladys Philipmother of Elizabeth Philip1934712005

461PickardAlfred Pickardfirst name on this monument1901821983id: 107023810719443

462PickardGeorge Douglas Pickardfirst name on this monument1920511971id: 106080310680728
Rosemary Pickardwife of George Douglas Pickard1921571978

463PickardWilliam Pickardfirst name on this monument1876821958id: 106089010688731
Blanche Ann Pickardwife of William Pickard83

464PickardWilliam Arthur Pickardfirst name on this monument1918832001id: 107013110709917

465PillonPierre Pillonfirst name on this monument1912id: 34610656017

466PilmoorAnn Pilmoorfirst name on this monument1729711800id: 106068310671015
George Pilmoorhusband of Ann Pilmoor64

467PilmoorAnnie E Pilmoorfirst name on this monument1880461926id: 1070068107044131

468PilmoorFrank Holmes Pilmoorfirst name on this monument1911381949id: 106094510693526

469PilmoorGeorge Pilmoorfirst name on this monument1864621926id: 107006410704040

470PlowmanElizabeth Plowmanfirst name on this monument1870511921id: 39110659928

471PlowmanFlorence Mabel Plowmanfirst name on this monument1914531967id: 106083610683812

472PlowmanHarry Plowmanfirst name on this monument1910701980id: 39410660213

473PlowmanJames Plowmanfirst name on this monument1935id: 39210660019

474PlowmanJane Plowmanfirst name on this monument1895101905id: 39010659826

475PlowmanWilfred Edwin Plowmanfirst name on this monument1917741991id: 107017610713837

476PlummerLeo Plummerfirst name on this monument1923822005id: 106073510674418

477PoolemanDawn Elizabeth Poolemanfirst name on this monument1964id: 106084810684926
Reg Poolemanfather of Dawn Elizabeth Pooleman
Kathleen Poolemanmother of Dawn Elizabeth Pooleman

478PoolemanFrank Poolemanfirst name on this monument1910871997id: 1070142
(2 images)
Gladys Mary Poolemanwife of Frank Pooleman1912861998

479PoolemanHeather Poolemanfirst name on this monument194071947id: 106093010692026
David Poolemanfather of Heather Pooleman1907761983
Marjorie Poolemanmother of Heather Pooleman1908741982

480PoolemanHenry Poolemanfirst name on this monument1861741935id: 107001810700215
Sarah Elizabeth Poolemanwife of Henry Pooleman1940

481PorrittGeorge Porrittfirst name on this monumentid: 300106530412
Mary Porrittdaughter of George Porritt1822
Mary Ann Porrittdaughter of George Porritt1829
Middleton Porrittson of George Porritt182741831
Mary Porrittwife of George Porritt

482PotterElizabeth Potterfirst name on this monument1752601812id: 28910652310
John Potterfather of Elizabeth Potter
John Stephensonhusband of Elizabeth Potter
Jane Pottermother of Elizabeth Potter
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483PottsRichard Pottsfirst name on this monument1875701945id: 106095810694710
Maria Pottswife of Richard Potts1879851964

484PrescottGeorge Lloyd Prescottfirst name on this monument1884id: 412
(3 images)
Harold Illingworth 2nd husband of Eliza Olivia Prescott nee Hill
Eliza Olivia Illingworthwife of George Lloyd Prescott1954

485ProcopéCarl Frederik Hjalmar Procopéfirst name on this monument1944592003id: 106081510681915

486ProcopéJohn Frederik Procopéfirst name on this monument1941541995id: 1060847106848171

487ProcopéMarietta Procopéfirst name on this monument1942301972id: 1060814106818904

488ProcterHarry Procterfirst name on this monument1920781998id: 106078110678654

489RaineEllen Rainefirst name on this monument1867831950id: 106095510694476
Harry Raine1882831965

490RaineJohn William Rainefirst name on this monument1893221915id: 42610662748

491RaineJoseph Rainefirst name on this monumentid: 43510663437
Mary Elizabeth Rainewife of Joseph Raine

492RaineRachael Rainefirst name on this monument1850561906id: 43610663544
Joseph Rainehusband of Rachael Raine

493ReadArthur Ernest Readfirst name on this monument2009id: 46110665615

494ReadHenry Readfirst name on this monument1871641935id: 107002510700781
Emily Kate Readwife of Henry Read1869751944

495ReadHerbert Edward Readfirst name on this monument1868351903id: 194
(5 images)
Mariana Readdaughter of Herbert Edward Read190021902
Margaret Ludwigdaughter-in-law of Herbert Edward Read1905911996
Flora Agnes Readdaughter-in-law of Herbert Edward Read1905952000
Elizabeth Strickland Readgrand daughter of Herbert Edward Read1934101944
Herbert Readson of Herbert Edward Read1893751968
William Readson of Herbert Edward Read1895961991
Eliza Readwife of Herbert Edward Read

496ReadJohn Readfirst name on this monument1806651871id: 19510646416

497RevisAda A Revisfirst name on this monument1898701968id: 1060822106826313
Henry Revishusband of Ada A Revis1888901978

498ReynoldsEthel Mary Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1915761991id: 107017510713745

499ReynoldsIrene Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1883611944id: 106095910694824
George Reynoldshusband of Irene Reynolds1884701954

500ReynoldsJames Robert Reynoldsfirst name on this monument1911581969id: 106084210684310

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