Garden House (part 2) Cemetery, Swalwell, Durham, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1Sarah Ellen first name on this monument1895581953id: 78991071no surname given

2AccioBarbara Hannah Acciofirst name on this monument1861671928id: 79081078
Robert Acciohusband of Barbara Hannah Accio1864741938
William Accioson of Barbara Hannah Accio1888291917 Killed in action

3AckerlayLaura Ann Ackerlayfirst name on this monument1899631962id: 89571079
Isaac Ackerlayhusband of Laura Ann Ackerlay66 Year obscured 196?

4AdamsJane Adamsfirst name on this monument1848731921id: 787410711
Mary Adamsdaughter of Jane Adams1874771951
John Dunn Adamshusband of Jane Adams1849871936
Ann Adams1889691958 Wife of Lawson
Lawson Adams1888801968
John Nicholas Adamsson of Jane Adams1877571934
Robert Adamsson of Jane Adams1883401923

5AdamsonJacob Adamsonfirst name on this monument1895761971id: 731089
Mary Adamsonwife of Jacob Adamson1900921992

6AdamsonThomas Adamsonfirst name on this monument1909801989id: 78581073

7AireyJoseph Aireyfirst name on this monument1925401965id: 90161073
Dorothy Airey1926852011
Melvyn Airey1966 no age given

8AllisonJames Allisonfirst name on this monument1856621918id: 78421075
William Allison Father of Sophia
Sophia Allisonniece of James Allison1877461923

9AllisonJohn Allisonfirst name on this monument1879581937id: 94001070
Thomas Allisongrand son of John Allison died in Infancy
John William Allisonson of John Allison1901701971
Thomas Allisonson of John Allison1904591963
Mary Ellen Allisonwife of John Allison1878611939

10AmbrasasJurgis Ambrasasfirst name on this monument1924721996id: 93251078
Margaret Ambrasaswife of Jurgis Ambrasas

11AmosElizabeth Amosfirst name on this monument1878881966id: 90021106

12AmossHarry Amossfirst name on this monument1886841970id: 3301073
Alfred James Amossson of Harry Amoss1917952012
Clara Amosswife of Harry Amoss1879941973

13AndersonMichael Andersonfirst name on this monument1939511990id: 79691073

14AndersonThomas Andersonfirst name on this monument1913611974id: 79681077
Edna May Andersonwife of Thomas Anderson1908982006

15AndrewFreda Andrewfirst name on this monument1923501973id: 91511072
George Albert Andrewhusband of Freda Andrew1920902010
George Albert Andrewson of Freda Andrew1943431986

16AngusGeorge Angusfirst name on this monument1912771989id: 79851078

17AngusWilliam Angusfirst name on this monument1902531955id: 501075

18ApplebyMichael Applebyfirst name on this monument1895631958id: 1351095

19ApplebySarah Applebyfirst name on this monument1961id: 1451070No age given

20ArklessHannah Arklessfirst name on this monument1885331918id: 78251081
John Arklessfather of Hannah Arkless
Isabella Arklessmother of Hannah Arkless
Florence Arkless
John Cook Arkless1890471937 Husband of Florence

21ArklessJames William Arklessfirst name on this monument1910531963id: 89681080
Grace Arklesswife of James William Arkless1917791996
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22ArkleyArthur Ernest Arkleyfirst name on this monument1892771969id: 91141078
Dorothy Winifred Arkleywife of Arthur Ernest Arkley1899701969

23ArmstrongBrian Armstrongfirst name on this monument1962151977id: 3461071Tragically killed
Brian Ridley Armstrongfather of Brian Armstrong2004 No age given
Florence Edna Armstrongmother of Brian Armstrong1937491986

24ArmstrongFred Armstrongfirst name on this monument1893721965id: 90141075

25ArmstrongIvy Armstrongfirst name on this monument1912892001id: 93341076
Billy Armstronghusband of Ivy Armstrong1911611972

26ArmstrongRobert Armstrongfirst name on this monument1901701971id: 91281071
Maida Armstrongwife of Robert Armstrong1903761979

27ArmstrongRobert Armstrongfirst name on this monument1875351910id: 78311075
John Armstrongson of Robert Armstrong1907351942
Hannah Mary Armstrongwife of Robert Armstrong1884661950

28ArnettDoris Arnettfirst name on this monument1916561972id: 89641076
William Arnettbrother of Doris Arnett1894691963

29ArnisonEmily Arnisonfirst name on this monument1914902004id: 93941080

30ArthursJames Arthursfirst name on this monument1901571958id: 1301082
Esther Arthurswife of James Arthurs1900591959

31AshleyMargaret Ann Nancy Ashleyfirst name on this monument2012id: 93571075no age given
Thomas Ashleyhusband of Margaret Ann Nancy Ashley2013 no age given

32AtkinsonAlice Mary Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1908121920id: 77761080
Charles H Atkinsonfather of Alice Mary Atkinson1880851965
Mary Atkinsonmother of Alice Mary Atkinson1879811960

33AtkinsonAndrew Atkinsonfirst name on this monument1909721981id: 3031073

34AytonJoseph Aytonfirst name on this monument1841761917id: 78321085Late of Thornley
Lilian Margaret Aytondaughter of Joseph Ayton1874921966
Alice Mary Aytondaughter-in-law of Joseph Ayton1885331918
Margaret Aytonwife of Joseph Ayton1845761921

35BaggaleyJane Baggaleyfirst name on this monument1894721966id: 90651070
James Baggaleyhusband of Jane Baggaley1891751966

36BainJohn Bainfirst name on this monument1919411960id: 3261067
Elsie Bainwife of John Bain

37BainbridgeRichard Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1874631937id: 80481068

38BainbridgeRichard Bainbridgefirst name on this monument1901751976id: 2861068
Winifred Bainbridgewife of Richard Bainbridge1905831988

39BakerBob Bakerfirst name on this monument1912541966id: 90051070
Mary Bakerwife of Bob Baker1915972012

40BallMary Ballfirst name on this monument1904681972id: 79591068

41BallWilliam Henry Ballfirst name on this monument1889781967id: 89501068
Edith Maud Ballwife of William Henry Ball1896801976

42BarrasAlbert Frederick Barrasfirst name on this monument1929451974id: 90791072

43BatchelorElizabeth Batchelorfirst name on this monument1892571949id: 80271077
William Luke Batchelorhusband of Elizabeth Batchelor1888681956

44BateyStanley Bateyfirst name on this monument192031923id: 78471072
John Bateyfather of Stanley Batey1888651953
Annie Bateymother of Stanley Batey1890781968

45BedfordAllen James Bedfordfirst name on this monument1935601995id: 93361074

46BegleyMichael John Begleyfirst name on this monument1935762011id: 79351070
Bridie Begleywife of Michael John Begley73 year obscured

47BellAlice Evelyn Bellfirst name on this monument1909711980id: 3051068
George Bellhusband of Alice Evelyn Bell1908791987
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48BellIsabella Bellfirst name on this monument1857671924id: 78551069
Edward Bellhusband of Isabella Bell1853821935

49BellJames Gordon Bellfirst name on this monument1933702003id: 93431072
Maureen Jean Bellwife of James Gordon Bell1936642000

50BellRichard M J Bellfirst name on this monument1901461947id: 80541068
Robert J Bellfather of Richard M J Bell1873771950

51BellRobert Bellfirst name on this monument1893671960id: 80461068
Elizabeth Belldaughter of Robert Bell1917161933
Elizabeth Bellwife of Robert Bell1963 Age obscured

52BellThomas Bellfirst name on this monument1927421969id: 90461068

53BellWilliam Bellfirst name on this monument1896691965id: 90171068
June Wilkinson1929782007
Thomas Wilkinson1922761998 Husband of June

54BellWilliam George Bellfirst name on this monument1899701969id: 701068
Margaret Emily Bellwife of William George Bell Year and age obscured

55BeneschSarah Beneschfirst name on this monument1995id: 79481069no age given

56BennettFrederick Bennettfirst name on this monument1911671978id: 3191067
Galdys Irene Bennettwife of Frederick Bennett1911791990

57BerkeleyNellie Berkeleyfirst name on this monument1877551932id: 171070
Joseph Berkeleyhusband of Nellie Berkeley1871711942

58BestBeatrice Ann Bestfirst name on this monument1899761975id: 2911121
Kenneth Bestson of Beatrice Ann Best Year and age obscured

59BestJohn Thomas Bestfirst name on this monument1903681971id: 90771069
John Joseph Bestson of John Thomas Best1944301974
Doris Bestwife of John Thomas Best

60BestThomas Bestfirst name on this monument1955id: 511074no age given
Mary Elizabeth Bestwife of Thomas Best1956 no age given

61BevanHenry Bevanfirst name on this monument1921711992id: 80101069
Lilian Bevanwife of Henry Bevan1916952011

62BidderCatherine Bidderfirst name on this monument1931241955id: 79421070

63BinghamAdam S Binghamfirst name on this monument1901601961id: 3761070
Mary Binghamwife of Adam S Bingham1904891993

64BinneyRachel Binneyfirst name on this monument1913721985id: 91691070
James William Binneyhusband of Rachel Binney1915711986

65BlackGeorge W Blackfirst name on this monument1898731971id: 91431067

66BlackbirdEdward Blackbirdfirst name on this monument1882391921id: 78881068
Ada Blackbirdwife of Edward Blackbird1883651948

67BlackmoreW Blackmorefirst name on this monument1918id: 77771069KP/551. Ordinary Seaman. RNVR.

68BlakeWilliam C Blakefirst name on this monument1896861982id: 91801068
Billy Blakeson of William C Blake1933481981
Eliza Ann Blakewife of William C Blake1908741982

69BlankleyWilliam Blankleyfirst name on this monument1893531946id: 80121070
Catherine Blankleywife of William Blankley1889651954

70BlenkinsopMargaret E Blenkinsopfirst name on this monument1895711966id: 621083
Alexander Blenkinsophusband of Margaret E Blenkinsop1892851977

71BlenkleyMartha Blenkleyfirst name on this monument1887871974id: 91631069

72BlytheSamuel Blythefirst name on this monument1902701972id: 91471076
Mary Blythewife of Samuel Blythe1915821997

73BogosianWalter E Bogosianfirst name on this monument1939id: 79571068No age given
Florence Bogosiandaughter of Walter E Bogosian1998 No age given
Ronnie Bogosiangrand son of Walter E Bogosian1994 No age given
Florence Bogosianwife of Walter E Bogosian1967 No age given
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74BolamAnnie Bolamfirst name on this monument1863831946id: 1181068
Thomas Bolamhusband of Annie Bolam1862901952

75BolamHenry Bolamfirst name on this monument1922511973id: 79621069

76BolandJohn Bolandfirst name on this monument1900761976id: 79671068
John Harvey Bolandson of John Boland1937591996
Emily Bolandwife of John Boland1907851992

77BostonThomas P Bostonfirst name on this monument1898641962id: 581074
Isabella Bostonwife of Thomas P Boston1899651964

78BoutlandRobert Pringle Boutlandfirst name on this monument1863661929id: 79111068
Elizabeth Ann Boutlandwife of Robert Pringle Boutland1866831949

79BowerEdith Bowerfirst name on this monument1896691965id: 90611075
William Bowerhusband of Edith Bower1892791971

80BoydJohn Browell Boydfirst name on this monument1895841979id: 3651068
Mabel Boydwife of John Browell Boyd1899811980

81BoydSarah Boydfirst name on this monument1883641947id: 771070
Frederick William Boydhusband of Sarah Boyd year and age not clear

82BoyleCecilia Boylefirst name on this monument1999id: 93211074no age given
Joel Edwin Boylehusband of Cecilia Boyle2006 no age given

83BoyleIsabella Stewart Boylefirst name on this monument1839821921id: 78941076
Andrew Boylehusband of Isabella Stewart Boyle1906 No age given. Buried at Harton Cemetery , South Shields

84BoyleWilliam Boylefirst name on this monument943641007id: 79361068

85BradleyJames Bradleyfirst name on this monument1977id: 91391070no age given
Linda Bradleywife of James Bradley1990 no age given

86BradleyMargaret Joyce Bradleyfirst name on this monument1930651995id: 79321073
Arnold Bradleyhusband of Margaret Joyce Bradley1929722001

87BramwellEdward George Bramwellfirst name on this monument1889291918id: 78961082
Thomas Bramwellfather of Edward George Bramwell the late
Alice Bramwellmother of Edward George Bramwell

88BrebnerMarion Teresa Brebnerfirst name on this monument1941672008id: 93881068
William Brebnerhusband of Marion Teresa Brebner1937722009

89BreenMorris P Breenfirst name on this monument1917641981id: 3001068
Lydia Breen year and age not clear

90BrewisNelson Riddle Brewisfirst name on this monument193051935id: 411071
Samuel Wilfred Brewisfather of Nelson Riddle Brewis
Emma Lawson Brewismother of Nelson Riddle Brewis

91BriggsAnne Briggsfirst name on this monument1899751974id: 79821080
Pearson Briggshusband of Anne Briggs1900771977

92BriggsJoseph Briggsfirst name on this monument1899601959id: 3861068
Ellen Briggswife of Joseph Briggs1900771977

93BrightyEdith Brightyfirst name on this monumentid: 91361067rest of inscription not clear
Richard Brightyhusband of Edith Brighty

94BrodieJoseph Maddison Brodiefirst name on this monument1909641973id: 915610701
Eleanor Sharp Brodiewife of Joseph Maddison Brodie1912731985

95BroekereWladyslaw Broekerefirst name on this monument1898771975id: 79951071Born in Poland

96BrooksbankElizabeth Brooksbankfirst name on this monument1938581996id: 2931076
Colin Brooksbankson of Elizabeth Brooksbank1976 No age given

97BrophyDaniel Joseph Brophyfirst name on this monument1914781992id: 93001068
Gladys Brophywife of Daniel Joseph Brophy2006 Age obscured

98BrophyDenis J Brophyfirst name on this monument194081948id: 79561068

99BrophyLouis Brophyfirst name on this monument1922842006id: 93891070

100BrownAdeline Brownfirst name on this monument1901761977id: 3421078

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