Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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401EverellDorothy Alice Everellfirst name on this monument1894651959id: MDMun 19381075

402EverettFlorence Everettfirst name on this monument1913701983id: MDMun 10321084

403EwinsCharlotte Adeline Ewinsfirst name on this monument1882811963id: MDMun 15841082

404EwinsEllen Ewinsfirst name on this monument1854931947id: MDMun 18141079

405EwinsIsabella May Ewinsfirst name on this monument1881801961id: MDMun 15851080

406ExtonMargery Joyce Extonfirst name on this monument1914982012id: MDMun 13031076

407ExtonSamuel Extonfirst name on this monument1888751963id: MDMun 13021079

408FaganCatherine Eliza Faganfirst name on this monument1854901944id: MDMun 17091085

409FaganJoan Beatrice Faganfirst name on this monument1920802000id: MDMun 8801092
Denis Charles Faganhusband of Joan Beatrice Fagan1923852008

410FalconerKathleen M R Falconerfirst name on this monument1917351952id: MDMun 16691074Daughter of Thomas McKenzies

411FalconerThomas Mckenzie Falconerfirst name on this monument1880641944id: MDMun 16681081

412FallonApril Fallonfirst name on this monument1993id: MDMun 16001085age inf - (stillborn)

413FfolliottM M V Ffolliottfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 18931082

414FinchBertie R Finchfirst name on this monument1896751971id: MDMun 19861083
Elizabeth W Finchwife of Bertie R Finch1896801976

415FitzgeraldHenry Fitzgeraldfirst name on this monument1891651956id: MDMun 17311075
May Fitzgeraldwife of Henry Fitzgerald1894761970

416FleetwoodBob Fleetwoodfirst name on this monument1914751989id: MDMun 9481091

417FloydeGordon Richard Floydefirst name on this monument1933491982id: MDMun 13611078

418FloydeThomas John Floydefirst name on this monument1892861978id: MDMun 13601076

419FordJim Fordfirst name on this monument1910741984id: MDMun 21221076
Nance Fordwife of Jim Ford1908841992

420FortPercy E Fortfirst name on this monument1890871977id: MDMun 13591086
May Fortwife of Percy E Fort1894891983

421FouracreFrancis George Fouracrefirst name on this monument1879781957id: MDMun 16331085

422FowerakerDorothy Fowerakerfirst name on this monument1905801985id: MDMun 11851077
Rob Fowerakerhusband of Dorothy Foweraker (late)

423FowerakerRobert Fowerakerfirst name on this monument1906791985id: MDMun 11861077
Dorothy Fowerakerwife of Robert Foweraker

424FowlerEdith May Fowlerfirst name on this monument1861861947id: MDMun 17961084

425FoxJohn C F Foxfirst name on this monument1906831989id: MDMun 22011079
Dorothy Foxwife of John C F Fox1914791993

426FrancisEdward George Francisfirst name on this monument1874841958id: MDMun 12391079
Annie Elizabeth Franciswife of Edward George Francis18751051980

427FrancisGladys Maud Francisfirst name on this monument1901861987id: MDMun 12401083
Bernard N Francishusband of Gladys Maud Francis1907911998

428FraserHelen Mary Foster Fraserfirst name on this monument1952id: MDMun 12131075

429FrenchJohn Frederick Frenchfirst name on this monument1912761988id: MDMun 9211077
Joyce Frenchdaughter of John Frederick French
Eleanor Eliza Memory Frenchwife of John Frederick French1898951993

430FrevilleNicholas Frevillefirst name on this monument1913751988id: MDMun 17351079

431FrevillePeggy Frevillefirst name on this monument1912882000id: MDMun 17611081

432FrostGeorgina Frostfirst name on this monument1874681942id: MDMun 1922
(2 images)
1080Principal of Llanberis School; (Surname checked against FreeBMD)

433FryDoris Elizabeth Fryfirst name on this monument54id: MDMun 17231082
June Frydaughter of Doris Elizabeth Fry
Francis George Fryhusband of Doris Elizabeth Fry
George Fryson of Doris Elizabeth Fry
Peter Fryson of Doris Elizabeth Fry

434FryReginald Fryfirst name on this monument1892641956id: MDMun 12691077
Rosie Frywife of Reginald Fry1897701967
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435FryerJohn Carr Fryerfirst name on this monument1912811993id: MDMun 8891074

436FurseAlbert H Fursefirst name on this monument1896911987id: MDMun 21581080
Beatrice M Fursewife of Albert H Furse1904911995

437FurzeMabel Furzefirst name on this monument1888641952id: MDMun 12111077

438GardinerDaisy Gardinerfirst name on this monument1940id: MDMun 19171077of London
Anna Louisa Gardinersister of Daisy Gardiner1963 Eldest sister
Lilian Gardinersister of Daisy Gardiner1950
Minnie Gardinersister of Daisy Gardiner1941

439GardnerThomas Gardnerfirst name on this monument1890571947id: MDMun 16431076of Brighton

440GarrettLewis Garrettfirst name on this monument1921471968id: MDMun 19571076
Patricia Garrettwife of Lewis Garrett1922952017

441GarrettStanley Garrettfirst name on this monument1901681969id: MDMun 12901075

442GazeMary Gazefirst name on this monument1923731996id: MDMun 16961080
Peter Gazehusband of Mary Gaze1924912015

443GentBarbara Helen Lindsey Gentfirst name on this monument1971id: MDMun 13081078

444Geyden-RobertsMay Geyden-Robertsfirst name on this monument1873951968id: MDMun 12641078

445GibbonReina Gibbonfirst name on this monument1898681966id: MDMun 13111079
Edwin Charles Gibbonhusband of Reina Gibbon1895821977

446GibsonRonald Hugh Gibsonfirst name on this monument1913571970id: MDMun 11171084
Bettina Mary Gibsonwife of Ronald Hugh Gibson1925752000

447GilbertHephzibah Mary Gilbertfirst name on this monument1910751985id: MDMun 12891080
Leslie Gilberthusband of Hephzibah Mary Gilbert1909952004

448GilbertMary Ann Gilbertfirst name on this monument1867861953id: MDMun 15291077
Margaret Hainrelationship not known of Mary Ann Gilbert194771954

449GilbertsonAlice Gilbertsonfirst name on this monument1973id: MDMun 19951087

450GilesJason Steven Michael Gilesfirst name on this monument1971151986id: MDMun 13411083
Steven Gilesfather of Jason Steven Michael Giles
Geraldine Gilesmother of Jason Steven Michael Giles

451GillJenny Gillfirst name on this monument1874791953id: MDMun 17401076

452GillRichard Gillfirst name on this monument1868811949id: MDMun 17411076Husband of Jenny
Jenny Gillwife of Richard Gill

453GillWilliam T Gillfirst name on this monument1889651954id: MDMun 15301099
Alice Gillwife of William T Gill1885731958

454GlapinsonHerbert Percy Glapinsonfirst name on this monument1915741989id: MDMun 21961079
Amelia Mary Glapinsonwife of Herbert Percy Glapinson1917882005

455GlasspooleSarah Glasspoolefirst name on this monument1879881967id: MDMun 13131085

456GloverWalter John Gloverfirst name on this monument1905821987id: MDMun 21641076
Margaret Gwen Gloverwife of Walter John Glover1905921997

457GoddardNelson Compton Goddardfirst name on this monument1895811976id: MDMun 20211086

458GodfreyCharlotte Ann Godfreyfirst name on this monument1857841941id: MDMun 18491082

459GollonJock Gollonfirst name on this monument1930271957id: MDMun 11821079

460GomerGertrude Louisa Gomerfirst name on this monument1893841977id: MDMun 20301077
Richard Alfred Gomerrelationship not known of Gertrude Louisa Gomer1979

461GoodingAnn Elizabeth Goodingfirst name on this monument1867821949id: MDMun 18441077
John Goodinghusband of Ann Elizabeth Gooding1857851942

462GoodingAnne Goodingfirst name on this monument1859861945id: MDMun 18431080Age from FreeBMD

463GoslingJohn William Goslingfirst name on this monument1874871961id: MDMun 15081124
Sarah Emily Goslingwife of John William Gosling1877831960
Clara Constance Beryl Goslingrelationship not known of John William Gosling1907861993

464GouldFlorence A Gouldfirst name on this monument1944id: MDMun 17041075
Herbert W Gouldhusband of Florence A Gould1944
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465GouldFlorence Annie Gouldfirst name on this monument1980id: MDMun 17051082Daughter of Florence/Herbert
Herbert Gouldfather of Florence Annie Gould
Florence Gouldmother of Florence Annie Gould

466GouldbourneFrances May Gouldbournefirst name on this monument1920551975id: MDMun 13451091
Edward Shaw Gouldbournehusband of Frances May Gouldbourne1913731986

467GovierWilliam Frederick Govierfirst name on this monument1887751962id: MDMun 12761079
Nellie Govierwife of William Frederick Govier1979

468GraddonGertrude Graddonfirst name on this monument1900651965id: MDMun 13231078
Frank Graddonhusband of Gertrude Graddon1891811972

469GraddonHerbert George Graddonfirst name on this monument1902651967id: MDMun 19591080

470GraddonRichard Thomas Graddonfirst name on this monument1884711955id: MDMun 14111080

471GraddonThomas H C Graddonfirst name on this monument1973id: MDMun 19981084
Vera May Graddonwife of Thomas H C Graddon1975

472GrahamEli Grahamfirst name on this monument1907661973id: MDMun 16801078
Norah Grahamwife of Eli Graham1912902002

473GrantJames Sinclair Grantfirst name on this monument1916761992id: MDMun 16011079

474GreedyMary Elizabeth Greedyfirst name on this monument1924601984id: MDMun 21271085

475GreenCharles A Greenfirst name on this monument1986id: MDMun 9791076
Evelyn Greenwife of Charles A Green1989

476GreenEdith Eleanor Playle Greenfirst name on this monument1885771962id: MDMun 13001075
Hubert James Greenfather of Edith Eleanor Playle Green1886771963

477GreenmanGladys Violet Greenmanfirst name on this monument1906771983id: MDMun 20951077

478GreenmanWhenman Price Greenmanfirst name on this monument1904831987id: MDMun 21701077

479GreenmanWhenman Price Greenmanfirst name on this monument1874721946id: MDMun 16111077
Edith May Greenmanwife of Whenman Price Greenman1882951977

480GreensladeErnest James Greensladefirst name on this monument1906661972id: MDMun 11641079
Ida Greensladerelationship not known of Ernest James Greenslade1907761983

481GregoryEvelyn Anne Gregoryfirst name on this monument1916751991id: MDMun 8861079
Frederick Owen Gregoryhusband of Evelyn Anne Gregory1908891997

482GribbleSidney John Gribblefirst name on this monument1890781968id: MDMun 19561081
Edith Frances Gribblewife of Sidney John Gribble1893761969

483GriffinKathleen Jane Griffinfirst name on this monument1915781993id: MDMun 8971075
John Griffinhusband of Kathleen Jane Griffin1904921996

484GriffinStanley Griffinfirst name on this monument1895811976id: MDMun 20281076

485GriffithEdward Ellis Griffithfirst name on this monument1890711961id: MDMun 14881075
Lilian Griffithwife of Edward Ellis Griffith1897731970

486GriffithsBetty Griffithsfirst name on this monument1979id: MDMun 11451080

487GriffithsDouglad George Griffithsfirst name on this monument1895531948id: MDMun 17971078
Mary Eliza Griffithswife of Douglad George Griffiths1893771970

488GriffithsLionel John Griffithsfirst name on this monument1921671988id: MDMun 21721076
Ellen Griffithswife of Lionel John Griffiths1920842004

489GriffithsMarjorie Griffithsfirst name on this monument1993id: MDMun 8991075

490GriggGerald Griggfirst name on this monument1907711978id: MDMun 16251083
Berthe Griggwife of Gerald Grigg1910711981

491GriggJack Griggfirst name on this monument1933692002id: MDMun 16041077

492GuestLeonard Guestfirst name on this monument1909621971id: MDMun 17721076
Thelma Guestwife of Leonard Guest1913701983

493GuiseGeoffrey Vernon Guisefirst name on this monument1920631983id: MDMun 21011082

494GunnoldAmy Gunnoldfirst name on this monument1941381979id: MDMun 11131078

495GunterDorcas Gunterfirst name on this monument1890741964id: MDMun 13801082

496GunterVera Gunterfirst name on this monument1925671992id: MDMun 9031076
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497GutteridgeMargaret Emily Gutteridgefirst name on this monument1912631975id: MDMun 20141092
Herbert Thomas John Gutteridgehusband of Margaret Emily Gutteridge1905781983

498HadleyAnne Hadleyfirst name on this monument1977id: MDMun 20291083
William Richard Hadleyhusband of Anne Hadley1990

499HafnerZoltan Hafnerfirst name on this monument1978151993id: MDMun 8951086

500HallDouglas Hallfirst name on this monument1912791991id: MDMun 8841081
Winifred Hallwife of Douglas Hall1910881998

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

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