Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
501DuffWilliam Dufffirst name on this monument1942id: 15511
(one image)
Janie Duffdaughter of William Duff1930
Barbara Renniedaughter of William Duff1963
Barbara Grantwife of William Duff1959
502DuffWilliam Dufffirst name on this monument1946id: 1040006
(one image)
Mary Easlie Lumsdenwife of William Duff1889198293
503DuffWilliam Dufffirst name on this monument1936id: 15691
(one image)
Janet Menzieswife of William Duff1933
504DuffWilliam Nicol Dufffirst name on this monument1945id: 15790
(one image)
Elsie M W Duffdaughter of William Nicol Duff1996
Elizabeth G B Strutherswife of William Nicol Duff1969
505DuncanBobby Duncanfirst name on this monument1983id: 16474
(one image)
Fay McIntyredaughter of Bobby Duncan1965200439
506DuncanFrank Duncanfirst name on this monument1968id: 15698
(one image)
Barbara McNeillwife of Frank Duncan1988
507DuncanGeorge Duncanfirst name on this monument1831191584id: 1040005
(one image)
508DuncanGrace Duncanfirst name on this monument1936200468id: 15673
(one image)
509DuncanJames Duncanfirst name on this monument1949id: 15781
(one image)
(Wee) Bess Duncandaughter of James Duncan191719203
Milly Duncandaughter of James Duncan1970
Jenny Duncandaughter-in-law of James Duncan1958
Sandy Duncanson of James Duncan1944
Elizabeth Duncanwife of James Duncan1891197483
510DuncanJohn (Johnnie) Duncanfirst name on this monument1913197562id: 16473
(one image)
Hilda Bullwife of John (Johnnie) Duncan1912200492
511DuncanJohn P S Duncanfirst name on this monument1911196958id: 16562
(one image)
Mary Dunnwife of John P S Duncan1911199887
512DuncanThomas Duncanfirst name on this monument1985id: 1030750
(one image)
Derek Glenister1988
Mary McMachon
Mary McMachon Smith1982
Michael Welsh
Mary Welshwife of Thomas Duncan1987
513DuncanThomas Duncanfirst name on this monument1921197756id: 16384
(one image)
514DuncanWilliam Duncanfirst name on this monument1954id: 1030690
(one image)
Mary Coullwife of William Duncan1989
515Duncan/StewartJessie Duff Duncan/Stewartfirst name on this monument1879197091id: 16183
(one image)
516DunlopJane Dunlopfirst name on this monument1842188240id: 1030860
(one image)
John Donhusband of Jane Dunlop1844187632
Ann Don Campbell189418973
Peter B Don1833191077
517DunneLeslie E (Les) Dunnefirst name on this monument2001id: 16791
(one image)
Helen Kellettwife of Leslie E (Les) Dunne1966
Margaret Dunnesecond wife of Leslie E (Les) Dunne
518DunningErnie Dunningfirst name on this monument1932199462id: 16784
(one image)
Fiona May Dawson/Fordwife of Ernie Dunning1936200468
519DunsmoreThomas Dunsmorefirst name on this monument1905194742id: 16260
(one image)
520DuthieJane Duthiefirst name on this monument1933id: 15396
(one image)
Janet W Keddiedaughter of Jane Duthie1894195258
David Keddiehusband of Jane Duthie1855193782
Alexander Keddieson of Jane Duthie1915
521DykesChristina Douglas Dykesfirst name on this monument1931200473id: 16767
(one image)
Alexander Milnehusband of Christina Douglas Dykes1927200679
Alexina Small Callander
522EadieMargaret Eadiefirst name on this monument1920id: 1030637
(one image)
Margaret Andersondaughter of Margaret Eadie1942
Margaret Duffgrand daughter of Margaret Eadie1900192121
John Andersonhusband of Margaret Eadie
Gordon Duff1950
John Duff
Phyllis Duff
Robert Duffson-in-law of Margaret Eadie1905
523EadieMargaret Eadiefirst name on this monument1868id: 15974
(one image)
John Hallyhusband of Margaret Eadie
524EasonDaniel Forrest Easonfirst name on this monument1864192763id: 15833
(one image)
525EastonWilliam Eastonfirst name on this monument1944id: 1030527
(one image)
Mary Branddaughter of William Easton1903197168
Annie Eastondaughter of William Easton1911
Isabella Eastondaughter of William Easton1914
Julia Margaret Brandgrand daughter of William Easton1927199972
George Eastonson of William Easton1900
William Eastonson of William Easton1907
John Brandson-in-law of William Easton1904198480
Julia Eastonwife of William Easton1926
526EdgarDouglas William Edgarfirst name on this monument1911193120id: 16120
(one image)
Alexander Edgarbrother of Douglas William Edgar
Frank Edgarbrother of Douglas William Edgar
John Edgarbrother of Douglas William Edgar
William Edgarfather of Douglas William Edgar1945
Christina Kerr Edgarmother of Douglas William Edgar1947
527EdgleyAnne Edgleyfirst name on this monument1849191768id: 15784
(one image)
William Edgleybrother of Anne Edgley1844191874
Thomas Edgley1842192381
528EdwardJohn Edwardfirst name on this monument1849192273id: 15832
(one image)
Helen Edwarddaughter of John Edward1883197390
Helen Mailerwife of John Edward1851193786
529EdwardsEllen Edwardsfirst name on this monument1932id: 1030476
(one image)
James Edwardsfather of Ellen Edwards
Donald McIntyrehusband of Ellen Edwards1856195296
James Edwards McIntyreson of Ellen Edwards189618993
530ElderCampbell Sherry Elderfirst name on this monument2006id: 16357
(one image)
Lynn Elderdaughter of Campbell Sherry Elder1959198324
Ruth Elderdaughter of Campbell Sherry Elder
Sherry Elderdaughter of Campbell Sherry Elder
Craig Moyesson-in-law of Campbell Sherry Elder
Mary Brockwife of Campbell Sherry Elder2007
531ElderDonald Elderfirst name on this monument1902197876id: 16396
(one image)
Morag MacIntoshwife of Donald Elder1908199486
532ElderJames Elderfirst name on this monument1924193410id: 15550
(one image)
Anne Ashcroft1947
C M Ashcroft
533ElderRobert Elderfirst name on this monument1928199769id: 1040305
(one image)
534ElderWilliam Elderfirst name on this monument1845192075id: 15830
(one image)
Christina Smithwife of William Elder1839192990
535ElderWilliam Elderfirst name on this monument1889197687id: 15553
(one image)
Agnes McLeanwife of William Elder1984
536EliasViolet Eliasfirst name on this monument1915200590id: 16758
(one image)
537EllisElizabeth (Ebeth) Ellisfirst name on this monument1927199770id: 16837
(one image)
William McCullochhusband of Elizabeth (Ebeth) Ellis
538EllisJames Ellisfirst name on this monument1798188284id: 16061
(one image)
Jessie Ellisdaughter of James Ellis1831188857
Elizabeth Ellisgrand daughter of James Ellis1942
James Ellisgrand son of James Ellis1934
James Ellisson of James Ellis1837189962
John Ellisson of James Ellis1845191368
Mary Kempwife of James Ellis1807189083
539EllisThomas Ellisfirst name on this monument1913id: 1030981
(one image)
Jean Ellisdaughter of Thomas Ellis1953
Mary Ellisdaughter of Thomas Ellis1911
Robina Ellisdaughter of Thomas Ellis1900
Edward Ellisson of Thomas Ellis1925
Thomas Ellisson of Thomas Ellis1915
Isabella Maltmanwife of Thomas Ellis1913
540ElwesMary Helen Elwesfirst name on this monument1838189961id: 15756
(one image)
Alexander Murrayfather of Mary Helen Elwes
541ElyGeorge H Elyfirst name on this monument1878195476id: 16277
(one image)
Herbert Peter Elyson of George H Ely1913196552
Margaret Dewarwife of George H Ely1877196588
542EmslieFrank Emsliefirst name on this monument1883193653id: 15957
(one image)
Elizabeth Pollockwife of Frank Emslie1891197281
543EmslieT Douglas Emsliefirst name on this monument1899194041id: 16521
(one image)
Anna Nikolina Emsliewife of T Douglas Emslie1900198989
544EnglerRalf Englerfirst name on this monument1947200760id: 16768
(one image)
545EsplinIsabella Esplinfirst name on this monument1873193865id: 16111
(one image)
Alexander Robertsonhusband of Isabella Esplin1875194974
546EwarGeorge Ewarfirst name on this monument1886196074id: 1040125
(one image)
547EwingAgnes Ewingfirst name on this monument189218931id: 1030560
(one image)
Jack Ewingbrother of Agnes Ewing1897191215
James Adie Ewingbrother of Agnes Ewing1896191721
Alexander Ewingfather of Agnes Ewing1867195689
Jessie Adie Ewingmother of Agnes Ewing1866193771
Margaret Adie Ewingsister of Agnes Ewing1904199288
548EwingCharles T Ewingfirst name on this monument1880195373id: 16233
(one image)
Eva Laura Hugheswife of Charles T Ewing1887195972
549EwingDuncan Ewingfirst name on this monument1849193283id: 1030827
(one image)
Annie Goodall Ewingdaughter of Duncan Ewing1951
Ellen Ewingdaughter of Duncan Ewing1973
Mary Bain Ewingdaughter of Duncan Ewing1970
Duncan Ewingson of Duncan Ewing188418895
James Ewingson of Duncan Ewing1894191723
John Ewingson of Duncan Ewing1955
William Ewingson of Duncan Ewing1893193643
Grace Rettiewife of Duncan Ewing1852194189
550EwingGeorge Turnbull Ewingfirst name on this monument1852192573id: 16234
(one image)
Christina Victoria Ewingdaughter of George Turnbull Ewing1976
Elizabeth Margaret Ewingdaughter of George Turnbull Ewing1956
Evelyn Elliot Ewingdaughter of George Turnbull Ewing1942
George Norman Ewinggrand son of George Turnbull Ewing1999
Charles Robert Turnbull Ewingson of George Turnbull Ewing1953
George Hedley Ewingson of George Turnbull Ewing1975
Margaret Elliot Davidsonwife of George Turnbull Ewing1927
551EwingJames Ewingfirst name on this monument1928200678id: 16333
(one image)
552EwingLouisa Ewingfirst name on this monument1810188373id: 1030816
(one image)
Margaret McNaughtondaughter-in-law of Louisa Ewing1852193987
Duncan Cameronhusband of Louisa Ewing1810189787
Alexander Cameronson of Louisa Ewing1868191042
Peter Cameronson of Louisa Ewing1856189539
William Cameronson of Louisa Ewing1858189739
553EwingMargaret Ewingfirst name on this monument1853194794id: 15953
(one image)
John Ewing Adamnephew of Margaret Ewing1893196976
Annie Wilson Adam1897197578
554EwingPeter Ewingfirst name on this monument1963id: 1040200
(one image)
Christina Fraserwife of Peter Ewing1995
555EwingWilliam Ewingfirst name on this monument1859193879id: 1030855
(one image)
John Ewingson of William Ewing1901191918
Helen Clark Moncurwife of William Ewing1863195491
556EwingWilliam Albert Edward Ewingfirst name on this monument1976id: 16477
(one image)
Christina Haggartwife of William Albert Edward Ewing1985
557FaichneyElizabeth Phillips Faichneyfirst name on this monument85id: 1030825
(one image)
William Lavertonhusband of Elizabeth Phillips Faichney
558FaichneyFrances Faichneyfirst name on this monument1904195854id: 1040099
(one image)
David Porterhusband of Frances Faichney
559FaichneyJohn Bell Faichneyfirst name on this monument1910id: 1030847
(one image)
Mary Thomsonwife of John Bell Faichney1951
560FaichneyRobert Faichneyfirst name on this monument1873id: 1030829
(one image)
James Hunter Faichneybrother of Robert Faichney1870188818
John Bell Faichneybrother of Robert Faichney1910
Joanna Donaldsondaughter of Robert Faichney1947
James Faichneyfather of Robert Faichney1834192692
Joan Bellmother of Robert Faichney1908
Margaret Maxton Foremansister of Robert Faichney1946
Robert Donaldsonson-in-law of Robert Faichney1874196288
Peter Foremanson-in-law of Robert Faichney
561FairbairnHelen Fairbairnfirst name on this monument1878192446id: 15748
(one image)
John Sommervillehusband of Helen Fairbairn
562FairbairnJanet Bruce Fairbairnfirst name on this monument1852187927id: 1030861
(one image)
563FairfaxRuby Fairfaxfirst name on this monument1891197180id: 16541
(one image)
564FairweatherIsobel Fairweatherfirst name on this monument1932id: 15582
(one image)
James McCallumhusband of Isobel Fairweather
Jemima Fairweather1937
565FearnHarry Fearnfirst name on this monument1910199282id: 1040211
(one image)
Evelyn Smithwife of Harry Fearn1915200489
566FellFrank John Fellfirst name on this monument1895195156id: 16006
(one image)
Doris Lilian Maud Fellwife of Frank John Fell1909197869
567FentonMargaret Page Fentonfirst name on this monument1966id: 1040181
(one image)
David Fentongrand son of Margaret Page Fenton1962
568FergusonAgnes D Fergusonfirst name on this monument1878190224id: 1030773
(one image)
Agnes Keightley Blair McInnesdaughter of Agnes D Ferguson1883196784
Peter McInneshusband of Agnes D Ferguson1864191854
Isabella Aird1870194777
569FergusonAlexander Fergusonfirst name on this monument1898195759id: 1040048
(one image)
Annie McDadewife of Alexander Ferguson1902199896
570FergusonAnnie Fergusonfirst name on this monument1881195675id: 1040056
(one image)
Duncan Fergusonhusband of Annie Ferguson1872196088
571FergusonDavid Fergusonfirst name on this monument1845191065id: 1030800
(one image)
Barbara R G N Fergusondaughter of David Ferguson1890197888
Christina Hallum Fergusondaughter of David Ferguson1880191232
Dorothy Jane Fergusondaughter of David Ferguson1901195655
Elsie Massie Grant Fergusondaughter of David Ferguson1882197593
Helen Grant Fergusondaughter of David Ferguson1877196487
David Fergusonson of David Ferguson1898
James MacRosty Fergusonson of David Ferguson1894198288
John Grant Fergusonson of David Ferguson1887196982
Robert Fergusonson of David Ferguson188418939
Jane Grantwife of David Ferguson1850192878
572FergusonEithne Fergusonfirst name on this monument1915id: 16164
(one image)
Denis John Fergusonbrother of Eithne Ferguson1921197554
James Fergusonfather of Eithne Ferguson1874196692
Lois Hastingsmother of Eithne Ferguson1888197082
573FergusonFlora MacDonald Fergusonfirst name on this monument1875195277id: 1030932
(one image)
Daniel A Campbellhusband of Flora MacDonald Ferguson1878195880
Marjorie A Campbell1916198973
Robert J G Campbell1906196660
574FergusonHenry Fergusonfirst name on this monument1849191970id: 15674
(one image)
William Fergusongrand son of Henry Ferguson1897191619
Isabella Stewartwife of Henry Ferguson1845190863
575FergusonJames Fergusonfirst name on this monumentid: 16071
(one image)
David Fergusonbrother of James Ferguson1815186550
576FergusonJames Fergusonfirst name on this monument1864194278id: 15977
(one image)
Janet Fergusondaughter of James Ferguson1903199188
Jemima Clarkwife of James Ferguson1864194278
577FergusonJanet Fergusonfirst name on this monumentid: 1030896
(one image)
Daniel Fergusonhusband of Janet Ferguson1814190288
Peter Fergusonson of Janet Ferguson1894191622
578FergusonJohn Fergusonfirst name on this monument1812186048id: 15967
(one image)
Margaret Fergusondaughter of John Ferguson1855189843
Lily Wattdaughter of John Ferguson1854193884
Agnes Murray (Nancy) Wattgreat grand daughter of John Ferguson1918193921
Archibald Wattgrand son of John Ferguson1885196782
Margaret Alton Ritchie1898199092
Charles MacDonald Sorsby1968
Mary Morrison Watt1892198896
William Watt1922200482
Alexander Fergusonson of John Ferguson1849187122
William Wattson-in-law of John Ferguson1860193373
Margaret Mitchellwife of John Ferguson1818189375
579FergusonJohn Clark Fergusonfirst name on this monument1899195960id: 1040115
(one image)
Mary Dorans Hendersonwife of John Clark Ferguson1896197680
580FergusonRobert Fergusonfirst name on this monument1844188743id: 1030695
(one image)
Ann Fergusondaughter of Robert Ferguson1849191970
Christina Hallumwife of Robert Ferguson1814189985
581FergusonRobert Fergusonfirst name on this monument1862id: 16072
(one image)
George Fergusonbrother of Robert Ferguson1871
Jane Fergusondaughter of Robert Ferguson1909
Lilias Fergusondaughter of Robert Ferguson1875
Alexander Fergusonson of Robert Ferguson1927
George Fergusonson of Robert Ferguson1933
Robert Fergusonson of Robert Ferguson1858
Thomas Fergusonson of Robert Ferguson1947
Janet Adamwife of Robert Ferguson1897
582FergussonDavid F Fergussonfirst name on this monument1940id: 15428
(one image)
Elizabeth Catherine Fergussondaughter of David F Fergusson1985
Mary Ann Rose Fergussondaughter of David F Fergusson1998
Donald Fergussonson of David F Fergusson1989
Katherine M Rosewife of David F Fergusson1927
583FergussonElizabeth Bruce Fergussonfirst name on this monument1910id: 15791
(one image)
David Halleyhusband of Elizabeth Bruce Fergusson1919
584FerrisJohn Ferrisfirst name on this monument1909196758id: 16623
(one image)
Mary Rankinwife of John Ferris1905198075
585FerrisPatrick Ferrisfirst name on this monument1892193341id: 16135
(one image)
Mary Jane Halleywife of Patrick Ferris1898194042
586FindlayRobert Findlayfirst name on this monument1904196359id: 1040197
(one image)
Isabella (Ella) Strachanwife of Robert Findlay1907199992
587FinlaysonMalcolm Finlaysonfirst name on this monument1859192162id: 1030839
(one image)
Ella Rae Grahamwife of Malcolm Finlayson1865193974
588FiskWinifred Fiskfirst name on this monument1890197080id: 16571
(one image)
James Fiskhusband of Winifred Fisk1889196576
589FitzgeraldJames J Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1917199073id: 1040228
(one image)
590FlemingJames Flemingfirst name on this monument14id: 1030549
(one image)
Jessie MacDonald Simmiecousin of James Fleming1897197982
Thomas Innes Simmiecousin of James Fleming1902198179
Alexander Flemingfather of James Fleming64
Mary Fraser Innesmother of James Fleming1950
Isabel Flemingsister of James Fleming1948
591FletcherMabel Fletcherfirst name on this monumentid: 1040190
(one image)
Robert Kerr Fletcherhusband of Mabel Fletcher1963
Lucy Chaplinmother of Mabel Fletcher1963
592FlynnJ Flynnfirst name on this monument1890191828id: 15782
(one image)
593FogoAnn Pearson Fogofirst name on this monument1924id: 16239
(one image)
Susan Adiedaughter of Ann Pearson Fogo1943
Archibald Adiehusband of Ann Pearson Fogo1838193193
Robert Fogo Adieson of Ann Pearson Fogo33
594ForbesAlexander Forbesfirst name on this monument1872193765id: 15535
(one image)
Elizabeth Forbesdaughter of Alexander Forbes1908192416
Jean Forbesdaughter of Alexander Forbes1905193025
Margaret Urquhart Forbesdaughter of Alexander Forbes1900196969
Mary Forbesdaughter of Alexander Forbes1909195243
Mary Ann Campbelldaughter-in-law of Alexander Forbes1905193126
Lilian Gertrude Maiseydaughter-in-law of Alexander Forbes1902196967
John Forbesson of Alexander Forbes1904196561
Elizabeth Isaacwife of Alexander Forbes1873194067
595ForbesDuncan Forbesfirst name on this monument1976id: 16368
(one image)
596ForbesJohn Young Forbesfirst name on this monument1891196574id: 16178
(one image)
Elizabeth McInneswife of John Young Forbes1891196776
597FordArchie Fordfirst name on this monument1903197875id: 15874
(one image)
Elizabeth Dawsonwife of Archie Ford1905198176
598FordJames Fordfirst name on this monument1875194166id: 15891
(one image)
Janet W F Forddaughter of James Ford2001
William Fordson of James Ford1975
Jane McLarenwife of James Ford1874196187
599FotheringhamKathleen Fotheringhamfirst name on this monumentid: 16499
(one image)
R Fotheringhamhusband of Kathleen Fotheringham
600FothringhamJohn Fothringhamfirst name on this monument1962no image80208271
Margaret Simpsonwife of John Fothringham1971

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