Garden House (part 2) Cemetery, Swalwell, Durham, England

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101BrownJohn William Brownfirst name on this monument1941id: 80071068No age given
Mary Elizabeth Brownwife of John William Brown1973 No age given

102BrownNellie Brownfirst name on this monument1917521969id: 91111069
James Annett Brownhusband of Nellie Brown1916842000

103BrownRosemary Brownfirst name on this monument1954502004id: 93691068
Thomas W Brown1926752001

104BrownSarah Brownfirst name on this monument1895561951id: 79961071
Cecil Brown Year not visible No age given
Charlie Brown1995 No age given

105BrownTerrina Louise Brownfirst name on this monument1976id: 3551068

106BrowneMinnie Florence Brownefirst name on this monument1920411961id: 3241111
Arthur Cyril Brownehusband of Minnie Florence Browne1897901987

107BrungerRobert Duncan Brungerfirst name on this monument1942191961id: 3771075

108BuggleJohn Bugglefirst name on this monument1861551916id: 79501077
Bridget Buggledaughter of John Buggle1922 no age given
Catherine Bugglewife of John Buggle1921 no age given

109BuggleMargaret Bugglefirst name on this monument1891701961id: 1031070
John Buggleson of Margaret Buggle

110BurkeElizabeth Ann Burkefirst name on this monument1937752012id: 93981075

111BurkeEmily Burkefirst name on this monument1892641956id: 1231071
Martin Burkehusband of Emily Burke1888711959

112BurkeJohn Burkefirst name on this monument1949552004id: 93931067

113BurnFrederick Burnfirst name on this monument1896771973id: 91531076

114BurnJohn Bruce Burnfirst name on this monument1891791970id: 90661074
Annie Burnwife of John Bruce Burn1897781975

115BurnMay Burnfirst name on this monument1917211938id: 79181069
James F Burnfather of May Burn1883611944

116BurnsHarriet Burnsfirst name on this monument1980id: 3661068no age given

117BurtonSean Michael Burtonfirst name on this monument1942602002id: 93391071

118BushHerbert J Bushfirst name on this monument1872601932id: 321071
Elizabeth Jane Bush rest obscured

119ButlerRonald Butlerfirst name on this monument1932421974id: 91371076

120ButtBryan Buttfirst name on this monumentid: 291080no year or age given

121ButterySamuel Butteryfirst name on this monument1871511922id: 78431096
George William Arkless1890641954 Son of Margaret
Margaret Butterywife of Samuel Buttery1856701926

122CaffertyJoel Edwin Caffertyfirst name on this monument1917801997id: 9301
(2 images)
Margaret Caffertywife of Joel Edwin Cafferty1925842009

123CaffreyJohn Thomas Caffreyfirst name on this monument1903671970id: 90971080
Edith Caffreywife of John Thomas Caffrey1909881997

124CaileyJames Caileyfirst name on this monument1889821971id: 79451070
Margaret Ellen Caileywife of James Cailey1886901976

125CairnsAgnes Cairnsfirst name on this monument1912621974id: 89921070
James Patrick Cairnshusband of Agnes Cairns1891891980

126CampbellAnne Patricia Campbellfirst name on this monument1937642001id: 93321078
William Frank Campbellhusband of Anne Patricia Campbell1940682008

127CampbellJulie Anne Campbellfirst name on this monument1968251993id: 93121074

128CarlisleJohn Carlislefirst name on this monument55no image1070
Mary Catherine Carlislewife of John Carlisle

129CarrFlorence Carrfirst name on this monument1910621972id: 91461068
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130CarrRobert Carrfirst name on this monument1887771964id: 78021068
R B Carrson of Robert Carr1892241916 Private Fell in action
T A Carrson of Robert Carr1896221918 Sergeant Fell in action
Mary Jane Carrwife of Robert Carr

131CarrickCharlotte Lavinia Carrickfirst name on this monument1971id: 79431075no age given
Thomas Carrickhusband of Charlotte Lavinia Carrick1974 no age given

132CaskieJanet Robertson Caskiefirst name on this monument1877601937id: 77661069
John Caskiehusband of Janet Robertson Caskie1876721948

133CassidyJack Cassidyfirst name on this monument1925802005id: 93901092
Kitty Cassidywife of Jack Cassidy1927842011

134CatterickJoan Catterickfirst name on this monument1929301959id: 5610811

135CavanaghMaureen Cavanaghfirst name on this monument1942632005id: 3701076
Annie Oliver1962
Joseph Oliver1897761973

136CharltonAnnie Mildred Charltonfirst name on this monument1903711974id: 79911077
James B Charltonhusband of Annie Mildred Charlton1897851982

137CharltonElizabeth Charltonfirst name on this monument1900611961id: 2801069

138CharltonJames David Charltonfirst name on this monument1903791982id: 2371066
Evelyn Elizabeth Charltonwife of James David Charlton1909761985

139CharltonJohn Charltonfirst name on this monument1927691996id: 93381072
Jenny Charltonwife of John Charlton1927812008

140CharltonLillian Charltonfirst name on this monument1913501963id: 89651072

141CharltonMarion Charltonfirst name on this monument1922511973id: 90951074
Billy Charltonhusband of Marion Charlton1922862008

142CharltonRosina Charltonfirst name on this monument1913561969id: 641070
William Charltonhusband of Rosina Charlton1005781083

143CharltonWilliam Charltonfirst name on this monument1925221947id: 79991069
James Charlton1927301957

144CharltonWilliam Charltonfirst name on this monument1900721972id: 2801075

145CharltonWinifred Charltonfirst name on this monument1896411937id: 91011081
Archibald Charltonhusband of Winifred Charlton1893801973

146ChengKau Yu Chengfirst name on this monument1943682011id: 93821071Born Guangdong Province , Country Bao-an , Ciojin Village.

147ClappertonAlice Clappertonfirst name on this monument1906581964id: 90281071

148ClarkFrederick Clarkfirst name on this monument1903641967id: 89971069

149ClarkHarold Clarkfirst name on this monument1912701982id: 2381068
Evelyn Elizabeth Clarkwife of Harold Clark1915791994

150ClarkJohn Waldie Clarkfirst name on this monument1863751938id: 78561070
Ellen Clarkwife of John Waldie Clark1862811943

151ClarkNellie Clarkfirst name on this monument1908591967id: 90731068

152ClarkPatricia Clarkfirst name on this monument1928411969id: 90541068

153ClarkRebecca Clarkfirst name on this monumentid: 3621081Year and age obscured

154ClaytonDavid Fraser Claytonfirst name on this monument1892471939id: 191070

155ClaytonEmma Claytonfirst name on this monument1869501919id: 78731080
George Claytonfather of Emma Clayton
June Claytonmother of Emma Clayton
George Clayton1855851940
Margaret Hannah Claytonsister of Emma Clayton1862751937

156ClearyJames Clearyfirst name on this monument1878651943id: 110
(2 images)
Dorothy Clearywife of James Cleary1876651941

157CliffMargaret Jane Clifffirst name on this monument1899661965id: 90181071
Mark Young Cliffhusband of Margaret Jane Cliff1901811982
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158CliffMary Isabella Clifffirst name on this monument1926661992id: 90841073

159CliftonHilda Cliftonfirst name on this monument1911521963id: 89711072

160ColebyElizabeth Ann Colebyfirst name on this monument1905581963id: 751069
William Briggs Colebyhusband of Elizabeth Ann Coleby1904841988

161ColebyGeorge Colebyfirst name on this monument1897511948id: 761073

162ColebyHenry Colebyfirst name on this monument1913511964id: 90261071
Ann Hedger Colebymother of Henry Coleby1910871997

163ColebyMary Colebyfirst name on this monument1952id: 741075No age given
Henry Colebyhusband of Mary Coleby1955 No age given

164CollingwoodWilliam R Collingwoodfirst name on this monument1901681969id: 90571069
Harriet Collingwoodwife of William R Collingwood1907901997

165ConnorBilly Connorfirst name on this monument1939662005id: 93711067

166ConnorWilliam Connorfirst name on this monument1908942002id: 93351068
Mary Connorwife of William Connor1912942006

167CookMargery Cookfirst name on this monument1890741964id: 5911152
John William Cookhusband of Margery Cook1888811969

168CopelandChristina Copelandfirst name on this monument1885631948id: 78511076
William Copelandhusband of Christina Copeland1881881969

169CopelandEdward Elliott Copelandfirst name on this monument1897191916id: 78491068
Robert George Tindle Copelandbrother of Edward Elliott Copeland1894251919
Thomas Copelandfather of Edward Elliott Copeland
Isabella Copelandmother of Edward Elliott Copeland

170CopelandMary Kathleen Copelandfirst name on this monument1884781962id: 89621075
Joseph Copelandhusband of Mary Kathleen Copeland1886801966

171CopelandRalph Copelandfirst name on this monumentid: 91301068no year or age

172CorbenLily Corbenfirst name on this monument1891591950id: 77631070

173CowansThoams W Cowansfirst name on this monument1897671964id: 1531072
Rose Ann Cowanswife of Thoams W Cowans1899761975

174CowellIsabella Cowellfirst name on this monument1872581930id: 161072
William Cowellhusband of Isabella Cowell rest of inscription covered by grass

175CrameKerry Cramefirst name on this monument1967id: 89761073

176CranstonElizabeth Cranstonfirst name on this monument1910671977id: 3481070
John Cranstonhusband of Elizabeth Cranston

177CranstonJohn Cranstonfirst name on this monument1930351965id: 90101075
John Cranstonfather of John Cranston
Elizabeth Cranstonmother of John Cranston
Brenda Cranstonwife of John Cranston

178CranstonJohn George Cranstonfirst name on this monument1889521941id: 78951072
Catherine Ann Cranstonwife of John George Cranston1890591949

179CrawfordDonald Crawfordfirst name on this monument1885851970id: 3121066

180CrawfordMichael Crawfordfirst name on this monument194251947id: 79551069

181CrowleCaroline Crowlefirst name on this monument1863841947id: 80491071
Frank Crowle1931-761855

182CryerBernard Cryerfirst name on this monument1935611996id: 93301071
Norma Cryer1932682000

183CummingsErnest Cummingsfirst name on this monument1917651982id: 2281074
Mary Cummingswife of Ernest Cummings1994 no age given

184CunninghamJames Cunninghamfirst name on this monument1863731936id: 811082
Bridget Noreen Gower193341937
Catherine Winifred Gower1903671970 Wife of Charles
Charles Gower
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185CurranJoseph Curranfirst name on this monument1922451967id: 1651080

186CzuprynskiCherry Suzanne Czuprynskifirst name on this monument1937642001id: 89511069
Stefan Czuprynskihusband of Cherry Suzanne Czuprynski1925832008

187Dai-JiaoHuang Dai-Jiaofirst name on this monumentid: 93241069Inscription written in Chinese. No year or age.

188DauntChristopher Dauntfirst name on this monument1872741946id: 80001078
Mary Dauntwife of Christopher Daunt1874851959

189DavidsonDorothy A Davidsonfirst name on this monument1913561969id: 91071068
Brenda Davidsondaughter of Dorothy A Davidson
Robert Davidsonhusband of Dorothy A Davidson

190DavidsonElizabeth Davidsonfirst name on this monument1935id: 341072No age given
Catherine Davidsondaughter of Elizabeth Davidson1966 No age given
Ellen D Davidson1907421949

191DavidsonIsabella Davidsonfirst name on this monument1855631918id: 78271085
Sophia Davidsondaughter-in-law of Isabella Davidson1873931966
George Davidsonhusband of Isabella Davidson1856691925
John Davidsonson of Isabella Davidson1878411919

192DaviesSandra Daviesfirst name on this monument1948572005id: 93771069

193DavisAmelia Davisfirst name on this monument38id: 77751070year not clear
Thomas Edward Davishusband of Amelia Davis1916 Killed in action
Thomas George Edward Davisson of Amelia Davis1903831986 Eldest son. Served in the Lincolnshire Regiment

194DavyRobert Ferguson Davyfirst name on this monument1915701985id: 2921074
Isabella Davywife of Robert Ferguson Davy1922852007

195DawsonChristopher Dawsonfirst name on this monument1886831969id: 91121069
Albert Owens1910851995
Mary Jane Owens1915641979 Wife of Albert

196DelanayJames Delanayfirst name on this monument1939id: 1151069age not given

197DentonElizabeth Dentonfirst name on this monument1899661965id: 90621077

198DialWilliam Dialfirst name on this monument1905551960id: 89601072

199DicksonRobert Edwin Dicksonfirst name on this monument1881671948id: 331076
Catherine Dicksonwife of Robert Edwin Dickson rest obscured

200DitchfieldLeonard Ditchfieldfirst name on this monument1917581975id: 2841077

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Above are the names that appear on the photographs or records held by the GPR for Garden House (part 2) Cemetery, Swalwell, Durham, England.

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