All Saints' Church burial ground, Ashover, Derbyshire, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
101HandburyMary Handburyfirst name on this monument295594721961
Ann Handburydaughter of Mary Handbury180718103
Henry Handburyhusband of Mary Handbury

102HandburyMary Handburyfirst name on this monument18091834254594712101
Thomas Handburyhusband of Mary Handbury

103HandburyPeter Handburyfirst name on this monument1768176913594702682
Henry Handburyfather of Peter Handbury
Mary Handburymother of Peter Handbury

104HarrisonEmily Harrisonfirst name on this monument1837191376pict3597451451
Frederick Harrisonhusband of Emily Harrison1842191573

105HaslamHenry Haslamfirst name on this monument173918258629594883212
Grace Haslamwife of Henry Haslam77

106HaslamMary Haslamfirst name on this monument183218552330594895171
George Haslamfather of Mary Haslam
Mary Haslammother of Mary Haslam

107HayesAlbert Ernest Hayesfirst name on this monument1909194435p27959731241
Mary Elizabeth Hayes1909199283

108HayesJames Hayesfirst name on this monument1877195477c3059523246
William Hayesson of James Hayes1904192016
Mary Ellen Hayeswife of James Hayes1877194568

109HaywoodSarah Ann Haywoodfirst name on this monument18691870137594963781
Henry Haywoodfather of Sarah Ann Haywood
Mary Haywoodmother of Sarah Ann Haywood

110HearnBernard Leslie Hearnfirst name on this monument1899195758p26559718286
Nellie Hearnwife of Bernard Leslie Hearn1907195548

111HenstockMaria Henstockfirst name on this monument181118312041595002303
William Henstock1802186462
Mary Ann Henstockwife of Maria Henstock81

112HillJohn Hillfirst name on this monument1849190253p154596251341
Elizabeth Hillwife of John Hill1856193074

113HillJohn Hillfirst name on this monument1844190258pict859749145
Elizabeth Hillwife of John Hill1856193074

114HillJoseph Hillfirst name on this monument1835187944c1959514711

115HinchliffeFreda Hinchliffefirst name on this monument1900196161p26359716258
George Hinchliffe1890197787
Joan Hinchliffe1937197538

116HindAmos Hindfirst name on this monument1882194462p280597321861
Kate Hindwife of Amos Hind1882194765

117HodgkinsonWilliam Hodgkinsonfirst name on this monument1808189082p120595973711
Ann Hodgkinsonwife of William Hodgkinson1802186765

118HollingworthElizabeth Hollingworthfirst name on this monument1815187964c1859513290
Joseph Hollingworthhusband of Elizabeth Hollingworth1811188978

119HollingworthJohn Hollingworthfirst name on this monument1812185341p57595421791
Jane Hollingworthwife of John Hollingworth1855

120HolmesElizabeth Holmesfirst name on this monument406594731972
Robert Holmeshusband of Elizabeth Holmes1756182266

121HopkinsonAnn Hopkinsonfirst name on this monument18091825162459483450
John Hopkinsonfather of Ann Hopkinson1772183058
Fanny Hopkinsonwife of Ann Hopkinson1771183564

122HopkinsonHannah Elizabeth Hopkinsonfirst name on this monument1895192833p20659673499
Joseph Hopkinsonfather of Hannah Elizabeth Hopkinson
Mary Elizabeth Hopkinsonmother of Hannah Elizabeth Hopkinson1861193574

123HopkinsonJohn Hopkinsonfirst name on this monument17701834642859487115

124HopkinsonThomas Hopkinsonfirst name on this monument1859191960c3159524383
Harold Hopkinson1901191817
Martha Hopkinsonwife of Thomas Hopkinson1853192168

125HousleyRebecca Housleyfirst name on this monument184318551253595102962
John Housleyfather of Rebecca Housley1791187483
Martha Housleymother of Rebecca Housley
Elizabeth Housley

126IronsideAlexander Ironsidefirst name on this monument1875191237p13259605326

127KeelingClara Hayball Keelingfirst name on this monument1858195496c15595111351
William Keelinghusband of Clara Hayball Keeling

128KeelingWilliam Keelingfirst name on this monument1930p236596942151

129KeetonEliza Keetonfirst name on this monument18241856324659504404
Elizabeth Keetondaughter of Eliza Keeton1856
Paul Keetonhusband of Eliza Keeton
Job Keetonson of Eliza Keeton185018566
Joseph Keetonson of Eliza Keeton1856
Thomas Keetonson of Eliza Keeton185418562

130KeetonHarry Keetonfirst name on this monument1899194647p19059656164

131KeetonWilliam Swift Keetonfirst name on this monument1897193841p22859689308
Alice Edna Keeton1899197273
Walter Keeton1864195288

132LangtonLois Isabel Langtonfirst name on this monument1916200387p13359606108

133LeaneyJessie Leaneyfirst name on this monument1916197660c3659528167
Mary Masonsister of Jessie Leaney1915198570

134LedgardSarah Ledgardfirst name on this monument1835192388p19259658177

135LeeEdna May Leefirst name on this monument1900198383p235596932541
Freda Simssister of Edna May Lee1904198985

136LeeElizabeth Leefirst name on this monument1829190475p16259633921

137LeeJohn Leefirst name on this monument1850191565p16359634114

138LeeJoseph Leefirst name on this monument1835190469p15959630275
Amy Warnerdaughter of Joseph Lee1879194667
Peter Warnerson-in-law of Joseph Lee1872194472
Ann Leewife of Joseph Lee1854192975

139LeeJoseph Leefirst name on this monument1835190469pict1059751215
Peter Warnerson-in-law of Joseph Lee1872
Ann Leewife of Joseph Lee1854192975

140LeeSamuel Leefirst name on this monument1714178470p5659541107

141LeeWilliam Leefirst name on this monument1823189673p16059631761

142LeeWilliam Tomlinson Leefirst name on this monument1853193077p16159632151
Elizabeth Leedaughter of William Tomlinson Lee1902194139
Sarah Jenny Leedaughter of William Tomlinson Lee1893196067
Georgina Leewife of William Tomlinson Lee1867194881

143LeesJohn Leesfirst name on this monument1798187577p86595641401
Elizabeth Barlow Leeswife of John Lees1797188689

144LoftsWilliam Dunn Loftsfirst name on this monument1805186358pict1459755302
Rebecca Loftsdaughter of William Dunn Lofts1850186717
Sarah Loftsdaughter of William Dunn Lofts1840186727
Rebecca Loftswife of William Dunn Lofts1811188675

145LomasJohn Lomasfirst name on this monument1831186837p15259623210
Beckie Lomaswife of John Lomas1833190168

146LoweElizabeth Lowefirst name on this monument1877192851p2045967168

147LoweEthel Ida Lowefirst name on this monument1890197787p25359707126

148LoweMary Winifred Lowefirst name on this monument1888191830p14159614341
Lotinga Lowe1913193320
William Henry Lowe1882196381

149LoweWilliam Lowefirst name on this monument1836189963p14359616160
George Loweson of William Lowe1858190951
Ellen Lowewife of William Lowe1835191479

150LudlamElizabeth Ludlamfirst name on this monument1775184166p61595462142
George Ludlamhusband of Elizabeth Ludlam1780184262

151LudlamThomas Ludlamfirst name on this monument18241842182559484239
Thomas Ludlamfather of Thomas Ludlam
Ann Ludlammother of Thomas Ludlam

152MannCecil Victor Mannfirst name on this monument1900192727p19559662203

153MarriottDavid Marriottfirst name on this monument17861868823459493176

154MarriottHannah Marriottfirst name on this monument174017925231594903024
Abraham Marriotthusband of Hannah Marriott

155MarriottMary Marriottfirst name on this monument1794185359p98595762501
Bower Marriotthusband of Mary Marriott1790186373

156MarriottMary Marriottfirst name on this monument1853193380p217596792863
Samuel Holmes Marriotthusband of Mary Marriott1850193787

157MarriottRichard Percy Marriottfirst name on this monument1894197480p19159657203
Annie Elizabeth Marriottwife of Richard Percy Marriott1902198482

158MarriottSamuel Marriottfirst name on this monument17811837563259491264
Ellen Marriottdaughter of Samuel Marriott181718225

159MarriottWalter Marriottfirst name on this monument1892197482c40595311321
Rose Benidictor Marriottwife of Walter Marriott1898198284

160MatherElisabeth Matherfirst name on this monument17781781340594993412
John Matherbrother of Elisabeth Mather178817902
Mary Mathermother of Elisabeth Mather1807186861
Salley Mather183418384
Elizabeth Mathersister of Elisabeth Mather178417862

161MatherJohn Matherfirst name on this monument179418404617594802663
Luke Matherson of John Mather
Alice Matherwife of John Mather1794187581

162McDonaldRobert John McDonaldfirst name on this monument1896197175p20159668373
Archie McDonaldson of Robert John McDonald192619348
Minnie McDonaldwife of Robert John McDonald1898198082

163McManusEthel McManusfirst name on this monument1888191022p13559608149
Hency McManusmother of Ethel McManus1867193265

164MearnsBetty Christina Mearnsfirst name on this monument1930197141p26059713149

165MellorDavid Mellorfirst name on this monument1821188160p11559592170
Hannah Mather Mellorwife of David Mellor1820189171

166MellorJames Mellorfirst name on this monument1848190759p14559618169
George Mellorson of James Mellor23

167MellorJoseph Mellorfirst name on this monument175018257551595086741
James Riggottfather-in-law of Joseph Mellor
Rebeckah Riggottmother-in-law of Joseph Mellor
Elizabeth Riggott Mellerwife of Joseph Mellor1764180036
Ruth Mellorwife of Joseph Mellor1755182671

168MellorMary Mellorfirst name on this monument1875188510p14859619395
James Mellorfather of Mary Mellor
Mary Mellormother of Mary Mellor
Hannah Mellorsister of Mary Mellor1873189017

169MellorMary Mellorfirst name on this monument1807188174p14959620162
John Mellorhusband of Mary Mellor
Joseph Mellorson of Mary Mellor1829188152

170MellorMary Mellorfirst name on this monument1807188174p18659652183
John Mellorhusband of Mary Mellor
Joseph Mellorson of Mary Mellor1829188152

171MellorSamuel Mellorfirst name on this monument17931851585259509401
Elizabeth Mellordaughter of Samuel Mellor1835184611
Ann Mellorwife of Samuel Mellor1796184145
Annie Mellorwife of Samuel Mellor1797185861

172MilnesJohn Milnesfirst name on this monument1760183878p290597424215
Thomas Colmorebrother-in-law of John Milnes
Elizabeth Colmoresister of John Milnes1767183770

173MoorePeter Moorefirst name on this monument1803187370p8159559101

174MosleyMary Ann Mosleyfirst name on this monument1869194475p224596852601
Lucy Ruth Wysenephew of Mary Ann Mosley1896192630

175MowbrayJoseph Mowbrayfirst name on this monument1846190357p17959646219
Mary Mowbraywife of Joseph Mowbray1838190769

176MowbrayMatilda Ann Mowbrayfirst name on this monument1906196963p25559709254
James Charles Mowbrayhusband of Matilda Ann Mowbray1902197775

177MycroftGeorge Mycroftfirst name on this monument1788186375p121595982911
Ann Youngdaughter of George Mycroft1843188643
Matthew Mycroftson of George Mycroft1841189352
John Youngson-in-law of George Mycroft
Ann Mycroftwife of George Mycroft1806188882

178MycroftGeorge Mycroftfirst name on this monument1788186375p25059704368
Ann Youngdaughter of George Mycroft1843188643
Matthew Mycroftson of George Mycroft1841189352
John Youngson-in-law of George Mycroft
Ann Mycroftwife of George Mycroft1801188382

179NeedhamElizabeth Needhamfirst name on this monument18221827519594817692
Isaac Needhamfather of Elizabeth Needham
Sarah Needhammother of Elizabeth Needham
Ann Needham180918112
Betty Needham180518094

180NeedhamElizabeth Needhamfirst name on this monument1861188322c32595254511
Annie Elizabeth Needhamdaughter of Elizabeth Needham1884
Thomas Needhamhusband of Elizabeth Needham
George Watson1862187917

181NeedhamElizabeth Ann Needhamfirst name on this monument1946p281597336961
Edith Mabel Needhamdaughter of Elizabeth Ann Needham2006
Winfield Needhamhusband of Elizabeth Ann Needham1952
Ernest Needhamson of Elizabeth Ann Needham1992

182NeedhamGeorge Fletcher Needhamfirst name on this monument1885192641pict13597542881
Sarah Ann Needhamwife of George Fletcher Needham1886194458

183NeedhamIsaac Needhamfirst name on this monument21594823971
Isaac Needhamdaughter of Isaac Needham175717603
Ann Needhamwife of Isaac Needham1732175119
Ellin Needhamwife of Isaac Needham

184NeedhamLavinia Needhamfirst name on this monument1859192667p213596762391
Thomas Needhamhusband of Lavinia Needham1857193578

185NeedhamRebecca Needhamfirst name on this monument1802188381p144596172791
Isaac Needhamhusband of Rebecca Needham1809188677

186NeedhamWilliam Needhamfirst name on this monument1899197273p254597082521
Margaret Jane Needhamwife of William Needham1904198985

187NightingaleElizabeth Nightingalefirst name on this monument1828189567p248597023201
Richard Nightingalehusband of Elizabeth Nightingale1827190679

188NightingaleEllen Nightingalefirst name on this monument1729176738p102595803321
Henry Nightingalehusband of Ellen Nightingale1702178078
Peter Nightingalenephew of Ellen Nightingale

189NightingaleMartha Nightingalefirst name on this monument1906197165p274597262721
Roy Fenwick Nightingalehusband of Martha Nightingale1904198177

190NightingaleWalter Nightingalefirst name on this monument1906199690p258597113181
Lucy Nightingalewife of Walter Nightingale1905199792

191NodderFrederick Colmore Nodderfirst name on this monument1892194654c45595362462

192NodderJohn Reginald Bourne Nodderfirst name on this monument1883197188c46595373254

193NuttallJohn Nuttallfirst name on this monument1763182259p8559563192
John Nuttallson of John Nuttall1795182429

194ParrDoris Alice Madeleine Parrfirst name on this monument1898196567c4259533182

195PollardAnn Pollardfirst name on this monument1873193158p197596642812
Samuel Holmes Pollardhusband of Ann Pollard1865194075

196PoolerEllen Sybil Ann Woodward Poolerfirst name on this monument1864195187p273597251441

197PrinceEdward Allen Princefirst name on this monument1911200291p27559727375
Hannah Isabella Prince1883195875
Hugh Allen Prince1882195472
Ethel Princewife of Edward Allen Prince1915200691

198PursgloveGeorge Pursglovefirst name on this monument1718178163p59595441391

199QuembyAmos Quembyfirst name on this monument1896196771p25259706357
Kathleen Joan Smith1919199475
Lewis Smith1916198771
Ivy Quembywife of Amos Quemby1897197780

200RenshawAnnie Mary Renshawfirst name on this monument1852188836p119595965231
Joseph Renshawhusband of Annie Mary Renshaw1844191066
George Renshawson of Annie Mary Renshaw1873191340

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