Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1601RothnieJeannie Abercromby Rothniefirst name on this monument190419292515475799806646
George Alexander Rothniebrother of Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie
William Rothniefather of Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie1868194274
Margaret Abercrombymother of Jeannie Abercromby Rothnie1870195686

1602RoyAlexander Ernest Royfirst name on this monument18871936491030967795124731
Ruth Adamsondaughter-in-law of Alexander Ernest Roy
Ian Ernest Dinnie Royson of Alexander Ernest Roy1923199875
William Charles Royson of Alexander Ernest Roy1921200584
Emily Murray Dinniewife of Alexander Ernest Roy1965

1603RoyCharles Royfirst name on this monument1915199378104034979845184
Margaret Taylorwife of Charles Roy1924200581

1604RoyElizabeth Royfirst name on this monument18261906801030946794988823
Catherine Roydaughter of Elizabeth Roy
Isabella Roydaughter of Elizabeth Roy
William Royfather of Elizabeth Roy1794185157
Elizabeth McLellanmother of Elizabeth Roy1800187575
James Royson of Elizabeth Roy1832187139
John Royson of Elizabeth Roy1830186939

1605RoyJames Royfirst name on this monument1854192874103051079156258
Barbara J Roydaughter of James Roy1970
James Royson of James Roy1886192943
Euphemia Crambwife of James Roy1855191459

1606RoyJessie Royfirst name on this monument18571927701540079917397
(Wee) Hughie Boswellgrand son of Jessie Roy
John Boswellhusband of Jessie Roy1861193271
Ann Roysister of Jessie Roy1860192767

1607RoyJohn Royfirst name on this monument18881943551618080600566
Agnes Walkerdaughter-in-law of John Roy
Alexander Royson of John Roy1933198754
James Royson of John Roy1927196841
Ethel Oliverwife of John Roy1894198591

1608RoyMargaret Callum Royfirst name on this monument19211584180312640
John Fosterhusband of Margaret Callum Roy1930

1609RoyWilliam Royfirst name on this monument10309667951198

1610RoyWilliam Royfirst name on this monument19001040018795443251
Janet Roydaughter of William Roy1934
Mary Ann Wilsondaughter of William Roy1893198289
Peggy Wilsondaughter of William Roy1897198386
John Royson of William Roy1887
Thomas Royson of William Roy1932
Jane Andersonwife of William Roy1886

1611RuggiSecondo Ruggifirst name on this monument18851960751040131796443151
Adele Rinaldiwife of Secondo Ruggi1890197282

1612RundleKeith Leslie Rundlefirst name on this monument19591990311655380903424
Brian Rundlebrother of Keith Leslie Rundle
Graeme Rundlebrother of Keith Leslie Rundle
Leslie Rundlefather of Keith Leslie Rundle
Moira MacKenziemother of Keith Leslie Rundle1930199363

1613RussellDavid Russellfirst name on this monument191019958510403337982992

1614RussellJessie Ramsay Russellfirst name on this monument19231616080589244
John Guthrie Russellfather of Jessie Ramsay Russell1849192778
Margaret Walkermother of Jessie Ramsay Russell1849192980

1615RussellKenneth Russellfirst name on this monument19141972581591280380238
Marion Brydon McRaewife of Kenneth Russell1914199379

1616RussellWilliam S Russellfirst name on this monument191419715716542808922521
Helen Moranwife of William S Russell1915198469

1617RutherfordCecelia C (Sheila) Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1924199672104031679813163

1618RutherfordDavid Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1896195761104004679566286
Margaret Eliza Rutherfordwife of David Rutherford1897198588

1619RutherfordHelen Rutherfordfirst name on this monument19241615380582189
Thomas Mayhusband of Helen Rutherford

1620RutherfordPeter Rutherfordfirst name on this monument19641538579903356
Mary Rutherforddaughter of Peter Rutherford
James Shawson-in-law of Peter Rutherford1987
Mary Gowwife of Peter Rutherford1978

1621RutherfordPeter Rutherfordfirst name on this monument18321898661619780607574
Helen Rutherforddaughter of Peter Rutherford
Isabella Rutherforddaughter of Peter Rutherford1882
Matilda Rutherforddaughter of Peter Rutherford1887
Alexander Rutherfordson of Peter Rutherford1882
David Rutherfordson of Peter Rutherford
James Rutherfordson of Peter Rutherford
Peter Rutherfordson of Peter Rutherford1880
Samuel Rutherfordson of Peter Rutherford1885
Isabella Robertsonwife of Peter Rutherford1890

1622RyderChristian S Ryderfirst name on this monument1961104018379690197
Margaret Doigwife of Christian S Ryder1968

1623RyderElizabeth Ryderfirst name on this monument197815768802503503
William Grant Crambhusband of Elizabeth Ryder1983
Peter Crambson of Elizabeth Ryder1943
Sidney Crambson of Elizabeth Ryder

1624RyderMatt Ryderfirst name on this monument192820007210403757986797

1625SandemanElizabeth Cargill Sandemanfirst name on this monument19731649680849373
Elizabeth (Maggie) Graywife of Elizabeth Cargill Sandeman1981

1626SangsterAlan Sangsterfirst name on this monument1990104022079725219
Phyllis Murphywife of Alan Sangster

1627SaundersAlan H Saundersfirst name on this monument1969198718104025379752276
Sandra H Saundersmother of Alan H Saunders1945200560

1628SaundersAlex Saundersfirst name on this monument19412002611680481119324
Morag Sharpewife of Alex Saunders

1629SaundersGeorge Saundersfirst name on this monument18921978861603780488175
Elizabeth Blackwife of George Saunders1893197986

1630SaundersJames Arnot Saundersfirst name on this monument192920037416811811262081
Janet D MacKenziewife of James Arnot Saunders

1631SaundersJames Arnott Saundersfirst name on this monument188719718416537808872131
Patricia Gregorywife of James Arnott Saunders1899197374

1632SaundersJimmy Saundersfirst name on this monument1933199461104033979835189
Robina McTavishwife of Jimmy Saunders1940199454

1633SaundersMaisie Saundersfirst name on this monument1920199575104033579831281
James McCraehusband of Maisie Saunders1914200288

1634SaundersPeter Mackie Saundersfirst name on this monument1903198481104029079787249
Mary Margaret Bradleywife of Peter Mackie Saunders1907198578

1635SaundersRichard (Dickie) Saundersfirst name on this monument19061984781644780812232
Agnes (Agg) Tainshwife of Richard (Dickie) Saunders1909197667

1636SchiavettaErnesto Schiavettafirst name on this monument1912196654166608100097

1637SchuilCatherine J Schuilfirst name on this monument18991974751643980805117

1638ScottAdam W H Scottfirst name on this monument186419296515586800812581

1639ScottAnne Scottfirst name on this monument1826191589103075579345245
Robert Scottfather of Anne Scott
James Souterhusband of Anne Scott
Jane Scottsister of Anne Scott1830191585

1640ScottCharles Scottfirst name on this monument198316354807401051

1641ScottCharles C Scottfirst name on this monument18581936781030723793143811
Charles Scottson of Charles C Scott1909197667
Elizabeth Adamwife of Charles C Scott1869195889

1642ScottEdith Caroline Scottfirst name on this monument19881577680258122
J Brand Scotthusband of Edith Caroline Scott

1643ScottHarry Scottfirst name on this monument1991104020979714280
Agnes Stewartwife of Harry Scott2000

1644ScottJ W Scottfirst name on this monument1923194320155618005898

1645ScottJanet Scottfirst name on this monument193810308717943198

1646ScottJessie Margaret Scottfirst name on this monument18571925681594880412297
John Cameron McEwenson of Jessie Margaret Scott1890195767

1647ScottJessie S Scottfirst name on this monument1868189628103081179382498
J F MacHardyhusband of Jessie S Scott1916
Agnes Duff Scott1905
David MacHardyson of Jessie S Scott1916
James MacHardyson of Jessie S Scott1967

1648ScottMargaret Scottfirst name on this monument18981951531593980405263
Margaret Meikledaughter of Margaret Scott1923200279
George Meiklehusband of Margaret Scott1893198087

1649ScottMargaret Scottfirst name on this monument1918103075479344390
Duncan Sharpehusband of Margaret Scott1891
Annie Jane Royniece of Margaret Scott1932

1650ScottMargaret Scottfirst name on this monument187319366315524800242251
James Scottfather of Margaret Scott1836191983
James Milnehusband of Margaret Scott1875196287

1651ScottRobert A Scottfirst name on this monument1906196155104015179662110
Mary Scottwife of Robert A Scott1894198288

1652ScrimgeourDavid Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument18331875421030693792886974
Janet Scrimgeourdaughter of David Scrimgeour1858187517
Betsy Sharpdaughter-in-law of David Scrimgeour1869195485
David Scrimgeourson of David Scrimgeour1867194174
Mary Crambwife of David Scrimgeour1833189865

1653ScrimgeourDavid Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument18201872521030913794716673
Janet Gow Scrimgeourdaughter of David Scrimgeour1886196983
Barbara Hourstondaughter-in-law of David Scrimgeour1871194069
Annie I Scrimgeourgrand daughter of David Scrimgeour188418895
John Scrimgeourson of David Scrimgeour1848192274
Janet Gowwife of David Scrimgeour1818189678

1654ScrimgeourJean M Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument192120018016800811162681
Charles M S Scrimgeourhusband of Jean M Scrimgeour1914200490

1655ScrimgeourJessie Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument18811629780697277
Donald Dewarhusband of Jessie Scrimgeour1886

1656ScrimgeourJohn Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument18461907611563280123569
Barbara Jane Lunndaughter of John Scrimgeour1885191732
Archibald Thomas Lunnson-in-law of John Scrimgeour
Marjory MacPhersonwife of John Scrimgeour1849191768

1657ScrimgeourJohn Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument18481903551571280201226
Janet McCullochwife of John Scrimgeour1846192074

1658ScrimgeourJohn McGregor Scrimgeourfirst name on this monument18991957581040073795932342

1659SellarJane Dickson Sellarfirst name on this monument18761970941657880924224
Annie Wylie Patersondaughter of Jane Dickson Sellar1903198380

1660ShanesMay Shanesfirst name on this monument1934198753104026479762216
Kirsty Shanesdaughter of May Shanes
Bob Shaneshusband of May Shanes1931200271

1661ShanksMargaret McDougall Shanksfirst name on this monument1905195651104005379573609
John Shanksfather of Margaret McDougall Shanks1884196177
Isabella Watson Struthersmother of Margaret McDougall Shanks1886197387
Jean Hamilton Struthers Bondsister of Margaret McDougall Shanks1909197667

1662SharpAndrew Sharpfirst name on this monument179418697510400027953716641
Janet Lindsay Greig1851190958
Janet Lindsay Greig Sharpe1933
Robert Sharpe1895
William Sharpe1904
Thomas Sharpson of Andrew Sharp1836188145
Ann Broughwife of Andrew Sharp1804187975

1663SharpAndrew Sharpfirst name on this monument185119247316252806536451
Betsy Sharpdaughter of Andrew Sharp
Helen Sharpdaughter of Andrew Sharp
Ann Wylliegrand daughter of Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharpson of Andrew Sharp2
Lawrence Sharpson of Andrew Sharp
Ann Gibson Stoddartwife of Andrew Sharp84

1664SharpAndrew Sharpfirst name on this monument18391908691596280426793
Elizabeth Margaret Sharpdaughter-in-law of Andrew Sharp1889196879
Andrew Sharpson of Andrew Sharp1882195977
James Alexander Carmichael Sharpson of Andrew Sharp1888196072
John Thomas Sharpson of Andrew Sharp1887195669
Robert Carmichael Sharpson of Andrew Sharp1881196079
Elizabeth Carmichaelwife of Andrew Sharp1848192779

1665SharpJames Sharpfirst name on this monument178218547216091805291741
Janet Ramsaywife of James Sharp1788185668

1666SharpJohn Sharpfirst name on this monument18411915741030586792178351
Elizabeth Keegandaughter-in-law of John Sharp1891196978
Andrew Sharpson of John Sharp1885191530
John Sharpson of John Sharp188618915
John Barclay Brough Sharpson of John Sharp1895196166
Robert Peter Sharpson of John Sharp1890194151
Isabella McNaughtonwife of John Sharp1860192262

1667SharpThomas Sharpfirst name on this monument19371030502791482271
Annie Boyle Laingwife of Thomas Sharp1987

1668SharpeJames Sharpefirst name on this monument19681661780961206
Margaret McNeillwife of James Sharpe1972

1669SharplesChristina Mary Sharplesfirst name on this monument1962104017879685312
Harry Sharpleshusband of Christina Mary Sharples

1670ShawAngus Shawfirst name on this monument18511924731553380033666
Helen Laing Shawdaughter of Angus Shaw1888196577
Agnes Johnstondaughter-in-law of Angus Shaw1886196781
Angus Henry Shawson of Angus Shaw1884196480
Helen Kaywife of Angus Shaw1860193979

1671ShawArchibald Shawfirst name on this monument18641881171040021795471731
Michael Shawbrother of Archibald Shaw1868188012

1672ShawJohn Shawfirst name on this monument18921978861637880759189
Madge McSkimmingdaughter of John Shaw1923198663
James McSkimmingson-in-law of John Shaw1912198775

1673ShawJohn Shawfirst name on this monument18701943731030634792471411
Sarah Russellwife of John Shaw1873194976

1674ShawNeil Shawfirst name on this monument19381997591040302797992781
Hazel J Wilsonwife of Neil Shaw

1675ShearerMargaret Shearerfirst name on this monument19491608580524363
John M Blackhusband of Margaret Shearer1973
John M Blackson of Margaret Shearer2000

1676ShepherdAlexander M Shepherdfirst name on this monument19471553280032361
Murray Shepherdson of Alexander M Shepherd193819413
Jessie Ann Forbeswife of Alexander M Shepherd1954

1677ShepherdDavid Robert Shepherdfirst name on this monument192719906316424807922231
Moira Riddochwife of David Robert Shepherd1926199670

1678ShepherdJames Shepherdfirst name on this monument1905196964103049379141397
Donald Shepherdson of James Shepherd1942196725
Margaret Orrwife of James Shepherd

1679SherryAlice Sherryfirst name on this monument19211970491656980916187
Thomas Boylehusband of Alice Sherry1920200787

1680ShirraJames Shirrafirst name on this monument18731956831040069795894212
Katherine (Rena) Forbesdaughter-in-law of James Shirra1910195848
James W M Shirrason of James Shirra
Agnes Fyfe Towerswife of James Shirra1872195684

1681ShirraJames W M Shirrafirst name on this monument198216363807472051
Helen Poppy Forbeswife of James W M Shirra1997

1682SilberbergLeon Silberbergfirst name on this monument18921954621625580656114

1683SimRoderick Forbes (Roy) Simfirst name on this monument19191941221581880292369
Barbara Ann (Barrie) Simsister of Roderick Forbes (Roy) Sim1912199482

1684SimeNeil Simefirst name on this monument18201871511030913794726523
Duncan Forbes1842192280
Margaret Buchan Kay1843188239
Margaret Maxtonwife of Neil Sime1806189286

1685SimpsonAlexander Mungo Simpsonfirst name on this monument19771030857794245301
Alexander Simpsonfather of Alexander Mungo Simpson1928
Isabella Sinclairmother of Alexander Mungo Simpson1917
Agnes Wyliewife of Alexander Mungo Simpson1964

1686SimpsonChristian Muncall Simpsonfirst name on this monument19041571080199142
Eliza Dalrymple Simpsonsister of Christian Muncall Simpson1830191787

1687SimpsonElizabeth Simpsonfirst name on this monument1955195501626780668224
Bob Simpsonfather of Elizabeth Simpson
Nan Simpsonmother of Elizabeth Simpson

1688SimpsonJohn Francis Simpsonfirst name on this monument1958104009379613176

1689SimpsonWilliam R Simpsonfirst name on this monument19341545179964245
Hannah Corson Dickwife of William R Simpson1870196494

1690SinclairAlbert W Sinclairfirst name on this monument18991974751649080844241

1691SinclairAlexander Sinclairfirst name on this monument18991968691658380929237
Jessie A H Smithwife of Alexander Sinclair1908198476

1692SinclairAnn Sinclairfirst name on this monument18291881521030912794704401
Janet Sinclair1814189177

1693SinclairDaniel Sinclairfirst name on this monument18241871471030870794304633
Margaret Roydaughter-in-law of Daniel Sinclair1852189644
Daniel Sinclairson of Daniel Sinclair1850188030
Helen Baynewife of Daniel Sinclair1825191186

1694SinclairElizabeth Helen Sinclairfirst name on this monument18641918541578580266173

1695SinclairElspeth Sinclairfirst name on this monument19611040108796244831
James Wilsonhusband of Elspeth Sinclair1984
Martha Mc C Philp
William James Wilsonson of Elspeth Sinclair1959

1696SinclairJames Sinclairfirst name on this monument18781030675792741541
James Sinclairfather of James Sinclair

1697SinclairJessie Sinclairfirst name on this monument193115917803854912
Helen McKenziedaughter of Jessie Sinclair1960
David McKenziehusband of Jessie Sinclair1869190031
James Melrosesecond husband of Jessie Sinclair1924
John Andersonson-in-law of Jessie Sinclair1931
Peter Sutherland Thomson-in-law of Jessie Sinclair1980

1698SinclairJohn Sinclairfirst name on this monument190915667801564675
B D Sinclairson of John Sinclair1953
Catherine Christianwife of John Sinclair1946

1699SinclairJohn D Sinclairfirst name on this monument197116539808892712
Elizabeth Coubrough Browndaughter of John D Sinclair1921200382
Mary Sinclairwife of John D Sinclair1971

1700SinclairMargaret Sinclairfirst name on this monument19031964611666881006176
Crawford Sinclairson of Margaret Sinclair1942199654

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