Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
901KippenDuncan Kippenfirst name on this monument180919089916112805451793
John Kippenbrother of Duncan Kippen1814189783

902KippenDuncan Kippenfirst name on this monument183119047315943804086144
Agnes Dixon Kippendaughter of Duncan Kippen187218742
Katherine Kippendaughter of Duncan Kippen1868193163
Agnes Harley Dixonwife of Duncan Kippen1833190976

903KippenRobert Kippenfirst name on this monument18171867501030878794382122
Katherine Kippenaunt of Robert Kippen1789186475

904KippenWilliam Kippenfirst name on this monument191615681801707693
Ann Elizabeth Goulddaughter of William Kippen1936
Wilhelmina Kippendaughter of William Kippen1943
Katherine Keir Watsondaughter of William Kippen1976
John Murray Kippenson of William Kippen1976
Mary Henrietta Murraywife of William Kippen1938

905KirklandThomson Lammie Kirklandfirst name on this monument1891196877104035779851546
Margaret Kirklanddaughter of Thomson Lammie Kirkland
Williamina Moffat Hornewife of Thomson Lammie Kirkland1898199395

906KirkwoodEliza Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument18581926681542779943171

907KirkwoodJohn McLaren Kirkwoodfirst name on this monument1866193771160958053211431
Annie R Kirkwooddaughter of John McLaren Kirkwood1892197785
Isabella Kirkwooddaughter of John McLaren Kirkwood
Jane Kirkwooddaughter of John McLaren Kirkwood
William Kirkwoodson of John McLaren Kirkwood1904192218
Isabella Watsonwife of John McLaren Kirkwood1867194477

908KirleyLynne Kirleyfirst name on this monument1947198538104028379781259
Peter Kirleyhusband of Lynne Kirley

909KlawikowskiKonrad Klawikowskifirst name on this monument192420088416718810451872

910KrauzeElizabeth A S Krauzefirst name on this monument191319786516372807531401
Czeslaw Krauzehusband of Elizabeth A S Krauze1900198181

911KurlusFranz Kurlusfirst name on this monument1985104028779785223
Susan Smithwife of Franz Kurlus1988

912KyddAlexander Kyddfirst name on this monument1884196581103088679446923
Isabella McDonald Robertsdaughter of Alexander Kydd1918197860
James Kyddson of Alexander Kydd1921194322
Lizzie Duffwife of Alexander Kydd1888195062

913LaidlawJames Laidlawfirst name on this monument185719064916261806629161
Catherine Brydiedaughter of James Laidlaw1965
Alexandrina Laidlawdaughter of James Laidlaw1945
Jane Laidlawdaughter of James Laidlaw1965
Mary Elizabeth Laidlawdaughter of James Laidlaw1982
Ruth Laidlawdaughter of James Laidlaw189518972
Victoria Laidlawdaughter of James Laidlaw1981
John Laidlawson of James Laidlaw1886191832
Ann Crerarwife of James Laidlaw1951

914LaidlawJohn Laidlawfirst name on this monument1952103093179485261
Christina Cooperwife of John Laidlaw1960

915LaingCharles Laingfirst name on this monument18961933371542679942270
Agnes Laingsister of Charles Laing1946

916LaingJeanette Laingfirst name on this monument19471997501683581148224
Alan Laingson of Jeanette Laing
Stewart Laingson of Jeanette Laing

917LaingJohn Laingfirst name on this monument18781929511549579997217
Mary Jane McOwanwife of John Laing1951

918LaingWilliam Laingfirst name on this monument1030603792246482
Agnes Laingdaughter of William Laing
Catherine Laingdaughter of William Laing186918756
Jane Laingdaughter of William Laing187518794
George McInnes
Agnes Stirton
Margaret Wilkie1883190724
David Laingson of William Laing
James Laingson of William Laing
John Laingson of William Laing
Peter Laingson of William Laing

919LambJames Alexander Lambfirst name on this monument18731874116308807084653
John McDonald Lambbrother of James Alexander Lamb1879189920
William Lambbrother of James Alexander Lamb1883191633
James Lambfather of James Alexander Lamb1845191267
Elizabeth McDonaldmother of James Alexander Lamb1848192274

920LangJohn Gentles Langfirst name on this monument1927199770104039779886421
Ella Langwife of John Gentles Lang1934200672

921LasgellesViolet Rachel Lasgellesfirst name on this monument18921972801651780867151

922LauderMarion Lauderfirst name on this monument19312003721657280919135
Bill Lauderhusband of Marion Lauder1928200072
Thomas Lauderson of Marion Lauder1955197015

923LaurenceRobert Laurencefirst name on this monument18461887411030478791318902
Janetta MacLean Kellockdaughter-in-law of Robert Laurence1876193862
Isabel Laurencegrand daughter of Robert Laurence
Margaret Laurencegrand daughter of Robert Laurence
James Gow Laurenceson of Robert Laurence1879194869
John Laurenceson of Robert Laurence1933
Lewis Miller Laurenceson of Robert Laurence1887190013
Peter Laurenceson of Robert Laurence1873191744
Robert Peter Gow Laurenceson of Robert Laurence1880195878
Anne Laurencewife of Robert Laurence1848192476

924LawJohn Lawfirst name on this monument18401926861573180214289
Helen Lawdaughter of John Law1873189825
James Lawson of John Law1960
Peter Lawson of John Law1972
Catherine Gorriewife of John Law1842192886

925LawsonMatthew Henry Lawsonfirst name on this monument185419277315827803013981
Mary Strachanfriend of Matthew Henry Lawson1955
John Wilson Lawsonson of Matthew Henry Lawson1889191829
Jennie Watson Wilsonwife of Matthew Henry Lawson1861195594

926LawsonThomas H Lawsonfirst name on this monument18801953731604880499182
May Lawsondaughter of Thomas H Lawson1915198065
Jessie Donaldsonwife of Thomas H Lawson1880196383

927LeckieAndrew Leckiefirst name on this monument18831951681600080459433
Helen Jeffreywife of Andrew Leckie1893197178

928LeckieCarolina Evans Leckiefirst name on this monument196316685810202431

929LeckieW Gordon Leckiefirst name on this monument18971960631040129796437681
Joe Leckie1925200277
Hannah Matthews
Marjory Loganwife of W Gordon Leckie1899199192

930LeitchJames Leitchfirst name on this monument18251904791030779793612321

931LeslieJohn Lesliefirst name on this monument19851654580895223
Catherine Lesliewife of John Leslie1985

932LesterIsabella McC Lesterfirst name on this monument1909196152104011879632119
Robina Lestermother of Isabella McC Lester1881196685

933LewisLeonard Telford Lewisfirst name on this monument196716629809712192
Margaret Ann Lewiswife of Leonard Telford Lewis1888196880

934LiddellJohn Liddellfirst name on this monument1803103099979536291

935LigertwoodGeorge Ligertwoodfirst name on this monument18581937791538879906527
Alexander Kerr Ligertwoodson of George Ligertwood1900193030
George Ligertwoodson of George Ligertwood1893191724
John Ligertwoodson of George Ligertwood1895192530
Isabella Kerrwife of George Ligertwood1854193783

936LinnMargaret Linnfirst name on this monument188019355515668801573101
George McQuarriehusband of Margaret Linn

937LittwinBrunon Littwinfirst name on this monument19771644080806168
Helen Forbeswife of Brunon Littwin2004

938LoganIsabella Loganfirst name on this monument187219326015566800636111
Robert Finniehusband of Isabella Logan1867194376
Douglas Finnie196619737

939LoganLamont Ronald Loganfirst name on this monument19342010761670681034204

940LomaxHarry Lomaxfirst name on this monument1896196165104015579666293
Ivy Victoria Barnwellwife of Harry Lomax1905198782

941LorimerWilliam Lorimerfirst name on this monument195015993804522681
Jenny Stewartwife of William Lorimer1990

942LoveMinnie C Lovefirst name on this monument18831915321614780577179

943LowJohn Lowfirst name on this monument185419247015395799121831
Mary Turnbullwife of John Low1859192970

944LowJohn Lowfirst name on this monument189919878815839803114423
James Lowbrother of John Low1900193131
Peter Taylor Lowbrother of John Low1898192123
Janet Duff Taylormother of John Low1860192969
Christina Watsonwife of John Low1897197780

945LowrieJessie B T Lowriefirst name on this monument1923103061579232317
William Walkerhusband of Jessie B T Lowrie
Catherine I Lowriesister of Jessie B T Lowrie1940
Elizabeth M Lowriesister of Jessie B T Lowrie1961
Marion Lowriesister of Jessie B T Lowrie1926

946LowsonDavid Lowsonfirst name on this monument192516150805796372
Jessie Lowsondaughter of David Lowson1950
David Austen Lowsonson of David Lowson1946
John Patrick Lowsonson of David Lowson1910
Samuel Smiles Lowsonson of David Lowson1939
Elizabeth M Whittonwife of David Lowson1926

947LukeWilliam Lukefirst name on this monument18681940721620880618248
Reginald Lukeson of William Luke1894196268
Isabella Porterwife of William Luke1871196493

948LumsdenJames Lumsdenfirst name on this monument18871977901660680950190
Jessie McCorquodalewife of James Lumsden1885196782

949LundJohn Lionel Lundfirst name on this monument1926199973104039679885242
Catherine Maria Youngwife of John Lionel Lund1927200376

950LyonJames Lyonfirst name on this monument187019508015935804026392
May Lyondaughter of James Lyon1913198976
Alexander Lyonson of James Lyon1900197474
Donald Lyonson of James Lyon1904198177
Arthur Primeson-in-law of James Lyon1912200896
Marion MacEwenwife of James Lyon1876195478

951LyonsDavid Low Lyonsfirst name on this monument18621921591030636792493131
Thomas Rose Lyons

952MacAllisterJames MacAllisterfirst name on this monument1990104022379728454
Kathleen Dobbiewife of James MacAllister

953MacArthurDonald Roy MacArthurfirst name on this monument191419443015595800898111
William MacArthurfather of Donald Roy MacArthur1886197286
Barbara Aitkenmother of Donald Roy MacArthur1882196078
Jean MacArthursister of Donald Roy MacArthur

954MacBrideEliza MacBridefirst name on this monument19281562080111264
Alexander MacBridefather of Eliza MacBride
Mary MacBridesister of Eliza MacBride1930

955MacCollJane Wilson MacCollfirst name on this monument1859194788103088879448198

956MacDonaldAgnes M MacDonaldfirst name on this monument18731926531541579931276
Elizabeth MacDonalddaughter of Agnes M MacDonald1910199181

957MacDonaldAngus M (Gus) MacDonaldfirst name on this monument193519764116420807885851
Fiona MacDonalddaughter of Angus M (Gus) MacDonald
Angus MacDonaldson of Angus M (Gus) MacDonald
Ewan MacDonaldson of Angus M (Gus) MacDonald
Fergus MacDonaldson of Angus M (Gus) MacDonald
Helen Morrisonwife of Angus M (Gus) MacDonald1932200472

958MacDonaldCath MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1942199957104039179880180
Bobby Comriehusband of Cath MacDonald1940200868

959MacDonaldCatherine L MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1890194959104003579558198
Samuel Touchhusband of Catherine L MacDonald1888195971

960MacDonaldCharles MacDonaldfirst name on this monument18591926671603380486297
Charles MacDonaldson of Charles MacDonald1893191421
William Herbert Royson-in-law of Charles MacDonald1888194052
Mary Cowriewife of Charles MacDonald1865191954

961MacDonaldDonald Anderson MacDonaldfirst name on this monument19641666581004372
Agnes Grantwife of Donald Anderson MacDonald1984

962MacDonaldDuncan MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1937103051779163185
Catherine MacDonaldwife of Duncan MacDonald1865194075

963MacDonaldEva W MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1931199463104034079836257
Mary M Fordsister of Eva W MacDonald1936199761

964MacDonaldGeorgina Younger MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1987104025579754227
Donald MacMasterhusband of Georgina Younger MacDonald

965MacDonaldHector MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1901103049079139304
Rhoda Stewart MacDonalddaughter of Hector MacDonald1910
David Stevenson MacDonaldson of Hector MacDonald1937
Jane Stevensonwife of Hector MacDonald1935

966MacDonaldJames MacKay MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1949103076379352359
David Philipsfather-in-law of James MacKay MacDonald
Mary Philipswife of James MacKay MacDonald1964

967MacDonaldJohn MacDonaldfirst name on this monument18561942861613880570198
Mary Wrightwife of John MacDonald1953

968MacDonaldKenneth Stewart MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1890195969104011179626208
Mary Janet McRoriewife of Kenneth Stewart MacDonald1897199194

969MacDonaldMargaret MacDonaldfirst name on this monument19771647880832269
Alexander MacDonaldhusband of Margaret MacDonald1992
Sarah Tait

970MacDonaldPeter MacDonaldfirst name on this monument18391907681569580184313
Mary MacDonalddaughter of Peter MacDonald1876194872
Susan MacDonalddaughter of Peter MacDonald1957
Christina Whitedaughter-in-law of Peter MacDonald1881192746
Donald MacDonaldson of Peter MacDonald1868190234
Peter MacDonaldson of Peter MacDonald1884194056
Robert MacDonaldson of Peter MacDonald1867191750
John Royson-in-law of Peter MacDonald1867192760
Mary Campbellwife of Peter MacDonald1843192582

971MacDonaldSam MacDonaldfirst name on this monument1903195855104008879608329
Angus M MacDonaldson of Sam MacDonald1935197641
Janet Millarwife of Sam MacDonald1907198275

972MacDougallIsabella MacDougallfirst name on this monument18561927711553680036395
John Fisherhusband of Isabella MacDougall

973MacDuffJessie Ann MacDufffirst name on this monument18591943841604380494407
John MacDuffbrother of Jessie Ann MacDuff1849191061
Thomas MacDuffbrother of Jessie Ann MacDuff
Thomas MacDufffather of Jessie Ann MacDuff1812186553
Janet Saundersmother of Jessie Ann MacDuff1819187960

974MacEachenAlister Graham MacEachenfirst name on this monument19421996541040323798193711

975MacEachenJohn P MacEachenfirst name on this monument19331986531040276797742322
Hugh MacEachenbrother of John P MacEachen1994
Sidney MacEachenbrother of John P MacEachen1992

976MacEwanAlexander MacEwanfirst name on this monument1811188675103094179495298
Ann MaCowanwife of Alexander MacEwan1811189584

977MacFarlaneAndrew MacFarlanefirst name on this monument19541628580686413
Andrew Forbes MacFarlaneson of Andrew MacFarlane1943197027
Jessie McFarlanewife of Andrew MacFarlane1914200389

978MacFarlaneJessie MacFarlanefirst name on this monument1880195878104010479620335
David Malcolmhusband of Jessie MacFarlane1960
Stewart Malcolmson of Jessie MacFarlane1920194020

979MacFarlaneNellie G MacFarlanefirst name on this monument19211614680576221
Joseph Brandhusband of Nellie G MacFarlane

980MacIndoeJohn C MacIndoefirst name on this monument1885196277104017379680201

981MacIntoshPeter MacIntoshfirst name on this monument1824190177103078979367874
Christina MacIntoshdaughter of Peter MacIntosh1863193875
Catherine McCallumdaughter-in-law of Peter MacIntosh1872193260
Jessie Smith Elder1958
John MacIntosh1868194880
Darkie McIntosh1907198376
Willie McIntosh
Alexander MacIntoshson of Peter MacIntosh187018799
Daniel MacIntoshson of Peter MacIntosh1861194685
Peter MacIntoshson of Peter MacIntosh1874194975
Mary Whiteheadwife of Peter MacIntosh1830190171

982MacIntyreAlfred MacIntyrefirst name on this monument19201575880240394
William T MacIntyreson of Alfred MacIntyre1899194445
Janet McLachlanwife of Alfred MacIntyre1940

983MacKayAlexander MacKayfirst name on this monument190116312807114181
Sybil N Walkerdaughter of Alexander MacKay1936
J Morris Walkerson-in-law of Alexander MacKay
Janie Gardner Normanwife of Alexander MacKay1913

984MacKayDonald MacKayfirst name on this monument1953103052279166219
Louisa MacAnguswife of Donald MacKay1949

985MacKayElizabeth MacKayfirst name on this monument19101574380226640
James Cookbrother of Elizabeth MacKay1898
Alexander Kiddbrother-in-law of Elizabeth MacKay1900
Helen Campbell1914
Alexander Kidd1938
Sophia Campbell Kidd1960
Margaret Cooksister of Elizabeth MacKay1906

986MacKayElizabeth (Lizzie) MacKayfirst name on this monument18961912161612180554389
Allan MacKaygrand father of Elizabeth (Lizzie) MacKay
Anne McIntyregrand mother of Elizabeth (Lizzie) MacKay

987MacKayHector Grant MacKayfirst name on this monument1918199779104030479801413
Margaret Moniewife of Hector Grant MacKay

988MacKayIan Norman MacKayfirst name on this monument18951915201631480712135

989MacKayJean MacKayfirst name on this monument1927199265104037179863243
Ian John MacKayhusband of Jean MacKay1927199568
Isobel MacKay

990MacKayJohn MacKayfirst name on this monument18981969711656080909299
Catherine Riddellwife of John MacKay1902197169

991MacKayMargaret MacKayfirst name on this monument184919237416214806226092
Peter Thomsonhusband of Margaret MacKay1845193590
Francis Bernard Thomsonson of Margaret MacKay1892196573
John MacKay Thomsonson of Margaret MacKay1887197487

992MacKechnieElizabeth MacKechniefirst name on this monument1907196154104016379673195
George Dunbar MacKechniehusband of Elizabeth MacKechnie1909197061

993MacKenzieAlastair Gordon MacKenziefirst name on this monument19201582380297537
George MacKenziefather of Alastair Gordon MacKenzie
Elizabeth Johnstonemother of Alastair Gordon MacKenzie

994MacKenzieAlexander MacKenziefirst name on this monument103056879205307

995MacKenzieMurdo MacKenziefirst name on this monument19221612480556508
May MacKenziedaughter of Murdo MacKenzie
Christina McKechniedaughter of Murdo MacKenzie1976
Henry Drummondson of Murdo MacKenzie1975
John MacKenzieson of Murdo MacKenzie1962
Dan McKechnieson-in-law of Murdo MacKenzie
Mary MacKenziewife of Murdo MacKenzie1941

996MacKenzieStewart MacKenziefirst name on this monument19632003401681381128336
Alex MacKenziefather of Stewart MacKenzie
Jean MacKenziemother of Stewart MacKenzie

997MacKieJames MacKiefirst name on this monument189519687316609809533241
Florence Grace Armstrongwife of James MacKie1910200494

998MacKinlayWilliam H MacKinlayfirst name on this monument18541922681619980609488
Jeanie Henderson MacKinlaydaughter of William H MacKinlay1888191931
Christian MacKinlay1958
R Maxtone MacKinlay1945
Margaret MacKinlay/McBirnie1959
George W McBirnie
Margaret Maxtonewife of William H MacKinlay1852192876

999MacKinnonJessie MacKinnonfirst name on this monument1891103074679336206
James Murrayhusband of Jessie MacKinnon

1000MacKinsonAnnie MacKinsonfirst name on this monument19431537579893199
Robert Whiteheadhusband of Annie MacKinson

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