Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1501PullarThomas Pullarfirst name on this monument190515873803434891
James Pullarbrother of Thomas Pullar1936
John Pullarbrother of Thomas Pullar1918
Thomas Todd Pullarfather of Thomas Pullar1946
Catherine Youngmother of Thomas Pullar1941

1502QuickJ E G Quickfirst name on this monument19091987781040265797634081
Dithe Caesarwife of J E G Quick1910199787

1503QuinnGerald (Gerry) Quinnfirst name on this monument193620077116727810533221
Alice Quinnwife of Gerald (Gerry) Quinn

1504QuinnVince Quinnfirst name on this monument19592001421679481111208

1505RaeIsabella Raefirst name on this monument1910196252104017679683276
John Raehusband of Isabella Rae1907199790

1506RaeJames Raefirst name on this monument19141982681634180730439
Barbara Raedaughter of James Rae
Maureen Raedaughter of James Rae
James Raeson of James Rae
Molly Raewife of James Rae1918200991

1507RaeNessie Raefirst name on this monument1910198979104023279737153
Robert Reidhusband of Nessie Rae1910200393

1508RalphWilliam Ralphfirst name on this monument1918199981165238087388

1509RamageMorag Ramagefirst name on this monument19361538679904249
John Ewinghusband of Morag Ramage

1510RamsayGraeme Ramsayfirst name on this monument1990104022179726405
Betty Ramsaywife of Graeme Ramsay1996

1511RamsayJames Ramsayfirst name on this monument1918103088179441220
Alexander Ramsay1955

1512RamsayJoseph Ramsayfirst name on this monument183718723515635801255202
David Ramsaybrother of Joseph Ramsay1933
James Ramsaybrother of Joseph Ramsay187518761
John Ramsaybrother of Joseph Ramsay1853191966
William Ramsayfather of Joseph Ramsay1793187077
Elizabeth Pullarmother of Joseph Ramsay1794185864
Ann Ramsaysister of Joseph Ramsay1849191162

1513RamsayMungo Ramsayfirst name on this monument179518586316090805284001
Jane Ramsaydaughter of Mungo Ramsay1912
Marion Murr Ramsaydaughter of Mungo Ramsay1856
David Ramsayson of Mungo Ramsay1864
John Ramsayson of Mungo Ramsay62
Mungo Ramsayson of Mungo Ramsay1843186926
Marion Brockwife of Mungo Ramsay1782186886

1514RasonJoanna Rasonfirst name on this monument19321582580299130

1515ReekieMargaret B Reekiefirst name on this monument19601040124796381911
James Clarkwife of Margaret B Reekie

1516ReeveBarbara Reevefirst name on this monument19112005941672881054307

1517ReidAnn Reidfirst name on this monument19171578080261301
Mary Reidsister of Ann Reid1930

1518ReidAnne Reidfirst name on this monument19621030701792945992
Katrina Tocherdaughter of Anne Reid
Sheena Tocherdaughter of Anne Reid
William Tocherhusband of Anne Reid1976
Gregor Tocherson of Anne Reid
James Tocherson of Anne Reid

1519ReidChristina Reidfirst name on this monument19091926171553480034342
Alexander Reid1866194377
Elizabeth Roy Robertson1871193968

1520ReidChristina (Chris) Reidfirst name on this monument19332007741674281067137
Frank Reidhusband of Christina (Chris) Reid

1521ReidJames Reidfirst name on this monument18621597080434413
Mary Reiddaughter of James Reid1864
Betsy Reid Robertsondaughter of James Reid1892
Jane Reid Robertsondaughter of James Reid1896
Bessie Clark Robertsongrand daughter of James Reid1876
John Reidson of James Reid1880
Mary Clarkwife of James Reid1869

1522ReidJohn Reidfirst name on this monument1787186881103090179459170
Janet Grahamwife of John Reid1784186783

1523ReidJohn Stenhouse Reidfirst name on this monument19051925201630680706276
George Reidfather of John Stenhouse Reid1866
Isabella Stenhousemother of John Stenhouse Reid1874193662

1524ReidMary Ann Reidfirst name on this monument18721927551546579972221
Duncan Haggarthusband of Mary Ann Reid1870193969

1525ReidMary C Reidfirst name on this monument19131988751611680549228
Ronald Boaghusband of Mary C Reid1908199183

1526ReidRachel Reidfirst name on this monument1916199377104035979853121

1527ReidWilliam Reidfirst name on this monument192120018016426807942751
Violet Campbellwife of William Reid

1528ReidWilliam Reidfirst name on this monument1821188665103081379384502
Hardydaughter-in-law of William Reid
William Laingfather-in-law of William Reid
Thomas Hardy Reidgrand son of William Reid1893
William David Melville Reidson of William Reid1864189430
Mary Melville Laingwife of William Reid1825189267

1529ReillyPeter (Paedder) Reillyfirst name on this monument19452007621671681043286
Gabrielle (Ella) Williamsonwife of Peter (Paedder) Reilly

1530RelihanMatthew Relihanfirst name on this monument19031592480392255
Winifred Relihandaughter of Matthew Relihan1962
Tom Relihanson of Matthew Relihan1933
Bridget Bolandwife of Matthew Relihan1918

1531RendallJohn Rendallfirst name on this monument19651040137796502391
Barty Daniel Sinclair Rendallson of John Rendall1997
Catherine Christian Sinclairwife of John Rendall1998

1532RennieHelen Renniefirst name on this monument191115636801265611
William MacEwenhusband of Helen Rennie1916
Helen Morrison McGibbon1947
Margaret Grant McRae1937

1533RentoulJames Sharp Rentoulfirst name on this monument184419167215633801242733
John Rentoulbrother of James Sharp Rentoul1838192486
Elizabeth Kingsister-in-law of James Sharp Rentoul1872194775

1534RenwickDonald Stewart Renwickfirst name on this monument19402006661674781072499
Christina Beattiewife of Donald Stewart Renwick

1535RhindJohn Rhindfirst name on this monument1848189143103058479215120

1536RichardsonJames Richardsonfirst name on this monument19341553780037356
Jessie McPherson1936
John McPherson1931
Jeanie McPhersonwife of James Richardson1857195295

1537RichardsonMary L D Richardsonfirst name on this monument188819546616284806852091
Alexander Lovehusband of Mary L D Richardson1880196787

1538RiddellCatherine Riddellfirst name on this monument19402007671671981046468
Sandy Riddellhusband of Catherine Riddell

1539RiddellJames Riddellfirst name on this monument1660080944238
Elizabeth Riddellwife of James Riddell

1540RiddellThomas Riddellfirst name on this monument19632004411682281135156

1541RileyCharles Rileyfirst name on this monument19821641480784358
Jean Rileywife of Charles Riley1993

1542RileyFlora Rileyfirst name on this monument18841936521626480665343
James Burnshusband of Flora Riley68
Peter Burnsson of Flora Riley

1543RileyPaula Rileyfirst name on this monument281040330798262401

1544RimmerJohn Rimmerfirst name on this monument19161943271560180094572
Henry Rimmerbrother of John Rimmer1926195024
Thomas Rimmerfather of John Rimmer1886195771
Zillah Rimmermother of John Rimmer1887196780

1545RimmerPeter Rimmerfirst name on this monument19282002741678081102152

1546RimmerThomas Rimmerfirst name on this monument1919199576104032979825135

1547RintoulMargaret M Rintoulfirst name on this monument19721650780858237
David Rintoulhusband of Margaret M Rintoul1983

1548RitchieAndrew Ritchiefirst name on this monument183818965816300807003261
Helen Sharpdaughter of Andrew Ritchie1873195178
Jessie McLeanwife of Andrew Ritchie1848193082

1549RitchieNewton Keay Ritchiefirst name on this monument1948199345104036079854260
Newton Ritchiefather of Newton Keay Ritchie
Dora Ritchiemother of Newton Keay Ritchie

1550RitchieWilliam D Ritchiefirst name on this monument19161985691592180389220
Roderick David Ritchieson of William D Ritchie
Lillias Pithiewife of William D Ritchie1992

1551RitsonJames Dykes Ritsonfirst name on this monument19661663580977423
Margaret Dick Cluniewife of James Dykes Ritson1973

1552RittAlastair Hunter Rittfirst name on this monument1885195368103062679240211
Agnes Rittwife of Alastair Hunter Ritt

1553RobbJohn Robbfirst name on this monument19171568980178326
Catherine Hunterdaughter of John Robb1944
James William Robbson of John Robb1923
William George Kerr Robbson of John Robb1882196179
Janet Kerrwife of John Robb1912

1554RobbMargaret Smith Robbfirst name on this monument18761919431608380522144

1555RobbieCatherine Milne Robbiefirst name on this monument19251540779923288
William Hendersonhusband of Catherine Milne Robbie1952
James Hendersonson of Catherine Milne Robbie1925

1556RobertonAlexander Robertonfirst name on this monument186019216115831803052531
Jane Shieldswife of Alexander Roberton1867195184

1557RobertsHugh Stanley Robertsfirst name on this monument18961936401542379939457
Richard James Robertsfather of Hugh Stanley Roberts1863194885
Agnes Brucemother of Hugh Stanley Roberts1936

1558RobertsonAlexander Robertsonfirst name on this monument19041965611665380995253
Mary Robertsonwife of Alexander Robertson1902196664

1559RobertsonAnn Robertsonfirst name on this monument19001572180205574
Helen Paton MacKaydaughter of Ann Robertson1957
Christina Millardaughter of Ann Robertson1942
Janet Millardaughter of Ann Robertson1933
Mary Millardaughter of Ann Robertson1941
John Millarhusband of Ann Robertson1920
Peter MacKayson-in-law of Ann Robertson1987

1560RobertsonAnnie Cameron Robertsonfirst name on this monument1926199367104035679850333
George Gellatlyhusband of Annie Cameron Robertson

1561RobertsonBenjamin Robertsonfirst name on this monument1883195370103072479315424
Jessie Allanwife of Benjamin Robertson1881196584

1562RobertsonCatherine Robertsonfirst name on this monument19001571180200168
Mary H Simpson1911

1563RobertsonCatherine Robertsonfirst name on this monument19471628880688317
Daniel Sinclairhusband of Catherine Robertson1902195856

1564RobertsonChristina Muirhead Robertsonfirst name on this monument19761644580810361
David Beattiehusband of Christina Muirhead Robertson1991

1565RobertsonDaniel Robertsonfirst name on this monument180518645916063/4/6805102931
Ellen McLachlanwife of Daniel Robertson

1566RobertsonDonald Robertsonfirst name on this monument19491598580444283
John James Robertsonfather of Donald Robertson1972
Ishbel Robertsonmother of Donald Robertson1963
Barbara Joan Robertsonwife of Donald Robertson

1567RobertsonDorothy Catherine Robertsonfirst name on this monument19201998781683981152122
Peter Robertsonhusband of Dorothy Catherine Robertson1922200583

1568RobertsonElizabeth Robertsonfirst name on this monument19421559080084178
Henry T Bretthusband of Elizabeth Robertson1946

1569RobertsonHamish Robertsonfirst name on this monument19292001721679281110307
Jean Mathiesonwife of Hamish Robertson

1570RobertsonHugh Robertsonfirst name on this monument19401552280022162
Catherine Margaret Robertsonwife of Hugh Robertson1949

1571RobertsonJames Robertsonfirst name on this monument1956104005779577252
Frances Bradleywife of James Robertson1983

1572RobertsonJames Robertsonfirst name on this monument1876194367103087679436207
Mary Gilroy Watsonwife of James Robertson1880194666

1573RobertsonJames Robertsonfirst name on this monument193310308977945786

1574RobertsonJames O Robertsonfirst name on this monument19061964581613480566230
Sandra Robertsondaughter of James O Robertson1941196524
Jeannie R Robetsondaughter of James O Robertson
Janet Menteithwife of James O Robertson

1575RobertsonJanet Robertsonfirst name on this monument18681950821587280342173
David Stewarthusband of Janet Robertson1868195183

1576RobertsonJessie Robertsonfirst name on this monument187219538116310807102062
James Lauderhusband of Jessie Robertson1867195588

1577RobertsonJohn Robertsonfirst name on this monument18971030487791361288
Elizabeth Jane Eassondaughter of John Robertson1931
Helen Robertsondaughter of John Robertson1939
Janet Robertsondaughter of John Robertson1944
Margaret Ann Neilson Robertsondaughter of John Robertson1934
James Robertsonson of John Robertson1945
John Robertsonson of John Robertson1895
Peter Robertsonson of John Robertson1899
William Neilson Robertsonson of John Robertson1959
Margaret Neilsonwife of John Robertson1915

1578RobertsonJohn Robertsonfirst name on this monument182418997516105805402381
Isabella Robertsondaughter of John Robertson1859194990
Jessie Robertsondaughter of John Robertson1862193775
Joan Kinrosswife of John Robertson1824190682

1579RobertsonJohn Robertsonfirst name on this monument1875196388158488031897

1580RobertsonJohn (Johnny) Robertsonfirst name on this monument1935201075167148104198

1581RobertsonMary Robertsonfirst name on this monument18681890221030552791935032
James Robertsonfather of Mary Robertson1844189551
Charles Aitkenhusband of Mary Robertson1862192664
Jessie Campbellmother of Mary Robertson1844192177
Margaret Anderson/Halley1853191966

1582RobertsonMary Robertsonfirst name on this monument19281543379949112

1583RobertsonMorag Joan Robertsonfirst name on this monument193119764515611801036261
James Duff Robertsonbrother of Morag Joan Robertson1924198258
Charles R G Robertsonfather of Morag Joan Robertson1903198885
Sarah Gordon Duffmother of Morag Joan Robertson1906198175

1584RobertsonPeter Robertsonfirst name on this monument18911964731666481003213
Mary Robertsondaughter of Peter Robertson1924200985
Margaret Meiklejohnwife of Peter Robertson1898198385

1585RobertsonRobert Robertsonfirst name on this monument1927199366104004279563175
Elizabeth Shepherdwife of Robert Robertson1921199473

1586RobertsonSandra Robertsonfirst name on this monument195220095716708810362721
Duncan Robertsonhusband of Sandra Robertson

1587RobertsonThomas Robertsonfirst name on this monument19501629180691659
Mary Garrettdaughter of Thomas Robertson1902195553
Liz Robertsondaughter of Thomas Robertson
Meg Robertsondaughter of Thomas Robertson
Dan Robertsonson of Thomas Robertson
Hugh Garrettson-in-law of Thomas Robertson1900195555
Mary Eadiewife of Thomas Robertson1862194684

1588RobsonDudley Robsonfirst name on this monument19671662880970244
Mary E B McAvoywife of Dudley Robson1995

1589RodgerAllen Rodgerfirst name on this monument196320094616701810292211
Andy Rodgerfather of Allen Rodger
Jean Rodgermother of Allen Rodger

1590RodgerAndrew Rodgerfirst name on this monument1625680657285
Janet Rodgerdaughter of Andrew Rodger
Elizabeth Kingwife of Andrew Rodger

1591RodgerAndy Rodgerfirst name on this monument1939198647104027079768177

1592RodgerElizabeth (Betty) Rodgerfirst name on this monument20092009016711810381401

1593RodgerMarion Rodgerfirst name on this monument1958104010679622231
Jenny Rodgerdaughter of Marion Rodger1965
James Rodgerhusband of Marion Rodger1933

1594RogerGeorge Rogerfirst name on this monument187819446615677801663101
George Rogerson of George Roger1899191718
Agnes Duncanwife of George Roger1869194980

1595RogersAndrew Rogersfirst name on this monument1798184951103079379369791
Margaret Philipsdaughter of Andrew Rogers1829190071
Helen Rogersdaughter of Andrew Rogers
Isabella Rogersdaughter of Andrew Rogers
John Rogersson of Andrew Rogers1829188354
Thomas Philipsson-in-law of Andrew Rogers1829190879
Mary Maxtonwife of Andrew Rogers1798188587

1596RogersAnnie Rogersfirst name on this monument18461910641030943794961257
Jemima Minnie Harleydaughter of Annie Rogers1956
Marion Leadbetterdaughter of Annie Rogers1932
Elizabeth Johnsondaughter-in-law of Annie Rogers1954
Yvonne Rogers Harleygrand daughter of Annie Rogers2004
James Harleyhusband of Annie Rogers1843191471
John Rogers Harleyson of Annie Rogers1959

1597RoseMaggie Rosefirst name on this monument18951593280399254
Robert Allanhusband of Maggie Rose1851193079

1598RossJames Errington Rossfirst name on this monument1826190175104002479548238
Jemima Milnewife of James Errington Ross1791187483

1599RossJohn Rossfirst name on this monument19191552380023108

1600RossJohn Rossfirst name on this monument18401919791581480290334
Isabella Moffatdaughter of John Ross1961
Elizabeth Rossdaughter of John Ross1924
Margaret Yoolwife of John Ross1843192582

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