Municipal (part 2) Cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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101BlackMina Blackfirst name on this monument1875891964id: MDMun 12841075
Thomas Blackhusband of Mina Black1876881964

102BlackwellJohn Henry Blackwellfirst name on this monument1875781953id: MDMun 14391076
Hannah Blackwellwife of John Henry Blackwell1884831967

103BlakeEleanor Blakefirst name on this monument1899861985id: MDMun 21451077

104BlanthornLancelot Blanthornfirst name on this monument1905811986id: MDMun 21411083

105BlythElizabeth Beverly Blythfirst name on this monument1880821962id: MDMun 12751080

106BodenRichard Herbert Bodenfirst name on this monument1953id: MDMun 14771097

107BodleyPrimrose M Bodleyfirst name on this monument1912761988id: MDMun 21681087
Stuart F Bodleyhusband of Primrose M Bodley1904841988

108BohunAvril Clare Bohunfirst name on this monument1932792011id: MDMun 10871075) This stone is directly in front of the above 'Phipps' gravestone and refers to Avril as daughter of the above
Nicholas David Bohunson of Avril Clare Bohun1958542012 )

109BollenBessie Ellen Bollenfirst name on this monument18761011977id: MDMun 11001077
Herbert Bollenhusband of Bessie Ellen Bollen (late)

110BollonsGladys Irene Bollonsfirst name on this monument1962id: MDMun 13911076

111BoltonErnest George Boltonfirst name on this monument1874641938id: MDMun 18551081
Alice Minnie Boltonwife of Ernest George Bolton1880741954

112BonarGrace Bonarfirst name on this monument1904881992id: MDMun 8941075

113BorgSilvana Borgfirst name on this monument1921751996id: MDMun 16971082
Dino William Borghusband of Silvana Borg1922942016

114BorgeaudLouis Antonin Borgeaudfirst name on this monument1912882000id: MDMun 16761075
Gina Enrichetta Borgeaudwife of Louis Antonin Borgeaud1912912003

115BormanPhilip Henry Bormanfirst name on this monument1921681989id: MDMun 21941079
Sheila Bormanwife of Philip Henry Borman1921872008

116BosleyHarold Alfred Bosleyfirst name on this monument1911661977id: MDMun 20321088
Mollie Joan Bosleywife of Harold Alfred Bosley1913912004

117BosleyWinifred Ada Bosleyfirst name on this monument1879801959id: MDMun 19461083
Edmund Henry Bosleyhusband of Winifred Ada Bosley1883791962

118BoucheratGeorge Julian Boucheratfirst name on this monument1896691965id: MDMun 16831075

119BoucheratMonica Muriel Boucheratfirst name on this monument19101002010id: MDMun 16841084

120BoultonMarion E Boultonfirst name on this monument1939481987id: MDMun 21651076

121BovingtonGrace Matilda Bovingtonfirst name on this monument1898811979id: MDMun 11421075
William Henry Bovingtonhusband of Grace Matilda Bovington1889691958

122BowditchElla Bowditchfirst name on this monument1916721988id: MDMun 9251075
Benjamin Herbert Bowditchhusband of Ella Bowditch1907871994

123BowditchEllen A Bowditchfirst name on this monument1882641946id: MDMun 17811088
Herbert Bowditchhusband of Ellen A Bowditch1883791962

124BowellEdith Minnie Bowellfirst name on this monument1879801959id: MDMun 14961081

125BowerMatthew Bowerfirst name on this monument1878681946id: MDMun 16731086
Clara Bowerrelationship not known of Matthew Bower1879861965

126BowlesMabel Mildred Bowlesfirst name on this monument1908861994id: MDMun 8671077
Stanley Percival Bowleshusband of Mabel Mildred Bowles2004

127BradbeerAmy Alice Bradbeerfirst name on this monument1909741983id: MDMun 13831091
George Bradbeerhusband of Amy Alice Bradbeer (late)

128BradbeerDaisy T Bradbeerfirst name on this monument1890671957id: MDMun 12331083
George Bradbeerhusband of Daisy T Bradbeer1887731960

129BradbeerStanley Bradbeerfirst name on this monument1897751972id: MDMun 11621086
Maud Bradbeerwife of Stanley Bradbeer1912932005

130BradenEileen Bradenfirst name on this monument1928141942id: MDMun 19301083
Mabel Folleyaunt of Eileen Braden
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131BrameldLaura Marion Brameldfirst name on this monument1957id: MDMun 14751091

132BrameldNina Mary Brameldfirst name on this monument1953id: MDMun 14741087

133BramleyLeonard Joseph Bramleyfirst name on this monument1983id: MDMun 21041082
Hilda Elizabeth Bramleywife of Leonard Joseph Bramley

134BrandPeter Arnold Brandfirst name on this monument1972id: MDMun 20001083
Alice Maude Brandwife of Peter Arnold Brand1890871977

135Brayne-BakerFrancis Brayne-Bakerfirst name on this monument1869871956id: MDMun 12211087
Barbara Margaret Brayne-Bakerdaughter of Francis Brayne-Baker1909881997
Dorothea Mary Brayne-Bakerwife of Francis Brayne-Baker1875811956

136BrennenJohn P Brennenfirst name on this monument1911681979id: MDMun 17261082
Maureen Devenney Brennendaughter of John P Brennen1954221976
Ivy Brennenwife of John P Brennen1915721987

137BritnellMarjorie Mary Britnellfirst name on this monument1975id: MDMun 17681076

138BrittainLeonard Harry Brittainfirst name on this monument1920671987id: MDMun 9821075
Louise Jean Brittainwife of Leonard Harry Brittain1925892014

139BroderickWilliam Broderickfirst name on this monument1904831987id: MDMun 16541079
Ivy May Broderickrelationship not known of William Broderick1907851992

140BromleyJohn Percival Bromleyfirst name on this monument1920701990id: MDMun 9421075
Edith Agnes Bromleywife of John Percival Bromley1917962013

141BrooksVera Brooksfirst name on this monument1904791983id: MDMun 13461077

142BroomClifford Broomfirst name on this monument1879691948id: MDMun 18151075

143BroomEileen Broomfirst name on this monument1879771956id: MDMun 18161074Wife of Clifford
Clifford Broomhusband of Eileen Broom

144BroughtonEric Broughtonfirst name on this monument1912771989id: MDMun 21841079
Phyllis Mary Broughtonwife of Eric Broughton2004

145BroughtonSarah A Broughtonfirst name on this monument1877821959id: MDMun 14811078
James I Broughtonhusband of Sarah A Broughton1878851963

146BrowningDennis C Browningfirst name on this monument1915671982id: MDMun 20811087
Emma Browningwife of Dennis C Browning1907921999

147BruceDoris Margery Brucefirst name on this monument1900841984id: MDMun 10281080
Andrew Brucehusband of Doris Margery Bruce

148BryantElsie A Bryantfirst name on this monument1897861983id: MDMun 10791077
Howard W Bryantrelationship not known of Elsie A Bryant1897881985

149BryantMary Elizabeth Bryantfirst name on this monument1888681956id: MDMun 14631090
Charles James Bryanthusband of Mary Elizabeth Bryant1884781962

150BryantRita Rosalie Bryantfirst name on this monument1911661977id: MDMun 13961075
Clifford Bryanthusband of Rita Rosalie Bryant1904701974

151BuchanLeslie Harold Ancrum Buchanfirst name on this monument1911751986id: MDMun 9941075
Mennetta Mary Buchanwife of Leslie Harold Ancrum Buchan1911902001

152BuckettHerbert J W Buckettfirst name on this monument1899701969id: MDMun 19751088
Mary May Buckettwife of Herbert J W Buckett1896881984

153BuddenSarah Ann Buddenfirst name on this monument1981id: MDMun 20571078
George Buddenhusband of Sarah Ann Budden2000

154BullerCharles Henry Bullerfirst name on this monument1953id: MDMun 13971075
Sarah Jane Bullerwife of Charles Henry Buller1987

155BullivantNellie Bullivantfirst name on this monumentid: MDMun 17551089
Cecil Henry Bullivantrelationship not known of Nellie Bullivant

156BumsteadEve Bumsteadfirst name on this monument1984id: MDMun 10311084

157BurfordGertrude Lilla Burfordfirst name on this monument1906411947id: MDMun 17831083

158BurgeAlice Burgefirst name on this monument1856871943id: MDMun 18961076
Henry John Burgehusband of Alice Burge1873791952
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159BurgessGrace Ellen Burgessfirst name on this monument1883781961id: MDMun 10741082
Charles Henry Burgesshusband of Grace Ellen Burgess (late)

160BurgessJoseph Mctaggaty Burgessfirst name on this monument1893851978id: MDMun 10891074
Dora Lucy Burgesswife of Joseph Mctaggaty Burgess1887911978

161BurgessWilliam Henry Burgessfirst name on this monument1894661960id: MDMun 14891082
Elizabeth Burgesswife of William Henry Burgess1894841978

162BurleyFrederick James Burleyfirst name on this monument1901861987id: MDMun 21591081
Sarah Jane Burleywife of Frederick James Burley1901931994

163BurleyJohn Alexander Stuart Burleyfirst name on this monument1881721953id: MDMun 13991078
Esther Ann Burleywife of John Alexander Stuart Burley1892931985

164BurnellJohn Burnellfirst name on this monument1918781996id: MDMun 8831096
Joan Burnellwife of John Burnell1917892006

165BurnettCyril Stanley Burnettfirst name on this monument1919661985id: MDMun 10001080

166BurnettDavid Burnettfirst name on this monument1951602011id: MDMun 8931084

167BurnettElsie Mabel Burnettfirst name on this monument1887681955id: MDMun 14211074
William Henry Burnetthusband of Elsie Mabel Burnett1888801968

168BurnettIrene Joan Burnettfirst name on this monument1916852001id: MDMun 9991075

169BurnettPaul Cyril Burnettfirst name on this monument1945672012id: MDMun 8921075

170BurnettPhyllis Mary Burnettfirst name on this monument1917741991id: MDMun 9041075
Leslie Arthur Burnetthusband of Phyllis Mary Burnett1918832001

171BurnettThomas John Burnettfirst name on this monument1890581948id: MDMun 18301080
Beatrice Annie Burnettwife of Thomas John Burnett1894731967

172BurtArthur George Burtfirst name on this monument1900561956id: MDMun 16171080
Victoria Ellen Burtwife of Arthur George Burt1898821980

173BurtArthur John Burtfirst name on this monument1878681946id: MDMun 16371077
Lydia Martha Burtwife of Arthur John Burt1870781948

174BurtMabel Burtfirst name on this monument1881601941id: MDMun 17881083
Edwin George Burthusband of Mabel Burt1882611943

175BurtonAnnie Burtonfirst name on this monument1917811998id: MDMun 11481091
John Reginald Bell Burtonhusband of Annie Burton1915581973
Roger Burtonson of Annie Burton

176BushEllen Emma Bushfirst name on this monument1885881973id: MDMun 20031077

177BushenDoris Mabel Bushenfirst name on this monument1900851985id: MDMun 21161085

178BushenNorman Bushenfirst name on this monument1899611960id: MDMun 15491075

179ButcherAnn Butcherfirst name on this monument1873801953id: MDMun 18081091Wife of Joseph Arthur
Joseph Butcherhusband of Ann Butcher

180ButcherGladys Butcherfirst name on this monument1899561955id: MDMun 12011075

181ButcherHelen E M Butcherfirst name on this monument1921601981id: MDMun 10411075

182ButcherJoseph Arthur Butcherfirst name on this monument1873761949id: MDMun 18071075

183ButlerFred Meredith Butlerfirst name on this monument1922471969id: MDMun 19531076
Marcella Ivy Butlerwife of Fred Meredith Butler1917821999

184ButtleDorothy Buttlefirst name on this monument1961id: MDMun 13811075
Roland Thomas Buttlehusband of Dorothy Buttle1975

185BylesChristina Ruth Bylesfirst name on this monument1895841979id: MDMun 10821079
Harold Bylesrelationship not known of Christina Ruth Byles1894851979

186CadeYvonne Cadefirst name on this monument1965id: MDMun 16821081

187CadleEdith Cadlefirst name on this monument1864851949id: MDMun 18251079
Clair Whittington Cadlehusband of Edith Cadle1866841950

188CameronAlexander Cameronfirst name on this monument1887671954id: MDMun 14121088

189CaneEdwin Victor Canefirst name on this monument1901601961id: MDMun 19431078
Winifred Canewife of Edwin Victor Cane1972
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190CaneJames Canefirst name on this monument1896741970id: MDMun 15421076
Dorothy Jane Canewife of James Cane1899931992

191CaneWalter Canefirst name on this monument1963id: MDMun 13821087
Ada Canerelationship not known of Walter Cane1969
Dolly Canerelationship not known of Walter Cane1990
George Canerelationship not known of Walter Cane2000

192Cane-RoutledgeWalter William Cane-Routledgefirst name on this monument1971id: MDMun 19961077
Robert M Gordonrelationship not known of Walter William Cane-Routledge1932782010

193CannGeorge Cannfirst name on this monument1890621952id: MDMun 14081079
Laura Eleanor Cannwife of George Cann1885841969

194CannR J B Cannfirst name on this monument1923792002id: MDMun 15981076
P R M Cannwife of R J B Cann1924892013

195CarlisleClare Josephine Carlislefirst name on this monument1964id: MDMun 16861077

196CarmichaelJohn J Carmichaelfirst name on this monument1892801972id: MDMun 11551076
Caroline Carmichaelrelationship not known of John J Carmichael1897761973

197CarrJoseph W Carrfirst name on this monument1967id: MDMun 16241076
Elsie Ellen Carrrelationship not known of Joseph W Carr1987

198CarterJoan Margaret Carterfirst name on this monument1930641994id: MDMun 8721079

199CarterMichael Henry Carterfirst name on this monument1915671982id: MDMun 10161084
Lillian Beatrice Carterwife of Michael Henry Carter1921671988

200CarterThomas Andrew Carterfirst name on this monument1975id: MDMun 11741076
Elizabeth Carterwife of Thomas Andrew Carter1988

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