Spion Kop Old Municipal Cemetery, Hartlepool, Durham, England

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Monument list

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101NellistWilliam Nellistfirst name on this monument1831851916id: 1160020114
Annie Nellistdaughter of William Nellist185641860
Frances Nellistdaughter-in-law of William Nellist1877711948
William Nellistson of William Nellist1870721942
Lydia Nellistwife of William Nellist1834921926

102NewboldAnn Elizabeth Newboldfirst name on this monument1853831936id: 115083052
William Newboldhusband of Ann Elizabeth Newbold1855851940

103NicholsonMary Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1811481859id: 115081931
Eleanor Nicholsondaughter of Mary Nicholson184321845
Michael Nicholsonhusband of Mary Nicholson1842
Hannah Nicholson1873661939
William Nicholson1870651935
Henry Shotton Nicholsonson of Mary Nicholson1841

104OdellHenry Odellfirst name on this monument1848451893id: 115085034Husband of Sarah Odell
Hans Christian Larsensecond husband of wife of Henry Odell Born 1846 Died 1921 Husband of Sarah Odell Larsen
Sarah Larsenwife of Henry Odell1853811934 Widow of Henry Odell - Widow of Hans Christan Larsen

105ParkerAnn Parkerfirst name on this monument1864711935id: 11509457
Hilda Parkerdaughter of Ann Parker189221894
George Parkerhusband of Ann Parker1865761941
George Parkerson of Ann Parker189541899

106PattisonElizabeth Pattisonfirst name on this monument1900221922id: 1150911351
James William Pattisonhusband of Elizabeth Pattison1899281927
James William Pattisonson of Elizabeth Pattison192231925

107PattisonMary Ann Pattisonfirst name on this monument1805631868id: 115098115
William Pattisonbrother-in-law of Mary Ann Pattison1801851886
John Pattisonhusband of Mary Ann Pattison1804851889

108PeacockMatthew Peacockfirst name on this monument185021852id: 115097981
George William Peacockbrother of Matthew Peacock185151856
John Peacockbrother of Matthew Peacock185261858
Matthew Peacockbrother of Matthew Peacock1857121869
John Peacockfather of Matthew Peacock1821511872
Ann Alice Peacocksister of Matthew Peacock185711858

109PounderRichard Pounderfirst name on this monument1804641868id: 115082443
Thomason Pounderwife of Richard Pounder1813651878

110PounderThomas Pounderfirst name on this monument1788841872id: 115085794He married Elizabeth Horsley on 29th July 1816. He was captured during Napoleonic war and spent 6 years in a French prison.
Elizabeth Pounderwife of Thomas Pounder1789851874

111PounderThomas Pounderfirst name on this monument1806701876id: 115086342
Margaret Pounderdaughter of Thomas Pounder1853141867
Ann Pounderwife of Thomas Pounder70

112PounderWilliam Pounderfirst name on this monument1850581908id: 115086239
Ann Maria Pounderwife of William Pounder1859761935

113PounderWilliam Pounderfirst name on this monument1851581909id: 1150904241
Ann Maria Pounderwife of William Pounder1859761935

114ProctorElizabeth Proctorfirst name on this monument1836371873id: 1150984161
Lucy Proctor1833721905

115RamseyJohn Ramseyfirst name on this monument1847281875id: 1150888163
Elizabeth W Ramseywife of John Ramsey elizabeth worthy thompson

116RandellThomas Randellfirst name on this monument1853381891id: 11508093

117RenwickElizabeth Renwickfirst name on this monument1802691871id: 1150872132
Henry Renwickhusband of Elizabeth Renwick1805811886
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118RichardsHenry Richardsfirst name on this monument1820561876id: 11508422
Sophia Richardswife of Henry Richards1822541876

119RichardsonHales Richardsonfirst name on this monument1793701863id: 115096051
Rowland Richardsonson of Hales Richardson1833751908
Mary Richardsonwife of Hales Richardson1793761869

120RichardsonIsabell Richardsonfirst name on this monument1846451891id: 11509807

121RicksonMary Ann Ricksonfirst name on this monument1863151878id: 11508956
John Henry Ricksonbrother of Mary Ann Rickson1857211878
Thomas Hunter Ricksonbrother of Mary Ann Rickson1867131880
Mary Ricksonmother of Mary Ann Rickson1826561882

122RidleyAnn Ridleyfirst name on this monument1814571871id: 115084972
Jesse Tychsen1856631919

123RobsonElizabeth Jane Robsonfirst name on this monument1796391835id: 1160025341
Ann Thompsondaughter of Elizabeth Jane Robson1859791938
Joseph Cleghorn Robsonhusband of Elizabeth Jane Robson1833641897

124RushEllenor Rushfirst name on this monument1819591878id: 115089782
Ernest Robinsongrand son of Ellenor Rush
Matthew Rushhusband of Ellenor Rush
Allen Rushson of Ellenor Rush

125ScottMargaret Scottfirst name on this monument1823481871id: 115087731
James Scotthusband of Margaret Scott1817681885

126SelbyHannah Selbyfirst name on this monument1836521888id: 1150963191
Hannah Rutherforddaughter of Hannah Selby1864731937
Hannah Selbydaughter of Hannah Selby186211863
Lilly Selbydaughter of Hannah Selby1880
Margaret Selbydaughter of Hannah Selby1884
Mary Ann Selbydaughter of Hannah Selby1860821942
Thomas Selbyhusband of Hannah Selby1833761909
Thomes Selbyson of Hannah Selby1876

127SharpRichard Sharpfirst name on this monument1821361857id: 1150867162
Mary Thompsondaughter of Richard Sharp1855241879
Elsie Brown1904
Sarah Sharpwife of Richard Sharp1825761901

128ShawWalter Shawfirst name on this monument1833721905id: 11600305
Mary Shawwife of Walter Shaw1839491888

129ShepherdElizabeth Shepherdfirst name on this monument1850481898id: 116002441
Mary Shepherddaughter of Elizabeth Shepherd188111882
Elizabeth Crennygrand daughter of Elizabeth Shepherd190321905
John Shepherdhusband of Elizabeth Shepherd1845691914

130SheratonGeorge Sheratonfirst name on this monument1799751874id: 115088563
Eleanor Sheratonwife of George Sheraton1815631878

131SigsworthJohn Sigsworthfirst name on this monument1820731893id: 1150813171
Annie Sigsworthwife of John Sigsworth1829701899

132SimpsonWilliam Simpsonfirst name on this monument1901id: 11509244
William Simpsonson of William Simpson1867231890
Isabella Simpsonwife of William Simpson1838651903

133SmithAda Mary Smithfirst name on this monument1876711947id: 116001211
J Vincent Smithfather of Ada Mary Smith
Eliza Smithmother of Ada Mary Smith

134SmithsonMargaret Jane Smithsonfirst name on this monument1869171886id: 11508528
George Smithsonfather of Margaret Jane Smithson1840611901
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135SmithsonMargaret Jane Smithsonfirst name on this monument1869171886id: 115091425
George Smithsonfather of Margaret Jane Smithson1840611901

136SmythJames Wigfield Smythfirst name on this monument1820751895id: 1150841362
Wigfield Smythson of James Wigfield Smyth185651861
Mary Smythsister of James Wigfield Smyth1815761891
Charlotte Smythwife of James Wigfield Smyth1818811899

137SmythRichard Oliver Smythfirst name on this monument1826461872id: 1150962131
Sarah Ann Smythwife of Richard Oliver Smyth1831551886

138SnowdonSarah Elizabeth Snowdonfirst name on this monument1856601916id: 1160014153
Joseph Snowdonhusband of Sarah Elizabeth Snowdon1852671919
Joseph Snowdonson of Sarah Elizabeth Snowdon1878161894

139SpenceEdward Spencefirst name on this monument1798731871id: 1150952511
Margaret Jane Masondaughter of Edward Spence1837311868
Jane Spencedaughter of Edward Spence188221884
Mary Ann Ellen Spencedaughter of Edward Spence1840221862
Frances Hannah Spencedaughter-in-law of Edward Spence1837681905
Henry Hutchinson Spencegrand son of Edward Spence1871
Joseph Edward Spence1835341869
Edward Spenceson of Edward Spence1888
Emanual L Spenceson of Edward Spence1841491890
Jane Spencewife of Edward Spence1778801858

140StoddartElizabeth Stoddartfirst name on this monument1859id: 1150959661
George Dalebrother of Elizabeth Stoddart1818641882
Thomas Dalebrother of Elizabeth Stoddart1813811894
Mary Daledaughter of Elizabeth Stoddart1901
Richard Stoddarthusband of Elizabeth Stoddart1874

141SwalwellJohn Swalwellfirst name on this monument1814621876id: 1160022181
Isaac Sanders1845521897
Margaret Walker1813761889

142TateJames Tatefirst name on this monument1810651875id: 1160008132
Esther Tatewife of James Tate1816681884

143ThompsonJohn Walker Thompsonfirst name on this monument1827731900id: 116002810
John William Thompsongrand son of John Walker Thompson1871191890
George Thompsonson of John Walker Thompson1849311880
Elizabeth Thompsonwife of John Walker Thompson1878
Margaret E Thompsonsecond wife of John Walker Thompson1901

144ThorpJohn Williamson Thorpfirst name on this monument186471871id: 11508516
Margaret Walker1829521881

145TrewickThomas Trewickfirst name on this monument1806821888id: 1150838122
Ann Trewickwife of Thomas Trewick1816411857
Mary Trewicksecond wife of Thomas Trewick1831801911

146UsherSamuel Usherfirst name on this monument1887521939id: 115097443
Florence Usherwife of Samuel Usher1888701958

147WaiteSally Waitefirst name on this monument1833461879id: 116001753
Annie Margaret Waitedaughter of Sally Waite1863431906
Sally Forrest Waitegrand daughter of Sally Waite190131904
John Dobson Waitehusband of Sally Waite1826651891
Alexander Dobson Waiteson of Sally Waite1870151885
Thomas Forrest Waiteson of Sally Waite1860361896

148WalkerEliza Walkerfirst name on this monument1864381902id: 115081441
Edith Walkerdaughter of Eliza Walker188811889
Margaret Walkerdaughter of Eliza Walker1900
Edward Walkerhusband of Eliza Walker1860661926
Edward Walkerson of Eliza Walker188631889
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149WalkerRalph Walkerfirst name on this monument1847211868id: 11508156
Thomas Walkerbrother of Ralph Walker1859
Richard Walkerfather of Ralph Walker1821541875
Margaret Walkermother of Ralph Walker1825561881

150WallAlice Wallfirst name on this monument1890131903id: 1160015122
Robert Wallbrother of Alice Wall1884
James H Wallfather of Alice Wall1860841944
Dorothy R Wallmother of Alice Wall1863761939

151WallSusannah Wallfirst name on this monument1836351871id: 1160013101
Robert Wallhusband of Susannah Wall1834681902
Rebecca Wall1871

152WaltonGeorge Waltonfirst name on this monument1834681902id: 115091571
Isabella Waltondaughter-in-law of George Walton1871791950
George Edward Waltonson of George Walton1868791947
Sarah Waltonwife of George Walton1833821915

153WarwickMark Warwickfirst name on this monument1812541866id: 11508259
Rosa E Verna Warwickgrand daughter of Mark Warwick186921871
George F Gray Warwickgrand son of Mark Warwick186831871
Mark Warwickgrand son of Mark Warwick186651871

154WatsonWilliam Taylor Watsonfirst name on this monument1826421868id: 115099471
Mary Susanna Thompsonwife of William Taylor Watson1831691900

155WattAnn Black Wattfirst name on this monument1854241878id: 1150947111
Adamina Mary Wattdaughter of Ann Black Watt1870101880
Maggie Wattdaughter of Ann Black Watt1877121889
George Wattson of Ann Black Watt1877

156WattRobert Wattfirst name on this monument1841831924id: 115094892
Emily Wattdaughter of Robert Watt1878
Robert Bruce Wattson of Robert Watt1867481915
Stanley Hyslop Wattson of Robert Watt1884
Ellen Wattwife of Robert Watt1842821924

157WebberJane Webberfirst name on this monument1859571916id: 115098610
Abram Jupeson of Jane Webber1862381900
George Webberson of Jane Webber1894221916

158WebsterCharles Collet Cole Websterfirst name on this monument1869211890id: 11508818
Thomas Websterfather of Charles Collet Cole Webster1838531891
Margaret Jane Webstersister of Charles Collet Cole Webster186651871

159WellsMary Ann Wellsfirst name on this monument1804751879id: 115092154
Mark Wellshusband of Mary Ann Wells

160WheelerEdward Wheelerfirst name on this monument1869id: 115086812
Frank Wheeler186631869

161WhiteAlexander Whitefirst name on this monument1817801897id: 1150999121
Elizabeth Ann Procterdaughter of Alexander White1850621912
Melia M Whitedaughter of Alexander White1862421904
Elizabeth Whitewife of Alexander White1830621892

162WilsonAndrew Wilsonfirst name on this monument1847611908id: 115093117
John William Wilson1851501901
Sarah Wilson1848821930

163WilymanMartha Hill Wilymanfirst name on this monument1814671881id: 11509969
Ethel Wilymandaughter of Martha Hill Wilyman1893221915
Hilda Wilymandaughter of Martha Hill Wilyman1902

164WittyRobert Wittyfirst name on this monument1835501885id: 1150995191
Sarah Jane Wittywife of Robert Witty1846271873
Catherine Wittysecond wife of Robert Witty1847541901
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165WolstenholmeBenjamin Wolstenholmefirst name on this monument1797631860id: 115097281

166WoodMary Woodfirst name on this monument1842471889id: 11509657
Joseph Woodhusband of Mary Wood

167WrightHenry Wrightfirst name on this monument1856281884id: 11509196
Ellen Wrightwife of Henry Wright

168WrightJohn Wrightfirst name on this monument1875id: 11508966
Jane Wrightwife of John Wright1876

169YoungJohn Youngfirst name on this monument1799721871id: 1150874271
Isabella Robertsondaughter of John Young1843711914
Frances Robertsongrand daughter of John Young188221884
Alexander Robertsonson-in-law of John Young1838911929
Mary Youngwife of John Young1809741883

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Spion Kop Old Municipal Cemetery, Hartlepool, Durham, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

To see details of other people with the same surname, just click on the surname that is of interest.

The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

The view statistics shown below are from 8 Jan 2014 when collection of these statistics started.

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