Baptist Chapel's Church burial ground, Hamsterley, Durham, England

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1ArmoreyJohn Armorey1842721914id: 68556664401080
Hannah Jane Armorey187661882
Sarah Armorey1880151895
Phoebe Armorey1852781930
Ralph Victor Armorey1894221916 Missing in France
Thomas Toward Armorey1886171903

2AtkinsonMichael Atkinson1770811851id: 48266663961081
Ann Atkinson181561821
Mary Atkinson1810151825
Ann Atkinson1794571851
Deborah Atkinson1776751851

3BainbridgeJames Bainbridge1895511946id: 4791
(3 images)
Damien Coatsworth1973261999
George W Coatsworth1926631989
Muriel M Coatsworth1926822008
Margaret Annie Bainbridge1895951990

4BellMartin Bell1759911850id: 685666644110831From an earlier transcription, I believe the stone reads: Sacred to the memory of Martin Bell of Woodland who departed this life March 16th 1850 aged 91 years. Also Eleanor wife of the above who died August 9th 1859 aged 90 years. Also George son of Martin and Eleanor Bell who died June 15th 1867 aged 71 years. Also of Ann wife of the above named George Bell of Lonton Hill who departed this life March 10th 1881 aged 75 years.
Ann Bell1806751881 From records
George Bell1796711867 From records
Eleanor Bell1767921859 From records. Two of Eleanor and Martin's daughters have gravestones here: Ann Dowson (no. 666432) and Margaret Dowson (no. 666376)

5BrownJane Brown1824431867id: 48206663911072
George Brown57 d 187 - Died at the Bridge of Allan. Interred at Bosness , Scotland
John Edward Brown1862

6BrownriggMary Brownrigg1833221855id: 50286663991074

7BurnipMatthew Burnip1805661871id: 48256663951072of Toy Top Farm. He was a Primitive Methodist Preacher for Forty Years
Mary Burnip1816601876

8CoatsworthRita Coatsworth1986id: 50436664081079No age given
Joseph Coatsworth1994 No age given

9CoulsonJohn Coulson1814861900id: 56126664271075
Jane Ann Coulson1842611903
Ann Coulson1812781890

10DavisBenjamin Jenkins Davis185741861id: 50766664121082
Benjamin Jenkins Davis1863
Thomas James Davis186011861
John Davis
Mary Davis
Margaret Ellen Davis186221864

11DixonJacob Dixon1958id: 47926663691069age not clear

12DoddsJohn Robert Dodds1867241891id: 47826663631069
Michael John Dodds1841831924 of Hamsterley
Hannah Dodds1837561893
Annie Dodds died in Infancy
Nancy Dodds died in Infancy

13DoddsSarah Ann Dodds1869121881id: 48196663901066
William Dodds
Margaret Dodds1831571888

14DoddsWilliam Dodds1832851917id: 48086663831068
Jane Dodds1846831929

15DodsworthMargaret Dodsworth1820581878id: 56236664351079
Rebecca Craggs1848331881
Elizabeth Mann1871381909
Barton Mann
Robert Dodsworth1814801894 of Crook
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16DouglasDavid Douglas1789601849id: 48166663871069for 27 years Pastor of the Baptist Church. Also historian of the Baptist Church of the North of England

17DowsonAlice Dowson185861864id: 507966641310931
Henry Dowson1822621884 Please note: Henry died in 1894 age 72; I'm fairly sure the stone says 1894 not 1884.
Margaret Dowson1826861912

18DowsonAnn Dowson1781411822id: 559866641710791died at Fine
Thomas Dowson1771561827 of Breckon Hill

19DowsonChristopher Dowson1815741889id: 48006663761095
Margaret Dowson1811741885

20DowsonElizabeth Dowson1764511815id: 479766637410761
Henry Dowson1762851847
Henry Dowson1798521850 Died in Bishop Auckland and interred at South Church

21DowsonGeorge Dowson1730471777id: 56066664241077
Joseph Dowson1754421796 Death was occasioned by the breaking of a grindstone at Bedburn Mill.

22DowsonHannah Dowson1795761871id: 479666637310821
Henry Dowson

23DowsonHenry Dowsonid: 50806664141075year and age not clear
Mary Ann Dowson year and age not clear

24DowsonJoseph Dowson1808691877id: 56186664321078Joseph Dowson was the brother of Christopher Dowson, gravestone no. 666376.
Ann Dowson1809861895 Please note: Ann's date of death is 1st October 1885, aged 86, so she was born in 1799. Ann was the daughter of Martin and Eleanor Bell, whose gravestone is no. 666441. Ann's sister, Margaret, was married to Joseph's brother, Christopher. Their gravestone is no. 666376

25DowsonThomas Dowson1840571897id: 47886663671071of Morley
Artur Dowson1877291906
Norman Dowson1890221912
Ann Dowson1845641909

26EmmersonHannah Emmerson1816401856id: 47946663711079
Wade Emmerson
Henry Dowson Emmerson Died in Infancy
Thomas Simpson Emmerson1840251865 died from the affects of an accident. Interred at St Pauls Church Chippenham , Wilt's

27EmmersonWade Emmerson1794811875id: 47956663721077
Jane Emmerson
Isabella Jane Ann Emmerson185931862 Daughter of Wade and Jane
William Dowson Emmerson186111862 Daughter of Wade and Jane
Wade Emmerson Husband of Jane
Mary Emmerson1789771866

28GarnerIsaac Garner1717411758id: 502766639810841
Dorothy Garner1755781833
Ann Garner1727791806

29GarthornMichael Garthorn1774711845id: 49536663971067
Elizabeth Ann Garthorn1824401864
William Garthorn1838 age not clear
Sarah Garthorn1835 age not clear

30GarthornMichael Garthorn1817561873id: 50676664091072
Michael Garthorn the late
Mary Garthorn1877 Died at Sunderland. Age not clear stone eroded

31GibsonAlice Gibson1841291870id: 68496664361078
John Gibson

32GibsonRobert Gibson1812721884id: 48156663861071of Shull
Elizabeth Gibson184151846
Jane Gibson1815811896

33HallDorothy Ann Hall1859631922id: 4780
(2 images)
Jane Ann Hall1898 Age eroded away
Mary Hall50 no year given
Joseph Hall1853881941 Late of Garwood Hill Farm
John J Hall82 no year given
Josiah Hall61 no year given
William M Hall56 no year given
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34HallJohn Hall1717641781id: 56056664231074
Ann Hall1702871789

35HallJohn Hall1820921912id: 47816663621072of Monkfield
Hannah Hall1821821903

36HallJonathan Hall1715581773id: 503366640310801
Ann Hall1776781854
Sarah Hall1756851841
John Hall1752831835
Jonathan Hall1760911851
Joseph Hall1767881855
Sarah Hall1732601792

37HallRalph Hall1862251887id: 48186663891071
John Hall of Monkfield Farm
Hannah Hall

38HendersonMichael Henderson1829821911id: 68546664391068
Catherine Henderson1872801952
Margaret Henderson1833791912

39HeslopJohn Heslop1854791933id: 56116664261079
Arthur Heslop1906101916
Emma Heslop1868601928

40HodgsonAnn Hodgson1795581853id: 560366642111201
Bryan Hodgson1793621855 of Stonechesters

41HodgsonAnn Mary Hodgson1885281913id: 47936663701109
George Hodgson1863761939

42HodgsonElizabeth Hodgsonid: 56046664221067Stone badly eroded
George Hodgson

43HodgsonJohn Hodgson1830671897id: 48046663801078born at Stonechester
Jane Hodgson1837801917

44HodgsonWilliam Hodgson1821581879id: 48216663921073
Elizabeth Hodgson1873201893
Sarah Eleanor Hodgson186821870
John Hodgson1865261891
Elizabeth Hodgson1832601892

45HumesJacob Humes1846621908id: 4806
(2 images)
6663821076of Prospect House , Hamsterley

46JamesonAndrew Jameson1893831976id: 477666635710891
Andy Jameson1923211944 Flight Lieutenant. Missing over Germany
Mary Jameson1891901981

47JenningsAlice Jennings1858641922id: 47846663641098
Bessie Vickers Brown-Humes1940
John Edward Brown-Humes1948

48JoplingJohn Jopling1822421864id: 479866637510841of Manchester. Died at Crook

49JoplingJoseph Jopling1783661849id: 56216664331121
Jane Stephenson1812541866 Wife of Anthony
Anthony Stephenson1808801888
Alice Jopling1782631845

50JoplingJoseph Jopling1821651886id: 56146664281083of Bishop Auckland and interred there
Joseph Jopling1850151865
Thomas Jopling186191870

51JoplingWilliam Jopling1788391827id: 481366638510891of Wolsingham
James Jopling1818
James Jopling1825571882 Died in Manitoba
Sarah Jopling1787621849
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52LittleJoseph Little1701751776id: 50356664041075

53LittlefairMary Ada Littlefair1869241893id: 48236663931077
John Kipling Littlefair1861741935
Mary Jane Littlefair1861661927

54LongstaffSybil Longstaff1856271883id: 48026663781078
Thomas Longstaff1855561911
Barbara Longstaff72 Year not clear stone eroded
Frances Longstaff1841681909
Thomas Longstaff1808881896 Husband of Barbara

55LowsonThomas Arthur Lowson1879241903id: 560966642510721
Thomas Lowson
Mary Jane Lowson

56MackenzieRobert Mackenzie1859431902id: 50396664051068of Stonechester
Dora Mackenzie189661902
John Mackenzie189841902
John Mackenzie Died in Infancy
Robert Mackenzie Died in Infancy
Sarah Ann Mackenzie1861411902

57MarchGeorge March1788901878id: 48016663771074
Elizabeth Cranston1823781901
William Cranston1831601891 Husband of Elizabeth

58MillerWilfred Miller1907831990id: 50406664061069
Doris Miller1915841999

59MorganJane Morgan1766101776id: 50306664011068
Robert Morgan
Jane Morgan
Ann Morgan176891777

60MorganThomas Morgan1729561785id: 50326664021067
Mary Morgan1749371786

61ParkinsonJohn Parkinson1793761869id: 55966664151068
Mary Parkinson1794661860

62PattisonElizabeth Pattison1792591851id: 55976664161113of Shull
Matthew Pattison1792841876
John Pattison1817221839
William Pattison1832 age eroded away. Another son on stone below but eroded away

63ProudCharles Proud1855701925id: 47776663581068
John Proud1904301934
William Proud1889391928
Hannah Proud1860781938

64RaceRobin Race195911960id: 47746663551069
William Edward Race
Greta Race

65RaceWilliam Edward Race1911922003id: 47736663541069
Greta Race1926852011

66ReadshawEdward Readshaw1756261782id: 560066641810721This stone also commemorates Jane Readshaw, daughter of Cockrell and Hannah, sister of Edward and Thomas. The bottom of the stone reads: Also Jane their Daughter who died February 15th 1791 aged 52? years. (Jane's age is given as 52 in the burial register for Hamsterley Baptist Chapel.)
Thomas Readshaw1749261775
Cockrell Readshaw
Hannah Readshaw

67RichardsonMary Richardson1855261881id: 48176663881074
William Richardson

68RobinsonAnn Robinson1818551873id: 68576664421078
Thomas Robinson1822821904 From records
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69RoeJohn James Roe1895691964id: 50426664071081
Eliza Jane Roe1899851984

70ScarthJohn Scarth1750561806id: 502966640010742

71SewellMargaret Sewell1850671917id: 48036663791071
Robert M Sewell1852681920

72SpenceChristopher Spence1766831849id: 56176664311071
Margaret Spence1814841898 Wife of George
George Spence1803871890
Margaret Spence1761701831

73SpenceGeorge Thomas Spence1844731917id: 47866663661075
Mary Ann Spence1847861933

74SpenceJoseph Spence1891id: 47856663651085
George Spence1888221910
John Joseph Spence1898
Thomas Henry Spence1905341939
Hugh Spence1859891948 of Insitute Terrace , Peases , West Crook
Mary Ann Spence1864771941

75SpenceMark Spence1941id: 47796663601092No age given
Annie Jane Spence1959 No age given

76SpenceMark Spence1800781878id: 56166664301069
Margaret Spence1802881890

77SpenceThomas Chapman Spence1853781931id: 47786663591098
Margaret Lilian Spence1890801970
Charles Hall Spence1885321917
George Hodgson Spence1881481929
Mark Chapman Spence188351888
Margaret Spence1854821936

78StephensonAnthony Stephenson1801351836id: 6852
(2 images)
Jane Stephenson1777701847

79StephensonHannah Stephenson1810731883id: 56156664291081
Ann Stephenson1849131862
John Stephenson1807851892
William Stephenson1846281874

80StephensonJane Stephenson1844511895id: 48106663841067
John J Stephenson1831811912

81StephensonJohn Stephenson1799751874id: 50746664101077of Crook

82StockdaleWilliam Stockdale1826611887id: 48246663941092of Low Burnley Row
Hannah Coatesworth1849571906
Jane Ann Town1852571909
Elizabeth Stockdale1827631890

83TeasdaleJacob Teasdale1781791860id: 48056663811089
Jane Humes1813671880
Elizabeth Humes184831851 daughter of Jane and William
William Humes1810811891 of Etherley Grange

84WeirIsabel Olive Weir1895631958id: 47756663561071
William Weir1886871973

85WelfordMargaret Welford1808711879id: 507566641110761
Margaret Welford1831221853 interred in the Old Buriel Ground
Isaac Welford1797821879

86WetherellSarah Wetherell1820471867id: 56016664191074
William Wetherell1813621875 of Toft Hill
Thomas Wetherell1845261871
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87WhiteGeorge White1790641854id: 56026664201068of Barnard Castle
Mary White1817231840
Barbara White1790751865

88WhitfieldCharles Whitfield1749721821id: 56226664341076

89WilliamsonJohn Williamson1819481867id: 6853
(2 images)
6664381067Interred at Old Shildon
Barbara Williamson1816771893

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