Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1101TaylorKitty Taylorfirst name on this monument1919681987id: MDMun 21551083
John E Taylorhusband of Kitty Taylor1919771996

1102TaylorRose Taylorfirst name on this monument18941011995id: MDMun 16951080

1103TaylorTed Taylorfirst name on this monument1912631975id: MDMun 21711085
Freda Taylorwife of Ted Taylor1911851996

1104TaylorViolet Beatrice Taylorfirst name on this monument1983id: MDMun 21081079
John Charles Taylorhusband of Violet Beatrice Taylor1991

1105ThackrayEliza Thackrayfirst name on this monument1885981983id: MDMun 10141079

1106ThomasCharlotte Thomasfirst name on this monument1950id: MDMun 14721081

1107ThomasEsther Louisa Thomasfirst name on this monument1908781986id: MDMun 9931082
E Emlyn Thomasrelationship not known of Esther Louisa Thomas1910781988

1108ThomasFeargus C Thomasfirst name on this monument1962id: MDMun 14731080

1109ThomasT O H Thomasfirst name on this monument1929531982id: MDMun 10541075

1110ThompsonC H Thompsonfirst name on this monument1918862004id: MDMun 8821086
Joan Thompsonwife of C H Thompson1920882008

1111ThompsonErnest Arthur Thompsonfirst name on this monument1879941973id: MDMun 19971077
Kenneth James Thompsonhusband of Ernest Arthur Thompson1915671982

1112ThompsonHarry Thompsonfirst name on this monument1888741962id: MDMun 12801075
Annie Thompsonwife of Harry Thompson1887911978

1113ThorneEdwin Thornefirst name on this monument1907811988id: MDMun 10211087

1114ThorneElla Ada Thornefirst name on this monument1940id: MDMun 18451081
William Henry Allan Thornehusband of Ella Ada Thorne1954

1115ThorneJames P C Thornefirst name on this monument1875691944id: MDMun 18281081
Peter Snell Thorneson of James P C Thorne1910691979
Elsie Thornewife of James P C Thorne1882881970

1116ThorneLouisa Rebecca Thornefirst name on this monument1888941982id: MDMun 10401081
Muriel Olive Thornedaughter of Louisa Rebecca Thorne1914831997

1117ThorneW H Allen Thornefirst name on this monument1896781974id: MDMun 20431079
Gwendoline V Thornewife of W H Allen Thorne1894841978

1118ThorntonGeorge Thorntonfirst name on this monument1903861989id: MDMun 21951082
Irene Mary Thorntonwife of George Thornton1908821990

1119ThyerAgnes Emily Thyerfirst name on this monument1875921967id: MDMun 12871075

1120TicknerFrederick Arthur Ticknerfirst name on this monument1911611972id: MDMun 19921077

1121TodhunterJessie Winifred Todhunterfirst name on this monument1886811967id: MDMun 13181074
Jean Todhunterdaughter of Jessie Winifred Todhunter

1122TompkinsHetty Tompkinsfirst name on this monument1890741964id: MDMun 19641079
Cecil Tompkinshusband of Hetty Tompkins1910701980

1123TownsendAda Edith Florence Townsendfirst name on this monument1894711965id: MDMun 19611085

1124TownsendEdward Townsendfirst name on this monument1885811966id: MDMun 19601076

1125TownsendEdward Hugh Townsendfirst name on this monument1914671981id: MDMun 20191094
Jenny Townsendwife of Edward Hugh Townsend1917651982

1126TownsendJames Townsendfirst name on this monument1922491971id: MDMun 19871076

1127TownsendRoger J Townsendfirst name on this monument1909571966id: MDMun 13201086
Louella Eveline Townsendwife of Roger J Townsend1909901999

1128TownshendEllen Beatrice Townshendfirst name on this monument1947id: MDMun 18091081

1129TownsonThomas Harker Townsonfirst name on this monument1888951983id: MDMun 10221075

1130TreadawayJack H Treadawayfirst name on this monument1919661985id: MDMun 21311076

1131TrebbleHerbert Gladstone Trebblefirst name on this monument1880841964id: MDMun 17441083

1132TrebbleHetty Trebblefirst name on this monument1883711954id: MDMun 17451075Wife of Herbert
Herbert Trebblehusband of Hetty Trebble
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1133TrebbleSusan Trebblefirst name on this monument1879631942id: MDMun 19061074

1134TrottWilliam Walter Trottfirst name on this monument1908641972id: MDMun 10921077
Gwendoline Martha Trottwife of William Walter Trott1908751983

1135TruttmanFrieda Truttmanfirst name on this monument1896811977id: MDMun 16281075Born Switzerland

1136TuckeyBetty Yvonne Tuckeyfirst name on this monument1914681982id: MDMun 11871074
John Tuckeyhusband of Betty Yvonne Tuckey1902881990

1137TudballAlfred Henry Tudballfirst name on this monument1906561962id: MDMun 15831084

1138TudballWilliam J Tudballfirst name on this monument1865781943id: MDMun 19141075

1139TurleyJames Edward Turleyfirst name on this monument1931151946id: MDMun 18511086
Emily Turleyrelationship not known of James Edward Turley1906911997
James Turleyrelationship not known of James Edward Turley1908661974

1140TurleyKen Turleyfirst name on this monument1950592009id: MDMun 18521075

1141TurnerCharles William Turnerfirst name on this monument1884571941id: MDMun 18361084late of Chelsea
Alice Beatrice Turnerwife of Charles William Turner1887761963

1142TurnerJames Temple Turnerfirst name on this monument1951101961id: MDMun 11101076
James Charles Turnerrelationship not known of James Temple Turner1920741994

1143TurnerKathleen Alberta Turnerfirst name on this monument1923772000id: MDMun 16781078

1144TurtonJohn Frederick Turtonfirst name on this monument1914661980id: MDMun 20671084
Minnie Turtonwife of John Frederick Turton1914831997

1145TwoseMay E Twosefirst name on this monument1889761965id: MDMun 13871083

1146TylerCharles William Tylerfirst name on this monument1878711949id: MDMun 19191081

1147TylerLaura Maud Eliza Tylerfirst name on this monument1871691940id: MDMun 19181083

1148UphamAgnes Rosina Uphamfirst name on this monument1882731955id: MDMun 15331083

1149UphamJohn Henry Uphamfirst name on this monument1881751956id: MDMun 15341091Husband of Agnes
Agnes Uphamwife of John Henry Upham

1150UppingtonCharles Thomas Uppingtonfirst name on this monument1920521972id: MDMun 13541077
Doris Mary Uppingtonwife of Charles Thomas Uppington1922942016

1151UppingtonConstance A Uppingtonfirst name on this monument1889831972id: MDMun 11581075
Edward S Uppingtonrelationship not known of Constance A Uppington1889831972
Leslie Williamsrelationship not known of Constance A Uppington1915671982
Vera E Williamsrelationship not known of Constance A Uppington1917761993

1152UrwinDorothy Urwinfirst name on this monument1902681970id: MDMun 12491076
Albert Victor Urwinbrother of Dorothy Urwin1903851988
Cecil Urwinbrother of Dorothy Urwin
Phyllis Gwendoline Urwinsister of Dorothy Urwin1912962008

1153UrwinEdna Gertrude Urwinfirst name on this monument1899741973id: MDMun 11881077
Cecil Augustus Urwinhusband of Edna Gertrude Urwin1899891988

1154VanceReine Vancefirst name on this monument1941id: MDMun 18541075of 93 , Eyre Court , St. Johns Wood , London
Richard Ephraim Vancehusband of Reine Vance

1155VartyErnest V Vartyfirst name on this monument1892831975id: MDMun 11751078
Nellie Louise Vartywife of Ernest V Varty1894951989

1156VeenGeorge Radford Veenfirst name on this monument1876861962id: MDMun 19711090
Ethel May Phyllis Veenwife of George Radford Veen1896861982

1157VellacottHorace Henry Vellacottfirst name on this monument1897711968id: MDMun 12671080
Ivy May Susan Vellacottwife of Horace Henry Vellacott1902691971

1158VennAlbert Vennfirst name on this monument1876701946id: MDMun 17011087
Charlotte Jane Vennwife of Albert Venn1898671965

1159VennClarence B Vennfirst name on this monument1907701977id: MDMun 20541077
Mary L Vennwife of Clarence B Venn1911912002

1160VennPhyllis Vennfirst name on this monument1909661975id: MDMun 20721076
J F Vennnephew of Phyllis Venn1942692011
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1161VenturaFrederick Venturafirst name on this monument1906821988no image1080

1162VenturaVera Venturafirst name on this monument1914691983id: MDMun 10131079

1163VickersAnnie Marguerite Vickersfirst name on this monument1891721963id: MDMun 12721075
Charles Whitby Vickershusband of Annie Marguerite Vickers1910771987

1164VickersJohn Hargraves Vickersfirst name on this monument1972id: MDMun 12731075
Margaret Mary Vickersrelationship not known of John Hargraves Vickers1977

1165VickeryArthur Lacy Vickeryfirst name on this monument1960id: MDMun 14031085

1166VickeryEdith May Vickeryfirst name on this monument1888731961id: MDMun 15021083

1167VickeryEllen Vickeryfirst name on this monument1865881953id: MDMun 15001075

1168VickeryFred Vickeryfirst name on this monument1869801949id: MDMun 15011084

1169VincentDorothy Mabel Vincentfirst name on this monument1965id: MDMun 13711075
Alice Vincentsister of Dorothy Mabel Vincent1994
Marjorie Vincentsister of Dorothy Mabel Vincent1990

1170VyeElizabeth Vyefirst name on this monument1939id: MDMun 18611079

1171VyeGeorge A Vyefirst name on this monument1943id: MDMun 18621084

1172WaddamsHerbert James Waddamsfirst name on this monument1897831980id: MDMun 12881089
Olive Waddamsrelationship not known of Herbert James Waddams1905911996

1173WagstaffF George Wagstafffirst name on this monument1911731984id: MDMun 21231084
Joan A Wagstaffwife of F George Wagstaff1928651993

1174WakerAndy M Wakerfirst name on this monument1961161977id: MDMun 10911086
Philip John Wakerfather of Andy M Waker1935591994

1175WalfordSarah Jane Walfordfirst name on this monument1882631945id: MDMun 19041081
William Walfordhusband of Sarah Jane Walford1878771955

1176WalkerFrederick William Walkerfirst name on this monument1938id: MDMun 18891075Priest
Margaret Walkerwife of Frederick William Walker1946

1177WalkerNorman Walkerfirst name on this monument1910521962id: MDMun 19321076
Elsie Walkerwife of Norman Walker1995

1178WalkeyAlice Walkeyfirst name on this monument1872791951id: MDMun 14341083

1179WallerCatherine Mary Wallerfirst name on this monument1953id: MDMun 14361078

1180WallerSidney Wallerfirst name on this monument1951id: MDMun 14351076

1181WaltersNellie Mabel Waltersfirst name on this monument1882881970id: MDMun 11281076

1182WardEliza Ogden Wardfirst name on this monument1874801954id: MDMun 14221075
George Henry Wardhusband of Eliza Ogden Ward1875871962

1183WardJames Wardfirst name on this monument1874691943id: MDMun 18911076

1184WardJohn Gwilliam Wardfirst name on this monument1922691991id: MDMun 9151082
Eva Wardwife of John Gwilliam Ward1918781996

1185WardLucy Wardfirst name on this monument1891821973id: MDMun 11261075
Frederick Harold Wardhusband of Lucy Ward1896991995

1186WardSarah Ann Wardfirst name on this monument1866851951id: MDMun 18921085Wife of James
James wardhusband of Sarah Ann Ward

1187WardenVivian Eric Wardenfirst name on this monument1905761981id: MDMun 20561076
Winifred Anne Wardenwife of Vivian Eric Warden1907881995

1188WarnerStanley F Warnerfirst name on this monument1910741984id: MDMun 10291080
Daisy Evelyn Warnerwife of Stanley F Warner1912851997

1189WarreAmy Blanche Warrefirst name on this monument1971id: MDMun 12521077

1190WarreWilliam George Warrefirst name on this monument1896811977id: MDMun 10901078d 13/0/1977
Teresa Warrewife of William George Warre1894921986

1191WarrenEustace Leonard Gates Warrenfirst name on this monument1902891991id: MDMun 9131085
Nancy Elizabeth Mary Warrenwife of Eustace Leonard Gates Warren19151012016

1192WarwickWilliam Thomas Warwickfirst name on this monument1915601975id: MDMun 13471088
Rosie Warwickwife of William Thomas Warwick83
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1193WaterhouseHenry Waterhousefirst name on this monument1902751977id: MDMun 20501083

1194WatersBetty Ruby Watersfirst name on this monument1933672000id: MDMun 9001083
Alfred William Watershusband of Betty Ruby Waters1925772002

1195WatersEthel Mary Watersfirst name on this monument1906651971id: MDMun 11291081
Percy A Watershusband of Ethel Mary Waters1890811971

1196WatsonHilda Nellie Watsonfirst name on this monument1900761976id: MDMun 11771081

1197WattsGertrude A Wattsfirst name on this monument1886871973id: MDMun 11531083
Hilda May Wattsdaughter of Gertrude A Watts1919812000

1198WattsKenneth Wattsfirst name on this monument1929481977id: MDMun 11031075

1199WattsMatilda J Wattsfirst name on this monument1877821959id: MDMun 11121075

1200WattsWalter Henry Wattsfirst name on this monument1877921969id: MDMun 11111076

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Grave Monument Photographs

Monument images

Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England.

If you would like to obtain a free copy of any of the photographs for the names listed on this page just click either the GPR reference number or one of the full names. For further information please visit our how to request an image page.

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The ages given on monuments are often incorrect and so dates of birth should be consided as probable rather than actual. Please also note that all ages and dates of birth in red have been calculated and are not on the monument.

There are two types of lists available for each cemetery. The grave order list displays details of all the names shown on each monument. The alphabetic name list displays details of all the names mentioned on monuments within the cemetery.

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