Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
301CloseHenry Closefirst name on this monument19351557180068127

302ClowryChristine Ann Clowryfirst name on this monument195419701616573809205181
John Clowryfather of Christine Ann Clowry1913197461
Elizabeth Clowrymother of Christine Ann Clowry1921200988

303CochraneJames Cochranefirst name on this monument1847189447103065479260232
Barbara Elizabeth Ellisonwife of James Cochrane1850190959

304CochraneKate Cochranefirst name on this monument1912198775104025679755199

305ColeRachel Colefirst name on this monument19082005971676081083142
Patrick Colehusband of Rachel Cole1904198379

306CollBernard Collfirst name on this monument19181971531653580885123

307CollCharlie Collfirst name on this monument19201984641653480884263
Bridget Connaghanwife of Charlie Coll1919199576

308CollieAlexander Colliefirst name on this monument18641877131030692792873701
Lewis Colliefather of Alexander Collie1836189458
Mary Isabella Colliesister of Alexander Collie18

309CollinsMargaret Collinsfirst name on this monument18331914811580180280301
Annie Dowdaughter of Margaret Collins1854193480
James Dowhusband of Margaret Collins1831191786
James Dowson of Margaret Collins1862192361

310ColquhounLawrence Campbell Colquhounfirst name on this monument19391607680517124

311ColquhounWilliam Lawrence Colquhounfirst name on this monument16073805165511
William Campbell Colquhoun1868191648
Louisa Colquhounwife of William Lawrence Colquhoun1897
Mary Colquhounwife of William Lawrence Colquhoun1856192367

312ComerNorah Anne Comerfirst name on this monument19312006751679681113258

313ComerPatrick Eamon Comerfirst name on this monument19562001451679581112134

314CommonHanny Commonfirst name on this monument18271884571604780498215

315ComrieAndrew Comriefirst name on this monument1922196038104013579648260
Janet McTavishwife of Andrew Comrie1927200780

316ComrieDavid Comriefirst name on this monument1857192972103060579226753
Isabella Clark Comriedaughter of David Comrie1908195547
Jane Speedie Comriedaughter of David Comrie1905195752
Susan Clark Spinkdaughter of David Comrie1899196061
Meg Comriedaughter-in-law of David Comrie
Ruth Guthriedaughter-in-law of David Comrie
Duncan Comriefather of David Comrie1815189075
Jen Comriegrand daughter of David Comrie1963
Margaret Kerronmother of David Comrie1819189576
David Clark Comrieson of David Comrie1901195958
Duncan Comrieson of David Comrie1898196365
Annie Clarkwife of David Comrie1872191240
Isabel Ferriersecond wife of David Comrie1962

317ComrieDonald Comriefirst name on this monument19651664180983268
Williamina Hoskinswife of Donald Comrie1964

318ComrieGeorge Smith Comriefirst name on this monument18461914681619880608157
Margaret Comriewife of George Smith Comrie1936

319ComrieJames Comriefirst name on this monument18901968781659580940298
Edith C Greigwife of James Comrie1901196968

320ComrieJanet Comriefirst name on this monument19561577480256425
Cathie Blairdaughter of Janet Comrie1979
Duncan Blairhusband of Janet Comrie
Tom Blairson of Janet Comrie1983

321ComrieJohn Comriefirst name on this monument183319016816100805373221
Jean Hutchisondaughter-in-law of John Comrie1872195583
Robert W Comrieson of John Comrie1874193662
Christina Wilsonwife of John Comrie1835192590

322ComrieJohn Comriefirst name on this monument187319558215615801064353
Claude Comrieson of John Comrie1976
Sandy Comrieson of John Comrie1983
Janet McArawife of John Comrie1877192649

323ComrieMary G Comriefirst name on this monument19442002581677981101181
James A Brockhusband of Mary G Comrie

324ComriePeter Comriefirst name on this monument182419068215889803581681
Jane Morrisonwife of Peter Comrie1826190478

325ComriePeter McAra Comriefirst name on this monument19821635980744407
Patricia Ann Comriedaughter of Peter McAra Comrie1998

326ComrieRuby Thomson Speedie Comriefirst name on this monument19741647980833350
Andrew S McLarenhusband of Ruby Thomson Speedie Comrie1908198678

327ConaboyJohn Conaboyfirst name on this monument19181030571792066291
Tom Conaboybrother of John Conaboy1945
Walter Conaboybrother of John Conaboy1981
John Conaboyfather of John Conaboy1955
Mary Mulgronemother of John Conaboy1954
Catherine (Kit) Conaboysister of John Conaboy1982

328ConacherRobert Conacherfirst name on this monument19671660480948266
Mary Sutherlandwife of Robert Conacher1993

329CondieAnnie Condiefirst name on this monument18861954681624880649256
John M Alexanderhusband of Annie Condie1889196778

330ConnaghanNancy Connaghanfirst name on this monument1986104026979767209
Matthew Bradleyhusband of Nancy Connaghan1989

331CookWilliam Cookfirst name on this monument183619006415843803134931
Mary Helen Monteath Cookdaughter of William Cook1988
Jemima Camerondaughter-in-law of William Cook1889196071
Margaret Fisherdaughter-in-law of William Cook1958
Andrew Cookson of William Cook1860192767
David Fisher Cookson of William Cook1869195586
Mary Fisherwife of William Cook1830192191

332CoomeyAlice Coomeyfirst name on this monument1925103084979417331
Mary Ganleydaughter of Alice Coomey
John Ganleyhusband of Alice Coomey

333CooperDavid C Cooperfirst name on this monument1912196351104019979705156
David W Cooper1947198336

334CooperDonald Cooperfirst name on this monument19242009851669981027178

335CooperJohn Cooperfirst name on this monument1905195752104008079600133

336CoplandArchibald Duncan Coplandfirst name on this monument1877195376103081879389974
Christina Mitchell Coplanddaughter of Archibald Duncan Copland1904197369
Isobel Reid Coplanddaughter of Archibald Duncan Copland1912199078
Rita Copland1912197058
William Copland1910198979
Dorothy Frain Gardiner1917199376
John Hay Gardiner1915197257
Peter Mitchell Coplandson of Archibald Duncan Copland1907197669
Christina Agnes Mitchellwife of Archibald Duncan Copland1880196282

337CoplandDuncan Coplandfirst name on this monument19322004721676581088315
Mary Coplandwife of Duncan Copland

338CoplandEileen Coplandfirst name on this monument19442005611634380732247
Archibald D Coplandhusband of Eileen Copland2009

339CoplandMargo Coplandfirst name on this monument19991642580793254

340CormackWilliam H Cormackfirst name on this monument1891197483104006679586226
Mary McCabewife of William H Cormack1895198186

341CorrieRobert Corriefirst name on this monument18491910611030809793805081
Mary Crawfordwife of Robert Corrie1894
Annie McKenziesecond wife of Robert Corrie1862194078

342CorstorphinPeter Corstorphinfirst name on this monument19711653380883245
Christina McArthurwife of Peter Corstorphin1980

343CorstorphinPeter Corstorphinfirst name on this monument19421549980001310
Margaret Anderson Corstorphindaughter of Peter Corstorphin1943
Christina McBeandaughter of Peter Corstorphin1965
Margaret Andersonwife of Peter Corstorphin1953

344CostelloMaria Costellofirst name on this monument18191891721632180716135

345CottonMaria Cottonfirst name on this monument18501925751620380613354
Robert G Baxterhusband of Maria Cotton
James Caesar
Minnie Cotton1944

346CoullRobert A Coullfirst name on this monument1979103085679423237
Catherine Wishartwife of Robert A Coull1985

347CoulterAlexander Coulterfirst name on this monument1566980158382
Isabella Kaysister-in-law of Alexander Coulter1914
Flora Kaywife of Alexander Coulter1866192660

348CoulterIsabella Coulterfirst name on this monument1908199183104021079715264
William Kinghusband of Isabella Coulter1909200192

349CourlayElizabeth D Courlayfirst name on this monument18711959881592080388249
David A Halleyhusband of Elizabeth D Courlay1875196489

350CourtneyFrank Courtneyfirst name on this monument188319335015429799453691
Agnes Howewife of Frank Courtney1972

351CouttsJane Isles Couttsfirst name on this monument18661935691557280069374
Jane Isles Coutts Mackiedaughter of Jane Isles Coutts1891196271
Peter D Mackiehusband of Jane Isles Coutts1862193876

352CoventryCharles Coventryfirst name on this monument188519456015878803483551
Charles G Coventryson of Charles Coventry1913196249
Annie Grahamwife of Charles Coventry1886196983

353CowAndrew Cowfirst name on this monument1898194547103057279207196
May Cow1980

354CowWilliam Cowfirst name on this monument18801946661605480504295
Jane Boswellwife of William Cow1877194770

355CowanMatilda Cowanfirst name on this monument1948103059979223170
Matilda Cowan/Speediedaughter of Matilda Cowan1893195562

356CowanRobert Hogg Cowanfirst name on this monument1900196262104017179679312
Joan Anderson Duffwife of Robert Hogg Cowan1903198178

357CowansJames Cowansfirst name on this monument16070805132001
John Cowansson of James Cowans1858
Elizabeth Cowanswife of James Cowans

358CowieThomas Cowiefirst name on this monument18951918231577780259415
John Cowiebrother of Thomas Cowie1900192727
Thomas Cowiefather of Thomas Cowie1876192953
Catherine Brownmother of Thomas Cowie1880192343

359CraigAgnes (Nan) Craigfirst name on this monument20011675781080382
Robert (Bob) Simpsonhusband of Agnes (Nan) Craig

360CraigJames Craigfirst name on this monument19081919111030986795282361
William Craigfather of James Craig1881195675
Margaret Wilsonmother of James Craig1874196692

361CraikSidney Wilson (Sid) Craikfirst name on this monument1934199965104038579876569
Annie Craikwife of Sidney Wilson (Sid) Craik1931200069

362CrambAllan Crambfirst name on this monument19332005721675081075138

363CrambDarren Crambfirst name on this monument1974197401644480809313
Ian Crambfather of Darren Cramb
Wilma Crambmother of Darren Cramb

364CrambEmily Crambfirst name on this monument1888195365103052479168216
James McGregorhusband of Emily Cramb1880196080

365CrambGraham D A Crambfirst name on this monument1935199560104032579821224

366CrambHenry (Harry) Crambfirst name on this monument19231972491651580865323
Doreen Bradleywife of Henry (Harry) Cramb

367CrambIrene Crambfirst name on this monument1995104033679832196

368CrambJames Crambfirst name on this monument19121967551576180243402
Alistair Crambson of James Cramb193919401
Anne MacKenziewife of James Cramb1915200388

369CrambJanet Crambfirst name on this monument1574780230240
David Crambbrother of Janet Cramb1844190359

370CrambJohanna Crambfirst name on this monument19591552980029243
John Crambhusband of Johanna Cramb1970

371CrambMary Crambfirst name on this monument18601936761549279994660
Emily Ferguson Dondaughter of Mary Cramb1890196878
Flora McLaydaughter-in-law of Mary Cramb1896196872
Peter McOwanhusband of Mary Cramb1851193887
Nan McOwan1924200884
Peter McOwanson of Mary Cramb1899198384
Hubert Donson-in-law of Mary Cramb

372CrambPeter Crambfirst name on this monument18861973871575980241596
Mary Crambdaughter of Peter Cramb1977
Peter Crambfather of Peter Cramb1859191859
Mary Grantmother of Peter Cramb1865193469
Christina Scott Edmondwife of Peter Cramb1884197086

373CrambPeter Crambfirst name on this monument194315627801184612
Joan Crambdaughter of Peter Cramb
Martha Jane Duffwife of Peter Cramb1989

374CrambPeter A D Crambfirst name on this monument19321980481638880766150

375CrambWilliam Edmond (Eddie) Crambfirst name on this monument19191975561648780841271
Jane Kemp (Jean) Campbellwife of William Edmond (Eddie) Cramb1917199679

376CraneAllan Cranefirst name on this monument193620087216698810262432

377CrawfordAlexander Crawfordfirst name on this monument19231998751685681167338
Pearl Cruickshankwife of Alexander Crawford1922200482

378CrawfordGeorge Crawfordfirst name on this monument19711653080880127

379CrawfordJohn Crawfordfirst name on this monument18291904751030656792619462
Cathella Crawford1961
Elizabeth Crawford1937
Alexander MacKenzie
Isabella MacKenzie1929
Elizabeth Moodie1909
Barbara Jane Sinclair1910
Barbara Swanson1885
Alexander Crawfordson of John Crawford1868190941
George Crawfordson of John Crawford187818879
Marjorie MacKenziewife of John Crawford1847188033

380CrawfordRobina Hughan Crawfordfirst name on this monument19451575280235119

381CrerarJames Crerarfirst name on this monument193915897803663161
Jean Smith Hunter
Margaret Robin Smithwife of James Crerar1943

382CrollaJoseph Crollafirst name on this monument18821969871656680913796
Rosina Crolladaughter of Joseph Crolla1988
Maria Pelosiwife of Joseph Crolla1884197389

383CrozierAnnie Elizabeth Crozierfirst name on this monument19171981641641980787635
John Wrighthusband of Annie Elizabeth Crozier1912200391

384CrozierHelen Crozierfirst name on this monument19441030833794024591
Thomas Turnbullhusband of Helen Crozier1966
George Turnbullson of Helen Crozier1977
Richard Turnbullson of Helen Crozier1972

385CrudenWilliam Crudenfirst name on this monument186019357515431799474661
Sarah Browndaughter of William Cruden1887197992
David Crudenson of William Cruden1939
Sarah McDonaldwife of William Cruden1857193578

386CruickshankElizabeth Cruickshankfirst name on this monument103057479209178

387CummingAlexander Cummingfirst name on this monument1897103057779211292
Fanny McAinshwife of Alexander Cumming1892

388CummingMargaret Y Cummingfirst name on this monument1963104020179707213

389CummingRobert Cummingfirst name on this monument180318787515929803968311
Mary Crawford Cummingdaughter of Robert Cumming1885196782
Mary Fordycemother-in-law of Robert Cumming1889
Alexander Cummingson of Robert Cumming1881197291
David Cummingson of Robert Cumming1894
David Cummingson of Robert Cumming1879191536
Duncan Cummingson of Robert Cumming1882190220
Robert Cummingson of Robert Cumming1894
William Murray Cummingson of Robert Cumming1889196879
Mary Crawfordwife of Robert Cumming1803188582

390CunningSusie Cunningfirst name on this monument19131998851684681158171
Roderick MacPhersonhusband of Susie Cunning1909196960

391CunninghamJohn Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1864193268103052379167379
Elisabeth Cunninghamdaughter of John Cunningham1982
Margaret W Simpsondaughter of John Cunningham1965
Jean Ann Clarkwife of John Cunningham1869194576

392CurrHenry Currfirst name on this monument18351901661603180485229
Helen Davidsonwife of Henry Curr1840190565

393CurrieJohn Duncan Curriefirst name on this monument371564080129327
Mina Marion Gowwife of John Duncan Currie

394CuthbertJames McIntyre Cuthbertfirst name on this monument19811640880779158

395CuthbertJohn Cuthbertfirst name on this monument17871857701604580496564
Ellen Cuthbertdaughter of John Cuthbert1823190178
Isabella Monteathdaughter-in-law of John Cuthbert1816187963
John Cuthbertson of John Cuthbert1815188469
William Cuthbertson of John Cuthbert1901
Matilda Setonwife of John Cuthbert1783186784

396CuthbertThomas Cuthbertfirst name on this monument18541934801030557791978742
Swanson Cuthbertbrother of Thomas Cuthbert1857190043
Annie Cuthbertdaughter of Thomas Cuthbert1883192441
William Cuthbertfather of Thomas Cuthbert1827189265
Christina Cuthbertmother of Thomas Cuthbert1825189368
Swanson Cuthbertson of Thomas Cuthbert1891190716
Jessie Dewarwife of Thomas Cuthbert1850191262

397CuthbertWilliam Cuthbertfirst name on this monument18811951701600980467206
Nellie Fraserwife of William Cuthbert1888195264

398DakersWilliam Dakersfirst name on this monument1877195679104005879578325
Mary Margaret Dakerswife of William Dakers1878195981

399DalzielJanet Marion Dalzielfirst name on this monument19091989801040235797392201
Margaret Dalzielsister of Janet Marion Dalziel1913200289

400DalzielMatty Dalzielfirst name on this monument197016579809251941
Nancy Dalzielsister of Matty Dalziel1993

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