All Saints' Church burial ground, Ashover, Derbyshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
201RevellSidney Revellfirst name on this monument1897193841id: p225
(one image)
George Desmond Revell1926200276
Marjory Joan Revell1925200277
202RhodesGeorge Rhodesfirst name on this monument1803188582id: p199
(one image)
Mary Rhodesdaughter of George Rhodes
Sarah Rhodesdaughter of George Rhodes
Annie Elizabeth Dennisgrand daughter of George Rhodes1867195790
Hannah Rhodeswife of George Rhodes
203RichardsonMary Richardsonfirst name on this monument1841186928id: p62
(one image)
George Richardsonhusband of Mary Richardson
204RiggorEdward Riggorfirst name on this monument1706178680id: 50
(one image)
Joseph Riggorson of Edward Riggor1761178726
205RobinsonElizabeth Ann Robinsonfirst name on this monument185418562id: p66
(one image)
John Robinsonbrother of Elizabeth Ann Robinson1836185721
James Robinsonfather of Elizabeth Ann Robinson1792186674
Ann Robinsonmother of Elizabeth Ann Robinson1811187362
206RobinsonJames Edward Robinsonfirst name on this monument1917196346id: p261
(one image)
Arthur Robinsonfather of James Edward Robinson1890197383
Amy Robinsonmother of James Edward Robinson1895198792
207RodgersJ Y Rodgersfirst name on this monument1842191573id: p136
(one image)
208RussellDolly Russellfirst name on this monument1858188729id: p153
(one image)
Edmund Revell Kirbybrother of Dolly Russell1862189533
Samuel Kirbyfather of Dolly Russell1828190577
Thomas Russellhusband of Dolly Russell
Mary Kirbymother of Dolly Russell1826189468
209SaundersEdward Saundersfirst name on this monument1875193055id: p196
(one image)
210SavageHarvey Savagefirst name on this monument1885193550id: p231
(one image)
Charlotte Ann Savagewife of Harvey Savage1901199190
211SeniorHannah Seniorfirst name on this monument1845190762id: p164
(one image)
Joseph Seniorhusband of Hannah Senior
212ShawFred Shawfirst name on this monument1867193568id: p178
(one image)
Ada Mary Shaw1900199999
Arthur Shaw1906198781
Maria Shawwife of Fred Shaw1866193367
213ShawMary Shawfirst name on this monument1892197684no image59529170
William Shaw1888197688
214ShemwellHannah Shemwellfirst name on this monument1846188741id: p126
(one image)
Herbert Shemwellhusband of Hannah Shemwell1842189452
215SimmsGerman Simmsfirst name on this monument1893id: p110
(one image)
Fanny Sarah Simmsdaughter of German Simms1921
Clara Metcalfe1864194581
John William Simmsson of German Simms1918
216SimmsMary Ann Simmsfirst name on this monument1823188360id: p109
(one image)
Agnes Simmsdaughter of Mary Ann Simms1861
George Pendletonfather of Mary Ann Simms1779185980
German Simmshusband of Mary Ann Simms
217SimpsonEmma Elizabeth Simpsonfirst name on this monument1865195388id: p170
(one image)
Esther Simpson190119109
William Simpson1890194555
218SimpsonJane Simpsonfirst name on this monument1819187556id: p93
(one image)
219SimpsonSarah Ann Simpsonfirst name on this monument1903197875id: p173
(one image)
Eva Simpsondaughter of Sarah Ann Simpson192819346
Frederick Simpsonhusband of Sarah Ann Simpson1898197981
220SlackMatthew Slackfirst name on this monument1758181052id: 12
(one image)
221SmithHannah Smithfirst name on this monument182718303id: p83
(one image)
Joseph Smithfather of Hannah Smith
Sarah Smithmother of Hannah Smith
Jane Smithsister of Hannah Smith183818391
Martha Smithsister of Hannah Smith1829184011
Mary Smithsister of Hannah Smith1835
Sarah Smithsister of Hannah Smith1842185412
222SmithMaria Smithfirst name on this monument1821183615id: p90
(one image)
Robert Smithfather of Maria Smith
Mary Ann Smithmother of Maria Smith
223SmithMartha Smithfirst name on this monument1769184980id: p84
(one image)
Samuel Smithson of Martha Smith1805183328
Stephen Smithson of Martha Smith1803182017
James Smithwife of Martha Smith1768185789
224SmithWalter Smithfirst name on this monument1874192450no image59522171
Elizabeth Annie Smithwife of Walter Smith1873195582
225SpencerBertha Spencerfirst name on this monument1899195354id: p271
(one image)
Isaiah Spencerhusband of Bertha Spencer
226SpencerJohn Spencerfirst name on this monument1714178672id: 36
(one image)
Ruth Spencerwife of John Spencer1713180289
227SprayAlice Sprayfirst name on this monument1880196888id: p269
(one image)
Eda Spraysister of Alice Spray1883197390
228StoneWilliam Stonefirst name on this monument1857192467id: p198
(one image)
Mary Stonewife of William Stone1856193175
229SurguyFred Surguyfirst name on this monument1912199280no image59517269
230SwiftGeorge Swiftfirst name on this monument1814186450no image59744347
Fanny Swiftwife of George Swift1812188169
231TaggWilliam Taggfirst name on this monument1853193582id: p227
(one image)
Rebecca Taggsister of William Tagg1936
232TansleyFrancis Tansleyfirst name on this monument1842189856id: p156
(one image)
233TaylorHenry Taylorfirst name on this monument1769185586id: p82
(one image)
John Taylorson of Henry Taylor1800187272
Amy Taylorwife of Henry Taylor1775185883
234TaylorHenry Taylorfirst name on this monument1889195667no image59748186
Amy Taylorwife of Henry Taylor1979
235TaylorJohn Taylorfirst name on this monument1752182674id: p87
(one image)
Mary Taylorwife of John Taylor1754183076
236TaylorJohn W Taylorfirst name on this monument1874193258id: p202
(one image)
237TaylorMary Taylorfirst name on this monument1885192338id: p138
(one image)
Joseph Taylorhusband of Mary Taylor
238TaylorMary Taylorfirst name on this monument1854191561id: p137
(one image)
Samuel Taylorhusband of Mary Taylor1855193681
239TaylorMary Emma Taylorfirst name on this monument1851192069no image59746171
William Taylorhusband of Mary Emma Taylor1845192378
240TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1873194168no image59747166
Sarah Taylorwife of William Taylor1954
241ThorpeThomas Thorpefirst name on this monument1771182756id: p88
(one image)
242TipperRobert Tipperfirst name on this monument1885191732id: p187
(one image)
Catherine Tipper1848192577
Herbert Tipper1847192376
243TomlinsonConstance Emily Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1883197087id: p177
(one image)
244TomlinsonFrancis Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1887192336id: p174
(one image)
245TomlinsonJoshua Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1785186176id: 42
(one image)
Grace Tomlinsonwife of Joshua Tomlinson1792186068
246TomlinsonMary Tomlinsonfirst name on this monument1937no image59516315
Eliza Matilda Tomlinson1965
247TowndrowElizabeth Towndrowfirst name on this monument1794183945id: p80
(one image)
Thomas Towndrowhusband of Elizabeth Towndrow1797187477
248TowndrowElizabeth Towndrowfirst name on this monument1896194145no image59535198
William Towndrowhusband of Elizabeth Towndrow1893197481
249TowndrowJohn Towndrowfirst name on this monument1777183861id: 43
(one image)
250TowndrowRaymond Towndrowfirst name on this monument193819402id: p277
(one image)
John William Beresforduncle of Raymond Towndrow1902198785
251TowndrowWilliam Towndrowfirst name on this monument1853191562id: p175
(one image)
Mary Ann Towndrowwife of William Towndrow1853193077
252TwiggJohn Henry Twiggfirst name on this monument1864192763id: p117
(one image)
John Henry Twigg1892191927
253TwiggLiza Ann Twiggfirst name on this monument1824190985id: p116
(one image)
254TwiggLot Twiggfirst name on this monument1889198091id: p251
(one image)
255WalkerJohn Walkerfirst name on this monument1847185710id: 38
(one image)
John Walkerfather of John Walker
Amy Walkermother of John Walker
256WalkerLavinia Walkerfirst name on this monument1905193227id: p212
(one image)
257WalkerMerlinda Walkerfirst name on this monument1879192243no image59750207
Ethel Walkerdaughter of Merlinda Walker1910
Joseph Walkerhusband of Merlinda Walker1871195483
258WalkerMerlinda Walkerfirst name on this monument1879192243id: p155
(one image)
Ethel Walkerdaughter of Merlinda Walker1910
Joseph Walkerhusband of Merlinda Walker1871195483
259WalkerThomas Walkerfirst name on this monument1790183949id: 13
(one image)
Elizabeth Walker1762184987
260WallCharles Wallfirst name on this monument1813185138id: p54
(one image)
Anne Gregory1866
John Bassett Gregory1937
Maria Gregory1885
Mary Rose Parkin1937
Ann Wallwife of Charles Wall1825189469
261WallDavid Wallfirst name on this monument1740179656id: p288
(2 images)
262WarnerEliza Warnerfirst name on this monument1874190026id: p249
(one image)
Joseph Warnerfather of Eliza Warner
Charles Austin1841192685
Mary Austin1840192484
263WatsonJames Watsonfirst name on this monument1833190875id: p150
(one image)
Elizabeth Watsondaughter of James Watson187018744
Eliza Watsonsister of James Watson1842185917
Maria Watsonwife of James Watson1835190166
264WatsonJoseph Watsonfirst name on this monument1830186737id: p247
(one image)
Hannah Watsondaughter of Joseph Watson4
Eliza Watson5
265WattsDaniel Wattsfirst name on this monument1756182165id: 33
(one image)
Daniel Wattsson of Daniel Watts1783185471
Grace Wattswife of Daniel Watts1764184783
266WettonGeorge Wettonfirst name on this monument1794185258id: p95
(one image)
267WhiteBenedicta Whitefirst name on this monument1874192753no image59520315
Betsy Millwardgrand daughter of Benedicta White194619526
Ernest Whitehusband of Benedicta White1874194167
268WhiteJulia Elizabeth Whitefirst name on this monument1875195075no image59521442
Albert Whitehusband of Julia Elizabeth White1879195778
269WhiteThomas Whitefirst name on this monument1841191776id: p165
(3 images)
Ida Lilian White1880194464
Thomas White1880194969
270WiddowsonEllen Francis Widdowsonfirst name on this monument1865194277id: p276
(one image)
271WilkinsonAnn Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1932no image59512327
William J Wilkinsonhusband of Ann Wilkinson
272WilliamsMary Jane Williamsfirst name on this monument1922id: p207
(one image)
William Preece Williamshusband of Mary Jane Williams1857193881
273WillmotAda Willmotfirst name on this monument1883191936id: p223
(one image)
Thomas William Willmothusband of Ada Willmot1878195577
274WillmotSarah Willmotfirst name on this monument1754182167id: p73
(one image)
George Willmothusband of Sarah Willmot1758183173
275WilsonAlice Wilsonfirst name on this monument1787185972id: p104
(one image)
John Wilsonhusband of Alice Wilson1791186069
276WilsonAnn Wilsonfirst name on this monument1835189358id: p151
(one image)
Minnie Wilsondaughter of Ann Wilson1861193877
William Wilsonhusband of Ann Wilson1831189867
Thomas Wilsonson of Ann Wilson1864193874
277WilsonGeorge Wilsonfirst name on this monument1830188757id: p108
(one image)
Harriet Wilsonwife of George Wilson1830189767
278WilsonThomas Wilsonfirst name on this monument1761184483id: 14
(one image)
Dorothy Wilsonwife of Thomas Wilson1763185087
279WoodGeorge Woodfirst name on this monument1770181545id: 47
(one image)
280WoodGladys Woodfirst name on this monument191019122id: p131
(one image)
James Woodbrother of Gladys Wood1912
John Ainsworthgrand father of Gladys Wood
Sarah Ainsworthgrand mother of Gladys Wood
281WoodHannah Woodfirst name on this monument1725178459id: 48
(one image)
Adam Woodhusband of Hannah Wood1722179775
282WoodJames William Woodfirst name on this monument1849193081id: p205
(one image)
Honor Woodwife of James William Wood1861193271
283WoodwardJames Woodwardfirst name on this monument1894197581id: p256
(one image)
Hannah Woodwardwife of James Woodward1899198081
284WraggThomas Wraggfirst name on this monument1787183750id: p58
(one image)
Nanny Wraggdaughter of Thomas Wragg1793185966
William Wragg1788186880
Nanny Wraggwife of Thomas Wragg1759183273
285WraggThomas Wraggfirst name on this monument1707178679id: p94
(one image)
Sarah Wraggwife of Thomas Wragg
286WraggViolet Lilian Wraggfirst name on this monument1911200291no image59532353
Jack Mileshusband of Violet Lilian Wragg1908196961
Fred Wragghusband of Violet Lilian Wragg
287WrightGeorge Wrightfirst name on this monument1827190477id: p140
(one image)
Mary Wrightwife of George Wright1836190973
288YoungMary Youngfirst name on this monument1855193479id: p239
(one image)
Rebecca Princedaughter of Mary Young1893196875
Henry Younghusband of Mary Young1857194891
Joseph Robert Honey1915199277
Alfred Princeson-in-law of Mary Young1895196974
289YoungThomas Youngfirst name on this monument1791186271id: 7
(one image)
John Young Saunders187118732
John Young1794187581
Peter Young1766183771
Sarah Young1796187579
Sarah Young1755183378
William Young1796187175

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for All Saints' Church burial ground, Ashover, Derbyshire, England.

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