St Peter and St Paul's Church burial ground, Stainton, Yorkshire, England

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101GowlandJoseph Gowlandfirst name on this monument1848231871id: 28587346641074

102GreenwellJohn Greenwellfirst name on this monument1836431879id: 30257347851077
Annie Greenwelldaughter of John Greenwell Died in Infancy
Thomas Greenwellson of John Greenwell187271879
Cicely Greenwellwife of John Greenwell

103HallRobert Hallfirst name on this monument1829721901id: 27727346201069of Maltby

104HandysidesAmelia Handysidesfirst name on this monument1822791901id: 29837347531070
John Handysideshusband of Amelia Handysides of Acklam

105HarlowLouisa Harlowfirst name on this monument1865741939id: 27467345991072
Henry Edwin Harlowhusband of Louisa Harlow1879821961

106HarrisAnthony Richard Harrisfirst name on this monument1960301990id: 29127346991067
Gene Harrismother of Anthony Richard Harris1995 no age given

107HarrisonAnn Harrisonfirst name on this monument1792731865id: 30227347841069
Mary Ann Harrisondaughter of Ann Harrison182621828
Cuthbert Harrisonhusband of Ann Harrison1782941876

108HarrisonMargaret Harrisonfirst name on this monument190821910id: 2855
(2 images)
W Harrisonfather of Margaret Harrison
E M Harrisonmother of Margaret Harrison

109HarrisonMary Ann Harrisonfirst name on this monument1830451875id: 29947347601066
James Harrisonhusband of Mary Ann Harrison1834601894

110HarrisonRobert Harrisonfirst name on this monument1831531884id: 29957347611068of Maltby
Mary Harrisonwife of Robert Harrison1839761915

111HarrisonWilliam Harrisonfirst name on this monument1873821955id: 28577346631075
Edith Maude Harrisonwife of William Harrison1871881959

112HaykinGeorge Haykinfirst name on this monument1842701912id: 2811
(2 images)
7346381067of Thornton
Hannah Haykinwife of George Haykin1855851940

113HaykinMary Haykinfirst name on this monument1842341876id: 29937347591071
Thomlinson Haykindaughter-in-law of Mary Haykin
George Haykinhusband of Mary Haykin1842701912
Christopher Haykinson of Mary Haykin1875401915 Husband of Thomlinson

114HelmJohn Martin Helmfirst name on this monument1864461910id: 28527346601067
William Helmfather of John Martin Helm1819791898
Sarah Ann Helmmother of John Martin Helm1828641892
Elizabeth Ann Helmsister of John Martin Helm1853611914

115HillJane Hillfirst name on this monument1828711899id: 27737346211080
Robinson Hillhusband of Jane Hill

116HodgsonJohn Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1843311874id: 30027347671084
Richard Barker Hodgsonfather of John Hodgson1804861890
Ann Hodgsonmother of John Hodgson1814741888
Jane Hodgsonsister of John Hodgson185511856

117HorisonJohn Horisonfirst name on this monument174891757id: 29007346911067
John Horisonfather of John Horison
Elizabeth Horisonmother of John Horison

118HowardTheresa Doreen Howardfirst name on this monument1936551991id: 29137347001066

119HudsonJohn Hudsonfirst name on this monument1833861919id: 2804
(2 images)
Elizabeth Hudsonwife of John Hudson1848801928

120HugillJohn George Hugillfirst name on this monument1906201926id: 2790
(3 images)
John George Hugillfather of John George Hugill1866631929
Jane Elizabeth Hugillmother of John George Hugill1854451899
Ann Elizabeth Hugill1943201963 daughter of William and Lucy Ann
Lucy Ann Hugill
William Hugill Husband of Lucy Ann
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121HugillJohn William Hugillfirst name on this monument1887711958id: 30617348041074
Florence Louisa Hugillwife of John William Hugill1887841971

122HugillJonathan Hugillfirst name on this monument1834581892id: 30607348031075
Elizabeth Hugillwife of Jonathan Hugill1825761901

123HugoninFrancis Edgar Hugoninfirst name on this monument1898691967id: 29597347371067Royal Artillery
Joan Mary Hugoninwife of Francis Edgar Hugonin1904771981

124HunterThomas William Hunterfirst name on this monument1917751992id: 29297347131074

125HutchinsonJohn R Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1890581948id: 27217345831069
Elizabeth Jane Hutchinsonwife of John R Hutchinson1891881979

126HutchinsonSarah Ann Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument1863731936id: 27597346081071
Joseph Hutchinsonhusband of Sarah Ann Hutchinson

127HuttonEdward Huttonfirst name on this monument1822431865no image7347941071died at South Stockton

128HuttonThomas Huttonfirst name on this monument1851271878id: 28637346671069
Thomas Huttonfather of Thomas Hutton
Mary Huttonmother of Thomas Hutton

129JacksonJohn William Jacksonfirst name on this monument1889581947id: 2897
(2 images)
Susan Harriet Jacksonwife of John William Jackson1894821976

130JacksonLettice Jacksonfirst name on this monument1874511925id: 2778
(2 images)
G A Jacksonhusband of Lettice Jackson1866601926

131JamesLily Jamesfirst name on this monument1965id: 30757348121066no age given
Edward Alfred Jameshusband of Lily James1967 no age given

132JarvisHewison Jarvisfirst name on this monument1964id: 28697346701070
John Burdett1943

133JeffriesLisa J Jeffriesfirst name on this monument1975211996id: 29517347321069

134JenneyFred Jenneyfirst name on this monument1884761960id: 28717346711067
Eva Jenneywife of Fred Jenney year and age below ground

135JohnsonHilda Johnsonfirst name on this monument1914841998id: 28837346811065

136JohnsonSamuel Johnsonfirst name on this monument1919id: 2736
(2 images)

137JohnsonSamuel Johnsonfirst name on this monument1919id: 28127346391069laid in another grave but not thought to be any family connection

138JustAda Justfirst name on this monument1894891983id: 30527347991071

139JustRobert Justfirst name on this monument1856611917id: 3053
(5 images)
7348001069of Thornton
Ann Just1827611888
Robert Just1894 Husband of Ann
William Just1853691922 Son of Robert and Ann
Emma Justfirst wife of Robert Just1850361886
Barbara Justsecond wife of Robert Just1857521909

140JustThomas Henry Justfirst name on this monument1896481944id: 27667346151071
Margaret Lilian Justwife of Thomas Henry Just of Thornton

141KirbyThomas Kirbyfirst name on this monument1833651898id: 30077347711076
Benjamin Kirbyson of Thomas Kirby186331866
Elizabeth Kirbywife of Thomas Kirby1835321867

142KirbyWiliam Stobart Kirbyfirst name on this monument1871811952id: 27197345821071
Esther Kirbywife of Wiliam Stobart Kirby1877821959

143LambCharles Ridley Lambfirst name on this monument1867631930id: 2747
(2 images)
Josephine Mary Lamb1872801952

144LambJoseph William Lambfirst name on this monument1921731994id: 28817346791068
Vera Lambwife of Joseph William Lamb1924832007

145LayfieldWilliam Layfieldfirst name on this monument1809431852id: 2990
(2 images)

146LaytonJames Laytonfirst name on this monument1808651873id: 30047347691069
Mary Jane Laytondaughter of James Layton1844411885
William Laytonson of James Layton1876 age not clear
Jane Laytonwife of James Layton1804761880
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147LeighLaura Mary Leighfirst name on this monument186631869id: 30157347791065
John James Leighfather of Laura Mary Leigh of Bishop Auckland
Sarah Louisa Leighmother of Laura Mary Leigh

148LennardJohn Mowatt Lennardfirst name on this monument1823671890id: 2920
(4 images)
7347071072died at Coulby Manor
Mary M Lennardwife of John Mowatt Lennard1820861906

149LintonHannah Elizabeth Lintonfirst name on this monument1895731968id: 27187345811066
Marjorie Lintondaughter of Hannah Elizabeth Linton1931 age not visible
John B Lintonhusband of Hannah Elizabeth Linton1891921983

150LittleSamuel A Littlefirst name on this monument198691995id: 29257347091068

151LoweJane Lowefirst name on this monument1811401851id: 28607346651066
George Lowehusband of Jane Lowe

152LoweTerence Lowefirst name on this monument1947471994id: 28797346771065
Joyce Lowewife of Terence Lowe

153MalkinDorothy Eva Malkinfirst name on this monument1895501945id: 276473461310681
Lawrence Malkinhusband of Dorothy Eva Malkin1875851960

154MalvinIsabella Malvinfirst name on this monument1841411882id: 29997347641068
Mark Malvinhusband of Isabella Malvin

155MannFrancis Arthur Mannfirst name on this monument1867801947id: 27767346231066for 17 years vicar of Stainton

156MannMartha Hannah Mannfirst name on this monument1871731944id: 27777346241066
Francis Arthur Mannhusband of Martha Hannah Mann

157MannersCharles Mannersfirst name on this monument34id: 30517347981071year not clear
John Mannersfather of Charles Manners1887 age not clear
Ann Mannersmother of Charles Manners1800731873

158MasonJames Masonfirst name on this monument1793231816id: 28377346521074
John Masonbrother of James Mason27 year not clear
John Masonfather of James Mason1779731852
Hannah Masonmother of James Mason1772841856
Mary Taylor1790901880

159MasseyJames Masseyfirst name on this monument1854631917id: 28197346411066
Annie Marwooddaughter-in-law of James Massey1889251914
Charlie Masseyson of James Massey died in Infnacy
William Masseyson of James Massey died in Infnacy
Mary Masseywife of James Massey1866801946

160MayWilliam Oliver Mayfirst name on this monument1906741980id: 28907346861067
Marjorie Maywife of William Oliver May1909912000

161MaynardJohn Robert Maynardfirst name on this monument1901861987id: 29197347061084
Margaret Heather Chapmandaughter of John Robert Maynard1935752010
Amy Maynardwife of John Robert Maynard1902931995

162MaynardSarah Edith Maynardfirst name on this monument189661902id: 2774
(2 images)
J R Maynardfather of Sarah Edith Maynard
S J Maynardmother of Sarah Edith Maynard

163MaynardSarah Jane Maynardfirst name on this monument1871681939id: 27417345961066
Robert Maynardhusband of Sarah Jane Maynard year and age obscured

164McmenemyWalter Mcmenemyfirst name on this monument1905431948id: 27257345861065

165MeaburnAnn Meaburnfirst name on this monument1807721879id: 30107347741072
Agness Meaburndaughter of Ann Meaburn Died in Infancy
Ann Meaburndaughter of Ann Meaburn Died in Infancy
Helen Meaburndaughter of Ann Meaburn Died in Infancy
Helen Wrightdaughter of Ann Meaburn1851281879
George Meaburnhusband of Ann Meaburn1806791885
John Meaburnson of Ann Meaburn Died in Infancy
William Meaburnson of Ann Meaburn Died in Infancy
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166MeaburnMatthew Meaburnfirst name on this monument1833441877id: 30097347731080
Mary Meaburnwife of Matthew Meaburn1832521884

167MetcalfeJane Breckon Metcalfefirst name on this monument1877541931id: 2823
(2 images)
Joseph Metcalfefather of Jane Breckon Metcalfe
Margaret Metcalfemother of Jane Breckon Metcalfe

168MetcalfeJoseph Metcalfefirst name on this monument1846721918id: 2826
(2 images)
Margaret Metcalfewife of Joseph Metcalfe1845891934

169MewburnJames Mewburnfirst name on this monument1814691883id: 29897347571067
Helen Mewburnwife of James Mewburn1823801903

170MonkmanJames Henry Monkmanfirst name on this monument1877731950id: 2733
(2 images)
Annis Monkmanwife of James Henry Monkman1883751958

171MonkmanRichard Monkmanfirst name on this monument1901id: 29817347511076age not clear
Jane Wheatleymother-in-law of Richard Monkman1797951892
Sarah Monkmanwife of Richard Monkman

172MoodyJohn William Moodyfirst name on this monument1913671980id: 28897346851065
Eileen Margaret Moody1929812010

173MooreAnnie Wallace Moorefirst name on this monument1886651951id: 2716
(2 images)

174MooreWilliam Wallace Moorefirst name on this monument1886691955id: 27147345781066
Clara Jane Moorewife of William Wallace Moore

175NaisbitA J Naisbitfirst name on this monument1922221944id: 27627346111075Pilot Officer. Wireless Operator / Gunner. Royal Air Force

176NaitbyEliza Naitbyfirst name on this monument1878111889id: 29747347461075
John Naitbyfather of Eliza Naitby
Mary Ann Naitbymother of Eliza Naitby

177NaitbyMary Ann Naitbyfirst name on this monument1842691911id: 2975
(2 images)
John Naitbyhusband of Mary Ann Naitby1847771924

178NeallBenjamin Neallfirst name on this monumentid: 29587347361068Stone badly eroded
John Neallnephew of Benjamin Neall63

179NewberryRita Crafton Newberryfirst name on this monument1948211969id: 30877348201079
Rita Marjorie Newberryfather of Rita Crafton Newberry1926802006
George Crafton Newberrymother of Rita Crafton Newberry1924832007

180OllerheadJames Robert Ollerheadfirst name on this monument1910821992id: 29287347121066
Dorothy Ollerheadwife of James Robert Ollerhead1913791992

181OllerheadSamuel Ollerheadfirst name on this monument1879671946id: 28997346901066
Rose Ann Ollerheadwife of Samuel Ollerhead1887821969

182OlsenRonald Olsenfirst name on this monument1926742000id: 29077346941077
Sylvia Olsenwife of Ronald Olsen1928822010

183OuthwaiteMary Jane Outhwaitefirst name on this monument1841851926id: 2834
(2 images)
7346511066of Thornton

184ParkinWilliam Parkinfirst name on this monumentid: 28647346681066stone eroded year and age not clear
Isabel Parkinwife of William Parkin1839

185PattersonHelen Rachael Lawson Pattersonfirst name on this monument1995id: 29117346981075

186PattinsonEdith Helen Pattinsonfirst name on this monument1874511925id: 27807346261072
Reessister of Edith Helen Pattinson no first name given

187PearsonMargaret Pearsonfirst name on this monument1862671929id: 2743
(2 images)
John Pearsonhusband of Margaret Pearson1865741939

188PearsonRichard Pearsonfirst name on this monument1768121780id: 30797348161072very florid script

189PiersonMichael Piersonfirst name on this monument1735651800id: 30807348171075Stone eroded towards bottom and inscription not clear.
James Dunnson-in-law of Michael Pierson1812 age not clear
Ann Piersonwife of Michael Pierson1733681801

190PorterMary Porterfirst name on this monument1811651876id: 3005
(2 images)
Mary Jane Porterdaughter of Mary Porter1848311879
Mary Porterdaughter-in-law of Mary Porter1848351883
Henry Porterhusband of Mary Porter1803751878 of Stockton on Tees
Eleanor Sherwood1870101880 not clear who daughter of
William Porterson of Mary Porter1850291879 Husband of Mary
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191PounderWilliam Pounderfirst name on this monument1817771894id: 29847347541066
Jane Pounderwife of William Pounder1816911907

192PughMargaret Love Pughfirst name on this monument1896721968id: 30897348221067
Hugh Thomas Pughhusband of Margaret Love Pugh1903791982

193PyburaJohn Pyburafirst name on this monument1767401807id: 28747346741066
Elizabeth Pyburawife of John Pybura1757801837

194PybusJane Pybusfirst name on this monument1799281827id: 28727346721065
John Pybusfather of Jane Pybus
Elizabeth Pybusmother of Jane Pybus

195RaperBasil John Raperfirst name on this monument1912591971id: 29377347221070
Florence Raperwife of Basil John Raper1921731994

196RedfearnStephen Redfearnfirst name on this monument1957391996id: 28847346821081

197ReesEllen Beatrice Reesfirst name on this monument1900991999id: 29087346951077
Agnes Isobel Rees19081022010

198ReesWilliam Reesfirst name on this monument1865801945id: 27687346171067
Catherine Isabel Reeswife of William Rees1872841956

199ReidAugusta Reidfirst name on this monument1966id: 2893
(3 images)
7346871065no age given
Harry James Reidhusband of Augusta Reid1972 no age given

200RenosonChristopher Renosonfirst name on this monumentid: 29457347261068year and age not clear
Anne Renosonwife of Christopher Renoson72 year not clear

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