Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1901TraceyWilliam Traceyfirst name on this monument18961976801030752793423702
Jessie Munro Traceydaughter of William Tracey192119232
Hughina Watterswife of William Tracey1900194949

1902TreryMary Treryfirst name on this monument19021999971040387798771341

1903TrottEdith Trottfirst name on this monument19021994921040331798272501
Sybil G Bayliss1910200595

1904TrotterJohn Trotterfirst name on this monument185419337915556800543301
Demarian Arms Rawdingwife of John Trotter1860193373

1905TullochGeorge Tullochfirst name on this monument18811943621587580345302
Martha J Middletonwife of George Tulloch1880195878

1906TurnbullElizabeth Turnbullfirst name on this monument19261583580309804
Elizabeth Camerondaughter of Elizabeth Turnbull1988
Georgina Browndaughter-in-law of Elizabeth Turnbull1971
Donald Turnbull Camerongrand son of Elizabeth Turnbull1978
Douglas Camerongrand son of Elizabeth Turnbull1992
Ronald John Camerongrand son of Elizabeth Turnbull192019200
Douglas Cameronhusband of Elizabeth Turnbull1937
Emily Esther Cameron1986
Margaret Cameron1966
Douglas Ronald Cameronson of Elizabeth Turnbull1970
John Cameronson of Elizabeth Turnbull1939

1907TurnbullJohn Turnbullfirst name on this monument19741644680811241
Janet Densonwife of John Turnbull2001

1908TurnbullWilliam Turnbullfirst name on this monument19851657080917178
Jean Douglaswife of William Turnbull1980

1909TurnerJ Deaville Turnerfirst name on this monument19371579280272239
Florence Emily Hansonwife of J Deaville Turner1962

1910TurpieLawrence Turpiefirst name on this monument18911976851040146796581902
Rachel May Symewife of Lawrence Turpie1902198785

1911TurpieMary Turpiefirst name on this monument18771959821040147796592452
Helen Turpiesister of Mary Turpie1888197688

1912TurpieMary (Molly) Turpiefirst name on this monument192019412115955804192612
James Turpiefather of Mary (Molly) Turpie1882197189
Mary B Patersonmother of Mary (Molly) Turpie1879196687

1913TweddleJoseph Drysdale Tweddlefirst name on this monument19541030854794218361
Margaret Tweddledaughter of Joseph Drysdale Tweddle1900
Eliza Maxwell Boydmother of Joseph Drysdale Tweddle1959
Joseph Drysdale Tweddle1985
John Tweddleson of Joseph Drysdale Tweddle1979

1914UlrichMonika Ulrichfirst name on this monument19452004591676981092270

1915UrquhartJessie Dickson Urquhartfirst name on this monument19441557080067397
Arthur Reynoldshusband of Jessie Dickson Urquhart1956

1916VeitchJessie Veitchfirst name on this monument1890189771610680541698
Charles MacPhiebrother-in-law of Jessie Veitch
George Veitchfather of Jessie Veitch1858194284
Ruth Dugmore Andersonmother of Jessie Veitch1863194279
George McOmish
Ruth Brown Veitch1966
Ada I Veitchsister of Jessie Veitch1916

1917VirtueJohn Virtuefirst name on this monument1847189447103080279378366
Elizabeth Johnston Loudendaughter of John Virtue1880196181
Catherine Virtuedaughter of John Virtue1879
Robert Bryce Loudenson-in-law of John Virtue
Janet Johnstonwife of John Virtue1846190054

1918WaddellGeorge Waddellfirst name on this monument19241541479930333
Mary Whytesister-in-law of George Waddell1928
Isabella Whytewife of George Waddell1925

1919WalkerEliza Russell Walkerfirst name on this monument19511587180341584
William Sandemanfather-in-law of Eliza Russell Walker1923
John Sandemanhusband of Eliza Russell Walker1974
Ann Walkermother-in-law of Eliza Russell Walker1949
Elizabeth Sandemansister-in-law of Eliza Russell Walker1910

1920WalkerFergus Walkerfirst name on this monument1973197411646580823127

1921WalkerHarold Walkerfirst name on this monument19091986771646780825148
Janet Walkerwife of Harold Walker1909199384

1922WalkerIsabella J Walkerfirst name on this monument18431897541622680629256
Jane Jenkins1830190575
John Robertson1823190279

1923WalkerJane Walkerfirst name on this monument18411916751582080294165
William Walker1849192778

1924WalkerMargaret Seton Walkerfirst name on this monument194815422799382311
Andrew Currie
Janet Walker1880195171

1925WalkerThomas Walkerfirst name on this monument82103083079399205
Margaret Walkersister of Thomas Walker1887

1926WallJessie Wallfirst name on this monument1957104008279602265
F Kinman18781984106
Jane Kinman1883196380

1927WallaceBarbara Wallacefirst name on this monument19041611780550228

1928WallerThomas John Wallerfirst name on this monument1926199973104039379882269
Iris Wallerwife of Thomas John Waller

1929WallochJames Wallochfirst name on this monument19671660880952149
Isabella Walker Websterwife of James Walloch1986

1930WardBridget Wardfirst name on this monument19721652080870301
Kathleen Warddaughter of Bridget Ward
Patrick Wardhusband of Bridget Ward1985
John Wardson of Bridget Ward2005

1931WardPeter Wardfirst name on this monument19351970351659780941220
Vincent Wardson of Peter Ward196519683
Eileen McColewife of Peter Ward1942200866

1932WatsonAgnes Watsonfirst name on this monument184519177215763802459924
Grace Forrestdaughter of Agnes Watson1876192549
Joanna N S Hutchisondaughter-in-law of Agnes Watson1893191926
Alexander Forresthusband of Agnes Watson1841191978
Agnes Scott1899198889
David Scott1898192325
George Forrestson of Agnes Watson
David Scottson-in-law of Agnes Watson1876196387

1933WatsonEffie Wark Watsonfirst name on this monument19231579580275198
Catherine Mary Amessister of Effie Wark Watson1926

1934WatsonJane Gilchrist Watsonfirst name on this monument18981963651562480117232
Andrew MacPherson Watsonhusband of Jane Gilchrist Watson1898196567
Walter Tait Watsonson of Jane Gilchrist Watson192719292

1935WatsonPeter Watsonfirst name on this monument1857192366103096879513716
Annie Beatrice Watsondaughter of Peter Watson1964
Flora Watsondaughter of Peter Watson1895196267
Mary Watsondaughter of Peter Watson1886191832
Ann Brucedaughter-in-law of Peter Watson1968
Caroline Watson1980
Peter Watson1979
Donald Miller Watsonson of Peter Watson1884191531
Lewis Duncan Watsonson of Peter Watson1893195158
Margaret Millerwife of Peter Watson1856193478

1936WatsonPeter Michael Frederick Watsonfirst name on this monument1930199969104039279881108

1937WatsonWalter T Watsonfirst name on this monument185619206415623801143081
Winifred Morrisondaughter-in-law of Walter T Watson
David M Watsonson of Walter T Watson1895196166
Isabella McPhersonwife of Walter T Watson1858193981

1938WatsonWilliam Watsonfirst name on this monument19311030903794612161
Grace Fergusonwife of William Watson1880195575

1939WattAgnes Wattfirst name on this monument18771953761030687792823051
James Jamiesonhusband of Agnes Watt1901196564

1940WattCharles Wattfirst name on this monument19071998911683481147342
Alexander Watt1905200095
Molly Watt

1941WattFrancis Wattfirst name on this monument192615488799906881
Ann Jane Fergusdaughter of Francis Watt1944
Elizabeth Thomson Wattdaughter of Francis Watt1932
William B Wattson of Francis Watt1946
Jane Beatonwife of Francis Watt1937

1942WattJames Wattfirst name on this monument1855193277103060479225308
Giles Littlejohnmother-in-law of James Watt1819189071
Helen Mitchellwife of James Watt1855193277

1943WattersEliza Wattersfirst name on this monument1942194421537279890947
Betty Wattersaunt of Eliza Watters1921200281
Maisie Wattersaunt of Eliza Watters1924196440
Gregor Wattersbrother of Eliza Watters1941199756
John Wattersfather of Eliza Watters1909199586
Mary Wattersmother of Eliza Watters1915199984

1944WattersGeorge Wattersfirst name on this monument1940199757104030979806190

1945WattersGregor Wattersfirst name on this monument187319618815374798922831
Jean Allan Reekiewife of Gregor Watters1966

1946WattersMargaret N Wattersfirst name on this monument19362000641643280799364

1947WattersWilliam Wattersfirst name on this monument19271930315548800475951
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hunter1916200791
William (Fordie) Hunter1916197862
Jessie Watters1880193656
Robert Watters1867194275
Robert Watters1899198081

1948WeaverLewis E C Weaverfirst name on this monument19911030979795211812
Helen M A Brucewife of Lewis E C Weaver

1949WebsterKatherine Patricia Websterfirst name on this monument19422002601678381104598
Brian Turnerhusband of Katherine Patricia Webster

1950WebsterTanya Louise Websterfirst name on this monument19872007201674181066969
Connor Websterbrother of Tanya Louise Webster
Allan Websterfather of Tanya Louise Webster
Tammy Webstermother of Tanya Louise Webster

1951WebsterWilliam James Websterfirst name on this monument18781945671564180130367
Margaret Thomson Broughdaughter of William James Webster1976
Christina Drummondwife of William James Webster1877196487

1952WedderspoonWilliam Andrew Wedderspoonfirst name on this monument19181614380574452
Isabella Mary Wedderspoon1997
Margaret Nelson Wedderspoon1979
Margaret Nelsonwife of William Andrew Wedderspoon1935

1953WeirAndy Weirfirst name on this monument194520025716802811183981
Mark Weirson of Andy Weir
Mary Buchananwife of Andy Weir

1954WejnerStanislawa Wejnerfirst name on this monument18861973871650680857210
Eleonora Grugieldaughter of Stanislawa Wejner1923199067

1955WelshBrogan Welshfirst name on this monument20061673181057157

1956WelshDanny Welshfirst name on this monument19801639980772199
Danny Welshfather of Danny Welsh1981

1957WelshJames D Welshfirst name on this monument194219464103049979145164
Michael J Welshfather of James D Welsh1911200089
John Bradleyson-in-law of James D Welsh1974

1958WelshMargaret (Peggy) Welshfirst name on this monument1918199779104031879815125

1959WelshMatthew Scott Welshfirst name on this monument20031634580733164

1960WestFrancis S Westfirst name on this monument1894196369104019179698305
Margaret Crambwife of Francis S West1979

1961WestwoodJoan Westwoodfirst name on this monument19981684181154334
Andrew Westwoodhusband of Joan Westwood1998
James Westwoodson of Joan Westwood1995

1962WheadonViolet Wheadonfirst name on this monument19671660580949211
Dave Smithhusband of Violet Wheadon1997

1963WhyteAnnie Laurie Whytefirst name on this monument19031973701643180798378
John Bilslandhusband of Annie Laurie Whyte1898197678
David Burns Bilslandson of Annie Laurie Whyte1929198556

1964WhyteCatherine S Whytefirst name on this monument18841957731040041795622961
George Benviehusband of Catherine S Whyte1881197291

1965WhyteEliza Whytefirst name on this monument1867187361629880698295
David Whytebrother of Eliza Whyte187518827
George Whytebrother of Eliza Whyte188118887
George Whytefather of Eliza Whyte1842191977

1966WhyteMargaret Falconor Whytefirst name on this monument18551948931629380693100

1967WhytePearson M M Whytefirst name on this monument19252003781681481129350
Linda Whytedaughter of Pearson M M Whyte1948200759
Chrissie Saunderswife of Pearson M M Whyte1926200781

1968WhytePeter S Whytefirst name on this monument19011929281030643792525721
William James Whytebrother of Peter S Whyte1908198173
Robert Whytefather of Peter S Whyte1868194678
Christina McKenziemother of Peter S Whyte1873195582
Christina Whytesister of Peter S Whyte
Margaret Crambsister-in-law of Peter S Whyte1912199987

1969WhyteRobert Whytefirst name on this monument19211586480334501
Anne Philipdaughter of Robert Whyte1883196986
Isabella Whytesister of Robert Whyte1922
Sinclair Whytesister of Robert Whyte1910
Anne Lockhartwife of Robert Whyte1928

1970WightmanMargaret Wightmanfirst name on this monument192620108416709810372381

1971WildridgeGilbert Johnson Wildridgefirst name on this monument188919142515815802917522
Margaret Wildridgedaughter of Gilbert Johnson Wildridge1905
Mary Wildridgedaughter of Gilbert Johnson Wildridge1908198173
Gilbert Wildridgeson of Gilbert Johnson Wildridge1903195653
Ella Millarwife of Gilbert Johnson Wildridge1874196995

1972WilkieCatherine Wilkiefirst name on this monument19701657580922999
Margaret Allandaughter of Catherine Wilkie1983
Alexander Allanhusband of Catherine Wilkie1977
John Allan1925200883
Catherine Goddard1945200661

1973WilkieJessie Wilkiefirst name on this monument18271903761030612792303731
Jane McIntosh Simmiedaughter of Jessie Wilkie1859193879
David Inneshusband of Jessie Wilkie1827189265
John Simmieson-in-law of Jessie Wilkie1857194790

1974WilliamsJohn L Williamsfirst name on this monument1914199278104036979862158

1975WilliamsonAlbert Scott Williamsonfirst name on this monument2008200801633980728537
Joyce Andersonwife of Albert Scott Williamson

1976WilliamsonJames Williamsonfirst name on this monument18861595180415255
Margaret Williamsondaughter of James Williamson1847186619
John Williamsonson of James Williamson1840191272
Helen McRopiewife of James Williamson1843190057

1977WilliamsonMargaret Mary Williamsonfirst name on this monument19192008891673281058149

1978WilliamsonWilliam Williamsonfirst name on this monument1861193877103082879397672
Julia Lyalldaughter of William Williamson1899198485
Bell Rankinedaughter of William Williamson1902199593
Anne Williamsondaughter of William Williamson1905195853
John P Rankineson-in-law of William Williamson1903197370
Ann Armstrongwife of William Williamson1865193974

1979WilsonAlbert Wilsonfirst name on this monument1952103092679481370
Georgina Brownwife of Albert Wilson1970

1980WilsonAndrew Wilsonfirst name on this monument18941958641040055795751901
Helen Comriewife of Andrew Wilson1897195659

1981WilsonAnnie Wilsonfirst name on this monument185519216615802802812141
James Wilsonhusband of Annie Wilson1853192673
John Norman Wilsonson of Annie Wilson

1982WilsonAnnie Wilsonfirst name on this monument19641664380985221
Peter Comriehusband of Annie Wilson1989

1983WilsonDavid R Wilsonfirst name on this monument19321555880056214
Helen Campbellwife of David R Wilson1947

1984WilsonDouglas Wilsonfirst name on this monument19481996481633580725183
Douglas Wilsonson of Douglas Wilson1971200635

1985WilsonFrances Wilsonfirst name on this monument195416249806501871
William Burns1976

1986WilsonFrank Wilsonfirst name on this monument19601560880100238
Isabella Wilsondaughter of Frank Wilson1927
Mary D Stewartwife of Frank Wilson1966

1987WilsonGraham Leslie Wilsonfirst name on this monument195819711316493808473041
Charles Sinclair Wilsonfather of Graham Leslie Wilson2003

1988WilsonHelen Jane Wilsonfirst name on this monument18701968981655480904279
Sheila Wilsondaughter of Helen Jane Wilson
Duncan Wilsonson of Helen Jane Wilson
Hugh Wilsonson of Helen Jane Wilson
John Wilsonson of Helen Jane Wilson

1989WilsonJean Wilsonfirst name on this monument1842190159103046479124449
Margaret Bennettdaughter of Jean Wilson1861193473
Charlotte McNaughton Forbesgrand daughter of Jean Wilson1893
James McNaughtonhusband of Jean Wilson1842191270
John Bennettson-in-law of Jean Wilson1865193267

1990WilsonJohn Wilsonfirst name on this monument19371580380282185
Annie Bella Halleywife of John Wilson1954

1991WilsonKenneth Morton Wilsonfirst name on this monument131568480173218
John G Wilsonfather of Kenneth Morton Wilson

1992WilsonMargaret Paterson Wilsonfirst name on this monument19222002801642780795478
Margaret Wilson Harleydaughter of Margaret Paterson Wilson
John Albert Harleyhusband of Margaret Paterson Wilson1922200684

1993WilsonMary Ann Wilsonfirst name on this monument1883196077104011779631111

1994WilsonMia Wilsonfirst name on this monument19781637080752697
Fiona Kennedydaughter of Mia Wilson
Alan Kennedyhusband of Mia Wilson
Jessie Beaton1896199195
Daniel Kennedy
Alastair Kennedyson of Mia Wilson
Callum Kennedyson of Mia Wilson

1995WilsonRobert William Wilsonfirst name on this monument1905195954104014279654442
Anna Mathieson MacGregorwife of Robert William Wilson1911199180

1996WilsonSamuel Wilsonfirst name on this monument187219305816130805623801
Helen Mary Sinclairdaughter of Samuel Wilson1912199987
Charlie Wilsonson of Samuel Wilson1899191819
Catherine Turpiewife of Samuel Wilson1872195381

1997WilsonStuart Murray Wilsonfirst name on this monument1588280352138

1998WilsonT Wilsonfirst name on this monument19031943401554380042105

1999WilsonThomas Wilsonfirst name on this monument1896103058779218351
Janet S MacLeoddaughter of Thomas Wilson1954
Marjory M Wilsondaughter of Thomas Wilson1954
Mary C Wilsondaughter of Thomas Wilson1960
John Wilsonson of Thomas Wilson1891
Thomas Wilsonson of Thomas Wilson1932
William Y Wilsonson of Thomas Wilson1947
Mary Youngwife of Thomas Wilson1920

2000WilsonWilliam Wilsonfirst name on this monument103054579188123

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