Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1801StewartWilliam Dale Stewartfirst name on this monument188619546816283806842372
Bessie Keithwife of William Dale Stewart1885195772

1802StirlingRobert F Stirlingfirst name on this monument1962104018079687109

1803StirtonJemima Stirtonfirst name on this monument18911958671040094796142712
Duncan MacGregorhusband of Jemima Stirton1894197581

1804StirtonRobert Stirtonfirst name on this monument1905196156104018479691249
Rena Stirtondaughter of Robert Stirton1833188855
Christina Crambwife of Robert Stirton1909200596

1805StoneElsie Kelly Claire Stonefirst name on this monument2009200901670281030292

1806StormonthJohn Fisher Stormonthfirst name on this monument18751942671579780276417
Isabella Matthew Stormonthdaughter of John Fisher Stormonth1984
Helen S Grubbwife of John Fisher Stormonth1876194872

1807StrachanGeorge Strachanfirst name on this monument185019005015913803816381
Sarah Brydon McRae Pearsondaughter of George Strachan1924198965
Janette Strachandaughter of George Strachan1891197483
Thomas B A McRaeson-in-law of George Strachan1895196974
Janet Taylorwife of George Strachan1857192164

1808StrachanWilliam Strachanfirst name on this monument19961040315798123042
Jean Spencewife of William Strachan1913200188

1809StrangWilliam Strangfirst name on this monument186819215315594800884521
James Fleming Strangson of William Strang1973
John Fleming Strangson of William Strang1908192517
Elizabeth Flemingwife of William Strang1868195183

1810StrathairnGeorge Strathairnfirst name on this monument184719247715509800093841
Evelyn M Strathairndaughter of George Strathairn1976
Julia H Strathairndaughter of George Strathairn1951
Norah S Strathairndaughter of George Strathairn1963
Hubert William Strathairnson of George Strathairn1883191633
Julia F Scottwife of George Strathairn1854195197

1811StrattonJohn B Strattonfirst name on this monument19291549379995238
Isabella H Strattondaughter of John B Stratton1998
Georgina Heraldwife of John B Stratton1952

1812StuartAlexander Stuartfirst name on this monument186819558715838803106062
Isabella Gillespiewife of Alexander Stuart1868192153
Isabella Beggsecond wife of Alexander Stuart1869194475

1813StuartAlexander Stuartfirst name on this monument18631923601558980083355
Agnes Veitch Lindsaywife of Alexander Stuart1870195383

1814StuthardJames Stuthardfirst name on this monument182419179310304657912511161
William Stothardbrother of James Stuthard
Nicola Rosedaughter-in-law of James Stuthard1863194683
Lizzie Rose Stothardgrand daughter of James Stuthard1888194961
Maggie McCowan1902
James Neilson
Mary Neilson1899
Maggie Sinclair1895
George Stothard1869192960
George McGowan Stothard1915199782
James Stothard1852
James Stothard1903
Janet R Stothard19012001100
Jessie Stothard1884
John Stothard1900191919
John Stothard1842192886
John Stothard
William Stothard
William Rose Stothard1894194652
Hendry Stothardson of James Stuthard
James Stothardson of James Stuthard
William Stothardson of James Stuthard1857193881
Janet Robertsonwife of James Stuthard1896

1815SuszkaTadeusz Suszkafirst name on this monument19231987641040148796608612
James Baxter
Elizabeth Suszka1949199849
Elizabeth Ewanwife of Tadeusz Suszka1930199767

1816SutherlandBetty Sutherlandfirst name on this monument19991685381164154
Graham Sutherlandhusband of Betty Sutherland

1817SutherlandChristina Sutherlandfirst name on this monument18201905851565580144176
Isabella Sutherlanddaughter of Christina Sutherland

1818SutherlandDonald Sutherlandfirst name on this monument19651561280104270
Catherine Davidsonwife of Donald Sutherland1992

1819SutherlandPeter Alexander Sutherlandfirst name on this monument18701952821030936794903011
Agnes Nimmo Toddwife of Peter Alexander Sutherland1884195975

1820SuttonJane Suttonfirst name on this monument19151962471668081016239
John C MacKintoshson of Jane Sutton1947200457

1821SwanDavid John Swanfirst name on this monument1916199680104031079807263
Margaret Swanwife of David John Swan1916200993

1822SwanElizabeth Swanfirst name on this monument182018795910306507925711351
Janet Headrickdaughter of Elizabeth Swan1940
Elizabeth McCullochdaughter of Elizabeth Swan1874191945
Catherine Mitchell McKenziedaughter of Elizabeth Swan1923
James McKenziehusband of Elizabeth Swan1817189578
Andrew McKenzieson of Elizabeth Swan1845190459
Alexander McCullochson-in-law of Elizabeth Swan

1823SwanFrancis Rue Swanfirst name on this monument196616632809742932
Mary Swanwife of Francis Rue Swan1967

1824SwanJane R Swanfirst name on this monument19551626880669151
John Duncanhusband of Jane R Swan1959

1825SwanJohn Swanfirst name on this monument1891194958103058979219269
Bessie Sweeneywife of John Swan1971

1826SwanThomas McCulloch Swanfirst name on this monument1889194758103067279272187
Mary Baxterwife of Thomas McCulloch Swan1890196878

1827SweeneyAndrew Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1950199747104030779804169
James Sweeneybrother of Andrew Sweeney1949200859

1828SweeneyDaniel Sweeneyfirst name on this monument19161971551653880888364
Owen Sweeneyson of Daniel Sweeney1950200353
Bridget Rodgerswife of Daniel Sweeney1921200281

1829SweeneyJohn J Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1946199549104033279828131

1830SweeneyMary Sweeneyfirst name on this monument19171977601643580801387
John Sweeneyhusband of Mary Sweeney1915199883

1831SweeneyMichael Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1943199249104020379709139

1832SweeneyOwen Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1912199280104020579711223
Sarah Loughmanwife of Owen Sweeney1920200888

1833SweeneyOwen Francis Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1944199753104039879887620
Frances Ann McDadewife of Owen Francis Sweeney

1834SweeneyOwen L Sweeneyfirst name on this monument1941199251104037279864232
Owen Lewis Sweeneyson of Owen L Sweeney1974199319

1835SweetKatherine Inglis Sweetfirst name on this monument18851960751040121796351521

1836SymeMary Bruce Symefirst name on this monument18741933591559780091583
Helen MacLellandaughter of Mary Bruce Syme1917194831
Grace Kirkaldydaughter-in-law of Mary Bruce Syme1911200897
Thomas McOmishhusband of Mary Bruce Syme1870194676
William McOmishson of Mary Bruce Syme1907198376
J A MacLellanson-in-law of Mary Bruce Syme

1837SzulcAlfons (Alf) Szulcfirst name on this monument19161974581645280817237
Margaret McRosty (Peggy) Nicollwife of Alfons (Alf) Szulc1921200180

1838TainshAnnie Tainshfirst name on this monument18301877471030787793652463
George Parishusband of Annie Tainsh1818188668

1839TainshGeorge Tainshfirst name on this monument180618585210309937953312187
Helen Christiedaughter of George Tainsh1896
Alexander Christieson-in-law of George Tainsh1843190360
Helen Dowwife of George Tainsh1804187672

1840TainshHelen Scott Tainshfirst name on this monument18371896591030463791236542
Betsy Wilsondaughter of Helen Scott Tainsh1871188413
Jemima Wilsondaughter of Helen Scott Tainsh1874189521
Mary Ann Wilsondaughter of Helen Scott Tainsh186618726
Mary Ann Tainshdaughter-in-law of Helen Scott Tainsh1838189557
Janet White Wilsongrand daughter of Helen Scott Tainsh1879189920
James Wilsonhusband of Helen Scott Tainsh1831190776
Mungo Wilsonson of Helen Scott Tainsh1862
Samuel Wilsonson of Helen Scott Tainsh1836189357

1841TainshWilliam M Tainshfirst name on this monument18811940591567680165146

1842TaitChristine J Taitfirst name on this monument19321570980198356
William Haighusband of Christine J Tait1947

1843TaitJames Taitfirst name on this monument1823187148103095279503169
Peter Tait1828188052

1844TaitRobert (Bob) Taitfirst name on this monument1950198535104027979777365
Jodi Taitdaughter of Robert (Bob) Tait
Martin Taitson of Robert (Bob) Tait
Sandra Thomsonwife of Robert (Bob) Tait

1845TaitSarah Taitfirst name on this monument18941977831648180835260
Frederick Gregoryhusband of Sarah Tait1892192836

1846TaitSusan Taitfirst name on this monument196516650809926414
Jacob L Gillhusband of Susan Tait1879197293

1847TaitWilliam S Taitfirst name on this monument1922198765104025479753206
Janet C Davieswife of William S Tait

1848TateKathleen Tatefirst name on this monument18821971891650880859364
Eileen Tatedaughter of Kathleen Tate
Lillian Tatedaughter of Kathleen Tate

1849TaylorCatherine Taylorfirst name on this monument18881980921570480193238
John Smithhusband of Catherine Taylor1919
Robert Wallacesecond husband of Catherine Taylor1963

1850TaylorChristina Taylorfirst name on this monument184919176816155805843361
Christina Jane Laurencedaughter of Christina Taylor1891197483
William S Laurencehusband of Christina Taylor1857194083

1851TaylorElma Taylorfirst name on this monument1937195316103057579210214
William Taylorfather of Elma Taylor1909198980
Margaret Taylormother of Elma Taylor1908199082

1852TaylorIsabella R Taylorfirst name on this monument186219024015702801913401
Billy Drummondgrand son of Isabella R Taylor1924194420
William Drummondhusband of Isabella R Taylor1857194487
Thomas Taylor Drummondson of Isabella R Taylor1895191722
William Drummondson of Isabella R Taylor1894197076

1853TaylorJames M Taylorfirst name on this monument18681950821599480453192
Janet Leiperwife of James M Taylor1873195784

1854TaylorJessie Taylorfirst name on this monument1865189227103072579316459
William Barlasshusband of Jessie Taylor
Janet Cook1832191179
Catherine Taylor1859193576
James Taylor1867190437
Maggie Taylor1869189425
Peter Taylor1871193766
Robert Taylor1858188325
Thomas Taylor1830191787

1855TaylorJessie Taylorfirst name on this monument197916128805602272
William McKaywife of Jessie Taylor1984

1856TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument18251900751030699792926494
Margaret Sutherlanddaughter of John Taylor1868195486
Mary Taylordaughter of John Taylor
James Taylorson of John Taylor
John Taylorson of John Taylor1860195292
Robert Taylorson of John Taylor
Philip Sutherlandson-in-law of John Taylor1870195686
Mary Allanwife of John Taylor1826188963

1857TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument18861961751592280390417
Ella Taylordaughter of John Taylor1911199988
Stephen Thomas Early1944199450
Donald McNaughtonson-in-law of John Taylor1935199661
Isabella Patersonwife of John Taylor1888197082

1858TaylorJohn Dyson Taylorfirst name on this monument1917199275104036879861256
Margaret Clarkwife of John Dyson Taylor1921200988

1859TaylorJohn Gordon Taylorfirst name on this monument19391565080139428
Evelyn Camerondaughter-in-law of John Gordon Taylor1987
J Gordon Taylorson of John Gordon Taylor1999
Jardine K Lamontwife of John Gordon Taylor1981

1860TaylorMungo Taylorfirst name on this monument181518877215963804274324
Margaret Sharpwife of Mungo Taylor72

1861TaylorPeter Taylorfirst name on this monument18431887441625080651874
John Innes1871193665
Jane Taylor1881195271
Jane Morrisonwife of Peter Taylor1852188331
Margaret Merchantsecond wife of Peter Taylor1854192672

1862TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument18451940951570380192859
Jessie Taylordaughter of William Taylor1882190523
Robert William Wallacegreat grand son of William Taylor1946196923
Duncan Taylorson of William Taylor1892191725
Ann Gowwife of William Taylor1857192972

1863TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument19711652580875290
Martha Leckiewife of William Taylor1972

1864TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument19061566280151308
Margaret Taylordaughter of William Taylor
Jeannie Ramsaydaughter-in-law of William Taylor
Alexander Taylorson of William Taylor1943
Margaret Shawwife of William Taylor1905

1865TempleJane Templefirst name on this monument18591921621620080610322
Henry Campbellhusband of Jane Temple1846193488

1866TerrasAlexander Terrasfirst name on this monument19101580580284309
Frances Christian Sibbaldwife of Alexander Terras1920

1867ThomAlexander Thomfirst name on this monument185419065215981804433101
Helen (Lena) Thomdaughter of Alexander Thom1889194152
Mark Aitken Thomson of Alexander Thom1885191631
Helen Thomwife of Alexander Thom1860194282

1868ThomJames Maxtone Thomfirst name on this monument192715479799842811
Jessie Ludlam Thomwife of James Maxtone Thom1951

1869ThomJane Ramsay Thomfirst name on this monument19271620780617279
Robert Nivenhusband of Jane Ramsay Thom

1870ThomasKenneth E Thomasfirst name on this monument1932200674167388106499

1871ThompsonHeather Thompsonfirst name on this monument19462010641634280731103

1872ThompsonJohn Thompsonfirst name on this monument18101872621617380596388
John Thompson Buchanan187418751
Keith Buchanan
Annabella Henning Thompson
Josephine Maggie Thompson1870190737
Keith Thompson187218797
Keith John Thompson188118832
Samuel Thompson187618859

1873ThompsonPeter Thompsonfirst name on this monument18571909521588380353651
Ann Sinclair Forbes1962
Alexander Kennedy1962
Mary McIntyre1855193580
Catherine Sanderson1871190029

1874ThomsonDavid Thomsonfirst name on this monument1953103073579326278
James M G Thomson1928201082
Peter Thomsonson of David Thomson1915200489
Mary McArthurwife of David Thomson1982

1875ThomsonDavid Thomsonfirst name on this monument19131030486791354741
Daisy Thomsondaughter of David Thomson
Eddie Anita (Nita) Thomsondaughter of David Thomson1963
Jean Thomsondaughter of David Thomson
Bert Bill Thomsonson of David Thomson
David John Thomsonson of David Thomson
Anita Brycewife of David Thomson1959

1876ThomsonDonald Scott Thomsonfirst name on this monument19061981751652280872347
Ann Doreen Neilson Pentlandwife of Donald Scott Thomson1909199283

1877ThomsonEwen Donald Henry Thomsonfirst name on this monument1875194469103083879407292
Ewen Malcolm Cameron Thomsonson of Ewen Donald Henry Thomson1907197669
Elizabeth Wylie Grahamwife of Ewen Donald Henry Thomson1877194770

1878ThomsonFrank Thomsonfirst name on this monument1861193776103087579435172
Jane Siveswife of Frank Thomson1869194879

1879ThomsonIain Richard Thomsonfirst name on this monument1972198614104026879766173

1880ThomsonJames W Thomsonfirst name on this monument18901943531589680365216
Helen Annie McCabewife of James W Thomson1889195869

1881ThomsonJemima Hamilton Thomsonfirst name on this monument18731941681537979897500
William Thomas Weirhusband of Jemima Hamilton Thomson1871194978

1882ThomsonMargaret Thomsonfirst name on this monument183418865215944804095962
Helen Murray Hepburndaughter of Margaret Thomson187318741
Jessie Nicol Hepburndaughter of Margaret Thomson1920
Maggie Watsondaughter of Margaret Thomson1939
Andrew Hepburnhusband of Margaret Thomson1845191166
Margaret Barrie1975
Daniel Hepburnson of Margaret Thomson1875
John Watsonson-in-law of Margaret Thomson1950

1883ThomsonMary Thomsonfirst name on this monument18401928881591680384146

1884ThomsonMary Ann Thomsonfirst name on this monument19201580680285142

1885ThomsonRobert Thomsonfirst name on this monument18631930671613380565255
William Thomsonson of Robert Thomson1896191620
Isabella Isdalewife of Robert Thomson1867194174

1886ThomsonRobina Thomsonfirst name on this monument18401910701601180468362
John Comriehusband of Robina Thomson1919
Lilias Carmichael1859
Robert Robertson1860

1887ThomsonWilliam Peter Thomsonfirst name on this monument186019347415424799402451
Fergus Blackburn Thomsonson of William Peter Thomson1937
Elizabeth Bruce Murraywife of William Peter Thomson1864195086

1888TodEmily Mabel Todfirst name on this monument1906195953104013879651185
Henry Hector Todhusband of Emily Mabel Tod1908198375

1889TodHenry Todfirst name on this monument18691930611551280012189
Margaret Bellwife of Henry Tod1938

1890TodThomas Todfirst name on this monument185519499415442799582482
Robert Todson of Thomas Tod1881194766
Isabella Eadiewife of Thomas Tod1861192968

1891ToddAgnes W Toddfirst name on this monument19581040084796043391
Duncan Fergusonhusband of Agnes W Todd1964

1892ToddMay Toddfirst name on this monument19141990761040219797242191
John Whitehusband of May Todd1916200589

1893TorbetHarry Torbetfirst name on this monument19681661480958304
Harry Ewan Torbetson of Harry Torbet1928
Agnes Edgarwife of Harry Torbet1974

1894TorrensRobert Torrensfirst name on this monument19242002781677581097186

1895ToughCatherine Lamb Toughfirst name on this monument19191971521652780877232
Thomas M Smithhusband of Catherine Lamb Tough1917199679

1896TownsleyWilliam M Townsleyfirst name on this monument19442006621675481077334
Racheal Townsleywife of William M Townsley

1897TownsonEdward B Townsonfirst name on this monument1922199068104022479729345
Amelia J McLeanwife of Edward B Townson1921200180

1898TraceyHugh Coyle Traceyfirst name on this monument19301030745793358101
Hugh Coyle Traceyson of Hugh Coyle Tracey1944
James Traceyson of Hugh Coyle Tracey1965
John Traceyson of Hugh Coyle Tracey1917
William Traceyson of Hugh Coyle Tracey1959
Mary McBridewife of Hugh Coyle Tracey1953

1899TraceyJames Traceyfirst name on this monument1957104007479594260
Mary (Maidie) Barker1911199180

1900TraceyJohn Traceyfirst name on this monument18361887511030700792931117
Mary McBridegrand daughter-in-law of John Tracey
John Traceygreat grand son of John Tracey1896191721
Alexander Traceygrand son of John Tracey
Hugh Goyle Traceygrand son of John Tracey1872193058
William Traceygrand son of John Tracey
Catherine Gormleywife of John Tracey1827190073

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