St Nicholas' Church burial ground, Gosforth, Northumberland, England

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101BellAnn Bell1839741913id: DSC_15697414061088
Percival Allan Bell1842721914

102BellAnn Bellid: DSC_12127410931079of Fawdon
Benjamin Bell1850601910

103BellCharles Francis Robert Bell1885321917id: DSC_09407408551080killed by enemy torpedo
Constance Bell

104BellClarissa Bell1936id: DSC_01847402191084

105BellD Bell1891291920id: DSC_06337405921073240551 Private Northumberland Fusiliers

106BellGeorge Bell1839651904id: DSC_15977414341085
George Bell1870421912 killed at Dinnington Colliery
Elizabeth Bell1841751916

107BellGeorge Bell34id: DSC_04607404531072

108BellHannah Jane Bell1871401911id: DSC_09097408301081
John Edmund Bell

109BellHerbert Graham Bell1862581920id: DSC_06267405851074engineer born Dundee , died Gosforth
Christiana Miller Bell1865891954

110BellJames W Bell1854641918id: DSC_08667407881082
Lily Bell
Henry Bryson Bell1952
Elizabeth Bell1855811936

111BellJohn Thomas Bell1930id: DSC_02087402401071Middle Brunton , Gosforth
Mary Ann Bell

112BellMargaret Ann Bell1900241924id: DSC_08137407411089
Ethel Margaret Blenkinsop1883581941
Thomas Bell1871611932
Matthew Blenkinsop

113BellMary Jane Bell1863751938id: DSC_02927403121095

114BellWilliam Bell1800761876id: DSC_13087411791080died at Fawdon Farm
Eleanor Bell1805341839 interred at Long Horsley

115BellWilliam Boyd Bell1875111886id: DSC_11627410491073choir boy

116BelmoreWilliam Benjamin Belmore1852671919id: DSC_07267406751090of Gosforth
Florence Francis Belmore1951

117BerkleyHugh Berkley1959id: DSC_04477404411073

118BewickIsaac Bewick1817681885id: DSC_13457412111081formerly of Middle Brunton
Robert Bewick185561861
Isabella Bewick1824741898

119BiggarWilliam Biggar1861661927id: DSC_10347409331091
Sybil Biggar1899321931
Elizabeth Biggar

120BiggsMary Biggs1882421924id: DSC_07947407301079
John William Biggs1879651944

121BiggsMary Biggs1924id: DSC_07817407191087

122BindleyFrederick Wood Bindley1841511892id: DSC_11637410501083rector of Gosforth

123BirdEmma Bird1840791919id: DSC_07377406861084
Henry Soden Bird1845741919 (Solicitor) of Gosforth

124BirnieMargaret Birnie1853601913id: DSC_08427407681071
James Birnie1850651915

125BithellH R Bithell1917id: DSC_06707406261075201887 Private Cheshire Regiment

126BlackAnnie Black1922id: DSC_06117405711076
Robert Black1870721942
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127BlackCyril Black1886291915id: DSC_07137406651082died as the result of an accident
Mary M Black

128BlackFrederick Black1884491933id: DSC_05187404911074
Ethel A Black1962

129BlackJ Black1891291920id: DSC_15637414011080461069 Lance Corporal Royal Engineers

130BlackJames Black1863661929id: DSC_09767408861081
Frederick Black1906541960 Cremated at West Rd Newcastle
Mary Walton Black1871621933

131BlackJames Black1792711863id: DSC_15737414101085of Bulman Village
Elizabeth Black184151846
Elizabeth Black184111842
Margaret Black1827751902 died at Dudley
Margaret Black1850651915
George Black1844701914
Elizabeth Black1807701877

132BlackJames Noel Black193351938id: DSC_04947404741071

133BlacklockFred Blacklock1917id: DSC_08677407891081
Ethel Blacklock

134BlairNora Lilian Blair1881941975id: DSC_04407404351071

135BlandWilliam Bland1939id: DSC_00307400831078

136BlechyndenElizabeth Blechynden1812741886id: DSC_12977411701075of Wooler
Anne Blechynden1835791914 died at Whitely Bay
Elizabeth Blechynden1845661911
Fred Milburn Blechynden1884281912 accidentally killed
Edward Blechynden
Edward Blechynden1842481890 interred at Cabbage Bay , New Zealand
George Blechynden1840431883

137BlenkinsopJane Anne Blenkinsop1844731917id: DSC_07057406591093
Amy Blenkinsop1874881962
Annie Elizabeth Blenkinsop1874841958
Marjorie S Blenkinsop1904361940 of Rotherham
Matthew Blenkinsop1840781918
Archbold Summers Blenkinsop1873771950
William Hunter Blenkinsop1870831953

138BolamSarah Bolam1808711879id: DSC_13607412221089
Isabella Bolam1843781921
Sarah Ellen Bolam1746791825
Elizabeth Scott1849671916
Sarah Isabella Scott1890731963
John Bolam1898
William Frederick Bolam1892
Peter Scott
Charles Bolam1799671866 interred at Old Penshaw

139BolamWilliam Bolam1851661917id: DSC_08647407861079
Jane Bolam

140BoldonWilliam Boldon1842631905id: DSC_09207408401077
Jane Boldon188411885
Grace Boldon1853781931

141BoltonLionel Bolton1798631861id: DSC_15747414111080of Brunton Mill
Adam Shield1809771886 died at Blaydon on Tyne
Lionel Bolton1830461876 died at Blaydon on Tyne
Frances Bolton1809821891 died at Blaydon on Tyne
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142BoneMargaret Bone1833571890id: DSC_13567412181089
William Wardle1846731919
John Wardle1804781882
J R Bone
Eleanor Wardle1809791888
Ann Jane Wardle1861701931

143BorkwoodErnest Borkwood1874511925id: DSC_07497406961085
Jessie Borkwood1865831948

144BosanouitWilliam Samuel Bosanouit1916241940id: DSC_03617403681071
Georgina Bosanouit
Alice Henderson
James Henderson1883681951

145BossJohn George Boss1847661913id: DSC_10467409431082chairman of Gosforth District Council 1901-1911
Ada Isabel Boss1872781950
Marie Boss
John George Boss1884651949
Isabella Taylor Boss1847851932
Marie Isabel Boss1886741960

146BottomleyJames Frances Bottomley1975-531922id: DSC_06007405621074

147BowmanJohn David Bowman1835641899id: DSC_15897414261089late of North Shields who died at Emerson House , Westerhope
Ann Bowman1914

148BowmanSarah Ann Bowman1879591938id: DSC_00967401421069
Thonas Bowman

149BowranRobert Bowran1868641932id: DSC_05117404851068
Mary L Bowran1881721953

150BradleyCharles Bradley1907id: DSC_15967414331079died from injuries received at Dinnington Colliery on 27th Nov 1907
Isabella Jane Bradley1863521915

151BradleyGeorge Bradley1942id: DSC_03447403561070

152Brandling Brandlingid: DSC_14087412621097

153BrandonHarold Yorke Brandon1856411897id: DSC_09507408651087

154BrearleyWilliam Arthur Brearley1875831958id: DSC_05077404821074
Varley Bates1854841938
Hannah Bates1854781932
Mary E Brearley1879801959

155BrewisJoseph Brewis187961885id: DSC_13017411731085
Robert Swan Brewis1863551918 youngest son died at Wansbeck Villa , Ponteland
Isabella Brewis1854401894 died at Campwell
Bessie Newsome
Evelyn Mary Newsome191961925 died at Wansbeck Villa
John Newsome

156BrewisMargaret Brewis1841561897id: DSC_12637411401076
John Brewis

157BrewisRichard Wilkinson Brewis1853231876id: DSC_13317412001099died accidentally at Gosforth Colliery
Robert Brewis
Margaret Brewis

158BriggsAndrew Briggs1852551907id: DSC_13907412471085died from injuries received at Hazelrigg Colliery
Eleanor Briggs1930

159BrittonEdward Cannington Britton1844601904id: DSC_06757406301079formerly of Bristol , manager of High Gosforth Park Company

160BroadhurstAda Alice Broadhurst1940id: DSC_000474005711002? January

161BrooksJane Brooks1883541937id: DSC_00847401311070
John Brooks
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162Brown Brown1892411933id: DSC_05307405021103

163BrownJohn Brown1838531891id: DSC_13987412521086
Hannah Brown

164BrownJohn Brown1841631904id: DSC_11617410481079of Kenton Bank Foot
Gilbert Brown1879 aged 7 months
John Fenwick Brown186681874
Joseph Armstrong Brown1871181889
Annie Brown

165BrownWilliam Brown1854601914id: DSC_09427408571084
Annie Margaret Brown1861861947

166BrownlowGeorge Garbett Brownlow1872311903id: DSC_13677412281078
Margaret Brownlow

167BrydonJohn Windlow Brydon1868641932id: DSC_00507401031074
Isabella Brydon1870741944

168BuglassAmelia Ann Buglass1889531942id: DSC_04597404521080
Margaret Ann Buglass1863861949

169BullockThomas Bullock1873441917id: DSC_10857409751071
Maria Bullock1941

170BulmanCaroline Eleanor Bulman1874id: DSC_14677413131085
John Bulman
Eleanor Bulman1828571885
Harrison Bulman
Mary Bulman

171BulmanJob Bulman1806721878id: DSC_14797413251084of Coxlodge
Matilda Jane Bulman1800231823 third daughter
Caroline Bulman
Caroline Sophia Bulman182821830
Darnell Bulman1795681863 third son
Francis Winter Bulman1796581854 fourth son
George Bulman1804361840 youngest son Captain in D.M. 60th Royal Rifles
John James Bulman

172BulmanWillam Scott Forster Bulman1925id: DSC_07927407281078

173BurfieldWiliam John Burfield1889491938id: DSC_00867401331071
Alice L Burfield

174BurkittLizzie Burkitt1924id: DSC_07907407261087
Jesse Burkitt1864671931

175BurnipWilliam Burnip1818831901id: DSC_08867408071071
Emma Burnip1829771906

176BurrellJohn Burrell176741771id: DSC_11777410611080of Coxlodge
John Burrell

177BurrellMamie Burrell1901261927id: DSC_10147409181071
Walter Burrell1874711945
Mary Burrell1875741949

178BurrillW E Burrill1894471941id: DSC_03527403611075Volunteer Home Guard , 12th Northumberland Bn
Mary Burrill

179BurtWilliam Burt1870351905id: DSC_13117411821080
Ellen Naylor1896461942 interred Hayland , Yorkshire
William Burt Naylor1923211944 Royal Air Force killed in accident in Canada
Sarah Jane Burt1872811953

180BurtonAlice Burton1845421887id: DSC_10107409141090
Hannah Burton1873751948
Thomas Burton1840871927 of Cast Kenton Farm
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181BurtonJames Burton1883581941id: DSC_03287403441079
Elizabeth Ann Burton

182BusbyThomas George Busby1871651936id: DSC_01787402131073

183BustardMary Bustard1883781961id: DSC_04437404371072
Bunty Bustard1915892004
Ernest Edwin Bustard1884841968

184BuswellThomas Buswell1855511906id: DSC_11067409951089
Elizabeth Buswell1861831944

185ButcherIsaac Butcher1831891920id: DSC_06687406241099
Horace Butcher
Adelaide Jane Butcher1865721937
Annie Butcher1868611929
Mary Butcher

186ButtressA G Buttress1873451918id: DSC_06837406381077196690 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery

187BuxtonE Buxtonid: DSC_05257404971081

188BuxtonEdward Buxton1926121938id: DSC_05557405221083

189ByersEleanor Byers1833541887id: DSC_07167406661079
Henry Byers1834791913
Susannah Byers1810821892
Friedrich Henry Paul Byers1894 aged 8 months
Gabriele Byers
Henry Byers

190CG Cid: DSC_01557401921075

191CallisterThomas Edward Callister1874581932id: DSC_05507405181082
Frances Callister

192CalvertMargaret Jane Calvert1861741935id: DSC_02547402811082
James Calvert1857791936

193CampbellElizabeth C Campbell1862761938id: DSC_00977401431071

194CarrArthur Carr1881551936id: DSC_01697402051084
Charlotte Elizabeth Carr1864751939

195CarrElizabeth Carr1815901905id: DSC_13047411751082late of Birmingham
John Carr

196CarrHarold Wildon Carr1875581933id: DSC_05207404931084
David Lewis1861771938
Lilian Moffat

197CarrHenry George Carr1833421875id: DSC_13287411971083of Gosforth Terrace
Jane Stoker1833821915
Thomas Stoker1833781911

198CarrJohn Carr1799671866id: DSC_15947414311090of Roseworth. JP for Northumberland and Newcastle upon Tyne
Jane Susanna Carr1804651869
Charlotte Anne Dixon Carr1908
Henry George Carr1846321878
John Carr1827641891 JP and Alderman of this county

199CarrJohn Grey Carr186421866id: DSC_15937414301083
Emily Constance Carr1860211881

200CarrMargaret Carr1857781935id: DSC_02587402841078of Gateshead and Alston

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