Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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601HuishDenys Leslie Huishfirst name on this monument1937441981id: MDMun 20551084

602HuntDesmond Huntfirst name on this monument1928591987id: MDMun 9691075

603HuntFlorence Mabel Huntfirst name on this monument1891741965id: MDMun 13751084

604HuntJohn Huntfirst name on this monument1909731982id: MDMun 10171075
Eveline Huntwife of John Hunt1913902003

605HurcombeA J H Hurcombefirst name on this monument1943191962id: MDMun 15701078Royal Leicestershire Regt.

606HurfordAnnie Hurfordfirst name on this monument1869781947id: MDMun 16991076
Charles Sidney Hurfordhusband of Annie Hurford1869771946

607HurfordRaymond Charles Hurfordfirst name on this monument1898851983id: MDMun 10531075
Olive Alexandra Hurfordwife of Raymond Charles Hurford1903972000

608HussekDaniel Charles Hussekfirst name on this monument198801988id: MDMun 10501076
Karl Hussekfather of Daniel Charles Hussek
Lindsey Hussekmother of Daniel Charles Hussek
Ashley Husseksister of Daniel Charles Hussek
Christine Husseksister of Daniel Charles Hussek
Emma Husseksister of Daniel Charles Hussek
Katherine Husseksister of Daniel Charles Hussek

609HutchingsE M E Hutchingsfirst name on this monument1882801962id: MDMun 12431088

610HymersFrancis William Hymersfirst name on this monument1894751969id: MDMun 16551075
Christina Hymerswife of Francis William Hymers (late)

611HymersJoseph Hymersfirst name on this monument1922501972id: MDMun 16901075

612HypherPatrick Basil Hypherfirst name on this monument1907711978id: MDMun 17701076

613InglisMary Ethel Inglisfirst name on this monument1884841968id: MDMun 16231076

614IrwenEileen Hope Irwenfirst name on this monument1905861991id: MDMun 9141076

615IrwinWilfrid Irwinfirst name on this monument1891581949id: MDMun 17941079

616IsardOlive Beatrice Isardfirst name on this monument1901901991id: MDMun 9071078
Henry Edward Isardhusband of Olive Beatrice Isard

617JamesAda J Jamesfirst name on this monument1890691959id: MDMun 14931079
Henry Jameshusband of Ada J James1893831976

618JamesAlec Jamesfirst name on this monument1912781990id: MDMun 9381083

619JamesAlfred John Jamesfirst name on this monument1889771966id: MDMun 13191079

620JamesAnn Jamesfirst name on this monument1939702009id: MDMun 9391075

621JamesDoris Jamesfirst name on this monument1914912005id: MDMun 9371075

622JamesEllen Ada Mary Jamesfirst name on this monument1924421966id: MDMun 14941079

623JamesEric Edbrooke Jamesfirst name on this monument1980id: MDMun 20751077
Clarice Jameswife of Eric Edbrooke James1983

624JamesGordon S Jamesfirst name on this monument1904811985id: MDMun 17631075

625JamesLeonard Jamesfirst name on this monument1897651962id: MDMun 15451075
Lucy Jameswife of Leonard James1899801979

626JamesMinnie Jamesfirst name on this monument1885691954id: MDMun 12051077

627JamesPerc Jamesfirst name on this monument1914791993id: MDMun 8741076
Bet Jameswife of Perc James1920882008

628JamesRhoda Sara Jamesfirst name on this monument1967id: MDMun 16531075

629JamesSarah Jamesfirst name on this monument1965id: MDMun 13221075
Roy Jameshusband of Sarah James1968

630JamesWalter Jamesfirst name on this monument1863831946id: MDMun 18811075

631JarrettJohn Seaton Jarrettfirst name on this monument1904621966id: MDMun 21851080
Elizabeth Jarrettwife of John Seaton Jarrett1908801988

632JefferiesDonald Jefferiesfirst name on this monument1910781988id: MDMun 21791078
Sylvia Jefferieswife of Donald Jefferies1913972010
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633JohnsonEdith Florence Johnsonfirst name on this monument1903841987id: MDMun 9611077
William Francis Johnsonhusband of Edith Florence Johnson1915771992

634JohnsonEdward Hugh Johnsonfirst name on this monument1938id: MDMun 18671076
Mabel Johnsonwife of Edward Hugh Johnson1950

635JohnstonEdward N W Johnstonfirst name on this monument1885601945id: MDMun 16711076
Madeline Johnstonwife of Edward N W Johnston1960

636JonesBeatrice Mary Jonesfirst name on this monument1875951970id: MDMun 11161075
Hettie Jonesrelationship not known of Beatrice Mary Jones1880901970

637JonesCatherine Jonesfirst name on this monument1874731947id: MDMun 17141077

638JonesDorothy Lena Jonesfirst name on this monument1892631955id: MDMun 11991075
Francis Geyton Joneshusband of Dorothy Lena Jones1895711966

639JonesElaine E Jonesfirst name on this monument1926481974id: MDMun 20081076

640JonesHarry Jonesfirst name on this monument1918611979id: MDMun 13431079
Betty Joneswife of Harry Jones1999

641JonesHerbert S Jonesfirst name on this monument1913741987id: MDMun 21511076
Beatrice Joneswife of Herbert S Jones19131022015

642JonesHerbert William Jonesfirst name on this monument1894631957id: MDMun 12361076
Lucina Joneswife of Herbert William Jones1893771970

643JonesJames Edwin Jonesfirst name on this monument1915631978id: MDMun 20451078

644JonesTerence Jonesfirst name on this monument1907952002id: MDMun 16611078
Annie Winifred May Joneswife of Terence Jones1911942005

645JonesTheresa Mary Jonesfirst name on this monument1968id: MDMun 18791075age 12days

646JowettFlorence Mabel Jowettfirst name on this monument1888871975id: MDMun 16931082

647JoyceWalter Joycefirst name on this monument1936631999id: MDMun 17371076

648KaneGerard Kanefirst name on this monument1931611992id: MDMun 16211077

649KeaneChristian Keanefirst name on this monument199011991id: MDMun 16021089
Paul Keanefather of Christian Keane
Gail Keanemother of Christian Keane
Jenny Keanesister of Christian Keane
Sarah Keanesister of Christian Keane

650KempAlfred Thomas Kempfirst name on this monument1895521947id: MDMun 1810
(2 images)

651KempCyril Herbert Kempfirst name on this monument1972id: MDMun 11351074
Grace Ellen Rose Kempwife of Cyril Herbert Kemp1976

652KempWilliam Leslie Kempfirst name on this monument1906561962id: MDMun 15671080
Dorothy Ruth Kempwife of William Leslie Kemp1927752002

653KennardD W Kennardfirst name on this monument1932621994id: MDMun 16401076) On stone within previous Cox grave
Pamela Kennardwife of D W Kennard ) On stone within previous Cox grave

654KennardJohn Aubrey Catchpole Kennardfirst name on this monument1883851968id: MDMun 12911076
Annie Elizabeth Kennardwife of John Aubrey Catchpole Kennard1887971984

655KennedyWalter Kennedyfirst name on this monument1910821992id: MDMun 15951078
Elsie Amelia Kennedywife of Walter Kennedy1914902004

656KentEdith Mary Kentfirst name on this monument1892971989id: MDMun 22071082
David Edward Kenthusband of Edith Mary Kent1890861976

657KerslakeSidney John Kerslakefirst name on this monument1896641960id: MDMun 15401077
Edith Gladys May Kerslakewife of Sidney John Kerslake1902841986

658KilleAlan Edwy Killefirst name on this monument1889871976id: MDMun 12551077
Dorothy Killewife of Alan Edwy Kille1893891982

659KinderDouglas S Kinderfirst name on this monument1918751993id: MDMun 8751079

660KingArthur Kingfirst name on this monument1907801987id: MDMun 21631076

661KingEdwin Frank Kingfirst name on this monument1926731999id: MDMun 9361077
Jean Margaret Kingwife of Edwin Frank King1931832014
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662KingMyrtle Theresa Kingfirst name on this monument1893741967id: MDMun 13051085
Alf Hillrelationship not known of Myrtle Theresa King
Audrey Myrle Hillrelationship not known of Myrtle Theresa King1914751989
William Kingrelationship not known of Myrtle Theresa King1963

663KingRosalie Kingfirst name on this monument1957id: MDMun 11791075

664KinghamDoris Irene Kinghamfirst name on this monument1923651988id: MDMun 9231078

665KirtleyJohn Redvers Kirtleyfirst name on this monument1930732003id: MDMun 16471083
Mary Julia Kirtleywife of John Redvers Kirtley1922942016

666KnightPercy Stanley Knightfirst name on this monument1899691968id: MDMun 12651075
Winifred Lydia Knightwife of Percy Stanley Knight1903741977

667KnightStanley Thomas Knightfirst name on this monument1936752011id: MDMun 12661077

668KnillWilliam Henry Knillfirst name on this monument1880671947id: MDMun 16741080
Gwendoline Olive Knillwife of William Henry Knill74

669KowalewskiJozof Kowalewskifirst name on this monument1912681980id: MDMun 17751076

670KozmaLeon Kozmafirst name on this monument1927691996id: MDMun 16981078
Sophie Kozmawife of Leon Kozma1930832013

671LadeWilliam John Ladefirst name on this monument1897711968id: MDMun 12631076
Eva Ellen Ladewife of William John Lade1899901989

672LainéeAugustine Lainéefirst name on this monument1914821996id: MDMun 17191076
Jeane Lainéesister of Augustine Lainée1912962008

673LamonbyRichard Lamonbyfirst name on this monument1900651965id: MDMun 10961076

674LandEllen Landfirst name on this monument1876701946id: MDMun 18421076Wife of Robert James
Robert James Landhusband of Ellen Land

675LandRobert James Landfirst name on this monument1867821949id: MDMun 18411077

676LangdonHarold Langdonfirst name on this monument1987id: MDMun 14531077Husband of Madeline Langdon
Madeline Langdonwife of Harold Langdon

677LangdonMadeline Langdonfirst name on this monument1963id: MDMun 14521075

678Le CoentGermaine Le Coentfirst name on this monument1901701971id: MDMun 16561076

679LeathersCaroline Leathersfirst name on this monument1886861972id: MDMun 11361075

680LeedhamArthur Walter Leedhamfirst name on this monument1902851987id: MDMun 9831082
Jennie Leedhamwife of Arthur Walter Leedham1903531956

681LetchfordMartin Edward Letchfordfirst name on this monument1962271989id: MDMun 15441076

682LetteyAlice Mary Letteyfirst name on this monument1876611937id: MDMun 18951075

683LetteyAmelia Anna Letteyfirst name on this monument1874871961id: MDMun 18941075

684LewisHerbert Francis Lewisfirst name on this monument1884621946id: MDMun 17461075
Eva Sophia Lewiswife of Herbert Francis Lewis1877801957

685LewisWilliam Giles Lewisfirst name on this monument1889741963id: MDMun 12961075

686LewisWilliam Henry Lewisfirst name on this monument1941id: MDMun 18311111
Agnes Louisa Lewiswife of William Henry Lewis1946

687LiddonEdward Parry Liddonfirst name on this monument1872821954id: MDMun 1441
(2 images)
1082Priest , Prebendary of Wells , Vicar of Minehead 1914-1935

688LiddonEllen Isold Liddonfirst name on this monument1875821957id: MDMun 1443
(2 images)
1083wife of Edward Parry Liddon
Edward Liddonhusband of Ellen Isold Liddon

689LilleyElizabeth Lilleyfirst name on this monument1881861967id: MDMun 12921082

690LittleHannah Mary Littlefirst name on this monument1941id: MDMun 18291080
Robert Littlehusband of Hannah Mary Little1949

691LittlefieldAlfred Alexander Littlefieldfirst name on this monument1910711981id: MDMun 13421085
Ellen Elizabeth Littlefieldwife of Alfred Alexander Littlefield1907781985

692LloydPenelope Lloydfirst name on this monument1887581945id: MDMun 16661076
Hugh Michael Fraser Lloydrelationship not known of Penelope Lloyd1890781968

693LockFrank Lockfirst name on this monument1933551988id: MDMun 21771077

694LockHarry James Lockfirst name on this monument1909751984id: MDMun 21171078
Winifred Mary Lockwife of Harry James Lock
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695LockeWinifred Evelyn Lockefirst name on this monument1906731979id: MDMun 20601076

696LockyerLucy Alberta Lockyerfirst name on this monument1876801956id: MDMun 15041077
Robinette Davisdaughter of Lucy Alberta Lockyer1914942008
George Davisson-in-law of Lucy Alberta Lockyer

697LongBert Longfirst name on this monument1912541966id: MDMun 13651076
Bunny Longwife of Bert Long1913892002

698LongElizabeth Jane Longfirst name on this monument1877891966id: MDMun 17591075Wife of William
William Longhusband of Elizabeth Jane Long

699LongJohn Noble Longfirst name on this monument1893811974id: MDMun 20151081
Mary Edith Longwife of John Noble Long1895801975

700LongWilliam Longfirst name on this monument1874751949id: MDMun 17581075

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