Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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801NormanRosa May Normanfirst name on this monument1893681961id: MDMun 10731075
John Normanfather of Rosa May Norman
Mary Normanmother of Rosa May Norman

802NunneyGerald E Nunneyfirst name on this monument1948171965id: MDMun 21531081
Leonard E Nunneyrelationship not known of Gerald E Nunney1915711986

803NydrleMiles George Nydrlefirst name on this monument1900681968id: MDMun 16491082
Hannah Marion Nydrlerelationship not known of Miles George Nydrle1902921994

804O'connorRoderick O'connorfirst name on this monument1920521972id: MDMun 16581080
Elizabeth O'connorwife of Roderick O'connor1921691990

805O'sullivanEileen O'sullivanfirst name on this monument1909711980id: MDMun 16031077
Barry O'sullivanrelationship not known of Eileen O'sullivan1905751980
Phyllis K O'sullivanrelationship not known of Eileen O'sullivan1903821985

806OffwoodFlorence Offwoodfirst name on this monument1886821968id: MDMun 13321077

807OnslowLilian Joyce Onslowfirst name on this monument1925641989id: MDMun 21821083
Albert Ernest Onslowhusband of Lilian Joyce Onslow1916751991

808OttoFerdinand William Ottofirst name on this monument1885811966id: MDMun 19721083
Ruth Jane Ottowife of Ferdinand William Otto1886941980

809PadfieldLeslie Padfieldfirst name on this monument1909851994id: MDMun 8961075
Sybil Melena Padfieldwife of Leslie Padfield1912831995

810PaffeyReginald Charles Paffeyfirst name on this monument1911461957id: MDMun 12321080
Alma Alexandra Paffeywife of Reginald Charles Paffey1978

811Page-HendersonMary Elizabeth Page-Hendersonfirst name on this monument1867751942id: MDMun 17481076
Henry Cockcroft Page-Hendersonhusband of Mary Elizabeth Page-Henderson1856861942

812PaigeCyril Penrose Paigefirst name on this monument1882761958id: MDMun 15351107Indian Army

813PalmerCatherine Palmerfirst name on this monument1942592001id: MDMun 16621076

814PalmerFrancis H Palmerfirst name on this monument1876751951id: MDMun 12141075
Marjorie Edith Palmerrelationship not known of Francis H Palmer62

815PalmerFreda Mary Palmerfirst name on this monument1912671979id: MDMun 19211074
Thornton Innes Palmerhusband of Freda Mary Palmer1906741980

816PalmerThomas William Palmerfirst name on this monument1895951990id: MDMun 22081076
Florence Eveline Palmerwife of Thomas William Palmer

817ParkerHorace R Parkerfirst name on this monument1924551979id: MDMun 20611076

818ParkerVera Elizabeth Parkerfirst name on this monument1922661988id: MDMun 9871080

819ParkerVictor C Parkerfirst name on this monument1924611985id: MDMun 21481075
Edna F Parkerwife of Victor C Parker1924762000

820ParkerWilliam E Parkerfirst name on this monument1894701964id: MDMun 19651076
Violet E Parkerwife of William E Parker1896941990

821ParkesGeorge Yarnold Parkesfirst name on this monument1906751981id: MDMun 10491077
Norah Elizabeth Parkeswife of George Yarnold Parkes1907781985

822ParkinMary Ann Parkinfirst name on this monument1907631970id: MDMun 12501075
Edwin John Parkinhusband of Mary Ann Parkin1901981999

823ParryAggie Parryfirst name on this monument1867751942id: MDMun 18591082
Herbert Gwynne Parryhusband of Aggie Parry1953 Died in Bristol

824ParryFlorence Susan Penelope Parryfirst name on this monument1877821959id: MDMun 15511077

825ParsonsArthur E Parsonsfirst name on this monument1897911988id: MDMun 10381083
Flossie Parsonswife of Arthur E Parsons1897871984

826ParsonsBarbara Allan Parsonsfirst name on this monument1916691985id: MDMun 9661088
P K Irwinfirst husband of Barbara Allan Parsons (late)
A G E Parsonssecond husband of Barbara Allan Parsons1907841991
Marjorie Ethel Parsonssecond wife of husband of Barbara Allan Parsons1912641976
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827ParsonsDavid J Parsonsfirst name on this monument1883631946id: MDMun 19031081
Annie Mabel Parsonswife of David J Parsons1887871974

828ParsonsEdna May Parsonsfirst name on this monument1914691983id: MDMun 20931078

829ParsonsFrederick William Parsonsfirst name on this monument1897761973id: MDMun 11931075
Evelyn Mary Parsonswife of Frederick William Parsons1900901990

830ParsonsGordon William Parsonsfirst name on this monument1920812001id: MDMun 8701075

831ParsonsHilda Winifred Parsonsfirst name on this monument1912571969id: MDMun 19521076

832ParsonsMary Elizabeth Parsonsfirst name on this monument1892701962id: MDMun 15661076

833ParsonsStanley Hugh Parsonsfirst name on this monument1907651972id: MDMun 13551077
Wretha G Parsonswife of Stanley Hugh Parsons1907851992

834PassmoreHarold Passmorefirst name on this monument1903481951id: MDMun 143010911
Ann Passmoredaughter of Harold Passmore
Joe Passmoreson of Harold Passmore
Hilda Passmorewife of Harold Passmore1952

835PassmoreReginald Charles Passmorefirst name on this monument1895851980id: MDMun 20171083

836PatesJoan Patesfirst name on this monument1936231959id: MDMun 17301086
Ricki Pateshusband of Joan Pates
Christopher Patesson of Joan Pates
Michael Patesson of Joan Pates

837PaulArthur Paulfirst name on this monument1893771970id: MDMun 139310751

838PaulBertha Paulfirst name on this monument1887751962id: MDMun 13921075

839PaullDavid Charles Paullfirst name on this monument1887741961id: MDMun 15171075
Gertrude Paullwife of David Charles Paull1893791972

840PavelingIris Pavelingfirst name on this monument1922932015id: MDMun 9451080

841PavelingRobert Pavelingfirst name on this monument1920671987id: MDMun 9441080

842PaviourIda Mary Paviourfirst name on this monument1912841996id: MDMun 11721074
Francis William Paviourhusband of Ida Mary Paviour1910942004
Florence Jane Paviourmother-in-law of Ida Mary Paviour1887881975

843PayneClara Paynefirst name on this monument1890701960id: MDMun 15211075

844PayneHenry Paynefirst name on this monument1870751945id: MDMun 19241075
Mary Paynewife of Henry Payne1873811954

845PearceLilian Pearcefirst name on this monument1893971990id: MDMun 9191075

846PearsonDouglas Pearsonfirst name on this monument1917711988id: MDMun 21811076
Emily Stella Pearsonwife of Douglas Pearson1920791999

847PeckHenry Peckfirst name on this monument1911771988id: MDMun 21781076

848PennicottCyril Pennicottfirst name on this monument1921611982id: MDMun 17771075
Margaret Pennicottwife of Cyril Pennicott2000

849PeppinLeslie Claude Peppinfirst name on this monument1910451955id: MDMun 15271075
Emma Jane Peppinmother of Leslie Claude Peppin1887711958
Dorothy Margaret Peppinwife of Leslie Claude Peppin1912701982

850PerkinsElsie Marion Perkinsfirst name on this monument1960id: MDMun 14821076
William Perkinsfather of Elsie Marion Perkins

851PerryCyril Clifford William Perryfirst name on this monument1892681960id: MDMun 10711074
Doris Winifred Perrywife of Cyril Clifford William Perry1896901986

852PetherickFrancis Arthur Petherickfirst name on this monument1953id: MDMun 14241080
Agnes Marion Petherickwife of Francis Arthur Petherick1898851983

853PettiferFlorence E Pettiferfirst name on this monument1883901973id: MDMun 16851075

854PeytonBernard R Peytonfirst name on this monument1944id: MDMun 18231075

855PeytonEthel I Peytonfirst name on this monument1953id: MDMun 18241078Wife of Bernard
Bernard Peytonhusband of Ethel I Peyton

856PhillipsAveril Phillipsfirst name on this monument1904791983id: MDMun 9851075
Pamela Avril Croucherrelationship not known of Averil Phillips1932792011
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857PhillipsDavid T Phillipsfirst name on this monument1910771987id: MDMun 21561076
Gladys M Phillipswife of David T Phillips1912811993

858PhillipsEwart J Phillipsfirst name on this monument1916701986id: MDMun 21431076

859PhillipsHerbert Stephen Phillipsfirst name on this monument1886691955id: MDMun 12291075
Dora Lucy Phillipswife of Herbert Stephen Phillips

860PhippenGeorge H Phippenfirst name on this monument1902871989id: MDMun 21051077

861PhippsDouglas Boganny Phippsfirst name on this monument1905731978id: MDMun 10861075
Lilian Phippswife of Douglas Boganny Phipps1913731986

862PidgeonDouglas Pidgeonfirst name on this monument1912781990id: MDMun 9291077
Doris Elizabeth Cenwein Pidgeonwife of Douglas Pidgeon1911871998

863PiggottWinifred Gladys Piggottfirst name on this monument1959id: MDMun 15651077
Rupert Edmund Piggotthusband of Winifred Gladys Piggott

864PikeElsie Pikefirst name on this monument1900761976id: MDMun 20241076

865PiperLionel Piperfirst name on this monument1972id: MDMun 20251080
Lillian Piperwife of Lionel Piper1975

866PitcherHerbert Arthur Pitcherfirst name on this monument1909771986id: MDMun 9961080

867PittEdward George Pittfirst name on this monument1899621961id: MDMun 15161076

868PittWilliam Pittfirst name on this monument1865841949id: MDMun 16751085
Agnes Pittwife of William Pitt1868871955

869PointonConstance Pointonfirst name on this monument1974id: MDMun 16341094
Ronald Marcus Pointonhusband of Constance Pointon1895981993

870PollardKathleen May Pollardfirst name on this monument1913791992id: MDMun 8661074
Noah Hubert Pollardhusband of Kathleen May Pollard1916801996

871PomeroyHilda Evelyn Pomeroyfirst name on this monument1866821948id: MDMun 16181077
James Spencer James Pomeroyfather of Hilda Evelyn Pomeroy

872PonterPatricia Joan Ponterfirst name on this monument1995id: MDMun 13151074

873PooleFrank R Poolefirst name on this monument1917811998id: MDMun 9711076
Vivienne Poolewife of Frank R Poole1925832008

874PopeJeffrey Popefirst name on this monument1913671980id: MDMun 20621077

875PopeWilfred George Popefirst name on this monument1900571957id: MDMun 15531080
Mary Popewife of Wilfred George Pope1900801980

876PotterEmmie Potterfirst name on this monument1885831968id: MDMun 11631075
Ernest Potterhusband of Emmie Potter

877PotterErnest Harold Potterfirst name on this monument1882741956id: MDMun 12371075
Isabel Frances Pottersister of Ernest Harold Potter1891981989

878PotterKenneth Frederick John Potterfirst name on this monument1909741983id: MDMun 21091077

879PowellAlfred Edward Powellfirst name on this monument1896661962id: MDMun 12821076
Louisa Ann Powellwife of Alfred Edward Powell1905771982

880PowerLionel John Beresford Powerfirst name on this monument1903851988id: MDMun 9811075

881PowisBarry Philip Powisfirst name on this monument1953381991id: MDMun 9341074

882PrescottFlorence Prescottfirst name on this monument1923601983id: MDMun 21021079

883PrescottJessie Louise Prescottfirst name on this monument1907891996id: MDMun 9061077
Edward John Prescotthusband of Jessie Louise Prescott1905941999

884PresenceAlbert Ernest Presencefirst name on this monument1910681978id: MDMun 15961076
Louisa Winifred Presencewife of Albert Ernest Presence1918842002

885PressThomas Pressfirst name on this monument1897651962id: MDMun 12451075
Ethel Presswife of Thomas Press1898811979

886PriceDoris May Pricefirst name on this monument1905781983id: MDMun 10391074
Donald Isaac Pricehusband of Doris May Price1907801987

887PriceVera Edith Pricefirst name on this monument1920361956id: MDMun 11961075
Edith Jenkinsrelationship not known of Vera Edith Price1892701962
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888PringBertram George Pringfirst name on this monument1892691961id: MDMun 11081082
Mabel May Pringrelationship not known of Bertram George Pring1891921983

889PringLena Mary Pringfirst name on this monument1909641973id: MDMun 20041083

890PringWilliam E Pringfirst name on this monument1986id: MDMun 99210801
Frances M Pringrelationship not known of William E Pring1993

891PriscottPercival Ralph Priscottfirst name on this monument1893681961id: MDMun 20901078
Kathleen Mary Priscottwife of Percival Ralph Priscott1932501982

892ProsserMinnie Prosserfirst name on this monument1949id: MDMun 17991077

893ProwsePatricia Nell Prowsefirst name on this monument1920872007id: MDMun 20821078

894PugsleyMaria Pugsleyfirst name on this monument1878851963id: MDMun 12981076
John Cobley Pugsleyhusband of Maria Pugsley1872951967
Ronald John Pugsleyson of Maria Pugsley1903801983

895PugsleyMarjorie Pugsleyfirst name on this monument1904861990id: MDMun 22061076
Cyril Guy Pugsleyhusband of Marjorie Pugsley1905871992

896PugsleyMary Elizabeth Pugsleyfirst name on this monument1880741954id: MDMun 12061079

897PulsfordHumphrey Donald Pulsfordfirst name on this monument1909791988id: MDMun 9581076
Mary Ellen Pulsfordwife of Humphrey Donald Pulsford1912821994

898Purey-CustAlice E Purey-Custfirst name on this monument1871781949id: MDMun 14611078Sister of Elaine Hepburn
Elaine Hepburnsister of Alice E Purey-Cust

899Purey-CustPeggy Purey-Custfirst name on this monument1905901995id: MDMun 14621076
Alice Purey-Custmother of Peggy Purey-Cust

900PurserJohn Purserfirst name on this monument1888781966id: MDMun 19621077

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

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