Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1301McSwainHelen McSwainfirst name on this monument188619334715480799852691
Patrick Allenhusband of Helen McSwain1873195784

1302McTavishJessie Murray McTavishfirst name on this monument1040038795604933
James McNeillbrother of Jessie Murray McTavish1821186645
Peter McNeillfather of Jessie Murray McTavish1782186684
Jane Harveymother of Jessie Murray McTavish1788187587

1303McTeerElizabeth McTeerfirst name on this monument1967103061879235286
Jenny Duncandaughter of Elizabeth McTeer
Donald Duncanhusband of Elizabeth McTeer1977
James Smeaton1986

1304McVicarJames Y McVicarfirst name on this monument1956104006579585315
Isabella Batchelordaughter-in-law of James Y McVicar1963
Helen K H Cairnswife of James Y McVicar1979

1305MeeganPatrick Meeganfirst name on this monument1920198767104026079758279

1306MeikleThomas Gordon Meiklefirst name on this monument18641944801040007795403971

1307MeikleThomas Henry Meiklefirst name on this monument1913104000979541966
Agnes (Neta) Meikledaughter of Thomas Henry Meikle187218764
Margaret Helen Meikledaughter of Thomas Henry Meikle1862191654
Marjory Jane Meikledaughter of Thomas Henry Meikle1866194175
Nora Paterson Meikledaughter of Thomas Henry Meikle186218620
Sarah Jane Meikledaughter of Thomas Henry Meikle1869189425
James Reay Meikleson of Thomas Henry Meikle1875189217
William Douglas Meikleson of Thomas Henry Meikle187818802
Agnes Patonwife of Thomas Henry Meikle1837191982
Margaret Ballingall Patersonsecond wife of Thomas Henry Meikle1835188348

1308MeikleWilliam Meiklefirst name on this monument1815190590103097279516200
Jane Meiklesister of William Meikle1813190996

1309MeldrumThomas Meldrumfirst name on this monument1905103050179147361
James Meldrumson of Thomas Meldrum1953
William Meldrumson of Thomas Meldrum1950
Ann Burrellwife of Thomas Meldrum1930

1310MelvilleJames Melvillefirst name on this monument18651917521579880277820
Mary Melvilledaughter of James Melville
Thomas Cowieson of James Melville1895197580
William Bruce MacKenzie Melvilleson of James Melville1894191622
Mary Cowiesister-in-law of James Melville1872192755
Jane Cowiewife of James Melville1867196699

1311MelvilleJohn Melvillefirst name on this monument19451577180253366
Margaret Melvilledaughter of John Melville2006
Alistair Melvilleson of John Melville2003
Robert Melvilleson of John Melville1978
James Mevilleson of John Melville1998
Isabella Clarkwife of John Melville1960

1312MelvilleLaurence Melvillefirst name on this monument19061612980561212
Mary Marshallwife of Laurence Melville1926

1313MenziesArchibald Menziesfirst name on this monument19201586980339446
Annie McClashandaughter of Archibald Menzies1920
James McClashanson-in-law of Archibald Menzies
Ann Smithwife of Archibald Menzies1928

1314MenziesArchibald Menziesfirst name on this monument1838191476104003479557327
Duncan Menziesson of Archibald Menzies1865
John Menziesson of Archibald Menzies185718647
Ann McClashanwife of Archibald Menzies1922

1315MenziesDuncan Menziesfirst name on this monument18441919751576980251281
Catherine McIntyrewife of Duncan Menzies1862191553

1316MenziesStewart Menziesfirst name on this monument1869188617103071979310434
Duncan Menziesfather of Stewart Menzies1837189962
Elizabeth Cronmother of Stewart Menzies1839190970
Mary Menziessister of Stewart Menzies1867193568

1317MenziesWilliam Cunningham Menziesfirst name on this monument18341876421030916794734904
Thomas Paton Menziesson of William Cunningham Menzies1884190622
Matilda Fisherwife of William Cunningham Menzies1832187543

1318MestonHelen Mestonfirst name on this monument188419405616221806242151
Andrew Mestonfather of Helen Meston

1319MethvenNeil Methvenfirst name on this monument19181030759793494811
Elizabeth Kanewife of Neil Methven1947

1320MiddletonAlfred Edwin Middletonfirst name on this monument1879195172103078079362340
Mary Cochranewife of Alfred Edwin Middleton

1321MillarAndrew Millarfirst name on this monument18051875701600480462469
Mary Glowdaughter of Andrew Millar1934
Elizabeth Anne Millardaughter of Andrew Millar1927
Alexander MacFogty Millarson of Andrew Millar186518661
James Millarson of Andrew Millar1936
Margaret MacFogtywife of Andrew Millar1826189468

1322MillarDavid Millarfirst name on this monument184719015415713802028051
Janet Millardaughter of David Millar1943
Margaret Todddaughter-in-law of David Millar1941
Ella Richardson Millargrand daughter of David Millar190919189
Sophia Drummond Millargrand daughter of David Millar190719081
Millargrand son of David Millar1905
George Smith1912199886
Janette Smith1914200692
Archibald Millarson of David Millar1939
Isabella Richardsonwife of David Millar1854192470

1323MillarDavid Millarfirst name on this monument18841940561622280625455
Helen Fenton Millardaughter of David Millar1909198677
Jessie Stewart Millardaughter of David Millar1924198864
John Stewart Millarson of David Millar1917198568
Robert F Millarson-in-law of David Millar
Jessie Stewartwife of David Millar1881195877

1324MillarHelen Millarfirst name on this monument18421907651587980349231
William Millarhusband of Helen Millar

1325MillarJohn Millarfirst name on this monument18681908401591980387227
John Millarson of John Millar1908
Betsy Crambwife of John Millar1943

1326MillarJohn Millarfirst name on this monument1933200067104037879870165
Elizabeth S Millarwife of John Millar

1327MillarMary Millarfirst name on this monument19441537379891449
James MacFarlanehusband of Mary Millar

1328MillarWilliam Millarfirst name on this monument1834190975103081579386170
Jane Russellwife of William Millar1838191476

1329MillarWilliam Millarfirst name on this monument18211908871584780317893
Margaret Bell Millardaughter of William Millar1874196187
Mary Ann MacDougallfriend of William Millar1846193286
Gavin Bell Millarson of William Millar1871192352
Jeanie Watsonwife of William Millar1841191473

1330MillerAlan John McCulloch Millerfirst name on this monument19142008941671781044489
Kirsteen Ross Orrwife of Alan John McCulloch Miller1920199575

1331MillerAnne Millerfirst name on this monument19362004681682881141140

1332MillerDavid Millerfirst name on this monument187116174805972671
David Millerson of David Miller1820190989
John Millerson of David Miller1895
Catharine Spruntwife of David Miller1874

1333MillerDonna Louise Millerfirst name on this monument19882007191673381059164

1334MillerDuncan McGregor Millerfirst name on this monument19661663380975197
Isabella McGregorwife of Duncan McGregor Miller1968

1335MillerElizabeth Millerfirst name on this monument184219207816247806483241
John Millerbrother of Elizabeth Miller1852186210
Thomas Millerfather of Elizabeth Miller1809187364
Annie McGregormother of Elizabeth Miller1811189988
Janet Millersister of Elizabeth Miller1838190365

1336MillerGeorge Millerfirst name on this monument1851193079103088079440494
Janet Maitlanddaughter of George Miller1886195266
Helen Millerdaughter-in-law of George Miller1899198283
Andrew George Millerson of George Miller1888195466
George A Millerson of George Miller1933200168
Catherine Milnesister-in-law of George Miller1840191878
Margaret Milnewife of George Miller1847193083

1337MillerGeorge A Millerfirst name on this monument19332001681685081161127

1338MillerHenry Millerfirst name on this monument19411561480105210
Henry James Millerson of Henry Miller1995
Annie Milburnwife of Henry Miller1963

1339MillerJames Robert Millerfirst name on this monument19101997871040379798711179
Agnes Stewart Hugheswife of James Robert Miller1912200088

1340MillerJanet Millerfirst name on this monument1852189543103068679281307
Peter Marshallhusband of Janet Miller1848191062
Maggie McEwan

1341MillerJessie Millerfirst name on this monument186718912416304807044011
William Millerfather of Jessie Miller1839190667
Mary-Ann McNabmother of Jessie Miller1838190163
Annie V Millersister of Jessie Miller186318707

1342MillerJessie L Millerfirst name on this monument18731947741559880092161
Robert Brownhusband of Jessie L Miller1874194975

1343MillerJohn Millerfirst name on this monument185519347915599800933831
Agnes Buchan Peterwife of John Miller1856193478

1344MillerJohn Millerfirst name on this monument1870193565103066079263221
John Millerfather of John Miller
Annie Taylorwife of John Miller1871193665

1345MillerJohn Fulton Scott Millerfirst name on this monument19262004781682581138165

1346MillerLewis Millerfirst name on this monument184819096115849803196641
Annie McEwanwife of Lewis Miller1850191161

1347MillerMary Millerfirst name on this monument18791971921651680866174
Sandy Grerarson of Mary Miller1901198483

1348MillerRobert Scott Millerfirst name on this monument19571030832794017204
John Fulton Scott Miller
Catriona Mary MacPherson Scott1924196844
Gertrude H L Turnbullwife of Robert Scott Miller1940
Edith Halom Wrightsecond wife of Robert Scott Miller1955

1349MillerViolet Margaret Meredith Millerfirst name on this monument192120058415491799934791
James Millerfather of Violet Margaret Meredith Miller1891195261
Margaret Wilsonmother of Violet Margaret Meredith Miller1891193948

1350MillerWilliam Millerfirst name on this monument21103065979262330
Mary Hepburn1957
Andrew Miller1937
Agnes Sivess1834191076

1351MillsopSamuel Millsopfirst name on this monument197016544808941663

1352MilneJames Milnefirst name on this monument1816189882103088979449869
Helen Milnedaughter of James Milne1931
Jane Milnedaughter of James Milne1895
Janet Milnedaughter of James Milne1873
Jemima Milnedaughter of James Milne1876
Margaret Milnedaughter of James Milne1866194175
Mary Milnedaughter of James Milne1862
Isabella Simpsondaughter of James Milne1857193982
James Milneson of James Milne1897
John Milneson of James Milne1884
Peter Milneson of James Milne1910
Mary Eadiewife of James Milne1830191383

1353MilneJames Milnefirst name on this monument1816189478103098279524164

1354MilneRobin Milnefirst name on this monument1951199342104034679842294
Alison Milnesister of Robin Milne
Faye Milnewife of Robin Milne

1355MilroyBill Milroyfirst name on this monument19242007831634080729282
Mavis Milroywife of Bill Milroy

1356MilroyGeorgina Milroyfirst name on this monument18861968821659380938235
William Milroy1895197580

1357MiltonFlora Miltonfirst name on this monument19641666981007201
Jack T Royhusband of Flora Milton1976

1358MiltonJames Miltonfirst name on this monument19451590580374437
Sarah Jane Miltondaughter of James Milton1916
Flora Roygrand daughter of James Milton1944
Flora Swanwife of James Milton

1359MiltonJames D Miltonfirst name on this monument19121963511040194797012171
Catherine Fallancewife of James D Milton1910197565

1360MintoJohn Murray Mintofirst name on this monument19721650180853263
Dorothy Moncrieff Vickerswife of John Murray Minto

1361MitchellElizabeth Mitchellfirst name on this monument18671945781588680356663
William Arnotthusband of Elizabeth Mitchell1872195886
David Mitchell Arnottson of Elizabeth Mitchell1940
Agnes Marion Wilsonwife of Elizabeth Mitchell1910

1362MitchellJames Mitchellfirst name on this monument18241874501030909794677243
Isabella Drysdaledaughter of James Mitchell1941
Catherine Mitchelldaughter of James Mitchell186418673
Margaret Jane Mitchelldaughter of James Mitchell1923
Catherine Brough Stewartgrand daughter of James Mitchell1967
George Alexander Mitchellson of James Mitchell1944
Catherine Broughwife of James Mitchell1833191784

1363MitchellJoseph Mitchellfirst name on this monument1912103084279410498
Margaret Mitchelldaughter of Joseph Mitchell1899
Alice Dunlopdaughter-in-law of Joseph Mitchell
Alexander Hodge Mitchellson of Joseph Mitchell1932
Jane Hodgewife of Joseph Mitchell1894

1364MitchellMalcolm James Mitchellfirst name on this monument1985104028979786126

1365MitchellMargaret B Mitchellfirst name on this monument18911967761660780951210
James McClurehusband of Margaret B Mitchell1890198090

1366MitchellMarion Kay Mitchellfirst name on this monument18781953751604080491293
Minnie Browndaughter of Marion Kay Mitchell1902197068
William A Brownhusband of Marion Kay Mitchell1874196389

1367MitchellRobert Mitchellfirst name on this monument19221615280581246
Jeanie Mitchelldaughter of Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchellson of Robert Mitchell1926
Mary Mitchellwife of Robert Mitchell1928

1368MitchellW M Mitchellfirst name on this monument19371960231538079898110

1369MoggachEleanor Moggachfirst name on this monument19891040240797422221
Matthew Littlehusband of Eleanor Moggach1992

1370MoirHelen Moirfirst name on this monument1864186511595880422285
Thomas Graham Stirling

1371MoirThomas Moirfirst name on this monument1904195147103093979493473
Janet Moirdaughter of Thomas Moir1941200261
Margaret Strachanwife of Thomas Moir1910199787

1372MonaghanJoseph Monaghanfirst name on this monument1912199179104021579720316
Jane McCafferywife of Joseph Monaghan1918199779

1373Monaghan/WilsonCatherine McChord Monaghan/Wilsonfirst name on this monument1928199971104038279874163

1374MonteathAlexander Monteathfirst name on this monument1799188081162288063018235
Christian Monteathdaughter of Alexander Monteath1845191974
Grace Campbell Monteathdaughter of Alexander Monteath1839185415
Mary Monteathdaughter of Alexander Monteath1830191585
John Burdon-Cooper
Adrian Lawrence Monteath1918196850
Alexander McLaurin Monteath1835189358
Inge Maria Monteath1924199975
Mabel Minnie Monteath1881197998
Mary Christian Monteath1875189419
Ruthven Barry Monteath1915200489
Ruthven Grey Monteath1865194984
Teresa Amelia McLaurin Monteath1838190971
Teresa McLaurin Monteath1875196085
Frederick Drummond Monteathson of Alexander Monteath184318441
John Monteathson of Alexander Monteath1832
Ellin Runcornwife of Alexander Monteath1803186057

1375MonteathThomas R Monteathfirst name on this monument18521930781030720793114341
Peter Monteathfather of Thomas R Monteath1814188167
Mary Robertsonmother of Thomas R Monteath1816189074
Charlotte Monteathsister of Thomas R Monteath1855189338
Amelia J Millarwife of Thomas R Monteath1860192161

1376MonteithJanet M Monteithfirst name on this monument18611921601551980019625
Georgina McArthurdaughter of Janet M Monteith1896197983
Sophia J Richarddaughter of Janet M Monteith1893197683
Elizabeth B Sharpdaughter of Janet M Monteith1891192130
Andrew Richardhusband of Janet M Monteith1862194381
Andrew Richardson of Janet M Monteith1894191824
Alexander McArthurson-in-law of Janet M Monteith1898195153
James Sharpson-in-law of Janet M Monteith1888194557

1377MontgomeryAnne Montgomeryfirst name on this monument18561902461593180398770
Christian Ann Edwardsdaughter of Anne Montgomery1887197588
Ellie Edwardsdaughter of Anne Montgomery
Mary Edwardsdaughter of Anne Montgomery1880190222
Thomas Edwardshusband of Anne Montgomery1828192496
James Edwardsson of Anne Montgomery
John Charles Edwardsson of Anne Montgomery1890191121
Alexander Black Tainshson-in-law of Anne Montgomery1886196377

1378MoorheadDouglas C Moorheadfirst name on this monument19901040225797302021
James Donacloney Moorheadbrother of Douglas C Moorhead1990

1379MoranJohn Moranfirst name on this monument19151030521791654292
Ann Morandaughter of John Moran1983
Bridget Morandaughter of John Moran1976
Martin Kehoeson-in-law of John Moran1942
Mary Boylewife of John Moran1938

1380MoranJohn Moranfirst name on this monument190419726816497808503231
Agnes Graham Duffwife of John Moran1909197869

1381MoranWilliam Moranfirst name on this monument190819655716640809822322
Mary Petriewife of William Moran1910199080

1382MoreChristina Ann Morefirst name on this monument18411913721030715793064742
Alexander Kerrhusband of Christina Ann More1845192479
Jane Bayne1836189862
John Bayne
Peter Kerrson of Christina Ann More187418839

1383MorganGeorge Morganfirst name on this monument191019493915956804203282
Bobbie Morganson of George Morgan1941
Nora Hunterwife of George Morgan1909199182

1384MorganJohn Morganfirst name on this monument18391904651030770793574882
Catherine McCallum Morgandaughter of John Morgan1867188922
Agnes Cockburn Andersondaughter-in-law of John Morgan1875191136
George Morganson of John Morgan1865191954
John Morganson of John Morgan1873195683
Mary McCallumwife of John Morgan1840191979

1385MorganMalcolm Morganfirst name on this monument19451560680098814
Jean Morgandaughter of Malcolm Morgan1989
Eunice Mailerwife of Malcolm Morgan1950

1386MorierHenry Finlay Morierfirst name on this monument18631939761548679988411
Alice Mary Trevelyanwife of Henry Finlay Morier1949

1387MorisonMargaret Morisonfirst name on this monument19131581380289384
Helen Smith Lyondaughter of Margaret Morison1890
William Ellishusband of Margaret Morison1914
William Ingram Lyonson-in-law of Margaret Morison

1388MorrisAndrew Morrisfirst name on this monument18701931611553980039317
Isabella Craigwife of Andrew Morris1871194372

1389MorrisAnnie Barclay Morrisfirst name on this monument19061969631554280041312
Alistair David Lamondhusband of Annie Barclay Morris

1390MorrisElizabeth Morrisfirst name on this monument19031982791636280746302
Alexander Sutherlandhusband of Elizabeth Morris1993

1391MorrisonChrissie Morrisonfirst name on this monument1944103066479267324
David Morrisonfather of Chrissie Morrison
T T Thomsonhusband of Chrissie Morrison
Margaret Morrisonmother of Chrissie Morrison

1392MorrisonChristina R Morrisonfirst name on this monument19541627680677296
Thomas Suttiehusband of Christina R Morrison1984

1393MorrisonJohn Morrisonfirst name on this monument187615930803972532
Elizabeth Boyd1822190482
Janet Boydwife of John Morrison1826188963

1394MorrisonPeter Morrisonfirst name on this monument1875103089279452247
Margaret McEwen Morrisondaughter of Peter Morrison1897
Janet Stalkerwife of Peter Morrison1894

1395MorrisonRichard Mark Morrisonfirst name on this monument19771641780786182
James Morrisonfather of Richard Mark Morrison1989
Helen Morrisongrand mother of Richard Mark Morrison1979
Evelyn Morrisonmother of Richard Mark Morrison

1396MorrisonWinifred Morrisonfirst name on this monument19001996961040301797983061
David Watsonhusband of Winifred Morrison

1397MortonThomas Ralph Mortonfirst name on this monument19011977761641180782259
Janet M M (Jenny) Bairdwife of Thomas Ralph Morton1902198684

1398MuirWalter Muirfirst name on this monument18331908751030992795325031
Mary Drysdaledaughter-in-law of Walter Muir1941
Mina Margaret Muirgrand daughter of Walter Muir1965
Walter Muirgrand son of Walter Muir1888191527
Walter George Muirson of Walter Muir187218764
William Muirson of Walter Muir1941
Margaret McPhersonwife of Walter Muir1831190675

1399MulgroneWalter Mulgronefirst name on this monument1830189767103050779153234
Thomas Mulgroneson of Walter Mulgrone
Mary Duffywife of Walter Mulgrone1841189655

1400MullenJohn Mullenfirst name on this monument19292004751676681089527
Michelle Mullendaughter of John Mullen
Therese Mullendaughter of John Mullen
James Mullenson of John Mullen
John Mullenson of John Mullen
Jessie Ann Mullenwife of John Mullen1934200571

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