Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
101BaxterJames Baxterfirst name on this monument18181894761592380391431
Annie Baxterdaughter of James Baxter1854187925
Isabella Baxterdaughter of James Baxter1864195591
Jessie Fergusonwife of James Baxter1821189473

102BaxterMary Baxterfirst name on this monument19561040064795841801
Harry Mowbrayhusband of Mary Baxter1969

103BayneCatherine R Baynefirst name on this monument18421926841546179968208

104BayneMary Baynefirst name on this monument18431920771030632792452201
Edward Baynefather of Mary Bayne

105BearJohn Randall Bearfirst name on this monument192019755516475808298091
Margaret Beardaughter of John Randall Bear
Marion Beardaughter of John Randall Bear
Margaret R Toddwife of John Randall Bear1919199980

106BeattieAnnie Millar (Nan) Beattiefirst name on this monument19281948201559680090531
David Beattiefather of Annie Millar (Nan) Beattie1896195054
Helen Beattiemother of Annie Millar (Nan) Beattie1899198182

107BeattieBarclay Beattiefirst name on this monument861630280702623
Barclay Beattieson of Barclay Beattie188918901
Charles Beattieson of Barclay Beattie1892
John Beattieson of Barclay Beattie188618871
William Beattieson of Barclay Beattie1888
Jane Birniewife of Barclay Beattie81

108BeattieHarry Beattiefirst name on this monument192020068616735810617292
Harry Beattieson of Harry Beattie
Jamie Beattieson of Harry Beattie
Retta Beattiewife of Harry Beattie

109BeckinghamEvelyn Beckinghamfirst name on this monument19091992831590680375189

110BeggJohn Ross Beggfirst name on this monument19561040052795724014
Rona Ross Beggdaughter of John Ross Begg1994
Belle Andersonwife of John Ross Begg1978

111BellChristina Bellfirst name on this monument186818746103090579463381
John Bellfather of Christina Bell1843190057
Isabella McGregormother of Christina Bell1848189446

112BellElizabeth Philips Bellfirst name on this monument182919007110304677912610573
Matthew Templetonhusband of Elizabeth Philips Bell
David Philips
Isabella Templeton1859193172
Mabel Templeton188318852
Matthew Templetonson of Elizabeth Philips Bell1904

113BellSarah H Bellfirst name on this monument1910199080104022679731289
Duncan S Taithusband of Sarah H Bell1908199890

114BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1875195681104006279582342
Jessie Belldaughter of William Bell1899199091
Margaret Jane Robertsondaughter-in-law of William Bell1916199276
William Bellson of William Bell1912199583
Jessie Finlaysonwife of William Bell1877196083

115BellairsSybil Constance Bellairsfirst name on this monument18761962861667881014148

116BennieMatthew Benniefirst name on this monument188719698216587809323603
Maggie A Houstonwife of Matthew Bennie1892197987

117BenvieAndrew Benviefirst name on this monument19351555980057273
Annabella Ingramwife of Andrew Benvie1967

118BertramPeter Charles Grear Bertramfirst name on this monument18791899201585580325167
Archibald H D Bertram1868190739

119BestJames S Bestfirst name on this monument18771947701560980101287
Agnes Campbell Best1963
Elizabeth D Best1880194868
Margaret M Best1969
Susan M Best1891194857

120BilslandAlexander Bilslandfirst name on this monument19451975301648980843215
Ian Bilslandson of Alexander Bilsland

121BilslandWilliam Whyte Bilslandfirst name on this monument19251993681643080797158
Walter Bilsland1930199363

122BinnieElizabeth Binniefirst name on this monument19191564380132424
James Rigghusband of Elizabeth Binnie1928

123BirniePeter C Birniefirst name on this monument19631593380400682
Marshall J A Birnie2008
Sheila Birnie2009
Andrew Marshall1937
Lily Marshallwife of Peter C Birnie1982

124BissetJessie Bissetfirst name on this monument18331898651574680229616
Jeanie Bisset1850193181
Mary Bisset1846190458
John Neish

125BissetJohn M D Bissetfirst name on this monument18981948501569680185201
Margaret Watsonwife of John M D Bisset

126BlackAlexander Blackfirst name on this monument18141876621030795793717182
Janet Black Tainshdaughter of Alexander Black1855193378
Nellie Tainshdaughter of Alexander Black1912
Janet Black Tainshgrand daughter of Alexander Black1950
John Tainshgrand son of Alexander Black1882
James Tainshson-in-law of Alexander Black1852193684
Elizabeth Fotheringhamwife of Alexander Black1817189275

127BlackArchibald Fairbairn Blackfirst name on this monument19272004771682181134367

128BlackFanny Jane Blackfirst name on this monument19431576580247172

129BlackMaidie Blackfirst name on this monument1910199686104031179808125

130BlackWilliam Blackfirst name on this monument19421608480523197
Margaret McGregorwife of William Black1959

131BlackwellJames Hay Blackwellfirst name on this monument19131987741040257797562931

132BlairJohn West Blairfirst name on this monument190619696316567809143591
Elizabeth Ann Fraserdaughter of John West Blair1985
Cathleen (Kitty) Kerondaughter of John West Blair2002
Blairwife of John West Blair

133BlairStewart L Blairfirst name on this monument19451030538791812931
James Blairfather of Stewart L Blair1949
Mary Ann Lumsdenmother of Stewart L Blair1958

134BlaszczakRaymund Blaszczakfirst name on this monument19751648480838281
Elizabeth MacGregorwife of Raymund Blaszczak1991

135BlythDavid Winter Blythfirst name on this monument18841956721040059795794612
Jean Duncan Blythwife of David Winter Blyth1916199478

136BlythJohn Blythfirst name on this monument19731649180845173

137BoagHugh Boagfirst name on this monument1877195578103090879466252
Melita Mattockwife of Hugh Boag1883195774

138BoulterAnnie Elizabeth Boulterfirst name on this monument18881976881638280762297
James Marshallhusband of Annie Elizabeth Boulter

139BowdenKeith Bowdenfirst name on this monument187419245015412799284501
Philip Stevenson Bowdenson of Keith Bowden1904193430
Jean Paterson Stevensonwife of Keith Bowden1965

140BoyceStephen Boycefirst name on this monument19751643780803284
Charlotte Boycewife of Stephen Boyce1976

141BoydAgnes Boydfirst name on this monument18691930611547679981442
T C Taylorhusband of Agnes Boyd1866193468
Elizabeth Hillsister-in-law of Agnes Boyd1863192764

142BoydElizabeth M S Boydfirst name on this monument193320097616703810311422

143BoyleMargaret Boylefirst name on this monument19681659480939190
Patrick Boylehusband of Margaret Boyle1988

144BoyleMargaret O Boylefirst name on this monument18811967861662180965592
Margaret Veronica Mailerdaughter of Margaret O Boyle1911199281
Patrick Gillhusband of Margaret O Boyle1885196883
James Nicol Mailerson-in-law of Margaret O Boyle1903198077

145BradleyCharles Bradleyfirst name on this monument19021954521627980680253
Mary Moranwife of Charles Bradley1900197373

146BradleyFrank Bradleyfirst name on this monument1935196126104011979633191
Nicholas Bradleyfather of Frank Bradley1874
Mary Nelsonmother of Frank Bradley1963

147BradleyHelen Bradleyfirst name on this monument18951968731659880942220
Donald Grahamhusband of Helen Bradley1890196979

148BradleyJames Bradleyfirst name on this monument1968103050879154254
Bessie Shepherdwife of James Bradley

149BrandJemima Brandfirst name on this monument19661664580987366
Annie A Clenniedaughter of Jemima Brand1971
James Clenniehusband of Jemima Brand

150BroadleyJanet Broadleyfirst name on this monument1887194659103064579254493
Alexander Lainghusband of Janet Broadley1884194864

151BroadleyPeter Broadleyfirst name on this monument1906196357104019379700485
Janet F Drummondwife of Peter Broadley1909199586

152BrockCharles (Chic) Brockfirst name on this monument19352003681677081093294
Joan Moultriewife of Charles (Chic) Brock1940199353

153BrockCharles Dewar Brockfirst name on this monument19071968611660280946522
Janet Hillwife of Charles Dewar Brock1907199689

154BrockJames Dewar Brockfirst name on this monument1953103067779276304
Susan Mooniewife of James Dewar Brock1990

155BrockThomas Binnie Brockfirst name on this monument18401931911578980269226

156BroughBill Broughfirst name on this monument19071984771635180737217
Helen Broughwife of Bill Brough1915199176

157BroughJohn Broughfirst name on this monument1985104028479782534
Maureen Cunninghamwife of John Brough

158BroughJohn Broughfirst name on this monument19461594080406330
Lena Gould Broughdaughter of John Brough2004
Emily Gouldwife of John Brough1953

159BroughPeter Broughfirst name on this monument18751952771030821793904521
Annie Jane Fishwife of Peter Brough1964

160BroughtonJohn Pollock Broughtonfirst name on this monument1990104022779732522
John Pollock Broughtonfather of John Pollock Broughton
Annie Pollockmother of John Pollock Broughton
Ena Broughtonsister of John Pollock Broughton
Marion Broughtonsister of John Pollock Broughton

161BrownAndrew Brownfirst name on this monument1885195772104004779567228
Williamina McLarenwife of Andrew Brown1886198094

162BrownAnn Brownfirst name on this monument19131992791614880578287
William Brownfather of Ann Brown1881195473
Agnes Neishmother of Ann Brown1876196589

163BrownCarolina Isobel (Carrie) Brownfirst name on this monument19132007941673081056479
Daniel Stenhousefather of Carolina Isobel (Carrie) Brown
John Leonard Brownhusband of Carolina Isobel (Carrie) Brown1943
Margaret Stenhousemother of Carolina Isobel (Carrie) Brown

164BrownCatherine Brownfirst name on this monument19131973601663680978390
William (Willie) Kemphusband of Catherine Brown1906198983
William James Kempson of Catherine Brown1943196623

165BrownCecil Brownfirst name on this monument19901040218797235391
Lydia Carterwife of Cecil Brown2002

166BrownDorothy Forbes Brownfirst name on this monument18991916171616680594473
Arthur Forbes Brownbrother of Dorothy Forbes Brown1902198987
John Hutchison Brownfather of Dorothy Forbes Brown1869195586
Johanna Helen Forbesmother of Dorothy Forbes Brown1872194573

167BrownEdwin Henry (Doctor Ted) Brownfirst name on this monument19661665580996449
Johanna Cunninghamfriend of Edwin Henry (Doctor Ted) Brown1987
George MacNaughtonfriend of Edwin Henry (Doctor Ted) Brown1969
Louisa Noganfriend of Edwin Henry (Doctor Ted) Brown1971
Gertrude Maud (Doctor Gert) Brownwife of Edwin Henry (Doctor Ted) Brown1974

168BrownHelen Brownfirst name on this monument1959198829104023979741167
Helen T Brownmother of Helen Brown1996

169BrownIan Brownfirst name on this monument1961200746104020679712431
Johnny Sands1934200268
Luke Brownson of Ian Brown1980199212
Mark Brownson of Ian Brown
Matthew Brownson of Ian Brown
Betty Sandswife of Ian Brown1936199963

170BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument1874189420103055579195195
John Brownfather of James Brown1849189849

171BrownJames Brownfirst name on this monument18491927781554480043162

172BrownJames Clark Brownfirst name on this monument19282005771676181084173

173BrownJane Brownfirst name on this monument18621949871628980689433
Catherine Watson McKenziedaughter of Jane Brown1893197279
Alexander McEwan McKenzieson-in-law of Jane Brown1903197370

174BrownJessie Brownfirst name on this monument1879195071103053679180305
William C Smithhusband of Jessie Brown1877194669
Christopher George Smithson of Jessie Brown1905192217

175BrownJessie Brownfirst name on this monument19431561880109152

176BrownJohn Brownfirst name on this monument1574580228436
Isabella Jane Gibb Browndaughter of John Brown189418984
Margaret Ethel Browndaughter of John Brown1893190310
Margaret Brownwife of John Brown

177BrownJohn Robert Brownfirst name on this monument18951934391543779953470
Margaret Robb Browndaughter of John Robert Brown1926
Hector Townsfather-in-law of John Robert Brown1858194082
Elizabeth Cothillmother-in-law of John Robert Brown1852193482
Annie Binnie Townswife of John Robert Brown1884197389

178BrownMargaret Brownfirst name on this monument193316029804833311
John McRobbiehusband of Margaret Brown1962
Jean Brownsister of Margaret Brown1948

179BrownMargaret Jane Brownfirst name on this monument1910199686104032279818264
Andrew Brownfather of Margaret Jane Brown
Williamina Brownmother of Margaret Jane Brown

180BrownMartha McKay Brownfirst name on this monument194715610801023181
Catherine Andersondaughter of Martha McKay Brown1909199788
Jessie Browndaughter of Martha McKay Brown1915199681

181BrownMary Brownfirst name on this monument1819187859103078879366464
Margaret Brydiedaughter of Mary Brown1936
Thomas McEwenhusband of Mary Brown1808188274
William McEwenson of Mary Brown1866194882

182BrownRobert Wilkie Brownfirst name on this monument19021977751556380060596
May Browndaughter of Robert Wilkie Brown
Charles Browngrand son of Robert Wilkie Brown
Robert Browngrand son of Robert Wilkie Brown
Mary Davidson (Molly) Jenkinswife of Robert Wilkie Brown1902198280

183BrownRonald Brownfirst name on this monument19821636080745190
Robina Johnstonewife of Ronald Brown1986

184BrownThomas Brownfirst name on this monument1848187729103065279258280
Alexander Brown1917
Hannah Wright1908

185BrownWilliam Brownfirst name on this monument180718807316236806382821
Joan Cunninghamwife of William Brown1797188689

186BruceAlexander Brucefirst name on this monument1862195189103094079494249

187BruceCharles E Brucefirst name on this monument18781920421030980795223533
Christina (Chrissie) Brucedaughter-in-law of Charles E Bruce1910199181
Charles W Bruceson of Charles E Bruce1908197062
George R Bruceson of Charles E Bruce1905197772
Anna S Wilhelmsenwife of Charles E Bruce1879195980

188BruceElizabeth C Brucefirst name on this monument1867195285103092579480136
James Brucefather of Elizabeth C Bruce

189BruceJane Gifford Brucefirst name on this monument19271546379970224
John Halleyhusband of Jane Gifford Bruce

190BruceJessie Brucefirst name on this monument19181978601637680757162

191BryceJoseph Brycefirst name on this monument1961104016679676520
Jack Bryceson of Joseph Bryce1921200786
Jane C Lyonwife of Joseph Bryce1966

192BrydenGrace Brydenfirst name on this monument19131995821633180722265
William Milne Raehusband of Grace Bryden1910200595

193BrydenRhina Muir Brydenfirst name on this monument19761629680696231

194BrydonMargaret Brydonfirst name on this monument191315793802733782
John Wallacehusband of Margaret Brydon1932
Robert Wallaceson of Margaret Brydon1931

195BrydoneAlexander Brydonefirst name on this monument189019687816601809451751
Anna Brydonewife of Alexander Brydone1908200395

196BuchanJames Buchanfirst name on this monument17961875791608880527980
Louisa Wilhelmina Brycedaughter of James Buchan1853193986
Margaret Farrelldaughter of James Buchan1837187235
Jane Anne Halforddaughter of James Buchan1845189651
Janet Nicholsondaughter of James Buchan1839186627
Anne Marshall Brycegrand daughter of James Buchan1878190325
John A G Buchanson of James Buchan1842186624
D C Bryceson-in-law of James Buchan
A H W Farrellson-in-law of James Buchan
C S Halfordson-in-law of James Buchan
S Nicholsonson-in-law of James Buchan
Anne Marshallwife of James Buchan1817187356

197BuchananAnn Buchananfirst name on this monument1841189857103076779355343
Alexander McInneshusband of Ann Buchanan1840191777

198BuchananCharles Buchananfirst name on this monument19501599780456330
Margaret Lawsonwife of Charles Buchanan

199BuchananEvelyn Buchananfirst name on this monument189419505615992804513642
John Robertsonhusband of Evelyn Buchanan1881195675
Charles Robertsonson of Evelyn Buchanan1924197652

200BuchananGeorge Buchananfirst name on this monument19322004721681681130282
Jenny McAllisterwife of George Buchanan1927200477

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