Ford Road Cemetery, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1001MackinsonDaniel D Mackinsonfirst name on this monument1901103074979339346
Ann McLeanwife of Daniel D Mackinson1935

1002MacKintoshAlexander MacKintoshfirst name on this monument1875195378103068979284253
Margaret Brucewife of Alexander MacKintosh1878196587

1003MacKintoshDavid MacKintoshfirst name on this monument1920199474104034579841251
Jenny Suttiewife of David MacKintosh

1004MacLeanAlexander MacLeanfirst name on this monument18431912691550780007251
Mary MacGregor MacLeandaughter of Alexander MacLean1884198096
Mary Pitcaithlywife of Alexander MacLean1848192678

1005MacLeanAlexina MacLeanfirst name on this monument19011972711651180861392
Alexander Sinclair MacKayhusband of Alexina MacLean1915199580

1006MacLeanDonald MacLeanfirst name on this monument19281547379978199
John Alexander MacLeanson of Donald MacLean1908193022
Mary Cameronwife of Donald MacLean1873194572

1007MacLeanDonald MacLeanfirst name on this monument1922198866104024379745446
Margaret Kirklandwife of Donald MacLean

1008MacLellanJohn A MacLellanfirst name on this monument1918198769104015079661934
Alice McKaywife of John A MacLellan1922199472

1009MacLieshJohn MacLieshfirst name on this monument18021874721593880404253
Catherine Isabella MacLieshdaughter of John MacLiesh185618571
Margaret M MacLaughlanwife of John MacLiesh1813185643

1010MacMillanCatherine Mary MacMillanfirst name on this monument1918103054179184409
Alexander Elrick MacMillan1996
Annie Elizabeth MacMillan2008
Barbara Isabella MacMillan1934199359
Thomas MacMillan1924

1011MacMillanMargaret MacMillanfirst name on this monument192019836316356807422941
William Clark MacMillanhusband of Margaret MacMillan1923200784
Gordon J MacMillanson of Margaret MacMillan1953199340

1012MacNabBetty MacNabfirst name on this monument1994104034879844204
Duncan G MacNabhusband of Betty MacNab2009

1013MacNaughtonAnna Jane MacNaughtonfirst name on this monument1855189237103081279383232
James MacNaughtonfather of Anna Jane MacNaughton

1014MacNeilIsabella MacNeilfirst name on this monument182018836316251806523931
Elizabeth Donaldsondaughter of Isabella MacNeil1931
Isabella Donaldsondaughter of Isabella MacNeil1875
Margaret Donaldsondaughter of Isabella MacNeil1908
Isabella Margaret Donaldsongrand daughter of Isabella MacNeil1919
Maggie Donaldsongrand daughter of Isabella MacNeil1905
Andrew Donaldsonhusband of Isabella MacNeil1824190581

1015MacNeillElizabeth M (Bee) MacNeillfirst name on this monument1909199384104034279838258
Ella MacNeillsister of Elizabeth M (Bee) MacNeill
Kay MacNeillsister of Elizabeth M (Bee) MacNeill

1016MacNeillGeorge B N MacNeillfirst name on this monument1872193361103066979271371
Angus MacNeillbrother of George B N MacNeill1870189020
Donald Ross MacNeillson of George B N MacNeill
Catherine Bellwife of George B N MacNeill1879196384

1017MacowanDuncan Ross Macowanfirst name on this monument18841947631544679961446
William Macowan1889194960
Elizabeth W Niven1889196677
Catherine M Barclaywife of Duncan Ross Macowan1886196074

1018MacPhailPeter William MacPhailfirst name on this monument18741949751573080213564
Elizabeth MacPhaildaughter of Peter William MacPhail1897198689
Margaret MacPhaildaughter of Peter William MacPhail1981
Ann Lawwife of Peter William MacPhail1875197196

1019MacPhersonJohn MacPhersonfirst name on this monument19221541679932991

1020MacPhersonJohn Albert MacPhersonfirst name on this monument18991971721652980879278
James R Laingbrother-in-law of John Albert MacPherson1905198176
Isabella Laingsister of John Albert MacPherson1903199693

1021MacPhersonMary MacPhersonfirst name on this monument18661940741550680006161
Isabella MacPhersondaughter of Mary MacPherson1949

1022MacrostyAlexander Macrostyfirst name on this monument17831878951623780639382
Alexander Macrostyson of Alexander Macrosty
Daniel Macrostyson of Alexander Macrosty182918389
Elizabeth Baynewife of Alexander Macrosty1798187880

1023MailerGeorge Mailerfirst name on this monument15664801534311
Mary Sexton1942
David Swan1916
George Mailerson of George Mailer1889193546

1024MaillerRobert Gardiner Maillerfirst name on this monument183819177915808802878461
Margaret G Maillerdaughter of Robert Gardiner Mailler1966
Anne Archibald Drummondgrand daughter of Robert Gardiner Mailler1919194324
James A Drummondson-in-law of Robert Gardiner Mailler1879194970
Ann Archibaldwife of Robert Gardiner Mailler1844192985

1025MailleyCatherine Mailleyfirst name on this monument1567880167125

1026MainRobert Ramsay Mainfirst name on this monument18511928771539179909288
Isabella T Postlethwaitewife of Robert Ramsay Main1856193074

1027MairJoseph Mairfirst name on this monument19491584580315993
Katherine S Hornewife of Joseph Mair

1028MalcolmGeorge W K Malcolmfirst name on this monument1985104027579773220
Helen Robertsonwife of George W K Malcolm

1029MalcolmIsabella Malcolmfirst name on this monument18631885221537779895363
William Malcolmfather of Isabella Malcolm
Jessie Malcolmsister of Isabella Malcolm1865193570

1030MallochJames Mallochfirst name on this monument18731946731625880659274
Margaret C Youngwife of James Malloch1877195881

1031MallochMichael Mallochfirst name on this monument1912199078104022279727287
Helen Watsonwife of Michael Malloch

1032MalloyHugh Malloyfirst name on this monument1919198162103063579248362
Eva Lucy Malloywife of Hugh Malloy1921199978

1033MalloyPaula Malloyfirst name on this monument1970199727104031279809310

1034ManningCecelia Manningfirst name on this monument19421030506791525951
Catherine McCowandaughter-in-law of Cecelia Manning1973
Michael Welshgrand son of Cecelia Manning2002
David Welshhusband of Cecelia Manning1946
David Welshson of Cecelia Manning

1035MansonDavid W Mansonfirst name on this monument19571040050795703042
Christina Grace Campbellwife of David W Manson1991

1036MarnieMary A Marniefirst name on this monument18731944711030642792511971
Elizabeth Halldaughter of Mary A Marnie191219197
Andrew Hallhusband of Mary A Marnie1876195680

1037MarrBridget Marrfirst name on this monument20081672181047217

1038MarshallBetsy Marshallfirst name on this monument187019306016305807055481
Bessie Hutchisondaughter of Betsy Marshall1908197567
Christina Hutchisondaughter of Betsy Marshall1895193641
Jessie Hutchisondaughter of Betsy Marshall
James Hutchisonhusband of Betsy Marshall1877195275

1039MarshallCatherine J Marshallfirst name on this monument1909196051104013379646213
William Robertsonhusband of Catherine J Marshall1906196357

1040MarshallDaniel Marshallfirst name on this monument186419357115383799012791
Isabella Marshalldaughter of Daniel Marshall1970
Isabella Donaldsonwife of Daniel Marshall1953

1041MarshallHenry Marshallfirst name on this monument196915454799663081
Janet (Bunt) Straitondaughter of Henry Marshall1977
Davidina Pyper Duffwife of Henry Marshall1977

1042MarshallHenry McEwan Marshallfirst name on this monument188019446415525800253341
Janet Straitonwife of Henry McEwan Marshall1873195582

1043MarshallJames Marshallfirst name on this monument19201552080020340
James Graham Scottfather-in-law of James Marshall1924
Elizabeth Irvinemother-in-law of James Marshall1923
Ann Scottwife of James Marshall1946

1044MarshallJames S Marshallfirst name on this monument191719776016383807632071
Mary Riddochwife of James S Marshall1917199275

1045MarshallThomas Marshallfirst name on this monument1875194772103050079146144
May Clark Smithwife of Thomas Marshall1883196279

1046MarshallWilliam Campbell Marshallfirst name on this monument18941937431538179899655
Alice Marshalldaughter-in-law of William Campbell Marshall
Ivy Marshalldaughter-in-law of William Campbell Marshall
Donald Ferguson Marshallson of William Campbell Marshall1926199872
William Campbell Marshallson of William Campbell Marshall1922199472
Betsy Christina Fergusonwife of William Campbell Marshall1894198894

1047MartinCharles Martinfirst name on this monument19461971251653680886453
Hector John Martinbrother of Charles Martin2009
Hector Martinfather of Charles Martin1912199482
Jean Ferniemother of Charles Martin1914199480

1048MartinJohn Martinfirst name on this monument18361911751586380333256
Janet McDougallwife of John Martin1835190974

1049MartinJohn E Martinfirst name on this monument19431961181040152796632511
Ernest V Martinfather of John E Martin1916200589
Margaret (Bunty) Cummingmother of John E Martin1920198060

1050MasonIsobel Bertram Masonfirst name on this monument19471593680403226
John Lloyd Owenhusband of Isobel Bertram Mason
Beatrice Swan Masonsister of Isobel Bertram Mason1967

1051MathesonChristina Mathesonfirst name on this monument18641930661609680533334
Isabella Gunn Watsondaughter of Christina Matheson1901
Andrew Watsonhusband of Christina Matheson1864193874

1052MathesonJean MacKenzie Mathesonfirst name on this monument19161994781642180789850
Erica-May MacLennandaughter of Jean MacKenzie Matheson
Alexander J MacLennanhusband of Jean MacKenzie Matheson1917200689
Kenneth MacLennanson of Jean MacKenzie Matheson

1053MathiesonThomas Mathiesonfirst name on this monument18791937581615880587248
Mary Jane Stewartwife of Thomas Mathieson1877195982

1054MatthewAnnie Angus Matthewfirst name on this monument192815439799554142
John Smith Elrickfather of Annie Angus Matthew1929

1055MattnerKarl Mattnerfirst name on this monument19641664280984408

1056MaudsleyWilliam Maudsleyfirst name on this monument18841955711040071795912271

1057MavorAlexander Law Mavorfirst name on this monument18911953621030924794791309
Valerie Fraser Smithdaughter-in-law of Alexander Law Mavor1926199973
Victor Andrew Mavorson of Alexander Law Mavor1923199370
Williamina Hogganwife of Alexander Law Mavor1893196875

1058MayWilliam Mayfirst name on this monument192515450799632941
Annie McDougallwife of William May1946

1059MayallRichard P Mayallfirst name on this monument1967198922104023479738335

1060McAdamJohn Chambers McAdamfirst name on this monument19371538479902308
Edith Anna Summerswife of John Chambers McAdam1972

1061McAinshDuncan McAinshfirst name on this monument18641927631548379986294
Janet Brydie Young McAinshdaughter of Duncan McAinsh1899197980
Janet Youngwife of Duncan McAinsh1864193470

1062McAinshJohn McAinshfirst name on this monument185419337915485799875381
David Duncanbrother-in-law of John McAinsh
Jessie Duncansister of John McAinsh1934
Christina McAinshsister of John McAinsh1936
Isabella McAinshsister of John McAinsh1944
Kate McAinshsister of John McAinsh1942

1063McAinshThomas McAinshfirst name on this monument187019447416118805519111
Jessie Strangdaughter-in-law of Thomas McAinsh1899198788
William Strang McAinshgrand son of Thomas McAinsh1928194012
Frank McAinshson of Thomas McAinsh1899196869
Peter Campbell McAinshson of Thomas McAinsh1897
Frances Catherine Toddwife of Thomas McAinsh1868189830
Isabella Archibaldsecond wife of Thomas McAinsh1947

1064McAlisterIsabel McAlisterfirst name on this monument19162006901674381068141

1065McAlisterWilliam McAlisterfirst name on this monument18661953871030751793418811
Anne Douglaswife of William McAlister1872195886

1066McAllisterGrant McAllisterfirst name on this monument191819674916630809726192
Caroline McAllisterdaughter of Grant McAllister
Christine McAllisterdaughter of Grant McAllister
Billy McAllisterson of Grant McAllister
Elizabeth Rileywife of Grant McAllister1922199472

1067McAllisterJames McAllisterfirst name on this monument18921960681040134796475471
Jane McAllisterdaughter-in-law of James McAllister1923199976
Maggie McAllistergrand daughter of James McAllister1921200483
James Burns McAllisterson of James McAllister1920199474
Janet Burnswife of James McAllister1893193542

1068McAllisterJean McAllisterfirst name on this monument1914199278104036779860339
John Donnachiehusband of Jean McAllister1909199485

1069McAllisterWilliam (Wullie) McAllisterfirst name on this monument1924200076104037679868232
Jean McAllisterwife of William (Wullie) McAllister

1070McAlpineDavid McAlpinefirst name on this monument1923199168104026279760294
Jane Bell Pollockwife of David McAlpine1925199873

1071McAndrewHelen McAndrewfirst name on this monument1945103056379201320
Thomas Maleyhusband of Helen McAndrew

1072McAndrewJeanie McAndrewfirst name on this monument1879195374103073479325269
Albert H Raynerhusband of Jeanie McAndrew1877196285

1073McAraBarbara McArafirst name on this monument19551627380674475
Annie E Elrickdaughter-in-law of Barbara McAra1985
Alexander MacMillanhusband of Barbara McAra1955
Alexander MacMillanson of Barbara McAra1976

1074McAraChristian McArafirst name on this monument183319239015417799332661
John Barnetthusband of Christian McAra1827189568

1075McAraDaniel McArafirst name on this monument17971874771030956795055521
Margaret Arnottdaughter of Daniel McAra1878195173
Margaret McAradaughter of Daniel McAra1858192971
James Arnottson-in-law of Daniel McAra
Margaret Blackwife of Daniel McAra1819189677

1076McAraElizabeth McArafirst name on this monument1883195269103093379487283
Williamina (Ena) Comriedaughter of Elizabeth McAra1822188462
William Comriehusband of Elizabeth McAra18841984100

1077McAraElizabeth McArafirst name on this monument187119396815616801073841
Peter MacLarenhusband of Elizabeth McAra1870194171
William R MacLarenson of Elizabeth McAra1900196565

1078McAraJohn McArafirst name on this monument1030706792984392
Mary McDiarmid1837188750
Daniel McDiarmidson of John McAra1883
Jemima T Lorimerwife of John McAra1848191769

1079McAraJohn McArafirst name on this monument1855193277161918060510232
Margaret Hendersondaughter of John McAra1895192328
Catherine McAradaughter of John McAra1892192028
Jane McAradaughter of John McAra1886191226
Jessie McAradaughter of John McAra1883189512
John Hendersonson-in-law of John McAra
Jane Shewanwife of John McAra1874193561

1080McAraJohn McArafirst name on this monument1839192889103053279176246
Margaret McLeanwife of John McAra1845190257

1081McAraMay C McArafirst name on this monument1925199368104012779641255
John McLarenhusband of May C McAra1924200379

1082McArthurDaniel McArthurfirst name on this monument1957104007779597335
Betsy McFarlanewife of Daniel McArthur1942197937

1083McArthurDonald McArthurfirst name on this monument19021546279969700
Jessie Dewarsister-in-law of Donald McArthur1945
Anne Dewarwife of Donald McArthur1935

1084McArthurPeter Dakers McArthurfirst name on this monument1893195966103079679372504
Beryl McArthurdaughter-in-law of Peter Dakers McArthur
Donald McArthurson of Peter Dakers McArthur1923199168
George Brown McArthurson of Peter Dakers McArthur1933198451
Mary Brownwife of Peter Dakers McArthur1902199189

1085McArthurRobert McArthurfirst name on this monument19121967551663180973280
Nellie Jackwife of Robert McArthur1983

1086McArthurSophia Ellis McArthurfirst name on this monument18921940481588880357113

1087McAvoyWilliam McAvoyfirst name on this monument19651665280994364
Elizabeth Pedenwife of William McAvoy1971

1088McBirnieDavid McBirniefirst name on this monument184919338415819802931351
Margaret Masonwife of David McBirnie1849191364

1089McCabeMartin McCabefirst name on this monument20081669381022203
Barbara McCabewife of Martin McCabe

1090McCabeMartin McCabefirst name on this monument18611936751540379919750
Mary Gwendolene McCabedaughter of Martin McCabe1915198772
Davie McCabegrand son of Martin McCabe192219264
David McCabe192219264
James M McCabe1887195871
Isobel Thomson1897194952
Andrew McCabeson of Martin McCabe
David W McDonald McCabeson of Martin McCabe1884191733
Martin McCabeson of Martin McCabe
Mary McDonaldsister-in-law of Martin McCabe1865194681
Ann McDonaldwife of Martin McCabe1858193476

1091McCallumHamish McCallumfirst name on this monument19311999681684981160619
Karen McCallumdaughter of Hamish McCallum
Mandy McCallumdaughter of Hamish McCallum
Frank McCallumson of Hamish McCallum
Rick McCallumson of Hamish McCallum
Sarah McCallumwife of Hamish McCallum

1092McCallumJames McCallumfirst name on this monument1590480373292
Mary Allanwife of James McCallum1943

1093McCallumJanet Donella (Netta) McCallumfirst name on this monument197916625809685502
Myles Ritsonbrother-in-law of Janet Donella (Netta) McCallum1898196769
Malcolm McCallumfather of Janet Donella (Netta) McCallum
Mary McCallummother of Janet Donella (Netta) McCallum
Christina McCallumsister of Janet Donella (Netta) McCallum1900197878

1094McCavittBernard McCavittfirst name on this monument1926198761104026379761301
Helen Pollockwife of Bernard McCavitt

1095McClashanAlexander Ferguson McClashanfirst name on this monument1925192721553880038321
William McClashanfather of Alexander Ferguson McClashan
Mary McClashanmother of Alexander Ferguson McClashan1904193632

1096McClashanAlexander S McClashanfirst name on this monument18781936581554580044266
Jane Simpsonwife of Alexander S McClashan1876194872

1097McClashanJohn McClashanfirst name on this monument17991887881602680480268
Jessie McClashandaughter of John McClashan1833189663
Christina Andersonwife of John McClashan1813188269

1098McClureCharlotte McClurefirst name on this monument18841970861657780923225
John Mitchellhusband of Charlotte McClure1881197594

1099McClureWilliam McClurefirst name on this monument192515392799107071
David Lindsay McClureson of William McClure1893193946
Jessie Geddeswife of William McClure1937

1100McColeFrances McColefirst name on this monument197216504808562081
William Burnshusband of Frances McCole1982

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