Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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701LordEllen K Lordfirst name on this monument1914701984id: MDMun 21211079
Harold Lordhusband of Ellen K Lord1909811990

702LovegroveDorothy Caroline Lovegrovefirst name on this monument1882741956id: MDMun 12181079

703LumleyAnthony John Lumleyfirst name on this monument1945471992id: MDMun 8871089

704LundTeresa Emily Lundfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 16921083

705LundWilliam Henry Lundfirst name on this monument1887761963id: MDMun 16911077

706LuxonHilda Mary Luxonfirst name on this monument1913771990id: MDMun 10691077
Sidney Luxonhusband of Hilda Mary Luxon1965

707LuxtonLouise Emily Luxtonfirst name on this monument1896501946id: MDMun 17151084

708LyddonRobert James Lyddonfirst name on this monument195311954id: MDMun 15301083age 16mths
Tom Lyddonfather of Robert James Lyddon1896581954

709LynchCharles Lynchfirst name on this monument1931822013id: MDMun 16201078

710LynchHugh Michael Fraser Lynchfirst name on this monument1939591998id: MDMun 16791077
Kathleen Mary Lynchwife of Hugh Michael Fraser Lynch1947592006

711LynchLiam Lynchfirst name on this monument1937692006id: MDMun 16191075
Patricia Lynchwife of Liam Lynch1947682015

712MackayDonald Mackayfirst name on this monument1889771966id: MDMun 13681080

713MackayJessie Louise Mackayfirst name on this monument1907801987id: MDMun 9751079
Ruth Mackaysister of Jessie Louise Mackay1917731990

714MackinlayJ W C Mackinlayfirst name on this monument1945id: MDMun 18581076
H M Mackinlaywife of J W C Mackinlay1949

715MacqueenAlexander Macqueenfirst name on this monument1897611958id: MDMun 16261081
Madelin Marie Macqueenwife of Alexander Macqueen1906821988

716MacrowGisile Georgette Macrowfirst name on this monument1923531976id: MDMun 16891076
Ronald George Macrowhusband of Gisile Georgette Macrow1927762003

717MagorClara Winifred Magorfirst name on this monument1880861966id: MDMun 12851077
R B Magorfather of Clara Winifred Magor (late)

718MallettCarrie Mallettfirst name on this monument1866851951id: MDMun 16631076
Laura Mallettsister of Carrie Mallett

719MaloneJames Patrick Malonefirst name on this monument1996id: MDMun 17181078

720MandleyMervil M Mandleyfirst name on this monument1927611988id: MDMun 21731079
Helene Louise Mandleywife of Mervil M Mandley2011

721MangerAlice Mangerfirst name on this monument1885961981id: MDMun 10631074

722ManleyAmy Georgina Manleyfirst name on this monument1899701969id: MDMun 19481079

723ManleyWilliam Ernest Manleyfirst name on this monument1891851976id: MDMun 19481078

724MannersAnnie Emma Mannersfirst name on this monument1876731949id: MDMun 18371078

725MansellRon E C Mansellfirst name on this monument1934441978id: MDMun 20471082

726MarchantAlison Joy Marchantfirst name on this monument1956161972id: MDMun 19901086
George Frederick Marchantfather of Alison Joy Marchant1931742005
Joyce Marchantmother of Alison Joy Marchant1932802012

727MarksRichard William Marksfirst name on this monument1962id: MDMun 13901081

728MarrEdward Robert Marrfirst name on this monument1867751942id: MDMun 17491085

729MarshallEdna Madeline Marshallfirst name on this monument1917651982id: MDMun 20881078

730MarshallGladys Marshallfirst name on this monument1890931983id: MDMun 20981077
John Alexander Marshallhusband of Gladys Marshall18831031986

731MarshallJane Marshallfirst name on this monument1895841979id: MDMun 11041076

732MarshallJosephine Louise Marshallfirst name on this monument1912892001id: MDMun 16591074

733MarstonJohn Frederick Lovatt Marstonfirst name on this monument1868841952id: MDMun 14001077

734MartinAlfred Edward Martinfirst name on this monument1902471949id: MDMun 17161081
Edna Martindaughter of Alfred Edward Martin1923391962
Frederick J Huntsecond husband of wife of Alfred Edward Martin
Frederick Ticknerson-in-law of Alfred Edward Martin
May Martinwife of Alfred Edward Martin1904621966
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735MartinEdward George Martinfirst name on this monument1911621973id: MDMun 14331075
Ivy Alice Gwendoline Martinwife of Edward George Martin1911932004

736MartinGeorge R Martinfirst name on this monument1891791970id: MDMun 19771076
Charlotte M Martinwife of George R Martin1902851987

737MartinJohn A Martinfirst name on this monument1873721945id: MDMun 16671075
Ruth Harriet Martinwife of John A Martin1876941970

738MatsonBernard Nelson Matsonfirst name on this monument1909351944id: MDMun 13521081RAF , died on active service
Mary Matsondaughter of Bernard Nelson Matson
Richard Matsonson of Bernard Nelson Matson
Robin Matsonson of Bernard Nelson Matson
Muriel Matsonwife of Bernard Nelson Matson1909761985

739MatthewsArthur Matthewsfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 13891080
Maud Matthewswife of Arthur Matthews

740MatthewsEllen Bessie Matthewsfirst name on this monument1872id: MDMun 11231075b 03/1872
Frank Harrisbrother of Ellen Bessie Matthews1877 b 01/1877
Mary Harrisson-in-law of Ellen Bessie Matthews1888 b 04/1888

741MatthewsEttie Matthewsfirst name on this monument1882791961id: MDMun 15411078

742MatthewsGeorge Henry Matthewsfirst name on this monument1888831971id: MDMun 19931081
Amy Matthewswife of George Henry Matthews1888901978

743MatthewsH R Matthewsfirst name on this monument1917561973id: MDMun 20111077
Martha Matthewswife of H R Matthews

744MatthewsLouisa Matthewsfirst name on this monument1871721943id: MDMun 17871075
Arthur Matthewshusband of Louisa Matthews1873781951

745MayEmma Mayfirst name on this monument1901771978id: MDMun 11571077
Frederick Charles Mayhusband of Emma May1905771982

746MayRose Mary Mayfirst name on this monument1896881984id: MDMun 17641075

747MayellElsie Mayellfirst name on this monument1960id: MDMun 14091074

748MayesEdith Mary Mayesfirst name on this monument1905711976id: MDMun 11461082
Herbert John Mayeshusband of Edith Mary Mayes1907771984

749McbainNigel John Edmund Mcbainfirst name on this monument1909641973id: MDMun 15771077
Betty Louise Mcbainwife of Nigel John Edmund Mcbain1910841994

750MccandlishNellie Mccandlishfirst name on this monument1898731971id: MDMun 11211078
Albert Victor Mccandlishhusband of Nellie Mccandlish1903831986 Pastor of Millbridge Evangelical 1956-1968

751McdonaldJane Mcdonaldfirst name on this monument1899791978id: MDMun 17661079

752McnallyArthur Mcnallyfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 21571077
Lily Mcnallywife of Arthur Mcnally1987 Only date given - probably wife's DoD

753McnallyPhilip Raymond Mcnallyfirst name on this monument1928451973id: MDMun 20021078
Mildred Mcnallywife of Philip Raymond Mcnally1932521984

754MeadowsIrene Doris Meadowsfirst name on this monument1911761987id: MDMun 9631085
Stanley Louis Meadowshusband of Irene Doris Meadows1908891997

755MeadsSydney C Meadsfirst name on this monument1914661980id: MDMun 18841090)
Cyril Chantrelationship not known of Sydney C Meads )
Ursula Dunham Meadsrelationship not known of Sydney C Meads1917942011 )

756MearsWilliam Henry Mearsfirst name on this monument1912681980id: MDMun 20641076
Evelyn Agnes Mearswife of William Henry Mears1913892002

757MemberyBessie Memberyfirst name on this monument1946id: MDMun 19261075Mother of Nora
Nora Memberydaughter of Bessie Membery

758MemberyNora Memberyfirst name on this monument1945id: MDMun 19251075

759MercerMarion Mercerfirst name on this monument1906841990id: MDMun 9431082
Leslie Esmond Mercerhusband of Marion Mercer1903921995

760MerrettJohn Turner Merrettfirst name on this monument1880821962id: MDMun 14851078
Florence Mary Merrettwife of John Turner Merrett1886801966
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761MillardHenry Jim Millardfirst name on this monument1918671985id: MDMun 21471084
Eillen Mary Millardwife of Henry Jim Millard1919822001

762MillerAlice Maud Millerfirst name on this monument1905621967id: MDMun 12471079
George Millerhusband of Alice Maud Miller1906711977
Stuart Millerson of Alice Maud Miller
Tony Millerson of Alice Maud Miller

763MiltonWilliam Gordon Miltonfirst name on this monument1910501960id: MDMun 15091082

764MiltonWilliam Richard Miltonfirst name on this monument1947id: MDMun 18761081
Sarah Miltonwife of William Richard Milton1965

765MitchamIsabel Florence Mitchamfirst name on this monument1987id: MDMun 9621086
Mike Mitchamhusband of Isabel Florence Mitcham1909922001

766MockridgeE E Mockridgefirst name on this monument1971id: MDMun 11221087
G E Mockridgerelationship not known of E E Mockridge2003
Walter Mockridgerelationship not known of E E Mockridge1999

767MoodyWilliam A S Moodyfirst name on this monument1895771972id: MDMun 11341081
May Moodywife of William A S Moody1897811978

768MoonHelena Joyce Moonfirst name on this monument1988id: MDMun 21741078

769MooreChristine Mary Moorefirst name on this monument1924691993id: MDMun 17981075
Raymond Harry Moorehusband of Christine Mary Moore1919771996

770MooreHarry Moorefirst name on this monument1893691962id: MDMun 20741085
Edith May Moorewife of Harry Moore1894851979

771MorphettJohn S Morphettfirst name on this monument1919591978id: MDMun 20491083
Joyce Morphettwife of John S Morphett1921661987

772MorrisJohn James Morrisfirst name on this monument1886671953id: MDMun 14681078
Margaret Lucy Morrisdaughter of John James Morris1914821996
Mary Charlotte Morriswife of John James Morris1886801966

773MorseWilliam J Morsefirst name on this monument1880641944id: MDMun 18221076
Charlotte Mary Esther Morsewife of William J Morse1883881971

774MortimerCharles Ronald Mortimerfirst name on this monument1908801988id: MDMun 9771079

775MortimerEmlyn S Mortimerfirst name on this monument1972id: MDMun 19891080
Phyllis M Mortimerwife of Emlyn S Mortimer1988

776MortlockGeorge Mortlockfirst name on this monument1871721943id: MDMun 18321080
Ida May Mortlockwife of George Mortlock1870731943

777MoteDavid Edward Motefirst name on this monument1967171984id: MDMun 17781078

778MoteHerbert Motefirst name on this monument1910671977id: MDMun 17281080
Cora Moterelationship not known of Herbert Mote1907932000

779MountElizabeth Mountfirst name on this monument1932762008id: MDMun 9051082

780MuchFraser Muchfirst name on this monument1910811991id: MDMun 9201082
Helen Muchrelationship not known of Fraser Much1913952008

781MuchJessie Mary Muchfirst name on this monument1971id: MDMun 12511077
Jean Muchdaughter of Jessie Mary Much1995

782MurphyEthel M Murphyfirst name on this monument1895911986id: MDMun 21501076
Emily S Shoultrelationship not known of Ethel M Murphy1898881986

783Murray-HillKathleen Karene Murray-Hillfirst name on this monument1917832000id: MDMun 17381085
Edmund Robert Murray-Hillhusband of Kathleen Karene Murray-Hill

784MyrickPamela Grace Myrickfirst name on this monument1920441964id: MDMun 13731075

785NationArthur W Nationfirst name on this monument1894641958id: MDMun 14511078
Eunice A Nationdaughter of Arthur W Nation1927772004
Louisa Nationwife of Arthur W Nation1897851982

786NaylorBarth Naylorfirst name on this monument1910741984id: MDMun 100510791
Eva Frances Naylorwife of Barth Naylor1912831995
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787NelsonEvelyn G Nelsonfirst name on this monument1982id: MDMun 20911080
Albert Nelsonhusband of Evelyn G Nelson1917741991

788NelsonWilliam Nelsonfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 21521080

789NevellJohn Sidney Nevellfirst name on this monument1992id: MDMun 9021092
Florence Cecile Nevellwife of John Sidney Nevell1984

790NevilleMadge Nevillefirst name on this monument1867791946id: MDMun 18741075

791NewcombeCyril Thristle Newcombefirst name on this monument1909481957id: MDMun 12351077
Eve Newcombewife of Cyril Thristle Newcombe1905701975

792NewcombeEric Lancelot Newcombefirst name on this monument1901561957id: MDMun 12341083
Audrey Vivienne Newcombewife of Eric Lancelot Newcombe1902911993

793NewcombeJohn Charles Newcombefirst name on this monument1931832014id: MDMun 8691075

794NixonElizabeth Ann Nixonfirst name on this monument1919701989id: MDMun 9501083
George William Nixonhusband of Elizabeth Ann Nixon1920691989

795NobesRobert Nobesfirst name on this monument1874741948id: MDMun 17821078
Charlotte Nobeswife of Robert Nobes1872811953

796NobleEva Ellen Noblefirst name on this monument1877931970id: MDMun 13531075
Ernest Philip Noblehusband of Eva Ellen Noble1891891980

797NormanJohn Howard Normanfirst name on this monument1875721947id: MDMun 166410751
Laura Normanwife of John Howard Norman1868941962

798NormanReginald James Normanfirst name on this monument1917441961id: MDMun 15121076
Florence Mary Normanwife of Reginald James Norman1912942006

799NormanRichard Normanfirst name on this monument1975id: MDMun 18881075age 3mths
Tony Normanfather of Richard Norman
Briarre Normanmother of Richard Norman

800NormanRonald James Normanfirst name on this monument1918641982id: MDMun 20921079
Joan Normanwife of Ronald James Norman2005

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

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