St Michael and All Angels' Church burial ground, Mickleham, Surrey, England

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1AdamAlbert Adamfirst name on this monument17332551988id: 4095720938
Lydia Adam17392551994

2AitkenPeter Rudyard Aitkenfirst name on this monument3519121947id: 37057185102
Baron Beaverbrookfather of Peter Rudyard Aitken

3AmberCharles Amberfirst name on this monument16992551954id: 3955720022

4AndersonCatharine Andersonfirst name on this monument5717661823id: 1795703922
Francis Andersonhusband of Catharine Anderson7217661838

5ArnoldAnn Arnoldfirst name on this monument1776631839id: 20457055211
Edward Arnoldhusband of Ann Arnold

6ArnoldEdward Arnoldfirst name on this monument7817381816id: 4265722271
Sarah Arnoldwife of Edward Arnold6017301790

7ArseneaultCharles Arseneaultfirst name on this monument17362551991id: 3095712810

8ArseneaultCharles James Arseneaultfirst name on this monument7118971968id: 308571279
Priscilla Arseneaultwife of Charles James Arseneault8318851968

9ArseneaultJoseph James Arseneaultfirst name on this monument17532552008id: 3105712914

10AtkinsCecilia Frances Atkinsfirst name on this monument6518501915id: 25257084572
Evelyn Alice Sybyl Fraserdaughter of Cecilia Frances Atkins16932551948
Francis Day Atkinshusband of Cecilia Frances Atkins
Elizabeth Ethel Atkins1951
Bonamy H Fraserson-in-law of Cecilia Frances Atkins

11AtterburyHenry Atterburyfirst name on this monument6417121776id: 4275722322
Mary Atterburywife of Henry Atterbury6017231783

12BakerMary Bakerfirst name on this monument17042551959id: 2945711310

13BatchelorFrances Clara Batchelorfirst name on this monument16812551936id: 3605717623
L B Batchelorhusband of Frances Clara Batchelor
Eugenie Frances Batchelorson-in-law of Frances Clara Batchelor9019001990

14BatchelorLilian K Batchelorfirst name on this monument17242551979id: 41257211311
Edward S Batchelorhusband of Lilian K Batchelor17402551995

15BennettRichard Bedford Bennettfirst name on this monument16922551947id: 19570346

16BerryElizabeth Berryfirst name on this monument2817561784id: 2295707015
Ann Berrydaughter of Elizabeth Berry617811787
William Berryhusband of Elizabeth Berry
Elizabeth Berry4017531793

17BerryWilliam Berryfirst name on this monument42id: 2305707110
William Berryson of William Berry1818

18BerryWilliam Berryfirst name on this monument2217791801id: 231570729
William Berryfather of William Berry
Elizabeth Berrymother of William Berry

19BinfieldDorothy Binfieldfirst name on this monument16662551921id: 377571892
Walter Jack Binfieldbrother of Dorothy Binfield16662551921
Albert Binfieldfather of Dorothy Binfield17112551966
Letty Binfieldmother of Dorothy Binfield16962551951

20BirminghamWalter R Birminghamfirst name on this monument7518751950id: 3545717010
Helen Barr Birminghamwife of Walter R Birmingham8818881976

21BlakeCharles H B Blakefirst name on this monument16792551934id: 3595717513
Joan Blakewife of Charles H B Blake16882551943

22BlowsR A Blowsfirst name on this monument17292551984id: 340571571
Olive Blowswife of R A Blows17362551991

23BoltonVirginia Boltonfirst name on this monument17242551979id: 329571467
Guy Boltonhusband of Virginia Bolton17242551979
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24BoxallErnest W Boxallfirst name on this monument8218751957id: 29357112241
Emma Boxallwife of Ernest W Boxall8818801968

25BreeseRobert Breesefirst name on this monument7217491821id: 457026331

26BriggsJohn Briggsfirst name on this monumentid: 18557044131
Charlotte Briggswife of John Briggs4018501890
Ellen Briggswife of John Briggs3218621894

27BriggsSamuel Briggsfirst name on this monument8116941775id: 1825704181
Martha Briggswife of Samuel Briggs2916931722

28BrowneMaud Brownefirst name on this monument318851888id: 1845704364
John Brownefather of Maud Browne
Bridget Brownemother of Maud Browne
Madge Browne1218941906

29BunceCharlotte Buncefirst name on this monument8017761856id: 18357042381
James Buncehusband of Charlotte Bunce8317731856

30BurtonAdderley Burtonfirst name on this monument3917351774id: 1975705032

31ButcherStanley Butcherfirst name on this monument17182551973id: 3455716222

32CanningHerbert John Canningfirst name on this monument1934id: 3655718123
Ethel Annie Canningwife of Herbert John Canning1939

33CaseKenneth George Casefirst name on this monument17312551986id: 28457103151
Ruth Evelyn Case17412551996

34CaseMichael George Casefirst name on this monument16982551953id: 2835710211

35ChapmanArthur Chapmanfirst name on this monument17122551967id: 3135713219

36CharmanConstant Charmanfirst name on this monument7117601831id: 22057065161
James Charmanhusband of Constant Charman7717601837

37CharmanMaria Charmanfirst name on this monument318031806id: 22557068622
Anne Charman117881789

38CharmanMarmaduke Charmanfirst name on this monument1717901807id: 22457067221

39ChildBillie Childfirst name on this monument719031910id: 2515708332
Walter Childfather of Billie Child
Edith Childmother of Billie Child

40ChildJames Childfirst name on this monument7518651940id: 2565708815
Florence Childwife of James Child1935

41ChildWalter William Childfirst name on this monument7718621939id: 2555708718
Edith Childwife of Walter William Child9418671961

42ChristisonHarriet Christisonfirst name on this monument16852551940id: 3555717111
William Alfred Christison16942551949

43ClarkAlfred Alexander Gordon Clarkfirst name on this monument17032551958id: 3005711910
Mary Barbara Clarkwife of Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark17202551975

44ClarkHenry Michael Gordon Clarkfirst name on this monument17212551976id: 29957118181
Gwendolyn Emily Clarkwife of Henry Michael Gordon Clark17312551986

45ClarkRose Mary Gordon Clarkfirst name on this monument17422551997id: 39657201261
Henri de Marcellus

46ClayWilliam Clayfirst name on this monument7017151785id: 215570606

47ColemanJames Colemanfirst name on this monument5418181872id: 55702719
Ann Colemanwife of James Coleman8018131893

48CollinsMartha Collinsfirst name on this monument5917441803id: 2335707310

49ColmanDennis Colmanfirst name on this monument6519021967id: 3115713020

50ColmanGladys Colmanfirst name on this monument7019091979id: 3285714513

51ComberGeorge Comberfirst name on this monument7418691943id: 2535708511
Eliza Comberwife of George Comber8518691954

52CoopMaurice Fletcher Coopfirst name on this monument17412551996id: 3975720224
Elsie Hilda Coopwife of Maurice Fletcher Coop17422551997
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53CullenAlice Amelia Cullenfirst name on this monument16812551936id: 372
(4 images)
William Henry Cullenhusband of Alice Amelia Cullen16772551932
Gwendolyn Cullen
Margery May Cullen17132551968
Walter Douglas Cullen16652551920

54DaniellGeorge Daniellfirst name on this monument7317601833id: 39357199191

55DawsonChristiana Dawsonfirst name on this monument6417021766id: 428572246
William Dawsonhusband of Christiana Dawson

56de la GardeMaud de la Gardefirst name on this monument16782551933id: 3835719310
Henry Abercromby Grissellbrother of Maud de la Garde16932551948
Henry Peto Grissellfather of Maud de la Garde

57DrummondEmily Drummondfirst name on this monument16752551930id: 4185721527

58DrummondMaria Drummondfirst name on this monument16362551891id: 4205721622

59ErskineViolet Gladys Erskinefirst name on this monument5718831940id: 3565717237

60EtheringtonWalter Etheringtonfirst name on this monument8118711952id: 2885710717
Edith Etherington8118731954

61EvansSarah Evansfirst name on this monument16602551915id: 247
(3 images)
Marion Tomkindaughter of Sarah Evans1902
David Evanshusband of Sarah Evans
Charles Widenham Rosebery1937
Lucie Gwendaline Rosebery
Royce Tomkinson-in-law of Sarah Evans

62EverattEthel Everattfirst name on this monument5818931951id: 2905710913

63FitterErnest Fitterfirst name on this monument7319101983id: 3445716117
Billie Fitterwife of Ernest Fitter8419182002

64FreemantleDick Freemantlefirst name on this monument17102551965id: 32157139142
Freda Freemantle17422551997

65FullerGeorge Fullerfirst name on this monument17012551956id: 292571117
Lily Fullerwife of George Fuller17152551970

66FullerSamuel Fullerfirst name on this monument4917131762id: 187570458
Frusanna Fullerwife of Samuel Fuller6217181780

67GaddEmmeline Elizabeth Jane Gaddfirst name on this monument8218861968id: 3075712634
James William Gadd7918971976

68GardnerEdward Cecil Gardnerfirst name on this monument8518991984id: 3415715815
Mary Phyllis Gardner8819031991

69GardnerLouisa J Gardnerfirst name on this monument6518991964id: 3185713620
Henry C Gardner8018911971

70GardnerWilliam J C Gardnerfirst name on this monument17482552003id: 319571376
Irene O Gardner17502552005

71GilbertVernon D R Packenham Gilbertfirst name on this monument17102551965id: 368571834
Nancy Gilbertwife of Vernon D R Packenham Gilbert

72GilesBertram Gilesfirst name on this monument5318751928id: 257
(2 images)
Violet Gileswife of Bertram Giles6018761936

73GoddardFrancis Norman Goddardfirst name on this monument17372551992id: 4065720720

74GoddardJean Alice Goddardfirst name on this monument17372551992id: 405572067

75GowerJames Maxwell Gowerfirst name on this monument1986id: 3695718431
Keith Storr Allom17412551996

76GrissellFrances Adelaide Grissellfirst name on this monument3418541888id: 3925719841
Thomas de la Garde Grissellhusband of Frances Adelaide Grissell
Arthur Grissellson of Frances Adelaide Grissell16412551896

77GrissellFrank de la Garde Grissellfirst name on this monument16682551923id: 388571965
Millicent Grissell16632551918
Reginald William Grissell16772551932
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78GroomLilian Ann Groomfirst name on this monument17162551971id: 350571675
Violet Amy Groomdaughter of Lilian Ann Groom17472552002

79GuestGerald James Guestfirst name on this monument1619431959id: 3035712213

80HamiltonJane Hamiltonfirst name on this monument6118141875id: 42557221141
Richard Hamiltonhusband of Jane Hamilton6718111878

81HareNina Geldart Harefirst name on this monument16932551948id: 27057095131

82HarkeWilliam Henry Harkefirst name on this monument16422551897id: 415
(2 images)
Constance Mary Harkedaughter of William Henry Harke618621868
James Strains Harkeson of William Henry Harke1718591876
William Frederic Vincent Harkeson of William Henry Harke1904
Mary Vaughan Harkewife of William Henry Harke16542551909

83HartleyNora Kathleen Hartleyfirst name on this monument5718871944id: 26457091251
Peggy Stibydaughter of Nora Kathleen Hartley1974
Leonard George Hartley Hartleyhusband of Nora Kathleen Hartley
Arthur Robert Charles Stibyson-in-law of Nora Kathleen Hartley7819091987

84HattonGertrude Hattonfirst name on this monument17212551976id: 305571248
Thomas Hatton16982551953

85HattonJoanna Cristali Tarver Hattonfirst name on this monument17252551980id: 330571476

86HawkerJohn Charles Hawkerfirst name on this monument7118821953id: 2875710616

87HaynesBenjamin Haynesfirst name on this monument6917761845id: 21657061213
Anna Maria Hayneswife of Benjamin Haynes8217721854

88HaynesJane Haynesfirst name on this monument7117371808id: 21857063151

89HaynesJohn Haynesfirst name on this monument7217281800id: 217570629

90HaynesJohn Haynesfirst name on this monument118321833id: 2145705913
Benjamin Haynesfather of John Haynes8118021883
Elizabeth Haynesmother of John Haynes7618001876

91HillmanFreda Constance Hillmanfirst name on this monument1955id: 2775709812
Aubrey Hillmanhusband of Freda Constance Hillman

92HillmanJohn Hillmanfirst name on this monument16512551906id: 400572033
Helen Asenath Hillmanwife of John Hillman7318401913

93HindmarshMuriel Hindmarshfirst name on this monument17222551977id: 32757144401
Edward Hindmarshbrother of Muriel Hindmarsh17312551986
Frank Hindmarshbrother of Muriel Hindmarsh17372551992
Phyllis Hindmarshsister of Muriel Hindmarsh17372551992

94HooperGeorge Henry James Hooperfirst name on this monument8318651948id: 34957166221
Kate Haydon Hooperwife of George Henry James Hooper9118671958

95HousdenWalter Bridges Housdenfirst name on this monument1943id: 266570923
Rhoda Elizabeth Housdenwife of Walter Bridges Housden9218681960

96HowardCaleb Howardfirst name on this monument16272551882id: 4225721812

97HutchinsonLloyd Charles Hutchinsonfirst name on this monument17282551983id: 4075720881
Mary Hutchinsonwife of Lloyd Charles Hutchinson17492552004

98ImprotaMildred Nina Angerstein Improtafirst name on this monument17292551984id: 34257159302

99JacksonCharles James Jacksonfirst name on this monument1872761948id: 3475716411

100JakesEmily Jakesfirst name on this monument7518471922id: 3785719026
Owen Jakes7518531928

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