Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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201CartwrightMary Teresa Cartwrightfirst name on this monument1966id: MDMun 16571079
Percy William Cartwrighthusband of Mary Teresa Cartwright1972

202CaseArthur Casefirst name on this monument1908671975id: MDMun 11241094
Nesta Casewife of Arthur Case1909711980

203CawkwellCharles E Cawkwellfirst name on this monument1882671949id: MDMun 17391091
Amy Cawkwellwife of Charles E Cawkwell1890831973

204CayzerHarry Cayzerfirst name on this monument1952id: MDMun 14141081
Edith Cayzerwife of Harry Cayzer1953

205ChamberlainElsie Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1908731981id: MDMun 20161079
William Chamberlainhusband of Elsie Chamberlain1994

206ChamberlainGilbert Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1908641972id: MDMun 11561080
Ellen Chamberlainwife of Gilbert Chamberlain1907661973

207ChamberlainJames Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1871801951id: MDMun 18001077

208ChamberlainLouisa Mary Chamberlainfirst name on this monument1872761948id: MDMun 18011077Wife of James
James Chamberlainhusband of Louisa Mary Chamberlain

209ChambersHerbert Norman Chambersfirst name on this monument1886621948id: MDMun 17931080
Herbert Stuart Chambersson of Herbert Norman Chambers1911311942 KIA off St. Nazaire , France
Daisy Chamberswife of Herbert Norman Chambers31 Buried at Old Malden , Surrey

210Champkins-HowardReg Champkins-Howardfirst name on this monument1988id: MDMun 9761088) Referred to as 'Uncle' and 'Auntie'
Carol Champkins-Howardwife of Reg Champkins-Howard1988 ) Referred to as 'Uncle' and 'Auntie'

211ChandlerCecil H Chandlerfirst name on this monument1890671957id: MDMun 11971090

212ChantC D Chantfirst name on this monument1916261942id: MDMun 18821087) RAF , Observer; All on same grave plot

213ChantFlorence Mary Chantfirst name on this monument1900941994id: MDMun 18871097

214ChantJohn Alexander Chantfirst name on this monument1927691996id: MDMun 18831096)
Maurice Dinham Chantrelationship not known of John Alexander Chant1914841998 )
Sylvia Dinham Slocomberelationship not known of John Alexander Chant1921771998 ) All on same grave plot

215ChantThomas William Chantfirst name on this monument1964id: MDMun 18851085)

216ChapmanJack Chapmanfirst name on this monument1910841994id: MDMun 8731088

217ChapmanJohn Henry Chapmanfirst name on this monument1904811985id: MDMun 10481091
Florence Mary Chapmanwife of John Henry Chapman1912902002

218ChaveMildred Chavefirst name on this monument1904821986id: MDMun 21421102

219ChestonGertrude Chestonfirst name on this monument1864941958id: MDMun 18461088

220ChestonHenry Thomas Chestonfirst name on this monument1865751940id: MDMun 18471081Husband of Gertrude
Gertrude Chestonwife of Henry Thomas Cheston

221ChidgeyEileen Mary Chidgeyfirst name on this monument1981id: MDMun 10441110
Kenneth Reeveshusband of Eileen Mary Chidgey1907781985 of Totnes

222ChidleyEdward W Chidleyfirst name on this monument1894941988id: MDMun 14061084
Dorcas W Chidleywife of Edward W Chidley1897871984

223ChidleyRachel Chidleyfirst name on this monument1863891952id: MDMun 14071078

224ChiltonChristmas V Chiltonfirst name on this monument1910671977id: MDMun 10991080

225ChiversJack Chiversfirst name on this monument1910731983id: MDMun 20991078

226ChorleyW Chorleyfirst name on this monument1883721955id: MDMun 15261097
M A Chorleyrelationship not known of W Chorley1890951985
P Chorleyrelationship not known of W Chorley1917922009

227ClappRobert Henry Clappfirst name on this monument1892631955id: MDMun 15281086

228ClappWinifred Sarah Clappfirst name on this monument1914751989id: MDMun 21831089
John Clapphusband of Winifred Sarah Clapp1912801992

229ClarkHannah Isabella Clarkfirst name on this monument1913721985id: MDMun 21461077
Jack Clarkhusband of Hannah Isabella Clark1909982007

230ClarkHilda Dorothy Clarkfirst name on this monument1919491968id: MDMun 13371083
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231ClarkJohn Lambert Clarkfirst name on this monument1920571977id: MDMun 20521075
Sarah Margaret Clarkwife of John Lambert Clark1921842005

232ClarkMalcolm Clarkfirst name on this monument1920952015id: MDMun 13381086

233ClarkMinnie Jennie Clarkfirst name on this monument1892871979id: MDMun 17891076

234ClarkeNoel Brookes Clarkefirst name on this monument1911711982id: MDMun 20851076

235ClarkeStephen Clarkefirst name on this monument1990id: MDMun 9311083

236ClatworthyFred Clatworthyfirst name on this monument1913771990id: MDMun 9511086
Mabel Clatworthywife of Fred Clatworthy1909841993

237ClatworthyWalter Jesse Clatworthyfirst name on this monument1881731954id: MDMun 144510861
Emily Jane Clatworthywife of Walter Jesse Clatworthy1882941976

238ClatworthyWinifred May Clatworthyfirst name on this monument1971id: MDMun 19831103

239CleggJohn Cleggfirst name on this monument1919721991id: MDMun 9081090

240ClementsEdith Lilian Clementsfirst name on this monument1874701944id: MDMun 18701077

241ClothierEllen Jessie Clothierfirst name on this monument1876861962id: MDMun 12781087
John Alfred Clothierhusband of Ellen Jessie Clothier1877891966

242ClothierTrixie Clothierfirst name on this monument1906821988id: MDMun 13981084
Cecil Clothierhusband of Trixie Clothier1903931996

243ColeAlbert Colefirst name on this monument1899561955id: MDMun 147810921
Annie Colewife of Albert Cole1902771979

244ColeCharles Colefirst name on this monument1869841953id: MDMun 142710911

245ColeEllen Colefirst name on this monument1872861958id: MDMun 142810791

246ColeIsaac Colefirst name on this monument1895801975id: MDMun 13571089
Mabel Colewife of Isaac Cole1896911987

247ColemanAlfred Robert Colemanfirst name on this monument1902771979id: MDMun 20681088

248ColemanDenis A Colemanfirst name on this monument1920631983id: MDMun 10521090
Joan M Colemanwife of Denis A Coleman1919932012
Marjory E Leerelationship not known of Denis A Coleman1915791994

249ColemanWilliam M Colemanfirst name on this monument1900681968id: MDMun 13361098
Mabel Colemanwife of William M Coleman1905811986

250ColesArthur James Colesfirst name on this monument1907641971id: MDMun 11311113
Lilian Jane Coleswife of Arthur James Coles1916912007

251ColesCharles Colesfirst name on this monument1988id: MDMun 8791132
Paul Colesson of Charles Coles2014
Olive Coleswife of Charles Coles1995

252ColesMaurice Mervyn Colesfirst name on this monument1934181952id: MDMun 14131087
Frederick Colesfather of Maurice Mervyn Coles
Mary Colesmother of Maurice Mervyn Coles

253ColesRhoda Annie Colesfirst name on this monument1872931965id: MDMun 12711087
Harry Coleshusband of Rhoda Annie Coles1880851965

254CollingsThomas Edward Collingsfirst name on this monument1898591957id: MDMun 15221076
Amelia Alice Collingswife of Thomas Edward Collings1983

255ComptonKathleen Emily Comptonfirst name on this monument1882961978id: MDMun 16221083

256CookEmma Cookfirst name on this monument1875811956id: MDMun 12001078

257CookJohn Edward Cookfirst name on this monument1916691985id: MDMun 21131077
Catherine Faith Cookwife of John Edward Cook1926782004

258CookPhyllis Cookfirst name on this monument1913721985id: MDMun 10071075

259CookRobert Henry Cookfirst name on this monument1900721972id: MDMun 19941087
Doris Cookwife of Robert Henry Cook1895821977

260CookeEdmund Robert Cookefirst name on this monument1910932003id: MDMun 16461083

261CookeEdward J Cookefirst name on this monument1876711947id: MDMun 18181083

262CooksleyPatrick William Cooksleyfirst name on this monument1930481978id: MDMun 20411085
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263CooksleyWilliam Bernard Cooksleyfirst name on this monument1899731972id: MDMun 19881079
Nellie Cooksleywife of William Bernard Cooksley1901721973

264CooperJohn Rayner Cooperfirst name on this monument1904831987id: MDMun 21601080
Doris Cooperwife of John Rayner Cooper1911841995

265CopeCharles Edwin Copefirst name on this monument1932561988id: MDMun 9571088
Sara Patience Copewife of Charles Edwin Cope1938642002

266CoppAubrey Thomas Coppfirst name on this monument1922872009id: MDMun 9541078
Clare Evelyn Coppwife of Aubrey Thomas Copp1926852011

267CoppMaureen Hilda Coppfirst name on this monument1925411966id: MDMun 13691078

268CoppThomas Coppfirst name on this monument1897761973id: MDMun 11381088
Margaret Copprelationship not known of Thomas Copp1899851984

269CordingElsie Cordingfirst name on this monument1900781978id: MDMun 20391080

270CornishBrenda Ellen Cornishfirst name on this monument1940521992id: MDMun 8851081nee Morgan
Denis Michael Cornishhusband of Brenda Ellen Cornish1938541992

271CornishGladys L E Cornishfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 216610761Nee Suter

272CornishGwendoline Helen Cornishfirst name on this monument1958id: MDMun 122310751nee Hobbs
Ernest Cornishhusband of Gwendoline Helen Cornish1888851973

273CornishSamuel Cornishfirst name on this monument1902751977id: MDMun 110110762Husband of Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane Cornishwife of Samuel Cornish1901851986 nee Curtis

274CornishTerence Michael Cornishfirst name on this monument1951331984id: MDMun 102510751
Reginald Albert Cornishfather of Terence Michael Cornish1924741998

275CornishThomas Amos Cornishfirst name on this monument1907731980id: MDMun 206510812Husband of Hilda Harriet
Hilda Harriet Cornishwife of Thomas Amos Cornish1911771988 nee Govier

276CornishWalter Cornishfirst name on this monument1875681943id: MDMun 191310822Walter George
Sarah Ann Cornishwife of Walter Cornish1875891964 nee Tudball

277CornishWilf Cornishfirst name on this monument1936481984id: MDMun 212610851

278CornwallViolet Cornwallfirst name on this monument1899791978id: MDMun 11911105

279CornwellCaroline Cornwellfirst name on this monument1858881946id: MDMun 17021094
William Cornwellbrother of Caroline Cornwell1886741960

280CorrickDorothy Violet Corrickfirst name on this monument1900821982id: MDMun 20791085

281CotterellBernard Henry Cotterellfirst name on this monument1891751966id: MDMun 13671088
Millicent Cotterellwife of Bernard Henry Cotterell1978

282CouchClara Couchfirst name on this monument1877851962id: MDMun 19311084
Alfred Couchhusband of Clara Couch1884821966

283CourtClara Courtfirst name on this monument1875701945id: MDMun 18531075
Joseph Courthusband of Clara Court1876721948

284CourtElizabeth Diana Courtfirst name on this monument1920681988id: MDMun 21751078
Frederick Norman Courthusband of Elizabeth Diana Court1914

285CourtEllen Courtfirst name on this monument1872751947id: MDMun 18051078
William Courthusband of Ellen Court1873851958

286CourtTrevor Stanley Courtfirst name on this monument1903611964id: MDMun 13251077
Ada Courtwife of Trevor Stanley Court1913751988

287CowperArthur Cowperfirst name on this monument1857821939id: MDMun 18601083of St. Albans
Sarah Elizabeth Cowperwife of Arthur Cowper1855841939

288CoxBlanche Coxfirst name on this monument1900451945id: MDMun 16391081
Pamela Coxdaughter of Blanche Cox
G Coxhusband of Blanche Cox
Charles Frederick Coxrelationship not known of Blanche Cox1897871984 ) On stone within previous Cox grave

289CoxConstance Margaret Coxfirst name on this monument1914591973id: MDMun 11271080

290CoxGeorge B Coxfirst name on this monument1861821943id: MDMun 17521084

291CoxHerbert Arthur Coxfirst name on this monument1918601978id: MDMun 11251080
Sandra Lynne Coxdaughter of Herbert Arthur Cox1945632008
Annie Wakehan Beryl Coxwife of Herbert Arthur Cox1917872004
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292CoxLorna May Coxfirst name on this monument1930441974id: MDMun 15741081d 28/09/1974
John Raymond Coxrelationship not known of Lorna May Cox1929762005

293CoxMarjorie Violet Ann Coxfirst name on this monument1936752011id: MDMun 15751076
John Coxhusband of Marjorie Violet Ann Cox (late)

294CoxMary Ann Coxfirst name on this monument1867871954id: MDMun 17511076

295CoyneGeraldine Coynefirst name on this monument1886891975id: MDMun 17221085
Doreen Agnes Coynerelationship not known of Geraldine Coyne1907721979
Francis Joseph Coynerelationship not known of Geraldine Coyne1902811983
Theresa May Coynerelationship not known of Geraldine Coyne1887961983

296CrailPeter Crailfirst name on this monument1917671984id: MDMun 10111075

297CrawfordWilliam Cowan Crawfordfirst name on this monument1915741989id: MDMun 9551077
Mary Stewart Crawfordwife of William Cowan Crawford1924882012

298CrawshawWinnie Crawshawfirst name on this monument1911721983id: MDMun 21301076
Walter Crawshawhusband of Winnie Crawshaw

299CreechEdith Creechfirst name on this monument1879831962id: MDMun 13941086
Rosa Creechdaughter of Edith Creech

300CreechLavinia Creechfirst name on this monument1872761948id: MDMun 18261077
Francis John Creechhusband of Lavinia Creech85

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