St Mary the Virgin's Church burial ground, Cockfield, Durham, England

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1AM Afirst name on this monument1763id: 6931069

2AbbotWilliam Abbotfirst name on this monument1849161865id: 64610811
John Abbotbrother of William Abbot1847201867
Richard Abbotfather of William Abbot
Sarah Abbotmother of William Abbot

3AldersonGeorge Aldersonfirst name on this monument1747361783id: 7011100
Michael Aldersonbrother of George Alderson1748751823 Husband of Margaret
William Aldersonfather of George Alderson1716781794
Isabella Aldersonmother of George Alderson1723611784
Margaret Aldersonsister-in-law of George Alderson1761781839

4AldersonJohn Aldersonfirst name on this monument172621728id: 7331073
George Aldersonfather of John Alderson

5AldersonMary Aldersonfirst name on this monument1690481738id: 70210791of Pathrow
George Aldersonhusband of Mary Alderson1679921771
Alice Alderson1751151766 daughter of William and Isabella
Isabella Alderson
Mary Alderson175451759 daughter of William and Isabella
Mary Alderson1761 daughter of William and Isabella
William Alderson Husband of Isabella
Richard Aldersonson of Mary Alderson1728111739

6AllinsonJane Ann Allinsonfirst name on this monument1844231867id: 6531069
William Allinsonhusband of Jane Ann Allinson

7ArmstrongWilliam Armstrongfirst name on this monumentid: 73110951year and age eroded away

8AyerRichard Ayerfirst name on this monument1713491762id: 6251071

9BA Bfirst name on this monument1822id: 7161070Ann Bowes
E B1835 Elizabeth Bowes
H B1831 Hannah Bowes
J B1824 Joseph Bowes
W B1832 William Bowes

10BalesPeter Balesfirst name on this monument1746661812id: 6951068

11BaylesWilliam Baylesfirst name on this monument1830431873id: 7061070
Maudling Baylesdaughter of William Bayles died in Infancy
William Baylesson of William Bayles died in Infancy
Maudling Bayleswife of William Bayles1838521890 interred in Cockfield Municipal Cemetery

12BellBrian Bellfirst name on this monument1836561892id: 6081066Headstone in field behind churchyard

13BowmanJane Bowmanfirst name on this monumentid: 6441067Year and age not clear

14BradleyMary Bradleyfirst name on this monument1790401830id: 7051068
Elizabeth Bradleydaughter of Mary Bradley1819111830
Isabella Bradleydaughter of Mary Bradley1830
Ralph Bradleyhusband of Mary Bradley1788581846
George Bradleyson of Mary Bradley1814221836
John Bradleyson of Mary Bradley1817191836
Ralph Bradleyson of Mary Bradley182191830

15BrumwellWilliam Brumwellfirst name on this monument1814401854id: 6181066
Elizabeth Brumwelldaughter of William Brumwell184461850
Brumwellfather of William Brumwell of Newcastle
William Brumwellson of William Brumwell184721849
Mary Frances Brumwellwife of William Brumwell1790741864

16BrydonEmily Brydonfirst name on this monument1873231896id: 6721065Headstone in field behind churchyard
John Brydonfather of Emily Brydon
Jane Ann Brydonmother of Emily Brydon
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17CarrAnn Carrfirst name on this monument1678761754id: 6921076
M Carr1764

18ChisamGeorge Chisamfirst name on this monument1708761784id: 6561070

19ChristelowJohn Christelowfirst name on this monument1848591907id: 6651071Headstone in field behind churchyard
Hannah Christelowwife of John Christelow1832801912

20CoatesGeorge Henry Coatesfirst name on this monument1835391874id: 7301068of West Hindon
Margaret Coateswife of George Henry Coates1849521901

21CoatsJane Coatsfirst name on this monument1838id: 69010711Spelt Coats on stone but rest of inscriptions are Coates. Age eroded away
Elizabeth Coatesdaughter of Jane Coats died in Infancy
Jane Coatesdaughter of Jane Coats1837111848
Henry Coateshusband of Jane Coats1802641866
George Coatesson of Jane Coats died in Infancy
John Coatesson of Jane Coats died in Infancy
Martha Coatessecond wife of husband of Jane Coats1798701868

22CockerhamCatharine Cockerhamfirst name on this monument1822541876id: 7181066
Hannah Wiltondaughter of Catharine Cockerham1846291875
Richard Wiltonson-in-law of Catharine Cockerham

23ColtmanMartin Coltmanfirst name on this monument1742531795id: 6871066
Ruth Coltmanwife of Martin Coltman1746881834

24CooperJames Cooperfirst name on this monument1829631892id: 6761065Headstone in field behind churchyard
Hannah Cooperwife of James Cooper1825721897

25DansonMargaret Dansonfirst name on this monument1762881850id: 6161066
James Dansonhusband of Margaret Danson The late

26DavisonWilliam Davisonfirst name on this monument1873301903id: 6671072Headstone in field behind churchyard
Ellen Davisondaughter of William Davison
Ellenor Davisondaughter of William Davison
Mary Davisondaughter of William Davison
Mary Davisondaughter of William Davison
Vertie Davisondaughter of William Davison
William Davisonfather of William Davison1844621906 of Raby Moor
Elizabeth Davisonmother of William Davison
Joseph Davisonson of William Davison
Isabella Davisonwife of William Davison

27DixonMary Dixonfirst name on this monument1796411837id: 6151073
George Dixonhusband of Mary Dixon1794751869
Grace Dixonsecond wife of husband of Mary Dixon1812601872

28DixonMichael Dixonfirst name on this monument1805641869id: 6341067
Elizabeth Bradburydaughter of Michael Dixon1844311875 died at Leasingthorne
Cay Dixonson of Michael Dixon1851181869
Joseph Dixonson of Michael Dixon1841281869
Elizabeth Dixonwife of Michael Dixon1808681876

29DixonPeter Dixonfirst name on this monument1716681784id: 713
(2 images)
Ann Collingdaughter of Peter Dixon1758621820
Dorothy Dixondaughter of Peter Dixon1755351790
Elizabeth Dixon1761821843 on reverse of stone
Hannah Dixon1754811835 on reverse of stone
Ann Dixonwife of Peter Dixon1721641785

30DixonWilliam Henry Dixonfirst name on this monument1800741874id: 6361066
Hannah Dixonwife of William Henry Dixon1799771876

31FawcettThomas Fawcettfirst name on this monument1830681898id: 6701074of Ramshaw
Margaret Cowleydaughter of Thomas Fawcett1863351898 Headstone in field behind churchyard
Harry Cowley Died in Infancy
Mary Jane Cowley Died in Infancy
Thomas Cowleyson-in-law of Thomas Fawcett Husband of Margaret
Mary Fawcettwife of Thomas Fawcett1829661895 Interred at Evenwood
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32FurbankeMatthew Furbankefirst name on this monument1730id: 709
(2 images)
10761no age given
Margaret Firbank1714941808
Ralph Firbank
R Furbanke1745 no age given

33GI Gfirst name on this monument1724id: 6421066

34GibsonWilliam Gibsonfirst name on this monument1760671827no image1066
Mary Gibson
Sarah Gibsonwife of William Gibson1829

35GrahamThomas Grahamfirst name on this monument1723id: 726
(2 images)
Thomas Grahamfather of Thomas Graham

36GrundwellJohn Grundwellfirst name on this monument1703id: 699
(2 images)
1072o missing from surname?
Sarah Groundwell1704 on reverse of stone

37HallAnn Hallfirst name on this monument1833671900id: 6091068Headstone in field behind churchyard
Thomas Hallhusband of Ann Hall
Moses Hallson of Ann Hall1872191891
William Hallson of Ann Hall1857421899

38HewittJane Hewittfirst name on this monument1725931818id: 6471080
Elizabeth Hinscliffdaughter of Jane Hewitt
Jane Hinscliff1826
John Hinscliffson-in-law of Jane Hewitt

39HodgsonAbraham Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1789id: 7171073

40HodgsonDavid Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1726id: 6861066no age given. Of Woodlands
Jane Watson1770771847
John Watson1763891852 Husband of Jane.
John Watson1795591854 Son of John and Jane

41HodgsonGeorge Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1790731863id: 6591066

42HodgsonJohn Leonard Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1735id: 6891066no age given
Leonard Hodgsonfather of John Leonard Hodgson

43HodgsonRalph Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1759611820id: 7241072of Summerhouse
Hannah Hodgsondaughter of Ralph Hodgson1814 age eroded away
Ann Hodgsonwife of Ralph Hodgson

44HodgsonRalph Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1778id: 6851075no age given
Ann Hodgsonwife of Ralph Hodgson1779 no age given

45HodgsonWilliam Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1686631749id: 6371065

46HodgsonWilliam Hodgsonfirst name on this monument1722471769id: 6541065
Hannah Lambdaughter of William Hodgson1834
Esther Hodgsonwife of William Hodgson1723481771

47HodshonJohn Hodshonfirst name on this monument1742id: 6241066no age given
Thomas Hodshonfather of John Hodshon

48HopeHannah Hopefirst name on this monument182031823id: 719
(2 images)
Matthew Hopebrother of Hannah Hope1817161833
Moses Hopebrother of Hannah Hope1831181849
Mary Armstrongdaughter of Hannah Hope
Joseph Hopefather of Hannah Hope1788821870
Hannah Jane Armstronggrand daughter of Hannah Hope1865 no age given. Daughter of John and Mary
Hannah Hopemother of Hannah Hope1801781879
Jane Hope1762911853 on reverse of stone
Ralph Hope1768711839 on reverse of stone
John Armstrongson-in-law of Hannah Hope Husband of Mary

49HopperThomas Hopperfirst name on this monument16951011796id: 7121066
Catharine Hopperdaughter-in-law of Thomas Hopper1754781832 Wife of George
George Hopperson of Thomas Hopper1763701833
John Hopperson of Thomas Hopper1771391810
Thomas Hopperson of Thomas Hopper1798551853
Elizabeth Hopperwife of Thomas Hopper1728821810
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50HuartJohn Huartfirst name on this monument1721401761id: 707
(2 images)
Emma Jane Huartgrand daughter of John Huart185551860 on reverse of stone
John Huart1797381835 Grandson of Richard. On reverse of stone
Richard Huart1732701802 on reverse of stone
Elizabeth Huartwife of John Huart1728421770

51JacksonJohn Jacksonfirst name on this monument1827361863id: 6621068of Newcastle on Tyne. Land Agent
Francis Jacksonfather of John Jackson
Leah Jacksonmother of John Jackson

52JacksonPhoebe Jacksonfirst name on this monument183481842id: 6631067
Francis Jacksonfather of Phoebe Jackson1797661863
Leah Jacksonmother of Phoebe Jackson

53JamesGeorge Jamesfirst name on this monument1750761826id: 6601066
William Jamesfather of George James
Mary Jamesmother of George James
Mary Jameswife of George James1758801838

54KelletThomas Kelletfirst name on this monument1728251753id: 6391066

55KellettThomas Kellettfirst name on this monument1763711834id: 703
(2 images)
Elisabeth Heselton on reverse of stone
Jane Heselton1834191853 Daughter of John and Elisabeth. On reverse of stone
John Heselton Husband of Elisabeth. On reverse of stone
John Kellettson of Thomas Kellett1789571846
Jane Kellettwife of Thomas Kellett1762911853

56LambJohn Lambfirst name on this monument1824731897id: 6691065Headstone in field behind churchyard

57LambJohn Lambfirst name on this monument1746721818id: 6641071
Ann Lambdaughter-in-law of John Lamb1789841873 Wife of Thomas
Robert Lambson of John Lamb1790561846
Thomas Lambson of John Lamb1784861870
Hannah Lambwife of John Lamb1750841834

58LambertNancy Lambertfirst name on this monument1739501789id: 643
(2 images)
Edward Lamberthusband of Nancy Lambert1807
Francis Lambert
William Lambert1796261822 Son of Francis

59LattinHorace A J Lattinfirst name on this monument190031903id: 6271066

60LeybournWilliam Leybournfirst name on this monument1804771881id: 6401065

61LiddleAnn Liddlefirst name on this monument1810431853id: 7321073
Sarah Ann Liddledaughter of Ann Liddle1847191866
John Liddlehusband of Ann Liddle

62LinsleyGeorge Linsleyfirst name on this monument1823491872id: 61410871Details of the accident at the New Copley Colliery in which George Linsley was fatally injured can be found at -
Alice Linsleywife of George Linsley1826711897 The age of Alice is approximate. Alice was illiterate and did not know her date of birth. In the 1851 census Alice gives her age as being 26. In the 1871 census she gives it as being 45 and by the 1891 census she gives her age as being 62. So she was born in 1825, 1826 or 1829.

63LinsleyJohn Linsleyfirst name on this monument1795751870id: 6611065
Elizabeth Linsleywife of John Linsley1800841884

64LittlefairEdward Littlefairfirst name on this monument1736751811id: 7281066
Elizabeth Clarkdaughter of Edward Littlefair year and age eroded away
Matthew Clarkson-in-law of Edward Littlefair
Elizabeth Littlefairwife of Edward Littlefair1822 age eroded away

65LittlefairMary Littlefairfirst name on this monument1733921825id: 7271066
Elizabeth Littlefairdaughter of Mary Littlefair1767841851

66LodgeRobert Lodgefirst name on this monument1677id: 7221075
Mary Lodgewife of Robert Lodge1644771721

67MatthewsHannah Matthewsfirst name on this monument1711101721id: 698
(3 images)

68MillionHannah Elizabeth Millionfirst name on this monument1822741896id: 6101065Headstone in field behind churchyard
Hannah Milliondaughter of Hannah Elizabeth Million1848201868
Charles Millionhusband of Hannah Elizabeth Million1822821904
Alfred Millionson of Hannah Elizabeth Million1867111878
John Millionson of Hannah Elizabeth Million1845241869
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69MoodyWilliam Moodyfirst name on this monument1773241797id: 6881068
Thomas Waltonbrother-in-law of William Moody Husband of Hannah
Hannah Waltonsister of William Moody1777521829

70PE Pfirst name on this monument1715id: 7101065
John Pearson1727

71PickersgillRichard Pickersgillfirst name on this monument1788831871id: 6821066of Walkerfield
John Stanwixbrother-in-law of Richard Pickersgill1794861880 of Keverstone
Jane Pickersgillwife of Richard Pickersgill1801701871

72RaineIsaac Rainefirst name on this monument1817641881id: 6221067
Jeremiah Raine1840411881
Mary Rainewife of Isaac Raine1821601881

73RawMary Rawfirst name on this monument1788571845id: 61710782
P Barlowbrother-in-law of Mary Raw1801651866
Michael Rawfather of Mary Raw
Mary Rawmother of Mary Raw
Elizabeth Barlowsister of Mary Raw1790701860

74RichardsonJohn Edgar Richardsonfirst name on this monument189861904id: 6731065Headstone in field behind churchyard
Robert William Richardsonfather of John Edgar Richardson
Isabel Mary Richardsonmother of John Edgar Richardson

75RichardsonWilliam Richardsonfirst name on this monumentid: 6911065rest of inscription below ground

76RidsdaleJohn Ridsdalefirst name on this monument1742181760id: 7291069
John Ridsdalefather of John Ridsdale
Esther Ridsdalemother of John Ridsdale

77RyderJohn Ryderfirst name on this monument1791981889id: 6111065Late of Hutton hang and Fearby Yorkshire
Elizabeth Ryderwife of John Ryder1796981894 Headstone in field behind churchyard

78SandersonJane Sandersonfirst name on this monument1804831887id: 6711065Headstone in field behind churchyard

79SandersonMary Sandersonfirst name on this monument1842341876id: 6281078
Thomas Sandersonfather of Mary Sanderson1801781879
Jane Sandersonmother of Mary Sanderson
William Summersonnephew of Mary Sanderson187221874

80ScarrMartha Scarrfirst name on this monument1872id: 6301065
Edward Scarrhusband of Martha Scarr1802751877

81ScarrRobert Scarrfirst name on this monument1831541885id: 6021066of Morley. Headstone in field behind churchyard

82SharpJeremiah Sharpfirst name on this monument1754641818id: 694
(2 images)
1065of Woodland
Isabella Sharp on reverse of stone
Isabella Sharp182311824 Daughter of John and Isabella. On reverse of stone
John Sharp Husband of Isabella. On reverse of stone
Joseph Sharp181641820 Son of John and Isabella. On reverse of stone
Jane Sharpwife of Jeremiah Sharp1759831842

83StanwickMary Stanwickfirst name on this monument1793101803id: 6801066
Andrew Stanwickbrother of Mary Stanwick1797431840
Andrew Stanwickfather of Mary Stanwick1743811824
Mary Stanwickmother of Mary Stanwick1755651820

84StanwixElizabeth Stanwixfirst name on this monument1791id: 683
(2 images)
George Stanwixbrother of Elizabeth Stanwix On reverse of stone
Peter Stanwixbrother of Elizabeth Stanwix1792411833 late of Regents Park , London
Thomas Stanwixbrother of Elizabeth Stanwix1785411826 of Stockton died at Keverstone
Peter Stanwixfather of Elizabeth Stanwix1749801829 died at Keverstone
Jane Stanwixmother of Elizabeth Stanwix
Jane Pickersgill Wife of Richard. On reverse of stone
Mary Jane Stanwix Pickersgill184311844 Daughter of Richard and Jane. On reverse of stone
Richard Pickersgill Husband of Jane. Of Darlington. On reverse of stone
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85StanwixJohn Stanwixfirst name on this monument1739721811id: 6811065
Jane Stanwixdaughter of John Stanwix1783591842
John Stanwixson of John Stanwix1779781857
Elizabeth Stanwixwife of John Stanwix1744861830

86StevensHannah Stevensfirst name on this monument1820221842id: 7211067
Jonathan Stevensbrother of Hannah Stevens Husband of Mary
Jonathan Stevensfather of Hannah Stevens1795631858
Ann Stevensmother of Hannah Stevens1798521850
Clarese Stevenssister of Hannah Stevens1832 died in Infancy
Mary Stevenssister-in-law of Hannah Stevens1823561879

87StevensJohn Stevensfirst name on this monument1830541884id: 674
(2 images)
1072Headstone in field behind churchyard
Ann Stevenswife of John Stevens1873

88StevensWilliam Stevensfirst name on this monument1843461889id: 60710731Headstone in field behind churchyard

89SuellJohn Suellfirst name on this monument1728id: 6491065no age given
Mary Suelldaughter of John Suell1714 no age given
Isabel Suellwife of John Suell1728 no age given

90SummersonRobert Summersonfirst name on this monument1847381885id: 6031074Headstone in field behind churchyard
Robert Summersonfather of Robert Summerson
Jane Summersonmother of Robert Summerson

91SummersonWilliam Summersonfirst name on this monument1816751891id: 6681073Headstone in field behind churchyard
Ann Summersonwife of William Summerson1898 age hidden below ground

92TaylorWilliam Taylorfirst name on this monument1751571808id: 6581073
Margaret Leedaughter of William Taylor1794431837
Thomas Leeson-in-law of William Taylor
Ann Taylorwife of William Taylor1750731823

93TeasdaleJohn William Teasdalefirst name on this monument1871id: 6351072
Joseph Teasdalefather of John William Teasdale
Elizabeth Teasdalemother of John William Teasdale
Jane Ann Teasdalesister of John William Teasdale186931872

94WalkerAnn Walkerfirst name on this monument1794621856id: 6261066
Thomas Walkerhusband of Ann Walker1798811879 interred at Holy Innocents , Mount Pleasant , Spennymoor

95WalkerHannah Walkerfirst name on this monument1731321763id: 6511065
Ralph Walkerhusband of Hannah Walker

96WalkerHannah Maria Walkerfirst name on this monument1862191881id: 619
(2 images)
Simpson Walkerfather of Hannah Maria Walker
Maria Walkermother of Hannah Maria Walker
John Simpson Liddle Son of Robert and Mary
Mary Liddle1852271879 Wife of Robert
Robert Liddle of Evenwood

97WalkerJames Walkerfirst name on this monument1804801884id: 6061066Headstone in field behind churchyard
Diana Walkerdaughter of James Walker183031833
Dinah Howe Walkerdaughter of James Walker1835231858
Goliah Walkerson of James Walker1843261869
James Thirkel Walkerson of James Walker1835231858
Thomas Walkerson of James Walker184611847
Jane Walkerwife of James Walker1804431847

98WalkerJane Walkerfirst name on this monument1753271780id: 65710861
Hannah Walkerdaughter of Jane Walker1780
William Jamesfather of Jane Walker1725911816
Ralph Walkerhusband of Jane Walker
Mary Jamesmother of Jane Walker1715691784
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99WalkerMary Walkerfirst name on this monumentid: 631
(3 images)
1068inscriptions worn away
John Walkerhusband of Mary Walker inscriptions worn away

100WalkerRalph Walkerfirst name on this monument1829621891id: 6051074Headstone in field behind churchyard
Jane Walkerdaughter of Ralph Walker186871875
Ralph Walkerson of Ralph Walker186091869
Thomas Walkerson of Ralph Walker Died in Infancy
Jane Walkerwife of Ralph Walker1833911924

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