St Nicholas' Church burial ground, Gosforth, Northumberland, England

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Monument list surnamefull namebirth
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601HoggNancy Hogg1873641937id: DSC_00387400911072
John Henry Hogg1940

602HolmesJohn Edward Holmes1859751934id: DSC_04957404751071
Isabella Holmes1861851946

603HolmesJohn Tinnion Holmes1888461934id: DSC_04847404661077

604HolmesStephen Holmes1719881807id: DSC_15317413691081farmer of Heaton
Thomas Holmes1752601812
Frances Holmes1728881816

605HolmesThomas Holmes1705551760id: DSC_15307413681081of North Gosforth
Mary Holmes1796

606HomershamAlfred Homersham1897381935id: DSC_02747402981105Died at Coventry
Frederick Homersham
Seline Homersham
Alice Chapman1890631953
William Herbert Chapman1897631960

607HopeAnn Hope1852421894id: DSC_07007406551090
Sarah E Evans1786861872
George Hope1843711914 of Dene View House , South Gosforth
Richard T F Hope1884341918 killed action in France
William Hope187111872
Asa John Evans1876611937 of Cardigan

608HopeThomas Hope1889471936id: DSC_01587401951081
Ethel Hope

609HopeWilliam Hope77id: DSC_13997412531090

610HopeWilliam Hope40id: DSC_14897413341082of Coxlodge
Mary Ann Hope20
Isabella Hope1867 died at Bulmans Village

611HopperJohn William Hopper1864581922id: DSC_05777405411075
Frances L H Hopper1943

612HopperThomas Knight Hopper1877521929id: DSC_09777408871088
Margaret Hopper1882491931

613HorneStanley Horne1896641960id: DSC_04457404391079

614HornsbyGrace Hornsby1860611921id: DSC_06157405741071had 2 daughters who died in infancy
James Hornsby1859731932

615HoulkerWilliam Henry Houlker78id: DSC_00727401211074Died 14.12.193?
Isabella Ann Houlker1858871945

616HoweyJohn Thomas Howey1867491916id: DSC_10447409421081of Coxlodge late of Usworth accidently killed at Hazelrigg Colliery
Bell Howey1871751946

617HuddartPeter Huddart1866741940id: DSC_03187403361085
Elizabeth Huddart1868721940

618HugganMary Ann Huggan1862761938id: DSC_01047401501071
John Huggan1864821946

619HumbleChristopher Humble1919id: DSC_11417410281078

620HumbleThomas Humble1840461886id: DSC_12667411431126of Gosforth
Ethel Humble1873141887
Martha Humble1868201888
Mary Jane Humble187661882
Margaret Humble1874811955
Margaret Joan Lee1919791998
Bessie Wilson1905641969
Harry Humble1908801988
Thomas Hodgson Humble1902451947
Henry Thomas Humble1872581930
Jane Humble1844421886
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621HumeJames Thomas Hume1822771899id: DSC_13827412401081of Coxlodge Colliery
John Hume1808731881
Margaret Hume1859131872
Mary Hume186541869
Margaret Hume1828741902
Isabella M Hume1854811935

622HumeSurtees Hume1867661933id: DSC_05017404771072
Mary Hume1874821956

623HumphreyWilliam Ridley Humphrey1860711931id: DSC_00607401111073
Alice Mary Humphrey1863821945

624HunterAnn Hunter1815631878id: DSC_14277412781093
Joseph Hunter1813671880

625HunterDorothy Hunter1843701913id: DSC_11027409911075
William Hunter1844731917
Joseph Hunter1875391914

626HunterEdward Hunter1819811900id: DSC_10497409451089
Mary Hunter1821791900

627HunterMary Hunter1840651905id: DSC_11017409901088of Gosforth
Joseph Hunter
Ann Hunter

628HunterRobert Hunter1860601920id: DSC_06357405941075
Alice Morgan Hunter1867881955

629HunterSarah Ann Hunter1908id: DSC_12727411471083
Joseph Hunter

630HunterThomas Hunter1847631910id: DSC_05907405531099
Jamima Findlater187951884
Thomas Hunter1883391922
Annie Hunter

631HunterThomas Charles Hunter1835751910id: DSC_12627411391072
Isabella Hunter1848751923

632HunterWilliam Hunter1861381899id: DSC_13157411861087
Ernest Cecil Hunter1893221915 fell at the second battle of Ypres

633HunterWilliam Hunter1806771883id: DSC_11587410451079
Isabella Hunter185011851
Robert Lawson Hunter1854 fouth son died age 11 months
Thomas Stote Hunter1847141861 eldest son
Mary Hunter1813741887

634Hunter BlairAlice Hunter Blair1870611931id: DSC_09477408621087
Charles Hunter Blair1863991962

635Hunter BlairAlison Hunter Blair1897id: DSC_093174084810918 months old
Joyce Elizabeth Hunter Blair190881916

636HuntingtonIsabella Agnes Huntington1938id: DSC_00257400781080of Carlisle

637HuptonMarjorie Huptonid: DSC_07487406951083youngest twin
Charles Hupton
Augusta Hupton

638HutchinsonAnnie Eliza Hutchinsonid: DSC_07337406821102died Easter Eve
Elizabeth Hutchinson1769821851

639HutchinsonGeorge Miles Hutchinson1960id: DSC_11557410421074

640HuttGeorge Lidster Hutt1914431957id: DSC_04207404151090

641HuttyEdward Henry Hutty1920id: DSC_07457406931091of Gosforth
Elizabeth Hutty
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642Ics Ics1953id: DSC_14367412861092

643ImrieElizabeth Imrie1913id: DSC_12957411681074of South Shields
John Imrie

644InglebyDorothy Ingleby1891251916id: DSC_08337407591073
John Ingleby

645InnesJohn Innes1937id: DSC_00907401371075

646IrvineSamuel Irvine1846771923id: DSC_05657405311076
Annie Irvine1849761925

647IrvingEdward Irving1879551934id: DSC_04667404561075
Maud Sarah Irving1880711951

648IrvingGeorge Alexander Irving1896311927id: DSC_09857408941085
Edith Irving1898841982 eldest daughter
George Ernest Irving1869761945
Mary Irving1873891962
George William Irving1922211943 eldest son died of wounds
Mabel Irving

649IrvingGeorge Little Irving1895id: DSC_13727412331083
Elizabeth Jane Irving1926
Mary Emma Irving1927
Halliburton Little Irving1897
Emma Jane Irving

650IrvingJane Irving1841681909id: DSC_12067410871086
George Beal
Mary Beal

651IrwinWilliam Irwin1890441934id: DSC_08047407381073

652JackJames Jack1937id: DSC_05817405451075

653JacksonFrederick Jackson1880491929id: DSC_02327402601074
Mary Jackson1876711947

654JacksonGeorge William Jackson1867651932id: DSC_05137404871086
Christiana Jackson1864781942

655JamesJohn James1794591853id: DSC_1227741108108240 years as upholsterer Pilgrim Street , Newcastle
Charles James1805601865
Eleanor Mary James1794681862

656JamesJohn James1826331859id: DSC_12287411091085upholsterer of Newcastle upon Tyne
Elizabeth Robinson1807691876
Frances James1830291859
John William James1859
Henry Robinson

657JamesMary Ann Jamesid: DSC_12267411071082upholsterer of Newcastle
Mary Ann Lilley
John of Gosforth
Frances Mary Lilley185191860
John James36
William James1828231851
John Lilley

658JeffreyThomas Scott Jeffrey1868751943id: DSC_03947403921073
Wilfred Jeffrey1889281917 interred Bagdad , Mesopotania
Jane Alice Jeffrey1863901953

659JeppsSamuel Hamilton Jepps1880371917id: DSC_08977408181071

660JoblingMargaret Jobling1831781909id: DSC_12307411101076

661JobsonRobert Jobson1808351843id: DSC_13247411941082
William Jobson1833421875
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662JohanssonCarl John Johansson1876341910id: DSC_12747411491092

663JohnsonAnn Johnson1835461881id: DSC_12907411641078
Eliza Johnson1871461917
William Johnson1836451881 builder of Gosforth
William Johnson

664JohnsonAnnie Johnson1858951953id: DSC_09807408901078
William Johnson

665JohnsonAnthony Johnson1878761954id: DSC_04927404731071
Jane Johnson1862751937

666JohnsonDavid Johnson1874651939id: DSC_02687402921081
Lindsey Herbert Granville Johnson1901
Martha Johnson1873851958

667JohnsonFlorence Evelyn Johnson1908341942id: DSC_03657403711071

668JohnsonFrances Johnson1823681891id: DSC_12577411341082late of Loughbridge
William Johnson1822841906

669JohnsonIsabella Johnson1917141931id: DSC_01987402311074
Joseph Johnson
Isabella Johnson1889751964

670JohnsonMartin Johnson1834831917id: DSC_07297406781077
Maria Johnson1871601931
Elizabeth Johnson1845801925

671JohnsonMary Johnson1850511901id: DSC_13067411771077of Market Lane , Dunston
Maggie Johnson1912
William Johnson67

672JohnsonMary Johnson1842491891id: DSC_12097410901090died at Causay Park Bridge
Jane Gray1929
Henry Johnson1810631873
Edward Johnson1840671907 died at Coxlodge
Jane Johnson1815781893 died at Coxlodge

673JohnsonTabitha Susannah Johnson1841801921id: DSC_06167405751073

674JohnsonThomas Johnson1849691918id: DSC_09287408451087
Eliza Johnson1846881934

675JohnsonThomas Johnson1870561926id: DSC_10357409341088
Catherine Johnson infant
Lillian Johnson infant
Mary Johnson1896841980
Ann Johnson1873941967

676JohnsonWilliam Johnson1801741875id: DSC_13627412241077Viewer of Coxlodge Colliery died at Bulman Village
Mary Johnson1802781880 died at Bulman Village

677JohnsonWilliam Johnson1785661851id: DSC_14717413171087ironmonger of Newcastle upon Tyne
Elizabeth Johnson1790721862

678JohnsonWilliam Johnson1770651835id: DSC_11327410191079of Hawdon Colliery

679JohnstonEllen E Johnston1910381948id: DSC_02707402941080

680JohnstonThomas Johnston1901481949id: DSC_04107404051072

681JohnstonWilliam Oliver Johnston1851791930id: DSC_02117402431069
Margaret Johnston1851941945

682JonesMargaret Lenore Jones1883201903id: DSC_09007408211086of Gosforth
Anthony Jones
Margaret Jones

683JoplingAda M Jopling1882371919id: DSC_09367408521091of Gosforth

684KeenWilliam Keen1840761916id: DSC_09107408311089born Hungerford , died Gosforth
Mary Louise Keen1849751924
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685KennedyMargaret Kennedy1877781955id: DSC_04247404191069

686KentElizabeth Ann Kent1871611932id: DSC_05317405031079
Joseph Kent1867661933

687KentGeorge Kent1826491875id: DSC_14127412661117
Margaret Black
Elizabeth Maggs1845731918
George Kent1800761876
Edward Kent1858611919
John Kent
Mary Kent1825821907

688KerseMary Kerse1851651916id: DSC_08907408111082of Gosforth
William Kerse1850741924
Stanley Brown Kerse1889611950 youngest son

689KestingE Charles Kesting1932id: DSC_06347405931071
Wynefred Kesting191551920
Florence Kesting

690KidmanMay Kidman187371880id: DSC_10527409481079

691KingFrances Brooke King1857341891id: DSC_15867414231080
Charles Thomas King
Raymond Miles King188411885

692KingKatherine King1897id: DSC_15877414241080
Charles Thomas King

693KinnisJames Alexander Kinnis1888281916id: DSC_10617409561082of Gosforth
John Kinnis1853751928
Mary Ann Kinnis1843841927
William Duncan Kinnis1881411922

694KirkleyRichard Embleton Kirkley1866731939id: DSC_02667402901098
Grace Kirkley1868751943

695KirkupGeorge Joseph Kirkup1921171938id: DSC_00937401401081
Thomas Kirkup
May Kirkup

696KirkupJames Kirkup1796811877id: DSC_14007412541092of Coxlodge Colliery
Jane Kirkup1820661886

697KirkupJane Kirkup1856441900id: DSC_12657411421078
Jeannie Kirkup1887151902
Margaret Kirkup1878331911
Thomas Kirkup1863501913
Robert Hewitson Kirkup1884231907

698KitchingJohn Kitching1729771806id: DSC_12257411061078
Charles Kitching179991808
Mary Kitching
Joan Kitching74

699KnewsmithRosemary Frances Knewsmith193731940id: DSC_05577405241087Surname probably Knewsmith

700KnoxThomas W Knox1890271917id: DSC_11347410211076of Coxlodge
James Knox
Letitia Knox

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