Toongabbi Cemetery, Toongabbi, Victoria, Australia

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Melvie first name on this monument1919171936id: IMG_46006

2AffleckCharles Stewart Affleckfirst name on this monument1883721955id: IMG_452112
May Caroline Affleckrelationship not known of Charles Stewart Affleck1891761967

3AffleckCharles Stewart Affleckfirst name on this monument1924571981id: IMG_46204Known as Mick

4AffleckDuncan Campbell Affleckfirst name on this monument1918721990id: IMG_46225Known as Tom
Alice Affleckwife of Duncan Campbell Affleck1923872010 Family listed

5AffleckEdith Eveline Affleckfirst name on this monument1935421977id: IMG_46186

6AffleckNeale Geoffrey Affleckfirst name on this monument1963231986id: IMG_46165Son of Mick and Edith
Mick Affleckfather of Neale Geoffrey Affleck
Edith Affleckmother of Neale Geoffrey Affleck

7AmorJohn Amorfirst name on this monument1814771891id: IMG_43725

8AndrewsDorathea Andrewsfirst name on this monument1937id: IMG_43814

9AndrewsRichard Andrewsfirst name on this monument1912id: IMG_43924

10AndrewsWalter Robert Andrewsfirst name on this monument1880801960id: IMG_447212
Eva Weston Andrewswife of Walter Robert Andrews1879901969

11AntonDebbie Anne Antonfirst name on this monument196061966id: IMG_45613Parents and siblings listed

12AntonEdna Clarice Antonfirst name on this monument1969id: IMG_45633

13Anton?Thomas Anton?first name on this monument1899661965id: IMG_45624No surname on gravestone

14BalcombeGeorge E Balcombefirst name on this monument1943id: IMG_46896

15BalcombeIvy Victoria Balcombefirst name on this monument1908871995id: IMG_47166Wife of Stanley. Children listed
Stanley Balcombehusband of Ivy Victoria Balcombe

16BalcombeJames P Balcombefirst name on this monument1970id: IMG_470810

17BalcombeLindsay Balcombefirst name on this monument1947id: IMG_468811

18BalcombeMargaret June Balcombefirst name on this monument1946351981id: IMG_47203Wife of James. Family listed
James Balcombehusband of Margaret June Balcombe

19BalcombeMary Balcombefirst name on this monument1958id: IMG_47073

20BalcombeStanley Nelson Balcombefirst name on this monument1907751982id: IMG_47153Husband of Ivy. Children listed
Ivy Balcombewife of Stanley Nelson Balcombe

21BalcombeViolet E Balcombefirst name on this monument1950id: IMG_46904

22BassettJonathan Bassettfirst name on this monument1828681896id: IMG_43743

23BeanhamWilliam James Beanhamfirst name on this monument1902781980id: IMG_47226
Margaret Winifred Beanhamwife of William James Beanham1916781994

24BeardWilliam George Beardfirst name on this monument1874261900id: IMG_43736Eldest son of W and M Beard
M beardfather or mother of William George Beard
W Beardfather or mother of William George Beard

25BeattyEllen Bridget Beattyfirst name on this monument1967id: IMG_44983

26BerryAlfred R Berryfirst name on this monument1844891933id: IMG_44374
John Mclellandbrother-in-law of Alfred R Berry1859781937
Mabel Berrydaughter of Alfred R Berry
Stanley Berryson of Alfred R Berry
Mary Ann Mclellandson-in-law of Alfred R Berry1850841934
Helen Berrywife of Alfred R Berry1845691914

27BertingElizabeth Clark Bertingfirst name on this monument1896401936id: IMG_43966
Lydia Mary Bertingrelationship not known of Elizabeth Clark Berting83
Peter Joseph Bertingrelationship not known of Elizabeth Clark Berting63

28BiasiFlorence Biasifirst name on this monument1939id: IMG_42756Wife of Paul Biasi
Paul Biasihusband of Florence Biasi

29BleePercy S Bleefirst name on this monumentid: IMG_44065
Stephen Bleefather of Percy S Blee1858781936
Sarah Bleemother of Percy S Blee1860671927
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30BleeStephen Henry Bleefirst name on this monument1858781936id: IMG_4391138 children listed
Sarah Bleewife of Stephen Henry Blee1860671927

31BowmanMuriel Elsie Bowmanfirst name on this monument1921611982id: IMG_456822
Edward Brook Bowmanrelationship not known of Muriel Elsie Bowman1919892008

32BriggsHarriet Ambrosene Briggsfirst name on this monument1882761958id: IMG_439911
Amby Briggsrelationship not known of Harriet Ambrosene Briggs
Elizabeth Briggsrelationship not known of Harriet Ambrosene Briggs1927621989 Daughter of Jack and Amby Briggs
Jack Briggsrelationship not known of Harriet Ambrosene Briggs

33BrisbaneGraeme Bruce Brisbanefirst name on this monument1952id: IMG_45073

34BrooksHarry Brooksfirst name on this monument1873891962id: IMG_46874

35BrooksHelen Brooksfirst name on this monument1842971939id: IMG_46857

36BrooksJames Herbert Brooksfirst name on this monument1870791949id: IMG_46864Son for James and Helen Brooks
James Brooksfather of James Herbert Brooks
Helen Brooksmother of James Herbert Brooks

37BrooksJames J Brooksfirst name on this monument1842501892id: IMG_468314

38BroomfieldDonald Alexander Broomfieldfirst name on this monument1926id: IMG_46414age 7 weeks

39CadwalladerAlice Louise Cadwalladerfirst name on this monument1900741974id: IMG_45594

40CadwalladerPhoebe Cadwalladerfirst name on this monument1875831958id: IMG_45495

41CahillGladys Elma Cahillfirst name on this monument1908701978id: IMG_42643
John Cahillrelationship not known of Gladys Elma Cahill1895931988

42CahillHannah Cahillfirst name on this monument1899801979id: IMG_429115
Agnes Cahillrelationship not known of Hannah Cahill1901871988
Joseph Henry Cahillrelationship not known of Hannah Cahill1909781987

43CahillJohn Cahillfirst name on this monument1858721930id: IMG_42664
Ellen Cahillrelationship not known of John Cahill1898671965
James Cahillrelationship not known of John Cahill1904471951
Mary Cahillrelationship not known of John Cahill1865811946

44CahillMargaret Elaine Cahillfirst name on this monument1946592005id: IMG_426012Wife of John Cahill
John Cahillhusband of Margaret Elaine Cahill

45CahillMaureen Agnes Cahillfirst name on this monument1935611996id: IMG_42626

46CampagnoldAnna Campagnoldfirst name on this monument63id: IMG_44234

47CampbellDaniel Campbellfirst name on this monument1862661928id: IMG_42716

48CampbellFrances Reta Campbellfirst name on this monument1902381940id: IMG_44764
Margaret Campbellrelationship not known of Frances Reta Campbell1873701943

49CantwellJohn Patrick Cantwellfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_45584Only Military details given

50CantwellMatthew Cantwellfirst name on this monument1892291921id: IMG_42733 , -matts:// , -matthew/

51CareyAnnie Careyfirst name on this monument1887471934id: IMG_42934
Michael William Careyhusband of Annie Carey1882691951

52CareyWilliam Thadeus Careyfirst name on this monument1906621968id: IMG_42957

53CarrettEdward S Carrettfirst name on this monument1888581946id: IMG_42853

54CarrettJane Carrettfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_43017
Joseph Carretthusband of Jane Carrett1831681899

55CarrottJoseph Carrottfirst name on this monument1877841961id: IMG_4318
Maude Carrottwife of Joseph Carrott1894841978

56ChappleCharles Frederick Chapplefirst name on this monument1895791974id: IMG_45836Children listed
James Frederick Chappleson of Charles Frederick Chapple Husband of Val. Two sons listed
Bryce Blairrelationship not known of Charles Frederick Chapple1887671954
Barabara Annie Omararelationship not known of Charles Frederick Chapple1952

57ChappleEllen Chapplefirst name on this monument1861741935id: IMG_436913
Charles Chapplehusband of Ellen Chapple1954-881866

58ChappleHilda Helene Alice Chapplefirst name on this monument1897551952id: IMG_45812Wife of Charles Frederick Chapple
Charles Frederick Chapplehusband of Hilda Helene Alice Chapple
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59ChownArthur Edward Chownfirst name on this monument1883591942id: IMG_4393Son of Charles and Eliza Chown
Charles Chownfather of Arthur Edward Chown
Eliza Chownmother of Arthur Edward Chown

60ChristensenChristen Christensenfirst name on this monument1868251893id: IMG_4388

61ChristensenDorathea Alice Christensenfirst name on this monument1881551936id: IMG_463914
Duncan N Christensenhusband of Dorathea Alice Christensen1877821959

62ChristensenElizbeth Christensenfirst name on this monument1864231887id: IMG_44281Wife of William Christensen
William Christensenhusband of Elizbeth Christensen

63ChristensenScren Christensenfirst name on this monument1876431919id: IMG_44471

64ChristensenSoren Christensenfirst name on this monument1826791905id: IMG_44291Born in Denmark

65ChristensenZachaus Christensenfirst name on this monument1834761910id: IMG_47117
Mary A Christensenwife of Zachaus Christensen1847721919
Nancy Macdonaldrelationship not known of Zachaus Christensen1855951950

66ChristensonGraham Berry Christensonfirst name on this monument1881581939id: IMG_47059Military details
Agnes Christensonwife of Graham Berry Christenson1978

67CooperMinne Rose Cooperfirst name on this monument1870731943id: IMG_44591

68CooperRaynard John Cooperfirst name on this monument1878841962id: IMG_4457

69CribbinsHenry Thomas Cribbinsfirst name on this monument1901id: IMG_43613
Maria Youldonrelationship not known of Henry Thomas Cribbins1883361919

70CrichtonJames Crichtonfirst name on this monument1826571883id: IMG_43551

71CrispJean Isabel Crispfirst name on this monument1925862011id: IMG_43424Wife of Jack Crisp. 4 children listed
Jack Crisphusband of Jean Isabel Crisp

72CuttingMaria Cuttingfirst name on this monument1827851912id: IMG_43271Wife of Charles Cutting

73DoyleMoira Elizabeth Doylefirst name on this monument1930531983id: IMG_434713Wife of Arnold Doyle , mother of Linda and Jennifer
Jennifer Doyledaughter of Moira Elizabeth Doyle
Linda Doyledaughter of Moira Elizabeth Doyle
Arnold Doylehusband of Moira Elizabeth Doyle

74DuffEliza Dufffirst name on this monument1849651914id: IMG_44241
Lorna G Stewartrelationship not known of Eliza Duff191171918

75DykeHarriet Mary Dykefirst name on this monument1885791964id: IMG_4692

76DykeWilliam C Dykefirst name on this monument1936211957id: IMG_46912

77EdneyCharles Edneyfirst name on this monument1900471947id: IMG_45167Husband of Gwen Edney
Gwen Edneywife of Charles Edney

78EnrightMary Jane Enrightfirst name on this monument1857401897id: IMG_43207
Michael Enrighthusband of Mary Jane Enright1847851932

79FarmerIvy Jessie Farmerfirst name on this monument191271919id: IMG_44093
Ivy Ellen Farmersister of Ivy Jessie Farmer1910 age 8months

80FergusonAnnie Fergusonfirst name on this monumentid: IMG_4483Mostly Unreadable

81FergusonFrank J Fergusonfirst name on this monument47id: IMG_44841

82FergusonRobert Fergusonfirst name on this monument1851961947id: IMG_44821

83FermioMary Fermiofirst name on this monument1885371922id: IMG_42782

84FeverWilliam Feverfirst name on this monument58id: IMG_43852
Elizabeth Feverwife of William Fever1853901943

85FieldA F E Fieldfirst name on this monument1910531963id: IMG_455513Wife and 3 children listed

86FiskDavid Fiskfirst name on this monument95id: IMG_44628
Sarah Fiskrelationship not known of David Fisk63

87FrancesJoseph Francesfirst name on this monument1898871985id: IMG_46969Family listed

88FrancisThomas William Norbert Francisfirst name on this monument1905721977id: IMG_4565Known as Tom

89FryerEthel Mary Fryerfirst name on this monument1940id: IMG_45131
Willian Ernest Fryerhusband of Ethel Mary Fryer1874801954

90FryerJack Fryerfirst name on this monument1910691979id: IMG_45126
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91GaddAnnie Elizabeth Gaddfirst name on this monument1892831975id: IMG_45607Wife of Ernest Gadd DFC
Ernest Gaddhusband of Annie Elizabeth Gadd

92GaddIsabella Gaddfirst name on this monument1876691945id: IMG_47043
E G Dykerelationship not known of Isabella Gadd1915261941 Killed in Action Torbrun

93GaddThomas Gaddfirst name on this monument1839811920id: IMG_47061
Agnes Gaddrelationship not known of Thomas Gadd1851761927
Burton Gaddrelationship not known of Thomas Gadd1878381916 Killed in Action Pozieres
Emrie Gaddrelationship not known of Thomas Gadd1890171907
Trevor Kesbyrelationship not known of Thomas Gadd

94GalesJames William Galesfirst name on this monument1867721939id: IMG_4351
Amelia Galeswife of James William Gales1875671942

95GebhardtTheodor Carl F Gebhardtfirst name on this monument1824561880id: IMG_43751

96GilbertMargaret Gilbertfirst name on this monument1869791948id: IMG_47021

97GilbertWilliam Gilbertfirst name on this monument1864871951id: IMG_46991

98GilbertWilliam B Gilbertfirst name on this monument1892221914id: IMG_47008

99GoodwinAmelia Mary Goodwinfirst name on this monument1896801976id: IMG_45202Wife of William H E Goodwin. 6 children listed
William H E Goodwinhusband of Amelia Mary Goodwin

100GoodwinE M Goodwinfirst name on this monument81id: IMG_45152
G M Goodwinrelationship not known of E M Goodwin75
M E Goodwinrelationship not known of E M Goodwin77
S E Goodwinrelationship not known of E M Goodwin69

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